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Found 35 results

  1. Kindar

    Chapter 49

    The Missing Son 49 Patrick opened his eyes. I was awake, maybe. His eyes were open, so he had to be awake. He didn't feel awake. Or rather his body didn't feel normal, it was vibrating. The light was low, or maybe not. The intensity seemed to shift. He was looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. It was either white, gray or yellow, or maybe it was some sort of high-tech color changing paint. He started giggling. That would be something cool. Someone moved against him, and he realized he was feeling multiple someones. He chuckled to himself. Right, the orgy. Someone wrapped a hand on his cock, no, it was too warm, that was a mouth. That felt nice. He closed his eyes and enjoyed being sucked on. He scratched his stomach; the fur was matted together. He raised his head. It wasn't just there; his fur was mated all over his front. Right, all the licking cum off him has left its mark. Now that he'd moved his head, he was more confident he was awake. And his bladder was informing him he should take a trip to the bathroom. He rested his head back and waited until Adam was done blowing him. Once he was done Adam just turned on his side and snuggled up to their father. Had his brother given him a sleep blowjob? Patrick wouldn't be surprised. He was pretty sure nothing could surprise him anymore when it came to his family and sex. He carefully untangled himself from Arthur who was hugging him on his left, and Aaron on his right. He pulled his legs out from whoever was sleeping on top of them. he could only see his back, ass and tail, but he thought that was Alex. He stood, to his body's protestations. Joints creaked, cracked and popped as he stretched. He stepped off the cushions and his ass hurt, as did his jaw, had it gotten dislocated at some point? His cock buzzed and his balls were sore. How the fuck had he survived the night? Oh, right. He was an Orr. Sex super-powers. That was the only explanation. No normal guy could have survived this orgy. He counted how many guys were there, eleven. Eleven guys had fucked him, more than once, and he'd fucked all of them at least once. He'd also been sucked off more times than he remembered. Yeah, it had to be that. He has sex super powers now. He was about to head for the bathroom, but smelled coffee and decided his bladder could wait until he got caffeine in him. "Can I get one of those?" he asked his father. The tiger at the counter looked over his shoulder. "Sure. just milk, right?" "Yeah." He took out another cup, filled it and added the milk before handing it to him. "How are you feeling?" Patrick took a long swallow and sighed. "I'll let you know when reality settles back in. I think I'm high." His father tilted an ear in his direction, sipping his own coffee. "Every inch of my body is vibrating, and I've pretty much worked out that I've developed super powers. sexual powers." "That would be some fun powers to have." "What are you talking about? I'm pretty sure you have them too. each and every member of this family. One big super sex team." He looked at his father for some sort of confirmation, but only received an enigmatic smile. They sipped their coffee in silence for a moment, then Patrick asked. "Dad, what's the deal with Damian?" okay, that settled it, he was high. It was the only way he'd dared asked about him. "What do you mean?" "Well, Aaron hates his guts, Adam is terrified of him. One moment Damian is all charming, and the next he's like something out of a horror movie." His father looked at him for long enough that Patrick considered sitting down, but he didn't think his ass could take the hard surface. His father shook his head. "I don't think this is the right time for it." Patrick sighed. "Dad, Arthur wouldn't tell me because he said I had to be comfortable with the family having sex together. Well, unless you've missed the banners, I'm pretty damn comfortable with that idea now. I mean Adam went camping with him even when the idea scared him." "He had to agree to go to see under the hood of my brother's car." "Dad, you do realize that makes no sense, right? It's just a car. I know Adam loves them, but still." His father sighed. "Alright. First off, you need to know my brother's a genius." "Okay, so he's smart." His father shook his head. "No, Einstein was smart, but compared to my brother he was a simpleton." "Who's Einstein?" Patrick asked. His father stared at him, "Relativity? E=Mc square?" Patrick shrugged. "How about Hawkins?" Patrick thought about it. "That's the black hole guy, right?" "Good enough. that guy is also a simpleton next to Damian. When he was eight, they threw all the IQ tests at him, and he aced them all. After that they started giving him math problems to solve. He solved them all, and I'm talking Math even I don't get, and I was really good at it. The bottom line is that no one knows how smart Damian is." "Then why isn't he a scientist? If he's so smart why is he just running a company?" "Science doesn't hold his interest. It isn't interesting to him. And you should remember his company is a multinational corporation, not exactly a simple thing to run." "Okay, but still..." His father nodded. "The other thing you need to know is that he's a psychopath." "What do you mean?" "A psychopath, he doesn't have any empathy for other people. He doesn't actually care for any of us." "No, you're wrong. I've seen him around you guys. Sure he can be cold, but he loves the lot of you." "It's an act, all of it." Patrick frowned as he remembered something. He'd read an article about criminals a while back. "wait, psychopaths, those are the guys who..." The words slipped away as another memory came back to him. he felt the cup slip from his hand... * * * * * He was sitting in a car, trying to get out. "You're not getting out of the car unless I let you." The voice had been cold, dispassionate. The cold, calculating, blue eyes were looking at him, through him. "What are you going to do to me?" Patrick had asked, certain he was about to die. * * * * * He was shaking. Someone was holding him. "Oh fuck, of fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." Someone was repeating over and over. "everything's okay Patrick," his father said. "You're safe." It was him. He'd been the one saying it. "I was in his car. I was alone with him. Oh God, He could have killed me. I would have disappeared and no one would have known." The arms tighten around him. "You're safe Patrick. None of that would have happened." He pushed his father away. "How the fuck can you say that? He's a psychopath. He could have cut me in little pieces and not given a damn." He stopped talking as he realized his foot was wet. His father said something, but Patrick didn't hear him, his foot was partially in a pool of liquid. It was coffee, medium brown, but there was another liquid slowly mixing in with it. Then he noticed the inside of his leg was wet. Then he caught the scent. "I pissed myself." "What?" Patrick looked at his father. He was numb. "He said that would happen once I'd learn about him." The anger came back. "How can you let a man like that in your house? Around your kids? How can you put them in danger like that?" He paused. "What the fuck did he do to Adam?" His father grabbed him by the shoulders. "Patrick, you have to understand. Damian isn't a threat to you, or anyone in this family." "How can you know that?" "Because he promised our father he would look after us." Patrick remembered Damian telling him that. "But you said he doesn't actually care about anyone." "He doesn't, but promises are sacred to him. He never breaks them. As you interact with him, you'll notice he almost never makes any, but if he does, he keeps them. That's how he's able to function. "But aren't psychopath liars and killers?" "They don't have to be. Damian doesn't like violence. He considers it a failure on his part if he has to resort to it." His father guided him out of the kitchen. "Let's get you in the shower." "What about the mess?" "I'll clean it up afterward. Don't worry about it." "If he looks out for you, why are you all afraid of him?" Patrick asked once they were next to the shower. "Because, while he will never hurt one of us physically, he can be emotionally brutal." His father turned the water on. "He doesn't like it when we limit ourselves, so he tends to take it upon himself to resolve what he perceives as being a problem." "Did he do that to you?" His father started shaking his head, but then his eyes became distant. "Yes, he did." "What did he do?" "He forced me to break out of my shell when I was a kid." "Are you okay?" His father shook himself. "I'm fine, I hadn't thought about that time in a long while." "He's never going to get to do that to me." Patrick got under the water. He sighed. "That's a lie, isn't it? If he decides to do something to me, I won't be able to stop him, will I?" His father held him. He didn't say anything. There was nothing he could say.
  2. Kindar

    Chapter 47

    The Missing Son 47 The car came to a stop in the garage, the door closed, the engine turned off. Patrick didn't move. This was it. He hadn't expected to be this apprehensive. He saw a car he hadn't before, a black sedan. Damian's car was there. "You okay?" his father asked. "Just a little worried. This is going to be an orgy. having sex with you two was one thing, I love you, but...." He really wasn't sure why he was hesitant now that he was here. "You don't love you brothers?" "I don't know. I like them well enough from the time we've hung out over the year, but I don't know if I can say I love them." Can't you? a voice at the back of his head whispered. What you feel for Arthur, is that just 'like'? How about what you felt when he and Aaron snuggled on the grass? was that just 'like' too? Shut up, he told the voice. It's my insecurities, let me deal with them. "I know they love you." "but do they just love me because they know they're going to have sex with me?" "no. I can promise that to you. They love you for who you are. The sex is just one of the ways we demonstrate it." He got out of the car and a moment later so did Patrick. "Just give them a chance. They've been really looking forward to today." Patrick nodded. "Should I get naked now?" "No, let them take care of that." He followed his father up the stairs and to the living room. He stopped at the archway. The seats and sofas had been repositioned to the back of the room, forming a semi-circle facing him. Every seat was taken by a naked tiger stroking himself or his neighbor. This was rather intimidating. Daniel stood and walked to him. "Hello son." His cupped his head and kissed him tenderly. "Welcome home." He guided Patrick closer to the seats. "There's only one person you haven't met yet." A tiger stood, and of all of them, Patrick included, he was the only one whose muscles weren't defined. He had them, but they were covered by a layer of fat, softening his overall shape. "Hi Patrick. I'm Dominic." He had soft hazel eyes, in a round face. Dominic kissed him. It was a gentle kiss, but there was an underlying hunger to it. "It's a pleasure to finally kiss you." He took his seat and put a hand to Damian's cock. "So, this is the whole family?" Patrick asked, looking everyone over. It was the first time he'd seen them naked. He realized Donald wasn't there anymore. "No, you have two great uncles. They live on the east coast and they're too old to travel. And they wouldn't have been able to participate anyway." "Of course, they could," Damian said. "Bobby's kids are making sure he doesn't get out of practice, and Roger is a nymphomaniac, so Byron is also getting a lot of exercise." "Kids? I have more family members?" "No," Daniel said, "Bobby's kids are the children he educated over the years. Now that they're grown up, they look after him." "Dietrich also couldn't make it," Dominic said. "He's another of your brothers?" "The fourth one, there's only five of us." "Why can't he make it?" "He's in rehab," Damian answered. "And I'm not letting him out until he's well and dry." "Dietrich had a rough life," Donald said, reappearing, naked. "Which led to him having problems with drugs and alcohol." Patrick could see Damian wanted to add something, but he didn't. Patrick was also starting to feel overdressed. "What happens now?" he asked. He looked at Arthur who was smiling at him. his heart skipped and caught in his throat. And you're calling that 'like'? the voice said. He looked at all of them. No, he didn't like them. he loved them. He could feel his eyes getting wet. Great, he was going to cry. "Now," his father said. Patrick as lost track of which was which. "Your brothers show you how much they love you." Arthur was the first one to stand. His small size made his cock look much larger. Arthur looked up at him, and his eyes were wet too. He grabbed Patrick's collar and pulled him down so they could kiss. It was a passionate kiss, not one of two brothers, but of two lovers. Patrick found himself taking hold of his brother's head while their tongue played together. When they broke the kiss, they were both panting. Arthur pulled the jacket off Patrick. Someone else pulled his t-shirt over his head. "I thought I was too old for you," he told Arthur, smiling. "oh, I do like young teens, but you have to know by now none of us are restricted by our eccentricities. I said that at the party because I knew you really wanted dad." "Thank you. How about you go first now?" "He means second," Anakin said. He was kneeling next to Patrick undoing his jeans. "He's had sex with dad." "Shot on his T-shirt," the one behind him said. It sounded like Alex. Patrick chuckled and the words that left his mouth surprised even him. "If anyone here is surprised by that, you haven't seen dad naked recently." Laughter responded. By the time the laughter died out, Patrick had stepped out of his clothes. "I'll be honored to be the first of your brothers to show you how much we love you." Arthur led him to the cushions, arranged on the floor to make a large bed. Patrick laid down and Arthur knelt between his legs. Someone handed his brother a bottle of lube, and this time Patrick knew where it came from. multiple bottles were spread around the floor and on the side tables. "Are you ready?" Arthur asked, lubing his cock. Patrick nodded and his brother lifted Patrick's legs over his shoulders before pressing in. He realized at that moment that Arthur's cock didn't just seem larger, it was larger. It felt larger than their father's. "Oh fuck," Patrick sighed as Arthur's ball rested against his ass. He didn't know how it was he hadn't felt any pain. He didn't care. His brother started fucking him. No, that wasn't right. he wasn't just thrusting his cock in and out of him. His hands were caressing his body, he was looking at him. He was making love to him. His father had fucked him in a way that made him feel possessed and safe. He'd fucked his father as something new and exciting. This was making him feel loved. He looked around, wanting for a moment to see what the rest of his family was doing. They were having sex too, but they were looking at him while doing it. He gasped when Arthur closed his hand around his cock and jerked him off. He didn't hurry it. He wasn't trying to make him cum quicker. Patrick could see it in his eyes, he was stroking him because he knew it felt good. He knew Patrick would enjoy it. Arthur was right. Patrick closed his eyes and let the pleasure build, his moans signing the crescendo until the lightning rushed over him and he roared. He stayed present this time and felt his ass tightened around Arthur cock. he felt him speed up and his brother roared just as his ended. Panting, they smiled at each other as he received another load of cum. Before Arthur pulled out someone tapped his forehead and he looked up. Albert was there, waving his hard cock in his face, then against his lips. The message was clear. Patrick didn't hesitate. that he'd never sucked on a cock before didn't matter to him. This was about sharing his family's love. He opened his muzzle and, as Arthur pulled out of him, Albert pushed his cock in. It took them a moment to find a comfortable position, Albert kneeling over him, and, to Patrick's surprise, taking his cock in his mouth, before they sucked each other. Patrick was tentative, not because he wasn't sure he wanted this, he wanted it, but because he was uncertain what to do, but paying attention to what Albert was doing to him he gained confidence and in no time, he was deep throating his brother, which he seemed to love. He held onto his brother and he bobbed down and up on his cock, using his tongue to stimulate the crown. and almost breaking down in laughers when his balls smacked his face. He didn't know how long they sucked each other, he didn't care. His jaw was a little sore, but it was worth it. When the lightning struck this time he couldn't roar, all he could do was bury his cock as deep as it would go down Albert's muzzle. His brother responded in kind a moment later. When Albert's cock stopped twitching, he pulled it out and Patrick got to taste his brother's cum. It tasted similar to what he remembered of his, but he was saltier. His brother moaned next to him. Gentle hands rolled Patrick on his stomach. "Can I?" Aaron whispered in his ear. Patrick couldn't speak, so he nodded. His brother lay on top of him, licking his neck as he slowly entered him. he was thinner than Arthur, and not as long, but when he moved in Patrick, it felt amazing. Patrick loved what his brother made him feel, but he wanted more. He saw a foot in his peripheral vision and grabbed it. The person it was attacked to knelt before him and Patrick could now see enough of him to recognize his uncle, Dominic. He had a fat short cock. Patrick grabbed it and guided it to his muzzle. His uncle obliged and lovingly face fucked him. Patrick orgasmed while being fucked from both end, and without touching himself. And this time, when the lighting arrived, it didn't leave him.
  3. Kindar

    Chapter 46

    The Missing Son 46 Patrick looked at the clock after checking the id on the last of this group. Twenty minutes before the next bus. He asked Marleen to check the door for a few minutes and headed to Don's office. "Hey Don," he said, leaning in the door way. "I need to take next Saturday and Sunday off." The panda looked up from his phone. "Again?" "I know, but I checked with Malcolm, he'll be happy to cover for me." "Again." Don eyed him. "This is starting to become a habit." "Come on Don, I've only taken a handful of days off in the five years since I've bounced for you." "True, but they have all been in this last year." "I'll grant you that, but that doesn't even cover the vacation that technically you'd owe me for five years, if I were officially working here." Don chuckled. "Alright, alright. Just tell me you aren't planning on quitting." "No, I have no plans of doing that. This is something special, I doubt there'll be another one until next year." "Alright. So you'll just be in on Friday?" "Yeah, and I need you to do me a favor. If my mom happens to call, tell her I'm working, but I'm not around." "Why would she call me? You have a phone." "It's going to be silenced." Don frowned. "Okay, what's going on?" "Just do that for me, please? And if she asks, confirm you need me to work late." Don leaned back, his eyes on Patrick. "Wait, a special night? Are you getting laid?" "Err, why would you think that?" "Oh my God, you are." The panda grinned. "Why don't you want your mom to know? She doesn't approve of her?" "Him," Patrick said, just stopping himself from saying 'them'. The look of surprise Don gave him made Patrick pause. "Didn't you know?" "That you're gay? No, why would I know?" "Jen and the others do." "Really? none of them said anything to me." "And you're okay with it?" The panda rolled his eyes. "Of course, I'm okay with it. What business of mine is it who you sleep with. I take it your mother isn't though." "She doesn't know. So, will you cover for me with her?" "Of course." "Thanks Don, you're the best." "Don't you forget it." Patrick went back to his stool for before another group entered. The bus was early. * * * * * "Joey's Junk, Joey speaking." "Joey, Patrick." He was on his way to Mister Hilary's house, to pour his concrete sidewalk. "Hey Patrick. If you're calling to see if I need you, I'm afraid I don't. Things have been really quiet recently." "It's okay, that's not why I'm calling. I need a favor. It's possible my mom will call you next Saturday or Sunday. If she does, I need you to tell her I'm somewhere in the yard and can't take her call." "Have the two of you fought again?" "No." "Okay, are you in some sort of trouble?" "No, no, nothing like that. I just don't want her worrying." "You have me worrying now." "I told you. I'm not in trouble. I'm also not doing anything that's going to get me in trouble. I'm going to be seeing someone." Joey deserved to know at least that. "Well you lucky cat. Why didn't you lead with that? Of course, I'll cover for you." "Thanks Joey. I owe you one." "Don't worry about it." This took care of his absence for the weekend. He didn't expect to need it, since his mother had mentioned she would work at the diner, but if for some reason she didn't, he didn't have to worry. Now all he had to do was keep his excitement in check until then. * * * * * It was one in the afternoon and Patrick was pacing in front of the bar. Sure, his father could pick him up at home, but all it would take was Misses Polyan from two house down seeing him and she'd call his mother to report it. Since she thought he was going to work, she would question why his father was picking him up. He checked the time, ten more minutes. He changed the pack to his other shoulder. It had some toiletries and a change of clothing. The car stopped at the curb and his father smiled at him through the passenger window. "You ready son?" "You bet dad." He got in and his father reached over to cup his face. Patrick almost stopped him, worried about the neighbors seeing and calling his mother, then remembered he was nowhere near his house and leaned in so they could kiss. When they separated Patrick was sporting an erection. He leaned back in the seat, grinning. "It's a really good thing we're not in my neighborhood. If my mom ever got wind of this kiss, she'd skin me alive." His father looked at him, the smile disappearing. "You do realize you're going to have to tell her, right? Not about us, obviously, but that your gay." "I know. It just isn't the right time yet." His father shook his head and started the car. "It's never going to be. If that's what you're waiting for, you'll always come up with a reason why now isn't it." Patrick sighed. "I know. It's just that things are finally going well for her. I don't want to ruin things." "If she ends up feeling like you being gay ruined her life, I won't think much of her." "What do you think of her now?" "I think she's a decent person. She did the best she could in a not so good situation. She raised you to be a good guy, which can't be easy in this part of town." "She also raised me to think being gay was a sin." "Like I kept telling Damian, no one's perfect. She's making an effort to see me and Danny was normal guys. I don't know if we'll ever be friends, but I don't dislike her." Patrick nodded. "I do wish she could be friends with all of you, but then she'd almost certainly figure out your lifestyle, our lifestyle. that wouldn't go over very well." They drove in silence for a time, going through multiple neighborhood of varying economic class. They were in what Patrick thought was an old commercial district when the car turned into an empty lot between two buildings. "You ever had sex on the hood of a car?" Donald asked as he brought it to a stop. Patrick chuckled. "Of course not. I only had sex for the first time a week ago." "A lot can happen in a week." He got out of the car. Patrick got out too and looked around. On one side was a four-story building with boarded up windows. The brown brick was falling apart. On the other the building was two-story, and the gray cement wall was featureless. The other end of the lot showed a quiet street, but by the pieces of broken masonry on the walls on each side Patrick thought there might have been a building there at one time. Now it was paved and served as parking, although right now their car was the only here. "What are we doing here dad?" His father grabbed his hand and pulled him close. "I'm going to fuck you on the hood of the car." "what, here? what if someone comes by?" Donald grinned. "No one ever comes here." "How do you know?" "You're not the first guy I've fucked here." his father paused. "You're not the first of my sons." Patrick chuckled. That didn't surprise him. While he hadn't seen his family have sex together, the thought of it felt more normal, now that he had had sex with both his fathers. "I thought Alex was the one with a thing for public sex." "It isn't because it's his eccentricity, that I don't enjoy it too with the right guy." "Oh? and I'm the right guy?" "Most certainly." His father kissed him and pushed him back until Patrick was sitting on the hood of the car. It was barely warm, which surprised him for some reason. He'd have to ask Adam about.... His chain of thought derailed when he felt his father undo his pants. "Dad, are you sure? we're in public. what if...? Oh Fuck." His father's hand was in his pants, stroking him. "Who cares? If someone stumbles on us, they can enjoy the show." He pulled down Patrick's pants and underwear and the light breeze of his hard cock made him shiver for a moment. "We could be arrested," Patrick panted. "I'll just pay off the cops." Is this what being rich did to people? he wondered. They felt they could do anything? anywhere? This was so fucking wrong. So why wasn't he saying no already? His father bit his neck and Patrick moaned. He kicked off his shoes and wriggled a leg out of his pants. "Fuck me dad." His father pushed him on his back before taking out his cock. All of a sudden, he had a small bottle of lube in his hand and he was pouring it on his cock. Where did they keep coming from? Who cares, was the only response he could come up at the moment. He couldn't believe they were about to do this. His father entered him slowly, and Patrick groaned. God, he thought, I can't believe you'd ever say something which feel so good could be wrong. His father paused halfway in, and Patrick wouldn't have any of that. he wrapped his legs around him and pulled him completely in. They both gasps. Patrick looked up at the blue sky, already seeing some of the lightning. "Fuck dad. If we get caught, I am so killing you." He caught his breath. "Now fuck me." His father smiled and proceeded to pound his ass. Patrick tried to be quiet, but his father's cock was moving in and out of him so fucking hard and fast. He couldn't stop himself from moaning and grunting. The fucking he'd received at the house were nothing compared to this. Their moans and gaps reverberated on the walls. His father wrapped a hand around his cock and Patrick spoke God's name in vain. He'd ask forgiveness later. He wrapped his arms around his father's neck and pulled him close, but instead of kissing him he brought his muzzle to his ear. "You son of a bitch," Patrick moaned. This felt so fucking wonderful. "You fucking son of a bitch. this isn't fair." He shuddered and the lighting fought him for control. "Oh God. Oh fuck. harder dad, harder!" This felt so fucking good. He didn't care about getting caught anymore. Right now, all he wanted was to feel like this forever. The lightning clashed with his will. Oh God, why had he told him to go faster, this was getting to much. Pleasure shook his body. Oh, right, that was why. To avoid screaming he clamped down on his father's shoulder. The lightning exploded, but this time he didn't completely blackout. He could see lightning bolts dancing around them. His body felt like it was electrified, and it felt good. He didn't know how long that lasted, but somewhere during the lightning show he felt his father shudder over him, his cock pulsating inside him, then all he cared about was the pleasure he felt. And then the lightning was gone. He and his father were panting. His shirt had strings of cum on it. He felt amazing and his father was looking down at him, a silly grin on his face. "What?" Patrick asked. "If anyone catches us, it's your fault. That roar is still ringing in my ears." He'd roared? He had no recollection of letting go of his father's shoulder. He blushed. "I'm sorry, I tried not to." the rawness of his voice confirmed he'd roared. "It's okay. This place is deserted for blocks around, except for the squatters, and I figure that with the life they live, they deserve a good show. I don't quite have Alex's tolerance level when it comes to risk of discovery." He gazed in his eyes. "Fuck you're beautiful, you know that?" Patrick blushed some more. he knew he was decent enough looking, but to hear his father say it, while his cock was still buried deep inside you, gave it a lot more meaning. They kissed, slowly, tenderly, lovingly. Fuck, he loved his father. They kept looking at each other for a moment after the kiss ended. "Aren't the others going to wonder what's keeping us?" Patrick asked. His father chuckled. "I wouldn't worry about that. They'll figure we stopped somewhere to fuck." He gently pulled out. "Don't move." He licked Patrick's stomach and chest clean. He then threaded his leg back in his underwear and pants, and pulled them up. "We're going to have to talk you out of wearing underwear. They're a waste of time." Patrick's ears moved forward. "You expect me to freeball?" Donald nodded. "I think you should." He buttoned up Patrick's jeans, then pulled him up to reach behind him and button the tail strap. "Don't hold your breath dad. I'm not putting my junk in danger of catching in a zipper." He stretched and watched his dad tuck himself away and zip his jeans close. He couldn't believe he felt better than before he'd had his brains fucked out. His father shrugged. "It's never happened to anyone in the family." He headed for the driver's side. Patrick put a hand on the handle and looked at his father over the car. "That's because your whole family's got super powers, you know that, right? No one normal can do what you guys can." His father smiled at him. "You're forgetting a small detail." "Yeah? What?" "You're part of that same family." He got in the car. Right, he had forgotten that. "I don't care, I'm not freeballing it." he got in the car.
  4. Kindar

