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  1. Tiranis is a world of humans and furries, of super science and super powers, of ordinary people and extraordinary ones. Stories of the Past is a series of stories exploring the history of the city of Tiranis, as well as the world it exists in or sometimes people of importance in it. This is excerpt is about 1000 word of a 4,700 word chapter. You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level https://www.patreon.com/posts/22815934 A story of the past "My designation is VDK, of the First Speci-" "I don't care." "I am a representative of the US military," Vee said. "We're on our way to-" "I said I don't give a damn who you are. Maybe you missed the message, but there isn't a United States anymore. It's every city for itself now, and as far as I'm concerned, your kind is the reason for it. You're not natural, if they hadn't made the lot of you, we wouldn't be in this mess." Vee ground his teeth. "My kind has been fighting wars for your kind for over five hundred years. We've served our human officers without questions. We've died for your kind." "Yeah," the man sounded bored, "Unless you're looking to join all the others who've died for us, you're going to put your weapons and packs down. You're going to leave your carts and walk around the wall and continue on your way." El looked at where the ground gave way and the sound of water hitting it came. He could sense further that the water extended under the road, making the pylons supporting it, also the only thing supporting the wall there. The man followed the lynx's gaze. "You can swim if you want. I don't care. I just want you out of here." "We're not leaving you our supplies, but we're willing to trade you some of our weapons and tanned hides for food, then we'll leave." The man raised his bow and let an arrow loose. El had expected something like this and had been focusing on the surrounding air. With a muttered "No" under his breath he had the wind divert the arrow so it hit the ground a few meters before them. He kept focusing and closed his hands into fists to keep them from shaking. "We don't want to fight you," Vee said as if he hadn't been shot at. "But if you attack us again, I will designate you an enemy combatant and respond in kind." He took the bow off his back and strung it. Those behind them did the same. "El, how long can you keep their arrows off us?" "I can agitate the air between them and us for a while, but I don't have the precision I used to. I can't promise I won't knock your arrows off too." Vee notched an arrow, but kept it pointed at the ground. "I repeat, we are only looking to trade and pass through. Do not force my hand." "You think we're scared of you?" the man had another arrow in his bow, and the others on the wall were ready to shoot. "That was a warning shot. The next one goes through your heart." "Soldiers!" Vee called. "If they attack, respond with wounding shots only! You are to avoid enemy casualties whenever possible, as misguided as they are they are still American citizens, is that understood!" "Yes, Sir!" They responded as one. Arrows came at them before the air was done reverberating. With a mental push the air exploded, sending them tumbling. "Fire!" Vee ordered while the men reached for another arrow. And the arrows the soldiers let loose found their targets. For a moment there was no one standing on the wall, then more came to replace the fallen men. El wasn't able to keep all enemy arrows from reaching them, and a few times he disrupted his side's arrows, but with Vee there to heal their injuries almost as soon as they occurred they remained standing, while the men on the wall kept falling, until fewer and fewer of them came, and eventually a white flag was waved. Vee motioned, and the soldiers lowered their bows, keeping the arrows notched. "Please stop," a woman called. "Show yourself." She stood, holding the flag. She was older, her hair gray, her face wrinkled. "Do you surrender?" Vee asked. "Promise me you won't hurt anyone else." She kept her fear under control, her voice barely trembling. "You have my word that we won't fire on anyone who doesn't attack us first." After a slight hesitation she nodded. "We surrender." "Open your gate and let us in. Anyone holding a weapon when we enter will be considered hostile and treated accordingly. I tried being friendly, your people opened the hostility. I will not take any chances, is that understood?" "We have-" "No." Vee tone was hard. "Anyone holding any kind of weapons will be considered an enemy. If you need time to ensure everyone is disarmed, I'll give you until sunset. But take heed, if you use the time to try to mount a surprise attack, I will raze this city to the ground with everyone in it. Am I making myself clear?" She nodded, then said, "yes sir. The gates will open before the sun sets." She disappeared behind the wall. Vee turned. "Mary get as many people as you need and collect the arrows. Don't worry about them being broken, we'll go through them later. Stay on your guard, I don't trust them. El, how-?" "I have about three hundred meters in range. No fine control, but I can keep anything off us." Vee smiled. "I was going to ask how are you holding up?" "It's way more tiring than it used to. Moving this little air feels like I'm trying to shift the entire state's air pattern." The statement got him surprised looks from the others as they passed to get the arrows. "I can't keep focused on you, so if they attack again and you need me to take away the exhaustion call out." "I will, don't worry." "Sidney! When the gate opens, I want four guards on it. It doesn't close until everyone and the carts are inside. Anyone trying to close them before that is to be considered hostile." "Yes Sir." They'd collected all the arrows, and the sun wasn't quite touching the horizon when the gate opened. The woman, holding the white flag, stepped out.
  2. Tiranis is a world of humans and furries, of super science and super powers, of ordinary people and extraordinary ones. Stories of the Past is a series of stories exploring the history of the city of Tiranis, as well as the world it exists in or sometimes people of importance in it. This is excerpt is about 1000 word of a 7,000 word chapter. You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level https://www.patreon.com/posts/22815371 A story of the past "Who are you?" Vee asked. "I'm Commander Susan Rodriguez." RSM whispered. "Commander?" El echoed her puzzlement, there was no 'commander' rank in the army. "Which army division are you from?" "What does that matter? I'm the person in charge here." "Which military college did you graduate from, Ma'am?" this time there was a lot less respect in the 'Ma'am.' "The Texas one. Are you questioning my authority? Leon, take this soldier and throw him in the brig." One of the bear took a step forward, but stopped when DHC growled. "Fuck this, I didn't survive hell just to be kept from going home by a woman with delusions of grandeur leading a bunch of green playing at being soldiers. I say we take them." "At ease, soldier," Vee said, his tone calm. "You're a civilian, are you, Susan?" "I am the commander of this base." "Susan, I am a US soldier. I only take orders from US command or one of their appointed representative." "I am-" "No, you're not. Command hasn't appointed a civilian since that debacle in the Congo United Territories seventy-two years ago." "Well, maybe you've missed the memo, but there hasn't been a US command for a while now, so I'm in charge. If you don't obey me, I'm going to have you executed." Vee looked at the bear. "Leon, correct?" "Yes, Sir." "You know the regulations?" "Yes, Sir." "Good, then I'm assuming command." Relief flooded the room. "You can't do that!" Susan yelled. "I'm the commander!" "No, Susan, you're not. Believe it or not, US command actually planned from something like this. Regulations 43-8 paragraph 12. 