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Found 4 results

  1. Kindar

    Tristan (Tristan, Book 1)

    Version 1.0.0

    Tristan is an alien to most and a friend to none… He isn't a nice person; he certainly belongs in prison. But not this way. Finding himself on one of the highest security prison ships in the universe, all he wants to do is go back to his workshop, to his research, to dissecting every piece of technology available. First, he needs to settle the matter of who set him up. Now he has to fight the prison system, the powerful corporations, and even himself to find out who was behind his capture, before they catch him again. If they think Tristan is running scared, they are wrong. They are the ones who should be afraid. Because Tristan is a survivor.


  2. Kindar

    Demons (Demons, Book 1)

    Version 1.0.0

    Derick hunts demons. He's been doing it all his life. He's good at it, and he enjoys protecting others. It's always been a straightforward job, until a demon saves his life.


  3. Version 1.0.0

    The Law of the Jungle rules. When the only animals around are people, they must hunt each other for food. When bodies are left unclaimed and unpaid for, it's a Registered Investigator's job to find out who did the killing so they can be made to pay the tax. Marlot is such an investigator, and when he is on the case, looking for the killer of one of the larger pharmaceutical company's the vice president, he finds himself having to deal with the narrow mindedness his small town upbringing instilled in him, and having to decide what he must do about his partner, and lover, Trembor.


  4. Version 1.0.0

    All I wanted out of life was to catch the bad guys during the day, and find a guy to bring to bed for the night. A quadruple murder wasn’t going to be an easy case to solve, but Alice and I were ready for it. What I didn’t expect was the familiar feeling I got from the room in the basement, or for the FBI to take the case from us. I should have let it rest, should have moved on, but I couldn’t. I pushed. I kept pushing even after being told to stop. I pushed my way into a part of the world I didn’t know existed, that I would have never believed could exist. Now that world won’t let go of me. The Society might want to help, but they aren’t the only ones who have taken an interest in me. I no longer know who I can trust, and with my life in danger, as well as the lives of my family, this new world might be my only salvation.



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