    Chapter 45

    The Missing Son 45 Because food was being served throughout the afternoon Patrick was taken by surprise when one of his fathers called out. "Okay, birthday guys! Stop what you're doing and come to the table!" The others seemed to know what was coming and in short order the eight of them were seated at the table. A moment after that the patio door opened and his other dad with five of other guys carried out a cake. Patrick's jaw dropped at the size. It barely fit in the door and had to be eight feet long. They slid it on the table and by their expressions, his brothers hadn't been expecting that either. There was only one feet of clear space at each end of the table and not even enough elbow room. Before each of them, on the cake, was a cluster of nineteen candles above a picture. In front of Patrick was a car. He looked over to Alex, he had beakers, and past him, Anakin had a can of orange soda. Laughing the brothers changed places until everyone was in front of his picture "Isn't this a little excessive?" Patrick asked and he sat back down. Arthur, now seated next to him chuckled. "You might have forgotten how many people there are at this party." Patrick looked around. He was right. He'd been interacting with people in small groups and lost track of the overall party. "Alright," our father said. "blow out your candles." "Maybe Patrick should tell us what his wish is first." "No!" He replied, probably too loud. He couldn't keep his ears from heating up. "Come on, uncle Damian," Alex said. "You know very well we can't say what it is. It won't come true if we do." Patrick tried not to smile. He didn't have to make a wish. It had already come true. Not only had he had sex with his father, but he was okay with it. He didn't feel weirded out, he didn't regret it, Hell (sorry) he wanted to do it again, not just with him, but with his whole family. He couldn't quite contain his smile, he was truly an Orr. He blew out his candles. His brothers did the same and everyone cheered. Each brother was handed a knife and spatula and they cut in the cake, handing pieces to those around them. Patrick laughed when his part turned out to be orange, and after a taste, was orange flavored. Once everyone had a piece there was only half the cake left, or so Patrick estimated, Chunks were missing all over the place. He'd eaten his piece, and cut himself one from Aaron's section, which was maple flavored. He sat down and Damian sat next to him. Patrick thought about moving away, but he wasn't going to let his uncle intimidate him. "Not having cake?" Patrick asked, instead of letting his uncle take control of the conversation. "I'm not hungry." The silence returned. Patrick was chewing when Damian said. "How was the sex?" Patrick chocked on the cake and glared at the adult. It hadn't been loud, but still. "What kind of fucking question is that?" He kept his voice low and looked around. No one was paying them any attention. "A rather simple one." "Yeah? Well, if I'd done anything, I wouldn't be telling you." Damian smiled. "No 'if' about it. I may not be able to tell them apart, but I did notice that for over an hour there was only one of them around at a time, and that you were not. They are my brothers, I know how they think." "I went with Adam to pick up sodas." "I'm not your mother, Patrick. Please don't act as if I was as... bright as her." Patrick glared at him again. "Don't insult my mom." "I didn't." "Bullshit. I heard that hesitation." "I apologize. The point remains that you didn't go with him. For one thing, he left half an hour after you disappeared. Arthur came back less than ten and as soon as he was done talking to my brothers, one of them disappeared." Patrick stared at his uncle. "Why the fuck do you care?" How had he caught all of that? Had he known what would happen? "I care because you are family." Patrick sighed. And what the fuck did that mean? He checked to make sure no one was within earshot and leaned in. "Fine, you want to know? it was great." "And do you wish for it to happen again?" "Yes, I do. Are you happy?" Damian smiled. "Very much so." Patrick eyed his uncle. "Yeah? don't get any idea. It's going to take a long time before I let you have sex with me." Damian stood. "Oh, I don't know about that. It may very well happen sooner than you think. Much sooner." Then he left to talk with a group of women. Great, what did that mean? Patrick wondered. He put him out of his mind by finishing his piece of cake and then having another one, banana this time. Then he was pulled into a conversation with Albert and some of his friends about paintings. Patrick didn't think he had anything to contribute, until he realized they were discussing painting him. * * * * * The cake had been decimated. there weren't even crumbs left on the board it had been on. Patrick looked at it in amazement. He wouldn't have believed even this large group would have finished it. And the grill was still going, although now it was a zebra and a deer manning it. His fathers were talking with their friends, as was his mother. He'd kept an eye out for her throughout the day, in case she found herself alone. She'd been worried she wouldn't fit in, but each time he'd seen her she was talking with a group of adults and looking like she was enjoying herself. He didn't know what they were talking about, but by their laughter and pointing at the younger people he expected they were sharing stories about their children. "Hey Alex," Patrick called to his brother. He was the only one not currently in deep conversation, piling condiments on his sausage roll. "If anyone needs me, I'll be back in a bit. I'm going to go rinse the chlorine out of my fur and get dressed." "Are you leaving?" "Probably, it's past six and we have to bus to the rail and then home. My mom's working in the morning." "I'm sure someone will be happy to give you a ride." "Okay, but I'm done swimming, so I want to get out of those trunks." Alex looked him over, then licked his lips. "Yeah, I'd like to get you out of those trunks too." Patrick was only shocked for a moment, then he laughed. "I think this might be too public, even for you." "Yeah, it is." "Don't worry, you'll get your chance." Alex nodded knowingly and smiled. Patrick was left wondering what that was about as he headed for Adam's room. He locked the door and headed for the shower, peeling off his trunks on the way there. He had his hand on the shower knob when the door to the bedroom opened. He turned in time to see his father rush in the bathroom. "I know I locked the door," Patrick stated. Instead of saying anything his father took Patrick's head in his hands and kissed him. Patrick didn't resist as the lips pressed against his, then the tongue pushed its way in his mouth. His father was hungry for it and their hands roamed on their backs, holding each other tightly. When they finally separated his father looked him in the eyes, caressing his face. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have unlocked the door and barged in. We have rules about privacy, but I really needed to do this." Patrick smiled. "Well, was it worth it, Daniel?" Daniel took a step back. "How did you know it was me?" Patrick's smile broke into chuckling. "Donald already did this with me. I doubt he'd be as desperate as you were." His father blushed then kissed him again. When he was done he dropped to his knees and swallowed Patrick's cock. "Holy fuck," Patrick gasped and panted as he became hard. He looked down at his father bobbing up and down his cock. Donald's blowjob had been good. This one was masterful. "Oh fuck, Dad." The lips tight against his shaft as they moved up and down, the tongue forcing his cock up to rub against the palate. It was so fucking much. He grabbed his father's head and fucked it. His father looked up at him with love. fingers dug in his ass. Patrick couldn't believe how hot this was, his father loved being face fucked by him. Patrick groaned. Fuck, he wanted to slow down, this had to last longer, but he also wanted it to be more intense and go faster. Before he made his decision, he felt the lightning surge. He tried to hold it back, He wanted this feeling to go on forever. He started to roar, buried his cock in his father's muzzle, and the world exploded inside him. When he came back his throat was raw and he moaned as his father was still sucking on him. Patrick panted. He looked down and realized his hands on his father's head were the only thing holding him up. He leaned back against the shower door and his father stood. Daniel smiled then pressed his lips against Patrick's. He was gentle, tentative. It was almost as if Daniel wasn't certain Patrick wanted to kiss. Not sure why his father hesitated Patrick parted his lips and ran his tongue against his father's. The lips opened slightly and an odd taste trickled through. It was acrid, bitter and a little salt. Cum, he realized, and understand why his father wasn't shoving his tongue down his throat. Patrick thought about it for a moment, He'd tasted his cum a time or two, out of curiosity, like most guys did, he expected, but this was different. He wanted it, not because he wanted to drink his cum, but because his father was the one offering to share it with him. He realized there was little he wouldn't do if his father asked. He pried the lips apart with his tongue and they kissed deeply. The cum flavored the kiss, made it more primal, something that came from deep within them. When they broke apart Patrick felt like he'd run a marathon, and it not just from the orgasm. Was kissing his father always going to be this good? Or was this special, because it was their first time. Patrick tried to articulate how he felt, but all he managed to say was. "Wow." His father chuckled, licking his lips. Patrick happened to look down and noticed the frond of Daniel's speedo was soaked. "Did you cum?" "Twice. When you blew your load in my mouth, and then when we kissed." "When we kissed?" Patrick couldn't believe it, well, okay, it had been a mind-blowing kiss. "Yeah, that's a first for me." Patrick grinned. "Want to see if it'll happen again?" For a reply his father took hold of his face and kissed him. It was a passionate kiss and Patrick responded with vigor. with hunger, but when they broke apart, although they were panting, it hadn't been the same. "Maybe we need more practice?" His father offered. Patrick laughed. "Maybe on the next visit." Daniel nodded. "Speaking of your next visit. Did anyone tell you about the party?" Patrick turned the shower on. "Isn't this the party?" "This is the social party, the family friendly one." Patrick looked over his shoulder. "So this wasn't for me and my mom's benefit?" Daniel looked down Patrick's back. "No, they've always been like this, well, the language might have been cleaner this time. The kids like to party with their friends, and it give me and Donald a chance to hang out with people our age that we aren't currently fucking, well mostly." "I thought all the adult here were married." "They are, but not all of them have monogamous marriage." "Or are happy in it," Patrick added, remembering Adam. "Yeah. Well, the tradition is that we also have a private party, just family members. Normally it would be tonight, once all the guests leave, but since you're going home with your mother, we were thinking of doing it next Saturday." "You don't have to." Patrick ran the hand under the jet and happy with the temperature stepped under it. "We want to." Daniel joined Patrick under the water. "You're part of this family. We'd like you to be part of that party, unless you don't think you'd be comfortable with a family orgy." He lathered his son's back. Patrick closed his eyes, enjoying the hands massaging the soap in his fur. "I... don't know. I...." Didn't he? hadn't he wondered what it would be like to have sex with Adam while they were talking? Didn't he want to have sex with both his fathers? at the same time? His father moved him under the water and rinsed the lather out of Patrick's fur. After that his father pressed himself against his back and held him. "You don't have to. I don't want you to feel pressured." "I want to dad. Fuck I want to. I'm an Orr. I want to know what that means. I want to experience what it means." He gasped as he felt a hand stroke his cock, making him hard again. "You have such a beautiful cock, son. I want you to fuck me with it." His father moved away and Patrick turned around. His father had his hands against the wall. His tail was in this air, making the offer of his ass clear. Patrick swallowed. "Dad, I've never...." Daniel looked at him over his shoulder. "It's fine son. Your cock's already slick. All you have to do is push it in and then enjoy yourself." Patrick settled behind him and places his hands on his father's ass. It was firm, solid, the ass of someone who worked it out a lot. Patrick smiled, did his father use a machine for that? Or did it come from having a lot of guys fuck him? He rubbed his cock in the crack, moving it until the head was against his father's hole. He slowly pushed it in. "Oh. Fuck." Patrick couldn't believe how hot it was in there. His father moaned. "More." Patrick pushed in slowly. He panted. Fuck that felt good. He tried to remember what his father had done when he'd been fucking him, had he thrust all in in one go? some back and forth? but nothing came to him. but his father's moaning seemed to indicate he was doing well. Once all in, he leaned over Daniel for a moment, wrapping his arms around him. It felt good to hold his father this way, to be in him. This man had given him life, and now Patrick got to return the favor, symbolically. He pulled out slowly, then pushed in with a sigh. His father echoed him. Patrick kissed the back of his neck. he wanted to stretch this out for hours, but he had no idea how to keep the lightning from building until it exploded. He also couldn't be absent too long; his mother would start asking questions. he picked up speed and then reached lower to stroke his father's cock. It was already slick and getting wetter as he stroked it. "Fuck Patrick, you feel so good inside me. Fuck me son. Fuck me hard." Patrick's mind tingled at his father acknowledging that his son was fucking him. He sped up, and realized that he couldn't both stroke his father and fuck him hard from this position. He let go of the cock, promising himself he'd finish him afterward and readjusted his footing. He gripped his father's sides firmly and fucked him just as he'd been told. Hard and fast. Daniel's moans turned into curses so vulgar Patrick didn't think he could ever utter them. Fast and hard he fucked. In and out of his father's ass. The lightning built and he tried to hold it back. Just a little longer he asked, just a little more, but the lightning didn't listen. It exploded, the world became white. He felt his father shudder under him, then nothing but pure bliss. When he came back, he was slouched over his father's back, who was holding one of his arms to prevent Patrick from falling off. "You okay back there?" Patrick got the impression it wasn't the first time his father asked him that. He got his feet back under him. "Did you pass out?" Daniel asked. "I don't think so, but the orgasm was so intense I did blackout for a bit. How long was I out?" Straightening up his cock pulled out. Patrick was sorry about that, it had felt so good in there. "Ten seconds I'd say." Daniel straightened too, his back popping in the process. "Thanks for catching me dad." He looked at his father's back, that tail swaying languidly. He was going to be in him again, he had no doubt of that. His father turned. "I'll never let you fall, you know that, right?" Patrick nodded and smiled. "But I guess we might have overdone it for your first times, if you're blacking out." Patrick shrugged. "I don't know. I think it happened with every orgasm. I know it happened when you sucked me off, I was just lucky my arms locked on your head, it kept me up. Is something like that normal?" "I don't know. It doesn't happen to me, Donald, or any of the kids, as far as I know. Could be it's because you're starting late. We all started having sex pretty young, so we've gotten used to it? We'll have to see if it still happens the next time. "And try to avoid being in a precarious position," Patrick chuckled. "Speaking of next time. Does anyone else know about your plan for next Saturday?" "Sure, the whole family. why?" Patrick nodded. "It explains some of the looks I've been getting when talking about sex." "You talked about sex?" His father seemed impressed. "The subject came up a time or two." Patrick put a hand under the water. "Fuck, I can't believe there's any hot water left." His father pushed him under. "We have a perpetual heat system. can't run out." "Shit. If me and mom take consecutive showers, they have to be short or one of us gets cold water." Daniel lathered Patrick up again. "We spend enough time in the shower it was worth investing the extra money to make sure we wouldn't run out. It's really annoying when we have one of our family orgies in the shower to have to deal with the temperature changing." Patrick let his father's hands knead his back in silence for a moment, going over what his father said. "I can't believe you just said the whole family has sex together, and I don't feel like running away." His father wrapped his arms around him, lathering his front. "Welcome to the family son." Patrick smiled and leaned back against him. "Just washing this time, okay? I can't afford to spend too much time in here. mom's going to wonder where I am." "I promise." Daniel said, a moment before he reached down to lather Patrick's balls. Because he didn't linger there Patrick just smiled, then grew thoughtful. "Dad, I hope I'm not going to sound condescending, but don't you think you could be more careful with how you waste money? I know you're rich, but Arthur has a box of phone that's kept charged by the house. You probably spend hours having sex under the shower while hot water is running. I mean that stuff adds up." Daniel held him. "Because I know where you come from you don't, but we're not using as much power from the grid as you think. The roof is full solar, we have a top of the line water reclamation system. Our initial plan was to tap an underground spring, but this is California, there aren't any of those left. And before you point out air conditioning costs, you may have noticed how thick the walls are, both the outside and inside walls. It provides a lot of sound and temperature insulation." Patrick closed his eyes as he was pulled under the water and let it run over him. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize." "It's okay. You're right, we are rich, but we are aware of the impact a house like this one can have and we do what we can to minimize that." Daniel chuckled. "If we hadn't done it of our own volition, Damian would have forced us to do it." "Really? He cares about the environment?" "Very much." "But he owns a bunch of companies." "He does, and a good number of them are linked to all sort of renewable energy companies and research. He also spends a lot of money pushing for better environmental protection laws." Patrick was amazed to learn about that side to his uncle. Then he remembered the summer's heat wave and January's cold snap. "It isn't working all that well." "You have to remember the damage has been done over a long time. It'll take a while to get everything back to the way things were before. Who knows, once he runs the world it might go faster. Patrick looked over his shoulder at his dad, then had to blink when soapy water got in his eyes. "He's trying to take over the world?" Daniel laughed. "I'm kidding. If I remember, his exact words were: 'I don't want to waste my time running this damned place. I want to be in a position where I can kick those fucking politicians in the balls and have them say thank you, instead of sending the cops after me.'" "Wow, that's harsh." "You might not have noticed yet, but my brother is very big on efficiency. So, the government system isn't something he likes all that much. "Why is he so keen on saving the environment?" His father made sure the soap was all out of Patrick's fur, in silence. When he was done, he said. "Do you mind if we tackle that another time? Answering your question is going to lead to a lot of other things we don't have time to cover if you don't want your mother to realize you're gone." "Alright." Patrick quickly and chastely washed his father. Once dressed, Patrick in his clothes, and his father in his speedo. He grabbed his bag and went outside, his father staying behind to avoid attracting attention. The day was making Patrick realize that he had to make a decision about his mother. No, not a decision, he'd already made that. Now he had to tell her. He couldn't keep that he was gay from her. But tonight wasn't the right time. He found her among the parents, they had all gathered in a corner of the backyard, and she was telling them about the time he beat up the neighborhood bully because he was pushing around one of the young girls. Patrick had been ten, the bully fifteen. By the time it was over the bully had to go to the hospital, Patrick only had a few bruises. The police had been called, but after an explanation, and multiple witnesses, Patrick was let go with a warning not to pick fights." "Hey mom," he said, kneeling next to her. "Hi hun, why are you dressed?" "It's eight. We should go, you're working in the morning." "Already?" She pulled out her phone. "So, it is. Where did the time go?" She stood and said her goodbyes to the people around her. "If you want to stay longer," Damian said. "I can give both of you a ride." Patrick glared at his uncle from behind his mother and shook his head vehemently. He didn't know what his uncle was planning, but he didn't want them to be part of it. "That's very kind of you, Mister Orr, but This is only going to be my second time taking the rail, I want to enjoy it." She took her bag and sniffed Patrick. "You showered?" "Yes, to get the chlorine out of my fur." "That's good thinking." "It was good meeting you," Damian said, taking her hand and kissing it. He offered his hand to Patrick. "It was good finally meeting you too. The kids have told me a lot about you." Patrick hesitated a moment, trying to figure out why Damian was being so damn civil. He finally shook it. "It was good meeting you too." Then everyone was over to wish both a good night. Patrick shook hands, was hugged, and discreetly groped, and not just by his brothers. He was happy his mother was busy with her own goodbyes, otherwise she would have noticed his ears steaming.
  5. Kindar

    Chapter 44

    The Missing Son 44 Patrick swam around a little, one of the guys, a lithe ermine by the name of Terry, he was one of Aaron's friend, showed him how to do the breast stroke, and Patrick practiced that. When he grew tired, he joined the game of, he had no idea what they were playing, in the shallower end of the pool. They simply hit the beach ball in the air, and scrambled to make sure it didn't get in the water. More than once someone sitting around the pool had to kick it back to them. At one point, Patrick felt eyes on him and he turned. One of the girls sitting with Adam in the hot tub was looking at him, and whispering something to his brother. Adam chuckled, shook his head and they leaned close to talk some more. He decided she was just curious about him and Patrick went back to the game, in time to have the ball hit him in the face. When the game 'ended', which seemed to mean most were done with the pool, only three were still hitting the ball to each other, Patrick did a few laps and then hooked his arms on the edge and let himself float. He'd never realized before how much he enjoyed being in the water. The sense of speed he got when doing the breast stroke was exhilarating, like he imagined flying might feel like. Adam jumped in the water in front of him. He shook his head as he surfaced. "one more minute in there and I was going to be cooked enough to be on the menu." Patrick chuckled. "You and your friends seemed to be having a good talk, although I think I was the subject of it." "That was Samantha, that's the lioness, and yeah, she was asking if she could watch us fuck." Patrick sputtered. "What?" He looked around and lowered his voice, even though there was no one near them. "She knows?" Those still in the pool were sitting in the shallow end, except for someone doing laps under water. Patrick had seen the form move, but hadn't paid attention enough to know who that was. "Yeah, she does." "Does everyone know? I mean that you guys sleep together?" "Nah. She and Julie are the only ones of my friends who know. Julie was the bear on my other side. They're cool with it. Well Sam keeps wanting watch us having sex, but none of us are that exhibitionist." "How did she find out then?" Adam sank and resurfaced. "I was at her place last year, she'd gone to get us some sodas. Alex called me and we were making plans. I had him on speaker because I didn't feel like digging for my clip, and we were kind of blatant about what we were going to do once I got home. I didn't hear her come and she caught me saying I was going to plow Anakin's ass until he begged for mercy. After that it was kind of hard to deny it." "And she what? just accepted it?" Adam chuckled. "It helps that most parents know our dads are lovers as well as brothers. I think some of them suspect about us too, but no one's asked." Patrick shook his head. This level of tolerance was a lot more than he'd expected. "And how did Julie find out?" Adam sighed. "Sam told her. When I found out I made it clear to both of them that if they told anyone else, they were going to lose me as their technical advisor. I don't mind being suspected of incest, but having it advertised for me isn't cool." "What do you advise them on?" "They have a comic online, Ultimate Speed. It's a mix between a racing and spy story. The main character is a race car driver, so they always have him in these cool cars, but before I started helping them, they weren't very accurate." "And she's not holding your secret over your head?" Patrick noted that the lap swimmer was coming their way, from the deep end to the shallow one. "No. They're both nice girls. Sam's didn't tell Julie for malicious reasons, they are just close friend and talk a lot. She was sorry about it when she realized how pissed I was. Julie promised she wouldn't tell anyone and both have kept their word." The swimmer was getting close enough Patrick could tell he'd pass between him and Adam. "I guess that's good." He was closer now, Patrick could see orange and stripes, so it was someone from his family, he hadn't seen any other tigers at the party. "I'd be terrified she would rev...." With a choked scream Patrick clamored up and out of the pool. "He groped me." The form was still for a moment then swimming again. Adam grin lasted, until a few moment after the swimmer stood. they could only see his back, but he was one of the adults. "Are you okay?" Patrick asked. only three of the adults were tigers, and their fathers were still at the grill. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just didn't realize it was him." Patrick wanted to press him, to find out what Damian had done to him, but Adam had made it clear he didn't want to talk about it, so all he could do was be there for him, for when he was ready. Patrick sat down on the edge, watching Damian shake himself then walk out of the pool. The asshole didn't even have the decency to look at him and acknowledge what he'd done. "So how does your advising for the story work?" He asked, to distract Adam. "You draw the cars? you give them technical sheets?" Adam looked away from Damian. "No. Julie writes the scripts, usually they'll use the same cars for one arc, she'll tell me what she wants them to do, like how fast they'll need to go, what kind of turns they'll take on what conditions and I'll give Sam a list of cars that fit. Every so often I go to Sam's place and help her with the more technical details. I can't 'draw' but technical drawing is completely different." "So, you go to her place?" "Yeah, she lives ten miles away, I mean I really don't need to go. I could just send her the drawings, but if gives me an excuse to be at her place." Patrick eyed his brother. "Why would you need an excuse to be there?" Adam smiled. "I sleep with her dad." "You what?" Patrick barely thought to keep his voice down. He glanced around, the lioness was seated with a lot of the women, and he located the lion at a table with other guys. "why?" Adam shrugged. "He needs it. Trust me, Charles' marriage has been falling apart for years. The first time I went there I wandered around the house and found him in the basement in the process of getting drunk. Fiona, Sam's mother, she's been cheating on him for years. I have no idea why, because he's fucking great in bed." "Does Samantha know?" Adam shook his head. "No. That, I don't think she'd be okay with. wouldn't matter that since we've started fucking Charles pretty much stopped drinking. He said he'd stick it out until Samantha moved out." "So you're saving their marriage?" "No, but it's making it so that Sam will have a dad around. I mean, that's not why I'm doing it. He needs the sex and I'm giving it to him, but I'm happy that a side effect of it means Sam has a dad. I'd hate for her to lose him." Adam looked at Patrick. "Shit. I'm sorry." Patrick shook his head. "It's okay. I'm okay with my memories of my 'father' not being real. I mean they were just stories to start with, the fact they weren't even true stories doesn't bother me anymore. I got the better deal, I have two fathers now." Patrick stood. "I'm done with swimming." "Okay. I'm going to do a few more laps before getting out" Patrick snagged a burger as his father put it on a plate. he added ketchup, mustard and onions to it. "Patrick," his father said. "once you're done eating it, can you go get more chairs out of the storage room?" "Sure, where's the storage room?" "In the basement. it's the door in front of the one leading to the garage." "okay." He took the next burger, put mustard in it and relish and took it to his mother, who was deep in conversation with the one guy sitting with the woman, a bear, probably Julie's father. He gave his mother the plate. "Here mom." "Oh, thank you Patrick." "You need something to drink?" "No, I'm good." She indicated the glass that was still half full of wine, by the smell of it. "Oh my, Margarette," a zebra said. "Your son of such a sweet boy. You don't see mine checking if I need anything. He's just like his father, only thinking about himself." "I'm sure he isn't that bad," his mother replied, as Patrick left them. He really wasn't interested in listening to parents talk about their children. He finished his burger and went down the stairs, then down the hall. He had his hand on the knob when he caught motion in the partially open door leading to the garage. "Come on Anakin. Just this once." It was Damian's voice, it had this cold quality to it that made it very distinctive. Patrick thought about not paying attention to them, getting the chairs and leaving, but he didn't like the idea of Damian being alone with one of his brothers. "No uncle. Absolutely not!" Patrick crept closer, the gap was just large enough to let him confirm the two of them were alone. Damian had his back to the door and Anakin was partially obscured by the adult "Come on Anakin, you know you're going to love it." He was running a finger along Anakin's cheek. Anakin shoved the hand away. "I said no! damn it. This is the friend and family party. you know the rule." Damian snorted. "Rules smrules. Patrick got to fuck." "It's different for him." "Why should he be the only one? Come on, you know how great I am, but the only time I've gotten to fuck you is when we have an orgy. I want some one on one quality time with you." He moved closer, but Anakin pushed him away. "no, do you hear me? It isn't going to happen. The only way you'll ever get to have sex with me one on one is if you're dead and on a slab." Anakin gasped, his hand covering his mouth. "Oh my God, I'm sorry uncle. I'm so sorry." He started crying and Damian pulled him in a hug. "It's okay Anakin." "No it's not. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." "Yes, Anakin, you did." "no, I can't mean it. I can't want to have sex with dead guys, that's wrong." Damian pulled him at arm's length and placed his hands on each side of his face and looked him in the eyes. "Never think that Anakin, do you hear me? Sex is never wrong, so long as you're not forcing it on your partner." "But they're dead." "Have they told you to stop?" "Well, no, but..." "no buts Anakin. In this family we don't feel shame over sex, ever." Anakin nodded and dried his eyes. "How did you find out?" "That isn't important." "Does anyone else know?" "I haven't told you fathers." "Thanks." "You should be the one to tell them." "I will." "Good. now, I need you to promise something. I want you to promise me you'll never resort to killing someone to satisfy yourself." Anakin chuckled. "like I'd ever do that." "I'm serious Anakin, Promise me." "I... I promise, uncle Damian." Damian hugged him. "Good boy." They stayed like that for a time, then Anakin untangled himself and disappeared in the back of the garage, a moment later a door closed. In the silence Patrick tried to figure out exactly what had happened. At least Damian, his uncle, hadn't done anything to his brother. He turned to the storage door. "So? you learn anything?" Patrick froze and turned back to the garage door. Damian still had his back to him. he looked over his shoulder at Patrick. "Well?" Patrick took a step back. how the fuck had he known he was there? He regained control of himself and entered the garage. "I've learned you like pushing people's buttons." On his right was a door. that must have been the door Anakin went through. "And that you're never going to get me alone in a room." Damian took the few steps separating them with a smile that worried Patrick. His uncle put a hand on the door. "Oh Patrick, I'd be careful how you say that. I might just think it's a challenge." Patrick wanted to tell him to just try it, but something stopped him. he remembered those cold blue eyes looking into him. A shudder shook him and he realized that all his uncle had to do was close the door and he'd be at his mercy. His uncle nodded at him and walked by to exit. Patrick grabbed his arm. "What the fuck is your deal?" Patrick was terrified of him but he wouldn't let that rule him. Gray/blue eyes looked at him. "Have you pissed yourself yet?" "What? of course not." What the fuck was that about? Damian shrugged. "Another time then." he pulled his arm out of Patrick's grip and left. Patrick watched his back until he disappeared up the stairs, then he went to the door Anakin had to have taken. he almost opened it but considered that if Anakin had just wanted to leave the basement, he'd have exited by the door Patrick had been in. He didn't know what was behind this door, but it might be a place Anakin felt safe in. He couldn't barge in and risk disturbing that. He knocked. "Go away. I don't want to talk to you." "It's Patrick." The reply wasn't immediate. "Come in." The door opened to a dark room. There was some light, but the walls were black, as was the carpet, the desk, the dresser and the bed, sheets and all. Anakin was seated on the bed. This wasn't just a safe place, this was Anakin's bedroom. On the wall were posters, horror movies, and some that might be music bands, but they looked like they belonged in a horror movie of their own. He caught the poster for 'Back from the Dead' and shuddered. He'd seen that movie when he was twelve. It had scared the shit out of him. "I didn't mean to eaves drop on you a Damian. Are you okay?" After a moment Anakin nodded. "I'm just shaken. trust uncle Damian to get me to admit something I've been denying even to myself. I just wish he hadn't been so harsh about it." Patrick sat next to him. "He does sound like a dick sometime." Anakin sighed. "Believe it or not, he does mean well. Not that it helps stop the shakes. He's just not the most socially adept at times." That was putting it mildly Patrick thought. "So you haven't had sex with him?" "I have, during the family gatherings. Just not one on one." "Why not?" "He gives me the creeps. I know he's family, and he's a great top, or bottom, he's great pretty much no matter what. I just don't want to be with him without anyone else around. If I'd know he was in the garage waiting for me I'd have stayed in my room. At least he respects closed doors in our house." "I get the feeling that wouldn't have helped. He seemed to get his way no matter what." "Yeah, I guess he does." Anakin rested his head on Patrick's shoulder. "Fuck," he whispered. Patrick put an arm around him. "So, dead guys, huh?" Anakin looked up at him. "You don't really sound as freaked out by that as you should." "I know, right?" Patrick chuckled. "I mean, finding out Adam sleeps with married guy unnerved me more than this. Everyone in this family has eccentricities, right? I wonder what mine is. Although in your case." Patrick waved a hand around the room. "I can't say I'm all that surprised." Anakin looked at the posters, black skulls on the dresser and desk and chuckled. "I guess I have been telegraphing it." Patrick tighten his arm around his brother. "You going to be okay?" "Yeah. I'm just going to have to figure out a way to work around dead guys. I could become a mortician." "Or a coroner." Anakin laughed. "Somehow I think they'd see me having sex with a corpse as tampering with evidence." "I guess that's true." Patrick stood. "If you want to go to the hall, you can take that door." Anakin pointed to the wall in front of them and Patrick squinted. he barely made out the outline. He looked around wondering where the door to the bathroom was, He had to have one, every one of his other brother had his own bathroom. "Just how often have you missed the door trying to leave?" "never," Anakin answered proudly, then chuckled. "I need to go back to the storage room. Dad needs more chairs." "Let me help you." Anakin stood and then hugged Patrick. "Thanks for checking up on me." "You're welcome." he kissed the top of his brother's head.
  6. Kindar

    Chapter 43

    The Missing Son 43 Patrick had his head in his hands. Was this a mistake? Sure, he wanted to have sex with his father. He wanted it badly, but that didn't mean it was right. Surely there were reasons why it was considered wrong to have sex with a family member. "Arthur said you needed to see me?" Patrick's head snapped up, and all his doubts vanished. His father was standing there, looking worried. How could he not want to be with this guy who had conceived him. He hadn't been there to raise him, but the love in his eyes was undeniable. Patrick knew his father would be there for him now. He could ask him anything and if it was within his power, his father would make it happen. Patrick ran to him and wrapped his arms around him. "Are you okay?" Donald asked, placing his arms around Patrick. Patrick buried his face in his father's chest and breathed in his scent. "I'm scared, dad." He smelled of meat, charcoal, and sweat. "I want you so badly it scares me." "It's okay Patrick," Donald soothed. "We don't have to do anything." "I want to, Dad." Patrick could feel the tears falling and he didn't bother trying to stop them. "I've been dreaming about it for months." he looked up. "I've never had a dad. For years I thought I had the memories of one, but that wasn't even true. You're here. You're my dad. I want to feel how much you love me." "Patrick, are you sure? It's..." Patrick didn't let him finish. He pressed his lips against his, He was hungry for this. He kissed him, hard. His hands were in Donald's neck fur, holding him in case he tried to move back. His father wasn't pulling away. His lips parted and their tongue met. Patrick moaned as he tasted his father and his tongue moved against Donald's. The hands on his back moved, first up, then down. They came to rest on his ass, then they squeezed. Patrick gasped. "Oh shit." He trembled, his cock was straining in his pants, his balls hurt. His father lifted him, and by reflex Patrick wrapped his legs around Donald's waist, only then realizing how strong his father had to be able to do that. Patrick wasn't all that light. Donald took a few steps, and his groin rubbed against his ass. Patrick felt his father's hard cock move and he held him tighter. For a moment he thought he was falling, but it was his father depositing him on the bed. Donald let go of him and stepped back. Patrick could now see what he'd felt, straining against the speedo, barely being held in place and a large wet spot at the tip. His father straddled him and pulled Patrick's t-shirt off. They kissed again, this time gentler, lighter pecks, more loving than hungry. When they broke apart, Donald looked at him. His father caressed his face. "First rule of sex in this family. No means no. If at any time you aren't comfortable with anything that's happening, you tell me and we stop. You weren't educated by us, so I don't want you to feel like you have to do this." Patrick put a finger to the other tiger's lips. "I get it dad. No means no. Now you can shut up and just love me." His father looked him in the eyes, and then leaned in. He didn't kiss him this time, he bit his neck and Patrick gasped. He felt the teeth against his skin and ancestral parts of his brain lit up, sending information that conflicted with the modern part, preventing him from doing anything. He was safe in his father's arms/The male on top of him was larger, dangerous, a threat. The bite felt good/Biting was a threat to his life. He wanted to submit to whatever his father would do to him/He couldn't submit to a bigger male, he had to fight, he had to establish his dominance over him. By the time his father released his neck, Patrick was panting has hard as his cock was. Donald slid down, lightly biting Patrick through his fur until he reached the nipples. Patrick knew what was coming, He'd played with his nipples as part of discovering his body. He knew they were sensitive, but he wasn't prepared for the sensation that coursed through him when his father bit on one then suckled. Patrick panted when Donald released the nipple, then arced his back when he nibbled on the other. Patrick couldn't speak, he could barely think. He didn't feel his father release his nipple, or move. He knew something happened when he felt cool air on his balls. He forced his head up. His father had undone his belt and pulled Patrick's jeans down, along with his underwear. Patrick raised his legs and they were off. Donald stood and Patrick realized the speedo had disappeared. His father's cock stood tall, hard and leaking. The only things Patrick could think of where how beautiful his father was and how much he wanted what was coming. The jeans went flying and Patrick closed his eyes in anticipation. He gasped as he felt a hot mouth on his cock and opened his eyes. His father was deep-throating him. He moaned, fuck this felt good. No wonder the guys were always going on about blowjobs. "Oh fuck, dad." The words escaped him unbidden. His father's mouth moving on his cock, his tongue... He didn't want to be sacrilegious, but this had to be what heaven felt like. He was so distracted by the pleasure flooding him he barely felt the finger pressing against his asshole. He gasped as it popped in, then he was moaning again, the finger's motions adding more sensations to the mix. Patrick put his hand on his father's head and began thrusting in his mouth. Fuck this felt good. The movement made the finger go deeper and every so often it made his cock jump, even if it was nowhere near it. Patrick panted, how long had he been doing this? How long could he last? Could anyone survive feeling this much pleasure? And then the pleasure increased. Why did I wait so long to do this? He thought, and then the world exploded. As far as Patrick wad concerned, for a long moment he no longer existed. All he was, was the lightning of pleasure coursing through the world. Then he started breathing again. He moaned as he breathed out. His father was still nursing on his cock and it felt good. At least for a while. "dad, stop," Patrick panted. "If you don't I think I'm going to piss." Donald released the cock and it flopped down. "How was that?" Patrick needed a moment to reply. "That was amazing." He looked at his father. "Although it wasn't what I was expected." "Really?" "Yeah, Arthur said you were the one to have if I wanted to be fucked." "Yeah, I'm mostly a top, but you wanted me to show you how much I love you. I don't just express my love by shoving my cock up your ass." Patrick chuckled at the vulgar language. "You are my son, you are worth so much more. I want to make you happy, I want to bring you pleasure." Patrick reached down and caressed his father's muzzle. "I hope you also want to fuck me." He made his expression serious. "I mean it dad. I want to feel you in me. I bought a dildo a while back, and anytime I use it, you're the only one I could think of. having you in me, that's what I want as my birthday present." Donald nodded. He stood, lifting Patrick's legs as he did so. Standing he was at the right height. he took the lube bottle that was on the bed. Where had that come from? Patrick thought. He knew it hadn't been there before, had it? There certainly was no way his father could have hidden it on his person. Donald coated his cock with the gel. "Are you ready?" Patrick nodded and his father moved closer. his cock pressed against Patrick's hole, then moved back. It pressed again, then the pressure was gone. It was back a little harder, then gone again. Little by little, so gradual that Patrick barely felt any discomfort his father stretched him. Patrick was panting, sometime moaning. He didn't know how it could be, but this felt so much better than the dildo. All of a sudden, his father stopped moving. "Is everything okay?" Patrick asked. His father canted his head. "What do you mean?" "You stopped moving." His father smiled. "I'm all in." Patrick looked down in disbelief. His father was pressed against him. Where had the discomfort been? it was always present when he used the dildo, and he was pretty sure his father was thicker. Then he stared at his own cock, his hard cock. He looked up at his father, who smiled down at him. Patrick could only think of one thing to do. he wrapped his arms around his father's neck and kissed him passionately. In that position his father began thrusting in him. Patrick moaned in the kiss. Too soon his arms got tired and he had to let go of his father. Patrick closed his eyes and lost himself in the sensation of his father moving in and out of him. After a moment he opened his eyes and his father locked eyes with him. "You are precious Patrick. You are my son. Do not ever feel ashamed of who you are, of what you feel. Love with all your heart, with all your being. You don't have to tell the world who you are, but 'know' who you are. Never deny that you are an Orr, even if you don't bear the name." Patrick moaned as his father's cock hit a sensitive spot. "I promise dad," He said when he was able to form words again. "I won't deny who I am and I won't be ashamed of it." "Thank you, son." Donald picked up the pace and Patrick groaned in reply. He gasped when he felt the hand on his cock and he looked down just long enough to see his father jacking him off as he fucked him. He was going to cum a second time, he realized, a moment before the lightning exploded throughout him again. When he came back to the world it was to the sound of grunting and the feeling of his father's cock moving fast and deep in him, but erratic. Patrick didn't have time to wonder at the intensity of his orgasm, the dildo had never made him cum that hard. He opened his eyes and saw wildness in his fathers. He smiled at his father. Donald pushed himself in as deep as he could, raised his head and roared. Patrick felt the cock in him pulse as it filled him with his father's cum. He was receiving the ointment he gave to all his sons. The seed that made him. Panting heavily his father looked down at him. Patrick was crying. "I love you so much," he said before his father could worry. He had a father. The world might never be perfect, but he had a father. His world was perfect now. He held onto his father as he slowly pulled put, then he was held in return. Patrick didn't know how long they held each other, but it couldn't have been very long. It hadn't been long enough. "We should get back to the party," his father said. "I know. I just don't want this to end." He felt the kiss on his forehead. "It isn't going to end. You'll always be one of us. We're just a phone call away." "What if my mom freaks." "She might be your mother, but you have to be your own person. At some point, you're going to have to let her go." Patrick pulled away, but Donald kept a hand on his arm "It has nothing to do with us, it's just part of growing up. Our kids are going to let us go too, eventually. we have to accept that, they have to accept it, and so do you." Patrick was silent while he processed it. It was too heavy for him. "You know," he finally said. "I think there's a rule that says you can't be this profound after sex." Donald laughed, then shoved him off the bed. "My house, my rule. Come on, let's go wash up. If you want to keep your mother ignorant of what happened here, you can't go back outside smelling of sex." The bathroom attached to the bedroom was in greens and blues, with a white stripe separating the colors, but there was something different about the colors. Then he realized it was car paint. Of course, it would be, it was Adam's bathroom. It only had a shower, now that he thought about it... "Don't you guys have any tubs?" "Of course, we do." his father turned the water on and adjusted the temperature." "Where are they? I haven't seen any." "Then you haven't been in Albert's bathroom, he loves to soak. There's a Jacuzzi in ours. Alex and Anakin also have tubs." They stepped under the large jet and the water fell on them like rain. The water was cool and refreshing. Patrick reached for the shampoo dispenser on the wall, but his father stopped him. "Not that one, that's lube." "Adam has lube in his shower?" "Of course," his father whispered, "the shower is a perfect place to have sex. You get cleaned as quickly as you get dirty." He reached for the pump he'd told Patrick not to use. "Dad, shouldn't we?" Patrick felt the cock under his tail and he knew he had to decide. "Oh, fuck yeah." He put both hands against the wall for support. His father entered him in a smooth thrust. "Oh fuck, dad." "Yes son, that is what we're doing." He reached around and stroked Patrick's cock. Patrick had a moment of wonder. He couldn't be hard again, could he? And then all thoughts fled as his father fucked, and jerked, him. How long it lasted he had no idea. Pleasure made his body vibrate and all he felt for an undetermined amount of time was the hand on his cock and the cock in his ass. Then his father tensed, bit his shoulder, and the lightning exploded. When he came aware again his father was panting in his ear. "Fu..." Patrick chuckled. No he wasn't going to say that, for all he knew it would set him off again. "This was intense." If sex was always this intense, he was going to become addicted. "huh uh," was as articulated as his father got." "You okay, old man?" The arms holding him tightened a little. "just enjoying having my cock up my son's ass and holding him tenderly." Patrick chuckled. "You're going to have to make do with that you've already had. I can't support both our weights; my arms are about to give." He got a kiss on the side of the head, and his father pulled out. Patrick stretched, he felt good, shouldn't he feel exhausted after... He turned. "Fuck, I can't believe I came three times. I didn't thing that was even possible." His father smiled. "You're an Orr. You'll realize that when it comes to sex, we're outside the norm. Way outside." "Are you saying I'm going to be horny all the time?" "Of course, but that's because you're a guy." Patrick swatted at his father, who moved out of reach. Donald leveled his gaze on his son. "Being an Orr means that if you want to have sex, you'll be able to." Patrick thought about it as he washed himself. "So... I can get hard and cum on command, or something?" "Getting hard? Pretty much. If you get turned on, you'll get hard. As for cumming on command? I don't know. As far as I know, Damian is the only one who's ever had that kind of control over his body." Once they rinsed off his father handed him a towel and they dried each other. Donald dumped the towels in the hamper by the door. In the bedroom he picked up a phone from the bedside table and checked it. he cursed. "What?" Patrick asked, wondering how the phone had ended up there. He couldn't recall his father having one when he entered the bedroom, not that he was looking at his hands. "We were here a little longer than I was expecting." "How long?" "An hour and a half." "What?" Patrick rushed to his bag and put the trunks on. "My mom's going to go ballistic." "No, she thinks you went with Adam to buy more sodas. Just head to the garage once you're presentable." He slipped his speedo on. "Won't she find it strange that you've also been missing for all this time?" Donald smiled. "She doesn't know I've been gone." "How?" His smiled widened. "No one can tell me and Daniel apart, remember?" * * * * * Adam was leaning against a sport car when Patrick got there a few minutes later. He was wearing black Speedos and an unbuttoned shirt. He was looking at his phone. Patrick didn't say anything, taking a long moment to look at his brother. He was close to their father in height, but not as wide shouldered. His stomach fur was longer, and he had a nice cock, even soft it stretched the speedo. Adam looked up. "Hey, had fun?" He took the ear clip off his ear. Patrick's ears burned. He couldn't help it, the memory of his father fucking him in the shower came back to him. Adam put an arm around his shoulder. "Yeah, I can see you did, but buddy, you're going to want to put the brakes on and hit reverse." Patrick blinked. "What?" Adam pointed down. Patrick's trunks were well tented. With a curse he adjusted himself. Adam ran a hand through Patrick's chest. Before Patrick could wonder if he was coming on to him, his brother took his hand away and rubbed his finger together. "Your fur's still humid." He breathed in. "And you smell of my shampoo." He laughed. "Did dad fuck you in my room?" Patrick felt his whole body heat up. "Yeah, sorry. it was the closest room." Adam tightened his arm around him. "Hey, it's okay. I was just surprised, but we need to do something about your fur." "Why? it's sunny, it'll dry pretty quick once I'm outside." "I don't think it'll be fast enough for your mom not to question it, as well as the smell. Is there a reason you'd need to shower when you got here?" Patrick shook his head. Adam hummed to himself as he walked to the back of the car. "I know." he opened the trunk. "Once we're outside, put the cases on the table and throw yourself in the pool." "What if she calls to me?" He took the two cases Adam handed him. "Act like you haven't heard her. You can apologize once you're wet." He stacked a third case on top. "I can take a fourth." "yeah, but you'll be blind. We have stairs, and a kitchen to navigate. you need to see where you're going." He stacked three cases on the sedan next to the car and closed the trunk. "How about the other cases?" Patrick had seen at least two other cases. Adam picked up his three. "Someone else can come for them." "You came up with the pool idea pretty quick. Do you guys have a book with a list of excuses in it?" Adam chuckled. "Hell no, although that's a good idea. it would be a best seller." Adam pushed the door open with his butt and lead the way down the hall to the stairs. "I'm quick on my feet, that's how I thought about it. I've had a lot of practice over the last four years. You wouldn't believe how many times I've almost had a woman walk in on me and her husband fucking." Patrick almost stumbled. "You sleep with married guys?" "Sure." Adam reached the top of the stairs and turned. "It's my thing, my eccentricity." "Why? Why would you go after them?" "have you seen them? they're miserable, they look like they're serving a life sentence. Whatever they had before, it's gone. I offer them some of the fun they used to have." "But they're not all unhappy. There's plenty of guys out there who are perfectly happy being married." "Sure, and those guys won't be interested in what I'm offering, and if they look happy, I won't even bother with them." Patrick frowned. "Look," Adam continued, "I don't go around tricking them into having sex with me. I might sweet talk them a bit, but if the guy isn't looking for something outside his marriage, he won't be interested in me, and I'll move on." Patrick nodded, more stunned by his own lack of revulsion at what Adam did than the knowledge he did it. he was becoming part of the family, there was no doubt about that. Would he too do things like that? "So, you don't force yourself on them?" "Hell no. No means no." "First rule," Patrick said. "Exactly." They crossed the kitchen and Adam kicked the door and screamed through the screen. "Someone open the damn door; our hands are full." A lioness in her early twenties opened it for them. Patrick saw his mother in conversation with two other women, a collie and a bear. She looked in his direction as he put down the cases on the table and he ran for the pool as she opened her mouth. He heard his name just as he hit the water. He came up and quad paddled in place. A beach ball bounced off his head. "Patrick Sanders!" His mother was standing by the side of the pool, glaring at him. "Hey mom." "Why didn't answer me when I called you? I was worried. You should have called me and told me you were going to run errands." "I...." Shit, how was he going to explain that?" "Sorry, Ma'am," Adam said. "It's my fault. I grabbed Patrick just as he was done changing." His mother studied his brother. "You're Adam, right?" "Yes ma'am." She leveled her gaze back on her son. "And why didn't you call me?" "Sorry mom. My phone was in my jacket," now that Adam had given him a setup, Patrick had an idea how to go with it. "all I had on were my trunks." "I didn't realize you'd be upset," Adam continued. "I would have lent him mine if I'd known." "And why didn't you ask for his phone?" The people close by were paying attention and Patrick was happy at the effort it took to paddle, he kept him from being too embarrassed. "I didn't think of it, mom. I was enjoying the ride. I've been in so few cars." "And it's the F-Type," Adam added without missing a beat. "It's such a rad car that I kind of went out of the way so he could really get to enjoy it." "Adam!" a girl in the in-ground hot tub next to the pool at the back called. "Come on!" She was a collie and waved him over. "Again, I'm really sorry for distressing you, Ma'am." Adam went to the hot tub and sat in, putting an arm around the shoulders of the girls on each side of him. His mother kept her gaze on Adam as he whispered something to the lioness, making her giggle. She nodded and looked at Patrick, who was now holding to the edge of the pool, his arms tired from paddling. "You really should know better than to disappear like that." "I know mom. I'm sorry, it won't happen again." She smiled at him. "No, I'm the one who's sorry. I shouldn't be scolding you. You're a grown man, you can make your own decisions." "It's okay mom. I might be nineteen, but I'm still your baby." Patrick thought his mother's eyes were getting wet as she turned away. "You go have fun. Enjoy your birthday party."
  7. Kindar