'In case of a complete loss of communication between a unit, or a base, the role of US command will fall open the highest ranked officer on site, this will apply that the officer be human or Anthro.' I'm the highest ranking officer here." "No, you're just an animal. You aren't fit to lead. Leon, kill him." El felt the tension behind him. But they didn't have to worry. The bear was looking at Vee, not Susan. She looked at the bear in dismay. "I gave you an order, Soldier!" "Sir?" the bear asked Vee. "I'm in charge! One of you, kill them!" she ordered the other six. No one moved. She headed for the door. "Keep her from leaving." The tiger grabbed her by the arm. She glared at him. "Samuel, let go of me this instant." "I'm sorry, Susan. I can't." He sounded genuinely apologetic. "How many soldiers are here?" "Forty-six, Sir," The chipmunk said. "We were doing exercises at Fort Hickton when everything stopped working." Vee nodded. "Leon, go assemble them, I'm going to want to talk to all of them." "Sir, there might be some problem. A few of them are unreasonably loyal to her. Until you explain things to them, they will resist." "Take these five." Vee indicated the others who had entered with Susan. "But I don't want any bloodshed." "Samuel, can I trust not to let her go?" "Yes, Sir. I ca-it's complicated, but yes I will follow your orders, Sir, not hers." "Good." He motioned for the bear to get moving. "I'll assemble everyone in the courtyard." "I'll show you where it is," the chipmunk said. "First, tell me where are all the commanding officers. I can understand that they were some loss of life when it happened, but they can't all have died." "No Sir, none of them died, or if they did, it wasn't at the base. They just left." Anthros were entering the room. Eight of them. "What do you mean, just left?" "Just that, Sir. They ordered us to hold the base and left us there. There was seventy of us then and we did our best to follow our orders, but within a week civilians were forcing their way in. We're not supposed to attack US citizens, but they had no problems attacking us. Then she showed up, stopped the fighting and took controls of things. But..." Vee waited, and when the chipmunk didn't continue, he growled to prompt him. "She had us hoard all the weapons and food." Vee glared at her, and El felt his anger rising if she'd been keeping the food to herself... "How much?" Vee asked. "All of it, Sir." El's hands clenched. How could she? "Has she been feeding them?" "Barely. There's been at least two attempts to break in already. She had us kill those we captured." If El's powers had been working, she would have burst into flames right there. As it was, if his anger was stoking the fires, there was no evidence of it. "Throw her in a cell," Vee growled. "Don't you dare," she told the tiger. "I'm in charge. Not that bull." "Susan," the tiger replied, his voice tight, pleading. "He's my commanding officer. I have to do what he says." She placed a hand on his cheek. "But I'm so much more to you, aren't I?" "Samuel?" Vee's voice wasn't loud, but the tiger reacted as if he'd been yelled at. He jerked and pushed the human into the arms of a ram. "Take her to a cell," he said. "Samuel!" she yelled, surprise and outrage mixed together. "Samuel! I'm going to make you pay, do you hear me?" He wrenched herself out of the ram's grip and took a step toward the tiger. She staggered with a gasp. Samuel caught her before she fell, concern on his face. "I stopped your heart for one beat," Vee said, pulling her attention to him. "If you cause me anymore problem, I'll stop it permanently." The horror El expected to see in her face was in Samuel's. She was just angry. "What are you?" "I'm a Specialist. I said that initially. If you don't know what that is, then you have even less business leading these soldiers." He motioned to the ram. "Take her away." When she was gone, Vee looked at the tiger who was still looking at the open door. "Is this going to be a problem for you?" Tiranis
  3. Tiranis is a world of humans and furries, of super science and super powers, of ordinary people and extraordinary ones. Stories of the Past is a series of stories exploring the history of the city of Tiranis, as well as the world it exists in or sometimes people of importance in it. This is excerpt is about 1000 word of a 9,000 word chapter. You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level: https://www.patreon.com/posts/22126231 A story of the past El and Vee were lying naked on the jungle floor, away from the camp. They were sweating and panting from the heat as much as what they'd just finished doing. Their celebration for having finished the mission. El looked at the sky. It was clear without any clouds. "I can hear the choppers approaching." He didn't move. "We should get dressed." The bull nuzzled the lynx's neck and nipped lightly. "Or we can stay here, just the two of us. Leave the wars behind." He ran a hand through El's chest fur and down to his groin. "Enjoy ourselves." El's chuckle caught, and he pulled the hand away. "Be serious, Vee. We can't go AWOL, hide here and have sex all the time. We're soldiers." "I know." The bull sighed. "I just didn't expect to be doing this for so damned long. Our live expectancy was what? fifteen years? If we didn't die in combat? We've been at it for centuries." El nodded at Vee's tired tone. The average lifespan of an Anthro soldier was actually eight years, he'd read. He'd encounter an old soldier once, a Grizzled black bear of twelve who'd had a missing eye, hand and half his fur. She'd been grim as she fought, throwing herself into battle like she wanted to die. She'd survived it, losing only a foot. Her expression had been as grim leaving the battlefront as it had been entering it. El's long lifespan, as well as that of all the Specialists had surprised the Scientists at the Freak Lab. How many were there now? one, two hundred of them? He was sure that much more had come to be in total, but even with their powers, war was deadly. When Eek had reached sixteen, he was the oldest, older than CM by a month, the scientists had run a barrage of tests on him trying to determine how he hadn't just died on reaching fifteen. Each of them went through the same tests on their sixteen birthdays. The scientist hadn't said anything, but El had become good at eavesdropping by then. He learned that Anthros were designed to shut down at fifteen. He didn't know why, that was one question he hadn't been able to answer in all these years. None of his brothers and sisters had died at fifteen. Those who didn't make it to that age had been taken by the war, and each one of them had taken a lot of enemies with them before they finally went down. Of those El considered his family, the twenty-six who had been housed in the same barrack as him, only eighteen remained. Which, then El thought about it, was impressive considering how long they had all been fighting in one war or another. The Freak Lab now had two dozen barracks for Specialists, but he didn't know how many of those were actually used. El had tried to get to know them, at first, but he just couldn't connect with any of them like he had with his family. They might be Specialists like him, were just other soldiers to him. He didn't know why. "Have you heard from Zack?" He asked as they rejoined the others in the clearing. "He should have made contact by now. It's been three days." The helicopters were getting close. Tango and Bravo were all there, packs on their back. "No, but I'm not worried. They are experienced." El froze. Something had happened. Vee looked at him. "What's wrong?" There was a flash of light in the distance, just as the helicopters' motors sputtered and died. El looked behind them. Light was blooming over the trees, far he could feel that, but coming. "Scatter!" he yelled pointing in the opposite direction, and he saw one of the helicopters drop out of the sky. "Run as fast as you can! Leave everything behind. Now!" He followed his own orders and ran. His soldiers obeyed. Those created for speed outdistanced the others. One of the helicopters crashed and a ball of fire went up. The second crashed moments later, then the third and fourth. El barely sensed those fires. Whatever was coming overshadowed them, even at a distance. "What's going on?" El Felt the heat in the distance, a wall of it coming at them so very fast. It was different than any fire he'd ever felt, but he knew it was just as deadly, if not more so. And he realized something. "We're not going to make it." The words were a whisper, fear stealing most of his voice away. He had to run faster. "El, talk to me!" "That flash of light. There's a wall of heat coming. It's father than we are." Vee caught his arm and stopped. "Fire?" "Vee we have to run!" El tried to pull him, but the bull was stronger. Soldiers were running past them, the downed helicopters, that light and his words had been enough to show them the wisdom of not being here. "You said it's faster than we are." He looked behind them. "Vee, we have to try!" The bull looked at him. "How hot?" El didn't immediately answer. Didn't Vee understand the danger they were in? "I don't know," he finally said. "Hot. It's different. I can't tell." Vee's face was set, hard. "El, I'm going to keep you safe. No matter what, I'll keep you safe. I love you too much to let anything happen to you." El pulled. "Then we have to run!" there was air being displaced. He hadn't noticed it because he'd been focused on the strange heat, but he could tell a shock wave would hit them first. And he realized it was already too late. It had been too late the moment the explosion happened. They weren't going to survive. Maybe the runners would, but no one else could get far enough in time. He wrapped his arms around his lover and held on. Wasn't it ironic that only minutes before they'd been talking about deserting?
