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Found 7 results

  1. Kindar

    Chapter 45

    The Missing Son 45 Because food was being served throughout the afternoon Patrick was taken by surprise when one of his fathers called out. "Okay, birthday guys! Stop what you're doing and come to the table!" The others seemed to know what was coming and in short order the eight of them were seated at the table. A moment after that the patio door opened and his other dad with five of other guys carried out a cake. Patrick's jaw dropped at the size. It barely fit in the door and had to be eight feet long. They slid it on the table and by their expressions, his brothers hadn't been expecting that either. There was only one feet of clear space at each end of the table and not even enough elbow room. Before each of them, on the cake, was a cluster of nineteen candles above a picture. In front of Patrick was a car. He looked over to Alex, he had beakers, and past him, Anakin had a can of orange soda. Laughing the brothers changed places until everyone was in front of his picture "Isn't this a little excessive?" Patrick asked and he sat back down. Arthur, now seated next to him chuckled. "You might have forgotten how many people there are at this party." Patrick looked around. He was right. He'd been interacting with people in small groups and lost track of the overall party. "Alright," our father said. "blow out your candles." "Maybe Patrick should tell us what his wish is first." "No!" He replied, probably too loud. He couldn't keep his ears from heating up. "Come on, uncle Damian," Alex said. "You know very well we can't say what it is. It won't come true if we do." Patrick tried not to smile. He didn't have to make a wish. It had already come true. Not only had he had sex with his father, but he was okay with it. He didn't feel weirded out, he didn't regret it, Hell (sorry) he wanted to do it again, not just with him, but with his whole family. He couldn't quite contain his smile, he was truly an Orr. He blew out his candles. His brothers did the same and everyone cheered. Each brother was handed a knife and spatula and they cut in the cake, handing pieces to those around them. Patrick laughed when his part turned out to be orange, and after a taste, was orange flavored. Once everyone had a piece there was only half the cake left, or so Patrick estimated, Chunks were missing all over the place. He'd eaten his piece, and cut himself one from Aaron's section, which was maple flavored. He sat down and Damian sat next to him. Patrick thought about moving away, but he wasn't going to let his uncle intimidate him. "Not having cake?" Patrick asked, instead of letting his uncle take control of the conversation. "I'm not hungry." The silence returned. Patrick was chewing when Damian said. "How was the sex?" Patrick chocked on the cake and glared at the adult. It hadn't been loud, but still. "What kind of fucking question is that?" He kept his voice low and looked around. No one was paying them any attention. "A rather simple one." "Yeah? Well, if I'd done anything, I wouldn't be telling you." Damian smiled. "No 'if' about it. I may not be able to tell them apart, but I did notice that for over an hour there was only one of them around at a time, and that you were not. They are my brothers, I know how they think." "I went with Adam to pick up sodas." "I'm not your mother, Patrick. Please don't act as if I was as... bright as her." Patrick glared at him again. "Don't insult my mom." "I didn't." "Bullshit. I heard that hesitation." "I apologize. The point remains that you didn't go with him. For one thing, he left half an hour after you disappeared. Arthur came back less than ten and as soon as he was done talking to my brothers, one of them disappeared." Patrick stared at his uncle. "Why the fuck do you care?" How had he caught all of that? Had he known what would happen? "I care because you are family." Patrick sighed. And what the fuck did that mean? He checked to make sure no one was within earshot and leaned in. "Fine, you want to know? it was great." "And do you wish for it to happen again?" "Yes, I do. Are you happy?" Damian smiled. "Very much so." Patrick eyed his uncle. "Yeah? don't get any idea. It's going to take a long time before I let you have sex with me." Damian stood. "Oh, I don't know about that. It may very well happen sooner than you think. Much sooner." Then he left to talk with a group of women. Great, what did that mean? Patrick wondered. He put him out of his mind by finishing his piece of cake and then having another one, banana this time. Then he was pulled into a conversation with Albert and some of his friends about paintings. Patrick didn't think he had anything to contribute, until he realized they were discussing painting him. * * * * * The cake had been decimated. there weren't even crumbs left on the board it had been on. Patrick looked at