    Chapter 41

    The Missing Son 41 "Hey dad." Patrick had waited until ten AM to call, he remembered one of them mentioning they usually took a break from programing around that time. "Hey son," his father huffed. The background sounds were loud, but Patrick couldn't make them out. "I was wondering if I could drop by tomorrow, I'd like to hang out." "Danny, wait up." the voice was muffled, then clear. "Sorry, I wish we could, but we're running to catch a plane. Aguiron arranged for everyone working with their new system to meet so we could exchange ideas and methods." "Oh, that's cool." Patrick managed to keep his disappointment out of his voice. "When are you coming back?" "In two weeks." "Oh." This time the disappointment sounded through. "I'm really sorry." "No, no, that's okay." "We'll arrange something when we get back." "Yeah, I'll see you then." * * * * * Patrick put the paint brush in the bucket and answered his phone. "Hey dad." "Hi son. Just wanted to let you know we're back, so you can come by whenever you want." "Cool, I'll..." Patrick looked at the can of paint at his feet, the room he was in. "Shit." "What's wrong?" "I promised Misses Arlington I'd help her paint the rooms in her houses this week." "There's always this weekend?" "I can't. Joey's gotten a notice from the city. Someone informed them he has a lot of stuff that doesn't qualify as appliances or larger, so he needs to clear that. we're doing it over the weekend. It'll have to be next week at some point. I doubt I'll take all of next week to finish her houses." "We're not going to be here next week. We're going to a game designer convention in Seattle." "Fuck," Patrick sighed. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I was just looking forward to hanging out with the two of you." I'm ready damn it! I want to be naked in bed with both of you. I want to feel your hands roaming over me, I want you to hold me. I want to feel you inside me! "I'm sure we'll manage it at some point." "I know. I better get back to work. She isn't paying me to talk on the phone. I love you dad." "I love you to son." * * * * * "Hi Patrick, It's Donald. Just wanted to let you know that something came up, we met with a game company out of Germany at the convention and they are flying us to their headquarter for a week to discuss a game they want us to make for them. I know I said we'd hangout after the convention. I'm really sorry, we'll make it up to you. We love you." Patrick sighed. He'd been in the shower when his father called, getting paint out of his fur. If he thought God got involved in their lives Patrick might think He was trying to tell him something. Patrick had considered asking one of his brothers to be his first, but as much as he loved them, and he knew they loved him, it wasn't one of them he wanted for his first time, it was his father. Donald had been right, there would be time later. He couldn't find much enthusiasm for painting after that. * * * * * Patrick couldn't believe he was here. Not only in the village, but in a sex toy shop. He tried to act nonchalant, like he belonged, but he was sure everyone would notice how red his ears were as he walked between the aisles. It had taken him a few days to decide to come here after his father's message, long enough to finish painting Misses Arlington's last house. She had six rental properties, and yet still lived in the same area he did. He'd think she made enough from them to afford a better neighborhood. He was here to buy a dildo. He was standing before a large display of them. He had no idea there were so many different kinds. Small ones, large ones, way too large ones. There was an entire section with dildoes based on animal penises. Who in Hell (sorry) could want to put a quad's cock up his ass? At this point he felt like he could melt ice just by standing near it. it wasn't just his ears that were burning anymore. He reached for a small one, after all, he'd never taken one, he should start with that, right? Except that what he wanted was to get used to it for when he had sex with his father. He remembered how well his father filled that speedo. A small one certainly wouldn't be enough. A large one? He thought the bulge had looked rather large, but the dildo he was looking at was sort of intimidating. He settled on the medium sized one and headed for the register. There were two guys in front of him, one was a beaver wearing a mesh shirt that was far too small for him, his brown fur poking out of the mesh in tuffs, the jeans were at least one size too small, making his gut flow over it. He was holding a box under an arm, and Patrick glanced at the picture. It was a dildo, that was clear, but the box had to be two feet long. Patrick looked straight ahead. He found he didn't want to know what someone might do with that. The other one was a thin otter, in a pink shirt, and tight shorts that clearly defined his ass. When he walked away he moved like a woman. If Patrick hadn't heard his deep voice, he's have thought that was a woman. The beaver paid and it was Patrick's turn. He put the dildo on the counter and tried to come up for a reason to explain why he was buying it. "You want to get some lube with that?" "What?" The cashier gave him a bored expression. "We have a special on lube this week. sixteen-ounce bottle for twenty-five dollars." What would he do with it? Was that a good price? was that too much? should he buy more? Shit he was taking too long and holding up the line. "okay, sure. I'll take one." The cashier took a bottle from under the counter put that in a bag with the dildo and gave Patrick his total. He paid and left in a hurry, certain the others in the story were watching him, and commenting. During the bus trip back home, he kept trying to figure out a way to hold the bag so no one could tell what was in it, but he was still sure he heard snickering as he got out. He was panting by the time he entered the house. "There you are." Patrick jumped. "Mom!" he cleared his throat, moving the bag behind him. "Mom, what are you doing home?" "There was a departmental meeting, and we were allowed to go home. I was expecting you to be here, you said you didn't have any work today?" "I, err, didn't feel like being cooped up in the house. I went out for a walk." His mother nodded, and he noticed her leaning aside. Was she trying to see the bag? He turned slightly. "Do you need my help with something? was that why you expected me here?" She hid a smile. Had she figured out what was in the bag? She couldn't have, she'd be furious. "No, no. But now that you're here, how about we go do the groceries?" "Okay, let me... go change. I'll be right back." "Right." Another smile. "Change. I'll be waiting here. don't take too long." Patrick hurried past her, using his body to hide the bag. In his room he took the dildo out of its packaging and shoved it in his underwear drawer with the bottle of lube. He looked around his room trying to figure out what to do with the packaging, then shoved that in the drawer too. he'd throw it out on his way to the bar on Friday. With a quick prayer to God so his mother wouldn't come in his room and rummage around his things he joined her, and they headed out. * * * * * Patrick moved his food around the plate. he'd made the meatloaf, so he should be eating it, but he didn't have any appetite. "What's wrong honey?" Patrick looked up at his mother. "Sorry. Nothing, not really." he sighed. "It's just that I've been wanting to hang out with dad for a few weeks, and we can't make it happen. With the jobs I've been taking in the area, and the stuff relating to theirs we can't seem to be available at the same time." She reached across the table and put a hand on his. "I'm sorry to hear that, but your birthday's in less than three weeks. If nothing else, you'll be seeing him at the party." Patrick's mouth dropped. The party. he'd completely forgotten about it. It... It would be perfect. He could sleep with them on his birthday, it would be the perfect birthday present he could have. He smiled. "I'm glad the thought is making you feel better." He squeezed her hand. "Thanks mom." He looked at his food and found his appetite had returned.
  8. Kindar

    Chapter 40

    The Missing Son 40 January brought frigid weather, but also a present for Patrick's mother. She got the floor supervisor position. It came with a five dollar raise, and every employee got a two dollar raise. She started the new year with seven more dollar an hour. Patrick was over joyed for her. He suggested that with that she could finally stop working at the dinner. He couldn't get her to leave that job, but she did agree to think about working less there. * * * * * Patrick tightened the jacket close to him. The wind was bitterly cold and he wished he had the winter coat his quad counterpart gained in the winter. After two weeks the weather was still much below normal for January, fortunately the forecast said the temperatures would go up to normal over the next week. Patrick couldn't wait. The jacket was new to him, He'd bought it at goodwill since his old one was only good for rags anymore. This one was a little longer, and not faded yet. Whoever had donated it hadn't made much use of it. The first thing he noticed as he walked closer was that the rooster sign above the door had been fixed and was lit. Its plumage was in pastels, which Patrick wouldn't have expected considering how low key the bar was. He entered and a few heads turned his way before going back to their drink or conversation. He looked around making his way to the bar, trying to see if there was a jaguar. He didn't see him there, he would have liked to thank him, maybe get to know him and see what happened. He'd decided it was time for him to find someone to have sex with. He'd be nineteen in a few months and while he didn't hold with virginity being something wrong, or sacred, he felt it was time he knew why his family seemed to enjoy it so much, and he'd thought the jaguar might have been the right one to do that with. The place was a little more crowded this time, but someone left the bar as he reached it and Patrick too the stool. "What do you want?" The thin brown bear behind the bar asked. "A coke, unless you have any orange soda." The bear frowned as he reached for a glass, looked at Patrick then shrugged, filling it with coke. Patrick paid with his card, the novelty still with him. It had been a few months now, but he didn't quite believe he had enough money to warrant a bank account and a card. Patrick sipped his drink, glancing at the guys to his left and right. There was a dog with frizzy gray fur on one side, muzzle buried in his beer and a Dalmatian on the other talking with an Otter. Patrick realized he had no idea how to start. How did he go about finding a guy to have sex with? He realized that the meat markets of the gay village might have been a better place to make that happen, but the idea of going there crept him out. The frizzy dog drained his beer and left. A moose took his place, ordering a scotch. After the drink arrived Patrick tried to talk to him, but the moose turned to the other guy and began an animated conversation. Patrick shrugged to himself. "You're new to this whole thing, aren't you?" the bartender asked. Patrick chuckled. "How can you tell?" "The uncertainly when you look at another guy, this aborted attempt to talk with him." he paused, and looked at him. "Although I could swear I've seen you before." "I came in the late spring, might have been early summer. I had some dog drape himself over me and grab my ass. I freaked and left." "Right, you asked for an orange soda. That's why it seemed familiar. I remember he chased you, I hope he didn't come on too strong. Harold's self-restraint is the first thing to go once he starts drinking, but he isn't a bad guy." "He grabbed my crotch after I told him to leave me alone, so I decked him." Patrick was amused at the bear's wince in sympathy. "That would explain why you didn't come back." Patrick nodded. "Not long after I left a jaguar came in, do you know who that was?" "A jaguar? I don't remember one, and I don't have one among my regulars. Sorry." "It's okay, it was a shot in the dark anyway." "So, what brought you back?" Patrick looked in his glass and drained it. "Well, I was hoping to find someone to have sex with for the first time." The bear looked at him before refilling the glass. Patrick tried to object. "Don't worry I'm not charging you for this one. You've never had sex and you came here?" Patrick nodded. "Kid, this isn't that kind of bar." "I know. that's why I came here instead of going to the village. I figured I'd talk to someone for a while then he'd invite me home and... you know." "Shit kid, you don't want your first time to be with a stranger. Isn't there any guys you know that can help you?" Patrick thought of his family, and his fathers manifested in his mind. "Yeah, but I'd like to know what I'm doing beforehand," The bartender chuckled. "Kid, you're not going to learn what do to from a stranger, trust me on that. The guys here, they aren't looking to teach you anything, they don't care enough about you. You want your first time to be with someone who does care. If he loves you that's even better." "But what is he going to think when I fumble about?" "Hopefully you've told him ahead of time he's your first, and if he doesn't understand, then he doesn't care about you and he's in it just for himself." "It wouldn't be like that." "Then you should have your first time with him, not one of these drunks." "You know Yurick," the dalmatian said over his shoulder. "You keep calling us drunks and we're going to stop coming to this hole in the wall of an establishment?" "And where else are you going to go Brad?" The dalmatian shrugged. "Guess you're right. You're stuck with us." He looked at Patrick. "But you should listen to him. He might not have any manners, but on this he's right." Patrick wasn't all that sure. "Look," the dalmatian said, reading Patrick's expression. "When I was about your age I got curious about my sexuality. I went to an underage club, back then you couldn't get in a bar until you were twenty-one. Like you I didn't know what do to, but still this guy found me, we got friendly, he was really good looking, and he knew a lot of other guys in the club. He convinced me to accompany him to the bathroom, where he forced himself on me." He stopped for a moment, then drained his beer. "You want another one?" the bear asked. Brad shook his head. "Get me a coffee." He looked at Patrick again. "It was a good decade until I was even able to think about looking at a guy again." Patrick thought about it while Yurick brought the coffee. "Okay, but you've gone through that, so you wouldn't treat me that way, would you?" Brad opened his mouth, but it was the jackal next to him who spoke. "Sure, but if he did, I'd kill him." The dalmatian smiled. "That's Gary, my husband." Patrick's ears burned. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know. If I'd known I wouldn't have suggested it." The jackal grinned. "No need to panic, kid. I knew Bradley wasn't going to do anything. But you should learn from what he went through." Brad nodded. "And don't think that because some guy went through a bad first time he isn't going to be an asshole on your first time. If you don't know the guy, he could be anything, and trust me, the odds of him being an asshole are a lot higher then him being a caring guy." "And on that maudlin note," Gary said, "it's time for us to go home. Whatever you decide kid, good luck." The Jackal rubbed the Dalmatian's head. "come on hun." Patrick watched them leave, hand in hand, then turned back to his empty glass. "You want another one?" Yurick asked. Patrick shook his head. "I'll have a coffee, two cream." The bear came back with it and Patrick used an errant umbrella to stir it. "How about you?" he asked. "How was your first time?" The bear shook his head. "You don't want to use me as an example. I was sucking cock way back in high school. I was something of a slut back then." "Then you'd be able to show me how sex works, right?" Yurick shrugged. "Sure, but come on kid, do you really want me to be your first? You've only just met me and we haven't even talked for half an hour." Patrick wanted to say yes, but the image of his father holding him came to him again. Would they understand is lack of experience? They did love him, and they knew he hadn't had sex before. He shook his head. "I guess not. Thanks for talking me out of it." "You're welcome. contrary to popular belief, it isn't because I own a gay bar that I want to bang every guy in it." Patrick nodded then a though popped in his head, and out of his mouth. "If this wasn't my first time, if I was a regular here, would you want to have sex with me?" "Kid, I'm old enough to be your father." The image of the bear and him playing catch in the park jumped in his mind, and then they were making out against a tree, the Bear's hand down Patrick's pants. Patrick swallowed, where the hell (sorry) had that come from. "Yeah, I guess I'm kind of young for you." But his cock was making it clear to Patrick the bear was not too old for him. He nursed his coffee until his erection went away, then he thanked the bear again and went home.
  9. Kindar

    Chapter 39

    The Missing Son 39 "Patrick," His mother said in breathless surprise, "I can't accept that." She'd just unwrapped the gift he'd put on her plate. Patrick smiled as he sliced the ham. Like previous years, this Christmas dinner was a simple thing. He and his mom, with a roasted ham. "You needed a new phone, mom." He'd bought it a few days ago and kept it in his underwear drawer. "But," She held the phone in her hand, sand colored, not a scratch on it. "How much did you pay for it?" He put the plate on the table and kissed the top of her head. "Don't worry about that, mom. You deserve it." It wasn't a top of the line, he couldn't afford that, not that he would have bought such an expensive phone. It was mid-range. he'd paid extra for the warranty, she wouldn't have to worry about anything happening to it, damage or theft. He took the bread out of the oven, where he'd left it to stay warm. "I'll help you set it up after we've eaten. It's holo capable, with a display that can go up to fifteen inch in full light. It has more processing power than the computer in my room, so you won't have to borrow it anymore. And you won't have to worry about the battery running down in the middle of the day. There's also an ear clip included." "Patrick, I didn't get you anything." "You already got me the best present I could ask for." He said putting a bottle of wine on the table. Two weeks before, his father invited them to go skating, and she'd agreed. It wasn't the first time they invited her to a family activity, but she'd always found excuses not to go. Patrick tried to convince her, but he didn't push once she protested. They'd taken the bus downtown to the outdoor rink, and his family welcomed her. She'd been uncomfortable, but polite. She didn't put on skates. she sat on a bench on the side and watched them. Patrick didn't see any of them discuss it, but one of his brothers was always seated with her. Between trying to stay on his feet while his fathers helped him get the hang of it, and ending up on his ass, Patrick saw Albert talking with her, paper and pen in hand. Then it was Adam. He was so stunned to see her with Aiden, laughing, he skated right into a hippopotamus family, before ended up on his ass again. With profuse apologies on his part and laughter on theirs they helped him up and he went back to tittering about. His fathers skated circles around him, forward and backward. They'd learned to skate back in Pittsburgh, they told him, in their youth, they spent most winter weekend at the local rink on skates and picking up guys. His brothers were better skaters than he was, but nowhere near as good as their fathers, except for Anakin, who did a lot of roller skating. Patrick sat down and put his hands together. "Thank you, God, for this food, for the gifts you give us and the family around us. Amen." "Amen," his mother echoed, and then they ate. In the middle of the meal, his phone buzzed. he checked it quickly, a file from his father. He'd check it once they were done eating. * * * * * Patrick sat on his bed with his phone on his lap, the display at eye level. He dried his eyes and played the video his family sent him again. His fathers were seated on the couch, with Arthur on one side, Aiden on the other. Alex, Aaron, Adam and Albert standing behind, and Anakin seated on the floor. They were wearing sweatpants and wool sweater in green red and white with animal designs on them. "Hi Patrick," his father said. "So, you made it clear you didn't want us spending money on you this Christmas, so we spent money on us, and bought these sweaters in your honor." "Yeah," Adam said, "You should be honored we're wearing anything at all." Alex smacked his brother behind the head. "Don't listen to him." His fathers shook their heads. "Anyway. Back when we were kids we'd go caroling around the neighborhoods, we thought we'd do that for you." "We even brought an actual star to sing with us!" Adam exclaimed. Patrick had been curious as to whom he'd meant, but then chuckled when he realized he meant Aiden. The started with Silent Night, harmonizing perfectly. Then on to Joy to the World, The Holy and the Ivy, Do you hear What I hear, and then they fell silent. A moment later Aiden sang quietly a song Patrick hadn't recognized. The lyrics told of a child searching the world, guided by a star, looking for his family. halfway through it, Patrick started crying as he realized the song was about him. When Aiden stopped singing Patrick noticed his brothers' and his fathers' eyes were wet too. "Merry Christmas Patrick," His father said. "And happy baby Jesus day!" Adam winced when Aaron smacked him, then his legs were kicked out from under him and his brothers piled on top of him. Laughter resounded as the video ended. Patrick restarted it and paused it immediately, looking at his family. he wished he as with them right now, but he'd be going to midnight mass in a few hours, not that he was looking forward to that, and he wasn't sure he was ready to participate in the kind of celebrating he expected his fathers and brothers to indulged in, not quite yet. He put the ear clip in place and called them, hoping they weren't in the middle of anything too ... vigorous. "Merry Christmas Patrick," his father said and a chorus of greetings resounded. "Merry Christmas dad. Thanks for the video, it was amazing." "You're welcome. we wanted to do something special for you." "It was. Tell Aiden I loved his song." Patrick found his eyes getting wet again. His father must have done something to indicate what he'd said because there were cheers. "I wish you were here to celebrate with us." "I wish I was too." Patrick chuckled. "Although I think I'd probably be mortified to see all of you naked in a pile." The hard-on he got at that image told him he might be closer to being ready than he thought. "Don't worry, if you were here, we'd have a more accepted celebration." Patrick was silent for a moment, trying to understand how he felt about his family's willingness to change their ways for him. "No dad. When I'll be celebrating with you, it's going to be because I'm ready to celebrate the way you do it." He smiled. "the way an Orr does." It was his father's turn to be silent. "I look forward to that day." Me too, Patrick thought. "I'll let you get back to it. Oh, and tell Adam that technically, it's Baby Jesus Birthday day." His father laughed. "I'll pass along the message." Patrick disconnected the call and went back to looking at the image of his family. He captured the image and transfered it to the frame on his bedside table. * * * * * Patrick walked up the steps to the church next to his mother. If she hadn't insisted he wouldn't be here. She'd played on his guilt a little. After all, she'd made effort to get along with his father, and she hadn't asked that he go to the Sunday services. The least he could do was come to the midnight mass with her, even if he didn't want to have anything to do with Father Durony. Like he did at every Christmas mass, the priest was standing by the door, greeting everyone. Patrick though about finding a different door, but his mother held his hand. "Margarette, I'm so glad you could come," Father Durony said, shaking her hands. "I'd never miss midnight mass, Father." "I know you wouldn't." She went in and it was Patrick's turn. The priest startled on seeing him. "Father," was all Patrick said. "Patrick." Patrick didn't offer his hand, nor did the priest. They stared for a moment, during which Patrick thought he caught some contempt in the priest's eyes, and Patrick went in. The mass was good. Father Durony spoke of Jesus's birth, of the magis, seeking him out, of how his birth brought hope to all of God's children, even those who turned his back on Him. Patrick thought that was directed at him, but the priest was wrong. Patrick hadn't turned his back on God, just on Father Durony's church. It was the first year he didn't feel closer to God by the time the service was over.
  10. Kindar

    Chapter 38

    The Missing Son 38 With fall's arrival he didn't get to see his family as much. His brothers went back to school, even Aaron decided on another year, instead of enlisting. They all got together every few weekends to play football or baseball at the park. Patrick tried to get his mother to join them, but she declined, using her job at the diner as an excuse. * * * * * "Patrick?" His mother asked, knocking on his bedroom door. "can I talk to you for a moment?" "Sure." Patrick turned off the display on his phone and set it on the bedside table. She entered, looking around and shaking her head at the clutter before focusing on him. "It's about your father." It had been a month and a half since the dinner, and she hadn't said a word about it. He hadn't pushed, he knew she wasn't comfortable with the subject. "I've been thinking, and... I mean, I think we should invite him, well them, for thanksgiving." "Their whole family?" Patrick was surprise she was making the offer. "No, no. Just him, and his brother, of course. We couldn't fit all of them, how many children did they say they have?" "Seven." She shook her head. "Right, no, we definitely couldn't fit all of them." "Are you sure it's a good idea? They could be celebrating Thanksgiving with their family." "Yes, you're right, what was I thinking?" She turned to leave. "Wait, I'll call and ask them." If she was inviting them, that was clear progress and he didn't want to discourage her outright. She gave him a weak smile. "Alright." Then left his room. Patrick wondered what had brought that on, she hadn't shown any interest in spending time with them before. he shrugged, just happy she did, and called his father. "Hi dad." "Hi son, what's up?" "Well, my mom wanted to know if the two of you would be interested in having thanksgiving dinner with us." "She invited us?" "Yeah, I was surprised too." "I'd like to, considering she's making the effort, but I'm going to have to check with the kids. We usually go all out as a family on that day." "I understand." "Let me call you back in an hour or so, they're all working on school work right now." "Sure." And hour later his father called back. "Me and Donny are all good to go. The kids are insisting we go, they really want your mom to come to the birthday party and if that's what it takes to make her comfortable, they are all for it." "I'll tell my mom, and we'll see you both on the 26th." * * * * * The meal was simpler this time, since his mother had to work the noon shift at the dinner. Chicken with stuffing out of a box, store bought bread, but the cranberry sauce was home made. His fathers only brought one bottle of white wine, as he's asked. For dessert it was going to be a chocolate cake with a choice of maple walnut ice cream, his favorite, or vanilla. They were in the middle of the meal, with his mother regaling them about a customer who demanded to have the whole thanksgiving experience at the dinner, when someone knocked at the door. She'd been telling them how He'd gotten into a shouting match with the cook because they couldn't do the stuffing to go with his turkey, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes. She stopped talking and looked down the hall. "Did you invite anyone else Patrick?" she asked, then looked at Donald, how was wearing a purple button-down shirt and Daniel, how had a plain white one. "We didn't, promise." Daniel said. Patrick went to stand but she waved him down. "I'll get it." Donald chuckled bitterly. "I guess even here you aren't immune from the door to door sellers." "Looks like it," Patrick replied. "Maybe we should have a talk with Dam," Daniel said, "have him outlaw the act." Patrick stared at his father, mouth open. "He's kidding," Donald reassured Patrick. "Anyway, it isn't something Damian is going make happen." They exchanged a look that made Patrick question that statement. Okay, just who the- "Father Durony! What are you doing here?" Patrick cursed under his breath. "Hello Margarette," The priest answered. "This year I decided to visit all my parishioner on this special day and help them give thanks." "Ahh, that's very good of you, Father, but..." "No need to thank me, Margarette, it's simply my duty to my flock." Footsteps moved toward the kitchen, the hard-sole shoes of Father Durony clacking on the old wooden floor in the hall. "Patrick, how are you," the old ram said as he entered the room. "Oh, you have guests, I had no idea." "Yes," Margarette said, just behind him. "That is Donald, this is Daniel. They are, err, friends of the family." "I am so glad to meet you. Which church do you go to?" "We're from the other side of the city," Daniel said amicably. "I doubt you've heard of it." He gave his brother a warning glance. "I hope your pastor takes good care of you and your soul." His mother pleaded with Patrick, mouthing 'I didn't know.' Patrick gave her a small nod. He believed her, but he had trouble believing the priest was here by accident. "And you Patrick," the priest continued, either unaware, of ignoring the looks being exchanged. "How have you been." "I've been okay." "I'm glad to hear it. Have you seen your father since we last talk? Have you been able to talk with him about his sins, and how to get back on the Path?" Daniel gave Patrick a questioning look, but Patrick was looking at Donald, whose face was hardening. It was his mother who spoke up. "Father, please. this isn't the place for such talk." "Of course, please accept my apology." His mother nodded. "Patrick, why don't you go get an extra chair for Father Durony." Patrick stood out of reflex, even if he didn't want the priest to stay. They had a couple of old foldout chairs in the linen closet down the hall. "Please Patrick, no need to bother, I won't be staying. How about I lead us in a short prayer to give thanks?" His mother forced a smile, "of course." Father Durony closed his eyes and brought his hands together. Donald opened his mouth, but closed it again at Daniel's glare. "We thank you, our heavenly Father, for the food you give us, for the time you allow us to spend with our family and friends and we ask that you give us the strength to withstand temptation. Amen." "Amen," Patrick and his mother echoed. Father Durony eyed Patrick's fathers. "I don't believe I heard you say Amen." Daniel smiled at the priest. "We didn't feel it was needed." It was clear to Patrick Donald was keeping his mouth shut through will power. "At least please tell me you joined in the prayer. It was the Christian thing to do." "Alright, why don't you shut up." Donald erupted. "Donald!" his mother exclaimed. "Dad," Patrick warned. Even before the silence fell Patrick realized he'd made things worse. Father Durony was the first one to find his voice. "So, you're the sinner." He turned to Daniel. "How can you let your brother carry on living in sin? don't you care at all for his soul?" "Shut the fuck up." Donald growled. "What me and Danny chose to do behind closed door is none of your fucking business." "Don't you dare take that tone of voice with me. I'm the voice of God. You will show me respect." "Like Hell I will after you spoke to me that way. You get what you throw out, you can't swallow it you keep your muzzle shut." "Can't you get it through your thick skull that I'm trying to save your immortal soul?" Father Durony screamed. "Bullshit!" Donald was on his feet, fingers almost jabbing at the ram's muzzle. "You're just hoping to make yourself feel better by trying to make me feel bad. Well I got news for you. We're perfectly fine with who we are, so you're going to have to get your cheap kicks somewhere else." Father Durony swatted the finger aside. "If you think I'm going to let your heathen ways infect Patrick's soul..." "Silence!" Patrick's roar stunned everyone into it. "dad, sit down." Patrick stood. "Patrick." "Sit your ass the fuck down." Donald's expression was pained as he sat. The priest smiled in victory, but that lasted only until Patrick grabbed him by the collar. "And you're getting the fuck out of my mother's house." He dragged him to the door and it was only with effort that he didn't throw him out. "Patrick, I implore that you listen to me." "Shut up Durony. There's nothing you can say that I want to hear." "But that man is a danger to your soul." "No. He's my father. You're the danger here. I'm done listening to your bigoted opinions. I can't stop my mom from going to church, but I fucking hope that after your display she's going to know better than to think that anything you have to say comes from Gods." "I am God's voice on Earth." "Bullshit. God doesn't speak of intolerance and bigotry. He speaks of love and tolerance. You're the bigoted one, and you're hiding behind God." "You are making a dangerous mistake young man, in letting that... person in your life. He will drag you off the Path." Patrick wanted to scream at him to leave his family alone, but he found he didn't have the strength anymore. He didn't want to spend any more time arguing with this bigot. He sighed. "You know what father? I'm going to pray for you and hope you eventually find God's love. Now go home." The ram huffed as if what Patrick had said was an insult, turned and left. Patrick didn't watch him go he went back in and gently closed the door behind himself. He took his seat at the table and joined the others in the loud silence. When his mother spoke he voice was tentative. "Patrick I swear I didn't know he was coming here." "I know, mom. I'm guessing Old Dame Lambert saw we had guests and reported it to him." They were silent for a moment again. Then she placed a hand on Donald's and Daniel's. "I am truly sorry you had to be subjected to such hate." She took a breath. "I don't know how I feel about you living in..." she stopped herself. "About you being gay, but I know you're a good person, and that you wouldn't do anything to hurt Patrick, our son." Daniel nodded. Donald sighed. "I'm sorry I lost my temper. I shouldn't have let him get to me like that." His mother smiled. "Well, I have to say it wasn't entirely unexpected. Patrick does have your temper." That made them chuckle, and they set about continuing the meal.
  11. Kindar