  4. Going home: Strongburgh, Part 4 of 4 He shoved the metal slim between the wooden door and the frame, just above the lock and pushed against it. The door cracked and the lock assembly bulged, but not enough. He forced the slim back in, this time going a little deeper and giving him better purchase. It still wasn’t enough, but on the third try the wood shattered and the lock fell out of the door. Sometimes, even for a Builder, it was the application of direct force that got the job down. But, as soon as he had the time he was making himself some sort of multi-key, this was the second, not third door he’s broken to open, and that didn’t count the minivan. He peeked inside, relieved to not hear any alarm. The large storage room smells of dust and mold. The only light came from the door he held open. It was enough to show him boxes after boxes with signs of water damage. A few had papers spilling out of broken sides. He stepped in. This, he figured, was what had happened to all the books and pages of tests once computers had been introduced. This was what he’d used to learn. It was depressing to see all of it abandoned like that, but the Builder in him knew that technology always moved forward. He saw the door leading inside the hotel on the other side of the room, and closed the door. The darkness was near complete, what light that entered through the missing lock no enough to let him see past the first few stacks of boxes He almost tripped on an errand box, and did end up on his back when he stepped on papers made slick with mold and humidity. He cursed as trashing to get up just covered him with more of the gunk. As soon as they were over he was going to need a shower. The door opened without resistance and in the crack letting light through he could see it didn’t have a lock. Clearly the university didn’t care if someone stole what was in this room. He searched for Amirel’s device, and saw only one, heading for the cluster by the entrance. She’d posted them all there? She hadn’t kept any for protection? Since she didn’t know he could see the diagrams, this wasn’t a trap. She was that confident in their ability to keep him from getting in. Eric located Amirel’s briefcase above him, where he thought her office was. She’d be near it, he was certain of that. He considered turning on the sphere right now—he had to give the thing a name. He could repurpose ‘Disruptor’ since he’d left his in the elk’s classroom. He could turn the Disruptor on now, but he still had to cross to the other end of the building to access the stairs, and if she noticed the disruption, she’d have time to find a way to get reinforcement to her office. When the student had reached the cluster he opened the door. As he stepped out he saw the shiny mold on his pants and hoodie. Fortunately there was no one around to see him. He ducked back in, and found dry papers to scrap as much of it off as he could. He tried not to think of it as desecrating the past, after all he wasn’t the one who had abandoned all these papers here, the school system had. Once the spots on his clothes only looked dirty and damp, rather than wet and slimy he left the room and headed for the stairs. A few students had appeared, but none of them with devices in their necks, and some gave him a curious glance, but they didn’t seem bothered seeing him. No one yelled at him by the time he made it to Amirel’s floor, and he took that as a good sign. He turned the Disruptor on before leaving the stairs. He could wait until he was before her, give her a speech about the evil of her way and how he as going to stop her. He chuckled at his own idiocy, this wasn’t a movie, at least he hadn’t seen any cameras following him around. Until that happened, he was playing it safe, instead of the trying to rock it. He kept his gaze on the briefcase. If she hadn’t moved it, it should be at the foot of the desk, on the other side form the door. In the desk itself he could see the components to the device stacked in their boxes. And on the shelves all the other devices. The door was locked, but even if he didn’t remember what the combination, he could now work them out at a glance. He punched it in and entered the room. “How—?” she froze on seeing him. He closed the door behind him. “Everyone to my office, now.” She spoke in a calm voice, didn’t even raise it. For all appearance, Eric was the only one who could hear the command. It confirmed that the briefcase transmitted her commands. He wondered what the range was. He stepped around the desk. “I don’t care what you think.” She grabbed the briefcase before he got close to it. “But what you did to them is wrong.” “If you think you can stop me, you’ll be surprised.” She spoke with such certainty, such superiority it made Eric study her. “There’s on their way here, all of them. You through they had to hear my voice to obey me? You’re—” Eric hadn’t planned on showing her the Disruptor, it felt too much like a movie moment, but he figured it would shut her up. “What is that?” “It’s a signal disruptor, radio, cell. I had a Tecker student build it for me because, no, I didn’t think they had to be here to hear your orders. You hold on to that briefcase too tightly for me to think it isn’t important to all this. It transmits your orders to them, or it did. I turned this on before I opened the door.”
  5. Going Home is a series that Explores the city of Tiranis through the eyes of Eric Clarkson, a returning veteran, who finds that the city has changed more than he expected in his absences. Each section of the series will focus on a different part of the city while Eric gets pulled into problems typical to that area, or sometimes not so typical. This is about 1000 words of the 9,100 words chapter. You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level: ttps://www.patreon.com/posts/20705840 Going home: Strongburgh, Part 3 of 4 “Excuse me,” he asked the man walking up the stairs “Where is Glamboro Hall?” the man shrugged. Eric asked the next person, a human woman. She gave him direction and he thanked her. “There!” He spun and at the top of the stairs a student was pointing at him while looking at her phone. She showed it to the students around her and they nodded. So much them not having a picture of him. Or not running. He took off. Glamboro Hall was three blocks down. The old library, the woman had said. Renovated to hold the science department. She’d apologized for not being able to tell him more, but she was late for her class. When he wasn’t busy being chased by mind-controlled students, he’d look up the building’s history. At least he was in better shape than his pursuers. He glanced over his shoulder and only two were still after him. And one looked like he was about to give up. Far behind them he could see more students, hand on their knees, panting hard. He ran through the pedestrians and streets, grateful no one drove here. All the cars were in the lots at the entrance of what had been downtown Strongburgh years ago. Some of the people looked at him, but none of them showed alarm. They probably thought he was running late for something. He considered calling the police, but immediately dismissed the thought. What could he say? Sure, it was true that she was mind-controlling them, but could he prove it? Could he convince them to x-ray their necks? He’d have to find another Builder who could see diagrams like he could, and how likely was that? The students would say whatever she wanted them to. And if convincing them wasn’t enough, they’d ask for his ID. He’d been lucky twice already. The first time because Doctor Reignheart had known the officer, and then because Peek had made the officer think everything was already fine. But now? He didn’t have anyone to vouch for him. Isabel would, but he doubted she was on first name bases with any officer who would show up. He didn’t think the professor would call the police either. She had to worry that someone might believe Eric’s story. If anyone examined her students, what she’d done would be revealed. He glanced over his shoulder and cursed. The girl was still after him. Not gaining, but not giving up either. At least she was human. If she’d been a cheetah, or any large cat really, she’d have caught him already. He saw the building, wide, three stories, with a clock at the peek over the double door entrance. Seven minutes to noon. That couldn’t be right, it was way past that. Broken then. A look at the diagram told him one of the gear was missing, deep inside. They’d have to take the clock out just to figure out what needed to be replaced. He grabbed the gardener’s rake that was leaning against the stair’s railing. Inside he pushed the door closed and shoved the rake through both handles and he was running again. Goal. The word popped up as he opened his ability wide. His mind knew his plans were changing. He needed to incapacitate the students after him, there were too many of them he couldn’t fight them all. The diagram formed before him from components he was seeing all around him. The hunger to create something grand hovered at the back of his mind, but it wasn’t insistent. Good, he didn’t have time to deal with that on top of everything else. The item took shape before him, but it was too large. He needed something portable. With the change in criteria it altered and became something palm-sized. Now he needed to find all the parts to make it. He heard the rake break. Ideally find them someplace where they students wouldn’t find him in return. He went up the stairs. He saw the rows after rows of electronic parts before he reached the top of the stairs. A storeroom. Perfect. The door had an electronic lock, but it was the same as on Professor Amirel’s office door. So it easy to get the right numbers for it. He entered and carefully closed the door behind him. He grabbed the items he needed still panting. He couldn’t slow down. At least the door didn’t have a window so the students couldn’t see the light, or the shadow he cast as he moved about. He took out his took and began assembling his…what was he going to call it? It needed a name, inventions always had to be named. Disruptor, that was a good name for it. The Disruptor took shape. Its form meant it would fit comfortably in his hand. He could add a strap so he wouldn’t have to worry about it falling out. The most impressive thing, to him, was how powerful and small the batteries had become in sixty years. By his calculation, the battery he put in the disruptor, barely the size of his thumb had enough power to short most electronics. He’d have to recharge it after each use, so ultimately he couldn’t use that to stop Amirel, but it would let him deal with the students chasing him. So long as they came at him one at a time. Yeah, really not the final solution. Once the disruptor was done, he plugged it in. He’d also build a charger for it. Something better than what he’d seen. In two minutes the disruptor was fully charged. He placed an ear to the door. The downside of now having a window was that he couldn’t look outside until he opened it. With a chuckle he rested his head on it. He didn’t need to open the door. For his purpose he could actually see through it or walls. He looked for the diagrams. He saw one on this floor, further down the hallway, two on the floor above and five below, with more approaching the building.
