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Found 70 results

  1. BigPuppyStuart

    Classes and Background

    Backgrounds: Classes and backgrounds play into each other but it is not necessary that they match. Backgrounds will give bonuses to certain actions or interactions. Someone who comes from a law enforcement background does not need to be in law enforcement or security when they join the colonial efforts, Fresh starts are what the Efforts are all about. Backgrounds have 2 components to them. Social and Professional. An example of this with humanity is comparing 2 people from Law enforcement backgrounds. One is a Cop from earth who has just woken from Stasis and another is a security officer on a space station. They share the same profession but not the same social background. The space station security officer will have much more idea what is going on in the current culture than the cop fresh from stasis. the Social component is mostly for role-playing purposes, while professional gives bonuses. Social backgrounds: Human Confederate state citizen: This is a broad category spanning all the space cities and chunks of the Hecuba system that are considered a State. These states are rather Small and can be politically diverse. Hecuba Dweller: This is a human who has lived on Hecuba in one of the various domed or cave cities. They are not part of the Human confederate states and tend to have different mixtures of attitudes than people from earth are used to. People from Hecuba are pretty pro-gun but very socially accepting of most things. This lead to confusion when dealing with people from earth, especially the US as well as some of the Confederate States. They also tend to really support the sciences since they depend on them so much living on a planet that is a little harsh for human life. Earth refugee: This background covers anyone who was rescued from earth During the cataclysm. Most have been in stasis while preparations for finding a new home world for humanity are enacted. This can be drawn from any corner of the planet and choosing this background will mean that people are more forgiving of your ignorance of certain features of life. Classes: Classes fall into 3 types, Combat, Science and Engineering. Many classes have overlaps where one class will have skills in both such as "Combat engineer" will have have both combat skills and Engineering skills, or "combat medic" whole will have both medical sciences and combat skills. Each type has a specialty so most disciplines are not covered by one field. Sciences: Medical: The medical specialty is concerned with Life saving and treating injuries. Physics: This specialty is all about figuring the universe out and using that knowledge Biologist: The life sciences and wildlife are the domain of the biologist. Further specialization will be take through feats or perks such as plant knowledge or Animal knowledge. Hunter/tracker: This is the sciences version of the sniper but with a greater focus on non-lethal weapons and animal knowledge. This is one of the Science disciplines that comes with weapon proficiencies. Hunters come with Long-rifle and pistol, and stunner proficiency. Engineering:All engineers have access to the Tinkering perk that lets them modify weapons and equipment more easily. All engineers start off with the Repair skill. Combat engineer: Combat engineers are all about fixing things under pressure, usually gunfire. Industrial engineer: This is a catch all term for builders and Heavy industrial manufacturing professions. They know best how to build and repair factories. Combat: All fighting related disciplines. Assault: This is the heavy weapons and high damage output discipline. This is a well rounded combat discipline when it comes to fighting but they have next to no training in other fields and must try harder to pick up cross discipline skills. Assault troopers often are tasked with doing as much damage as possible on their own, this is not to say they can work with teams but they sometimes focus more on what they are doing and thus earn more Bonuses when they are on their own or doing there own thing. With training this lone wolf tendency can be overcome by taking the Support perk. Security/Law enforcement: This discipline is focused more on peace keeping and defense. They also need some degree of interpersonal skills as deescalation is highly valued in this field, people of this discipline will sometimes be tasked with settling minor disputes among the colonists when they are not operating in the field. Has light and medium weapon proficiency such as Pistols and rifles. Solider: The most general combat role. Has very broad set of combat skills but less heavy weapons training than the assault class and has bonuses when working with a team. All soldiers have teamwork and support perks Soldiers start off being able to use light, medium and light-assault weapons such as rifles/carbines, pistols and Light machine guns. Sniper: This is the long range precision specialty. While not helpless at close range they don't shine like they do at long range. They also have skills in spotting and hiding.
  2. Welcome to post Stasis Orientation file 1. This document will help familiarize yourself with the New world you find yourself in after your rescue from earth. The Cataclysm: The Cataclysm is the name given to the event that led to the fall of our old home earth. The Cause of the Cataclysm is still a mystery During Stasis procedures, rough scans of your mind were taken and recorded in an attempt to piece together the events that occurred before our current host race, The Hecubites, came to our rescue. Brief Account from Retired Marine Coronel Daniel Mathers, Post revival Testimony: "A strange Black fog was moving through the Streets. I was visiting my Grandkids in New York and the, whatever it was creeping through the streets, it was alive somehow, it changed direction to envelop people. We never saw what it did to them but they would scream like they were being slaughtered, torn to shreds is what it sounded like. This wasn't some chemical weapon, it was alive and it was evil. My family and I ran down the street away from it, we had no plan just survive. Before we knew it, this large opening in space appeared and as we ran we didn't stop in time, we ended up in the ugliest place I have ever seen, the air was acrid and hurt to breathe, it smelled bad and there were these, things all around. They were twisted things from a horror movie, claws and contorted flesh and half-formed mouths covered their bodies, we thought they were going to slaughter us. They Shrieked at all us interlopers until they saw what was happening through the rip behind us. Then they started moving us away from it and pouring through, instead of attacking the people on the other side they formed a wall with their bodies between the rest of the fleeing people and the creeping mist. They like jumped over people to get between the mist and the crowd. The ugly fuckers were trying to protect us, they attacked the mist with their bare hands while people ran. They..... they didn't last long. I was looking back and saw what the mist did to them.... I wish it didn't. They were being ripped apart while being melted, they screamed but kept fighting. The mist slowed to deal with them. The things died for us. Soon more other things showed up and they had weapons of some sort, they pulled everyone away from the opening and went through, they started shooting at the mist and that seemed to drive it back a little. My son in law, an NYPD officer drew his duty weapon and joined in the firing line and a bunch of other people with guns followed suit. Bullets didn't do anything, we tried shooting at it before, but the... the things, seemed to appreciate the help. Around this time people started coughing and passing out, the air here was pretty bad. Some sort of vehicles came and the occupants started passing out some sort of breathing masks with air tanks and moving. They took us to some kind of hospital. Later I found out from a bunch of new arrivals that the, whatever they are were sending in troops of some sort to evacuate people. The guy I was talking to about this said that they had sent some kind of ships and were loading up people by the millions while they fought back the mist that seemed to be appearing all over the world. He said he was picked up in London and he swears the mist formed tentacles or some sort and attacked the rescue ships the Ailen things had sent. He said the Crews got out and kept the mist occupied with ground assaults. Some people stayed to help them instead of being evacuated. He then started crying that his wife had stayed behind to fight and I couldn't get anything more from him. I left him alone. An hour later I started coughing up blood and passed out. I guess someone stuck me in one of the fuckin gel coffins you just pulled me out of. Where the fuck are my pants anyway?" Stasis: Stasis should be a familiar concept from science fiction. But if not it is Medically induced near death in which biological activity is brought to a minimum. The Specific process used by our host species, the Hecubites, repairs cellular damage and Corrects many organ deficiencies and nerve damage so you may find that you feel different than you did before rescue. The rate of Aging with Hecubite stasis modules is nearly undetectable, so your physical state is no indication of how long you have been in Stasis. If you want to know how long you have been in stasis, ask your attendant. Different Stasis technology exists so be sure to research what method is being used should you decide to return to stasis for whatever reason. Currently, the majority of the human population rescued from earth is in Stasis awaiting improved living conditions or new worlds to settle. Hecubites: Hecubites are the name given to the inhabitants of the Planet we have Dubbed Hecuba. Hecubites are a monosex polymorphic Apex predator with the ability to mimic other life forms. They all have the natural ability to analyze and copy genetic material from any biological source they encounter. This means that they borrow traits from any organism that will benefit them. The can consume or assimilate entire organisms but do not need to and often choose not to because it leads to the death of the other organism which they often consider unnecessary. Despite evolving these traits to be Apex predators, their diet is omnivorous. Since Hecubites are not in the habit of Assimilating whole sapient organisms to perfectly mimic them and instead extrapolate, you may encounter people that are physically strange or have flaws such as Strange Eye or skin color, or vein clusters in strange places, these are likely Hecubites attempting to blend in or make you less nervous around them. Please attempt to be polite, they are not entirely familiar with the subtitles of the Uncanny valley and may not understand why you are put off by them. * In a side note in red* ( Seriously they are creepy as hell but don't be rude to them about it. ) Interbreeding of Hecubites with other species is possible due to the adaptive nature of the Hecubite genome. From What we have been able to gather the Hecubites are an Ancient technological power in this part of space who have only recently come out of long hibernation. Their Ancient reputation has kept many hostile elements from coming into the system and interfering with Humanity. Hecubites are telepathic in some manner and can link minds fully when they physically meld. Hecubites Never communicated verbally beyond basic cries and calls before humans came along so sometimes they speak in odd manners like producing words without closing their mouths. Their Grammar and phrasing can be off as well and will sometimes just not know words for certain concepts. There are also concepts that they have that are not normally part of human language and thus have no word for them. Example: When multiple individuals decide they want a change of perspective and meld before shuffling memories and experiences between them to make new personalities. Hecuba: The name that was given to the planet that humanity is now sheltered on. The Surface is not very suitable for human life as the air contains a small concentration of toxic gasses. Vast cities with self-contained filtration systems and life support systems have been built to house the human population. The Hecubite population does not mind humans living on their world at all so territorial disputes are pretty much not existent. Hecuba is slightly larger than earth and has more Gravity but not enough to adversely affect human health. 1 unit of Hecubite Gravity, called a HoGU ( Homeworld Gravity unit ), is about 1.07 G. You may notice you are slightly heavier but you will get sued to it should you decide to stay on Hecuba. There are 7 self-contained megacities dedicated to human habitation on Hecuba's surface and several sites within the Solar system. Hecuba has 1 moon that always remains and one moon that trades orbit with the nearby planet every 200 years. This is not a natural Phenomenon and seems to be a relic of early planetary engineering. Political Entities: Hecubite Government: The workings of the Hecubite government are strange and happen out of human view. This is not out of malice, most debate and important decisions are made when they physically link together to quickly share thoughts. Every Member of Hecubite society participates in this process making it akin to a Direct democracy. Human societies on Hecuba are allowed extensive autonomy but a few Laws that apply to the entire system are put in place that affect humans. No Genocide, bodily autonomy must be respected, and slavery is forbidden. Local mega city government: Each megacity has different structure and goverment. Research before moving to one. Human Confederate states: Several space habitats in the Hecuba system have formed local states and joined in a loose confederacy. Each State has its own Militia and can have vastly different ideologies from each other. The constant political infighting that sometimes erupts into skirmishes show that the Confederacy is far from unified and is often ineffective as a political body when it comes to making big decisions. Be sure to research one before you select to join a state. Scavengers: A group of rebels and Salvagers that span multiple of the Confederate territories. They are hated in the more totalitarian regions for disseminating prohibited speech and knowledge. They Salvage lost equipment and supplies and often rescue people adrift. Sometimes considered pirates for the practice of salvaging derelicts, they never keep people hostage and will negotiate remuneration should the person they rescued be able to afford it. They never go very high in their negotiations and will not leave almost never leave anyone stranded if they don't pay. If The people they Rescue have nothing they just drop them off at a safe port. Even in territories, they are hated there is a code of honor that eases conflicts if the circumstances are met. Should the Scavengers come across helpless enemy soldiers, the soldiers will allow themselves to be rescued without resistance and will not attack while being taken to safety. Several bases and outposts are under scavenger control, the most legendary of them is called "FreeHome" and it is the most elusive settlement known. Scavengers are rumored to have their own Arms manfacture workshops. Pirates: People who engage in piracy. Sometimes approved of secretly by political states to damage the economy of competitors. Has declined sharply due to organized Scavenger activities. Pirates that engage in slavery are one of the most hated groups in the system. Such groups were almost entirely wiped out by scavenger offensive that stormed and liberated the habitat used as the hub of the slave trade. This Secret base became the legendary "FreeHome" Local Corporate powers and Employment Opportunities: Colstead Defense systems: Manufactures all military arms and equipment. Also sells some small arms for security and civilian use. The Standard issue Confederate Militia Combat riffle if manufactured by Colstead. Colstead operates in ever inhabited Area. Colstead is not picky about who they sell to meaning the minor skirmishes fought between the states profit them greatly. They also sell some of their munitions to the civilian market but often sell weaker or modified versions, though the full powered military grade is available in some civilian markets. Frontier Munitions: Frontier munitions is an Arms manufacturer that focuses exclusively on the civilian market. More than half of Civilian small arms on the market are made by Frontier munitions. From small caliber defense pistols, to combat assault rifles Frontier arms makes it all. Despite being on Par with Military weaponry, Frontier arms takes no contracts for formal Militia or military forces. Informal Militias may purchase these arms but their main market is civilians and science/exploration expeditionary forces. The .22 hypermag Caseless Carbine is one of the most popular weapons for exploration use as it is compact and powerful enough to deal with most hostile life forms. They have also Pledge their support for the growing colony efforts meant to find a new homeworld for humanity. New Colonial equipment and weaponry designs are being developed. User testing is in high demand. Frontier Drive systems: A subsidiary of Frontier Munitions, Frontier drive systems build both space and ground vehicles for Colonial efforts. They are a new company and have very little presence in the business landscape. Designers and Engineers are needed. RTM: Rough Terrain motors is a construction and engineering vehicle manufacturer. They are the big name in industrial equipment. They have also taken contracts for the Farsky colonial project and are partnering and sharing patterns with Frontier drive Systems so all Vehicles used in the colonial effort have compatible parts for ease of field maintenance. FarSky Project: The Colonial and exploration effort meant to find humanity a new home as well as jumpstart an era of interspecies exploration and cooperation. Several member Species have signed on with this. The Farsky project has spurred on innovation and industrial growth. The Hecudbites have even begun reactivation and renovating outpost and factories that have been dormant for thousands of years to support this project. If you choose to resettle on another world these will be the people that will get you there, Scouts, security, mechanics, and infrastructure workers of all levels are needed, consider joining today.
  3. Stripes Waterkat

    Animus Defense Force (PC & Android)

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    The planet Animus is under attack by an alien invasion army determined to destroy the world. They have sent ships all across the planet and it is up to you as Commander Marx Silverclaw to defend the people. You will be in command of the Tigermax Force, manning the Talon Canons positioned in all the major cities and charged with blasting the aliens out of the sky before they can annihilate your world. A fast paced game where you tap the screen (or click) to fire the canons at the ships and their plasma bombs to keep them from destroying your buildings and canons. Twenty-one levels of non-stop, ground to air action. Gain power up from special ships to increase the abilities of your canons. Bonus points awarded for accuracy of fire as well as buildings and canons remaining. There are options at the start of the game to increase the difficulty and speed of the game to suit you particular gaming style. As well as checkpoints at levels 5, 10 and 15. Now go blast those alien SOBs. (Note: if the game asks anything about using the camera, ect, ignore it. The game does not utilize any android functions.) These files are free for everyone to enjoy. You'll be getting both the APK for android and the EXE for PC. If you wish to throw a few pennies my way for it, you can send it to the Paypal acct of ruovte@claws-and-paws.com with my thank you.