    Chapter 37

    The Missing Son 37 Patrick leaned against the wall and watched his mother work. He couldn't help chuckling. He'd never seen his mom put so much effort in a meal. He'd gotten up at ten to the sound of her cleaning the house, and the moment he stepped out of his bedroom she gave him a list of ingredients to go buy. When he'd come back she had her cooking gloves and apron on and she set to work. He'd offered to help, but other than peeling potatoes and chopping vegetables she wouldn't let him in the kitchen. He'd watched her make bread, and a cake. He wasn't sure if that was the last time his mother had baked, but he had a memory from when he was six or seven. It was Christmas, for some reason she didn't work that day. They had spent the day making bread, cookies and cakes. He'd helped as best as he could, even improvising gloves to avoid leaving fur in the bread dough. He smiled at the memory. "Patrick, can you make sure the bowls and plates are clean?" "Sure thing mom." He knew they were, since he'd been the one to do the dishes last night, but he washed everything again, both to please her and to have something to do. After drying them he set the table. A moment later his mother sat down. "All done. The roast is resting, the bread is going to be ready in twenty minutes. the soup is..." "Mom, I know, I watched you do all of it." "I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed cooking." "Well, you should try to do more." She shook her head. "No, tonight is a special occasion. I can't afford to take the time off to cook." She smiled at him. "Once I retire. I finally have a retirement plan that will let me do that." Patrick considered things for a moment. "You know. with the odd jobs I've been picking up in Richard's neighborhood, we probably have enough money for you to quit the waitressing job." She placed a hand over his. "No Patrick, that's your money. We can split the groceries and bill, but it's your money. " "Mom, I can..." "No, Patrick. What these last few weeks have made me realize is that you are an adult now. You need to have your own things, that means your own money so you can buy things you want." Want? He didn't want anything that required money, did he? "Now, go change into something more presentable." He looked at what he was wearing, jeans and is wife beater. "This is fine." "Patrick, we are having guests, put your church shirt on." She stood and headed to her room. It was his fathers, not the president that was coming over. Still, he went to his room and pulled out the shirt he wore when he went to church, then looked at his jeans. They were faded in places and almost worn through in others. He probably had a pair in better condition. He found one, a black pair that wasn't quite as worn. Dressed he headed back to the kitchen. As the timer beeped his mother came out wearing her best dress, a gray and gold summer dress that went down to her knees. He almost commented, and would have made a fool of himself, but there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it," he said. He opened the door and his greeting died on his lips. His fathers were standing before him, wearing brown slacks. One had a black shirt on, the other an orange one. "Hi Patrick," one of them, in the black shirt, said. Patrick shook his head. "Sorry, you're wearing different colors." "It was Danny's idea," Donald said, nodding to his brother in the black shirt. "I thought it might make things easier on your mother." "I'm sure it will, come on in." "We weren't sure what we'd eat," Donald said, showing the bottle he was holding. "So we brought a bottle of red and one of white." Daniel raised his bottle. "Thanks." Patrick took the bottles and eyed them suspiciously. "Don't worry," Daniel whispered. "They aren't expensive." They took the few steps taking them to the kitchen. His mother was fidgeting next to the table. "Mom, you remember Daniel and Donald," he said, indicating them, and then placing the bottles on the counter. "Yes," she replied, "welcome to our home." She hesitated before offering her hand. Daniel took it. "It's a pleasure to see you again, Margarette." "Yes, it is," Donald said when he shook her hand, although he didn't sound as enthusiastic as his brother. "Please, have a seat." She indicated the table. "Patrick, you too." "I can help serve the food." "Go sit down, I'll take care of that." She took the bottle from him. "I'm afraid we don't have wine glasses, I hope normal ones will do." "That'll be fine," Donald replied. Patrick took a can of orange soda out of the fridge before sitting down. His mother place an empty glass before him and then glasses half full with red wine before Daniel and Donald and her place. She collected the bowls and filled them with soup. They ate in silence for a long moment. Patrick tried to find a way to break the uncomfortable silence, but it was Daniel who did it. "Where do you work, Margarette?" "I work at Olympic Mattress, it's a mattress factory. I'm a team supervisor. I also work at a diner a few blocks away." "Two jobs?" Donald said. "That can't be easy." "It can get tiring, but we do what we have to. Actually, today I should have..." she paused, then shook her head. "That isn't important. But that might chance soon, I decided to apply to the position of floor supervisor when it opens." Patrick looked up. "Really? I didn't know that." "I'm not sure when it will happen," She said, "and I can't be certain I'll get it, but I want to try." "That's great, mom." "I hope you get it," Donald said, raising his glass to her. "What does being a team supervisor entails?" Daniel asked. "It mostly mean I make sure my team works efficiently, if one of them had a problem I help them resolve it. But me and the other supervisor have started polling everyone for ideas on how to improve the work flow. We take an hour every week to refine our choices, and at the end of the month we present the best one to management." "Are they receptive?" Donald asked, "Very much so. Last month we suggested a new layout for the sewing machines that will help the flow of production. When we came back after that weekend, a quarter of the floor had been rearranged, and two teams are working on it." Donald finished his soup. "Why didn't they do all of them?" "The layout isn't proven, so they don't want to risk disrupting the entire production. They are going to leave it like this for six month, to give everyone on that line the time to get used to it, then they are going to compare it to the rest of the floor." She took the bowls away and brought the roast to the table. She offered the knife to Donald, and he sliced it while she place the salad on the table and cut the bread. "That's really impressive," Daniel commented. "Me and Donny aren't exactly team players." "What do you do?" she asked. "We're computer game designers." "And you do well?" "Well enough," Donald said. "They made Castle Crash," Patrick said. His mother's eyes grew wide. "To be honest," Daniel said, "it hit it big after we sold it. And it would never have become as successful if we'd kept it. We don't do a lot of marketing." "Or try to gouge the player base," Donald grumbled. "What do you mean?" Patrick asked. Daniel finished his piece of roast. "The company we sold it to made it so a lot of the big bonus can only be bought with cash, instead of earned through play. That isn't the way we do things, but I have to give them this, the controversy did have everyone talking about it for a while." Margarette buttered her bread. "don't you have to work with others to make games?" "Not really," Donald said. "Sometime we have to hire someone for part of the game, like the music, but they are working for us, not with us." Daniel took over. "Our current game has us working more closely with others because we've been hired to make it for a new game system, so there's a lot of conversation, but even that isn't really working with a team. We do our part, test it with the system. If it doesn't work they decide if they want to adjust the system or the game." Donald looked thoughtful for a moment. "You know, I think the last time we worked as part of a team was in high school." Daniel nodded. "Our senior year, chemistry." "Right. We were teamed up with... That wolf guy, the one who was on the baseball team, and this cow, I think. Anyway, yeah, that was a disaster." "What happened?" Patrick asked. "The project was about demonstrating an exothermic reaction." "So, being the down to earth, dependable teens that we were," Daniel continued, "we decided to make a fertilizer bomb." "You what?" Margarette exclaimed. "Just a small one." Donald nodded. "And the ingredients weren't in a sealed container, they were on a board so we figured there wasn't going to be a 'bang'." "Because of that I'm guessing there was one," Patrick said. "It was more of a loud 'paf'," Daniel said. "A lot of smoke and heat." "And singed fur, don't forget that." Donald chuckled. "Danny was the one who lit it so he was right next to it when it went off. He ended up on his ass." "Did you get hurt?" Margarette asked. "No, just my fur that got singed. for about two months my face fur was uneven. Donny was the one really troubled by it." "Why?" "We're twins. We've always looked alike, and for the first-time people could tell us apart easily. I wanted to shave my fur to match him, but dad wouldn't let me. I think that was the only time I was really angry at him." "He knew you wouldn't be able to do it." "I know, but I was still pissed at him." Margarette nodded. "It isn't always easy to do what we think is the best for our children," she said thoughtfully. Daniel raised his glass. "Amen to that." Donald joined it. "Very much so." Margarette looked at them surprised before lifting her glass. They looked at Patrick. who chuckled and raised his own. "How about I get back to you in twenty years or so." He drained his glass. "Do you want more?" he pointed at the empty glasses. "Who's driving?" Donald asked. "I will, go ahead. I'll have water." "Mom?" "Sure, why not. I have the afternoon shift tomorrow." He filled both the glasses halfway, then rinsed Daniel's and filled it with water from the fridge. he got himself another soda. Margarette got praises for the food, and the banana walnut cake impressed Donald so much he asked for the recipe. They talked for a while after they were done eating, until Margarette let out a yawn, which spread to everyone else. Donald and Daniel stood to leave, and Margarette called to them. "Patrick told me that you've invited him to celebrate his birthday at your house." "We'd like for both of you to come," Daniel replied. "Who is going to be there?" They looked at each other. Donald was the one who spoke. "Well, the kids invite their friends, and the parents come too." "How many people are we talking about?" "Possibly close to seventy-five." "And what will be happening?" "we have a pool, so swimming, talking, someone usually starts a volley ball game. If the weather isn't on our side we'll be inside. we have a few game consoles." Margarette nodded. "Alright, We'll think about it." Donald nodded. "That's all we can ask for." Patrick escorted them outside, where they hugged. Patrick found he didn't want to let go of them, holding both close to him and breathing in their scents. They kept their arms around him, and he stayed like that until he started to feel aroused. He let go of them. "No matter what my mom decides, I'll be there." "We're looking forward to it." They turned to leave. "You two drive safely." "No worries there," Donald replied. "Slow-mo here is the one driving." "You had that extra glass of wine, now you pay the price." his brother said. Patrick smiled and watched them walk away. He watched their ass and tails until they got in their car. He stayed outside for a time to give his heart time to settle before going in. "Mom," he said, entering the kitchen, "go to bed, I'll clean up." She put plates in the sink. "It's okay. I can take care of this." "Mom, you spent the day cooking. It's my turn. Go to bed." "Are you sure?" "I am." He hugged his mother. "Thank you for doing this. I love you mom." "I love you too Patrick."
  12. Kindar

    Chapter 36

    The Missing Son 36 Patrick didn't go directly to his mother's house. She wouldn't be home until five thirty, and he didn't want to be there alone. He walked the neighborhood, nodding to the people he saw. He had no doubt the old rhino would call his mom, she was always poking her nose into other people's business, but for once he didn't care. Mister Omaka was watering his roses and they talked for a bit. The ocelot had worried something had happened to Patrick, and he explained about the fight with his mother and staying at a friend's place. Patrick promised he'd let him know how the talk with his mother went. At five forty-five he headed back. His mother would be waiting for him and it would be unfair to let her worry needlessly. The door opened with its usual creaking. "Patrick?" his mother called. "Yeah, it's me." He put his jacket in the closet before heading to the kitchen. He stopped in the opening, she wasn't alone at the table, an older ram was seated across the table from her. "Hello Patrick," Father Durony said. "Would you take a seat?" Patrick didn't move. "Why are you here?" "I am here because your mother asked me to come." What was his mother doing involving the priest in this? He looked at her, but she was looking at the table. "She explained the argument that lead to you walking out." "Yeah, so?" "Please Patrick, sit down." Patrick didn't move immediately. He wanted to yell at his mother, this was a private matter, but that wouldn't help anything, specially not before father Durony. He took the closest chair and sat down. The ram looked at him, one eye was going cloudy. "Patrick, I want you to know that I'm not here to pursue any agenda. Your mother told me that she opposes you seeing your father, and I told her she was wrong." Patrick couldn't stop his ears from moving forward. "I would never advocate for a son to be kept away from his father unless there were safety issues." His mother opened her mouth, but the ram raised a hand. "Margarette, you agreed to let me talk." She looked at the table again. Father Durony looked at Patrick again. "Now, your mother has some concerns. Is it true that your father lives in sin?" Patrick considered going into details about what he knew his fathers got up to with his brothers. It might be good to see the old ram shocked, it might even send him off screaming. But the priest was being reasonable, for now. "He's gay, he and his husband are raising their kids." He kept things vague. He doubted his mother had given details. "She said you have visited them." "A few times now." "Have they done anything to you?" What was he talking about? "Have they tried to touch you inappropriately?" Patrick laughed at the old ram. "Of course not." "Patrick, please, this is serious." Patrick got his laughter under control. If only this priest had an inkling of how well behaved his family had been with him. "No, they have not done anything inappropriate. They are good people, and my brothers are pretty fun to hang out with." "That's a relief. And your brothers, are they... normal?" It was with some effort that Patrick kept his features neutral. "Normal?" "You know." "How the Hell," Sorry, "would I know that?" "You must have talked about it with them." Like there was any chance Patrick was going to discuss that with him. "Maybe you go about asking your family members about their sexual preferences, father, but I don't. I've gone swimming with them, I've played cards, and we've talked about life. And just so you know, if they had told me about their sex life, I wouldn't tell you." "Patrick, I'm asking out of concern." Patrick barely stopped the snort. "I don't care. I don't see them coming here to go to church, so that isn't any of your business." Father Durony raised his hands. "Alright. You are right, they aren't my parishioners. That is between them and their priests." He folded his hands before him. "Is it true they claimed that you are gay?" "They did." Patrick prepared himself for the next question. "And are you?" "No," he lied. The ram peered into his eyes and Patrick maintain the gaze. "Good," the priest said. "I'm proud of you for resisting temptation." It was a good thing his hands were out of view because they clenched. Resisting temptation? The ram smiled. "I'm happy to say that you have my blessing to continue seeing your father." His blessing? Like Patrick needed that. Just who the Hell (sorry) did he think he was? "And hopefully, with your guidance you can help him see the error of his ways, and guide him back on the Path." The ram stood. "I will leave the two of you to continue talking." With all his self-control Patrick stood without shoving the table out of his way. He hoped the priest wasn't going to say anything more because Patrick was inches from throwing him out of the house. Instead he escorted him to the door. "God be with you," the priest said and he stepped outside. Patrick forced the words out. "And He with you, father." Patrick was certain now he didn't want to have anything to do with Father Durony and his church. he closed the door and went to the bathroom. He rubbed water in his face. He needed to calm down. he couldn't let loose the anger the priest had stirred on his mother. He toweled his face dry and went back to the kitchen, taking the chair father Durony vacated. Patrick sat down opposite his mother. He waited of a moment in case she had something to say. When she didn't he did. "I want to make something clear, mom. I'm done tolerating your narrow-minded point of view." She looked up. "What does that mean?" "It means I don't want to hear anything about this sin bullshit." Her eye went wide. "Patrick, they..." "Stop." "Patrick." "I'm warning you mom, stop." They were both silent for a long time. "If you expect me to like him because he's your father, Well I don't." "Mom, you don't even know them." "I know all I need to know." She crossed her arms over her chest. "How can you? all you know about them is that they're gay." "That's enough. I could never like someone like that." The statement hurt enough that he almost told her he was gay, but he stopped himself. He wasn't ready for that argument. "Fine, then I'm out of here." "What?" "What do you want me to do mom? I told you, I'm not dealing with this anymore. You want to be some intolerant woman, fine, you be that, but I have no interest in being around someone like that." "I'm not..." "Bullshit. You hate my dad because he doesn't fit your narrow definition of perfection. one thing that you've decided is a sin, and he isn't fit to be around. Well, let me point out something. You lie, and lying is a sin, and if I remember my bible correctly it's actually mentioned in the ten commandment, While being gay isn't. So you tell me who between you and them are in deeper shit." "Patrick, I'm sorry I lied to you. I'm trying to protect you, don't you see that?" "I'm not a child anymore mom. I don't need your protection." He stood. "And to make it clear. They are not the reason I'm leaving this house. You are." He turned to head out of the kitchen. "Patrick, don't go." He turned and looked at her. "Please. Don't abandon me." "Why should I stay mom? so I can listen to more of your intolerant bullshit about people you're not even willing to get to know?" She winced. "Please Patrick, I'll try." "Try what?" "I'll try to get to know them, somehow. Just stay." Patrick sat back down. "Are you serious?" She nodded. "Alright. Then lets invite them to dinner." "What? we can't do that?" "Why not?" "They're..." she shut her mouth before Patrick could say anything. "Mom, they are my father. If you want to be part of my family, that means you're going to have to interact with them. If all you can do is explode anytime they are around, I'm not going to be around. You need to realize that, and you need to decide what you're willing to do about it, because I've made my decision." She nodded. "Patrick, do you have any idea what you're asking?" "yes, that you stop seeing them as this one thing and start seeing them as people. Mom, by inviting them here, we're in control of the environment. This is your house. They will respect that, I will make sure of it." She looked around the kitchen. "This place is a mess. What are we going to cook? I can't afford the kind of food they're used to." "Then we make them our kind of food. I'll pitch in so we have enough for four." She looked at him, uncertainty in her eyes. "When do you want to do it?" "Soon. Friday would give us the rest of the week to prepare." She shook her head. "I work Friday, I can't have anything done in just an hour. but I can take Saturday off. I'll owe Beatrice a shift, but I can manage that. That's going to give me the day to clean this place and prepare the meal." "Alright." "If I do this, you're going to stay?" Patrick took his mother's hands in his. "Mom, I want this to happen because I want to stay here." Her smile was uncertain, but it was there.
  13. Kindar

    Chapter 35

    The Missing Son 35 Patrick growled as he nearly wrenched the shutter off its hinges, and even worse, he almost threw it to the ground. He forced himself to put it down gently. It had cost Mister Michaud three hundred dollar, he couldn't just toss it about because he couldn't focus. He had to admit he couldn't do this, not right now. He kept thinking back to Adam's scared expression and Damian's smirk. He'd hoped that a couple of days distance would have allowed him to put that behind him as much as he could, but he was still furious that someone would hurt his brother. He placed the shutter back in the box with its twin, closed it and took that to the shed. Then he knocked on the house's back door. The late forty badger opened it. "Yes Patrique?" "Is it okay if I put up the shutters tomorrow? I have some family issues on my mind and I can't concentrate." "Of course, Of course. Dat is perfectly fine," he replied in his slight French accent. "How much should I pay you now?" "Nothing. You can pay me tomorrow, once I've finished the work." "Are you certain?" "Yeah. I'll be back about the same time." "Very well. I will see you tomorrow." The badger closed the door. Patrick took his phone out. He needed to resolve this and the only he could was to have a serious talk with Damian, with his uncle. He accessed the directory and did a search for Damian Orr, tiger, to get his address, his name didn't come up. Nothing came up at all. He remembered the difficulty Rich had had in finding his father's address, and Damian had said something to the effect he shouldn't have been able to find anything. If he wasn't in the directory, he could find him on the web, he had before. He switched to a general search, and like the other time there was a lot of results, all linked to the business world. He called up a result that had a picture, and that stony expression with those blue gray eyes looked back at him. The article talked about him and his corporation, Diamond Enterprise. Right, Patrick remembered the name from the card. The company was the fourth largest multinational corporation in the world, and the largest privately owned one. The article called Damian Orr one of the most influential person of the twenty-first century. Alright, so he couldn't find his home address, but his company had to have a listing. A quick search got him that. And Damian had to be there at some time. it wasn't even noon yet. Once he was downtown lunch time would be over. He could find him there and have that talk. * * * * * okay, Patrick thought, this might be a little more difficult than he'd expected. He looked at the tall glass building. He wasn't sure why he'd expected something less imposing, after all it was a multinational corporation. Walking by the two entrances showed him they had guards in the lobby. They wouldn't let someone like him in that way. He was going to need a different way in. * * * * * The phone on his desk ringed, but it wasn't its usual sound. it was the one that said the call was on his private line. Damian looked at the incoming number then answered. "Hello August." "Mister Orr," the person on the other end said. "We might have a problem." Damian leaned back in his chair. "Go on." "The guy you're having us follow, he's at your door step." "He's welcome to come in, my company has an open door policy." "Yeah, well, from the report my guys just sent me, he's not looking to come in the front door. He walked around the building a few times and now he's at the mouth of an alley across the street from one of the parking entrances." "Which one?" There was a moment of silence. "The one on the south west side." "Alright. Tell your people not to follow him inside the building." "Sir, is that wise? If he found out you're having him watched he might be looking for retribution." "Don't be ridiculous, August. Even if he knew about you, why would he seek retribution for being protected?" The horse on the other end didn't say anything. "Look, I appreciate the concern, but I have my own security people, they can handle him if he causes problems." "Alright sir." Damian disconnected the call and stood. He knew why his nephew was here, although he didn't understand why he didn't walk in through the entrance like everyone else. He left his office and stopped by Alice's desk. "I need to look into something, I should be back before my three O'clock." "Yes, Mister Orr. Should I contact you if something comes up?" "Only if it's an emergency." "Yes, Mister Orr." Damian took the stairs down four floors and went to the security office. The large room was well lit, with a wall of screen and six security officers manning them. Damian stood next to the koala in the second left chair. He glanced at the control board and caught the reflection of his name tag. Damian had read every employee's file, but he couldn't remember every individual name. "Willis, please bring up the camera looking out from the south west parking entrance." The koala looked up in surprise, then did as he was told. The closest screen to them switched and they looked out on the street. The alley was in darkness and he couldn't see his nephew hiding there. "Call the guard at the booth, on his personal phone." The koala only had a moment of hesitation before bringing up the guards' schedule, then he inputted the number. Damian asked for the handset once that was done. "Phillip, this is Damian Orr." "Sure, Okay." Damian didn't say anything. He expected not to be recognized immediately, the bobcat had no reason to expect a call from him, and while Damian didn't demand attention and salutes, he wanted to be certain the guard knew who he was talking to before giving him his orders. "oh shit," the bobcat said and there was the sound of a chair being shoved away. "Sir, Mister Orr, sir, I'm sorry. What can I do for you." "I want you to go to the bathroom, and stay there until you are told to return to your post." "Err, sir?" Damian had hoped that he could avoid this uncertainty once the guard realized who he was talking with. "Please don't asked me to repeat myself Philip." "Sir, that's going to leave this entrance unguarded." Damian approved of this reaction. People who obeyed blindly were easier to manipulate. Damian handed the handset to the koala. "Phil, it's Will. it's okay, we have the entrance on the screen. Do what the boss says." * * * * * Patrick had been standing in the shadows for ten minutes trying to figure out how to get in unnoticed. He wanted to catch Damian unprepared. He'd decided he was going to wait for a large enough vehicle, something like a delivery truck, then quickly run across the road and use that to hide him from the guard. He was waiting for that when the guard left the booth and walked deeper in the building. Where was he doing? How long would he be gone? he couldn't waste this opportunity. he made sure the road was clear and ran across it. He stopped by the booth to make sure the guard wouldn't see him from where ever he was, and dashed for the closest column. He hid behind the column closest to the stairwell door, once the guard was back in his booth he'd go in and... then what? He didn't know where Damian's office was, and he couldn't wander the halls, he'd be noticed. He didn't look like anyone here. he didn't even know if Damian was here today. It would be a waste if he was caught and Damian wasn't even here. How could he find out? There had to be a directory screen somewhere, he could use that and call his office. They might not tell him. Patrick leaned his head back on the concrete column and looked around at the cars around him. Wait, cars. He knew which car Damian drove. It was distinctive enough he'd be able to tell if it was here. * * * * * Damian watched his nephew hurry between the cars looking them over. "What is he doing? checking if there's anything worth stealing in them?" The Koala asked. The others glanced their way and then went back to their screens That wasn't what his nephew was doing. he wasn't looking in the cars, he was giving them a quick look over. He wasn't seeing if one was worth stealing, Patrick didn't know how to drive, and he was too honest to steal cars. The only thing he could be doing was trying to find a specific car, and in this garage, there was only one car he could be looking for. Patrick was fortunate that the car he was looking for was indeed parked here, even though it wasn't Damian's regular car. Damian watched as Patrick moved through the garage, heading away from the booth and toward the ramp going down to the next level. "Call Philip." The koala entered the number and handed him the handset. "Philip, this is Damian." "Yes sir." "You can return to the booth. On your way there, you might catch a glimpse of a young tiger among the cars. You will ignore him." "Err, yes sir." Damian handed the handset back and followed his nephew from one screen to the next. He was less furtive on the second level once he noticed there were no guards, but he had to hide a few times when people walked to their cars, or parked and entered the building. At no time did his nephew try to avoid the camera, or even looked around to see where they were. Living in his low-class neighborhood, reading fantasy novels, not watching entertainment shows, and hardly having any presence online his nephew was sorely unprepared for the modern world. Damian would have to remedy that at some point. Finally, his nephew reached the third parking level. The car he was looking for was in GK-36. If he moved at the same speed he had on the second level, even considering the odds of interruptions were lower, the cars on that level were mostly long-term parking, it would take him ten minutes to get close enough to notice it. "Shut down all the cameras on the third sub level." "Sir?" Damian didn't say anything. He didn't even look at the koala. If he had to repeat himself to get this done he needed to replace him. One by one the screens showing the third sub level went dark. "Leave them down until I tell you to bring them back up." "Yes sir." Damian hurried to the stairs on the other side of the building. those would let him see the car from the door. He'd be able to plan his arrival that way. * * * * * Patrick had no trouble identifying the car at a distance, it was silver, and stood out among darker color cars. Closer he confirmed it didn't have a model name. He looked around and located the elevator. He needed a hiding place that would let him keep an eye on it while not being seen. He found it between two large cars further back. He sat down, took out his phone and settled in to read, keeping an ear for the ding of the elevator doors opening. Twenty pages later it wasn't the ding that pulled him out, but the click clack of shoes on the concrete. Patrick checked the time, not even two. Someone was leaving early. He peeked up and quickly lowered himself. It was Damian. Fear gripped him for a moment. He had no business doing this, he was just a school drop out from the bad side of the city, but then he remembered Adam's face as he ran through the dining room. he put his phone away and gritted his teeth. He stood. "Damian," he growled. Damian stopped, looked around for a moment, searching for him, then saw him. "Patrick? What are you doing here?" The surprise in his tone was clear and Patrick smiled. "You and I need to have a talk." He stepped out from behind the car and walked to his uncle. Damian crossed his arms over his chest. "Really? about what?" "You know damn well about what." Patrick's fists were clenched at his sides. Damian shook his head. "No. I'm afraid I don't." "Adam." he growled again. Damian canted his head to the side. "Adam? What about him?" "What did you do to him?" his growl was deepening. "I didn't do anything to him." "Liar. someone doesn't have the fear Adam had on his face unless someone hurt him really bad." Damian leveled his gaze him Patrick. "Patrick. Stand down before you do something you will regret." Patrick screamed. Not words, just anger. He didn't realize his fist was flying at Damian until it stopped so suddenly his arm hurt. The shock killed his anger. Damian was holding Patrick's wrist. "Do not ever attack me again, Patrick." Patrick tried to pull, but he couldn't. Damian's arm didn't even move. "You are family, and I'm not allowed to hurt you, but I would make you regret it." Patrick pulled left and right and Damian's arms didn't move. he pulled back as hard as he could, just as Damian opened his hand and Patrick fell back on his ass. He looked up, pissed, as Damian took a step toward him then crouched down. They studied each other. "What happened to the wise young man who was afraid of me?" "He found out you're a fucking bully to gets off on hurting kids." Patrick spat. Damian's thoughtful expression didn't change. "I don't." "Right," Patrick snorted. "Then what happened to Adam?" "It isn't my place to say." "And Aaron? I've seen the hate he has for you. what did you do to him?" "It isn't my place to speak to that either," Damian said, except this time Patrick thought he heard something in his voice, regret? "So, what? you get off on people being afraid of you? Well I'm not. You think your money's scary? you think because you can buy anything and anyone we should be afraid of you? Well, I've got news for you. Some of us don't give a damn how rich you are." Damian didn't say anything, his gaze unwaveringly on him. "Why are you so angry, Patrick." "Why the fuck do you think? You hurt my brothers, your own nephews. You have any idea how sick that is?" "You've barely known them for three months." "What does that have to do with anything? there's my family. They're yours! how could you hurt them like that?" "I didn't. I'm not allowed to hurt them." "What the fuck does that mean?" Damian took a moment to reply. "If I explained it to you, would you understand? Would you even try to understand?" Patrick looked at him, mouth open, why did he sound pained? He started to ask him what was wrong, but his phone buzzing interrupted him. He ignored it, but Damian looked at his jacket's pocket. "How long are you going to let her suffer?" How did he know it was his mother? Patrick had no doubt it was her, she'd been trying to reach him multiple times a day, but how did he know? "Why do you care?" "I have to look after my family. That includes you. You need your mother. You're angry at her, but you won't be able to resolve that if you don't talk with her. The chasm will only get larger and larger, and it will hurt you. If you wait too long, you may not be able to fix things anymore." "Why do you even care?" Damian stood. "I made a promise, Patrick. I believe that you understand how important promises are." Patrick found himself nodding. Damian turned to leave, then stopped. "I know that with the life you've lived you know that things are complicated, but some things are even more complicated than you can imagine. Go home Patrick." He left him alone. Patrick sat there for a while trying to understand what Damian had meant, but in the end, he had to admit defeat, he just wasn't smart enough to figure it out. He stood and took out his phone, looked at yet another entry for a missed call with his mother's number tagged to it. He spent more time thinking, about what Damian had said, about how he felt about that guy, and his mother, what he wanted out of life. then he sent her a message. 'I'll be home for dinner.'
  14. Kindar