  6. Going Home is a series that Explores the city of Tiranis through the eyes of Eric Clarkson, a returning veteran, who finds that the city has changed more than he expected in his absences. Each section of the series will focus on a different part of the city while Eric gets pulled into problems typical to that area, or sometimes not so typical. This is about 1000 words of the 7,800 words chapter. You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level Going home: Strongburgh, Part 2 of 4 “Builder Division.” She frowned. “You told me you barely had any Builder Aptitude.” Eric tried to give her a rueful smile, but it faltered. He sighed. “Yeah, I sort of lied about that, but no one knew. I was trying to avoid getting noticed and drafted so I downplayed it.” “I didn’t think you could do that. I’ve interacted with my share of Teckers here, and they seem to have a drive that pushed them to create. The more powerful the ability, the stronger the drive. Most of what they do in Tecker classes is teach them control over that drive.” Eric shrugged. “I can’t comment about other Build—Teckers. I’ve done my best to stay away from them, avoid temptation.” “Then how did the Builder Division find out about you?” “I told you about the attack while my unit was on patrol, right?” She smiled. “That was a long time ago for me. I don’t remember everything you’ve told me.” He nodded. “Gist of it is that we got pinned down. Two of the three transport got shot to pieces and the third was in real bad shape. We knew it was just a question of time before the Hismerite soldiers got reinforcement so we were dead if we didn’t get out of there. I wasn’t going to let my unit die, so I fixed the transport. I didn’t go mad doing it, but I came close. When I was done we all packed in. Trust me, a unit’s worth in one transport, I know how your spinach feels.” She chuckled. “We got back to base and I put it out of my mind. We had our second date that evening.” He sighed. “Someone must have talked, because the next morning someone from Builder Division was there to talk to me. I did my best to downplay it, make it sound like it took longer for me to fix it than the others thought because of the stressful situation. That the transport wasn’t in that bad of a shape, but I’d screwed myself over. I’d been so focused on the work I never noticed the improvements I made to the transport.” He unfolded the napkin. “I’m sure you heard stories. Builder Division won’t let anyone go unless they are certain you can’t contribute to the war. They had me under guards while escorting me. I thought about running, about deserting. I knew what was waiting for me.” “But you didn’t.” There was no doubt in her voice, and that made him smile, a little. “Turns out I’m not a deserter. I must have known on some level that it was just a question of time before I was found out. I didn’t want to leave you wondering, so I asked them to give you the letter, but I guess they didn’t. I took some comfort in the knowledge that as part of the Division, my madness would be used constructively.” He sighed, folded the napkin and pushed it aside. “Long story short. They drove me insane and I built for them. I have no idea how long I did it. Time doesn’t mean much once you’re crazy. What I did know is that I built ever more destructive weapons.” He shrugged. “I don’t know why I’m surprised about that. It was war, of course it was going be weapons and not something constructive. But I didn’t care, all I wanted was to build.” Isabel opened her mouth, but the server returned with their food. Eric had a seared steak, boneless, with potatoes, carrots and beets. It smelled good, but his appetite wasn’t there anymore. “If it helps,” she said once the server left, “it was a year and a half from the moment you disappeared to when the camp was destroyed.” She had a large salad with many colorful vegetables. “Really? When I think back on it only feels like a couple of months.” “No, a year and a half.” “Anyway, I don’t know how familiar you are with Buil—Teckers, but we’re goal-oriented, and we don’t really care about what *you* want. It’s all about us. Our creations. If you need something specific, you need to give us all the details, because we’re going to take every inch of leeway available to make it our own. He poked at the beets with his forks, then forced himself to eat one. It was good. It was drizzled with a dressing that was just spicy enough to balance their sweetness. “The officer in charge told us to build something to end the war. He wanted something decisive, final. He wanted the Hismerites to have no other option but surrendering when confronted with it.” He cut the steak. “I set to work. I have no idea where the idea came from. Most of the time, the seed of the idea is something around me, but I don’t remember anything about the initial thought. I borrowed and stole the parts I needed. I took over more and more of the space assigned to us. What I was building was big. At some point they moved the other Builders to another tent.” He chewed. The meat was tender, the slightly burned crust had a sweetness to it that went well with the other spices. “I don’t remember sleeping or eating. I was consumed with making this.” He smiled. “When it was done, it was magnificent. Of course, at that point there was only one sensible thing left to do. I pressed the big red button I’d put on it.” Isabel’s fork was to her mouth, green leafy vegetables stabbed through along with red and orange ones. “You pressed it? Shouldn’t you have waited for instructions?” Eric gave her a sad smile. “I wasn’t sane, remember? Another thing to remember. Never leave a mad Builder unattended. We want to use what we create. We want to see what it will do, if it will behave the way we know it should. A friend of mine who studies here mentioned weekly explosions.” The bovine smiled as she chewed.
  7. Going Home is a series that Explores the city of Tiranis through the eyes of Eric Clarkson, a returning veteran, who finds that the city has changed more than he expected in his absences. Each section of the series will focus on a different part of the city while Eric gets pulled into problems typical to that area, or sometimes not so typical. This is about 1000 words of the 8,300 words chapter. You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level: https://www.patreon.com/posts/19348192 Going home: Strongburgh, Part 1 of 4 "I have enough of dealing with advanced technology here, I'm trying to keep my life simple." "You're right there, it doesn't come more simple than that. Now go." Milton hunched back over the radio. Eric put the phone away. "If you're certain." Milton growled and Eric hurried out. When Eric had asked for some time off two weeks before, he'd said he had friends from out of town visiting. He hadn't wanted to tell him he was going to spend his time with the Children of the Wind. Instead of just giving him the time off, Milton had reworked how he paid Eric, switching from an hourly waged to a per item one. He based it on long Natalie would have taken on average, and with this method, Eric could earn his week's pay in a couple of hours. He'd only come in three times in the two weeks he'd spent with Listens to the Wind. And now he'd probably have a few days before there was enough to make it worth coming in. Instead of heading back to his room, he walked to Evermore Street and made a left. He passed small convenience stores, a pharmacy and a neighborhood grocery before reaching Connected Coffee, an Internet Cafe. He was more comfortable using computers now, but not enough he wanted one in his room. He was worried about what having something this technologically advanced around him all the time would do to him. And it wasn't like he did much with them. Catching up with the times was about it, or today, trying to see if anyone from his past was still around. He bought a plain coffee and sat at the first available computer. The previous user had left it on and still on a search page, 'Eureka!' The last time he'd done a search it had been 'Gotcha.' He had no idea if one was better than the other, so he didn't bother changing it. He started with his family. As he'd expected, his parents were dead. As were one of his brothers and his two sisters. Francis was still alive. He'd been three years his junior and he was in an assister living home now. The picture by his name on the FindMe site had him looking happy, but his profile indicated he wasn't mobile anymore, that his hearing was almost completely gone and his eyesight also on the way out. While it seemed that in the sixty years he'd missed, no one had found a cure to getting old. They had made progress with postponing the onset of old age, If he'd seen this picture of his brother before being deployed, he would have guessed the man was in his sixties, not eighties. Eric found he had many nephews and nieces, and most of them also had children. How would any of them react to finding out he was not only still alive, but around the same age as their children? Would they even believe he was their uncle? Did he want to meet them if it was going to be so problematic? He did, but now at this time. He wasn't ready to confront them and have to explain what had happened to him. After an hour looking at his relatives' lives, he looked for some of his childhood friends. The people who came up with the names he entered were either the wrong species, too young, or dead. The Swamp wasn't a neighborhood that was kind to the kids who stayed there. He entered the names of the people he'd known in the army, and names after names came up dead. Most of them had died in Hismer, in an unexplained explosion. Eric had to fight against throwing up. It was one thing to know his invention had killed soldiers on his side of the war, but to get the confirmation that he'd known some of them was almost too much. He went outside for some fresh air and distance himself from the information. It took him ten minutes to settle his stomach and come back. A young wolf was standing behind the unoccupied chair, reading the screen, but moved on when he saw Eric come back. He thought about closing the search engine, finishing what was left of his coffee and leaving, but he reminded himself that doing this another day wasn't going to change how he felt about what he'd caused. He might as well deal with this now and get it over with. It would hurt, but then so did cauterizing a wound, and it was something what was needed. The list of his victims was long, and barely a handful of the men and women he'd known had managed to not be at the base when he'd destroyed it. Those had died of old age. And he was down to the last name. The one he kept finding excuses not to look up, because he knew he wouldn't be able to handle knowing he'd killed her. He looked at the search bar for a long time and finally, his hands shaking, entered her name, Isabel Isaac. His hand hesitated over the enter key. He remembered her the sound of her laughter. The bovine had had a deep and hearty laugh. She'd been funny and smart, a hefty woman of great spirit. He pulled his hand away. He's almost convinced himself to hit enter when he noticed the 'advanced' options. He read through them, berating himself for procrastinating, but he found out he could exclude terms from the search. He put 'explosion' there. He didn't want to see anything that might confirm he'd killed her. The first result was an entry for the Strongburgh Faculty. He clicked it and found himself looking into sparkling brown eyes he'd never through he'd see again. She was much older in the picture, around the same age as his still living brother, by the look of her. He searched the page to find out when the picture had been taken, was this a memorial? No, it was a schedule, for this year. Isabel was still alive, and she taught history.