  4. Stripes Waterkat

    Nightcrawler and Gamora - "The Nightcap"

    From the album: Furry/Nightcrawler

    After the events of Guardians Team-up #6, Kurt and Gamora spent some time at a bar on Earth, this is how I feel the rest of the night went. ;D The link below will take you to a page where you can view the full NSFW animation I put together featuring our favorite fuzzy elf having some fun with the warrior daughter of Thanos, I hope he doesn't find out. Enjoy. 3 minute vid, Very NSFW, adults only, sound and music Comments here, or with the vid itself, welcome. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kxo9rmzmgymi8os/NightCrawler%20and%20Gamora%20-%20The%20Nightcap.mp4?dl=0 This is a fan based work. All IPs © Marvel

    © Marvel

  5. BigPuppyStuart

    A wider world

    The world famous linguist Jeanauques kaywaagh was surrounded by admiring colleagues as they swaggered off their ship into the bustling capital. They were on their way to give a lecture at the most prestigious university in the Valperet kingdom. Speaking there was a once in a lifetime opportunity and a privilege that only the most well connected and meritorious academics got the chance to speak at. It was not enough to be wealthy and well connected, it was not enough to be the best in your field, you had to be both to get such honors as speaking at the Royal capitol Academy and he was on his way to it do it. He and his entourage were strolling up the docks toward their waiting ride to the Academy. It did not fill him with the pleasure it should have. He was about to give the most soul crushing speech anyone in his field could give. It was essential a speech presenting the argument that there was nothing else to be discovered. Every language had been catalogued and codified, cross referenced and put down on paper. Everything from the most elegant Valperet dialects to the cumbersome complexities of the oldest forms of Djarlendt to even the obscure human languages only spoken in the desserts of the Fanock regions. There was nothing new left out there to discover and all he and his esteemed colleagues could look forward to would be trying to decipher the remnants of the Thethen language which linguists have been working on for a thousand years now. It was a disheartening prospect for someone as young as he. He had just turned 50 and while that was a respectable age it meant he had to figure out what to do for the 170 years he had remaining. He hid his feelings well, he cheerfully bantered with his colleagues and they discussed the fine dinner that would be waiting for them when they got to the Academy and the luxurious accommodations they would stay in before they got to their lectures to the best, brightest and most well connected the next morning. They even made haughty jokes about the riffraff that dock sides, even this one, exclusively for the wealthiest vessels with the most high class passengers was crewed by roustabouts and laborers. Valperet were fond of pointing out class divides and this was a perfect opportunity to exercise that pastime. They even laughed to each other when they caught the workers rolling their eyes as they picked up on what the group was saying. You had to be fluent in Valperet to work here so they all knew everyone understood them as they reminded themselves of their higher status. Jeanauques was so wrapped up in his thoughts and presenting a veneer of haughty cheer he almost missed it, but the moment he turned his attention to what he was hearing and stopped dead as if he had just slamed into a wall. He was utterly astonished at what he was hearing and what he was hearing was singing in a language he couldn't identify and who's roots and phonology were unlike any he had heard. It was issuing from the mouth of a large Hesken male whole was singing as he carried boxes. Jeanauques stopped to listen. " Oy, na hori karchata, a v dolyni divchata, Sichy-rubay derevo, kudy hlyanesh, zeleno, karchata. Des' uzyavsya Ivanko, des' uzyavsya Ivanko, Sichy-rubay derevo, kudy hlyanesh, zeleno, Ivanko. Vsich divchat vin rozihnav, lysh Mariyku sobi vzyav, Sichy-rubay derevo, kudy hlyanesh, zeleno, sobi vzyav. Poviv yiyi u sadok, narvav yiyi yahidok, Sichy-rubay derevo, kudy hlyanesh, zeleno, yahidok. Yiz, Mariyko, yahidky, zabuvaysya za divky, Sichy-rubay derevo, kudy hlyanesh, zeleno, za divky. " The singer stopped and looked over alerted by the sudden silence and a group of 10 Valperet staring at him one with a gaping mouth and wide eyed shocked face. He stared at them for a moment then when they didn't ask him anything he picked up a box and begin walking off. He had gotten a few feet away when Jeanauques came to his senses and gave chase. " WAIT COME HERE LAD" he shouted in Valperet. He was about to repeat the plea in Djarlendt when the worker responded. " No, I'm busy" he said without looking around and turned sharply to carry his box up a ramp and onto the deck of a ship. Jeanauques annoyed but still ingrigued waited for him at the bottom of the ramp impatiently tapping his cane. He was considering storming up the ramp to find him when he spotted the lad coming back down. " Move, i have work to do." The hesken ordered. Jeanauques bristled at the impertinence but Politely plyed him with questions. " My good lad, i am rather interested in that song you were singing, please repeat it slowly so i may record it." Jeanauques requested more politely then a person of his class was required to a laborer. He prepared a small book and a pencil to mark down the phonetic symbols linguists used to record language. The Hesken lad who was at least 6 feet tall and had the common heavy build of his race looked annoyed and Jeanauques thought he was about to be shoved out of the way. Instead the Hesken snatched the book out of Jeanauques hands and begin writting in it himself. The Valperet all begin to mutter and looked about to make a scene when the laborer handed the book back and made his way around the crowd and went back to work. Jeanauques started walking as he inspected what the lad had written. The page was covered with small, neatly efficient writing in the universal phonetic alphabet outlining the sounds used in the song and how they were separated into words. At the bottom of the entry was a list of the song and its place of origin. He stared at this part intently. " Ii say the nerve of that Roustabout, we should have him flogged" on of his companions put in indignantly with the special petulance the privileged have for when they are treated like everyone else. Jeanauques waved this away without even looking at the speaker. he was too busy skimming the text again and again. They loaded into the luxurious carriages and he stayed absorbed in the few neat lines of text. Mid way through the trip he looked up from the little book and asked aloud. " What do any of you know about Earth, Specifically a place called Ukraine. " He stumble over this last word, it was written both in the universal phonetic alphabet and in a set of characters he had never seen before. There was some general muttering but nothing new was said. none of his companions had ever heard of Ukraine and there was some muttering about earth being a filthy place since humans came from there. " Lads i won't be at dinner tonght, i have some reading to do, i will be in the library." He announced He no longer cared about pretentious speeches or grand dinners. He had just been introduced to a wider world of possibilities. he was going to have to alter his speech. End of part one. part 2 His compatriots were used to his fevered research habits so he was left alone and brought any books he sought from the were supplied by the Academy. His efforts did not pay off as well as he had hoped but they definitely supported his new conclusion. He found reams of references to books compiled by the mage's guild of things that humans had said shortly after their arriival on this world, and even before the peoples of gai'talar learned the trade language from the humans, a language that at the time was called English. The most intriguing thing was that when the humans first tried communicating they had used phrases that were purportedly inquiries as to weather the people of Gai'talar could speak certain languages. In Valperet lands it seems multiple groups of humans had used the same phrase over and over. " Est-ce que tu parles français" The phrase sounded very much like someone trying to speak Valperet but using strange words. Sadly instead of trying to understand the human visitors the Valperet army of the time had chased the new comers northward and had pursued them until they left valperet territory. The independent sionact villages had taken them in but never wrote down their utterances so Valperet sources were fairly lacking. He was not the only one who seemed to be irked by this. He did find a diatribe from a scholar at the time that a perfect opportunity to study a new people was wasted. There was a further entry that again lamented this because it seemed the Hesken of the Djarlendt kingdom of Hrectfuldahm had compiled a massive amount of information about humans and their languages. At the time the Hesken were not on good terms with the Valperet Royalty and so that information had not been available for 150 years and by then no one really wanted it. Luckily that was more than 500 years ago. Unluckily there was no way for him to get a copy of those texts at the moment. He did however have enough information to revise his speech. He feverishly wrote it down and worked it into his speech then retired to the Lavish bed supplied by him. He fell asleep thinking of the renewed passion he hoped to see in the faces of his listeners in the morning. His dreams were in vain though, he gave his speech to a packed crowd of intellectuals and wealthy patrons of the Academy. They seemed to take in the first part of his speech with a smug assurance that the languages of gai'talar were all mapped out and known down to the last detail by Valperet society. When he droped what he thought would be a world shattering revelation that there could be more Non-native languages to study he was met with a mixture of disinterest, confusion and outright politely masked disdain. They even seemed disinterested when he read off the strange song that had hinted at new avenues to him the previous day. His position as one of the world's foremost linguists kept anyone from outright jeering but the majority seemed to tune him out. Still he finished strong and didn't let the crowd know they had wounded his pride by dismissing him. He Took questions and many of the were intelligent as expected from this crowd but did not touch on his new interest. Then one question utterly baffled him. A young very well dressed student from what looked to be a fine family asked him: " Sir, have you visited the Grand Merchant's Plaza at midnight of the midweek day?" Jeanauques looked baffled for a few long moments before responding. " No lad, i have not, what reason do you ask." " I think you will find it enlightening" Was all the youth responded with. The evening finished up and he went to dinner with his cohorts. It was somewhat subdued, they had also picked up on the crowd's disinterest. Jeanauques kept a good face on and just lamented that no one was excited about new possibilities. The whole time he was wondering about that last question though. He now knew that the youth had been trying tell him to go there and just disguised it as a question. He would be at the Acadamey for another 3 days before he went up north to speak at another University. A hesken university. One that would likely have some of the books he couldn't find here stocked. But that was weeks off considering travel time. He ate in calm silence and decided that he would visit the grand Merchant plaza tomorrow night. He resolved to go alone so he did not inform anyone of his intent. To allay any suspicions he did say he looked forward to getting access to a wide range of reading and would spend tomorrow night in the library. He went to bed found the idea of covertly stealing off to the city chasing a clue to light knows what rather exciting. If he got nowhere with this new line of inquiry it would be worth it to just have something exciting to do. After spending an uneventful day meeting casually with the faculty and asking after books. He made it clear he would study all night in the library and wanted as many volumes as possible concerning linguistics mad ready for him. He had resolved to then send an apology to the Librarian claiming illness. The subterfuge was intriguing and he felt like a naughty child filching sweets from the kitchen instead of an aging linguist. He bidded his time till night fell and he walked into the library stayed long enough for the librarian to wander off then he snuck out the maintenance room window. He had spent the day talking to students and professors and had picked up a sure fire way to sneak off campus. in 15 minutes he was on a tram to the merchant quarter. He noticed some Students from the Academy also on the tram but never made eye contact. When he arrived he walked in a different direction than they did and then circled back and made for the Plaza when he was sure no one was observing him. As he neared the plaza he saw it was packed. There were people everywhere and they all seemed to be waiting. The majority of them were humans but he spotted Valperet, Hesken and Lutrondae all rubbing elbows. He also saw the group of Students who he had been trying to avoid on the tram. They all saw him and looked away uncomfortable at him noticing them. " I believe you will have a better view if you all follow me." The students and Jeanauques all turned to see the Student who had asked the question that had brought him here. He was accompanied by a female Skitritch maybe in her late teens who looked to be a sailor of some sort. She was dressed like one anyway. They all followed in silence as they were led into a building and up a flight of stairs. They paused at a landing and the Skitritch girl opened the window and climbed easily up the side of the building. soon a rope ladder lowered and the Student that had lead them here climbed up. The other students looked around and then one by one climbed after him. Jeanauques went last, taking his time as he wasn't as spry as he was in youth and found himself on a little flat part of the roof between large windows in the side of the building. The spot overlooked the Plaza and the crowd. There seemed to be a group of musicians in the middle of the plaza on this side of the grand fountain. The Musicians were of many Species. One of them he recognized as being the young Hesken Dock worker who had been singing that strange song. The woman at the drums a dark skinned human with ribbons in her hair beat out 3 loud bangs and the muttering crowd fell silent. Then the music started. Jeanauques was wondering what a public concert would concern a linguist until the vocals came in. " As më jep nj'er ujë moj balluk' e prërë As më jep nj'er ujë moj balluk' e prërë Me se të të japë trendafil me ere? Me se të të japë trendafil me ere? Jarnana, jarnane, jarnana moj të keqëne, Jarnana, jarnane, jarnana moj të keqëne O me dorënde tënde moj balluk' e prërë O me dorënde tënde moj balluk' e prërë Dora m'u ndodh zënë trendafil me ere? Dora m'u ndodh zënë trendafil me ere? Me se t'u ndodh zënë moj balluk' e prërë? Me se t'u ndodh zënë moj balluk' e prërë? Me unazëne tënde, trendafil me ere Me unazëne tënde, trendafil me ere O me dorënde tënde moj balluk' e prërë O me dorënde tënde moj balluk' e prërë Dora m'u ndodh zënë trendafil me ere? Dora m'u ndodh zënë trendafil me ere? Me se t'u ndodh zënë moj balluk' e prërë? Me se t'u ndodh zënë moj balluk' e prërë? Me unazëne tënde, trendafil me ere Me unazëne tënde, trendafil me ere " Jeanauques being an expert linguist and speaking every known language immediatly realized that this was something new. It was different from the song he heard at the docks and he could tell from the phonetic pallet that it was a seperate language. He whiped out his notebook and began copying as much as he could into the universal phonetic Alphabet. He could see the student that had got him here tonight grinning at his furious writing. He was only half finished when the song changed. " Krummi svaf í kletta gjá, - kaldri vetrar nóttu á, verður margt að meini; verður margt að meini; fyrr en dagur fagur rann freðið nefið dregur hann undan stórum steini. undan stórum steini. Allt er frosið úti gor, ekkert fæst við ströndu mor, svengd er metti mína; svengd er metti mína; ef að húsum heim ég fer, heimafrakkur bannar mér seppi´ úr sorpi´ að tína. seppi´ úr sorpi´ að tína. Öll er þakin ísi jörð, ekki séð á holta börð fleygir fuglar geta; fleygir fuglar geta; en þó leiti út um mó, auða hvergi lítur tó; hvað á hrafn að éta? hvað á hrafn að éta? Sálaður á síðu lá sauður feitur garði hjá, fyrrum frár á velli. fyrrum frár á velli. 