    Chapter 34

    The Missing Son 34 Patrick didn't know how long he was going to stay this time, and he had no intention of taking advantage of Richard's generosity. He spent Sunday walking around that neighborhood looking for any type of small jobs he could do. It was slightly higher class than where his mom lived and he made some money mowing lawns, washing windows and started painting one house, with the promise he'd be back every day until it was finished. With Don paying him after work, and the money he made doing odd jobs, Patrick had to get a bank account. It proved simpler than he expected, he did it online, and all they required was his ID number. He picked a local branch, so he could make deposits now, instead of having to wait the two days until his card arrived. When she called him for the first time, he had a moment of concern about his mother, wondering if she'd have enough money without his income. He pushed the though aside, she didn't care about what he wanted, he wasn't going to care about her either. He didn't answer. He spent the week doing odd jobs when Joey didn't need him at the junkyard. That Saturday his family invited him to a picnic, which he accepted. It was a fun day, they played football, five versus five, with a dad on each team. A few times he found himself in a pileup, and his father's comment about why he liked football would surface and he found that he agreed, having guys on top of him did feel nice. At least until he remembered they were his brothers and fathers, then he was just uncomfortable. When they stopped playing Patrick lay down, and within moments his brothers were snuggled up to him, lying next to him, Aaron and Anakin were half draped over him, Arthur next to him. For a moment he wasn't sure how he felt about it, but none of them said or did anything other than lie and look at the sky, so he enjoyed the closeness. "Alright everyone, lunch is served." Patrick raised his head to see his fathers bringing two large boxes the closest table. Everyone was off him and running to them. Patrick went slower, watching them jostle each other playfully. For a moment he wished he could experience that, then joined them, staying on the outskirt. They had dug out plates and patters of sandwiches, a lot of platters. His father looked at him. "I hope you're not going to be disappointed, but these were catered. We didn't feel like spending hours preparing them." "Do you normally prepare the food yourselves?" "No they don't," Alex said. "Yeah, they get us to do it," Adam added. "We made it clear to them if they pulled that on us again," Aaron continued. "We were going to tie them up and leave them at home," Arthur finished. His fathers looked at one another. "You know," one said. "I think they've picked up," the other continued. "This bad habit of finishing each other's sentence." "From you." Patrick looked at everyone. "do you guys do this kind of thing often?" "Not as often," one started. "As you'd think," the other finished. "This is going to get annoying fast," Patrick said. His father chuckled. "Don't worry, we're done." "For now," the other added, and got a light slap upside the head. "Don't contradict me Danny, I'm the oldest." "No you're not, I was born a full minute before you." "Did not." "Did too." They went back and forth. Patrick stared at them then at his brothers who were rolling their eyes. "And we're supposed to be the teens in this family," Arthur commented. Silence fell and Patrick looked at his fathers, who were kissing. He blushed. He wasn't the kind of lecherous kissing he'd seen when he checked the pornos online, but it wasn't chaste either. It was kind of hot he found himself thinking. "There," Danny said, "We've made up." "Like you two need an excuse to kiss like that." Albert said. Patrick was sure he caught a hungry look in his brothers, and he knew it wasn't for food. He knew his brothers had sex together, but no one brought that up around him. And suddenly he knew they also did it with their fathers. He had no idea what to think of that, he was... he was... jealous? He couldn't be, they were his fathers. He pushed that thought to the side. He couldn't deal with that right now. He was here to enjoy time with his family, not freak out. The moment passed and everyone piled up food on plates and sat on the ground. Patrick looked around plate in hand, and his gaze fell on his fathers, seated together, and his brothers in twos and threes. for a moment he hesitated in choosing a place to sit, then went to his fathers. They made a space between them for him to sit. Patrick was extremely conscious of their legs touching, and snippets of his dreams came back to him. His fathers, naked, embracing him. he looked at his family again, and they looked like normal guys, brothers talking and laughing, fathers discussing their programing, and he told himself he'd imagined the sexual hunger he'd seen there. He was projecting his subconscious desires on them, that's what had happened. * * * * * Patrick was trying to read the latest Iluminar novel. Now that he had his own money he hadn't had to wait for it to become available on the lending site, he'd bought it. His phone was on his lap, projecting it at eye level. He'd reread the fifth page for the third time. Jaremis, the illegitimate son of Duren'El'Tig, the hero of the first three novels, had just found him to inform him his mother had died. Duren had just held his son and cried, telling him he wished he'd been there for him as he grew up. The scene kept bringing his fathers back to his mind, and the dreams he'd had. He wished he had someone to talk with about it, try to make sense of it. He couldn't bring it up with Mother Rosetta, as tolerant as she was, he didn't think she'd approve of this. Joey would probably be okay, but Patrick wasn't comfortable talking about his fathers to him, he didn't know why, but it felt wrong. Natalia might understand, he had no idea how witches felt about incest. He closed the book and did a search for father/son incest, and quickly decided the net wasn't the place to look. the top three links were sites for guys looking for sex, the next five were popular porn videos of fathers having sex with their sons, and after that more of the same, with written stories thrown in. It was clear a lot of guys got off on that, but that didn't help him figure out how he should feel about it. He looked at the tent in his pants. Other than turned on. He put his phone away. He was going to sleep on it. He didn't have an answer by morning, or by the end of the week, or even two weeks later when he showed up unannounced to his father's house. He should have called, he thought, after pressing the buzzer. There was no telling what he was interrupting. The door opened and Aiden stared at him. He was wearing sweatpants, his fur was ruffled and he smelled. Yeah, no telling what he was interrupting. "Pat, hi. We... We weren't expecting you to come over." "I know. I'm sorry. I just wanted to see you guys." Aiden looked over his shoulder. "It might take a bit for everyone to... err... finish what they're doing." He moved out of the way to let Patrick in. "Don't rush them. I should have called. I'll wait in the living room, unless that's where it's happening." He remembered his first time here, the mess in the living room. Now he knew what had been going on there. "We're in Albert's room." Aiden's ears turned read. "Sorry, I didn't mean to say that." Patrick chuckled. "It's okay, I sort of figured that's what you guys would be up to." "You're okay with it?" "I'm okay with you guys doing it. I'm not joining in." Aiden nodded. "Do you want me to setup the game system?" "Nah, I have a book." Aiden hesitated when they reached the living room. Patrick shooed him away. "You go finish it. Don't rush it on my account." He watched his brother step away and turn the corner to go up the stairs. Aiden was smaller and not as wide shouldered, but he had good muscles on him. For a moment Patrick considered following up the stairs. He freely admitted to wondering what it would be like to be with his brothers, but he wasn't comfortable with the idea. He stretched on the couch, and read. Ten minute later his had a message form his father. the ID was D/D. He hadn't been joking when he said they had the same number. 'Just learned you were visiting, we're going to be home in in time for lunch, in a meeting. Are you staying for dinner?' 'Yes,' he replied. 'I have no plans tonight.' 'Staying the night?' Patrick thought about it. Thought for longer than he expected. It would be nice to sleep under the same roof as his family, in rooms near him, probably wishing they could be with him. 'No, I'm not quite comfortable with the idea yet.' He knew they wouldn't pressure him, but that wasn't what he was afraid of. 'okay. the kids should have lunch ready when we arrive. love you.' Patrick smiled at the words floating before him. 'love you two.' He went back to his reading, but caught the scent of wet fur. He looked behind him, Arthur was standing there, wearing jeans and a worn t-shirt with 'I heart Geeks' on it. "You shouldn't have rushed it," Patrick said, sitting up. "I didn't we'd been at it for a while when you got here. The others are going to be down soon." he sat next to Patrick. "Dad's going to be here in a couple of hours. he said you'd be making lunch. I was expecting them to order something." "We usually cook lunch over the summer." "You enjoy cooking?" "No. nothing's set to my height." "Oh, yeah. I'm surprised dad didn't make sure it would be." "It'd be too much trouble. There's only one of me, and eight of them." "I'm guessing when you get your place it's all going to be your size, and when we visit we'll have to crouch down to walk through doorways, sit on the floor to eat with you." "And sleep on the floor, with your legs to your chest because the guest bedroom will be extra small," Arthur added with a chuckle. "and you won't fit in the shower." "Why won't he fit?" Alex asked, joining them. "We're talking about how much trouble normal size people will have in my house." Alex sat on the floor, between Patrick's legs. "Really?" The others joined them before Arthur could expand on it. "What do you guy want to make?" Aaron asked. "No idea. what's do we have?" Anakin asked. "Not much, grocery is later today." "That means we have to scrounge the shelves for something to eat." "Come on," Patrick said, "you guys can't be that hard off on food." "Oh there's stuff," Albert said, "Just not enough of any one thing to make enough to feed everyone." "It can't be that bad." "Yeah? you try making a meal out of a few of eggs, some potatoes, left over ground beef, carrots, beets and cheese," Aiden said. "Is that what's in the fridge?" Patrick asked. "It was this morning when I looked in it." "Do you have any flour?" Patrick asked. "Sure." "Butter, salt and pepper?" "Of course." Patrick looked at them. "And you can't make a meal out of that?" Blank stares regarded him. "You guys are lucky you're rich. you'd die in my part of town." He got up. "come on, I'm going to give you a course in survival cooking." He spent the afternoon showing them how to turn what they had into a hearty meal. during that time, he found out that Adam was off camping with Damian. By the time their fathers arrived they had turned the flours and eggs into pasta, sautéed the vegetables they had and made a sauce from a few cans of mushroom soup they found in the back of the pantry. Their fathers brought up cases of soda, including one of orange soda. They sat down to eat. Patrick bowed his head and silently gave thanks, surprised they waited for him to be done before starting in on their food. * * * * * After the meal was over they cleared the table and the dishes went into the washer. Then, to Patrick's surprise, they turned the top of the table into a gaming surface. It had looked like dark varnished wood while they ate on it, it had even felt like it, but now it was a dark screen with a list of game. "State of the art textured enabled screen," his father said. "So, what are we playing?" "We haven't played poker in a while," Aiden suggested. "It's going to have to be plain regular poker, with Patrick here," his father replied. "I don't mind," was Aiden's answer, and the others nodded. "Okay, everyone has their phones?" Patrick pulled out his. "Does everything turn into sex with you guys?" The question was out before he could stop it, but he surprised himself at the genuine curiosity behind it. "Nah," Arthur answered, looking at the transparent display over his hand. "But strip poker is a favorite of ours. I'll be right back. I'm going to need a standard phone for this." He ran up the stairs. "If I find out you're cheating," Alex said, looking at Albert who was putting on wrap around glasses, "I am so beating your ass." Albert rolled his eyes. "Like I need any help beating you." He gestured in the air and Patrick guessed he was interacting with what he saw in his glasses. "You know how to play poker?" Anakin asked. "Sure, but I'm used to playing with cards. Not with my phone." Don was a big fan of the game and on really quiet evenings he'd pull out the deck of cards and they'd pass the time playing it. Anakin showed him how to connect his phone to the table so he could see his cards and then the few commands he'd need. Arthur came back with a phone from his box and sat next to Patrick. "What are we playing for?" Patrick asked. "I can't really play for money." They looked around. "Right," their father said. "If we're not playing for clothes, we need something else." Their other father went through the game's options. "there, it comes with a currency option. we'll use that." Five thousand dollars appeared on the bottom of Patrick's phone. Even knowing the amount was fictitious, he asked for the game to start with a low ante. They agreed to start at twenty-five dollars. It quickly became apparent to Patrick his family didn't play to win. He wasn't a great player, but he was racking up the wins. He got the distinct impression that when they played for clothing, they wanted to end up naked as fast as possible. They were on the tenth game, which looked to be Patrick's eighth win, it was down to him and Albert, and he had three kings, when the garage door rumbled open. "Adam's back," Aiden said. Patrick called, and they showed their hands. Albert had a straight. Anakin randomized the deck and passed the cards. Patrick looked up from his phone as heavy footsteps stumped up the stairs. Adam appeared, and ran to the other stairs, disappearing before anyone could say anything. Patrick only realized what the expression on his face had been moments later. It had been fear. Not long after that Damian appeared, an unconcerned smile on his face. Patrick looked at him, then the other stairwell, and back. Adam had been camping with him. Patrick growled as he climbed over the table to reach him. With curses his brothers got out of the way. As he landed on the other side his fathers grabbed him. "Let go of me! that son of a bitch did something to Adam!" "Patrick," his father said, "calm down." Damian studied Patrick with an amused expression. "Fuck calming down." He struggled in his fathers' grasp. He was going to wipe that smug smile of his face. "Damian, leave!" "But I just got here." "Leave my house, Dam, now!" "Alright, fine." The tiger went back down the stairs. "No! You can't let him get away with what he did!" Patrick struggled harder, but his brothers joined in to restrain him. They only released him once the garage door had rumbled close. Patrick turned and stared at them. "How the fuck could you let him leave!" "Patrick, you need to calm down," his father said. "I'm not fucking calming down. he did something to my brother and you just let him walk out of here." "Patrick, please. You don't understand." "Then fucking explain it to me. And don't give me anything of that I need to have sex with the lot of you before I'm going to be ready." His fathers looked at him with a confused expression. "I said he'd have to be comfortable having sex with us first," Arthur said. His father sighed. "Patrick, it's complicated, but Arthur's right." He stared at them. He could clearly see the pain on their face. How could they not want to go after him and make him pay? He caught Aaron's angry expression and something clicked. He'd also suffered at Damian's hands, that was the reason for his animosity. He was the only one who looked like he'd want to make Damian pay, but he hadn't gone after him, he'd also stopped Patrick. what kind of hold did Damian have over them? Patrick swore and went up the stairs. He knocked softly on Adam's door. "Go away!" "It's Patrick." There was a moment of silence. "Just go away, please." "Adam, what happened? What did he do to you?" Another silence. "I don't want to talk about it." Patrick seriously considered breaking down the door. His fist was raised, before he realized that wouldn't resolve anything. He took a moment to calm himself. "Adam, I want you to know that if you ever need to talk to someone, I'm here." "Thanks." He leaned his head on the door. "If he ever touches you again, I want you to tell me, okay? No one hurts my brother. do you hear me? Absolutely no one." "Pat, don't do anything." Adam sounded closer to the door. "I'm not afraid of him." Adam's next words were soft enough Patrick wasn't sure he heard them correctly. "You should be." Then he heard Adam move away from the door. Patrick wanted to scream at him. There was nine of them, how could they let one person cow them like that. he spun on his heel and went down the stairs. He grabbed his jacket off the back of his chair and his phone off the table, daring any of them to comment. They were his family, but as he left he despised each and every one of them.
  15. Kindar

    Chapter 33

    The Missing Son 33 Patrick prepared dinner while his mother rested from her day at the diner. He'd spent the day trying to figure out how he was going to tell her about the invitation. He didn't want this to turn into an argument. It was a simple meal, ground beef with potatoes, carrots and onions. They ate in silence, or rather his mother ate, he pushed his food around. His appetite hadn't shown up, and the way his stomach was churning, it wasn't going to. He took his plate to the counter and rummaged through the drawer for a piece of foil. He found one that was large enough for his plate, and put that in the fridge. He leaned back against the counter. "Mom." He'd been trying to find a way to ease into it, but hadn't been able to. "Dad wants us to celebrate my nineteenth birthday with them." "What?" Patrick let her get over the surprise. "How did they ask you? Did they call? how did they get your number?" "No mom, they didn't call." "Did they show up here? I can't believe they dared come here after I threw them out." Patrick wondered what she was remembering. She hadn't thrown them out, and he knew that if they'd come a second time they would have told him about it. "No mom, they didn't come here." "Then how did they invite you? did they send you a message?" "No, I spent the day with them yesterday." "What! Why did you do that? don't you realize they're no good for you?" "They're my father." Patrick kept his tone calm. His mother was working off antiquated beliefs. It wasn't her fault. He wasn't going to lose his temper. "I don't care that one of them is your father. I don't want you to have anything to do with them. They can only be a bad influence on you." Deep breaths. "They are both my fathers. And they aren't trying to influence me. All we did was go to a baseball game and play catch in the park." "I don't care. It's just a ploy. I know they're going to try to take you away from me." "Damn it mom!" Breathe. "They don't want to take me away, they just want me to be part of their family." "Right, their family of perverts." "Oh, get off it mom!" Patrick shut up. Damn it, he promised himself he wasn't going to lose it. "They're gay, they aren't perverts. And their sons, my brothers, they're nice guys." "And how do you know that?" Patrick signed. "Because they've all visited me. They're nice. One's a singer, a pretty popular one online too. One's into mechanics, one's a painter. They're all fun to be around. And It would be nice to have a party for once." "I don't care. I don't like them." "Mom, you don't even know them." "I know everything I need to know about them." "Fine." Patrick took out his phone. "I'll tell them it's just going to be me." "Absolutely not! I forbid you to have anything to do with those fags." Patrick only realized he threw his phone when it exploded against the wall, behind his mother. She winced and stared at him. "Don't you ever refer to my father that way," he growled. "Patrick." "Did you fucking ear me mom?" He stepped to the table and glared at her. "You are never going to say that about my father ever again." "Patrick," she repeated in a severe tone. "You are not going to use that kind of language in my house." He put his hands on the table and leaned in. "Fuck you, mom. You want me to use respectful language with you? Then you're going to fucking show respect to my father." He didn't give her time to say anything. I went to his room and put clothing in a bag. He grabbed the phone Arthur gave him and pocketed it. On his way out, he stopped by the kitchen. "I'm leaving. Don't bother calling me I'm not going to take your calls. When you figure out what it means to be a Christian, send me a message and I might call you back." He left her there with a dismayed look on her face. He was proud of himself for not slamming the door. * * * * * Patrick knocked on the door and Richard yelled for him to come in. He'd called as soon as he'd left the house. For a moment he'd considered calling his father, but it would be impractical. He couldn't ask one of them to drive him here each time he needed to work. The first thing that he noticed was that the door wasn't locked. Richard never left his door unlocked. Then, the living room was clean. "Rich, what's going on?" The rat poked his head out of the kitchen and Patrick motioned to the clean space. "Oh, yeah, I've been keeping the place clean." "And the door wasn't locked." "You were coming, it was easier to leave it unlocked." "You've never done that before." "I'm on medication now. It's keeping my paranoia under control. Also, off caffeine, that's helping too." "I didn't know you had that problem, I'm glad you've resolved it." "It's thanks to you again. That company you hooked up with, they have an in-house doctor, when they hired me he checked me up, had some blood tests done, scans. Turns out I have a slight chemical imbalance. The meds are fixing that. So, another fight with you mom?" "It didn't get to that, I left first. I'm fed up with her intolerance." "Well, you know you're welcome here as long as you want. And you won't have to share my bed. The guest bedroom actually usable now that I've thrown out all the crap I'd accumulated there." "Okay, and thanks again."
  16. Kindar

    Chapter 32

    The Missing Son 32 July saw the weather cooling down, and all of Patrick's brother visiting him at one time or another. Even showing up at the bar as a group, where Jen couldn't stop swooning over them, and Arthur had most of the women in the bar, staff and customer fussing over him. By the time the month was almost over only two people hadn't visited him, and Patrick wondered why. He hadn't asked his brothers to inquire, because he didn't want them caught in the middle if this was something serious. He hoped it wasn't as he entered the number. "Hi dad, it's Patrick." There was a moment of silence, in which he heard a chair being moved and creak. "Hi Patrick, how is it going?" "I'm okay, you?" "We're good. The kids have mentioned how fun the bar is." Patrick almost commented on it, but stopped himself. He didn't want to do small talk. "Dad, how come you haven't come over?" "We didn't want to force ourselves on you." Patrick chuckled. "Forcing themselves on me seemed to be the other's plans." "Yes, well, they're your brothers, your age. I expect it's easier to have them around you without feeling like you're being pressured. We worried that if we showed up, or called, you'd feel obligated to spend time with us." "I'd like to hang out with you dad." "Really? Great... err, just me, or Danny too?" "What? Both of you, of course? Sorry, I've been trying to get in the habit of thinking of your two as two distinct people, but I keep falling back to one." "It's okay, I don't mind. What do you want to do?" Patrick hesitated. "Father/son stuff." Donald chuckled. "Okay, anything slightly more specific?" "Not really. Maybe go in the park and play ball. Do you have any ideas?" "I do, but you'd have to be willing to let us pay for it." Patrick cringed. He really didn't want to say no to him. "Nothing too extravagant, okay?" "It won't be, I was thinking we could go see a baseball game. We'll get some of the middle seats, those aren't really expensive." "Sure, that'd be fine." "Good, when do you want to go?" "Weekdays work best for me." "How about tomorrow." "Yeah, that doesn't get in the way of your work?" "No, but let me check with Danny in case I forgot something." The call was silent for a moment. "Nope, we're good for tomorrow, and he says the Giants have a game with some losing team from the east coast, so it probably won't be busy. We can be at your place around ten, the game starts at eleven." "I'd rather you pick me up at the bar where I work." He messaged him the address. "I don't want to run the risk of a neighbor noticing you and reporting to my mom." "Alright. We'll see you then." * * * * * His father was out of the car as soon as it stopped moving and hugging him. "It's good to see you again." "You too dad." His other father was more casual about it, but his hug was as tight. "We've missed you." "I've missed you too." "So, ready for a baseball game?" "You bet." On the drive to the stadium his fathers talked about the game they were working on, a fully immersing adventure for the Aguiron Room system. They talked about the problems they were having since they needed to learn a new way of coding, as well as having to figure out how to handle a 360 world that was there all the time. It all went over Patrick's head but he let them talk, enjoying listening to them, their enthusiasm, their love for making games. He'd always wanted his father to be someone happy, who loved what he did. The parking was deserted, and looking over the seating as they took theirs, Patrick saw no more than twenty people. "Even for a weekday game, I expected there to be more people," he said. "The team hasn't been winning, so people aren't making time for them, and the Yankees haven't had a great year either, so this isn't much of a draw." His father stood. "Donny, Patrick, want anything special from the stand? I'm getting food." "I don't even know what they serve." "Don't worry about it then, I'll get you typical baseball food." "And I'll have the same." When his father returned with the food, two baskets with sausages rolls and one with drinks, the space above their head, over the field erupted with static and then holo images of the diamond, the stands and various area of the field as the stadium camera people setup their equipment. His father passed the drinks first, and Patrick smelled the beer as his father took it. He was relieved not to smell alcohol from his cup, and was pleasantly surprised when his first sip tasted of orange soda. He hadn't expected them to remember. His father then sat and reached past Patrick to handed a roll to his father. the bun holding the sausage was covered in so much chili, sauerkraut, ketchup, mustard, relish that he couldn't see the sausage. Patrick was amazed none of dripped as it was passed before him. His looked the same. He took it gingerly, taking a moment to decide on the best way to attack it, then bit into it. His fathers laughed as the topping spilled over the bun and onto his hands. His father put a pile of napkins on Patrick's lap. "No way to avoid the mess, so don't worry about it." The other basket had more rolls and when they finished those the game began. Patrick leaned back and watched the first pitches, and the Yankee's batter walked to first base. His initial thought was this was going to be boring, but he didn't mind. He was here to spend time with his fathers, the game was incidental. By the end of the first inning he was leaning forward, watching the holo as the Giant's batter was struck out. there hadn't been any points, after that first walk there had been three consecutive outs on each side. In the middle of the third inning Patrick found himself standing. "oh come On! Is that guy blind or bribed? That ball was over the plate, that's a strike!" He realized he'd screamed it and blushed. His father grinned at him and Patrick sat back down. "Why is the umpire even there? there should be sensors in the plate and around the batter," he grumbled, "the results would be much more accurate." His father patted his leg. "Tradition. Screaming at the umpire for screwing up is as much part of the game as sitting back and watching it. I didn't realize you were this passionate." "I didn't know either. This is the first time I've bothered watching a game." His father smiled. "Well, looks like he's another one who takes after you Danny." Daniel chuckles. "You're passionate about baseball?" "Football's my game, but he means a sport fan." "What's there to enjoy about football?" Daniel grinned. "Guys piling on top of one another, putting their hands between each other's legs? It isn't so much the game they are playing, it's the things I can imagine them doing." Patrick found himself imagining, and blushed. "okay, I get the appeal now." He squirmed in his seat and focused on the game to get his mind off the images his father had put in his head. Patrick surprised himself each time he jumped to his feet to argue a decision. It wasn't that he felt he shouldn't be doing it, he enjoyed rooting for his team, but the game wasn't even that interesting. Both teams were bad, the one point the Giant got was because of errors on the part of the Yankees. He was unusually pleased when the game ended with that point being the only one awarded. "That was fun, I'm going to have to start watching them at home." They made their way back to the car. "Do you need to get back home right now?" his father asked. "No. So long as I'm at the bar by seven I'm good." "We'll be dropping you off before that. We're going to have to deal with traffic on the way back." "That's fine. If you want to avoid that, you can take me back right now." "Absolutely not. You wanted a father/son day, that's what you're getting. Now get in." They drove to a park and his father took three baseball gloves out of the trunk. They spent the next two hours throwing the ball. Patrick couldn't stop smiling the entire time. When they stopped his father went to get them food. When asked what he wanted, Patrick replied with 'something that isn't messy.' He could still smell the chili in on his hand after washing them. They sat in the grass while waiting. "You didn't ask which one of us is which," his father commented. Patrick shrugged. "It doesn't matter to me. You're my father, both of you. Like I said when we talked yesterday, I have trouble thinking of you as two individuals." His father chuckled. "That would have been when you talked with Donny. He didn't mention that." "I guess this is a case when it might help, but you said the others don't even try to differentiate you anymore." "They don't, but they grew up with us. I didn't expect you to adjust this quickly." "You dress the same, talk the same, I could try to keep track of you when he comes back, but I know I won't be able to, so why even bother." Daniel squeezed his shoulder. "I'm happy you're comfortable with this." "You're my dad. It would take a lot for me to even consider making this difficult." Donald came back with hamburgers, three each. "Condiments are on the side, so you can make it as messy as you like." He proceeded to add one of everything to his first burger. Patrick put onions and mustard. Daniel also put everything on his. "Did you ask him?" Donald asked. "Ask what?" Patrick said. "We're wondering if you'll want to celebrate your nineteenth birthday with us." "That's next year." "I know, but we wanted to give you plenty of warning, because we'd like you to bring your mother." Patrick pulled the burger away from his mouth. "You want me to bring my mom? You do know what she thinks of you two right? Can you imagine her reaction when she finds out the others are gay too?" "She won't know. The kids invite their friends and their parents come too. And there are going to be girls. You can invite some of your friends if you want." Patrick took a bite and used the time to think. "I don't think inviting my friends is a good idea. The shock would be too much for them. As for my mom, I can't promise anything, but I'll talk with her. If I can get her to view you as people instead of walking sins she might come." "We figured it might take time, that's why we're inviting you this early." They finished eating, then threw the ball of a while before they drove Patrick back to the bar. He hugged them tightly before they left.
  17. Kindar

    Chapter 31

    The Missing Son 31 Patrick was sweaty and itchy. the whole week had been hot, a lot hotter than it should be for only a few days into summer. And they kept saying that They'd fixed climate change back in the thirties, Patrick thought gloomily. He grabbed another broken lamp and threw it with the others. The ear clip beeped, letting him know a call was coming in. He'd gotten it after a week of holding the phone to his ear while talking with Arthur. It was well worth the five bucks. He pressed the stud. "Hey Arthur, how is it going?" "Hi Pat," someone he who wasn't Arthur said. "It's Aaron." "Hey Aaron. sorry, Arthur usually calls round this time." "I know. I let him know I'd be monopolizing you today, that is, if you're interested in having lunch together." Patrick grabbed the phone out of his jacket off an intact tall lamp Joey had say was called a Pixar, because of the way it looked. Patrick had no idea what that was supposed to mean, but it was one they could still sell. It was five minutes after noon. "Yeah, I guess I could, but just to warn you. I'm kind of grummy. Sweating and dirt don't mix well. Where do you want to meet?" "Well, I'm standing at the gate of Joey's Junk, being eyed by two canids like I'm on the lunch menu." Patrick had a moment of surprise at Aaron being at the junk yard, then laughed. "That's just Livid and Angry, Joey's pooches. They're harmless. Head to the office, and I'll be there in a few minutes." When Patrick made it there, shirt and jacket in hand, Aaron was seated on the stairs, holding two wrapped sandwiches. "You didn't have to bring food," Patrick chuckled. "we could have gone somewhere." Aaron looked sheepish. "I didn't. Joey introduced himself. When I told him I was your brother and we were going to have lunch he gave me those, then got in a pickup and left." Patrick sat next to his brother. "He usually provides lunch when I work." He took one of the sandwiches. "If you prefer, we can go somewhere, I'll have to grab a quick shower first. I'm not fit for even this area's diners." "It's okay. And I did bring something." Aaron pulled a can from behind him and handed it to Patrick. Orange soda. "I know you don't want us to buy you stuff, but I thought in this heat you might enjoy a drink." He pulled a second one for himself, a strawberry-kiwi soda. "This is fine." He popped the top with a claw. "It's the stuff I couldn't afford at any time in my life that makes me uncomfortable." He took a long swallow, then a large bite of the sandwich. Aaron sipped his soda while looking around. "This is so surreal. I didn't even know a place like this existed." Patrick nodded. "Joey managed to grab the last permit before they passed the recycling act, in... twenty-eight, I think. The others went under because the intake more or less dried up, but Joey specialized in large appliances and other big things that aren't easy to recycle. By the time the recession hit he was the only one left, and people started coming in with smaller stuff. Stuff they should be recycling, but they can't get money for that, and as tight as the economy became they needed even the few pennies Joey gave for what they brought." "The city let him do that?" "Looks like it. even if things are picking up now, people still come. but now we get collectors and people looking to dress up their place for cheap, so he's seeing a return on it." Livid chose that moment to drop herself on her haunches next to Aaron and look at him with baleful eye. She licked her chops. "Don't give her any food. Joey don't let them eat people food, but she keeps trying." Aaron rubbed the black canid between the ears and she panted. "So it's just you and Joey working here then?" "Nah. He has two cousins that come in whenever they feel like it, but this isn't exactly a busy place. He just calls me in when someone brings something big, or when there's something he doesn't want to deal with." Patrick finished his sandwich and soda. "That why I'm here today. He'd got eight years of lamps piled up in the back and he's decided to get rid of the ones too broken to be sold. I've been sorting all morning. When I'm done we're going to shovel that in his pickup and he'll drive it to the recycling center." Aaron nodded and nibbled on his food. "Pat, I hope you're not going to find the question offensive, but how much money do you have?" "Thirty-three bucks and eleven cents." "And that's literally everything you have, right?" "Yeah." "Fuck," Aaron whispered. "I'm sorry, I really thought Alex was trying to pull one over us." "It's okay. I'm kind of surprised no one called to double check." "Not something we wanted to do over the phone." Patrick smiled. "So that's why you're here?" "Only part of it." He looked at the sky. "I've been going through some stuff." "Okay." Patrick waited. "Sorry. This is weird. You're my brother, but at the same time you're not part of my family. You're the only one I could think of to talk with about this." "Shoot." Aaron took a breath. "A couple of years ago something happened to me. Ever since I've had this anger festering inside me. I keep it in check, mostly, the dads haven't realized anything, but I'm pretty sure Arthur suspects, and if he does the others do to. I had to stop competing, because the last time I did my opponent kind of cheated and I lost it on him. I broke his leg." "Why are you keeping it from your fathers? wouldn't they help?" "They'd want to, but they can't. It's complicated." "Okay, what are you hoping to get out of talking with me about it?" "Am I wrong to say you have something of a temper?" Patrick chuckled. "No, you're not." "How do you deal with it?" "I pray, a lot." "Oh." Aaron petted Livid and she rested her head on his lap. "Seriously though, I try to think about what I'm doing. I've learned to noticed the signs I'm about to lose it and I try to catch myself." "So no mantra? no secret recipe to keep in check?" "No. I'm afraid not. Not keeping it bottled up would probably be a good way to start though. And for me, my faith that God hasn't burdened me with something I can't overcome helps." "And that's enough, faith?" "Most days. I have dark days where I curse God. I'm not perfect. Just like the rest of us, I'll falter, step off the Path, but at some point we get back on it. You don't believe in God I take it." "Never really spent any time thinking about it. Historically, my family and the church hasn't gotten along all that well, with us being gay and all." "How far back does it go? I mean everyone being gay." Aaron shrugged. "As far back as we know. Great-grandpa Robert had the family tree done, and it went as far as some guy in France, in the fourteen hundred I think. He was the first one to take the name Orr. According to the stories, we've been persecuted throughout the centuries. We have it good now, none of that phobia anymore, but I think the church's been breed out of us." "You don't need a church to believe in God." "Okay, but how do you deal with science." "What?" "Doesn't the bible say that God created everything? doesn't that mean you can't believe the theory of evolution is real?" "Wow, okay, now you're sounding like one of those Anti-religion extremists." "Sorry, I didn't mean to, but I am curious about it, how do you reconcile religion and science?" "Well, I'm not a scientist, so that isn't really a problem for me, but yes I do believe in science. I do believe that earth is older than what the bible states, and that somewhere in the far past, Livid there and Joey share an ancestor." "Doesn't that go against the bible and the things it teaches?" Patrick shrugged. "It doesn't matter. It wasn't written by God. God doesn't dictate how things are. He set them in motion and he's watching what happens." Aaron was silent for a moment, then he chuckled. "You're a lot more thoughtful about this than I would ever be." "Finding out about you, dad, and being gay has forced me to do a lot of thinking. I wasn't quite that deep when I was seventeen." Aaron nodded. "I'm not really a deep thinker." Patrick put an arm around Aaron's shoulders and pulled against him. "That's okay. Sorry if I couldn't help with your anger." "S'okay, I have a backup plan. I'm going to join the army." "Isn't that a bit extreme?" "I don't think so. That way I can channel my anger into protecting my country." "And here I thought you guys were going to sit on your money and live the easy life." Aaron laughed. "Oh no, we're all going to get jobs." "But your dads have money." "And it's their money. We're living off it now, because we're too young to get jobs." Patrick eyed him. "okay, because we're still in school. Once we leave school we're going to have to come up with our own money." Patrick looked at Aaron eyes wide. "What?" "That sound you just heard, that was my expectations being shattered. I mean, I liked you all, even when I thought you were going to have it easy all your life. You're good guys and I like being around the lot of you, except for Damian. That guys just gives me the creeps. But now.... What?" Aaron looked away. "You're instinct about him are right." "What do you mean?" His brother started to say something, then stopped. He shook his head. "Look, just be careful around him. That's all." Patrick considered the words. "I will." Aaron checked his palm. "Shit, I should probably let you get back to work. I don't want you to get in trouble." "I won't, but I should get back to it." They stood, and Patrick was the one to hug Aaron, much to his brother's surprise. "Thanks for talking with me, and if you ever need to talk again, you have my number." "Thanks for listening. I love you." Patrick didn't know how to reply to that, and by the time he decided he loved him back, Aaron had already left.
  18. Kindar