  8. The Lord Tiranis, An Origin, Part 3 (1st third) (an excerpt) Tiranis is a world of humans and furries, of super science and super powers, of ordinary people and extraordinary ones. Stories of the Past is a series of stories exploring the history of the city of Tiranis, as well as the world it exist in or sometimes people of importance in it. This is excerpt is about 1000 word of a 7,500 word chapter. You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level: https://www.patreon.com/posts/17449797 A story of the past He was toward the back of the camp when there was a flash of light accompanied with an explosion. Something came at him. He only saw it from the lamp light reflecting off it and raised a column of earth to intercept it. It thudded against it with enough strength to embedded itself in. He walked around to see what kind of projectile it had been. It was a large cooking pot. It was dented and scuffed in place. He looked at the tent, he could see lights in it, hear people talking, he sensed five of them, one of whom was heading for the tent's flap. She was human, shoulder length blond hair, although it was wild around her head at the moment. She wore a lab coat over a bright red shirt and yellow pants. The coat had holes in it in places and burned spots. Like he did with every human he met, he classified her. She fell squarely in the 'not having sex with her' category. He couldn't tell if it was her crazy color sense, or the slightly mad look in her eyes, but he was going to stay as far from her bed as he could. "Good, good," she said, sounding like she was a gun instructor approving of a good shot placement. She stopped in front of him, but her eyes were fixed on the pot. "Nice thing you did there. I don't have to chase this thing to the other end of this place this time around." She grabbed the handles and with a grunt pulled it out, stumbling back a few steps. "No new damage, that's progress at least." Without taking her eyes off the pot she offered her hand to the lynx. "I'm Jenn, you can call me that, or Jenny, or Jennifer. Just don't call me late for breakfast." She turned and headed back to the tent before El could shake her hand. He watched until she was inside the tent, then followed her in. "Stevenson," she called, as El entered. "What was that? You almost killed one of the soldiers. You're lucky there was a hill there to catch the projectile, or you have another black mark on your record." The inside was brightly lit, a dozen powerful lamps hung from the ceiling, and each of the six tables had two more on them, among the.... El wasn't sure what to call what was on the tables. Garbage was the only word that came to him. Another human, a man this time, Glanced at her. He had short black hair and soot on his face, as well as the lab coat he was wearing over a black shirt with some sort of design on it El couldn't make out. "It worked, didn't it?" He was working on...something. El couldn't tell what it was, other than it seemed to be composed of the same kind of garbage that was strewed on the table. He could see a dented oxygen bottle, but with the regularization cap removed. There was also a computer screen, a portable radio; not a communication unit, but one to listen to music, and a blender mixed in with far more items he couldn't identify. The human, Stevenson, made an adjustment to the blender. "That's obvious, but the plans called for it to be a multi directional explosion, not directed. If it had worked the was the plans said, you would have taken out the entire tent." The man looked at her. "What plan?" She pointed to a paper on the table. "That plan." Stevenson looked at the paper. "who did this stupid thing?" "You did. That's the plan you submitted for the weapon you're building." "No it isn't. That thing's all wrong. And I have the plan for this in my head. Why would I bother drawing it? It's a wasted of paper." "You know it's protocol. Every design has to be submitted to me and approved before being built." "Really?" the man seemed surprised by that. He looked at the table, and El noticed that some of the garbage were actually connected to each other, possibly other items the man had built. "Are you sure? Because I don't think I submitted any plans for these either." She sighed. "Stevenson, I keep telling you, you need to submit plans before you build anything. This is the army, not your basement. There are procedures to follow." "Why?" "Because I need to understand what you are building so I can explain it to the brass." The man scoffed. "You couldn't understand what I'm making even with the plans." "Are you saying I'm too dumb to understand your work?" The man took the paper and handed it to her. "There you go, have fun trying to understand it." She took it. "See, that wasn't so hard." She turned and headed to another table with yet more garbage on it. El looked from on to the other. Hadn't he just handed her the paper that wasn't the plan for what he wasn't making? The man didn't act like he had pull one over her. He was back to work, using a welder on-was that a sink? He looked away and around the tent. Two other women and a man, all human, were working on their own things, and showed no signs they had been aware of the discussion between Jennifer and Stevenson. The women looked to be anywhere between twenty-five and thirty-five, just like Jennifer, one was dark skinned, the other's skin tone made El think she was from the Mediterranean area, at least when he'd fought in Greece, he'd seen a lot of people with that same tone. Both had a similarly odd color sense, on was dressed in green and copper, the other in black and bronze. The man was older, and his lab coat pockets had wrenches and screwdrivers in them. He was bent over some sort of...? El had no idea what that could be.
  9. Going Home: Great Oaks, Part 1 (an Excerpt) Going Home is a series that Explores the city of Tiranis through the eyes of Eric Clarkson, a returning veteran, who finds that he city has changed more than he expected in his absences. Each section of the series will focus on a different part of the city while Eric gets pulled into problems typical to that area, or sometime not so typical. This is about 1000 words of the 15,700 words chapter. You can read the full story here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/16302947 , as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level Going home: Great Oaks, Part 1 It was a loop. One of the logical conundrum one of the sergeants liked to recite. He could break the window, that would cut the loop, but it would attract attention. He widened the diagram to include the entire door and saw there was a gap at the base of the window. Very narrow and covered by a rubber strip. He didn’t have anything thin enough to slip in. And a quick look around didn’t show him anything he could use. An empty can had possibility, but it was too flimsy. He ran for the businesses, the one directly in front of him had a sign reading ‘Reignheart Medical Clinic.’ There was a hair and fur stylist on the left and a pharmacy on the right. He entered the clinic and looked around for something to use. “Can I help you?” The woman seated behind the counter looked at him expectantly. She was human, older, in her fifties; his mother’s age, the thought came unbidden, when he left for the army. With it came the reminder that she was now dead and he felt a pang of sorrow. Only he couldn’t deal with that right now. There was something more important. There had to be something here that would let him open the door. A lion in a doctor’s smock opened a door and let an older lemur out. He froze. “Eric?” Eric forced himself to look at him, then was surprised to recognize him. “Mister Reignheart?” How was it that of everyone in the city, he’d run into him for a second time? The lion smiled. “Do you need assistance with anything?” Eric began shaking his head, then stopped. He opened the door and pointed to the minivan. “Do you know who owns that?” Walter came to him and peered across the lot. “I’m afraid I don’t.” He looked at the older woman. “Jennifer?” She joined them. “No. It was there when I got here this morning. It must belong to one of the other people in the plaza. Eric nodded and ignored Walter’s questioning expression. He couldn’t waste time going around looking for the owner. It might explode during that time. Once he’d disarm it he could work on figuring out who the target was. He looked over the counter at what was on the desk, hoping the receptionist had one of those thin metal rulers that had been popular with his classmates, but there was nothing like that. Not even papers or a pencil. All there was on the counter was a computer, a phone and a tablet. Maybe someone in the waiting room might have something? Many of the women had large purses and they looked like they could contain anything they needed. His mother’s purse had certainly seemed like it contained whatever she needed, no matter how strange. But it wouldn’t be polite to just rummage through them. He stepped forward to ask them to look for something and a small plant with thin reflective leaves became visible at the back of the room, next or one of the office doors. Reflective? What plant had metallic leaves? And then the object resolved itself. It wasn’t a plant. It was a short pole with thin metal bands jutting off, curling at the end, it gave the illusion of a very crude fern. If it was an art piece, Eric thought as he stepped to it, he didn’t see the appeal. Walter called after him, as did a woman as she opened her office door, but he ignored them. The ‘leaves’ were thin enough, and there was enough of a straight length for what he needed. He broke one off, the weld easily giving out, and headed out. “I need to borrow this.” Walter and the others stood there, watching him leave. He cut the jagged end where the welding had been done and then made a notch in the side, to use and catch the mechanism. He slipped it in, having to force it past the rubber and then it scraped down the inside of the door. After that it was guesswork, moving the strip and trying to get the notch to grab onto the rod so he could pull it up. He could see the lock mechanism easily enough, but the metal strip he was using wasn’t technological. Twice he thought he’d gotten it, only for nothing to happen when he pulled. The second time he pulled hard in frustration and it came out. He forced himself to calm, he wouldn’t accomplish anything by getting angry. He pushed it back in and tried again. Steps caught his attention, regular, firm, approaching from the sidewalk, not the shops. A police officer had to have noticed him and came to investigate. Hopefully he could explain about the bomb without having to say too much about when he could do. As the steps came closer, he could make out three sets of them. When he looked in the window, expecting to see the blue and yellow of the Tiranis Police Department, he saw people dressed in black and wearing face-covering masks. He reacted without thinking on seeing the arm reach for him. He turned and shoved it aside, then brought up his in a defensive pose. The person before him studied him, a man, Eric thought, which was confirmed when he spoke. “You’re meddling in things that don’t concern you.” Eric couldn’t tell if they were humans or furries. Their masks all had muzzles, but they also had bumps where human ears would be, and their head covering would keep furry ears out of sight. It was a simple, and clever disguise. The one thing Eric could tell about them was that they had training. They stood relaxed, but they all had a hand near the knife each had at their belt, and they were ready to act. He couldn’t see guns, so that was good. Eric smiled. “I like to think that bombs concern everyone, don’t you?”