it in amazement. He wouldn't have believed even this large group would have finished it. And the grill was still going, although now it was a zebra and a deer manning it. His fathers were talking with their friends, as was his mother. He'd kept an eye out for her throughout the day, in case she found herself alone. She'd been worried she wouldn't fit in, but each time he'd seen her she was talking with a group of adults and looking like she was enjoying herself. He didn't know what they were talking about, but by their laughter and pointing at the younger people he expected they were sharing stories about their children. "Hey Alex," Patrick called to his brother. He was the only one not currently in deep conversation, piling condiments on his sausage roll. "If anyone needs me, I'll be back in a bit. I'm going to go rinse the chlorine out of my fur and get dressed." "Are you leaving?" "Probably, it's past six and we have to bus to the rail and then home. My mom's working in the morning." "I'm sure someone will be happy to give you a ride." "Okay, but I'm done swimming, so I want to get out of those trunks." Alex looked him over, then licked his lips. "Yeah, I'd like to get you out of those trunks too." Patrick was only shocked for a moment, then he laughed. "I think this might be too public, even for you." "Yeah, it is." "Don't worry, you'll get your chance." Alex nodded knowingly and smiled. Patrick was left wondering what that was about as he headed for Adam's room. He locked the door and headed for the shower, peeling off his trunks on the way there. He had his hand on the shower knob when the door to the bedroom opened. He turned in time to see his father rush in the bathroom. "I know I locked the door," Patrick stated. Instead of saying anything his father took Patrick's head in his hands and kissed him. Patrick didn't resist as the lips pressed against his, then the tongue pushed its way in his mouth. His father was hungry for it and their hands roamed on their backs, holding each other tightly. When they finally separated his father looked him in the eyes, caressing his face. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have unlocked the door and barged in. We have rules about privacy, but I really needed to do this." Patrick smiled. "Well, was it worth it, Daniel?" Daniel took a step back. "How did you know it was me?" Patrick's smile broke into chuckling. "Donald already did this with me. I doubt he'd be as desperate as you were." His father blushed then kissed him again. When he was done he dropped to his knees and swallowed Patrick's cock. "Holy fuck," Patrick gasped and panted as he became hard. He looked down at his father bobbing up and down his cock. Donald's blowjob had been good. This one was masterful. "Oh fuck, Dad." The lips tight against his shaft as they moved up and down, the tongue forcing his cock up to rub against the palate. It was so fucking much. He grabbed his father's head and fucked it. His father looked up at him with love. fingers dug in his ass. Patrick couldn't believe how hot this was, his father loved being face fucked by him. Patrick groaned. Fuck, he wanted to slow down, this had to last longer, but he also wanted it to be more intense and go faster. Before he made his decision, he felt the lightning surge. He tried to hold it back, He wanted this feeling to go on forever. He started to roar, buried his cock in his father's muzzle, and the world exploded inside him. When he came back his throat was raw and he moaned as his father was still sucking on him. Patrick panted. He looked down and realized his hands on his father's head were the only thing holding him up. He leaned back against the shower door and his father stood. Daniel smiled then pressed his lips against Patrick's. He was gentle, tentative. It was almost as if Daniel wasn't certain Patrick wanted to kiss. Not sure why his father hesitated Patrick parted his lips and ran his tongue against his father's. The lips opened slightly and an odd taste trickled through. It was acrid, bitter and a little salt. Cum, he realized, and understand why his father wasn't shoving his tongue down his throat. Patrick thought about it for a moment, He'd tasted his cum a time or two, out of curiosity, like most guys did, he expected, but this was different. He wanted it, not because he wanted to drink his cum, but because his father was the one offering to share it with him. He realized there was little he wouldn't do if his father asked. He pried the lips apart with his tongue and they kissed deeply. The cum flavored the kiss, made it more primal, something that came from deep within them. When they broke apart Patrick felt like he'd run a marathon, and it not just from the orgasm. Was kissing his father always going to be this good? Or was this special, because it was their first time. Patrick tried to articulate how he felt, but all he managed to say was. "Wow." His