    Chapter 30

    The Missing Son 30 The phone he bought was ten dollars. The most basic model, Holo, but hardly any customization settings. He didn't get the earclip. A quick call to Richard and both his phone were on the same number and shared the basic functions. He silenced his expensive phone and stashed it in his underwear drawer. Then he gave his number to his mom and prayed that she wouldn't notice it was his name or know how expensive it was to get. He got use to having a phone over the week, putting all the numbers he knew in it, then find out he could get a reader function for it and moved his books to it. He wouldn't have to be at his computer to read anymore. The dreams with his fathers continued for a few more days, then they faded. He still woke up with morning wood, but it wasn't accompanied with erotic dreams anymore. He did find his mind returning to them more often than not, when he took care of it in the shower. After two weeks his friends had his number and Patrick found he had to silence his phone otherwise he kept being bothered by their call, and all they wanted to do was chat. The one person he chatted with every days was Arthur. They spent at least ten minutes talking over lunch. No subjects were off limits except for sex. Patrick found out Arthur was addicted to candy corn, loved Japanese music, despised red bell peppers, was keeping busy over the summer by taking classes and was going to find a cure for dwarfisms. For his part, Patrick told him about making up stories about the father he dreamed he had when a kid, that he liked his music on the quiet side, twentieth century jazz, and some classical composers. He liked all kind of food, not being in a position to afford not eating something. And that one day he'd probably own a bar. * * * * * This Sunday had kept Patrick busy. There had been a group of trouble makers within fifteen minutes of starting. They'd tried to intimidate him, but after the Sarantos, no one could scare him anymore. He dragged them outside two at a time. Then he had to deal with a guy who tried to force one of the new waitress to sit on his lap for some 'quality' time. Another one escorted outside. Then it was a woman who, after one too many, wouldn't leave Patrick alone. She pressed herself on him while he carded the newcomers and glowered at any other women who even smiled at him. He was set to endure her, since she just couldn't take the hint he didn't want her there, then she tried to put a hand in his pants. He almost decked her. That she was a woman made him hesitate, and that Jen pulled her away probably saved him a very embarrassing moment. After that things quieted down and his nerves settled too. Influx had picked up again. The group filled the stairwell and from what he could see a good number were also outside. He quickly checked IDs and they were all legal. Then, as he handed one back the name on it registered. He looked up at the tiger. "Alex?" "Hi, Pat." He put his ID away and moved aside so the others could pass. Patrick couldn't talk with him as he finished checking the group. Finally, once they were all in and crowding the bar he turned to his brother. "What are you doing here?" Patrick looked his brother over, and he actually looked like he belonged here. His jeans were worn, his running shoes scuffed in many places. The only thing that was a little out of place was the jacket he wore over his white shirt. It looked expensive. "I wanted to see where you worked." "How did you even know about it?" "I asked Arthur." Patrick shouldn't have been surprised Arthur had shared their conversations, it wasn't like he hadn't wanted him to, he simply hadn't expected it. "Can you join me for a drink?" Alex asked. Patrick checked his watch. At this hour he had half an hour before the next bus, arrivals should be calm until then. They went to the bar once the group had moved to tables. "Don, this is Alex, one of my brothers." The panda eyed the tiger. "Brother? You never mentioned you had a brother." "It's something recent." Don quirked a smile, but he didn't say anything. He offered his hand. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Alex. I'm Don, I run this joint." "Likewise." Alex shook it. "It's a nice place." "Thank you. What can I get you?" "How about an Hawaiian?" "Ahh. I'm afraid I don't carry that beer. It's a little too expensive for my customers." Alex's ears turned red. "I'll have whatever you recommend then." Don poured him a glass from the tap, set it before him and then filled a glass with orange soda for Patrick. "This one's on the house," Don said when Alex tried to pay. "Think of it as a welcome to the family drink." "Thanks." "I'm going to take a break," Patrick said taking his. "Things should be quiet until eleven-ten." "Take as long as you need. I'll have one of the girls cover the door." Patrick led Alex to the last available table. "I guess you can't drink while working," Alex said, indicating the glass. "I don't drink at all. I don't get how Don can after seeing the troubles the drunks can cause in here." He eyes Alex's glass. "You drink much?" "No. I've only been legal for a few months, so I haven't had the occasions. If I go to a club I still go to Gentrify, it's an underage club so no alcohol. As a family we don't really drink much. Dads enjoy a glass of wine here and there, usually on special occasions. I've never seen uncle Damian drink. I've only seen Uncle Dominic drink once, at Grandpa's funeral." "Do any of the others drink?" "Aiden and Albert got plastered once." Alex hesitated, "After we visited you. They got really sick, and I haven't seen them drink anything since. I expect the rest tried it, but they didn't overdo it to the point where we found out." Patrick couldn't stop the smile. "That's right, you guys haven't been around alcohol as long as I have." Alex frowned. "How long have you been around alcohol." "Since I was fourteen." "Does you mom drink?" Alex asked, horrified. "No. That's when I started working here." "How did you manage that?" "I had my growth spurt early, and I was already wide shouldered. I'd gotten a fake ID that said I was eighteen. Don didn't buy it, so I told him I was really seventeen. he didn't buy that either, but he didn't say anything. He tried me out for the night, and I've been here ever since." "Man, When I was fourteen I played video games, and worried about Aramis hooking up with Porthos." "Who?" "They're characters on a show I watched then. I was really into Aramis." "Never had much time for entertainment shows." "Arthur said you read novels." "Lots of fantasies. I'm actually reading more now that I have a phone." He took it out. "What happened to the one Arthur gave you? Aaron's old one?" "It's home. It's too valuable, if the wrong people see it they'd steal it. I got this and linked them." "It isn't that expensive, you know. Arthur mentioned you weren't happy about the number." "Do you know how much it cost?" Alex shrugged. "Sure." Patrick was annoyed at the lack of concern his brother showed. He wished he could get him, all of them to understand how different his world was from theirs. He smiled as he thought of something. "Alex, how much money do you have?" "On me? a couple hundred bucks in cash." "Is that all you have access to?" Alex looked at him suspiciously. "No, why?" "If you need more, how would you do it?" "I'd use my bank card. Pat, why do you need to know that?" Patrick dug in his pocket and dumped its content on the table. He had a five, and three ones neatly folded with not even fifty cents in various coins. "This is all the money I have." Alex look at the bills and coins. "Okay." "Alex, this is 'all' the money I have." His brother looked at him, confused. "I don't have a bank card. I don't have a bank account. Until Don pays me when he closes tonight, this is all the money I have to my name." Alex looked at the bills, then at Patrick. his eyes grew wide. "How? What?" he grabbed the bills and counted them. "How much are you going to get tonight?" "A hundred and fifty, plus whatever Jen and the other waitresses give me" "For the night?" "No, that's for working the weekend. And most of that is going to go to my mom for the bills. I'm going to keep fifty, and most of that is going to be spent on groceries." Alex stared at him, his mouth didn't seem to work for a moment. "How can you do that? What if you want something?" "There aren't any wants in my world, only needs, and those don't always get filled." "Then why were you angry at Arthur? Because of him you have a phone." "It isn't the phone that angered me. If that was it, with the plan, I would have been fine. It's the casual way he threw away," Patrick lowered his voice, "fifty grand on a phone number. You and him act like I would if I'd forgotten a penny on the table. That's what angered me. You have so much money you don't understand what it's worth and how it makes me feel to have that dumped on me without second thoughts." Alex drained his glass. "Shit, I didn't realize." "I know. you and I, we live in different worlds. I want to be part of your family, but I'm not sure I'd ever want to be part of your world." "But you have to work at a job like this. How can you want that when you could have it easier?" "Because that way I know the worth of what I have." "Do I want to know what you think of us?" "You? I like you, I like the guys in our family I've met. well, except for Damian, he kind of gives me the creeps. But like I said, you live in a different world. I'm not going to judge you by the world I live in." Patrick noticed an ermine make a fuss with one of the waitresses. "Excuse me." Patrick went and informed the guy that the staff was to be treated with respect. The ermine tried to get in his face about it, about the amount of money he could spend in this place. That if he didn't leave him alone, he was going to complain to his boss and get him fired. Patrick hadn't planned on laughing in his face, but after the conversation he'd just had with Alex, he couldn't stop himself. Once he stopped he told the guy to feel free to complain, but that he was either going to treat the waitresses with respect or leave. Patrick didn't wait for a reply, just rejoined Alex, but he didn't say anything, keeping his eyes on the ermine. After five minutes of the ermine behaving Patrick stopped focusing on him. Alex was looking in his glass. "You okay?" "Yeah, I'm just realizing a thing about stuff I'm planning to do." Patrick waited for him to elaborate, but he didn't. "What time do you normally leave?" Alex asked. "Between two thirty and three." "Do you mind if I walk with you?" "Of course not. you didn't drive here?" "I did, but I'll come back after." "Okay." Patrick finished his soda. "I should really get back to work." He put the money back in his pocket and stood. Alex stood with him. "I'll get myself another beer." "Well, hello there." A fox holding a tray joined them. "and who are you, handsome?" "Jen, this is my brother, Alex." "Patrick, please tell me he's single." "I am," Alex replied, smiling. "Not that I think it's going to help." "Oh, and why's that?" "I'm gay." "Of course, you are. That's just my luck. You wouldn't happen to have any brothers?" "I do, but they're gay too." Jen look at Patrick. "Are all the guys in your family gay?" Patrick opened his mouth, but then surprise froze him. She patted his shoulder. "Of course, I know." "How?" he asked, baffled. "Oh, you don't scream 'I'm gay', but I've seen too many beautiful women throw themselves at you only to fall flat on their face to think you were straight." "I don't call what that rabbit was doing 'throwing herself at me'." "No, I wasn't including her, she was looking for a lawsuit. but there's been plenty of others." Patrick tried to remember when a woman might have hit on him, but he couldn't. "That's what I mean," The fox said. "That confused look you have. You never even noticed they were doing it." He turned to Alex. "It's good to meet you, Alex. Were you leaving or heading to the bar?" "I was going to the bar." "Can I get you anything?" Alex gave her his glass. "I don't know what this was, Don served it to me, it was on tap." With a nod she left. "Pat, how much tip should I leave?" Patric chuckled and gave his brother a quick primer on tipping before going back to the door. The rest of the night was quiet. One girl came on to him when he refused to let her in because he ID was fake. He paid attention to what she did, and he could remember other women doing similar things before. He suggested she should leave. The customers behaved, so Patrick kept a discreet eye on Alex. He talked with the waitresses who approached him, and they all left disappointed. Jen hadn't told anyone he was gay, and neither did the waitresses who talked to him. They all seemed to enjoy seeing the next one try her luck. As he said he would, Alex nursed his beer for the rest of the night, switching to a soda at last call. With the door locked Patrick rejoined him. "What happens now?" Alex asked. "They finish their drinks and leave. You've never closed a bar before?" Alex chuckled. "I think the longest I've stayed at the club was two hours. Once I'd found a partner or two, there wasn't any point in staying." Patrick looked at him, then his ears reddened. "Oh." "I'm heading out," Jen said, "Here you go." She handed Patrick sixty dollars. Patrick pocketed it. "You're leaving early tonight." "Yeah. Bonnie's been sick and waking up at all hours. My sister's watching her, but she shouldn't have to deal with that any longer than she has to." She pulled Alex out of his chair and hugged him. "It was a pleasure meeting you." "Likewise. I hope Bonnie gets well soon." "Thanks. See you on Friday, Patrick." The fox sashayed away, drawing the eyes of everyone except the two tigers. "Bonnie's her daughter," Patrick explained at Alex's quizzical look. "One year old now. The father just up and left a couple of weeks in the pregnancy. No one knows where he went to, which is fortunate for him. A few of us would have had words with him." Alex nodded. Mary appeared next to them. "Patrick, Don wants to see you." "Thanks. I'll be right back." The panda was behind his desk and handed him an envelope as soon as he entered. "You can take off if you want." "Are you sure? There's still a lot of people here." He pocketed the envelope. "It's fine, if some of them start something, I'm still able to knock heads together. You go and enjoy some time with your brother." "Thanks, see you Friday." Patrick grabbed his jacket on the way out and nodded to the stairs when Alex looked his way. "Normally I'd be one of the last one to leave, but Don figures I should spend time with you." "That's pretty nice of him." "Yeah, he's a good guy. I don't know what you want to do. Normally I just walk home, but if you have any ideas I'm game." "Do you mind if I walk with you?" "No, but didn't you say your car was parked around here?" "Yeah, I'll come back for it afterward." "Are you really sure? This isn't exactly a safe neighborhood." "That's okay. I might not be a black belt like Aaron, but I've gone a few rounds with the fighting game. I can hold my own." Patrick thought it over then started walking. "I'm only agreeing to it because the gangs have been rounded up. It's a lot safer now." "Yeah, that was quite a coup for the commissioner, wasn't it?" "I guess. She seemed pretty happy with the results and I'm guessing her popularity is going up." "Yeah, she really wanted to clean up the city, that was what motivated her to become commissioner." Patrick chuckled. "You sound like you know her." "Oh no, but I met her, when I was twelve. Dads went to a fund raising for her campaign. The theme was protecting the children, so they brought us. I got to shake her hand." "She made quite an impression it sounds like." "Yeah. I kind of decided then I wanted to do what she did." "Run the police?" "No, be a cop." "You're going to be a police officer?" "Yeah, I'm joining the academy in September." "Wow. I didn't expect that. I figured you'd go in programing like dad." "No way. I couldn't do that. I had a mandatory computer class in my freshman year and I was so bored. No. I want to help out people, keep them safe." "Does dad know about that?" Alex glanced at him. "What?" Patrick asked. "You said 'dad', singular. you said the same a moment ago, and I think you did a few times at the bar." Patrick blushed. "Oh, yeah. I keep finding myself thinking of them as one person. I know there's two of them, obviously, but they look the same, dress the same they even talk the same. When I'm not around them, they just blend into one person." "That's cool. I was just worried that you were still fixated on having just one father." "Oh, no. I wouldn't have it any other way anymore." The memory of his dreams resurfaced and Patrick had to rearrange himself discreetly. "But yeah, they know. They're concerned, police work isn't exactly the safest job, but they're supportive." He sighed. "of course, I'm not sure if that's going to last once they find out I want to work on this side of the city." "Why would you want that? Wouldn't it be better in your area? there's hardly any officers around here. Before they were rounded up the gangs owned the neighborhood, but even now, I don't think I saw one police car drive the streets all week." "That's kind of why. I know the precincts in this area don't get much money and hardly no one wants to work here, so that makes it the perfect place to make a difference. My part of town is fully covered, everyone wants to work there, I wouldn't matter, I'd be one among hundreds. Here I'd be able to make an actual difference." "We could certainly use you." Before Patrick could say more there was a yell ahead, and they saw a form run out of a house. Patrick took off after him. He didn't even think to warn Alex. An old skunk was in the doorway screaming after the thief. Mister Woo then had a coughing fit. Patrick redoubled his effort and caught up to the squirrel. He grabbed the collar and stopped, yanking the youth off his feet. "Let go! let go of me!" The squirrel tried to get out of the shirt, but Patrick pull him up and wrapped his arm around his neck. Patrick was stunned for a moment as the Squirrel's face came into the light. "Xavier?" Then he saw the large, thick book, he was holding. "Xavier Patrosky, what the Hell," sorry, "Are you doing with mister Woo's stamp collection?" Alex arrived next to him, but Patrick ignored him. Xavier was struggling as hard as the fourteen-year-old could. He slammed the heel of his foot on Patrick's, and while the tiger winced at the pain he didn't let him go, barely restraining an impulse to tighten his arm around the neck. "Let go of me!" "Not until you tell me what you're up to?" "What do you care?" "Kid, I beat up those two bullies who were trying to force you to rob the convenience store with them last year. I did that because you were screaming your head off for them to leave you alone. What happened to you not wanting to steal?" The Squirrel continued to try to escape him. "Things change, okay? Unlike you I'm not going to be stuck in this hellhole all my life. I'm going to go places." "Yeah, you are. You're going to go return this and apologize." "Fuck you!" Patrick felt like smacking the kid, but then he remembered Alex. He turned so they faced him. "Xavier, say hello to my brother, Alex." "What are you talking about, you don't have any brothers." "It's a recent change. Now, Alex is a police officer. So, your choices are very simple. We go see Mister Woo, you return his book and you apologize, or I give you to him, and you go to prison. You wanted to go places, well prison is most definitely out of here." Alex showed momentary surprise, then his face hardened. The squirrel looked at Alex with fear and then hardened his face too. "You wouldn't dare," he stated. "Xavier, when have you ever known me to be afraid of getting in the way of someone hurting the neighborhood?" "I'm fourteen. You can't send me to prison." "Sure I can," Alex said, trying to sound tough. "I can charge you as an adult if the damage you caused is high enough." Patrick had to bite back a laugh at the very exaggerated attitude, but Xavier cringed. "It's just a book," the squirrel said with defiance. "The old man you stole it from looked like he was having a heart attack. If he gets injured, or even dies as a consequence of your theft that gets added to your sentence." Xavier started shaking. "I don't want to go to prison." "Then you know what you have to do." Patrick released his neck, but took hold of his collar again, and led him back to the house. The skunk, whose fur was almost uniformly white in the poor light watched them approaching. "Well?" Patrick asked Xavier, once they stood before him. The squirrel looked up at the tiger, who nodded to the skunk. Resigned Xavier looked at the ground as he offered the large book back. "I'm sorry." Mister Woo grabbed and cradled the book in his arms. "Mister Sanders, it was fortunate you were close by." He looked at the other tiger. "And who's that?" Alex offered his hand. "Orr, sir, Officer Alexander Orr." The old skunk looked at him dubious, and Alex winked. "Now," Alex continued. "I know your property has been returned, but it's still within your right to press charges. This young man did steal your collection." The skunk tightened his arms around the book and glared at the squirrel. "Depending on the assessed value of your collection, this squirrel could find himself in juvenile detention, at the very least, for a few years." Xavier looked up in horror. "Or," Patrick said, "I'm sure we can reach a more amiable way for Xavier to make reparation." The old man considered the squirrel for a moment. "Well, my house could do with a fresh coat of paint." "You can't be serious?" Xavier complained. "I am." "If you don't want to do that," Alex said, "we can proceed with pressing charges." "No!" "So, you'll paint this man's house?" Xavier sighed. "Yeah." "Good. When do you want him to start?" "Tomorrow, ten am." "Alright. Let me give you my number, if he doesn't show up let me know and I'll pick him up. I know a judge who really doesn't like people who break their words." The skunk took out his phone and Alex gave him his number. "So, you'll be here at ten?" Patrick. The squirrel looked at him, dejected. "Yeah, I will." "Alright. Now go home, and I better never catch you stealing anything, got that?" The squirrel ran off the moment Patrick let him go. They watched him until he vanished in the darkness. Mister Woo looked at Alex. "Are you really a police officer?" Alex smiled. "No, not yet anyway." "Alex is my brother," Patrick said. The skunk looked at him, dubious. "I found out about him and my father a few days after my birthday." Mister Woo looked Alex over and then at Patrick. "What are you doing still living here then?" "This is my home. I'm not going to abandon it." They wished him a good night and went back to their walking. "That stuff about him being charged as an adult, was that true?" Alex shook his head. "No. I was just looking to scare him. I mean I know there's cases where it can happen, but I doubt it would apply for something like this. Out of curiosity, what would you have done if he'd asked to see my badge?" Patrick laughed. "No idea. I'm just glad you played along." "Happy I could help. So, you're the area's guardian angel?" "No, but I'm not going to stand by and let a thief by if I can stop him. God gave me good running legs and strength, I'm going to use that to help the neighborhood." "Hmmm, you very much a Christian, aren't you?" "Yeah. Is that a problem for you?" "Nah, But I guess it does explain your initial reaction to us being gay." "Yeah, but it doesn't excuse it. I didn't realize it then, but I was raised with a rather narrow-minded version of what Christianity is about. Finding out about your family forced me to break out of that. I'm still working through some of it, but I don't think I'll be running off screaming at the mention of gay sex anymore." "Have you done it?" "No. I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I still have this sense that sex has to be with someone you love, so I can't see myself just hooking up." "I'm not going to disagree there, if you love the guy you're with it's definitely better." They were quiet for a time, until Patrick noticed Alex was scanning the shadows. "Is something thing wrong?" "No, why?" "You're acting like you're looking for someone hiding in the shadows." "oh, no. that's not it." "What is it then?" Alex took a moment to reply. "Well, Arthur said you didn't really like talking about sexual stuff." "He's right, so don't give me the gory details, but at least tell me why you're peering into the shadows so much." "You know how everyone in our family has an eccentricity, right?" "Yeah, I remember Aaron liking older guys." Alex nodded. "Well, mine is semi-public sex, and I've been noticing a lot of nooks where I could bring a guy and have some fun." Alex shivered. "Wouldn't that be dangerous? What if you get caught? I don't think indecent exposure will look good on your application to the police academy." Alex shrugged. "That's part of the thrill. Doing it while being quiet enough, not moving so much you give away what's happening." He almost said something but closed his mouth. Patrick looked at him, but Alex shook his head. "You asked not to get the details." "Thanks for the restraint then." Patrick pointed to the house. "There it is." "I guess this is where we have to part ways." "Yeah, as much as I'd like to, I can't invite you in. Mom would freak." Alex hugged Patrick. "Thanks for letting me hang out with you." Patrick needed a moment to get over the surprise, then hugged him back. "Hey, it was my pleasure. Hopefully we'll be able to do it again at some point." "Definitely." they let go. "You take care, Pat." "You too Alex." He watched his brother walk away for a moment before heading to his house.
  19. Kindar

    Chapter 29

    The Missing Son 29 "Hey Don," Patrick said as he peeked in the panda's office. "I have a phone, you want the number?" "'bout time you got one, give it to me." The panda took his out. "728-7425" "And you're going to keep it on you?" Patrick pulled it out of his pocket. "Yeah." "Good. Could mean more work for you if I can reach you at a moment's notice. By the way, Malcolm did a decent job, but I'd prefer you don't abandon your post like that. You and the girls have a good working relationship." "Don't worry. That was a one-time thing." He went and sat at the bottom of the stairs. The night was quiet, the customers behaved, the two guys who tried to get in with fake IDs didn't make a fuss when he caught them. The next morning, he woke up to another dream with his fathers. He'd been walking by their room, the door partially opened, and he'd heard their grunting. He looked in and they were having sex. The one on the bottom looked at him and invited him in. Patrick joined them, and then he was lying between them, both grinding against him. He felt one of them enter him, and he woke up. His cock was hard. He had a sense that if he hadn't woken up just then, a moment later he would have been in the throw of an orgasm. His cock wouldn't be ignored. He needed to cum. For one moment he wasn't sure he should do it, since he knew he'd think of his fathers, but decided it didn't matter, he wasn't hurting anyone. Once showered and dressed he had a quick breakfast and headed to the junkyard, where he gave Joey his number. The bulldog entered it in his phone, then had a perplexed expression. "Huh. Just how did you score this number?" "It's just the one I got, why?" "It's your name. Check it. if you punch your name, it matches to the numbers you gave me." Joey was right, Patrick hadn't noticed before. "So how did you manage that?" Patrick shrugged. "My brother got it for me." "He must have paid a lot for it." "What do you mean?" "You know numbers are assigned randomly, right?" Patrick shrugged. He'd never thought about it. "Well, if you want specific numbers, like to spell a name, you have to pay. The more numbers you need, the more expensive it is, and on top of that the more numbers you want, the less chances are it's even going to be available. Your name needs all the numbers, that means there's only one of it in our area code. You were doubly lucky, you had someone willing to spend the money and it was available." "How much money are you talking about?" "I don't know for the full number, but when I got mine for this place I wanted it to have Joey, or Junk in it. Four digits would have cost me five grand, and that was ten years ago." Patrick cursed. He didn't want them spending money on him. He headed for the door. "Hey, since your here, you want to work?" "Yeah, just give me a minute, I need to make a call." He stepped outside and called Arthur. "Hi Patrick," his brother said. "Arthur, why did you-" "Arthur can't answer his phone right now, he is in his," There was a hiccup, "biology," another hiccup, "class. I've made a note of your call and unless this is an emergency, I will notify him as soon as his class ends. Is this an emergency?" "No." He disconnected. Joey walked out of the office. "Ready?" "Tell me it's heavy lifting. I need to burn off some anger." "It is. I have a client coming in the afternoon who is looking to get some old Westinhome appliances for one of his customers. He said he'd probably take whatever I have that's in good condition. Since you're here I figure we can start sorting them right now, make it easier for him, and make sure he takes as many of them as I have, and not just what he can reach while he's here." Patrick was happy to do the work. It was almost noon when his phone buzzed. He was hot, sweaty, but at least no longer angry. It was Arthur. "Hi Arthur." "Hey Pat. Sorry I didn't call back sooner, but I only have five minutes to get from one class to the next I didn't want to run the risk I'd have to cut your call short." "It's probably for the best. I might have bit your head off earlier." "What's wrong?" "I know about my phone number." "What do you mean?" "Don't play dumb Arthur. If you're going to try to pull one over on me have the decency of owning up to it when you're caught." Arthur sighed. "So it's your name, what's the big deal?" "I know it wasn't cheap." "So?" "Damn it, Arthur. I don't want you spending that kind of money on me. How much was it?" "I don't know." "Arthur." "I mean it. I don't know. I just requested it, and it's going to be on the next bill." "You're getting our dad to foot the bill?" "They're not going to mind." "How the H..." Patrick shut up. Arthur was silent while he forced himself to calm down. "Arthur. How can you know they won't mind?" "For one thing we all have personalized numbers, so it makes sense you have one too and I doubt they're even going to notice it on there." "How can they miss extra thousands on their phone bill?" "Okay, fine, they're going to see it, but they won't care, it isn't like fifty grands is a lot of money." Patrick couldn't believe what he'd just heard. With that kind of money, he could buy his moms house, she wouldn't have to pay rent anymore. it would be one less bill she'd have to worry about. He went to speak, but he wasn't holding his phone. It was in the dirt. he picked it up. "Never again. Do you hear me?" he growled. "You are never going to spend money on me again, do you hear me?" "Pat..." "No Arthur. You are going to swear to me you're not ever going to spend money on me like that." Arthur was silent. "How about for Christmas?" "No, not for Christmas, not for my birthday, not for fucking give money to you brother day. Never. Swear it." "I swear." In the silence that followed Patrick thought he could hear Arthur sniffle. "I'm sorry." Patrick hadn't meant to hurt him. "I know, but Arthur, you need to understand that I don't see money the way you do. I have to scrounge for every dollar I have. When you dump something like this on me, it makes me feel like you're trying to buy my affection." "I'm not." "I know, but that's how it feels to me, I can't help that. I don't want this need to pay you back to conflict with my desire to be part of your family." Patrick breathed silently, trying to figure something. "If I change my number for one that's free, will you get the money back?" "No, it's billed on activation, and since you've used it I don't think we could even convince them it was a mistake." "Alright, I'm stuck with it, I'll find a way to deal with this. I've had to deal with much worse than having a number I can't afford. Just do me a favor, tell the others, okay? I don't want to have to go through something like this with each one of them." "I will. I'm sorry." "It's okay. You made a mistake, I know it. God knows I've made my share of them. I'm not really angry Arthur, this was just a shock." "Okay." His brother didn't sound like himself. "Arthur, how about I call you tomorrow? You don't have classes at this time, right?" "You don't have to. You don't have to feel obligated to talk with me." "I'm not. I really like you, and I'd like to talk with you again. How about we chat every day?" "Really? you'd like to talk every day?" "Yes, I want to get to know my brother and what better way than talking for that to happen?" "Yes, Sure. I'd love that. it couldn't always be at this time, on Thursdays I have a class at this hour, I have to take a late lunch on that day." "Okay, so I'll call later on Thursdays." "Actually, let me send you my schedule, that way you won't have to remember." "Arthur, It's okay." His phone beeped to inform him he'd received a message. Patrick chuckled. "Shit, I have to go. My chemistry partner needs my help. Thank you for understanding Pat, and I'm really sorry." "It's okay. I'll talk with you tomorrow." The call disconnected. Patrick looked at his phone. Fifty thousand dollar. This thing was worth fifty thousand dollar. Shit, he couldn't walk about with it. It looked like it was worth a lot of money. now he really had to buy himself a phone, something cheap. He'd have to call Rich to find out how to redirect the calls. He gingerly put the phone his in jacket and moved that further away. He didn't want to risk breaking it.
  20. Kindar

    Chapter 28

    The Missing Son 28 "How did it go?" Patrick asked once the door closed. He checked on the meatloaf, it would be done in a few minutes. His mother didn't answer immediately. He heard her take off her shoes before she came into the kitchen carrying her suitcase. The smile she gave him was hesitant. "I passed the course." She sat down. "You don't sound as happy about it as I thought you would." "I am." She forced her smile larger. "It's just. They already promoted me and four others to team supervisors. I'm just stunned and a bit nervous. I got the news when the bus dropped us off at the factory." "You'll be great mom." Now her smile was genuine. "Thank you. I'm going to be on probation for three months, after that they'll decide if I'm staying there or going back to the floor. Regardless, I'm getting a fifty-cent raise. If I become a supervisor permanently, it'll be another dollar and a half." "Two bucks an hour?" Patrick sat down. An extra eighty dollars a week could mean much better food, not going hungry as much. "Yes. With that, you wouldn't have to worry about working at the junkyard." Patrick hadn't thought of that. "Or you could slow down at the diner." "I suppose. You know I don't really like you working there, there are so many chances you could get hurt." "Mom, we're careful, and I like working there. I probably would even if Joey didn't pay me, so focus on yourself. It's your money, try to make your life a little better." She nodded. "Or we could continue as we are and improve things over all. Get us some news clothes, buy fresher food. We could get you your own phone." Patrick almost stammered. "Ahh, mom, don't." "Why not? you shouldn't have to rely on mine all the time." "I'm used to it. I'm fine. I really don't need one. I mean, really, you don't have to leave it at home. I don't spend that much time here, and my friends don't really bother calling me." "I don't know. I'd feel a little better if you had one." Patrick went to the oven to prevent himself from fidgeting. What was he going to do if she just bought him a phone? He couldn't stop her from doing that, it was her money. The meatloaf was done. "I'll buy one." The words were out of his mouth as the thought struck. He put the loaf on the stove and put the sheet of foil over it. "I can do that," she said, "I don't want you worrying about bills." Patrick already spent most of his time worrying about them, but he didn't tell her that. "I know, but if it's going to be my phone, I should be the one buying it, and I should buy my own plan." "Patrick, that's forty-five dollars. It's half that if I just add you to mine." "I know, but I'm eighteen. I think it's time I start having bills of my own." He tried to be casual about it. he had to convince her to let him do that. He didn't want to have her spend money on a phone he'd never use. She couldn't afford to waste that money. When he turned to put plates on the table she was looking at him, beaming. "Oh, I get it now." Patrick almost dropped the plates. "Wh... what? I just mean..." Her smile became brighter. "I know what you mean. Come on Patrick, I'm your mother I know how you think." Patrick put the plates on the table, because he knew he was going to drop them if he didn't. What had he let slip? She couldn't know about his phone. Had one of the neighbors noticed Albert dropping him off and told her? They couldn't have, it had been really late, and she wouldn't be smiling if they had. She almost laughed. "Patrick, it's okay. I get it, you don't want me to find out about the girls you're calling." The who? She thought? He almost told her that wasn't what he meant at all. His mouth was open, but he stopped the words form coming out. "You're right," she said, not quite stiffing the laugh this time. "You're old enough to have your own phone and not have to worry about me figuring out if you're seeing someone. My worry is if you're going to be able to afford it." He had to get his brain to work again. He couldn't just stare at her. "I... err... yes, I can. I mean, I wouldn't give you as much as before since I'd be using part of it to pay for the phone, but I can probably get more work at the junkyard to make up the difference." He closed his mouth to stop the babbling. He was probably going to reveal everything if he kept talking. He busied himself with setting the table. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you," she said as he put the meatloaf on the table. "That's not it," he replied. he had control of his voice now, and his mind. "I just didn't realize you knew." The lie tasted like ash. His tongue was dry. he drank two glass of water and it didn't help much. She put a hand over his. "Patrick, it's okay. I'm not going to be that mother who needs to know everything you do, but if you ever feel like introducing one of them to me..." she left the offer hang there. Patrick nodded. He couldn't bring himself to say anything. he didn't think he'd be able to get another lie to pass his lips.
  21. Kindar