  10. BigPuppyStuart

    The Tree in the Valley of nightmares

    In the waking world she was strong and confident. Muscular and larger then most women. She felt almost perpetually confident and rarely afraid. Here things were different. She knew she had appeared here before, perhaps many times. But she did not remember them. She had begun to remember these visits though. After an incident in which a romantic dream had become a lucid and clear experience in another place, like this in nature but vastly different in character. It that dream she had met a man, well groped him actually when she had transitioned from the romantic dream into the dreamscape. She had not meant to. He was not her type, not because he had been fat or a canine, but she was attracted to other women. Then the thing in the other place had come, it had scared her awake. But as she had bolted awake at that time she had realized it was not the Glimmering being that scared her. It had been the sudden memories of the other. She did not know what the other was but it had been here, in this place she began to remember. It skittered in the dark on its many legs. She knew those ended in grasping hands, with fingers that ended in smaller hands that were clawed and cruel. When she began to remember this place she remember those hands. The thing had grasped her before, perhaps many times. She was never here long enough for those hands to draw her closer to the body she was sure it had. She could hear those hands now, skittering in the dark, circling around and around. It wanted at her, she knew that. But it couldn't get to her. She also couldn't wake up. She wanted to wake up, back to where she was strong in body and mind. Now she felt small, so small as to be able to hide in the roots of a gnarled black tree. The tree gave her shelter, not in the sense that she hid in it but that it actively hid her. She didn't know how, but the tree had a will. Its roots crawled and moved closing the thing that wanted at her out. If the thing tried to put its sickening hands in to grasp her the roots grew thorns or whipped and clawed until the hand withdrew. She knew the tree was black. there was a half light that left no shadow, more a thinning of the darkness as if it had been a light mist instead of an absence of light. She was not sure why the tree guarded her, but she knew it seethed with hatred for that which stalked her. She had the sense that the tree was not evil, nor was it really good, it just was. But the thing outside was an intruder, and the tree wanted it gone. She had a vague memory of long ago being in this place and being wrapped and cradled by these roots. Others had been there. that is what the tree was meant to do, cradle those that appeared here. For what reason she didn't know. She knew though that she had never stayed this long before, though she didn't know how long that was. The thing tried something new. It whispered. It whispered at her with 10,000 voices. She couldn't make out what it said, it seemed to be in many languages but she knew it was promising to violate her. She had a feeling it was describing how. She thanked the light that sparked creation she couldn't understand it. She wanted to shout at it, to yell to fight to defy it but all of that was blocked of somehow. She could only feel fear and the strange cold assurance of protection from the tree. The assurance was like love, but distant somehow cold. Like standing in winter sunlight at dawn. The feeling was there but different in nature. Different to anything in nature. Then she felt it. Warmth. There was warmth on her face. The warmth of flesh touching her. Her Mind clawed its way awake. She felt the warmth of big lips on hers, of hand on her chest. "Oh please light not again" she thought. She didn't know why she thought that. She didn't care. She drew in a deep breath to scream and to fight. She hurt everywhere and the pain snapped her to full alert. She saw whose large lips she had felt. It Was a large male bear. And he was bleeding from gashes across the face. She cried out in surprise and pain and in fury. she was ready to fight but the next words disarmed her. " Now fuckin stay breathing..." the bear gasped. She felt herself rolled onto her side and her head placed on something soft. As she gasped for breath her eyes darted around. Smashed glass and an overturned car. There were other people on the ground, some siting up and applying presure to their wounds other laying still or being tended to by others. As she was pointed that way she had a good veiw of a large vulpine in a dark blue uniform, he had his muzzle pressed to the figure on the ground and he blew in a deep breath, then began firm sure chest comprehensions. She realized that is what she had been feeling when she was brought awake. Someone, the bleeding bear, most likely had been performing CPR. There were plenty of other poeple laying on the ground she levered herself up and ignored the pain in her leg and crawled over to a male cheetah near by and felt for a pulse, it was there and thready but she heard no breath from him. She Started Breathing into his muzzled and was soon rewarded when he caughed in her face. " Hey, lie by down, your injured she heard from somewhere." " I can be injured later dammit." she snapped. she made to move to another person but a skinny rabbit in an EMT uniform got to who she was making for first. A pair of hands griped her and tried to steer her away. " Fuck off, people need help." She blurted out angrily. " And you are one of them ma'am, responders on are the scene, sit down." Came the polite but firm command. She turned and saw a rabbit with an average build and an EMT uniform. She let herself be sat down and treated. Now that she wasn't thinking about helping she felt her leg and her ribs began throbbing. She tried to look around at the scene but the Rabbit held her head still and checked her eyes. The Rabbit was asking her questions, but she was ignoring them. She still heard the 10,000 voices whispering to her as if far away but growing rapidly closer. " Ma'am i said...." " How can it be whispers if they are so damn loud she burst as they tried to scrape the inside of her thoughts ragged, "Ma'am!" The Rabbit said then he was roughly shoved aside. It was the bear with the torn up face. But this time his eyes looked...wrong. thy looked withdrawn and dark even though they were wide and intense. " Vre'hellus faidaar dru' Cr'hamall...." the bear said gripping the her shoulders. She Felt those words burn into her. Like a song she had heard a thousand times since childhood but suddenly new and so interesting that they would leave her mind. She said them in her mind, strongly with intent. The whispers retreated. The bear fell sideways in a dead feint. As she saw his eye roll up she saw something leave them. " What?" the rabbit EMT says siitting back up from where he was shoved aside. " I am alright. check on him" the Lioness assured and leaned over to look at the bear herself. His eyes were still open but rolled back into his head. The left was twitching and would bobbling to become partially visible before rolling back again. " I am going to need help to move him" the Rabbit says. One of the policemen, the hefty vulpine and strongly built badger are on their way over. " Ok lets put him in the ambulance, he looks pretty bad." the Rabbit says. After the 2 cops help load him into an ambulence he returns to the lioness. " Could you make out what he said to you?" The rabbit asks. " Oh yes." The lioness says, then when the 3 men stay staring at her expectantly she sighs. "Vre'hellus faidaar dru' Cr'hamall, gelmhjet gefarguct djeflarben tahl." The Lioness says easily. It was only after she repeated the litany that she realized the big bear had only said the first half. The rest of the words just came to her. " Sounds like aphagea brought on by head trauma." the rabbit says sounding worried. " Sounds like something you should ask your boyfriend about" the badger says to the hefty fox. " Don't joke about people's sexuality like that" the Lioness says testily. " No he's right, that sounds like magic shit, and the guy i am seeing knows about that kind of stuff." The round Fox cop says. He pulls out his his phone and dials. " Hey, real quick, i am going to have someone say some weird words, i want you to tell me if they ring any bells." The Hefty fox holds out the phone and makes a "say it again motion" "Vre'hellus faidaar dru' Cr'hamall, gelmhjet gefarguct djeflarben tahl." She repeats back smoothly as if it is something she has said a million times. " did you catch that?.... Stuart? Stuart are you there? Stuart i don't understand that old northman stuff speak.... what, how bad?" He looks startled. " What did he say." The badger prompts. " He said ' When people quote the Book of shadows that walk, bad shit is happening.' that was the part i understood anyway. He says he is calling the wizards tower. He sounded nervous." " This Stuart of your wouldn't happen to be husky or part husky fellow with gray eyes, long hair and be kinda chubby would he?" The lioness asks thinking it is a long shot. " Well yes but he is more than kinda chubby, why do you ask?" The large fox officer queries with some what narrowed eyes. " This is going to be a long weird story..." " Was if maybe a week ago, in a dreamscape and you were dressed in someone's taxes?" He asks. " Ummm....yes." The fox suddenly turns to the badger. " See this is why i keep telling the cheif we need a magic division, cause i have a feeling this is going to get even weirder and creepier before it is through and stuff like this seems to happen more and more often" " So what did happen here? The lioness asks. " I am sorry and i know i am supposed to tell you but all i remember was meeting some friends in the club and then nothing after... did someone spike my drink?" " We are still investigating but it looks like you weren't the only target." The badger says. They left her sitting in the back of one of the