'Krúnk, krúnk! nafnar, komið hér! krúnk, krúnk! því oss búin er krás á köldu svelli. krás á köldu svelli.'" He began furiously writing that as well thinking it sounded somewhat like Djarlendt but with unfamiliar words. He couldn't keep up so he soon put his notebook Away and just listened. The players went through various songs many of which were in different languages and had different cadences. He was no musicologist but Jeanaques was sure they were from different cultures. The singer, the big hesken dockworker Amazed Jeanaques by singing away in several different languages all of which were new to him. When the performers took a break Jeanauges turned to the grining student and just said. " Explain." " What makes you think i can?" the student replied. Jeanaques started to get annoyed. " I just knew of this concert and the unknown languages that the singer uses and thought you would be interested given the subject of your speech. That is all." The student says. Jeanaques was sure there was more to it but the music had started again so he thought that questions could wait. The other Students from the Academy seemed as wrapped up in the performance as was physically possible. They were already making plans to sneak out and come to another one of these. Jeanaques was listening to the students making plans so he almost missed it. The singer had started again but this time it was a language he recognized as Viatorem, the mystery language that was widely used in Academic and mage circles. The language was well known but its origins were a mystery. The big lad was singing in a deceptively high sweet voice. He began writing it down phonetically and would translate it when he got back to a library. It was the same words repeated with vocal flourishes added to them. Kyrie eleison Christe eleison Kyrie eleison Kyrie eleison He was so intent on writing this down that he started violently when something flew past his face and struck the wall wiith a loud crack. He looked over and was startled to see what looked like a bullet hole in the wall of the little flat spot they were sitting in. Everyone else turned to look at it for a moment then scrambled away from it in panic. Someone was shooting at them and it could have come from anywhere. "up the roof to the other side boys" the Skitritch girl commanded and then scampered off to follow her own directions. They did not need told twice. While they scrambled to safety another round impacted the roof and sent a cloud of shattered roofing tile shards into the their midst. They double timed it and huddled panting in safty on the other side of the roof line. " Oi which one of ye has enemies bitter enough to shoot at ye?" The Skitritch demanded of the frightened group of Valperet. They looked around nervously and some gave petulant shrugs as if resenting the implication that they might have such enemies. The student that had gotten Jeanaques her with his question spoke up. " Well we can determine that later, right now we should get to safety. What is the safest way back to the Academy." " I would say across the rooftops iffin' this be normal but since some one be snipin at us i would suggest the street down there, take it to the dockyard then ride a supply train to the Academy. I know the tram operator 'e can drive us into the loading bay at the Academy." The Skitritch girl suggested and none objected. They followed her as she nimbly scrambled to a decorative outcropping that had a long rope coiled up out of sight from the ground. She deftly tied it into place then Dropped the rope down to the street bellow. It was a long thin rope that while long enough was distressingly thin and looked as if it would not hold much weight. " Will that Hold us?" Jeanaques asked Nervously. "yeah it will not to worry, it is a stevRipit, what you Valperet like to call a 'theif's rope'. " The skitritch replied then began climbing down. Jeanaques had heard of these. Ropes that were strong and thin and were supposedly made as a theif's tool so they could hide them more easily. On his travels around the world Jeanaques had learned that they had been invented by mountain climbers. The name StevRipit meant mountain rope and was used because its light weight and thin profile made room for other supplies. Knowing the root of the device and how it was named didn't mean he knew how to use it any better, the thin profile meant it dug painfully into his hands as he climbed the thin cord. He was glad to get to the ground and compulsively straitened his suit. He froze when he caught sight of some dangerous looking character squating on the sidewalk looking over at him. They were all armed and rather rough looking and almost dirty. They looked like Skitritch sailors. They had knives and revolvers at their side. After a tense moment of observation Jeanaques realized that none of them reached for a weapon or had a hostile expression. They were squatting in a loose circle around a candle lit playing field Strewn with cards and little tin playing pieces with a small pile of loose coins of small denominations. It was nothing more than a penny ante card game. The skitritch girl barked out an order to get moving and they all followed her down the street toward the docks which were a few blocks away. All the Valperet followed even if some of them bristled silently at taking orders from a Skitritch. In the Valperet capitol skitritch were excluded, politely of course, from most of valperet society but were tolerated as dock workers and couriers. Valperet believed each race had its place in the world and should not expand beyond their predetermined path. To valperet, skitritch should never lead but no one else seemed to know what to do so they followed sullenly. They made their way down the alleyways and along the street only if necessary, their eyes darting nervously. They eyed every group with trepidation wondering if they may be a threat and they were woefully conspicuous about it. Jeanaques knew they must have looked obviously nervous and hoped they were ignored. By the whispering and glances they were getting that likely wouldn't be the case. " What are you so furtive about gentlemen?" They all started at the voice and looked over to see a policemen, tall and strongly built for a valperet. His physique was displayed in a finely fitted uniform with brass buttons shined to high polish. He had a firm suspicious expression as he eyed the group of young men in student attire and the old well dressed gentlemen all with bug eyes darting around in what must have been a guilty fashion. Jeanaques was about to spin a tale of him guiding some students around and being unnerved by an attempted mugging, a modified version of an excuse taught to him by a sionact linguist who had tried to pass as Valperet if he ever got caught acting nervous in a part of town that was Valperet only to explain his unsettled behavior. He was composing himself to say this when he noticed the Skitritch girl was taking charge again and was facing the policeman and moving her hands. At first he was terrified she was casting a spell but he recognized it as a form of sign language. The officer seemed to be paying intense attention and even signing back, perhaps asking questions. Suddenly the officer nodded and went off at a near run toward the plaza. " what excuse did you give him?" Jeanaques asked. " No, excuse, i just told him the truth, we got shot at and are heading to safety. If anyone suspicious is near by they didn't hear our plan." She whispered, The started off down the sidewalk. They must have been close because they heard a ship's bell. The Skitritch girl veered off and walked parallel to the sounds of the sea then walked up and tapped on the window of a small building next to a cargo tram station. The window opened and a grinning scruffy gray Sionact peeked out. " evening Miri, whats amiss?" The jovial sionact woman asked. The Skitritch Explained with hand signs and then pointed to the tram. The Sionact woman didn't look jovial any more, she looked concerned. She hurried off and moments later a brawny Hesken came from around the building and motioned them all to follow. The skitritch girl went without hesitation and the Valperet all hustled up to not be separated from the person who had seen them through all this. They came to a cargo tram that was being loaded by Hesken, though not all of them appeared to be laborers. There were 3 shirtless lads loading boxes but their pants were too decorative to be that of common workers. They also all wore boots which hesken usually didn't except in the coldest weather. There was also a hesken woman carrying iron boxes and she was wearing a shirt and tabbard embroidered with the symbol of the mage's guild. They were all loading things into the second tram down the line, the burly man that had motioned them was opening the first in line. He motioned that they should enter and the Skitritch did. The rest of them paused and stared. " Do you want a ride to the Academy or not? " The Burly Hesken ask impatiently. They piled in and took seats on the boxes inside. Jeanaques was settling in when he noticed the driver had a gun. He was about to cry out in terror when the driver handed the gun to the Skitritch girl then reached into a locker and produced another then held it out butt first toward Jeanaques. He just looked at it confused. " If you are going to ride then you can act as guards." the Driver said. He sounded slightly cheerful and his expression seemed to indicate he was amused Jeanaques discomfort at seeing the gun. Jeanaques suspected he was thinking he was nothing more than a useless intelectual or a labor averse elite. Jeanaques took the weapon and checked the chamber with some knowledge. " Good weapon, a little more power than i am used to." Jeanaques commented. He had carried a pistol while on expeditions and so knew how to use them. He usually carried a smaller caliber and half feared this would fly out of his hand if he tried to fire it. He glanced over at the one the Skitritch girl had been given. It was an 8mm pocket pistol that was more his comfort zone. " I ain't trading." the skitritch girl said flatly. If Jeanaques couldn't handle his pistol she couldn't either. She was petite and most likely still in adolescence. The hesken had pulled out another pistol and was offering it to the group of students who shrank back from the proffered pistol. All except the one who had asked the question that had drawn him here. He reached into his sleeve and produced a wand. " I better stick to this, i actually know how to use it." He said calmly. " Almost know how to use it more like." the skitritch girl muttered. The Tram driver shrugged then put the pistol away before taking out a short shotgun of the type Jeanaques had seen Hesken explorers carry. This was a semi automatic 10 gauge monstrosity that could reduce even large predators into ruined masses of flesh. He was quietly glad he had not been given that instead. The tram driver sat down and layed the shotgun across his lap and then Started the tram. " We are going straight to the academy and it should take about an hour." He shouted over the sound of gears and springs rumbling to life. There was a tiny shaking as they started off. "Can't it go faster?" one of the students said with a trembling voice. " Not as loaded down as we are." the driver says calmly " Besides if someone is after one of you, rushing will draw attention. And before you get all suspicious" the Hesken tram opperator says and glances back at the group of Valperet who had indeed looked at his broad back suspiciously " kaileewen told me, that Miri said someone was shooting at one of you." Without looking at what he was doing he worked the levers and the tram switched gears as it started up the track gradually speeding up. The cargo rails carried supplies to the whole city so they would be moving sideways before they switched track toward the academy. They rode in uneasy silence until. "Alright so which one of did somthin worth being shot at." The Skitritch demands. " How dare you!" one of the Valparet students snaps. Then he adds " You should teach your street servant some manners" the same student demands of the Student with the wand who was sitting quietly. " I ain't no servant and someone be lobbing lead at me because one o' you so speak up." She responds undeterred. " I am sure i have the most Enimies here but they are more likely to write scathing reviews of my work" Jeanaques said. " I don't think any of us know why we were fired upon." They all went back to sitting in nervous silence. Eyes Darting around the drive section of the train and occasionally at eachoother before sliding nervously away. The silence was as pressing as a sickly heart beat. The gears of the train churned and chugged in a manner that seemed to highlight the silence among them. " It is Awefully quiet, mind if I sing?" The driver says into the silence. He sounded like he was enjoying the awkwardness of the situation. " Please no, someone talk about something, he sounds like a vomiting seabear when he sings." Miri said with an actual hint of desperation in her voice. " Professor why did you come to the plaza concert, does it have something to do with some horribly complicated feild of study it will take an hour to explain?" The Hesken train driver laughed at this obvious diversionary tactic. " Well it does, in a way, I came because i heard a lad singing at the docks today, but it was in a language i had not documented so i revised my speech that i was giving to mention new possible lines of inquiry into human languages. After the talk i was asked if i would be attending the events of tonight by this student here." He motioned to the Student with the wand. After a moment of silence when it was obvious he wasn't going to continue the skitritch spoke again. " For the love of the light keep talking or 'e will sing" she pleaded. Just then the door rattled as if someone was trying to open it. They were moving at a goodly pace so someone trying to get into the cabin must be determined or up to no good, and both was likely. After some more rattling the door stopped. Jeanaques Peaked out the small Grimy window to see who would be trying to force the door. He flintched back when something struck the window and cracked the glass. He withdrew to the middle of the compartment and another blow shattered the small window and in was thrown a segmented metal sphere that was smokiing slightly from the top. Without thinking Jeanaques caught it. Then he realized it was a grenade. In panic he stuffed it out the broken window and moments later a boom rang out and the Cargo train shook. " BANDITS!" one of the students screamed in panic. " Naw bandits use smoke bombs to choke the drivers and force them to open the doors and leave cargo undamaged, they be trying to kill anyone inside, cargo be damned." Miri said an pulled her little pistol. She went to the door and grasped the handle. " On three, let im have it." She commanded. All that were armed pointed at the door. " one, THREE" she shouted then threw the latch, the door slide open a bit and they caught sight of a tall masked figure in a long coat preparing another grenade. Jeanaques saw their danger so he didn't hesitate and raised his pistol and fired. The kick of the Hesken pistol was not as bad as he feared but it had the wonderful effect of knocking the figure back as the round struck its chest just as he had yanked the cord of the grenade. The grenadier toppled back into the night and slammed to the ground and rolled off away from them. As miri and 2 of the students that weren't cowering pushed the door closed they heard another boom. " I am putting on the bandit lights." The driver said and flicked a few switches. A bell started to clang insistently and orange lights started reflecting on the windows as they began flashing on top of the train. Moments later thought close by gunfire range out and the lights stopped and with a lound PANG the bell flew off infornt of the conductors cockpit and feel to the tracks. " There's at least one more out there." The conductor said and stood up holding the shotgun. He oppened a little hatch in the ceiling and fired upward. The loud bang of the shotgun was followed by a splatter of blood that strayed then driped through the hatch. The Hesken driver's face was spattered with it as he calmly sat back down after closing the roof hatch. " We are coming up to the hill that will take us up toward the Academy, it will also mean we are the most visible so lets hope who ever it is isn't desperate enough to draw that much attention to themselves as to attack where all can see." The conductor said as if he hadn't just splatted someone with a shotgun. They rounded the bend that brought them up the hill so they could see the Academy in the distance. They all looked toward what they thought would be safety. Their jaws dropped in horror, the Academy library was on fire. " I don't think we want to go there right now." The skitritch Miri commented blithely. " Yeah lets go somewhere else." the Student with the wand commented. " Where else? there aren't many stops between here and the academy and non are expecting us." The conductor said cradling his shotgun like he was about to need it. " I may have an idea, let me at that hatch." The student with the want said then practically crawled into the Hesken's lap and stood up. He oppened the hatched and thrust the his arm up through it and fired off some sort of flare from his wand tip. The hesken looked up. " Mage in distress, attacked, need... uh it is to fast for me to read." He commented while looking at the flare as it changed color rapidly sending out code. The Valperet climbed down and looked out the window soon a green flare that strobed red a few times before returning to green. " We can pull in there." The young mage said. " It will be safe, it is my aunt's warehouse." In a few minutes the Train pulled up to an unloading bay. Instead of Workers there was a robbed figure With a staff standing looking intently at the train. They pulled in and the conductor brought the motor to slow but dind't fully deactivate it, leaving it to idle with whisper quiet clicks of internal workings. These gentle sounds were the loudest silence after the rumbling of full power and desperate gunfire. The conductor peeked out a side door he open cautiously leading with his shotgun. There was a shouted conversation about assurances on cargo safety before the conductor shut down the engine fully. The wand weilding Valperet student pushed forward and practically climbed over the hesken conducctor to shout out his own question " What has happened at the Academy?" "Get off me!" the conductor orders before any answer comes, then pushes his bulk out the side door after the Student gives him some space. To be continued.
  6. From the album: [CW: VORE] Swooce's land of eating his friends