father chuckled, licking his lips. Patrick happened to look down and noticed the frond of Daniel's speedo was soaked. "Did you cum?" "Twice. When you blew your load in my mouth, and then when we kissed." "When we kissed?" Patrick couldn't believe it, well, okay, it had been a mind-blowing kiss. "Yeah, that's a first for me." Patrick grinned. "Want to see if it'll happen again?" For a reply his father took hold of his face and kissed him. It was a passionate kiss and Patrick responded with vigor. with hunger, but when they broke apart, although they were panting, it hadn't been the same. "Maybe we need more practice?" His father offered. Patrick laughed. "Maybe on the next visit." Daniel nodded. "Speaking of your next visit. Did anyone tell you about the party?" Patrick turned the shower on. "Isn't this the party?" "This is the social party, the family friendly one." Patrick looked over his shoulder. "So this wasn't for me and my mom's benefit?" Daniel looked down Patrick's back. "No, they've always been like this, well, the language might have been cleaner this time. The kids like to party with their friends, and it give me and Donald a chance to hang out with people our age that we aren't currently fucking, well mostly." "I thought all the adult here were married." "They are, but not all of them have monogamous marriage." "Or are happy in it," Patrick added, remembering Adam. "Yeah. Well, the tradition is that we also have a private party, just family members. Normally it would be tonight, once all the guests leave, but since you're going home with your mother, we were thinking of doing it next Saturday." "You don't have to." Patrick ran the hand under the jet and happy with the temperature stepped under it. "We want to." Daniel joined Patrick under the water. "You're part of this family. We'd like you to be part of that party, unless you don't think you'd be comfortable with a family orgy." He lathered his son's back. Patrick closed his eyes, enjoying the hands massaging the soap in his fur. "I... don't know. I...." Didn't he? hadn't he wondered what it would be like to have sex with Adam while they were talking? Didn't he want to have sex with both his fathers? at the same time? His father moved him under the water and rinsed the lather out of Patrick's fur. After that his father pressed himself against his back and held him. "You don't have to. I don't want you to feel pressured." "I want to dad. Fuck I want to. I'm an Orr. I want to know what that means. I want to experience what it means." He gasped as he felt a hand stroke his cock, making him hard again. "You have such a beautiful cock, son. I want you to fuck me with it." His father moved away and Patrick turned around. His father had his hands against the wall. His tail was in this air, making the offer of his ass clear. Patrick swallowed. "Dad, I've never...." Daniel looked at him over his shoulder. "It's fine son. Your cock's already slick. All you have to do is push it in and then enjoy yourself." Patrick settled behind him and places his hands on his father's ass. It was firm, solid, the ass of someone who worked it out a lot. Patrick smiled, did his father use a machine for that? Or did it come from having a lot of guys fuck him? He rubbed his cock in the crack, moving it until the head was against his father's hole. He slowly pushed it in. "Oh. Fuck." Patrick couldn't believe how hot it was in there. His father moaned. "More." Patrick pushed in slowly. He panted. Fuck that felt good. He tried to remember what his father had done when he'd been fucking him, had he thrust all in in one go? some back and forth? but nothing came to him. but his father's moaning seemed to indicate he was doing well. Once all in, he leaned over Daniel for a moment, wrapping his arms around him. It felt good to hold his father this way, to be in him. This man had given him life, and now Patrick got to return the favor, symbolically. He pulled out slowly, then pushed in with a sigh. His father echoed him. Patrick kissed the back of his neck. he wanted to stretch this out for hours, but he had no idea how to keep the lightning from building until it exploded. He also couldn't be absent too long; his mother would start asking questions. he picked up speed and then reached lower to stroke his father's cock. It was already slick and getting wetter as he stroked it. "Fuck Patrick, you feel so good inside me. Fuck me son. Fuck me hard." Patrick's mind tingled at his father acknowledging that his son was fucking him. He sped up, and realized that he couldn't both stroke his father and fuck him hard from this position. He let go of the cock, promising himself he'd finish him afterward and readjusted his footing. He gripped his father's sides firmly and fucked him just as he'd been told. Hard and fast. Daniel's moans turned into curses so vulgar Patrick didn't think he could ever utter them. Fast and hard he fucked. In and out of