Ambulences that the EMTs were occasionally grabbing things from. They went on to do whatever cops did at scenes like this. The moment she thought she was out of people's minds she pulled herself up and walked to check on the other victims around. She Got a vague idea of what had happened. From the pieces she gathered the club sh had been in was pretty packed but everything was normal, but something had happened and people started getting woozy and passed out, whole chunks of the dance floor just dropped. Some people, like her had gone out instantly, but some, had smashed the windows or opened the doors and stumbled into the nearby busy street. That had cause the car accidents. After traffic ground to a halt some of the drivers, the ones not bitching and moaning had gotten out and pieced together what had happened and gone into the club to pull more people out. The guy she was currently talking to, a pine marten in what must have been well off because his clothes were in tasteful pastels like salmon and taupe, had said the moment he went in to pull people out he started feeling woozy and sick. He had manage to pull one person out before he had collapsed and had a hard time getting back up to go and save more. " It was mostly the bigger people, This bear and 2 cows that kept up, they went in time after time, there was also this wolverine guy, who stayed inside and pulled people from the back toward where other people so they could be pulled out faster. He ended up falling too." The Marten explained. She thought he was finished then he started again. " It was exactly like all the tests...." he said groggily. " What tests?" The lioness prompted. The marten started then looked around almost drunkenly, he leaned in. " I work PR for Red-Knight arms, we fit into the Phip collective of corperations, and passed to one of the Phip sons, he started making direct visits, apparently he is a weapon enthusiast, any way a year or so ago he asked us to work on a gas grenade that could incapacitate crowds or dangerous animals for the explorer division. Well they made one, and it worked really well, too well in fact, tests showed people went down almost instantly, but it was dangerously potent to smaller species, but big bigger species and well bigger individuals of most species were less effected. The head scientists were concerned and were ready to thrown down with the new owner when he came to visit against it. The new owner shows up, this was a few month back, at first i thought he was a posturing fucker, came in wearing boots and light body armor but in like triple XL size. This guy looked like the typical fat-ass weekend warrior type. Well maybe he is, but anyway he takes one look at the report and without even waiting for the researchers to explain it he says no to it, he actually got kinda steamed saying he wanted sleeping gas not and i quote 'this shit that will kill anything smaller than my fat ass in minutes.' Everyone agreed it was too dangerous and the head researcher even started crying and said ' thank you for not being a corporate fuckwit' He gave her a hug everyone agreed to shelve the current formula and rework it so it wouldn't be lethal. I mean people were so worried about this the head chemist told me he would quit if he was told to move forward on it as it was. The new owner, i forget his name then gave a speech that we already made enough weapons that were fully lethal and that we needed to now focus on less lethal tools for law enforcement and consumers who wanted to defend themselves without ending a life. The from what i heard he went from there to those old tunnels that cut through the mountains went in to find something. Like he led a field op. From what i heard there was magic stuff involved and he and some wizard type people went did... well whatever they did." The marten, looking all sleepy eyed half like he wanted to puke, looked around and saw the Big bellied figure of the fox officer taking notes. He must have been listening. The Marten blinked at her. " Fuck.... i wasn't supposed to say any of that. Nother effect of the gas, makes people loopy and say stuff... would be dicey in courts...fuck stop talking." " It's ok lad, ii knew some of this already." The fox cop, his name patch Read McGuffin T., says in an assuring and comforting tone. " No, you don't... how could you." the marten says rubbing his face. " Simple, I am banging your boss." The officer says lightly. The Marten just lays down and puts his hands to his head. The Officer turns to the lioness, " what the weasel..." " I'm a fucking marten..." comes from the laying figure. " Well what the marten says is true, i remember hearing about this from Stuart, non of it is secret, there was a press release talking about the new generation stun grenade being delayed due to safety concerns, you may have caught it." " Wait i wrote that press release...." The marten says from the ground. Both ignored him. " I am a Tax lawyer, why would i pay attention to press releases regarding weapons?" The Lioness asks. The Cop just shrugs. " I mostly said it so the loopy mustelid doesn't start panicking about loosing his job. Anyway Stu is going to go through the roof if it is indeed the same substance, He is already sounding tense from whatever you said to him over the phone.... Speaking of tense one of the fastest ways to overcome this doze gas that was rejected was adrenaline. You don't seem to be reflecting any after effects. May i ask why that is?" " Nightmares" She says simply. Accepting this the officer just pats her on the shoulder and escorts her to an empty ambulance, one of the few left as most everyone else had been triage and released or taken to the hospital. Her leg and ribs hurt and she had been inside when the gas struck so she was off to the hospital. She layed down on the gurney and heard the doors shut. The slam of the doors was the last thing she heard. She snapped into awarness in the dark, she knew she had to run. She was up and sprinting in an instant and she heard the hated claws of the thing that pursued her click and scrabble at where she had been. She ran not caring that the terrain beneath her feet kept changing instant to instant, from sand to tile, to loose dirt to cold stone. She ran and heard it pursue her, she ran toward a place, she somehow how knew the place was out, it was where she needed to be leave. She Reached the place, a set of stone steps she scrambled up, she heard the skittering pursuer stop, it paced back and forth, it wanted at her but it didn't want to touch the steps of rough black stone. She scrambled up them partway but didn't feel like getting to close to something that frightened the something as hideous of nature as it. She turned and looked, it was a lightless place and it should have been too dark to see, but the mysterious half light the showed the land and features went on for miles, she also could make out her persuer, and wished she hadn't thought to look, she turned and bolted up the steps toward an arched door. as if emboldened by her burst of fear it scrambled up the steps after her, iit made screeching sounds as if the stones were hot and burned its hideous hands with smaller hands as fingers. She bolted up the steps flying up them with ease and barreled toward the doorway. There was a long flat parade yard before the massive door. She scrambled up the steps and ran full tilt toward the black emptiness of the massive arched door. She had an odd thought, the massive gate should have been shut, there should have been doors of black iron, but the darkness she saw was openness showing lightlessness beyond. She didn't think too much about this and just hurled herself toward it. it filled her vision as she ran toward it. When she passed the threshold she felt an odd sensation that caused her to stumble. she feel forward but caught herself. The She realized that she was looking at a marble floor. A lit marble floor. She turned around and saw the massive doorway were sealed by black iron doors with images engraved on them. the images were so small and intricate she didn't make any of them out. She turned to look toward the open room. Inside was a foyer, lit dimly and Spartanly decorated. the one feature she made note of was a pair of staircases one white marble with black striations and the other black marble with white striations, both curved and lead up toward a door through which light was pouring. Above the Door was an image. She stared at this image and let it burn itself into her mind, she knew it was important and let it seep into her memory. When she fully accepted the image she felt herself catapulted through the lit doorway. She didn't need to bother with the stairways and jest let herself move through the door. She bolted upright in a hospital bed and sat there stiffly panting and gripping the her hands into fists. She was frightened certainly but she was determined. The image had showed her how to vanquish the thing that pursued her. The key was the tree. A tree she knew spanned realities. " Whoa now miss..." she heard a nervous sounding voice. Her eye darted sharply over. There was a hospital orderly with his hands up looking frightened. She glanced down at herself and saw why. She had been strapped to the hospital bed with her arms secured with padded cuffs to the bed railings. These restraints were snapped and torn. She hadn't felt them when she sat up. They must have given way like cobwebs when she jerked upright. She saw her legs were secured as well. With a testing yank of her legs the straps gave way with loud snaps. This made the orderlies eyes widen even further. He was terrified. Strangely she felt no more fear at all. Just certainty. " I am going to use the bathroom, can you get me a pen and paper while i do?" she asked pleasantly but still breathing intensely. " May i ask why you need them?" the orderly said in an obviously trained calming voice. " To solve a problem." The lioness said simply as she got up and walked into the in room bathroom.