    Gustav quickly realised how little space he had in his car, so decided to improvise by using... Swooce This superb art was made by @ghgbn! It was his first time drawing object vore, and he did such an incredible job of it
  7. BigPuppyStuart

    Codex: Magic

    CONCEPTS OF MAGIC Magic energies: Kasha/ Mana/ framdt: A caster's internal reserves of magical energy that refills over time. The rate at which it refills vary from person to person as does how much energy they hold. Through practice and training both of these can be improved as well as learning to be more effecient in its use. Some casters compare it to a muscle, it improves as you use it. A wizard that has exhausted their Kasha while not feel physically tired and can go on to fight physically. Kasha fills faster while someone sleeps but since there is no physical tiredness associated with being out of Kasha Napping to refill it is not always viable. Varkash: The magical energy of the cosmos, this is thought to be unlimited and the source from which thinking beings fill Kasha from. Converting: This is a practice in which life energies or physical well being is converted to magical energies. It is not fully known how this is as it seems people learn how to do it differently. The most notible example of this was a Skitritch who learned to convert body fat into magical energy so he would gain weight then loose it rapidly after doing grand powerful things. Most others that try to convert pass out or become delirious or become very sick so it is not a popular technique. Devotion/ The Sacred Flame: This is the divine source of power that some casters can draw upon. It is not common or well understood. Methods of Magic: Intent magic: This is a type of magic performed entirely through thought and will power and the manipulation of energies through thought and focus. Someone with an affinity will perform that magic type easily through intent even if they have difficulty with other types of magic. This requires no speaking or movements though many casters will move as it help focus their intent. The moments are simple gestures and not complicated affairs such as ritual magic calls for. This type of magic is performed by focusing magical energies with the mind and shaping them to an effect. The caster has 2 ways of accessing magical energies, one is an internal pool of energies in themselves that refills after they use it and the other is to tap into the cosmic magical energy that permeates the universe. This latter option is harder to do and takes concentration. Ritual magic: Magic that is performed by a ritual such recitation of words, writing of runes or hand gestures. This is akin to a magical computer program that is activated to make a certain effect. They take less mental manipulation of magical energy and are used for to cast things more difficult than the cast is usually able to do. These were made by many ancient cultures and so one language or writing system is employed to use them but they can only be performed in the language they are set in. Ex: A Lontracant ritual can not be performed in any other language than Lontracant. The Art of creating and crafting Rituals is closely guarded and is not an easy feat. Sometime Invokes outer beings for a purpose. Some types of Ritual magic have hand signs on movements associated with them, these are called Casting signs. Types of magic: Elemental/ Energetic: These are the typical Fire, frost, lightning as well as kinetic. This is about manipulating or adding energies in a system. Firing thermal blast from your hands or creating kinetic barriers falls into this category. There is some confusion by no practitioners about this. Blasts of cold are part of this field but actually firing a bolt made of ice is not. Water and ice are not made by energetic manipulation. Bio-thaumaturgy: The type of magic that specializes in altering the physical body. Healing magic as well as magically inflicting maladies fall under this type. Like all others this type of magic is neither good or evil it depends on how it is used but is often seen as holy. Eventhough magical means for healing and treating illness exists, the demand for medical care is so great that Practitioners of Bio-thaumaturgy also learn non magic based medicine so they can still treat people when their magical reserves are depleted. Matter Manipulation: This type of magic concerns altering physical matter into other things or changing it to function better. an example of this is someone taking a handful of sand and turning it into glass or crystal without using heat. Expert Matter manipulators are highly sought after in the Artificer's guild though it is not a prerequisite. Wizards that fire projectiles made of ice are actually doing matter manipulation in addition to Energetic manipulation. A caster that seems to produce water or ice in their hands are actually condensing it out of the air or if scientifically knowledable enough makiing it from hydrogen and oxygen. Eldritch energies: these energies act strangely with the rest of the world and are considered mysterious and not as well studied as other energies in the magical domain. Often Confused for Shadow magic bu are distinct. Energy bolts that seem to corrode what they strike are the best know example of this. These energies make people except those adept in them sick and confused. For this reason most people who experiment in this field won't do it anywhere near people because of the ill effects of it. Shadow magic: Use of a mysterious magic that acts like an energy and a substance. Has many strange effects on people and can vary depending on the caster's needs. Looked on with distrust by the general public and even some wizards. Shadow magic practitioners can sometimes alter their bodies to become a semi coherent mas of darkness. Object can pass through them without harming them but they remain vulnerable to certain magical energies. Magitech: A blend of magic and technology or technology powered by magic. A Boiler the derives its heat from magic instead of coal is still considered magitech by most people. To the general public the lines between pure technology and Magitech can be a little blurred. A completely technology driven electron thrower would still sometimes be called magitech even though magic had nothing to do with it. Alchemy: Using magically altered or infused ingredients to make potions. Many consider non magical chemistry to be alchemy but wizards don't. Chemistry: the study of non magical interactions and the properties of the physical world when not manipulated by magic. Holy magic/ Sacred flame: Magic sourced from the creator of the universe and Deity of all Gai'talar's religions. Has grown more an more rare. Devotion/Attunement: Usual users of this add divine effect to their existing magical or physical effects. This isn't learned or but manifests when a religiously devout person calls out to God, Also Refered to as the sacred flame. This can happen Subtlety so no one notices or be Rather obvious. Only a few individuals can do this at will and they are usually Religiously devout. One odd thing that has been noted is that Standing in the organization of the church has no bearing on this ability. 3 notable example that demonstrate this are High Priest Bell'wed Krontyr a Hesken priest of high stature but being considered to hold odd views, Barnough the Eldritch a reclusive Valperet mage who's field of study was considered unwholesome but always took time to attend services, and SeanHan of the coasts, a Sionact fisherman who despite being religious railed against the church and many of their actions. Seanhan had no magical training whatsoever but seemed to be able to ask the assistance of God when ever the situation called for it. The Act that gained Seanhan notoriety was when he challenged a pirate captain to a one on one fight for the safety of a crew of captured fishermen and he won by splitting the pirate's sword blade with a fillet knife. Somehow despite being 7 feet from the mast, it also split and fell over disabling the ship. Despite people of all walks of life successfully invoking the Sacred Flame in times of need no one has been able to establish a pattern or refine a method for doing it consistently. Speaker Of the Sacred Flame: Sense 1: This is an extremely rare manifestation in which the creator of the universe can speak directly through someone or tell them to do things. The Speaker can even be completely taken over to perform a task. They usually don't remember this task and awaken after feeling no ill effects from whatever they were doing even if they were up all night doing intense physical labor they do not feel tired or sore the next day and think they just fell asleep. This state can last a long time. One of the most well known Speakers of the flame created an orphanage and ran it for 4 years before waking up in an unfamiliar city in a strange country and not remembering what had happened. Skills he picked up such as cooking and medicine mysteriously remained. Often called True speakers to differentiate from the title. Speaker of the Sacred flame Sense 2: A title give to priests who show holy affinity or have attained very high rank. Some churches such as the Alo and the Hesken will never bestow this as a title. Other titles are used in its stead and the term is reserved for sense 1 individuals. Spirit singers/ Soul song: A mysterious type of magic that is not as well understood as other practices. Sometimes the song doesn't come from a person, it can come from a place or object. Can manifest in actual sound ( Vibration of air molecules ) and sometimes it manifests purely inside someone's head and can not be reordered or perceived through methods of sound recording. ( Gai'talar has simple sound recording and playback technology like Phonographs ) A milder manifestation of the later form can come in vague feelings. The are Called "memories of the Melody" and it has become a common turn of phrase to express a vague emotion that is not explainable. These can be positive and negative. Spirit Singers can also influence people with song though this is not full control. Examples range from whipping soldiers up to fight to calming them down and reminding them not to get too carried away. Some Spirit singers disguise themselves as regular Bards and play at pubs to make random people feel better. They Most openly perform at funerals and can help give closure to the grieving. People who specialize in this are called 'grief singers' or 'chanters of Lament' and are the most accepted form of spirit singers. Some villages also have dedicated Spirit singers who's job it is to keep certain types of supernatural entities at bay or to move on. General concepts: Affinity ( Magic ) : A talent or predisposition toward a specific type of magic domain or specific effect. That type of magic will come more naturally to the caster. People with strong affinities might have their carers dictated by them. An example was grand Magister Definnus Huin who had a talent with fire and could cause mass devastation thus became an expert at magical warfare despite his real interest being in medicine. Affinities also can be considered burdensome or inconvenient such as a Luntrondae being born with a lightning affinity. The water dwelling specie's normal environment makes this talent extra dangerous. In situations like this the person must either never live up to their full potential or go train in an environment less dangerous to that type of power. Casting signs: Finger or hand movements used in ritual magic, these are akin to keystrokes at a computer to enter commands. People who learn these casting signs can tell what a caster is trying to do even if they have no magical talents. It Takes some magical train or practice to cast using casting signs but not as much as casting from pure intent and mental discipline. Someone can stand there and make casting signs all day and nothing will happen unless they put energy into it. Casting signs all originated from one culture but which one is up for debate. In some cultures Casting signs have made it into common use as rude hand gestures. In Southern hesken populations Repeatedly extending and curling the pinky and ring finger means "Hurry up you are wasting my time/ get to the point" which come from the casting sign "Activate" or "begin." Valperet find this extremely rude because Hesken are often considered to be extremely patient (or at least it is thought they ought to be) so being told to hurry up by one is considered shocking. When a Hesken does this to another Hesken or a skitritch it is not taken rudely it is just taken as " Hurry/ double time it, or Wrap it up." In cultures less at ease with magic using casting signs at all is considered rude and in cultures that highly revere magic it is considered rude to cheapen them into slang hand signs. Lutrondae are an example of the former and Alo an example of the latter. Alo will go so far as to smack people's hands if they think they are being too Flippant in using casting signs. Alo hold casting signs in such esteem that some hardcore elements even look at hand based nonverbal communication as a knock off or mockery. Outer Beings: Creatures from extra or outer planes of reality. Range from the utterly vicious to the slightly quirky. Are recognized as a source of power by many cults. Realms: The catch all term for the different but connected worlds or planes that are accessible through magic. Shadow Realm/ the place echoes: This is a mirror of what happens in the physical world, a shadow of it, this is where most but not all ghost would reside. Is neither good nor evil in nature though many vile things reside there. Also considered the dream world but this is contested. Astral realm/ ethereaum: The realm that houses a vast array of places manifest. Can also be mirrors of the physical realm but are connected to greater vastness of things. It is theorized that this is where souls go after death unless something causes them to go elsewhere. Le Verld/ physical world/ Mundus, Miorgar : The physical world were laws of physics are consistent and life arises. Also just called Gai'talar Heritage memory: A rare magical manifestation of remembering all the history, stories or language of a culture. This culture is usually but not always that of the person who it manifests in. These are memories of how events actually occurred and not always how history records them so sometimes these individuals are seen as being very inconvenient. Artificer: Someone who specializes in imbuing magic into devices and technology. Also talented in crafting. What distinguishes them from inventors and mechanics is magical training and ability to imbue and tune magical energies. Totem animal: An ik'sophant ( Not human or above level of thought ) species that is held sacred to an individual. It is not required that the totem animal be the progenitor species of the individual. A Skit'ritch may have a wolf as a totem animal. Totem animals act as magical scouts or guides for Spirit magic practitioners. Soul trap: A magical device that holds the soul or ghost of a being. Used in trapping dangerous spirits by ghost hunters. Soul Traps can also be made of living beings. Some magic users have soul traps worked into their own flesh and use it to hold someone's soul for greater power or because they are not ready for that person to die. Most magically inclined people can see the state of the soul trapped and so determining if they are holding a person that is not ready to move on or if they are holding a soul against its will is a simple matter. The Make of a soul trap can also tip off people as to its intent. When made one way it allows a soul to stay there for as long as it wants but nothing stops the soul from leaving. When made another way it traps the soul of the person but is delicate and can be broken by and outside force. Reborn: A soul that has been born into a new body. They can usually remember their past lives or learn to remember them. Memories are no guarantee that you are a reborn and not everyone who thinks they are actually are. Sometimes people with mental illnesses think they are reborn. There are methods of checking but not everyone is comfortable with them. The most well know and Documented Reborn was an ancient Hesken wizard king who was born again 5 thousand years later into a poor Sionact household and retained his memories and powers but never tried to amass power and regain his position because he was happier with the new family. He died of old age with a large family and it is thought that his soul passed on, though some claim he is hanging around as a ghost watching over the surviving members of the family. Magical Focus: There are many tools used to focus and amplify magical energies. Allows for more efficient use of energy but not all magic users need them. Almost any object can become one if properly modified. Here are a few along with their cultural significance. Focuses are used because it make channeling magical energies easier and can focus their power more efficiently. They are not strictly needed but make things much easier. Rod: A wood or metal rod that has been augmented to serve as a magical focus. Is favored by people who expect to have to fight using magic. It is Sturdy enough to be used as a striking or blocking implement. Orb: A magical ball or Orb ( though it can be other shapes like a pyramid ) that levitates and moves with the users will. It can emit magical attacks and effects from it leaving the user to do something else with their hands. These are not as popular because of the mental effort and constant focus needed to control it. The benefits of it are the user can see through it and distance is pretty meaningless to orbs. They are usually strong enough that they are are near impossible to break. A full martial art focused around using an orb as a offensive and defensive tool in place of fists. The draw back is that some mages can send haptic feed back through the link connecting the user. Book: With special preparation a book can be made a magical focus as well as be a repository of knowledge. They have the added effect of sometimes having soul containers worked into their covers so the soul of a wizard resides inside it and acts as a keeper of knowledge. Depending on the soul these are the only implement in wizard history to be good or evil. It is not so dependent on the knowledge contained in the book and more about the alignment of the keeper. One Book that exemplifies this is a book on how to cause or cure magical plagues that can wipe out civilizations. This book considered the most dangerous and vile of tomes is inhabited by the soul of Saint Chiinick who devoted his life to curing diseases. If anyone opens the book with intent to do evil, Chiinick will make the pages appear blank or blight you with a nasty but short lasting malady. If you are granted access but start looking into parts of the book he doesn't think you need to see His ghost will start pestering you to stay on task and start screeching in your ear if you try to ignore him. He is said to be very annoying. Wand: The classical magic wand. Is light and maneuverable but is the most fragile option so it is not as popular outside strictly academic institutions. Imbued Knife: A knife that has been modified to channel and amplify magic. Is useful because it is both a tool for physical work and magical work. Hammer: Artificers often like to turn their hammers into their focuses, they will not usually do it for every hammer they use but they will pick a favorite that they always carry. These are not always obvious as not all Artificers will mark them with runes or other decorations. One common thing is that they often make the hammer cause discomfort or tingling if anyone but the owner try to use it. Many people thinkg that this is because their hammers are so full of potent magic but it is an effect put there so people will stop Borrowing them. When the Artificers guild started " Where's my fucking hammer?" was one of the most common things shouted in the grand workshop. Sword: Some mage knights imbue their swords to act as focuses so they can switch seamlessly between casting and swordplay. They are falling in popularity but are still around. Staff: The traditional and oldest form of magical focus. Is versatile in that it can be used as a weapon, a tool and as a magic focus. Cane: similar to a rod but made to act as a walking implement when not used in magic. Cane and rod fighting techniques are a little different. Ring: A ring used as a magical focus. Is not usual particularly powerful but is portable and concealable. Knuckles: Bras knuckles modified to be magical focus. these are favored for fighters who mix magic into fist based martial arts. Gauntlet/glove : A glove or armored gauntlet modified to be a magical focus. These are not as popular as they are harder to make them light. It take an expert artificer to make a simple pair of leather gloves act as a focus.
  8. BigPuppyStuart