his father's ass. The lightning built and he tried to hold it back. Just a little longer he asked, just a little more, but the lightning didn't listen. It exploded, the world became white. He felt his father shudder under him, then nothing but pure bliss. When he came back, he was slouched over his father's back, who was holding one of his arms to prevent Patrick from falling off. "You okay back there?" Patrick got the impression it wasn't the first time his father asked him that. He got his feet back under him. "Did you pass out?" Daniel asked. "I don't think so, but the orgasm was so intense I did blackout for a bit. How long was I out?" Straightening up his cock pulled out. Patrick was sorry about that, it had felt so good in there. "Ten seconds I'd say." Daniel straightened too, his back popping in the process. "Thanks for catching me dad." He looked at his father's back, that tail swaying languidly. He was going to be in him again, he had no doubt of that. His father turned. "I'll never let you fall, you know that, right?" Patrick nodded and smiled. "But I guess we might have overdone it for your first times, if you're blacking out." Patrick shrugged. "I don't know. I think it happened with every orgasm. I know it happened when you sucked me off, I was just lucky my arms locked on your head, it kept me up. Is something like that normal?" "I don't know. It doesn't happen to me, Donald, or any of the kids, as far as I know. Could be it's because you're starting late. We all started having sex pretty young, so we've gotten used to it? We'll have to see if it still happens the next time. "And try to avoid being in a precarious position," Patrick chuckled. "Speaking of next time. Does anyone else know about your plan for next Saturday?" "Sure, the whole family. why?" Patrick nodded. "It explains some of the looks I've been getting when talking about sex." "You talked about sex?" His father seemed impressed. "The subject came up a time or two." Patrick put a hand under the water. "Fuck, I can't believe there's any hot water left." His father pushed him under. "We have a perpetual heat system. can't run out." "Shit. If me and mom take consecutive showers, they have to be short or one of us gets cold water." Daniel lathered Patrick up again. "We spend enough time in the shower it was worth investing the extra money to make sure we wouldn't run out. It's really annoying when we have one of our family orgies in the shower to have to deal with the temperature changing." Patrick let his father's hands knead his back in silence for a moment, going over what his father said. "I can't believe you just said the whole family has sex together, and I don't feel like running away." His father wrapped his arms around him, lathering his front. "Welcome to the family son." Patrick smiled and leaned back against him. "Just washing this time, okay? I can't afford to spend too much time in here. mom's going to wonder where I am." "I promise." Daniel said, a moment before he reached down to lather Patrick's balls. Because he didn't linger there Patrick just smiled, then grew thoughtful. "Dad, I hope I'm not going to sound condescending, but don't you think you could be more careful with how you waste money? I know you're rich, but Arthur has a box of phone that's kept charged by the house. You probably spend hours having sex under the shower while hot water is running. I mean that stuff adds up." Daniel held him. "Because I know where you come from you don't, but we're not using as much power from the grid as you think. The roof is full solar, we have a top of the line water reclamation system. Our initial plan was to tap an underground spring, but this is California, there aren't any of those left. And before you point out air conditioning costs, you may have noticed how thick the walls are, both the outside and inside walls. It provides a lot of sound and temperature insulation." Patrick closed his eyes as he was pulled under the water and let it run over him. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize." "It's okay. You're right, we are rich, but we are aware of the impact a house like this one can have and we do what we can to minimize that." Daniel chuckled. "If we hadn't done it of our own volition, Damian would have forced us to do it." "Really? He cares about the environment?" "Very much." "But he owns a bunch of companies." "He does, and a good number of them are linked to all sort of renewable energy companies and research. He also spends a lot of money pushing for better environmental protection laws." Patrick was amazed to learn about that side to his uncle. Then he remembered the summer's heat wave and January's cold snap. "It isn't working all that well." "You have to remember the damage has been done over a long time. It'll take a while to get everything back to the way things were before. Who knows, once he runs the world it might go faster. Patrick