    Chapter 27

    The Missing Son 27 Patrick knocked on the door, then remembered the buzzer. He didn't have the time to consider pressing it. The door flew open and a small tiger latched himself to him. "Hi Arthur." He hugged him back. "I'm so glad you came back." "I'm sorry I hurt you." Arthur took a step back. He was only wearing knee length shorts. "It's not your fault, I'm just happy your here." Patrick looked in the hallway. no one was there. "Are you always the one who answers the door?" "No, but this time I was by the window looking for you. I almost reached the door before you knocked." Patrick chuckled. "Where's everyone else then?" "In the pool. Come on." But before Arthur could pull him in, their father joined them. he had sweat pants on. "Hi Patrick." "Hi dad." They hugged. When they stepped back Arthur was grinning wide. Their father ruffled the short tiger's hair. "Go join your brothers. Patrick needs to change, we'll join you after." Arthur glared at his father and rearranged his hair. He hugged Patrick again then ran off. His father put a small ball of cloth in Patrick's hand. "That should fit you." Patrick unruffled it. It was black and smaller than his briefs. "You're joking." "What? It's Lycra, so even if it's a little too small it stretches. Aaron volunteered it." "Maybe I should just go in my underwear." His dad chuckled. "Just try it on. you'll see Speedos are very comfortable." He opened a door a few steps away to a bathroom the size of Patrick's bedroom. Patrick looked at what he was holding dubiously. There was no way that would fit him. Still he went in and closed the door. The room had the same dark floor with gray walls. a sink, toilet and large shower stall. He shook his head in disbelief. A shower by the entrance. He guessed it was useful when coming it dirty. On the back of the door was a full-length mirror. Taking another look at the swimsuit he undressed and put it on. "Shit." His father had been right, it stretched, but it was hugging his form so tightly it was showing every detail of his junk. He rearranged himself a few times until his cock no longer showed so much detail. "Dad? I don't think this is a good idea." "How about you show me?" Patrick opened the door. "Looks good on you." "Dad, it shows everything." His father looked him over critically and Patrick felt his ears heat up. "No, it doesn't. It just hints at what you have. There's nothing wrong with that." "Dad, that isn't hinting. I wouldn't be showing much more if I was naked." His father reached for him, hesitated and then put his hands on both of Patrick's shoulders. "Son. You have a beautiful body, you should show it, even flaunt it a little." "Isn't the point of flaunting getting someone's interest? Everyone here related to me. I'm not sure that's a good idea to have that happen here." "Among family is the perfect place for you to get comfortable wearing it." "I didn't see Arthur wearing something like this, or you. This is starting to feel like you're tr..." Patrick lost track of what he was going to say as his father stepped out of the sweatpants and showed he was wearing a yellow and green stripped Speedo. Patrick quickly looked away when he realized his father hadn't tried to keep the details of his package from showing. "Arthur had his shorts on to avoid freaking you out. Come on, let get to the pool. you can leave your clothes in there." Patrick hesitated only a moment before following his father. "Fuck, feels like I'm naked." "You'll get use to that." Patrick wasn't so sure. He was too distracted by how it felt to pay any attentions to the frames on the wall again. The patio door in the kitchen led to the backyard. Patrick stopped on the threshold, taking it in. It was gigantic. his whole block could fit in this yard. The grass was green and well cared for, not the patchwork most of the front yards in his neighborhood were. The pool in the middle of it. That pool was at least three times the size of his house. Everyone in the yard, except for him and his father were in the pool. "How deep is it?" Patrick asked. "Thirty feet at the diving board. two at the shallow end, going down to four for a few feet, then five. After that it levels at six for three quarter of the pool. It drops quickly after that. Danny is the diving fan." They had a diving board just above the water and another one maybe twenty feet in the air. "Come on. Let's join everyone." His father ran to the deeper side and plunged in. Patrick stepped in at the shallow end and walked until he was at the five feet zone. The water was cool, but not as cold as he'd expected. As soon as he got comfortable there he was mobbed, dragged under the water lifted back up hugged and limbs accidentally bushed against his crotch multiple times. "Alright guys, give him room to breathe. we don't want to send him running off in terror again." Patrick laughed. He didn't think his family could do anything that would scare him. They tried to get him to the deeper end, where they started a water fight, but Patrick declined the invitation, holding on to the edge and letting himself float. One of his brothers swam by him twice then stopped. Patrick studied him. "Aiden, right?" "Yep." He pushed himself off the side, swam under water to the other, came up for air and returned to Patrick. "You don't know how to swim, do you?" "No." "I kind of figured since you didn't have a swimsuit. You want me to show you?" "I don't think there's any way I can learn how you do it." Aiden chuckled. "That's pretty advanced stuff. we've been swimming since we were three. But I can show you basic stuff, the waving and kicking to keep you afloat in place and the quad paddle. Those two are so basic that if you don't panic when falling in the water you start doing one or the other almost automatically." Wanting to do something with one of his brother, instead of staying on the outside, Patrick agreed and Aiden had him moving about the pool in short order. Everyone then joined in, doing quad paddle races, and endurance test by swimming in place. That lasted for almost an hour before they decided to call it a draw. After that was a game of water polo with an inflated beach ball. Which had them climbing on over the others at times and the ball outside the pool more often than in it. At some point someone cursed and everyone scrambled away. Not knowing what was going on Patrick was still looking around when his father jumped off the twenty feet high diving board. Patrick looked at him mesmerized, not quite understanding what it meant when the tiger made himself into a ball. The water explosion when he impacted hit Patrick hard enough that for a moment he couldn't find his footing. When he surfaced again coughing his father was swimming in his direction. "Can someone go get me a swimsuit? This shredded another one." Patrick looked down and couldn't see any green or yellow. He tried to work out how he'd hit for the swimsuit to be destroyed. The only thing he came up with made him wince. "Didn't that hurt?" "Not anymore." Patrick almost asked what he meant but decided he didn't want to know. "Come on guys. we have a guest. I'm not stepping out of the pool without a swimsuit." Someone went inside. Patrick looked around and noticed someone else was missing. "Where..." he searched for the term to use in his case and then shrugged. "Where's dad?" "He went to deal with dinner." "What are we having?" "Dinner's here!" the other adult said, stepping out of the house with a tall stack of pizza boxes. He put them on the table and spread them, opening them. "Danny, Patrick, aren't you coming?" "Not naked I'm not," Daniel replied. Donald looked like he would comment, glanced at Patrick and nodded. "Right, I'll go get it." "Anakin's already gone, he should be back... there he is." Anakin threw the red and black Speedo in the pool then grabbed a pizza slice. Daniel swam to it, grabbed it and sank under water. Patrick waited for him to come back up, looking around when he hadn't after a minute. he screamed in surprise as he felt himself lifted in the air. Daniel broke the surface his head between Patrick's legs and his son's knees on his shoulder. he tried to straighten but lost his balance and both of them fall backward in the water. They resurfaced, sputtering water. "Okay, not doing that again," Daniel commented, turning to check on Patrick. "You okay." "Other than almost having a heart attack, sure." "You're way too young for one of those. come on, let's go eat before there's nothing left." "Dominos?" Patrick asked on seeing the logo on the boxes. "What's wrong with Dominos?" Adam asked. "You guys are rich and you ordered Dominos?" "It's good pizza," Albert said, finishing his slice and taking another one from a different box. "And if you pay more for pizza than this, you enter 'gourmet' territory, and that stuff's crap." "Watch it Alex," Aaron said between bites. "Patrick maybe a foodie." Patrick laughed. "I'm way too poor to be a foodie. I've had more than one breakfast where I had to put water in my cereal. What's the selection?" There was a moment of uncomfortable silence then Donald said. "There's two of everything, so don't worry about it." He looked at Daniel. "Really? Anakin, you grabbed those for him?" Anakin finished chewing. "He didn't specify." Donald looked down at his swimsuit then Daniel's. "What's there to drink?" "Albert, you and Adam go grab a few cases," Daniel said. "Do you have any preference?" He asked Patrick. "Do you have any orange?" That earned him a few disgusted faces. "No. I'm afraid we don't." "I'll have whatever they bring then." Patrick quickly ate a slice of meat lovers then had a second one. Donald followed Albert inside and came back out a minute after he and Adam brought cases of coke, root beer, sierra mist, and grape out. His fathers stood one next to another and again matched fully. The ten of them decimated the pizzas, except for the two vegetarians, they lounged on the grass for a time. Patrick found himself with Arthur snuggled out against his side and Aaron's head on his thigh. For a moment he wasn't sure how he felt about it, but then he figured it was innocent enough. After half an hour Adam and Anakin stood. "We're going inside to play Battle Crowd. Who's coming?" Patrick didn't move, neither did Arthur or Aaron. "Are you guys coming in?" Albert asked. "Maybe in a bit," Arthur replied. "I'm enjoying this." "Okay. Be nice then." He went inside. Patrick wondered what he meant by that. "I hope it's okay," Arthur said. "You're really comfortable to snuggle with." He had a hand on Patrick's chest and was tracing circles in his fur with a finger. "It is. I've never done this before. I like it." Aaron repositioned himself so he was lying against Patrick's other side. "Never? not even with your mom?" "Sure, when I was a kid, but now? It would just be weird." "It isn't weird," Arthur offered. "Snuggling is always nice." "Are you saying you snuggle with your dads?" "Or course," Aaron answered. "We all do. Sometime we'll watch a movie in their room and we'll all pile on, a big snuggle pile, all together. And that pretty much always becomes..." He stopped talking. Patrick looked down to catch Arthur giving Aaron a warning glare. "Always fun." Aaron said. Patrick rested his head back and looked at the sky. "Yeah, I guess it could be nice." He liked the image of his fathers holding him tightly between them. He closed his eyes for a moment, and came awake when he felt Arthur move away. "Sorry," the small tiger said. "I didn't mean to wake you, but it's getting chilly and I don't have as thick fur as you do. I'm going inside." The sun was at the horizon, with the sky darkening. Patrick could feel the chill too. "I didn't mean to fall asleep. I'll go in too." "I guess that means I'm going in," Aaron said standing and offering his hand to Patrick. As soon as they entered the kitchen they heard exclamation of joy and anger from the living room. Aaron ran there. Patrick and Arthur ran after him. The couches were moved to the edge of the room, freeing the center for the four tigers standing there, one of his fathers, Alex, Albert and Anakin. They were facing the large screen and making gestures at it. The three seated screamed encouragement. "What are they doing?" Patrick asked moving behind the couch. On the screen characters were moving around on a field striking each other. "It's Battle Crowd," his father answered. "Okay, but where are the controllers?" "On their hands and legs. Come on Danny! how can you let your son trounce you like that?" Daniel swore at Donald, and while his father laughed, Patrick's ears burned. He paid attention to the players and he could see they had rings at all their joints on their fingers, on each wrist and ankles. "I've never seen a game controlled that way." "It's a new system by Aguiron. It isn't on the market yet." "I guess that's an advantage of being rich." Donald laughed. "no, it's the advantage of designing a game for it. They had to let us have one so we could test it." "You make games?" "Yeah, didn't you see the framed covers on the wall?" "I didn't pay attention to them." "All games we made. This new game is more challenging to make since it's... Danny! watch out!" Donald winced and Patrick looked at the screen in time to see a character disappear in the distance. "I thought you were good at that game, you're being shown up by your children, that's not very adult of you." Daniel glanced over his shoulder then back at the screen when his character reappeared. "You keep dissing my playing and I'm going to kick your ass later." "The way you're playing, I'll be the one to..." Donald didn't finish what he was going to say. He looked at Patrick, then back to the game. "Anyway. The Aguiron Room is more than the controls. It's a projection system that lets you play a game in three dimensions." He pointed to multiple small boxes around the room at the top of the walls. "Yeah, but for playing Battle Crowd it sucks," Anakin said. "Aaron kept kicking my ass." "You kept moving in front of me." Aaron replied. Patrick looked at Donald, not understanding what they meant. "Crowd isn't made for the Room, so it didn't convert very well, made it tough to judge distances and on top of that, we started moving with the characters, instead of standing in place. That's what lead to being kicked and punched." The game ended, and Anakin was proclaimed the winner. The players changed and Daniel flopped down next to Donald. he looked up at Patrick. "Do you want to play?" Patrick looked at Arthur, Adam, Aaron and Aiden getting ready. "I'll pass. I'm not much for video games." He watched them play, joining in the cheering. Watching the game was surprisingly engaging. Anakin seemed the be the best player, with Arthur a close second. An hour later a car honked repeatedly on the driveway. Aiden ran to the window and peered outside. "It's uncle Damian! Adam! he has a new car!" Adam quickly took off the control rings and dropped them on floor before running off. The other players cursed and Anakin jumped in, awkwardly putting the rings on as he tried to keep the character from being killed. As interesting as the game was, Patrick was more curious as to what would make Adam run like that. He followed him down stairs, and a corridor ending at a large garage. A silver car was stopping next to a blue sedan. there was another car next to that, a sportier dark red model. On the other side of the garage sat two minivans with still space for three more cars. Patrick looked at the silver car while Adam studied it carefully. He didn't know anything about cars, but Patrick could see some odd things about this one, for one thing it didn't have any logos, model, brand or manufacturer names on it. The door lifted open and Damian stepped out. He left it open while he watched Adam. Adam ran a hand over the side. "Okay, this is from a GT-R." He crouched and studied it. "The 2814?" Damian nodded. Adam opened the passenger side door, observing it as it lifted. "I think the doors are original, I can't think of any models that has doors that look like this, but the opening system is obviously inspired by Ferrari." He ran his fingers along the side as he walked to the back. "That's off the F-Type, the one made in 2019" "I didn't think you'd get that," Damian commented. Adam stood behind the trunk and studied it. He frowned leaned in close and ran a hand over it. Curious as to what caught his attention Patrick moved closer. he didn't see anything unusual, the surface was smooth, without any imperfections. "Why don't you have a spoiler? This is a sport design, what's the point if you don't have a spoiler. I expected it to be recessed, but there's nothing here." Damian raised his key chain and pressed a button. The top of the trunk shimmered, making Patrick back up a step. Then the surface melted up and into the shape of a spoiler. "Oh, my, God!" Adam exclaimed. "This is amazing." The shimmering stopped and the spoiler looked solid and to be an integral part of the trunk. Adam touched it with a finger, then used his hand to push on it. It didn't move. "How is that done? Nanotech?" Damian nodded. "I didn't realize anyone had gotten that level of control." Adam continued around the car, ending up in front of the hood. "What engine is in it? It is the Tesla XP? Or the Edison MAX? And whose turbo is in it? GE?" Damian didn't say anything, he simply kept his gaze on Adam. "Come on, you have to tell me. At least give me a hint? Is it an original design? Please, just open the hood." Adam was jumping form foot to foot. "How about I make you a deal?" Adam stopped moving. He looked at the car and back to his uncle. "What? What kind of deal?" Patrick felt his hackles rise at the worry in Adam's voice. He fought the urge to interpose himself between the two. He didn't know what this was about, maybe it was normal? Damian placed a hand on Adam's shoulder. "We go camping for a week, just the two of us. I'm thinking this summer, once you're done with your classes." Adams ears folded back. "A week?" His tail stood still, between his legs. For a moment Patrick thought he was going to bolt. "You don't have to give me an answer right now. I'm going to be here all night. Just think it over." Adam nodded and headed back to the hall in a daze, Damian a few steps behind him. Patrick grabbed his arm, forcing the older tiger to stop. "What the fuck was that about?" Patrick whispered between clenched teeth so Adam wouldn't hear. Damian looked at the hand holding his arm. "Patrick, let go of me." Patrick thought about tightening his grip. He didn't like how this guy was ordering him about. Then those cold blue eyes bore into him and he let him go. "Thank you." Damian straightened his sleeve. "Now, what did you mean?" Patrick looked to make sure Adam had gone up the stairs. "You just offered to go camping with him, so why does he look like he's headed for the electric chair?" "Ah, that." Damian smiled, and Patrick had to hold down a shudder at that mirthless smile. Damian ran a finger down Patrick's cheek. "You can always come camping with me and find out." "Absolutely not!" Patrick's father said, hurrying along the corridor. Damian looked him over. His father was still only wearing this speedo, just like he was, Patrick realized and suddenly felt naked. "And why not? He's old enough to make his own decisions." "Because he has no idea what he'd be getting into. I saw the state Adam is in, I don't like it, but he knows what's in store. Patrick doesn't" "Look." Damian pointed a finger at him, paused, studied him, then cursed. "Which one are you?" "Daniel." "Wait," Patrick said. "You can't tell them apart either?" "No." Damian growled. "The only time I know which one's which is when we're having sex." "Damian," Daniel warned. While Patrick stared. "You have sex with them?" "Damian." Daniel's tone was hard this time. "Of course," Damian replied, ignoring his brother. "How else should brothers show their loves for each other?" He canted his head at Patrick. "How do you think the kids do it?" "This is just fucking great," Daniel grumbled at Patrick's sick expression. He reached for him but Patrick bolted out of the room. "You just had to go and say that, didn't you?" Damian took a step back, raised his hand in a pacifying gesture. "How was I to know he was going to react that way?" "Don't bullshit me. You knew exactly how he was going to react. You don't love us, so you said that specifically to get a reaction out of him." Damian kept his face still for a moment. He had been rather blatant about it, hadn't he? Then he smiled. "Okay, you got me." "Damn it Dam. Why? Why did you go and do that? he's getting comfortable around us." Damian considered multiple expression to express his annoyance and settled on rolling his eyes. "Of course, he is. Look at you, wearing a swimsuit. Alex told me how you wouldn't get out of the pool because you were naked. I'm guessing everyone upstairs is behaving, keeping their hands to themselves? If I let you take it at a comfortable speed, Daniel, Patrick is going to go to his grave a virgin. He hasn't even had sex yet." "How do you know that?" Daniel's eyes went wide. "You're having him followed?" Damian stared at him. Didn't his brother know him? "Really? That comes as a surprise to you? What did you think I'd do? Close my eyes and hope for the best? This is my family we are talking about. I am not going to leave anything to chance." "I told you we would handle it! Damn it." he tuned. "I need to go check on him." Damian grabbed his arm. His brother wasn't the right person to deal with Patrick at this time, he could comfort him, tell him how Damian was blunt and had no tack, that he shouldn't think too much about what had been said. "Let one of the kids handle this." Damian already knew which of his nephews would go see to Patrick. They were now close enough the harsh truths would be easier to absorb. Daniel glared at him. He pulled once to try to get out of Damian's grip, but it wasn't enough. he didn't try a second time. * * * * * Patrick was bent over the bowl, but he hadn't thrown up. He was grateful for that, but he didn't move, his stomach still felt like it might decide to heave at any moment. When his stomach finally calmed down enough he believed it wouldn't rebel he closed the cover and sat on the floor, leaning against the wall. What the fuck had he gotten himself into? His clothes were by the door, he could get dressed and leave. they wouldn't stop him. Someone knocked. "It's busy." "I know. It' Arthur, can I come in?" Patrick thought about it. He wasn't sure he wanted to see any of them right now, but Arthur had been nice to him. maybe it was because he was so much smaller than the others, but Patrick felt safer with him. "Sure." Patrick was in the process of standing when the door opened. "Do you have a key?" Arthur looked at the handle. "No, it wasn't locked." Patrick stared at it. He'd forgotten to lock it? He had been in a hurry to make it to the bowl. He sat back down. his eyes fell on the large shower stall, only now he noted the entire family could fit in it. He stopped that image from forming, he didn't want to think about that. "Are you okay?" Arthur sat next to him and rested his head against Patrick's side. Patrick placed an arm over his shoulders. "Not really. No offense, but your family's crazy, you know that?" Arthur shrugged. "I guess it can look that way, unless you grow up in this environment." "And you're okay with it?" "What are we talking about at this moment?" "Your fathers and your uncle." "Ah, so it's finding out they have sex that sent you in here?" Patrick rested his head against the wall. "No. It was a shock, but I think I could have accepted it. It didn't trigger the reaction learning you guys do it too did." He paused. "How can you do that?" "Why shouldn't we? "Because it's wrong." "Says who?" "The..." He'd been about to say the bible, but after as many conversations about it with Mother Rosetta they'd had, he knew it wasn't much of an argument. He tried to come up with something better. "Everyone!" was all he found, and he knew that was as lame as it got. "Why?" "Because you're brothers, damn it!" Arthur looked up at him. "Patrick. I'm going to say something, and I want you to keep in mind it isn't a judgment on how your mother raised you, okay?" Patrick nodded. Arthur took a deep breath. "My, our, fathers, they raised us not to have any hang-ups about our sexuality. we've had sex for a long time. Way longer than you're comfortable knowing. I love my brothers, so I have sex with them. For us, it's as simple as that. we don't see anything wrong with it. Actually, it's people like you out there that we don't get. Why do you feel there has to be so much baggage when it comes to sex?" Patrick couldn't answer. He knew, deep down inside him, that it was wrong for them to have sex, but he couldn't say why. "I guess you guys are expecting me to just jump in bed with you?" "No. we'd never want you to be forced into it." Arthur smiled at him. "What we hope for is that you'll reach a point where you're comfortable with that, because we love you Patrick. You're our brother and we love you. We would love to be able to show you how much." He stretched and kissed Patrick's cheek. Patrick was surprised at the gesture. No one but his mother had ever kissed him. His ears warmed. "Do you think you're going to be able to continue hanging out with us? Or do you prefer going home?" Patrick thought it over. If he left now, he'd be able to go to the bar, work and earn some money. but what did that say about him? Yes, he was uncomfortable about how his fathers and his brothers lived their lives, but it was theirs to live, right? Did he want to be one of those guys who judged others even though what they did didn't harm anyone? No. he didn't. he also didn't want to let discomfort dictate how he acted around his family. He squeezed Arthur's shoulder. "I'm staying. Your uncle Damian isn't the most sensitive guy out there, is he?" Arthur chuckled. "That's putting it mildly." "You guys all have eccentricities. What's his?" Arthur shook his head. "No, you're not ready for that, thrust me on that. You're not comfortable with the idea of us having sex together, you're not ready to know that about him." "It has something to do with the camping trip, doesn't it?" Arthur looked him in the eyes. "Patrick, if you press this you're going to run away screaming. Uncle Damian is more extreme than the rest of us. That's all I'm going to say." The seriousness in Arthur's face and voice took Patrick aback. "Alright." They were quiet for a time. "Can I ask you something?" Arthur asked. "Of course." "How come you don't have a phone?" "I've got one at home." "But that's your mother's, not yours." Patrick nodded. "We can't afford more than one." "Is it really that expensive?" "Don't you know?" "We have a family plan and our dads pay for it. I never thought to ask how much it was." Arthur was silent for a moment, then he got up. "I have an idea. Come with me." "Where?" Patrick followed him. "My room. I have something for you there." The walked by the living room, where the others were still playing. Patrick then stopped by the frames. "So, these are games your dads made?" "Our dads, yeah." Patrick counted fifteen frames. most of the pictures were in bright colors with simple graphics. One was called Mountain top, showed a very simply mountain with a goat climbing it. The one next to it had a more detailed image in darker colors and was called Undertow. "That's a lot of games." Patrick indicated he was ready to move again. "Most of the games they create are pretty simple, so they can come up with three or four a year. The one they're making for the new system is more complex, they've been working on it for almost a year already." They went up the stairs, and there were more frames on that wall. Patrick checked the titles, not that he knew them, he didn't play. He stopped moving. "They made Castle Crash?" "Yeah, that was one of their big success. Have you played it?" "No. I don't have a phone, remember? But a few of my friends play it." under the picture was a number, thirty-three million. "It's still being played? Wow." "What's the number?" "That's how much they got for the game when they sold it." "They sell them?" "Sure. They wait until the game's popularity peeks and then sell it. I guess they miscalculated with CC if people are still playing it." Patrick counted twelve frames, and while the Castle Crash had the largest number by far, none of them were below three million. Arthur lead Patrick in a large room. Patrick chuckled as he realized his house could fit in it. "What's funny?" "Sorry. It's becoming a game to use my house as a way to measure the rooms in yours." The shelves lining the walls didn't go up above five feet and were filled with paper books, electronic component, clothing and a clear, unmarked bottle. The bed was larger than king size. A desk had a really impressive system, and on the opposite side was a closet, taking up almost the whole wall, except for a door next to it. Arthur pulled a box that was in the floor, under the lowest shelf. "I hope it isn't making you uncomfortable." "Not anymore." He looked at some of the book titles. "But when I came here before, I was really put off by the size of the place." Advance Bio chemistry, Programing, physics, Electrical schematics. "You like science I take it." "Yeah. what about you?" "Never really thought about it. Most of my reading is fantasy" "I'm not much of a fiction reader. Aiden is though. I did try the Iluminar Cycle, but I couldn't finish the first book, it was too boring." "Yeah, a lot of the first two books is world building and setup. I forced myself through it because everyone I knew who'd read the series raved about how good it got on book three, but that you needed the first two to get a sense of what was going on." "I didn't know. Aiden left his reader out and that was the one on it, so I tried it." He pulled a hand size rectangle out of the box. "There, that'll work." Patrick was about to ask what that was when he realized it was a phone. Arthur turned it on and the air above it filled with icons. He searched through them, swiping over to the next page, then the one after that. Finding what he was looking for he activated it and went on doing... Patrick had no idea what Arthur was doing now. Satisfied with what the holographic display showed him the small tiger moved on to another function. "What number do you want?" Patrick looked at him. "number for what?" "Your phone. I'm setting it up, you need a number." Patrick couldn't say anything for a moment. "I can't afford one, I told you." "I've set it to be on the family plan, you won't have to worry about it." "I can't accept that. I'd never be able to repay it." Arthur shut the display down and looked at him. "You don't have to worry about repaying anything. I doubt dad's even going to notice it, if they do they aren't going to mind." "But that can't be cheap." "Look around Patrick, money isn't something we're short on here." "That doesn't mean you can go and waste it!" Patrick eyed the door and thought about getting out. He wasn't worth it. Arthur looked at him and what Patrick was eying. He stood and gently took the taller tiger's hand. "Pat, it wouldn't be a waste if it means I could call you." "You don't get it," he whispered. "I don't get to have stuff like that. It probably costs more than I've earned in my entire life." "Maybe, but it isn't worth anything in my old phone box, is it? It would mean a lot to me if you had it. I know it would mean a lot to the others too. It isn't like we can call you on your mother's phone." Patrick looked at it, in Arthur's hand. It was black, the length of his hand from wrist to finger tips, and a little narrower than the width of his hand. "Do you have a lot of old phones?" he asked. "Yeah." Arthur chuckled. "Every time someone upgrades I take the old one and throw it in here." "Why?" "Dunno. I guess I'm something of a packer. This was Aaron's phone. It's last year's model. It doesn't have the clip, because Aaron left that in his pocket when he washed his clothes and it was ruined." "So, your dads just bought him a new one?" Arthur laughed. "Oh no. Aaron had to work to get a new phone. This one still works fine, but he just couldn't live without the clip, and they'd come out with a newer model, so he had to have that." "So, he had to 'work' for it?" "Yeah." "I see." Patrick squirmed a little. he didn't like the image that was forming in his mind of how the phone had been worked off. Arthur looked up at him quizzically and caught him as he glanced at the bed and away. "Wait, what? No, no, not with sex. He had to repaint every room in the house." Patrick could breathe again. He pulled the chair away from the desk and sat in it, his knees coming up very high. he stretched his legs out. "Pat, sex isn't a currency. It's something you do with someone you like because you like doing it. We don't use it as an incentive, although I guess if our dads wanted to prohibit it as a punishment it would be really effective." He thought about it for a moment. "Except they'd have to call the guys we know at school, as well as all the guys we could possibly hookup with there." Patrick stared at him. "You guys don't just have sex together?" As soon as he said that he realized the idea of them having sex outside their family bothered him a little. "Of course not. That'd get boring." "And you have sex at school?" "No. That's against the rules." Patrick saw the glint in Arthur's eyes and found he was smiling. "And you always obey the rules, right?" "Mostly. I did almost get caught under the bleachers having sex with Zack. I also know Aaron and the school's janitor have done it more than once in a closet." Patrick's ears were burning, but he watched Arthur and the casual way he was talking about it. "You're making me realize that for someone who's never done it, I have a lot of baggage when it comes to sex." Arthur opened his mouth, then closed it. He turned his head but stopped before he was looking at the bed. Patrick realized what his brother hadn't said, and he found he was strangely touched at what he'd though to offer. "Thanks for the offer, and for not saying it, but I'm not ready for that." Arthur nodded, then brought up the phone. "We got side tracked. Are you okay with getting this phone?" Patrick nodded. He couldn't see himself disappointing Arthur again. It was only an object, he'd learn to deal with it, even if it meant hardly ever using it. "Okay, so what number do you want?" "It doesn't matter to me." "Okay." Arthur brought the display back up and went to work, by the time he was done he was grinning. "okay, it's setup. This is the phone function." He swiped to the previous page. "That's the calendar." he had to search through multiple pages to find the next icon. "This is your number's list." He activated it and a lot of numbers came up. "Right, I'm going to clean that up. I don't think you want all of Aaron's buddies." With a few gestures there was only one number left. "That's your number." Patrick nodded. "What are all the other icons for?" "They're functions Aaron installed." "Can you remove them? I just want to have the phone function." "I can't remove what came already installed, but the rest's easy." A few more gestures and only eight icons were left. Arthur pointed to the up. "Those are your management functions." "I'm familiar with them. Mom's phone isn't holo, but it has those." "Okay, hold this." Arthur handed him the phone. Then he flicked his hand open and a holographic display appeared over his hand. Arthur quickly went through pages and functions until he had a list of numbers up. He grabbed them and threw them at Patrick's phone. Eight new numbers appeared in the list. As he watched names added themselves to the numbers. "Those are our numbers." Arthur said. Patrick looked at the display floating over Arthur's hand. "Where's your phone?" Arthur tapped the thin band at his wrist. "I have the wearable version of it." Patrick had noticed it before but thought it was just a bracelet. Arthur closed his hand and the display vanished. Patrick studied the numbers on his phone. "What are you doing?" "I'm memorizing the numbers." "You don't have to do that. That's why they're in the phone." "Yeah, but what if I lose it, or forget it at home. If I know the numbers I can borrow someone's phone and still call." Arthur gave him a surprised look. Obviously, that had never occurred to him. When Patrick was done he showed him how to turn the display off. "Do you have a charge plate?" "Yeah, the one that came with mom's phone." "So it's a few years old?" "Yeah, six." Arthur went to the shelves and pulled a plate among all those staked there. "I have no idea what kind of range they had six years ago. This is the one that came with Aaron's phone. It's got a hundred fifty feet of range. That should be enough." Patrick looked around the room. "so you have one per room? do all the room have one?" "Oh no. The entire house is wired for remote charging." Patrick eyed the box of phone. "So those are all being charged?" "Except for the bottom ones, they needed to be plugged in the wall back then, the rest, sure." "Isn't that a waste of energy?" "Considering we can have up to eight cars in the garage being charged, a box of old phones won't really be noticed." Patrick shook his head. It was still wasteful. He didn't say anything, it was their money they were spending. "How about we join the others?" Patrick looked for a place to put his new phone and was reminded again he was only wearing a very tight swimsuit. He couldn't believe how natural it felt when no one drew attention to the fact he was pretty much naked. "Where are your clothes?" "In the bathroom you found me in." "We can drop it off there before joining the others." They exited the room and walked by a partially opened door. Moaning and groaning came from it. With a quiet curse Arthur quickly closed the door. Patrick stared at it. "That was...?" "Our dads. It's their room. they're usually better at closing the door." Patrick wasn't really listening to him. His fathers were in there doing it, having sex. He swallowed and marched to the stairs. Arthur rushed after him. "Are you leaving?" Patrick shook his head, repeating to himself that he wasn't going to let what his fathers did in the privacy of their room chase him away. While studiously not thinking about the thing he really wanted to do, which was go peek in that room and see what they were doing. Back in the living room three of his brothers were playing, the other three on the couch, watching them while snuggled together. Patrick noted theirs hands were caressing each other in a way that was definitely more than casual. That stopped when Arthur cleared his throat. "There you are." Albert said. "We through the folks kidnapped you." "No, I gave Pat Aaron's old phone, and I had to set it up." Patrick nodded, his gaze on the guys' crotch, the way the swimsuits showed everything made it even more clear what the intent of the caressing had been. There was a cheer and he looked up, ears burning. "Alright, we'll finally be able to call you. what's your number?" "I'll give it to you later," Arthur said. Not wanting to look at his brothers again, he looked around the room, and realized Damian wasn't there. "Where's Damian?" "He went with the folks." Adam said. "To their room?" Patrick said in surprise. Adam hesitated. "Y, yeah?" "They forgot to close their door," Arthur said. "We heard what they were up to." His brothers looked at Patrick with concern, but he didn't pay attention to them. He was reeling at the realization Damian was having sex with his fathers. He'd said as much in the garage. something else bothered him, underneath the shock, Patrick was a little jealous of him. He forced the feelings aside. He didn't want to deal with that right now. He wanted to spend time with his brothers, with his family. he couldn't do that if he dwelt on what happened behind closed doors or when he wasn't in the room. He answered the worried looks with a forced smile. "I'm not leaving. I don't have any rights to dictates what happens in their room. But, is there any chance we can all put on something a little less revealing? I get you guys are really comfortable with yourselves, but being able to see how... err... excited you are is kind of uncomfortable." With a series of curses the guys on the couch covered themselves before running off. The ones standing laughed. "I wouldn't laugh too much," Patrick said. "You might not be, err... hard, but you aren't leaving much to the imagination." "Sorry," Albert said, trying to act casual as he covered himself. "We didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." "It's okay," Patrick tried to be casual too. "Most of the time I kind of forgot about it, it's just here and there that I get reminded we're not wearing much, and some of you really shouldn't be wearing something that tight." Aaron tilted his head. "What do you mean, some of us? You also fill yours nicely." Patrick blushed hard and was happy the couch hid his lower half. The idea they had ogled him during the day made him uncomfortable. He very much wanted to leave, to retreat to the safety of his mother's house. But again, he forced himself to stay and think. They had looked him over, but he hadn't noticed it and they hadn't made any sort of comments about it until he brought it up. He came out of his thought when someone draped sweat pants over his shoulder. He put them on quickly and felt much less exposed after. Everyone else was also less self-conscious now. "How about we get back to the game?" Albert said. "Patrick, how about you join in?" Patrick shook his head. "I don't really see the point of it." "It's fun," Adam said. "I have fun watching you guys play. I'm not interested in trying it." "Actually," Aaron said. "You fight, right?" "Please tell me you aren't planning on sparring with him," Aiden said. "Of course not. So, do you fight?" "No, of course not." "But you were attacked and won, so you have to be pretty good." "I was shot, and I defended myself. If it wasn't for my friends I'd probably ended up dead. Look, I'll fight if I have to defend myself, but I don't like it. I don't like hurting other people." "Okay. I wasn't thinking of having you fight me or one of us, but the system has a fighting game. You against a virtual opponent. I'd love to see how you measure up against it." "I doubt I'm any good." "Let's find out. Come over here." Patrick hesitated before walking around the couch. Aaron had him put on the controls on his hands. He hadn't noticed when the others were using them, but each ring was linked to the other one on the finger by a thin wire. Aaron also placed arm bands on his forearms, biceps, ankle, top of his calves and thighs. "You guys weren't using that." "CC doesn't really use arm and leg movements. just foot forward and back to move. everything is in the finger motion. For the fighting game it uses more points. The projectors also have sensor that tracks out your body, but they can't do fine details." He moved to the side and a blocky male figure appeared with no features. It had a fist extended in front of itself. "Put your main hand on his fist. It's a calibration thing." Patrick did it and his hand went through it. "Is it suppose to do that?" "Yeah. We don't have a sensory suit. Just put your hand where you see his and hold it there. He'll move once he's calibrated. The game uses a point system. the more vital a spot you hit the more point it's worth. Forearms and shins don't have any value." "So I use that to block." "The points you've accumulated shows above his head. When it resets it's because you've advanced to the next level. It gets progressively more difficult." "I don't know any fighting styles, is that going to cause problems?" "No, the game has enough learning capability that it will adapt to challenge you." The opponent took a step back and brought his hands up. "It's ready, have at it." Aaron moved to the side Patrick stood there, waiting for it to make the first move. "You have to attack it to get it started." Patrick reminded himself it was a game, he wasn't going to hurt anyone by starting this fight. He punched it, it moved back and responded. He hadn't expected the punch and it struck him in the side. the fist stopped as if it had made contact, but he didn't feel anything. When he struck it again it dodged, he expected it and hit it hard across the jaw to knock it out. His fist went through the head and he lost his balance. "You okay?" Anakin asked. "Yeah, didn't expect that." "You don't have to make actual contact, if you get about an inch from the image it counts." "Okay, got it." He punched at it, not putting any force in the blow, just aiming it. he struck it a few times in succession, easily blocking of avoiding it's blows. Then it started avoiding more of his. He focused on what he felt were the holes in its defenses and got in more blows. After that it had him on the defensive for a time. At some point Patrick stopped thinking. he used his fists, knees, feet, elbows to attack it and it countered faster and faster. He was sweating, but he was enjoying himself, forgetting it was just an image, but still knowing it wasn't a real person. They exchanged blows after blows until Patrick found he couldn't keep up with it and it stuck him in the chest a quick half dozen time. There was a chime and his opponent disappeared. "What happened?" Patrick asked, panting. No one answered. He looked at them, and they were staring at him, his fathers and Damian included. "What?" "I thought you said you didn't know how to fight." Alex said. "I don't." "You made it to level eight." "Okay, is that good?" "Level eight would be purple belt if you want a martial art analog," his father said. "I still don't know what that means." "You know what a black belt means, right?" Aaron asked. "Sure, the guy's a master." "Not really, he's proficient and can move on to the advance stuff. Think of it as having enough schooling in something to get a job. Purple puts you only two belts away from getting a black one. Considering you said you didn't know how to fight, that's really impressive." "I guess I do know how to fight a bit, I've been attacked enough over the years. I just never thought about it as 'knowing' how to fight, you know? What?" he asked Damian, who was watching him carefully. "You adapted very quickly to changes your opponent threw at you. It only got the best of you once your stamina ran out." "Okay." "If you build up your endurance, you'll be able to last longer." "Ignore him," his father said. "Dam's always analyzing everything." Patrick noticed their fur were wet. they'd taken a shower after they were done. they must have arrived close to when he lost. How long had the fight gone on? "Are you going to spend the night?" his other father asked. "Ah, no. I want to head home at some point." "Are you sure? we can find you a bed to sleep in." "You may have to lock the door," Damian added. "Dam," his father warned. Damian rolled his eyes. "He has a very fuckable body, and you're all thinking it." "Damian, that's enough. If you can't behave I'm going to ask you to leave." Damian sighed. "Fine, I'm sorry." "No, you're not," Aaron mumbled. Patrick had a moment of discomfort, but by now he was used to dealing with them, well, pushing it to the side to be dealt with later. "I'm going to take that as a compliment," he said, which earned him surprised looks. "That doesn't mean I'll take you up on it. I'm not sure I'd be able to deal with spending the night, even if I locked the door." "Alright. What time do you need to be home?" "At some point tonight, maybe even in the morning. So long as I can sleep before working tomorrow night I'll be fine." "How does working nights affect your studies?" His father asked. Patrick froze in the middle of removing the armbands. His ears burned. "I'm not in school." he whispered, focusing on taking off the controls. "Why not?" His father's tone was very casual. Patrick handed the bands and controls to Arthur and sat next to him. "Look. I dropped out in my freshman year because even with working three jobs my mom could barely pay the bills. I had to get a job." "Have you thought about going back?" "After missing four years? No. I'd be an old man compared to the kids there." "You could take the equivalence tests. you might need a few remedials, but you could probably catch up to your age group in a year or so." "And how do I pay for all that?" "The test's free I think." Patrick shrugged. "I don't see the point in going through that since I can't afford to pay for school." His father placed a hand on his shoulder. "We could pay for that." "No. I'd have to explain where it came from to my mom, and there's no way she'd accept that." "I could arrange it so she wouldn't know it came from them," Damian offered. "Right, like you could hide that." "I can be very sneaky when I want." Patrick shook his head. "Look. I'm okay with the life I have. Especially now that you're in it. Just accept that, okay?" "Alright. Just know that if you ever change your mind, we'll be here to help you." His fathers hugged him, and they went back to playing games. Patrick watched, always having two of his brothers snuggling up to him. It was late in the night when things quieted down. They talked about games, books and shows, whiles snuggling. Somehow Patrick found himself seated on the floor, Aiden behind him, Arthur between his legs, Alex on one side and Albert on the other. Eventually, some of them started falling asleep and they called an end to the night. Damian offered to drive Patrick home, but he refused vehemently. He was never getting in a car with him again. Albert volunteered. Everyone hugged him before they were willing to let him go. He dressed and Arthur hugged him again. In the garage Patrick saw that the hood on Damian's car was up. He guessed that Adam was going to go camping with him, whatever that meant. The ride was quiet and comfortable. Albert talked about his drawings and paintings, and made Patrick promise to check them out the next time he visited. They hugged again at Patrick's house, and then he went to bed. * * * * * Patrick walked into the living room. The large room was empty, the screen on the wall was off. Where had everyone gone? He'd just left it for a moment to... What had he gone to do again? He couldn't remember. He went to the couch. The controllers were on it, so they had to be close by, right? He turned to leave planning to check the rest of the house. He froze. His brothers were on the other side of the room, naked, gyrating and rubbing against each other, looking at him invitingly. He swallowed hard and took a step back into someone. he spun and looked into his father golden eyes. The older tiger ran a finger down Patrick's cheek. "I'm so happy you've agreed to become part of our family. We are going to make you so happy." Someone leaned into him from the back, hugging him, his hands rubbing his stomach and then lower. "You are such a handsome guy." His other father whispered in his ear. A hand cupped Patrick's balls, and another rubbed his cock. He felt good, but why was he naked? He felt a cock press between his cheeks, moving back and forth. "Whenever you're ready," His father said, "we will be here for you." And he kissed him. * * * * * Patrick woke with a gasp. He had trouble breathing and his heart was beating a mile a second. What the fuck had that been about? His fathers touching him like that? At the memory his cock twitched and he realized his crotch was wet. He lifted the covers and stared at the cum there. He couldn't believe it. He was eighteen years old. He hadn't cum in his sleep since he'd started masturbating. He swallowed hard as he felt those hands against him again. And realized he wished it hadn't been a dream.
  22. Kindar