    Codex: Fauna

    Gai'talar is home to many animals that are recognizable to earth inhabitants but there are some that are different enough that they need to listed. Note that names for many of these creatures are mostly in english because all the races of Gai'talar have different names for them. Worldly: Creatures found on Gai'talar Magus sharks: A type of large shark that has somehow become imbued with magical energies. They are different enough in appearance from normal sharks to be recognizable. Seem to be able to use rudimentary magic. Magus Sharks along with more mundane Varieties are considered pests by Lutrondae. Ascendant Magus sharks: Like the more common magus sharks these are imbued with magical energies but are also gifted with greater intelligence. They have been seen working together to perform tasks and seem to have sophisticated communication. Ascendant Magus sharks have markings that are capable of emitting light as well as bending it. These Sharks are able to render themselves nearly invisible. Not much is know about Ascendant Magus sharks but it is noted that they seem to be non hostile toward seagoing vessels and have never attacked sailors in the water. Like normal magus sharks the Ascendant magus sharks use magic but are rather adept at it. It was once observed that a pair of Ascendants used a floating sphere of water to peer above the surface of the sea and observed the tropical port town of Mad Rat's Landing. Harper whales : This is a carnivorous cetacean that resembles an orca but is dark blue and grey instead of black and white. Harper whales are very intelligent in that they seem to be able to tell land dwelling species apart and may even be able to recognize individuals. They have a well established pattern of not bothering hesken but displaying extreme hostility toward Ulvaltar the hesken's close relative species. This has led to a practice among Ulvaltar to avoid beaches during certain times of year. There are a myriad of hypothesizes about why this is but no evidence to back any of them. They get their name because ancient Ulvaltar or Hesken used to use the jaw bones of washed up dead Harper whales to make harps. SeaBears: the catch all term for a group of predatory pinniped of large size. Their behaviour depends on which species of Seabear it is. There are 3 species. Domesticated SeaBears: Coastal Hesken have long taken to herding and breeding Seabears and have done so long enough for them to become domesticated. They use them as farm animals when they farm the coastal waters for kelp and use that as herding animals when fishing. it is not sure how large land based animals like the Hesken started domesticating large marine mammals but it happened all the same. Domesticated Seabears are only Dangerous if threatened or aggravated and are generally considered safe. The Alo still dislike Domesticated Seabears generally though despite the Alo and Hesken having a long standing close alliance. Mild Seabears: Are curious and playful and are no more aggressive than sea-lions. Mild Sea bears are still a threat to Lutrondae children. Malicious SeaBears: Larger, spotted, far more aggressive and territorial than other seaBear species they seem to enjoy cruelty and will swarm on land to attack villages and communities by the sea. They are particularity fond of attacking skitritch and Alo communities for some reason. They show some level of intelligence in that they attempt to cut off escape by guarding boats of villages they attack. They also seem to recognize different species. They seem mortally afraid of Hesken and Ulvaltar and will flee at relatively small forces of these species even when they attack larger numbers of other peoples. The theory is that Hesken and Ulvaltar are recognized as predators as the 2 species have been hunting seabears for hundreds of thousands of years. Hesken on the other hand love finding Malicious seabears as they enjoy hunting them ,provide challenging combat, a good source of meat, pelts and bones for art or tools. It has also been noted by a renowned SeaBear hunter turned naturalist that he and his wife both derived some extra glee from fighting seabears beyond what they can get from them. His wife put it this way "It is like i am fulfilling some old vendetta but I have no idea what the original grievance was." While he in his notes put it like this, " Seabears seem to enjoy terrorizing our Alo neighbors and i rather like the Alo so that seems as good excuse as any to kick the crap out of something. Though there is more to it than that, i just like fighting seaBears." Otherwordly: Creature that come from other realms. Shadowland creatures: Creatures that come from a particular realm called the Shadowlands. Not All Creatures from here are evil but it is home to so many unpleasant things it is not fondly regarded. Shadow Vipers: indistinct masses of darkness that are vaguely snake like and have a deadly bite. Appear to be matte black and completely non reflective. Evaporate into nothing when killed and don't seem to have a flesh body. Some mages are completely immune to their venom and can somehow eat them despite the serpents having no real flesh on them. Eating these creatures gives the mage some form of sustenance but it is not known exactly how. Anyone who tries to eat them that are not the particular type of wizard immune to their venom gets sick or dies and the creature just evaporates. These creatures are considered extremely dangerous but their bites are treatable and they can be easily killed. They shy away from intense normal light and retreat from most magical light. Divine light produced by a priest or religiously devout wizard causes them to burn. They can be killed using shadow based magic but it is not as easy to do unless you know what your are doing.
  9. WindTide

    Birthday Tease (Logan, Mendo, and Wind)

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    "Happy Birthday Wind!" The shark was having a birthday gathering at a restaurant, enjoying the close company of his friends over a lively meal at one of his favorite hangouts. All that Wind could muster was a hearty gale from his lungs as he blew out the candles, meet with the applause of his dear friends. Soon afterwards everyone helped themselves to the dinner set out before them, enjoying the festivities and the feast fitting for the man of the hour! "Thanks guys for setting this up for me. I couldn't ask for anything more than to enjoy the company of my friends. This has been a blast!" Wind couldn't help but take a bite out of the birthday cake before eating the entree first, savoring the dedicate chocolate flavor. "Don't thank us yet dude! There's a special surprise we have for you we all pitched in to get you something special." A voice shouted from the crowd, hard to discern whose voice it was, but this only got Wind flustered as he tried to take it all in with modesty. "Awww come on guys, this is plenty enough for me. You really didn't have to —" The shark's thought was cut off as he soon found himself looking at the elongated neck of a giraffe, the color draining in the shark's face as he recognized who it was. "OH SHIT!" Wind almost knocked his chair backwards from the shock, thinking this was the worst birthday surprise he could have gotten. "Logan! I swear, I didn't do anything this time! All I did was just ogle over your —" The giraffe raised an eye brow, completely straight faced as he stared down the shark behind his wide sunglasses, before he said "I'm not here for any of that crap." Wind perked up as he heard the news, finding himself relaxing in the wake of sheer terror in his body. "Oooohhhh~! Ahahahaha.... hahaha.. ha ha..." The lemon shark played off his confession as he tried to keep cool, setting upright in front of the giraffe. "Well... shoot. What is it that you're here for?" Wind asked inquisitively, only to see that Logan the stern giraffe handed him a handkerchief. "After your dinner, put this on. One of your friends will guide you over to a room. No questions asked." Logan let the words sink in before he made sure the shark complied. "Got it?" Given the bad graces that the shark had with the giraffe, he was very timid with the tall man, only swallowing what left of his courage he had before saying "G-got it." "Good. Enjoy your meal now." With that Logan left the birthday dinner, leaving the shark's stomach twisted in knots to think about what was in store for him later. Wind had been blindfolded and lead by one of the party guests into a room all to himself, having nothing but his party hat and whistle blower for the birthday festivities. Wind wasn't sure if eating anything was a good idea, but at least he wouldn't be hungry waiting around for the special surprise. The familiar stern voice filled the room, as Logan's voice commanded the shark "Okay Birthday man, take off the blind fold." Dexterous fingers had worked their way through the knot behind Wind's head to unfasten the cloth, though Wind saw nothing but darkness. Wind wasn't sure what to do or say, only that he tried to cut the tension by asking "I hope my birthday present isn't some B rated horror movie parody." Wind's quip was answered as the lights above him turned on to shin a light right above him, blinding the fish momentarily as he needed to adjust his eyes to the scenery. Out from the shadows, a tall figure emerged from the shadows, enough to draw the shark's gaze at the newcomer that entered into the fray. Never had the shark opened his mouth so wide in his life... the whistle blower soon fell out of his mouth from shock. A sea lion had nothing on but a baseball cap, sunglasses, a gold chain, and a towel over his waist. There was no mistake that it was the figure of Wind's deep crush he had on since seeing the pinniped in California. The man sauntered close to the shark, swaying his hips before he would let the towel unravel and walked closer to the shark. "Happy Birthday Mr. Tide. I have a special present to give to you, courtesy of your friends." Mendo didn't have to introduce himself, as the shark already knew the name of the man he chased after in his fantasies. Of course, to spoil the moment, Logan's head peered out as he said to Wind "Look, but don't touch." Wind groaned both in despair and in arousal. Oh boy! Wind Tide got the birthday tease of a life time with this special present from BGN. Just when the shark thought he would get his time alone with Mendo, a certain Giraffe boyfriend had to spoil the moment! Who knew they would be so protective of their sea lion boyfriends in the first place? A great birthday gift that I got from my dear friend! And hopefully many more! Wind Tide © Wind Tide Logan, Mendo, and Art © BGN Find BGN's other works in these following websites!  BGN Twitter ↔  Red Chair Tumblr ↔  BGN's Picarto Channel  BGN's Deviant Art ↔  Broryx Guy Now Instagram

    © BlueGuyNow

  10. WindTide

    Blind-Sided (Daniel and James)