looked over his shoulder at his dad, then had to blink when soapy water got in his eyes. "He's trying to take over the world?" Daniel laughed. "I'm kidding. If I remember, his exact words were: 'I don't want to waste my time running this damned place. I want to be in a position where I can kick those fucking politicians in the balls and have them say thank you, instead of sending the cops after me.'" "Wow, that's harsh." "You might not have noticed yet, but my brother is very big on efficiency. So, the government system isn't something he likes all that much. "Why is he so keen on saving the environment?" His father made sure the soap was all out of Patrick's fur, in silence. When he was done, he said. "Do you mind if we tackle that another time? Answering your question is going to lead to a lot of other things we don't have time to cover if you don't want your mother to realize you're gone." "Alright." Patrick quickly and chastely washed his father. Once dressed, Patrick in his clothes, and his father in his speedo. He grabbed his bag and went outside, his father staying behind to avoid attracting attention. The day was making Patrick realize that he had to make a decision about his mother. No, not a decision, he'd already made that. Now he had to tell her. He couldn't keep that he was gay from her. But tonight wasn't the right time. He found her among the parents, they had all gathered in a corner of the backyard, and she was telling them about the time he beat up the neighborhood bully because he was pushing around one of the young girls. Patrick had been ten, the bully fifteen. By the time it was over the bully had to go to the hospital, Patrick only had a few bruises. The police had been called, but after an explanation, and multiple witnesses, Patrick was let go with a warning not to pick fights." "Hey mom," he said, kneeling next to her. "Hi hun, why are you dressed?" "It's eight. We should go, you're working in the morning." "Already?" She pulled out her phone. "So, it is. Where did the time go?" She stood and said her goodbyes to the people around her. "If you want to stay longer," Damian said. "I can give both of you a ride." Patrick glared at his uncle from behind his mother and shook his head vehemently. He didn't know what his uncle was planning, but he didn't want them to be part of it. "That's very kind of you, Mister Orr, but This is only going to be my second time taking the rail, I want to enjoy it." She took her bag and sniffed Patrick. "You showered?" "Yes, to get the chlorine out of my fur." "That's good thinking." "It was good meeting you," Damian said, taking her hand and kissing it. He offered his hand to Patrick. "It was good finally meeting you too. The kids have told me a lot about you." Patrick hesitated a moment, trying to figure out why Damian was being so damn civil. He finally shook it. "It was good meeting you too." Then everyone was over to wish both a good night. Patrick shook hands, was hugged, and discreetly groped, and not just by his brothers. He was happy his mother was busy with her own goodbyes, otherwise she would have noticed his ears steaming.
  2. Mab

    Wenregard - Comic

    From the album: Mab's Art

    Commission for Bahumot, his Beauregard with my Wendel. This was an experimental comic page.
  3. Kindar

    Chapter 16

    Because of the constant interruptions, it took Denton four days to put the files back in the cabinets. When he was done, Frank when through them, looking for anything missing. "The Lewiston files are missing," He announced as they ate lunch. It was him, Colby, Maximilian, and an otter named Victor. He'd arrived this morning, and introduced himself by fucking Denton. The others were off to their jobs. "All the files?" Maximilian asked. Frank shook his head. "Only the last sixty years." "So everyone still alive." He looked at his soup. "You know who they are, so you'll have to call them to warn them of the danger." "Shouldn't we get them all together?" the otter asked, nibbling on his fish. "it'll be a lot easier to protect them." "No. The person targeting them is powerful enough to lock down an entire house, and start a fire without being anywhere near. If they were all in one location, he might be able to wipe them all out in one shot." "And some of them are in Europe," Frank said. "William and Thomas are studying there, and staying with their mother. It might be safer for them to stay there. As far as we know he can't reach that far." "That's a dangerous assumption to make," Maximilian admonished. "There's no telling where he is, just because at this point he's only attacked in Denver. He might be anywhere else. Or worse, he might have agents elsewhere." "So what? we only wait for him to strike again and hope for the best?" The otter wasn't impressed by that. "No," Denton finally contributed, "We'll catch him by going over the evidence we have of his crimes. He's left clues. both of his