  11. The Lord Tiranis, An Origin, Part 1 A story of the past The next two weeks proved to be great. If not for all the test the scientist put him through it would be amazing, but the sex made it all worthwhile. He got to experience it with all but two of his barrack mates, and each one brought him pleasure in slightly different ways. They taught him what they liked and he did his best to ensure they enjoyed it as much as he did. His first dinner had exposed him to food that was nothing like the slop he'd been fed before, and the following meals just widened that experience. His friends laughed when he piled on different plates and tasted everything. He couldn't get enough of the tastes he had access to now. He realized that they weren't undisciplined, like he'd first thought. Even though no one forced them to, they all went out every day to run two kilometers. Then they did an hour of weight training, and then sparred. Through out that some would be taken to practice their powers under supervision. LRK was taken for tests. Many tests that didn't seem to amount to anything. That wasn't going well. None of the tests had revealed what he could do. They had him fight, meditate. They'd hooked him up to machines that shocked him. He'd spent hours in a freezer, then more time in a room so hot he thought he'd burst into flame, but nothing happened there either. The others tried to comfort him by explaining the scientist didn't know what they were doing. They were just putting him through the methods that had worked to reveal one of their abilities. They did their best to help him, by explaining how they use them, what they did to improve their control. LRK did his best not to let the lack of result get to him, but today he'd heard the word defect mentioned again. He didn't want to be defective, that meant being recycled. He didn't even want to be normal, that meant he'd be sent to one of the infantry division, away from his friends. That had been another word he hadn't had when he'd arrived; 'friends.' Peek, the house cat who heard minds had explained its meaning, and LRK held it dear. He didn't want to lose that. He would leave, if ordered to, he was a soldier, but he hoped he wouldn't have to. Something else this facility had was a pool. And his friends liked spending time around it. They played with large balls around it. Some lied on towels, letting the sun warm them. LRK enjoyed that, but there were other things he preferred doing if he was lying down, and he'd been warned the scientist didn't appreciate when they did that in public. He'd come today because his friends had insisted. He hadn't felt like doing anything. The fear he was normal or defective was sapping most of his energy, but they'd said being in the sun would do him good, so he'd followed them out and to the back of the research building, where the pool was located. Unlike them he hadn't changed out of his fatigue into bathing suits. Once there he just took off his boots and sat at the edge of the pool, putting his feet in the water. As with the previous days, Rhine was the only one of them in the pool. Unlike LRK and the others, the otter loved the water. LRK didn't mind getting wet, but the idea of being waterlogged in three or four meters of water scared him. He could feel how heavier he was when his fur was wet. He'd sink right to the bottom. Rhine had tried to convince him otherwise, but LRK was a cat. Cats didn't belong in water, his reading had confirmed that. So it was just Rhine and some of the humans swimming about. After ten minutes LRK stood and shook his feet. He'd had enough of the sun and the water. Further back, CM, VeeDee, Bear and Copper, a vixen who could start fires, were laughing as they threw a beach ball at each other, dodging and then running after it. Bear waved for him to join them, but he shook his head. He realized that he should spend more time with them, if he was going to be sent away, either to be recycled or to join the infantry units, he should cherish every minute he was with them. Only, instead of making him feel better, when he was with them it was a reminder of what he'd miss when he was gone.
  12. Robert Alexander doesn't have time to find himself a wife and make a kid. For one thing, he has no interest in women of any species. For a second he's far too busy running his company and testing the product his secret lab comes up with on unsuspected men to waste time raising a child. His solution? get one made. Doctor Absalon is the best Tiranis has to offer, if not totally sane, so Robert has him make a clone to be his son. And now, Robert needs to participate in a sensitive part of his training. WARNING: WHILE THIS EXCERPT ONLY CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE, THE STORY CONTAINS EXPLICIT GAY SEX This excerpt is about 1000 words of a 7000 words story, about half of which is sex. If you wish to read the rest you can become a supporter at the 1$ level here: https://www.patreon.com/kindar ------ "How is he progressing?" Robert asked as the doctor led him deeper within the complex. "He is coming along nicely. The body has been matured to eighteen years of age, as you requested. Mentally we've installed all the under pining for the body to function, as well as the skills and knowledge you want him to have, but his personality is still mostly a blank. We are still building it, as well as his life history based on what you provided us." "Then why did you request I come?" Robert asked, keeping the wariness out of his voice. Absalon seemed sane at the moment, but there was no way to know what he might be planning. "You indicated that in his past you and him have already had sex together. I need you here so we can map out his physical responses to sex." "I thought you had a bunch of those already pre-recorded." "I do." The doctor smiled. "Some excellent ones, if I do say so myself. And if all you wanted was some sex toy to keep you company, to play with. I would have given him those and you wouldn't have had any reasons to complain, but you have tasked me with creating a complete being, not just a doll. If it had been anyone but you, Mister Alexander, I might have done it anyway. Most men simply don't care enough about the quality of their partner, but you have exacting standards. For you to be satisfied with my work, I need to get real reactions from him." They entered a changing room. "He's through that door. He's currently in sleep mode and will awaken when you touch him." "What do you need me to do?" The doctor shrugged, his tone casual. "Everything; sucking, fucking, caressing, kissing. If it is something that is part of the history, it's best if you do it to him, it will ensure it feels more real when he remembers it, and it will allow us to provide him with a wider variety in his sexual history since you also indicated he has had sex with other men than you. All that will serve as the ground work so that the next time you have sex with him for the first time, it will be a more genuine experience." Robert took off his jacket, then rolled the gold and burgundy tie, placing it on the shelf before unbuttoning the shirt, considering what the doctor had said. "Is he going to resist on anything?" The doctor had turned his back to him. "No, he's currently programmed with a general acquiescence, as well as affection for you. You could tell him to throw himself off the roof of your company's building, and he wouldn't hesitate to do it." Robert silently bared his teeth at the doctor's back at the implication he might ever consider doing something to hurt the person on the other side of that door. "If you can manage to be emotionally involved during the acts, that would also be helpful," Absalon added. The lion stared at the back in shock. How did he even have to ask that? It was his legacy behind the door, there was no way he could *not* be emotionally involved while making love to him. He put the annoyance at the doctor out of his mind, taking off the shirt and folding it before placing it on the locker's shelf next to the tie. "How fast is he going to recuperate?" "What do you mean?" "Once he cums, how long until he's able to get hard again?" The human shrugged. "He's your clone, you tell me. You didn't request any changes to that aspect of his physiology, so he will be like you. Actually, please keep that information to yourself. I don't care to know it." The doctor left Robert to finish undressing. He thought it over as he took off his shoes and socks. At eighteen he'd been a horndog, fucking every guy that was willing, and convincing those who weren't certain to give him a try. His pants came off. He folded them and put them on top of his shirt. Back then he had a decent stamina and recuperative ability. Nothing like what he had now, but still very respectable compared to the kids his age. He stood, feeling his cock stiffening and smiled. He was going to be here for a good long while. The door opened as he stepped to it and cool sterile air flowed out. The room matched the air, spartan, lifeless. Considering what he was going to do there the doctor could have spruced it up a little. Added some colors, thrown in sort music, but no, the only thing in the room was the bed, with his younger clone lying on it. At least the lighting was soft. Robert looked at the body on the bed; his son. He looked much like he had at that age, but not as muscular. His son didn't have the harsh youth Robert had had to endure, so he didn't need to bulk up as a defense. Robert sat on the bed, next to his son and studied his face. It was strong and calm in sleep, surrounded by the beginning of a mane. Robert wondered if this state was actual sleep. Would his son's memories include dreams he's had? He'd have to check with Absalon after this. He placed a hand on his son's arm and the boy opened his eyes. He looked around for a moment, eyes unfocused before settling on Robert and smiling. "Hey kiddo, how are you feeling?" "I'm good, now that you're here." His son's voice was higher than Robert remembered his being. "I missed you." He placed a hand on Robert's thigh.

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