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    James tagged along with his parents as they went clothes shopping inside a department store, which bored the young giraffe to tears. Within the entire mall complex, among any of the other stores the giraffe could have been exploring, James was told to stick close and not to wander off. "But Mooooommmmm! There's nothing to do here!" The young giraffe whined rather out loud in public, which was met with a swift glare from his mother as she scolded her son. "James Sawsbury, you know better than to raise your voice in public! Your father and I are not going to take long, so please stay put." Dismay was written all over the young giraffe's face as he had to obey his mother, rolling his eyes in restlessness before he said "Okay Mooooooooommmmmm." The lanky kid only wished that his parents let him at least bring one of his own toys during these outings, but he wasn't allowed to do so... which often resorted to the giraffe just slumping around in his seat trying to pass the time. James never understood what was so great about all these clothes, his mind filled with day dreams of going to the park or at least checking out the video game / toy store complex within the mall. It was quite a surprise for the giraffe lost in his own thoughts that his ears picked up the sound of soft snobs. The giraffe turned his head around to see who was crying, only to find a golden retriever with a teddy bear having a hard time moving around in the store. Some how the poor kid kept bumping into the mannequins and the racks, confusing James at the klutzy behavior. "Hey there! Watch out! You're right about to run into that --" James didn't get to finish his sentence before the canine managed to trip himself into a woman's clothes rack, the giraffe wincing as a snap reaction. "AAAAAHHHHHHH!" The giraffe quickly made his way over to help the golden retriever get up, only noticing that there wasn't something right. "Are you alright? How did you not s--" Thankfully James was able to close his mouth when he saw the glossy white eyes of the other kid, not realizing that the stranger was blind. Those eyes were already watery with tears, realizing only just now that something wasn't right. "Er, well, what's going on? How did you get into the store?" Only after the retriever was able to get back up on his feet did he managed to clear his throat after a sniffle, saying in a shaky voice "I-I-I-I-I-I w-w-was with m-y mom. holding h-h-h-her hand. I lost my g-g-g-grip and got separated. I b-b-b-b-been wandering all over now." James didn't know what should he do, but to at least get the canine some comfort having been separated from his parents. For the time being, James lead the other kid over to sit on the bench next to him, saying to the kid "Why don't you stay here with me? My parents are out shopping in the department store, and I am sure your mom is looking for you. At the least someone might find you if you stay put." The little kid squeezed his teddy bear tightly as he tried to stop crying, but the golden retriever was no doubt scared out of his wits. James didn't know what else he should do other than to wait for his parents, so he would make sure the other kid had company. "T-t-t-thank you. I-I-I-I-I-I know I shouldn't talk to strangers, but I don't know what else to do." The giraffe merely smiled, even if he knew the blind canine couldn't see it, but hoped that at least the kid could sense it. "Then let me introduce myself, that way you're not talking to a stranger! I'm James, a giraffe! What's your name?" "D-d-daniel. Daniel is my name. I know you must have noticed it already, but I can't see." James rubbed the back of his head as he didn't know what was the best way to handle it, before he continued to at least offer conversation. "Well, it's hard to ignore the fact you were stumbling. It reminds me of what happens when I don't clean my room!" Somehow that managed to make the golden retriever laugh, easing the blind canine of his tension. "Haha, I guess that's true! My mom has to tell me constantly to keep my room clean!" James managed to break the ice and continued to talk with Daniel, making the mall trip a lot less boring than James had expected things to go. He almost didn't notice how much time passed when James' parents came back, spurning the giraffe's father to ask "Hey James, sorry we made you wait so long sport. Who's your friend here?" The giraffe turned his head around as he got lost with his conversation, saying to Mr. Sawsbury "Oh great! This is Daniel dad. I think he was with his mom earlier but got separated. I made sure that he stood by here hoping his mom might come look for him." Both Mr. and Mrs. Sawsbury were quite alarmed with the news, especially when James got scolded once more "JAMES! You should have come straight to us! His mother must be worried sick!" James found himself getting himself tugged by his collar as his mother got his son's attention. "You're coming with me young man so we can find his Mother right now!" "Mom! How was I suppose to know to come get you when you told me to stay put!" James started to protest to the unfair standards set for him, though Daniel managed to pipe in as he told James' parents "James didn't do anything wrong... he was keeping me company..." Although James' mother was rather stern with her son's upbringing, she did soften her approach as he turned to James and said to her son "The next time there is an emergency, you need to get your father or I, alright sweetie? I'll go ahead and take Daniel to the mall staff so they can help him find his mother." James stuck with his father as his mother guided the canine away, though the golden retriever managed to wave back to the young giraffe before saying "Thank you James! I hope to see you again soon!" All that James could do was smile back, glad to see Daniel getting the help he needed. "No worries! I'm sure we will meet up again!" James didn't know it then, but that was the start of his friendship with Daniel from that day on. Hunky Husky wanted to surprise me with a gift picture involving his new character Daniel, and even though I might have fibbed around a bit with the story, I figured at the very least it was a believable account of their first meeting. BGN did the illustration for this heart warming piece, always pleased with his work. James "Jiggy" Sawsbury © Wind Tide Daniel © Hunky Husky Art © BGN Find BGN's other works in these following websites!  BGN Twitter ↔  Red Chair Tumblr ↔  BGN's Picarto Channel  BGN's Deviant Art ↔  Broryx Guy Now Instagram

    © BlueGuyNow

  11. From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    Cole was with his crew of Fire Fighters taking the Engine down the street after they had taken a run to respond to an emergency. So far it was an ordinary work day at least for Cole, talking to his crew as they pulled another successful run to put out a fire. The New York City Fire Department was on the top of their game, and nothing was going to put a damper on their service at any cost. That was, until the Engine received an emergency transition. "Captain Cole, do you copy? We got a call from a citizen around your neighborhood they could see smoke from an apartment. Can you verify a visual from where you are?" The ape grabbed the telecom as he took a glance out from the window, able to see smoke about three blocks over to the northeast of where they were at. "Yeah, I see it. We'll swing over and try to patch it up asap. Over." Siren wailed as the engine made it's way through the condensed traffic, though by that point it was better to have walked their way to the apartment complex. Captain Phillips said to his crew "Try to break through traffic and get the Engine where it needs to be. I'm going to hop out and make my way over on foot!" As far as the Captain was concerned someone needed to act quickly and head over to the apartment complex to rescue any civilians that might trapped. A brisk job in his heat resistant suit was a bit much, but all that training in the fire department had him prepared for such emergencies. Thankfully it was a rather short distance to have made his way to the door where he could see fire beyond the windows, busting the door wide open to see the cause of the problem. "TYRONE?! Is that you?!" The ape didn't know what to say, other than a bovine man apparently had his dick out, with his underwear singed at the front while the table was burning in the kitchen area. The other firefighter, having his day off, was petrified from the shock of the incident and that his phallus had become a blowtorch! "DUDE! I can't stop this! It won't go out! You gotta do something Cole!" Cole shouted outside as the other firefighters began to come onto the scene, shouting out to all of them "We got a dozy out here! Get the hose and a bucket: we have a Code LD here!" "God damn it! That's the sixth time this week Captain Phillips!" Tada! This was a raffle prize that I hosted, courtesy of :linkbgn: for hosting it on my behalf, and who would win it but :linkdeerdigger1989: who provided their own firefighter character to join in the piece? Even if the raffle was a little bit past the typical period of Lighter Dong Awareness Month, I thought it would be a funny raffle prize regardless! Thank you each and everyone who came to the stream and participated! Cole Phillips © Wind Tide Tyrone © Deer Digger Art © BGN Find BGN's other works in these following websites!  BGN Twitter ↔  Red Chair Tumblr ↔  BGN's Picarto Channel  BGN's Deviant Art ↔  Broryx Guy Now Instagram

    © BlueGuyNow

  12. WindTide

    The Shattered Reunion (Seumas and Valdor)

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    Seumas had been getting ready to close "The Sheep's Tale" after another successful night of business, not that it was any different from most nights. Aside from what looked like a nasty storm that was about to cast its deluge on Iverness, the ovine had managed to get most of the patrons off their bums and heading towards the door, while his staff were tidying up in the back. The Scotsman saw to it that everything was cleaned up, helping with the last of the chores that needed to be done before dismissing the employees for the evening. "Aye, don't worry about mae. I'm just going to clean a few more mugs and mop the floors before I close the shop. Everything's ready for the next night, so just go ahead and turn in early. Boss' orders!" The man was all by himself as he hummed a tune while closing so late ... it had to have been nearly 2 AM in the morning by this point. There was nothing more to be done once the ram had time to tidy up a few remaining touches in the pub. Pretty soon he would be closing shop himself and turning in to sleep in his own spare room nearby the pub... but that was not before the door opened with the tall cloaked figure coming in. The streak of lighting only made the silhouette more menacing as the stranger stepped inside, soaked no doubt from the Scottish rain giving ambient noise. "Pardon my rudeness..." The grave voice from the stranger began to pierce the silence. Seumas' eyes were drawn to the man who hide his face, but couldn't make out who it was underneath the shawl. "I figured you would be closing soon... but I was hoping I might have caught the owner by himself. I..." A slight hesitance seem to linger in his request, before the man finished his sentence with resolve. "I just want a drink. I traveled far from my homeland so I could have a pint of Ale from this pub. The locals said that a Mr. Mackintosh had a wonderful ale, and I just had to have some." Normally, the ram would have probably guessed the stranger was just a drunkard trying to get another fix of alcohol, though there was a feeling that he couldn't shake from the figure. Even in his rights to decline the request, the sheep figured the poor man was probably soaked wet from his walk in the rain. The fireplace had yet to be put out, and surely he had some extra stock of ale for tonight he could manage to spare anyways. "Ah... well, it's not something I would normally offer... but I can sense you wanted to see me in person. Please... sit by the fire place for a moment." Gesturing the stranger over to the hearth, the warm embers flickered seemed to invited the stranger to sit by the warm embrace. Heavy foot steps filled the room as the man took his time to warm up, letting his hands reach out towards the fireplace and dry himself. "Just a moment now. I need to see if I can't find you something to eat... maybe some fish and chips to go with the ale." Seumas wasn't sure why he was doing this... most of the time he would have been more than happy to tell any ol' bastard to bugger off, but perhaps a sense of pity had struck him with the earlier pleas he heard. In any case, the sheep managed to find some left overs in the fridge to heat up... not the best food in the world, but something was better than nothing. A plate was served to the man once the cloaked man had time to dry off, reaching out with fervor as he ate with voracity. "Christ, you must have been starving. Or maybe just have a big appetite eh?" All the same, Seumas was slightly cheered up by the enthusiasm from the stranger's silent gratitude, not leaving so much as a single crumb once he finished his food. "Right... time to get you that glass of ale." The pub owner got out a nice glass for the stranger has he let the pitcher fill from the tap, looking over his shoulder and continuing to engage with the man in conversation. "So... do you mind telling me where you are from?" "Ireland..." The deep voice seemed clearer than before, though it sounded a little hoarse before the figure coughed to clear his throat. "Ireland. I'm traveling right now actually. There is someone that I have been meaning to meet for a long time." "Oh, Ireland! It's certainly not too far from here. I've been meaning to take a holiday there myself... but eh. I got too busy keeping my hands here running a pub." Seumas just about finished drawing out the ale into the mug, letting out a yawn in protest from the fatigue of tonight's shift. "Here you are sir! This is the specialty house brand we make right here! You won't find any better ale in Inverness than here!" Given how slick and polished the bar countered was, the sheep managed to bowl over the mug while the man reached out to catch the handle, the pass just as smooth as the color and quality of the ale. "Thank you... I know I troubled you more than I should have." Without hesitation, the man went to take a deep slip of the ale, showing a part of his muzzle that was covered in a red beard. The man was an equine, but nothing more could be discerned as the sharp eyes from Seumas tried to see further. To the stranger, the ale was like water, for it gave satisfaction as the man shivered and let throat drenched in the wonderful flavor. "My travels are rewarded." The slight smile from the horse could be seen as the stallion kept most of his face hidden, giving the empty mug back to the pun owner who was only too happy to whisk it away. "You're damn right. Not going to let an Irishman travel all the way 'ere just for them to tell me it tastes like horse piss!" A bit of colorful language seemed to liven up the conversation, crass as it might have been. Seumas felt generous as he went to get another mugful of ale, walking around from the counter as he approached the stranger personally. Both men had their own pitcher of ale, the ram raising his glass as if to toast his mysterious guest. "I'm glad that you're satisfied with the years of hard work getting the right ale blend. To that, we can both drink to, am I right?" The sheep took a small sip to nurse the drink, taking pride in his work. No doubt the stranger was quick to take his glass to sip the drink, though he had not taken a deep drink like the first time when he had set down his unfinished pint to get up and face towards Seumas. "Thank you for your hospitality... you had given me food and drink even at your inconvenience. I... owe you more than my gratitude Mr. Mackintosh." Generous as those words had been, the ram shook his head and waved his hand in a dismissal, trying to deflect the attention away. "Think nothing of it. You didn't trouble me at all... it was already late and I'm was pretty much ready to leave. An extra 30 minutes isn't trouble at all." Still holding his mug, the ram took another sip of his drink, letting the flavor wash his mouth while lingering the fuzzy carbonated sensation. "I see then..." The stranger sounded relieved for a brief moment, though his hands seemed to tighten as if something bothered him. "I must say this again... I ... I.... owe you much more than my gratitude Mr. Mackintosh. I... owe you an apology." A moment of silence filled the air, the ram rather confused coming from the stranger. "No really, you don't have to apologize. It's just a gesture of good will —" Before the man could finish his statement, the horse had finally reached up with his hands to unfurl the hood from over his face. The ram didn't have time to prepare himself for what happened next... to be frank, it was soon a blur when he found himself looking at the stallion before him. "Seumas... I... have come back." It was the longest moment in the ram's life, as if time slowed down in a singular instant. His face twisted to pure shock and horror as his eyes couldn't believe what he saw before him. "V-V-V-Val... Valdor!?" Seumas' vision started to blur even with his wide eyes staring in disbelief. The shock was so bad that the ram didn't even register the mug slipping from his hands. The mug of ale shattered on the floor just as much as the Scotsman's reality. Seumas' world is soon to be torn asunder after he is visited by the ghost of his past. Lost love had been a terrible scar for the both of them, and yet here now the stallion braves from Ireland to make his way to visit Seumas after many years since they saw each other. What lies ahead of them now that they have crossed paths once more? Monster Fair had been willing to undertake a huge endeavor to deliver a master piece of epic proportions with this scene I had envisioned between these two characters. The style and atmosphere capture the essence so well, highlighting the character interaction in a powerful manner. All the more reason that I was glad to have commissioned the talented likes of Monster Fair for this incredible picture. Seumas Mackintosh and Valdor Thunder © Wind Tide Sheep's Tale Design © Akashi Inspiration from BGN Art © Monster Fair Find Monster Fair's other works in these following websites!  Monster Fair's Twitter

    © Monster Fair

  13. WindTide

    Radical Surfers (Wind and Co.)