    Chapter 09

    Marlot straightened up with a start and looked around momentarily confused. He'd been sitting next to Trembor's bed for hours, nodding off every so often. He looked at the lion lying there peacefully with a tube running out of his good arm. He'd followed the ambulance to the hospital. When they tried to prevent him from accompanying him in the evaluation room because he wasn't family he told them. He didn't care about the consequences; he wasn't going to be separated from him. He told them they were mates. The supervising medic, a gorilla, gave him a long look before telling him to go wash up before joining them. Trembor broke a leg in the fall so they put it in a cast. His shoulder injury wasn't severe, but the bullet was still in so they had called a surgeon. Every time the Medic touched the lion during the examination Marlot had to fight off the urge to shove him away. He knew that all he could do was watch, but he couldn't stop the need to protect Trembor, to be the one who made him better. They moved the lion to a room and gave him a mild pain killer so he could rest. All Marlot could do was wait. They'd promised him the surgeon would be over as soon as he was done with his current operation. He kept wishing it was now, so he could take his love home. To avoid falling asleep again he took out his pad and started up his report. Marlot looked up when the door open, expecting to see Bahamel's head poke through. Instead a mature lioness walked in, followed by a younger version of her and then two cubs, around six. They smiled at him and then went to stand on the other side of the bed. A moment later a lion entered the room. Marlot put his pad down and stood. There was no mistaking the family resemblance between him and Trembor, but that wasn't why he stood. The male was obviously the Patriarch, and the sense of power he read in his body language made him feel like he was back in front of the town councilors again. The lion studied him with piercing eyes for a moment and Marlot couldn't help swallowing. When he spoke with was with a deep voice he kept low for the benefit of his sleeping son. "The officer said you were the one who killed the male who did this to my son." "Yes, sir," Marlot tentatively took the hand the lion offered. "Thank you," the lion said, shaking it, "if there ever anything I can do for you don't hesitate to ask. You avenged my son; that almost makes you family." There was a chuckle from the bed, "a little more than 'almost' dad." "You're awake," exclaimed the younger lioness before draping herself over Trembor and hugging him. The lion took a sharp breath, "watch the shoulder sis." She let go of him as if he'd burnt her, "oh! I'm so sorry." The two cubs took that as a signal it was now ok to climb the bed and sit at the end of it. The older lioness placed a hand on his, "how are you doing?" "I'm ok mom, I can barely feel the bullet." His sister's ears folded against her skull, "sorry," she said again in a soft voice. "What did you mean by that?" his father asked. "He's the one," was Trembor's reply. His mother and sister's face lit up in delight while the cubs frowned, "but he's not a lion," said one. Marlot didn't have time to react to that, or even worry about their reaction. Trembor's father pulled him in a hug. "Welcome to the family. My name's Torim, but you better get used to calling me 'dad'." "Yes sir," was all Marlot was able to say. "Why don't you two go hug your new uncle," Trembor told the cubs. "Can we get his pad number?" ask the one who had been silent until now as she stood and extended her arms to the wolf. "No," Trembor said, "I'll explain later," he added to Marlot when the wolf looked at him, hugging one cub and then the other. After that he had to give a hug to his mother, Arina and sister Elin. When that was done he excused himself and left them alone. He leaned against the wall opposite the door and tried to get his hands to stop shaking. He'd been ready to defend himself when Trembor announced their relationship to his family, not to be so easily accepted. "I thought they might chase you out of there." Bahamel said, "How'd it go?" Marlot looked at the bear sitting a few feet away. "It went ok," he said, composing himself. She watched him for a moment before asking, "do they know?" "About what?" "You and Trembor." Marlot stared at her and then instinctively looked for an escape. He stopped himself from running. "How did you know?" he asked instead. She smiled sweetly at him, "I'm not blind, you two all but screamed 'I love you' when you got him to focus on your case. Then there's Cristan, you killed him for hurting your partner; you're normally more professional than that." Marlot nodded and sat next to her. "Have you figured out where he got the gun?" "It's too early, Ballistic's going to look it over, run the serial number against those we are missing. If nothing comes up we're going to have to send it to the military for them to check it against their inventory. By the way, I'm pretty sure he was the rapist. We found a box of souvenirs near where you killed him. I wouldn't be surprised if has something from every one of his victims." She handed him Cristan's PRT card. "Do you want us to keep the body for you?" He took the card and looked at it for a moment before reaching for his pad. "Eat it, or burn it, I don't care," he said, remembering it was still in Trembor's room. She nodded and hugged him. "I'll donate it to the shelter. Don't wait till you need to see me on a case to drop by next time wolf." She stood and walked away. Marlot looked at his hands, they weren't shaking anymore, but he wasn't comforted. Bahamel had noticed. Who else knew? He'd been so careful about how he acted around Trembor; or at least he had thought he had been. He leaned back in the chair and chuckled. Did it matter anymore? There had been three medics present when he'd told Trembor he loved him. He had no idea how many people had been there when he told the medic in the emergency room he was his mate, and now Trembor's family had accepted him, just like that. No one had struck him down for loving another male. He smiled and allowed himself to believe that Trembor had been right; there really was nothing wrong with being who they were. * * * * * Marlot parked the car in its spot in front of their office and quickly got out of it to open the other door. Trembor gave him a slightly exasperated look before letting the wolf help him out of the car. With Trembor leaning against it Marlot took the crutch out of the trunk. As he placed the lion's arms over his shoulders he noticed a daschund in her thirties getting up from the steps leading to the office door. "Are you Investigator Blackclaw?" she asked timidly as she walked to them. Her petite size and behavior made her seem younger than her scent indicated. "Yes, I am." Marlot answered. Trembor noticed the worried glances she gave him as she looked at Marlot. She opened her mouth to say something, but stopped herself, looking down to the ground. Marlot was confused at her behavior, but the lion had seen it multiple times in his sister when she had to admit something she'd rather not be witnessed. He took the crutch out of the wolf's hand. "I'll see you in the office when you're done here," he told him as he placed it under his good arm. "What do you think you're doing?" Marlot asked, grabbing the lion's good arm. "I'm giving the two of you some privacy," he smiled at Marlot's worried look and placed his hand on his cheek, "I'll be fine. It's not even twenty feet to the door; no one's going to attack me between here and there." Reluctantly Marlot let him go and watched him hobble up the steps. "I'm sorry," the daschund said, "I didn't mean to get in the way." Marlot sighed in relief when the door closed behind the lion. "It's alright," he said looking at her again, "he's right I've been getting over protective since his hospital stay." She wore a conservative gray business suit, "what can I do for you?" She dug through her purse and pulled out a cash card, which she presented to him. "I wanted to give you this." He looked at it without taking it, "why?" "I found out that you killed the man who rrr . . .," she tried to get the word out, but couldn't, even after multiple time. Marlot didn't need to hear it to know what this was about. He closed her hand on the cash card and held it in both of his. "How long ago?" he asked. "Th, three years," she answered, "this is part of my savings, I want to help you pay for his PRT." "He wasn't worth that much," Marlot told her. He'd actually been surprise at how low the male's PRT had been considering he had owned a successful business. He had known his crime would reduce it, but not so much. He had had to check with the PRT Administrative office to confirm the amount was correct. "I don't care," she said firmly, her eyes wet, "You've made it that I can sleep again. I want you to have it." Marlot could hear the misery in her voice, and got the feeling that he was the first person she had told what had been done to her. "Alright, I'll take it, but only on the condition that you go see a councilor about what happened to you." "I can't," she said weakly. "You have to, if you don't he's always going to haunt you." She looked at him with fear. "I know one, her name is Dauro, promise me you'll talk with her." She hesitated a moment and then nodded. He let he hand go and took out his pad. He brought up the councilor's information while he waited for her to take out hers. When she nodded he sent it to her, and took down her pad number in return, making a note to contact Dauro to arrange to pay part of the sessions. He took the card, and then he hugged her, before watching her walk away. He smiled at Hela'han as he entered, but didn't pay attention to what she said; Trembor was standing, leaning against their desks. "Shouldn't you be sitting?" Marlot asked as he hurried to the lion. Trembor rolled his eyes, "I'm fine. Who was she?" "One of his victims, she gave me a reward for killing him, but I going to use it to pay for the councilor I got her to go see." Trembor smiled, "you're a sneaky wolf." He grabbed his hand and pulled him close. "I love you," he said before wrapping his arms around Marlot and kissing him. Marlot froze for a moment remembering the door was open and Hela'han was on the other side, and then forced his worries away so he could enjoy it. He heard her give an amused chuckle and then the door was closed quietly.
  23. Kindar

    Chapter 08

    Marlot drove as fast as he could, Trembor navigating him around the slower roads. "What are you thinking about for opportunity?" the lion asked. "He owns the gym; no one's going to keep track of his movements, and I can bet he wasn't training anyone when Aiden was killed," the wolf replied, quickly passing a car. He didn't worry about being arrested for speeding; his car's transponder was set to pursuit mode. "Make the second right, there's an accident ahead." Trembor said The tires squealed as Marlot made the turn. "What pisses me off is that I never caught scent he was lying to us." Trembor didn't look up from his pad, "the air in that place was a soup of scents from everyone there, the only way we could have picked up his scent over everyone else was if we'd been right in his face. He wasn't obvious about it, but he kept his distances. Don't beat yourself up over it; take it out on him when we have him." The rest of the drive was spent focused on avoiding other drivers and navigating the city. When they got to the gym they parked right in front of it, two wheels on the sidewalk. The ran out of it, Marlot punching the lock code in his pad out of reflex to make sure no one took the car. They ran in the gym just in time to see the iguana disappear in a door at the back of the gym. "What do you think you're . . ." a buff simian said moving in their way, but Trembor just bowled him over before he could finish his question. Marlot jumped over him as they sprinted after Cristan. The door led to an office, with another one slowly closing on the left wall. They ran through it into a corridor cramped with barbells and boxes of various drinks. Halfway down the corridor they picked up fresh air. Trembor opened the door and went outside while Marlot kept running until he hit the end of the hall and then doubled back. Marlot looked around as soon as he stepped in the alley, trash was littered everywhere. Trembor was running down the alleyway on his right, so he ran after him. At the end the lion smelled around and then turned left. When Marlot made the turn people were getting off the ground in the lion's wake, screaming after him that he had no business hunting on a public street. There were no actual laws preventing it, but it was considered impolite to do so. Marlot didn't have to worry about pushing people aside since the path Trembor made was still there. He caught up to him when the lion back tracked, smelling the air. Marlot sniffed around, looking for the iguana's scent. Finding it he moved in Trembor's direction, when they found that it turned into another alley they started running again. They followed his scent inside an old building and up a flight of stairs. The room they led to took the entire floor. There was just enough light to see coming in from holes in the boarded up windows. Desks, chairs, filing cabinets and other sorts of office furniture were littered across the floor. None of the holes in the windows were large enough for Cristan to slip through. Marlot wasn't sure why he'd come here, but he was still here. "Cristan," Trembor's voice boomed in the silent space, "you don't have anywhere to run to anymore." Marlot closed his eyes and focused on the sounds. He couldn't hear Cristan breathing from where he was, but if . . . "That's what you think!" came the iguana's response. The wolf's ears swiveled, there! Marlot opened his eyes. On the other side of the room there was a large filling cabinet, Cristan was behind it. He looked at Trembor and the lion nodded. He indicated Marlot was to go around the room on one side and he would go the other side. "Why'd you kill her?" Trembor asked as he started moving. Marlot mirrored him, staying against the wall and keeping an eye on the cabinet in case Cristan tried to bolt. "Are you telling me you don't think she deserved it? I can't be the only result of her kink still alive. How many broken kids are out there now because of her?" Marlot focused passed the iguana's voice, he could hear something rustling where Cristan was, was he searching through something? "So what?" Trembor said, "you did it for them? That scent's gone bad. You said you didn't hate her, so why would you kill her for a bunch of cubs you never even knew." A sigh came from the iguana, "look, I didn't mean to kill her, ok? I just wanted to see her again, to show her what I'd made of myself. I don't know, maybe reconnect with her." "It didn't work it, did it?" Cristan snorted, "she's dead, isn't she?" "What happened?" Trembor ask sounding concerned. "I tried to explain things to her, you know how I'd emulated her, how I was just like her so we were perfect for each other. Instead of appreciating what I'd done she started insulting me. She called me," he paused for a moment, and Marlot heard something click, "I'm not going to say what she called me, it hurts too much. But then I got angry. I did what I had to so she wouldn't say those horrible things, and then I showed her just I much of a male I was." Trembor stopped moving, "just like her?" when he spoke again anger seethed in his tone, "you raped those females." Cristan stood, "yes I did," and pointed something he held in two hands at Trembor. There was a flash of light, the sound of an explosion. Trembor grunted and staggered back against a boarded window. The boards broke away and he fell backward. As that happened Marlot realized what Cristan was holding. How had the iguana been able to get a gun? Only the military and police had access to those. And then he heard Trembor's body hit the ground. His eyes narrowed on the iguana that had hurt his lion. He wasn't a criminal anymore, he wasn't even prey, he was meat. Time slowed down as he went into hunter mode and started running for him. He saw the gun lining up with him and the hands tense as Cristan pressed on the trigger. Marlot jumped down behind a desk as a hole exploded in the column that had been next to him. He stood and ran for the iguana, not even going for cover as he pressed the trigger again. The shot went wide and when Cristan tried to aim again Marlot was close enough to bat the weapon out of his hands. Marlot didn't give the iguana time to do anything else. He openedhis muzzle as wide as he could and closed it around Cristan's neck, digging deep and relishing the taste of his blood. Cristan tried to get him to let go, he punched Marlot in the stomach and the chest, but in return the wolf shook his head, hard enough that he ripped the iguana's throat out. Cristan staggered back trying to stop the blood from flowing out and wheezing as he tried to breath. He looked at Marlot with fear in his eyes, reaching and trying to call out to him, but the wolf stood still holding his throat in his muzzle, watching the iguana die with a gleam of victory in his eyes. When the iguana crumbled to the floor Marlot spat out the throat and stared at him as his breathing stopped. He watched as the blood pooled under the body, transfixed by it and a sense of elation over took him, so strong that he lifted his head and howled. He then lowered his head a satisfied grin on his muzzle. * * * * * His trance was broken when someone shook him. He growled and snapped where the hand had been, but the female rabbit had already pulled away. "Sir, are you alright?" she asked him, and he slowly returned to himself. "You were just standing there looking down at," she gasped as she looked where the body laid but quickly regained control of herself. "I tried calling for you but you weren't reacting." He looked at her, her head only going up to his chest; she was wearing a medic's jacket, which meant Bahamel had probably called them in. They would be able to look after Trembor. Trembor! Marlot ran passed her, down the stairs and around the building. There three medics, a bobcat, a Labrador and a bull, were moving Trembor to a gurney. "Get away from him!" Marlot growled at them. Their reaction was instantaneous, they moved away from the lion. Marlot kneeled next to the lion. His left shoulder had been bandaged, but blood was slowly seeping through. He took Trembor's right hand in his and pressed it against his muzzle. "Please be ok. Trem, please don't die. I," he swallowed hard and looked at Trembor's chest slowly move up and down. He didn't want his lion to die, but if, he tried to stop his mind from going there, but he couldn't, if it was to happen, he couldn't let it happen with having told him first. He took his hand in both of his, "I, I love you Trem," he said softly, "please don't leave me." "I love you too Mar," Trembor replied weakly, and smiled when Marlot looked up at him. "Good, you got that asshole." He lifted his left hand slightly, but then winced in pain and let it drop. "I'm not leaving you, ever," he said when he'd caught his breath, "but I need you to go me a favor." "Anything," Marlot proclaimed. "Let the medics do their jobs." Trembor said sweetly.
  24. Kindar

    Chapter 07

    Marlot knocked on the frame of the open door as he looked inside. "I hope you don't mind," he told the bear sitting at the desk, "I told the Lab at he desk I was an old friend of yours." "Marlot!" She exclaimed with a wide smile, "What took you so long to come by for a visit?" She stood up and hugged him, towering over him by almost two feet. He hugged the Grizzly back, his arms barely reaching around her back. "You're going to have to let go of me eventually, you know?" he said with a chuckle when she was still holding him after a full minute. "No I don't," she replied flatly. "Actually," Trembor said, trying not to laugh watching them, "I am going to need him back." She looked at the lion, studying him, "And you are?" "R.I. Trembor Goldenmane." "Goldenmane?" she repeated as she let go of Marlot, "don't I remember you mentioning that name when you were still visiting me on a regular basis?" "Yeah, we had to work together on that hunter case." She looked from him to the lion and back, "and you're still working together?" "We worked well together," Trembor said. "And we figured we could accomplish more if we polled out resources and territories," Marlot added quickly. She studied them both thoughtfully before asking, "so are you going to introduce me?" Marlot chuckled "Trembor, this is Bahamel Strongbone, she arrested me almost as soon as I set foot in the city." "For what?" the lion asked. "Participation in an unregistered house of pleasure," the grizzly answered. Trembor looked at his partner in amazement. "You never told me!" Marlot's ears went against his skull, "with good reason," he mumbled. She backhanded his shoulder lightly, "stop being so embarrassed about it," she looked at Trembor, "We had him in a cell for two days before we questioned him, and it was at least six hours before he mentioned he was a RI. He scared half the department when he said that. They thought he'd been hired by the higher ups to investigate us." "What were you doing in a pleasure house?" disbelief clear in Trembor's voice. "I'd gotten a tip Ruxul was hiding out in it." Marlot admitted in embarrassment. "Then why didn't you tell them that?" Marlot glared at him, "because I'd just arrived from a town were even the RI didn't make waves ok? They were the Law and I wasn't, that's all I knew." "Alright," Bahamel said before Trembor could comment, "Lets stop this before it turns into a full fledge lover's spat." Marlot spun to look at her, fear in his eyes, but she had her back to him, heading to her desk. "Now, as much as I appreciate that you dropped by, I doubt it was just to reminess," she sat down, "so what is this about?" She looked at them, either not noticing or not reacting to the Wolf's expression. It was Trembor who spoke, "we're wondering if you've come across a rape where the rapist didn't leave any sort of evidence." She looked at them seriously, "get in and close the door." Her tone didn't leave room for discussion. "What's your interest in this?" Marlot sat down in the only other chair; he'd decided that her comment had been innocent. "Have you heard about Aiden Spottedfur?" "She was Arcas' vice president, wasn't she? You're investigating her murder?" The wolf nodded, "Our examiner found evidence that she was raped, but the rapist didn't leave any traces." She drummed her fingers on the desk for a moment, "she doesn't fit his pattern," she said soft enough that she could have been talking to herself. "So you do have a rapist." Marlot stated. Bahamel nodded, "a serial rapist, we've been able to keep his presence out of the newsies." "Will you let us look at the file?" Trembor asked. The bear looked at him, surprised. "What?" was all he could ask, equally surprised at the reaction. "I was expecting you to demand to see our files." Bahamel said. Trembor shook his head, "I know the value of maintaining good relationship with the police." She smiled at him, "It's good to know that there are a few RI in the city who know that. Come on, I'll show it to you myself." She led them through the building, pass a row of interrogation rooms, all but one empty. Marlot did a double take as he walked by the large one way mirror showing the last room. He stopped and watched a male grizzly bear question a sleazily dressed badger. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but from the body language he could imagine the growling voice. "Ba, is that Belric?" Bahamel walked back and looked inside, smiling with pride, "Yes it is. I had to wait until my youngest, but one of them finally followed in their mama's footsteps." She left him to his work and guided them to another room. This one was a meeting room, with no windows to spy in. The chairs had been removed and writing boards brought in. On them were pictures of females, Marlot did a quick count, on the four boards there were over thrity pictures, each with a number corresponding to one of the files neatly laid out on the table. Marlot looked at the grizzly, "Just how long has that monster been doing this?" he asked feeling sick. "Officially, we're saying five years, but I think he's been doing it much longer." She moved to the second board and pointed to a picture with the number twenty eight, "She's the oldest case we've been able to find, but even with her his method was already established. She was drugged, raped and she doesn't remember much of it." "What drug was used?" Trembor asked, taking her file from the table. "Raspazill," she answered, "it's a Simian sleep aid," she added at his confused look. "It's available over the counter without a prescription. It's only used by them because with almost every other specie it causes mostly disorientation and drowsiness, and that's in small dozes. If you only triple the doze, it can stop the brain's ability to remember for a few hours." "So he drugs them, does what ever he wants with them and they don't even remember?" Trembor said disgusted. "Not everyone's the same, these females remembered something, at least enough to know something had been done to them. they had a higher tolerance to Raspazill, so we probably have a lot more females out there who don't even know they were raped, or are too afraid to come forward." "What are the Pharmas doing about it?" Marlot asked, finding it a little easier to remain detached than Trembor was. "They've put warnings on the packages saying there were serious side effects for non-Simians, but without outright telling them about the rapist we can't get them to pull the drug off the market, and if we did that the newsies would get wind of it and it would create a panic." Marlot nodded, and then turned when he heard Trembor growl. The lion was looking at the picture of a young lioness. Marlot went to him and took his hand in his. "Trembor, she isn't our case." The lion didn't respond. "Trem," he tried again, his voice softer this time, "We can't help her." Trembor looked at him, anger in his eyes. "She can't be older than Alasa," he said sharply. "I know, but we're here for Aiden. Bahamel," he nodded in her direction, and she suddenly looked anywhere but at them, "is already doing everything she can for them. " The lion glared at him for a moment before the anger dissolved. "You're right, thanks." He said sweetly, his hand reaching up, almost cupping Marlot's cheek, but instead, after a moment of hesitation Trembor used it to rub his brow. He took a deep breath and looked at Bahamel, "Alright, tell us about his patterns." She indicated they should sit, "Let me start by saying that I really hope your body wasn't one of his victims, because as far as we know he's never killed before. he likes his females young, in their very early adulthood. He doesn't seem to care about species, except for Simians, of course." "He knows the drug doesn't work on them." Marlot commented, "what about his hunting grounds?" "That's been proving difficult to discern," she said tuning a board around to show a map of the city, with one pin in it for each victim. "Because of the drug, we can't be sure where the crime happened. But even with what we have you can see they cover almost half the city." Trembor looked over the table. "I'm not seeing any files on suspects, do you have any?" "We do. We pulled all the likely suspects we had, but realized we had to keep the files under lock when one of our regular officer decided to exact vengeance on the most likely suspect. Now only the task force has access to it." She punched a number in her pad and the file cabinet she was standing next to clicked. She pulled a stack of files out of the top drawer. "These are our current suspects." Marlot and Trembor split the stack, but it only took them three files each to look at each others, and then at Bahamel. "They're all reptiles," Trembor said. "Yes, they're the most likely specie to have done this, they don't shed like mammals do so they don't leave fur at the scene or on the body of the victims." Marlot's blood grew cold as the realization sank in. He slowly turned to the map and looked at it. The furthest north east the victims reached was the financial district. "Trem, what's the iguana's address?" he asked standing. Trembor looked at him for a moment and then pulled out his pad to look it up, giving it to him. Marlow started cursing under his breath as he traced the road. It edged the south west end of the victim's corridor. "Pull up a map and give me the closest intersection for his building." He cursed loudly when he found the intersection. "What?" Trembor asked standing up. "I've been blind, I never even considered reptiles." "What are you talking about?" the lion asked. Marlot turned to face him, "it fits; he doesn't shed, he knew Aiden. She would let him in since she had no reason to fear him, after all she used to dominate him. He's strong enough to break her neck. It has to be him." Marlot didn't wait for Trembor's reaction, he ran out of the room. Before Trembor could follow him Bahamel grabbed his arm. "Him who?" she asked him. "Cristan Hardtalon," he answered, "he used to be one of Aiden's boytoy." Instead of releasing him she pulled him close and looked him in the eyes. "You take good care of Marlot, do you hear me?" She only let the lion go one he'd had nodded his understanding.
  25. Kindar

    Chapter 06

    Marlot was the first one to arrive at the gym a few blocks from their office. He and Trembor tried to squeeze in at least three training session a week. Since he was first he grabbed the clipboard by the entrance and checked the list of fighting rings, looking for those which were available. This gym didn't have any weight machine, it catered to those who preferred to stay in shape the old fashion way, by fighting each others. The patrons were all predators; not even the biggest and strongest herbivore would dare set foot here. "Has anyone reserved ring two over the next hour and a half?" he asked the badger behind the counter. "Nope," he replied after checking his own list, "feel free to take it." "Thanks," Marlot wrote his name in the time block for that ring and put the clipboard back. He was almost done changing when the lion walked in. He bent down and licked the wolf's ear, making him put his fighting gloves over his groin and freeze with worry. "Morning," Trembor said softly. "Don't do that," Marlot growled once he'd regained some of his composure. Trembor simply chuckled and undressed. Marlot knew they were alone for the moment, but that hadn't helped, and he'd known the lion would do something like that. It was his way of trying to get him to relax about demonstrating their involvement in public. Marlot watched the lion pull down his pants and made sure his gloved hid his hard on. "You're just doing that to torture me, aren't you?" Trembor smirked and turned, putting himself on display for his lover, "It's only torture because you're not willing to do anything about it." Marlot rolled his eyes, "oh, Grebor would just *love* the idea of us going at it in the locker room." He gulped as he found himself imagining lying back on this bench, legs in the air with Trembor pounding in him. The lion scented the air and grinned at him. "Thanks a lot," the wolf said bitterly. "That old badger wouldn't give a damn," he said as he pulled up his shorts up, "come on, lets go fight so we can cover up that lust with some good old fashion exhaustion." "I'll be out in a moment," Marlot said, moving his gloved to show the lion the tent in his training shorts. Trembor chuckled, "just tell them it's because you're looking forward to fighting." The wolf threw him a dirty look. "Fine, I'll be waiting in the ring, but don't take too long or I'll find myself another partner," he said as he left the locker room. Marlot sat in silence for a moment and then focused on putting on his gloves; they were made of slightly padded leather and covered the top of his hands and tip of his fingers. Straps at the base of the fingers and the wrist ensured they stayed in place. They were used mostly to prevent serious injuries caused by claws. He then put on the slippers over his feet. His fighting style didn't make use of his feet, that was Trembor's thing, but Grebor required them to avoid accidents. Satisfied he had his lust under control he left the locker room. Most of the fighting rings were occupied, but there wasn't anyone watching. That was the advantage of coming here first thing in the morning, the gawkers were still sleeping. His steps faltered a bit when he saw Trembor moving in their ring, punching and kicking the air. He felt his cock harden as he watched the lion's muscle ripple under his short golden fur; at how his mane flowed over his shoulders and down his chest, narrowing as it moved down and disappeared under his trunks. The wolf climbed in the ring and did his stretching exercises, avoiding looking at the lion. He guessed that every time he looked at him that way he gave himself away to anyone who watched him, and as much as the thought frightened him, he hoped that he would never 'not' be turned on by the sight of his lover's majestic body. They went from warming up to fighting directly, exchanging a few light blows. Trembor tended to remain still while Marlot moved around him. The lion's advantage was strength, while the wolf had agility on his side. "I think we might be looking at Aiden's case wrong," Trembor said as he threw a punch in the wolf's direction. "Ok," was Marlot's only reply as he moved under the punch, put a leg behind the lion's and pushed him back with an arm across the chest. Trembor fell back, but Marlot still barely moved in time to avoid the foot that swung at his head during the fall. He knew from experience that if it had connected his head would have been ringing for a few minutes. Trembor let the momentum of the fall roll him on his back and then in a crouch. He looked up at Marlot. "What if we have the importance of the attacks backward," He said as he lunched himself at him. Marlot threw himself to the floor to avoid being bowled over by the lion's superior mass and quickly jumped to his feet, in time to block a kick. "You think rape is the motivation?" He aimed his next punch at the lion's throat, but it was swiped aside with a hand and he was sent back against he ropes by the strength behind the fist that hit him in the chest. Trembor stayed back, giving Marlot time to regain his breath, "Murderers tend to be connected with the victim, it's an act of passion. Rape is one of control and power; all the perpetrator really needs is an opportunity." "She let him in," Marlot said as he charged the lion, dodging the punch that came. He placed his foot behind Trembor's leg again, but this time the lion saw it coming and turned, exposing his back, exactly as the wolf had expected him to do. He elbowed him hard in the kidney. Trembor cursed under his breath as he reeled forward, lifting his leg back in time to catch Marlot in the chest as he tried to press his advantage, and decking him. Trembor leaned against the rope while the pain passed. "Someone knocks at your door offering to show you a selection of, I don't know, in your case, computers. What do you do?" Marlot didn't bother lifting his ringing head. "I let him in. I'm a predator, what do I have to fear." The ringing stopped and he got up. "But I wouldn't let in someone who looked strong enough to over power me, I'm not stupid." Trembor smiled at him, it was a caring smile, "no, but think about Aiden, she's the vice president of one of the largest Pharma Corps, could someone in her position even afford to think there might be someone out there who was more powerful then her?" Marlot nodded, "overconfidence." "Yep," Trembor replied as he spun and sent flying at the wolf, only to end up on his back as Marlot threw himself under it, sliding on his knees next to the lion and elbowing him in the back of his knee. "You were implying?" Marlot said as he stood and offered his hand to the lion. "The wrong thing," he answered taking the hand and being pulled up, "obviously." "That still leave the question of why he didn't bring the body back with him." Marlot pointed out as he went to a corner, indicating he was taking a momentary break. Trembor went to the opposite corner. "Maybe he didn't realize she was dying. He might simply think that she'd finally submitted to him." "Alright, but why go after Aiden? You said a rapist needed opportunity, I don't see that here." Trembor chuckled. "I don't know. The little I remember from rape crimes dates back to my days at the academy, and I wasn't exactly paying attention, I already knew I wasn't going to specialize in that. Maybe it's a status thing." Marlot nodded, "I know someone in the vice division, maybe we should pay her a visit before we get back to the office." * * * * * Trembor ran his fingers though his wolf's lustrous fur, wondering why it was that his lover, who cringed every time he touched him in public, became comfortable with it, in a public shower, simply because everyone one else was doing it. The lion smiled as he continued to lather Marlot's back, eliciting moans when he dug his fingers in the sore muscles and massaged them. Unlike him Marlot's muscles were dense, you could barely see them through his almost black fur. They didn't bulge like his, they were always solid, ready to strike, ready to defend him. He loved to touch them, to feel them under his hands, knowing that when they were alone he got to feel that strength in a very different way. They effect his lover had on him didn't show as he washed his back. The advantage of being a few years older he guessed, and then wondered if eight still qualified as a 'few'. He did have to resist the temptation to just nuzzle the wolf's neck. They used the dryer once they were done washing, still together as they used towels on each other to help dry their furs. As they were dressing Trembor saw something he rarely did in public. Marlot looked up at him and he could see in his eyes, and that smile, the love the wolf felt for him. It only lasted a moment before he grew self conscious and looked away. Trembor wanted to hug him, to show him how much that had meant to him, instead he simply smiled back when Marlot looked at him again.

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