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    Wind joins up with some surfers on the beach for a photo shoot, courtesy of Capri the Capricorn. It was only a brief moment, but the shark certainly didn't pass up on the opportunity to get in front of the camera! Montezuma had been hosting a YCH and I decided to get the last spot, resulting in a lovely picture! It was a fun opportunity for a group picture, and I hope there will be more times I can get into YCH pictures! Wind Tide © Wind Tide Tarou © Frenglish Tank © Croup Dervish © Damien Nox Capri and Art © Montezuma Find Montezuma's other works in these following websites!  Montezuma's Deviant Art

    © Montezuma

  14. From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    "Darn it Jeff! You let these folks in... and they made a mess of my drawers!" Whoa dang (I think that's how BGN does it)! Looks like a whole bunch of people got into the donkey's underwear cabinet for a bit of fun. Poor Wind apparently doesn't know how to wear briefs... it's not supposed to go on their fin, that's for sure! A super collaborative on everyone's part, where the challenge was everyone had to color their own character, while BGN did the hard part of doing the main lines! A fun sketch idea that hopefully in the future we can all do again! Wind Tide © Jäger Wolf © Lola © Karl die Bruinhiëna © Wind Tide Mortis Kull Lola Lola Hyena Fur Arath © Vogel Rove © Damaratus © Nicholas © Arath Vogel Rove Damaratus Hunky Husky Apparit © JC Lafontaine © NOPE Otter © Bruske © Flame Head 215 Lafontaine Devin Otter Bruskedragon Cyran © Smiley © Zinnabar © Zanji Zamamura © Cyran R Smiley Red Crystaly Unikon Zanji Haw and Art © BGN Find BGN's other works in these following websites!  BGN Twitter ↔  Red Chair Tumblr ↔  BGN's Picarto Channel  BGN's Deviant Art ↔  Broryx Guy Now Instagram

    © BlueGuyNow

  15. From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    *PPPPPPHHHHHHHHBBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTT* Oh damn it, I forgot that I got this nifty birthday sketch from BGN when I told him that for my birthday I had helped my mom make Tiramisu as my wish. Of course he was also kind enough to add my crush Mendo into the picture... along with the sea lion's very tall boyfriend >:C Poor Wind doesn't know what's next for his birthday celebration, but hey! At least he gets some delicious Tiramisu :9 Wind Tide © Wind Tide Mendo, Logan, and Art © BGN Find BGN's other works in these following websites!  BGN Twitter ↔  Red Chair Tumblr ↔  BGN's Picarto Channel  BGN's Deviant Art ↔  Broryx Guy Now Instagram

    © BlueGuyNow

  16. From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    "Remind me again why you had to drag me out early on a Saturday so I could join you on a 5 km run Sefter? I can barely run with my thick ol' tail behind my lemon butt... and I'm still groggy as it is." A rather grumpy shark seemed to be going with the motions as he yawned towards the otter that was more perked up that morning, giving the shark some white compression shorts to fit into. "Because Wind, you said you wanted to join me on the Color Run event going by the city this month. It's not just about getting to the finish line or trying to meet some fitness goal: you get to have a nice jog outside with a bunch of people while they spray you with colors!" Sefter seemed to make it sound a lot more endearing than the fish had in mind for Saturday's enjoyment, only wishing that he could have slept in at the beach instead. "Oh come on now, I'm yellow. I've got more color than most of the joggers would ever dream of having on their bodies." As much griping and complaining the fish could stand to give, he was nevertheless getting his jogging shoes on as he joined the other contestants at the starting line, before the announcer spoke through the intercom to begin the grand festivities. "Oh trust me, you're going to be a rainbow shark before the end of the race. You're have fun, even if you'll run alongside the rest of the slowpokes like myself. Thick tailed friends gotta stay together!" Of course, seeing as the otter was prepared with the Color Run events, he just tilted down his sunglasses down just in time before he shouted out "Better smile lemon butt! First wave is color is coming in!" "WHUT?!" Before the shark could even say anything, a tidal wave of brightly colored dust seemed to spray over everyone as they began the race, though the shark could only managed to follow behind Sefter as they ran through the first wave of color: POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! As exhausting as the two buddies were by the end of their journey, they were meet with an applause as the other racers and bystanders celebrated the shark and otter's run. Both were a frazzled mess of color spray and sweat, though Wind seemed to be smiling just as much as his friend Sefter. "Whew! Glad the run is over! I can't wait to get a shower after all that running! The powder's kind of chafing me dude!" The shark laughed as he looked over at himself, not daring to look at his reflection any time soon. "Are you kidding me? There's a big festival party after the run we're both going to join in, and I say we're already dressed for the occasion Wind." Sefter took out his phone as he pulled Wind into a half hug, holding out his device so he could capture the Selfie moment. "Now smile you goof ball! Time to capture the moment!" Tresh Leveett had kindly invited me to join with him on a commission for a selfie of an event that he had participated recently, telling me how much fun he had doing the Color Run when it was being hosted at his city. Even though I have never done a 5 km run of this caliber, I was nevertheless thrilled to join in my friend's picture as a testament of our companionship we have fostered over the past few months. Of course BGN had a big part in illustrating such a colorful depiction, it's easy to see how much fun it would be to look back after a run with friends in the first place. I might have to keep an eye out the next time the Color Run is held in Dallas... might have to give it a go when the time arrives! Wind Tide © Wind Tide Sefter Teeg © Tresh Levett Art © BGN Find BGN's other works in these following websites!  BGN Twitter ↔  Red Chair Tumblr ↔  BGN's Picarto Channel  BGN's Deviant Art ↔  Broryx Guy Now Instagram

    © BlueGuyNow

  17. From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    The clamor of students filled the room as the vespine teaching assistant made his way to the front desk, with no sign of the chaos ending soon enough. That did not stop the wasp from getting his laptop hooked up to the projector so he could prepare his lesson for the day, dimming the lights so the students would pay attention and keep themselves quiet just in time for the arthropod to begin his lecture. "Good day everyone! As you all may have heard your instructor for this class was not feeling well and had to call in sick for today. A last minute substitution was made on the instructor's request, so I will be filling in today's lecture since it falls under my expertise of study. While I am sure that some of you were looking forward to having a free day off for this class, today's lesson will go as planned. I expect everyone to stay seated and not to make any attempts to dismiss themselves early." The substitute had his eyes already set on a few students, most noticeably a blue caprine fellow who looked like he was bound to cause mischief in the lecture room. After the man cleared his throat, the insect turned on the projector to the first slide, giving a proper introduction to the class. "You might have all seen me running around the Science building in the entomology department, but for those who are not familiar I am Vaughn Woods, a graduate student and T.A. working towards a Ph. D. in entomology." Whether or not the students were paying attention to his speech, or staring at him because he happened to be a giant wasp man roaming around their classroom, the lecture hall seemed to be eerily quiet. Vaughn honestly would have hoped for a livelier audience, but he couldn't help how people saw him from time to time. Without further to do, let's get started on today's biology lecture to see how insects contribute to their roles in ecosystems as well as their impact on human civilization..." "Alright class, that should cover today's lesson! Don't forget to go over today's lesson from the text book starting page 148... it will be helpful for your homework assignment!" Whether or not Vaughn's words were heeded by the students, most of them have already left the classroom to go along their daily schedules. The classroom was empty before the wasp even realized it, so he began to clean up his belongings so he could continue his busy schedule he had set for the rest of the afternoon. "Excuse me Mr. Woods! I needed to write down a few more things in my notes and wanted to ask you a few questions before you left." The insect peered into the rows of seats as he tried to find out who was calling out to him, his compound eyes fixing their gaze on an mustelid who approached the teacher's desk. Youthful and beaming with optimism, it seemed the young otter was fixated on the side shown on the projector. "Oh. hello there. I was sure I had gotten to everyone during today's lecture. What did you wanted to ask of me?" Vaughn remained seated as he turned towards the projector screen displayed behind him, showing a slide on the Eastern Cicada Wasps that he used near the end of today's lecture. "I was hoping that you can tell me a bit more about your species. I mean, it's not often we have a professor who knows so much about themselves like you do. Not many people know about insects, and frankly I was getting caught up in the lesson I forgot to write it down!" Vaughn's antennae seemed to wriggle in response from the student's remark, but he straightened hiss posture before he began to explain "Well, that's very flattering of you. For the most part, Cicada Killer Wasps mainly capture cicadas as part of their main diet and food source for their larvae. They are gentle giants that rarely attack anyone without provocation, and are the largest species of vespine creatures in North America natively..." As the TA gave a summarized version of his notes to highlight the key points, the otter took the time to write down what the arthropod instructor said, though it seemed that his eyes weren't just fixed on the projector screen. All the same the otter looked attentive and continued to follow along the conversation, though it seemed it did not take long for him to write down all he missed. "Thank you Mr. Woods. It's a real treat to get a guest lecture from the university to sub into our biology courses." The otter casually leaned against the table, most of his weight forward so he could peer at the stranger a bit closer than one would normally be inclined to do so. "Actually, I was hoping that there might be another favor you could help me with, if you had extra time out of your schedule." "Oh? Well I might not be your instructor, but I can do my best to assist you with your assignment —" "It's not that." A smile seemed to work up on the otter's face before he let his eyes look into the compound eyes of the wasp, before he explained further. "I was thinking it would be a better opportunity to learn more about insects if I took a more experimental approach. Say... taking some time off to go grab a drink at a bar? It's nothing out of thee ordinary, just thought you would like to take a break and unwind with some company." Vaughn didn't quite expect this kind of request from an undergraduate student (even if he was technically not his instructor), leaving him a bit bewildered as he didn't have an immediate response formulated. The otter however filled the void of silence as he continued "My name is Sefter by the way. I just thought that it would be a nice distraction this evening to meet up outside the classroom. Get to know each other better." Whether or not the insect had any doubts or reservations against such an offer, the insect only managed to offer an awkward cough as he cleared his throat, looking back to Sefter as he answered "N-not at all. I will have to get things finished with my work for today, but after 6 I can get ready to meet you." "Excellent!" Sefter did not hesitate to write down a number for the vespine to keep, the otter strolling away as he waved back to the T.A. "See you after 6!" As the otter left the classroom Vaughn was left with a slip of paper in his hands, now uncertain how today's evening would proceed in the unexpected turn of events that just happened. What can I say about BGN's excellent work, other than it delivers on a great scenic atmosphere between two collegiate students discussing entomology together! Tresh Levett joins in this picture with his dashing otter Sefter Teeg as he attempts to grab the wasp's attention with a ploy to get to know him outside of the classroom! What will happen from here? (Hint: probably something to do with butts at some point) Thank you once again BGN and Tresh for allowing me to participate in this endeavor! Vaughn Woods © Wind Tide Sefter Teeg © Tresh Levett Art © BGN Find BGN's other works in these following websites!  BGN Twitter ↔  Red Chair Tumblr ↔  BGN's Picarto Channel  BGN's Deviant Art ↔  Broryx Guy Now Instagram

    © BlueGuyNow

  18. From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    No doubt the courtroom was filled with tension and strife as the prosecutor had been battling against the wits of the attorney across from him. The judge, while seemingly bored of the argument, leaned from his seat to over look the two arguing in a heated debated. Even the moose seemed to sympathize with the judge as he held onto his stack of papers, having no clue when this was going to end. Lawrence pressed on with his questioning and arguments against the fierce tiger adversary, determined to get to the truth and nothing more. He just had to point his finger in the right direction and press on with his statements. No matter how clever the other lawyer maybe, the deer was not going to call it quits anytime soon! After what seemed like a long time of waiting, :linkbadcoyote: had come through on an order that due to unusual circumstances had delayed him from completing my commission. But the wait was well worth it, as BC developed his skills substantially in this piece he did! While I had originally commissioned this on BC's birthday in 2016, I thought to include extra characters that Lobosan and Bad Coyote mentioned to me. In a sense, it was a piece for all three of us to enjoy, with the debut of Tiger Lawyer and Moose Secretary! Of course Lawrence looks spiffy as he makes his case in court! It's not a style I am familiar with seeing my character in, but it was well executed along with the scenery. No doubt it really brought the picture to life! And hopefully many others will be able to enjoy this piece for what it has come out to be. Lawrence A. Williams © Wind Tide Law Tiger © Lobosan Bad Coyote, Moose secretary, and Art © Bad Coyote Ace Attorney © Capcom Find Bad Coyote's other works in these following websites!  Bad Coyote's Twitter

    © Bad Coyote

  19. WindTide

    "Those Darn Meddling Kids" (Wind and Co.)

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    "Alright gang, let's split up! Daphne and I will head on over there while Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby will explore the other way." "B-b-b-but I'm pretty sure I know what we're going to find the other way man..." "What's that Shaggy?" "GHOSTS!" Zoinks! Looks like he mystery gang is up to solving a case in a spooky castle... or mansion... or whatever place you want to call it! :linkMontezuma: did a great job capturing everyone in a respective role in this Scooby-Doo themed picture, all for the hilarity and absurdity that the picture brought. A gift piece after a silly conversation goes a long way. Wind Tide © playing the part of Shaggy Rogers Wind Tide Nicholas © playing the beloved Scooby-Doo Hunky Husky Dangaroo © playing the brains Velma Dinkley Furry Fan 1234 Vonce © playing the lovely Daphne Blake BGN Zenpire and art © playing the part of Fred Jones Khanzo Skarbane © Montezuma Find Montezuma's other works in these following websites!  Montezuma's Deviant Art

    © Montezuma

  20. WindTide

    Fan Service (Kanzo and Wind)

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    "So I heard rumors that you happen to like a certain orc huh? Why don't you let me give you an autograph that you'll remember me by? Just move that damn tail and I'll get down to signing." To be perfectly honest I was not expecting this picture at all, but Montezuma learned that I was a big fan of her own Orc character she felt inspired to draw this picture. I was of course amazed and flattered she would do this in the first place Definitely don't mind getting some action with a handsome green skin like Khanzo! Thanks once again Monte! Wind Tide © Wind Tide Khanzo Skarbane © Montezuma Find Montezuma's other works in these following websites!  Montezuma's Deviant Art

    © Montezuma

  21. Rini

    Toby's Stay [by Kumokaby]

    From the album: [CW: VORE] Swooce's land of eating his friends

    Toby had always wanted to give vore a try, and Swooce was around to act as a testing ground for that experience! This dope art was made by @kumokaby on Twitter, of his character Toby sitting inside Swooce.
  22. WindTide

    A Run-in with a Writer (Andy and Cole)

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    “SONOFA BITCH, BASTARD!” Cole’s roar seemed to ring in the room as he was having to organize the vanilla folders and mountains of paperwork that never seemed to go away. The bureaucracy of dealing with the community guidelines and the city ordinances was perhaps the least favorite thing, and yet his superiors expected the Captain to partake in the mundane chores when it was a slow day. After all, the Bronx station he was at didn’t always answer the calls for emergencies, as it happened to be relatively peaceful for the past few days. He could be working out and getting himself in shape just in case he answered another call, but the stacks of paper that needed to be signed and filed mocked the ape no matter how much he worked on his assignment. “Jesus Christ… I can’t believe there is still this much work to be done.” The ape rubbed his temples slowly as he tried to keep his focus, but his temper seemed to blur the lines so much that he couldn’t get any work done after two hours of signing papers. “Oh fuck this, I’m sure I can do this later. One of the fire engines probably needs to be washed anyways.” At the very least some manual labor would keep Cole from getting angry again, so he grabbed himself a bucket and a sponge before he made his way out to the garage area. His shirt was discarded so he wore only his suspenders, figuring it was going to get soaked in the process anyways. Walking out from the office side, the gorilla held his hand up to cover his eyes from the glare of the garage door opened during the beautiful sunny afternoon. Once he seemed to adjust his eyesight, the ape suddenly caught sight of a pedestrian who somehow snuck their way to see the inside of the premises. Cole didn’t know what to think about the stranger, only that the black labrador was staring so intently at the massive vehicle he didn’t know someone else had arrived. It might not have been the best idea, but the gorilla made his way slowly over as he approached the canine man from behind, still unaware the Fire Captain was just within arm’s reach away. “Hey bub, what the heck are you doing here?!” The man spoke with such a deep loud voice the other man stumbled as he jumped straight up in the air, fumbling with the notebook that he almost dropped in fright. “O-o-o-o-o-o-ohhhh!” Poor guy must have been scared from the abrupt question, not realizing it probably would have been better to ask permission to enter the garage area. “Hey there… I didn’t realize you were here. I actually got myself lost running around New York City, and I thought someone might have been here to give some help. Since I saw no one outside, I just found myself looking at these trucks… so I stepped in to take a closer look.” Despite having been scared to death earlier, the labrador kept up with explaining his circumstances quite well for the firefighter to understand. Then again, having a shirtless ape in suspenders giving the dog a discerning glare was not exactly the best impression one could receive. “Anyways, I’m Andy. Or Mr. Allison if you prefer. I was actually hoping someone might be able to help me with a situation.” Perhaps in hindsight the ape could have exercised more tact, but he was a Bronx New Yorker, so he expected some kind of stunt pulled in the event the stranger was some neighborhood delinquent. “Cole Phillips, Captain of this Fire Station. What seems to be the issue?” Apparently Mr. Allison had just arrived to New York City recently on a trip to explore and sight see, needing material for his own personal writings (hence the notebook). The wanderlust in the labrador had blindsided him from keeping an eye on his phone’s battery power, so the canine continued to wander around the entire city without any clue how to get back to his hotel. Now that the canine was here at the fire station, he needed help to get back to his hotel while trying to navigate the subways and streets of New York. “Oh that? I don’t have a map on hand to show you, but I can tell you exactly where you need to go. I have passed by that hotel often to know which one you’re talking about.” Cole scribbled a very crude drawing of the route Andy needed to take to get back, but the canine could at the very least understand in spite of the thick accent. “Thank you so much Captain! I’ll be sure not to let myself get lost again trying to get back to the hotel!” Understandably the canine was much more cheerful having gotten help from a native citizen, his bushy tail swaying with an upbeat rhythm. “I probably should head back to unwind after all the walking I did today.” “Well I’m glad I could help you Mr. Allison. New York City is a big place, so you’ll be best to make sure you get to your room safely now.” After giving his dismissal to the canine, the writer seemed to make his way to head out the garage area, though it was a sudden impulse that made the man stop on his tracks and realized he was about to miss out on an opportunity. “Wait a moment!” Cole turned his head around as he saw the labrador briskly walk towards him again, holding out his notebook as he said “I told you earlier I write for a living, and part of my writings includes interviewing people that interest me. You would be surprised the kind of stories that I get to hear.” Andy was quick to show his writings for the Captain to read them, noticing the man had a natural talent for interviewing other folks. “Would you please consider letting me interview you for my collection of works? It is the least I can do for your help today Captain Phillips.” Whether or not the gorilla had considered refusing the offer, the man had the best puppy dog look one could muster, amusing all the same for the ape as he thought about the opportunity. “Well now, I have to admit this isn’t an opportunity I get every day. Never really been interviewed before, and I like the way you write there kiddo.” A flex of his chest, the ape seemed to swell up as his ego was boosted from Andy’s interview opportunity. “Today is kind of a slow day for me, so I’ll be happy to sit down with you… even right here if you wanted to.” So that’s how Cole Phillips managed to get an interview done by Mr. Allison during his trip to New York City. The ape had been given a transcript of the interview for his records, and even a commemorative photo since that day Andy meet the firefighter. It was one of the more memorable moments the ape had during his career, serving as an inspiration for a writer to pursue the life stories of other folks. This was a piece that Dark Wolf Ala and I discussed as part of a commission we wanted to get together. He was hounding me for some time to get a piece with my firefighter, so I came up with the basis of the picture. I adapted the account of my friend's story for my writing, just told more from the perspective of my character. And of course, BGN was the artist whom we had decided to hire to illustrated the piece depicting their encounter. I'm glad everything came well for this illustration! Cole Phillips © Wind Tide Andy Allison © Dark Wolf Ala Art © BGN Find BGN's other works in these following websites!  BGN Twitter ↔  Red Chair Tumblr ↔  BGN's Picarto Channel  BGN's Deviant Art ↔  Broryx Guy Now Instagram

    © BlueGuyNow

  23. WindTide

    First Time Bliss (James and Karl)

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    James didn't know what to expect other than his imagination and various misconceptions from other friends... but the spotted Hyena sure seemed to know what he was doing when he showed the ungulate what love making was all about. The first after glow from intercourse was blissful, and no longer was James a virgin after what he had done with Karl that momentous event. All he could really feel was his heart beat and listen to the soft breath that passed through his lips... A friend of mine from a stream, Hyena Fur, had wanted to get something together with one of my own characters. He has an eye for African based species, so it was no brainer for him to pick James as part of this touching piece. BGN draw the two lovers together, and it definitely looks endearing to see the two lying together in bed. James "Jiggy" Sawsbury © Wind Tide Karl die Gevlektehiëna © Hyena Fur Art © BGN Find BGN's other works in these following websites!  BGN Twitter ↔  Red Chair Tumblr ↔  BGN's Picarto Channel  BGN's Deviant Art ↔  Broryx Guy Now Instagram

    © BlueGuyNow

  24. From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    Gavvar had been traveling for some time alone, finding the lack of profitable work a noticeable strain on his wallet. Rather than wander around aimlessly, the dragoon sought to try and explore a nearby town, considering to join a guild in order to supplement his income. It was not that the Bangaa didn’t know how to work with others, but the reptilian warrior was not exactly welcomed in all groups of adventurers. Humes tended to give him the worst flack, so he had to be careful with whom he approached trying to find work. Nothing seemed promising at first during his search in the town’s various establishments. Inns, bars, the docks, or even the bustling market with the various gossip floating in the air… all of the usual venues seemed to turn up dry. Gavvar thought that he was going to have to go to another town, which might mean he had to put up with menial work in order to fund his trip. For a capable warrior like himself, it was hardly the best use of his time or skills! Almost as if his prayers had been answered, the Bangaa managed to bump into a stranger while he was passing through the streets, the dark skinned hume effortlessly bouncing off his dragoon armor. Normally it might have been the start of a riot, but the other man seemed transfixed at Gavvar for what seemed like an uncomfortable long time. “Er… is there something the matter? Didn’t mean to hit ya hard like that.” The Dragoon was the first to speak, before the young man cleared his throat to respond quickly. “Oh no! No, not at all. I never seen anyone wear armor that resembles a dragon.” A quick furtive glance at the muzzle end, the lad in dreadlocks realized the warrior wasn’t human to begin with. “Whoa! You’re some kind of big liz--” There was a glare shot at the man before he could finish that sentence, which made the stranger quickly shut up before he continue that sentence. “Yes. I get that often.” Removing his helmet so his face could be seen clearer, Gavvar proceeded to explain “I’m a Bangaa. I can see this town doesn’t exactly see many of them.” “No. Not at all.” It was strange, but the hume did seem to take a fascination with the warrior than to stare in contempt, taking his time to marvel at the warrior a bit. “Heavens, you’re made of stone being able to walk around quickly in that suit of armor. Gotta weigh a ton!” The Dragoon raised an eyebrow from the flattery, but he didn’t seem the harm in continuing the conversation. “Well, I am a dragon knight of sorts, you can say. I come here looking to find work suitable for my talents. But I have had a bit of a dry spell and haven’t had much luck so far.” “Well you don’t need to look no further! My boss will definitely want to see you about helping out with our squadron!” Before the Bangaa had much chance to protest, the hume gestured with his arm arching in a hurried fashion, beckoning the warrior to follow his lead. “This better be damn worth my time…” The man uttered under his breath, before he decided to give it a shot and see where this lead to. Surprisingly enough it seemed that the strange hume he came across was in fact part of a gang of other fighters. It seemed the big Orc Katu, along with his fellow compatriots, were a recognized crowd among these parts. Gavvar quickly warmed up to the lot as Spinel (the hume he had followed before) seemed to tell his boss about the Bangaa’s situation. Katu seemed to have no qualms about the recommendation, stating that the warrior was free to help out with the guild whenever there was a quest to fulfill. “Actually, there is an assignment that we were about to leave off to starting tomorrow. You came in at a good time, though now we will probably need to get more supplies.” The Orc turned his head toward Spinel as he said to the human “Ey! Why don’t you help Gavvar around the market? We’ll need to stock up on the usual supplies.” “Right!” Spinel seemed eager to please and quick on his feet, leading the warrior once more towards the bustle and hustle of the town’s market place. Gavvar found himself relaxing as he had time to focus on the mission ahead, keeping in mind not to spend too much of the allotted allowance. “Spinel… er. It’s kind of hard for me to say this. But… thank you. I might not have found a guild that would be so quick to hire me on the spot had you not put in a good word like that.” Even if the warrior seemed practiced enough in his field, not all the humes he meet say Gavvar in a positive light. “Oh all that? Forget about it!” The man grabbed an able from the stand as he tossed a coin to the vendor as payment, taking a bite out of it and slowly chewing on the fruit before he continued on his thought. “You seem capable as anyone I know in the guild, and that’s saying something seeing those trouble makers wreck havoc on the battlefield.” “Not everyone has such an open minded viewpoint, but then again not all the humes I have meet have been welcoming like you have.” Perhaps a slight smile on his face, he was kind of curious about the other stranger, asking him “So what’s your role in the group? You don’t seem like a sword fighter… you don’t carry a weapon as far as I can see.” Perhaps it was the first time that the Bangaa noticed hesitation from the stranger, but Spinel was careful to recover from the sudden pause in his steps. “Oh. That? Well, it’s something you have to see for yourself really. Kind of hard to explain, but Katu has me as backup… in case something goes awry.” Gavvar was curious about the deflection in that statement, but looking at Spinel told the Dragoon he wasn’t going to answer any further questions about it. “We’ll see about it. Katu doesn’t seem the type to be foolish about his selection of guild members.” The Bangaa wondered if this was a red flag that just popped up in their conversation, but it might not be something that the hume wanted to talk about in a public venue. “You don’t need to worry about it!” Spinel seemed to smile as he turned the tone of the conversation around, assuring the warrior “Like I said… I’m back up if it’s needed.” It had been around two hours past noon since Gavvar had accompanied Spinel in some market bargaining to get the supplies they needed. They decided to take a break in a nearby alley way to get some shade from the sun, even prompting the warrior to remove his helmet to cool down. Spinel got another chance to see the warrior’s face once more, though Gavvar couldn’t simply ignore the curious fascination. “Never seen a Bangaa before today?” The question startled Spinel, though the hume had blinked a few times out of his gaze. “Not really! I mean… it’s different, but in a good way. To be honest, it’s easy for me to get along with the others since… well they’re also different. At least different than other humans.” Gavvar smirked as the hume seemed to sputter like a sycophant, but it was hard to pin an opinion on the hume given their limited interaction. The stranger did seem genuinely interested to know more, prompting the reptilian man to satisfy the curiosity. “You’re strange to say that. But then again, not all humes I run into have been arrogant bastards. It’s refreshing, in a good way.” A smirk soon became a softer smile, as he seemed to find Spinel a bit more tolerable than earlier before. In a way the trip had been a way for the two of them to get to know each other, however brief. “I wouldn’t lie about you Gavvar. You look strong, dependable… and someone I would want fighting with me. Definitely not against me.” Spinel crossed over from where he was sitting so he was next to the warrior, looking up to the armored Bangaa before he found it difficult to speak the next words. “Actually… it’s kind of embarrassing to say this. But I actually do like other folks that aren’t so human like. The scales that cover your face are remarkable.” Spinel’s eyes seemed to connect with the Dragoon’s green pupils as they sat in the alley way, the human perhaps the more daring of the two when he stood on his knees to press closer towards the other warrior. “Whoa —” Gavvar didn’t know what to say at first, but perhaps there was something more to the hume than he gave credit for. “I … hope you’re not offended. I just —” The hume didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence as he felt the Dragoon’s palm cup his cheek. A gentle touch seemed uncharacteristic of the warrior, but Gavvar wasn’t going to chastise Spinel for his actions. “You know, it’s a bit secluded around this alley way. I think I wouldn’t mind getting out of my gear and relax a bit.” Reaching for his armor to unfasten the binds, Spinel’s eyes seemed transfixed on his body as he watched the Bangaa began to shed his gear, piece by piece. “It’s been a long journey coming here you know. I wouldn’t mind the company of an eager hume who wanted to help relieve a bit of stress… what do you say to that?” This commission, illustrated by the talented Kupo Klein, was won through an on stream raffle! Gavvar was the lucky warrior to pair up with Kupo's summoner character Spinel, and I have to say he did a great job with the piece! I don't think my words alone can do justice to describe the way the Bangaa looks at his partner like he does. Thank you again Kupo for such a wonderful piece! Gavvar Faas © Wind Tide Art and Spinel © Kupo Klein Find Kihu's other works in these following websites!  Kupo Klein's Twitter ↔  Kupo Klein's Club ↔  Kupo Klein's Patreon  Kupo Klein's Kofi ↔  Kupo Klein's Picarto Channel

    © Kupo Klein

  25. WindTide

    Coffee Date (Motthew and Vaughn)

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    Even though a wasp and a moth were not butterflies, that did not stop them from being sociable to meet up and exchange pleasantries over a hot beverage! This has to be one of the more adorable pictures I have commissioned of Vaughn Woods to date. I noticed Happy Ending was open for commissions, and seeing his own insect characters in line, I just had to get something with one of his characters! Motthew was so cute and handsome I figured Vaughn would have been tickled to meet him in person! Thanks again Happy Ending! Vaughn Woods © Wind Tide Art and Motthew © Happy Ending Find Happy's other works in these following websites!  No More Biscuit's Twitter ↔  Happy Little Guy's Tumblr ↔  Happy Happy's Patreon ↔  Wonderful Garden's Deviant Art

    © Happy Ending


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