method and his goal. All we need to do is find them." The otter looked at him. "This isn't a TV show, You're not a detective walking around with his magnifying glass, and saying ha ah! the game's afoot." "This isn't TV, this is real life," Denton countered. "Crimes get solved by proper investigation, not by sitting around praying to a God and signing cumbaya." "Victor," Maximilian interrupted, "you should have taken the time to learn a little about him before fucking him. This is detective Denton Stenton." He looked at Denton as he said the last name. Denton shrugged. At this point he wasn't going to make a big deal of it. "Wait. You're actually a cop?" "Denver PD. If you want to see my badge, you're going to have to wait for me to go get it. you might have noticed I'm not wearing anything either." Victor ruminated over that. "I didn't know you had someone inside the police, Max. How did you manage to do that under the church's nose?" "It wasn't planned. Which reminds me. Everyone should be here before the end of the day tomorrow, so we should be ready to do the ceremony that night. I'll go over what you need to do with you later, Dent." "Do we have to?" Colby asked. Denton stared at him. "I'm with Colby here," Frank said. "I kind of like having Denton nice and pliable." "No, absolutely not." He stood and put his hand on the table. "I'm not your plaything." Frank was up and next to him. "Come on Dent, you know you like it." He had a hand on his ass, a finger in the crack and rubbing his hole. Denton swallowed and tried to move away, but he couldn't. "Frank, not now," Maximilian ordered. Frank shrugged and sat back down. The moment his hand was gone Denton was able to move again. He saw Victor give Maximilian a questioning gaze as he turned and left. He'd figured out they didn't mean any harm in it. They'd all gone through this after their own ceremony, where they became everyone's bottom. That they had been fourteen when it started and the youngest man to fuck them was eighteen bothered Denton a little, but this wasn't like that. Everyone involved here was adult. It still bothered him that he couldn't help it. Yes being fucked was great, he freely admitted that, but he wanted to have a say in when it happened. He took a shower. something that was becoming a common occurrence. He was having more sex than ever. he'd thought he'd been over sexed before, but now, it just wouldn't quit. Except that wasn't quite true. He was able to not want to have sex when he was working on something, but if he had nothing to do, he started to look for someone to fuck him. This shower was just to wash the annoyance he felt out of his fur. A nervous habit he'd thought he'd gotten rid of at the academy. He kept it quick, and shook himself before stepping out. He felt the presence before seeing it. he spun ready to defend himself and stopped. The form advancing from the bedroom was large, muscular, and translucent. In the light he could see the fur was auburn with darker striped. "No," Denton growled. "Absolutely not. You had your fun with me, not again." It was one thing to have the other guys to use him when they felt like it, but the God had had his time. he wasn't coming back for seconds. Denton crossed the distance separating them in a couple of steppes, and he jumped on the God, tackling him to the ground. The being fought back, but Denton managed to flip him on his stomach. "how about you get a taste of your own medicine and tell me what it feel like." Denton repositioned himself and shoved his cock in the being's ass. Indignation radiated from Him, and that just drove Denton harder. The ass was tight, and he pounded it with abandon. It felt good to dominate this being, to show Him who was boss. It might possess him, but it wouldn't come free anymore, it was going to be on Denton's terms. When the orgasm hit, He was still fighting. Denton only took a moment to catch his breath, before going back to fucking this God, his God. A few minutes later the being shuddered under him. "Oh, you like that, don't you? You want us to think you're all big and strong, but in reality you're just a slut looking for a cock to fill your ass, aren't you?" The being tried to get out from under Denton, but he wouldn't let that happen. "Fight all you want, but you're mine. I'm going to fuck you until I decide I've had enough, and there isn't a thing you can do about it, you hear me? you're at my mercy." Throughout all that, He fought, and Denton fucked him. Their second orgasm hit at the same time. Denton had a third and a fourth before the God had another. After that Denton managed to flip Him on His back, and with those large legs over his shoulder, and that thick cock flapping on His stomach, Denton went back to fucking Him, looking into the empty socket, and feeling the submission. This God knew his place now. He was Denton's. Denton's grin became feral as he fucked him, orgasm after orgasm. He no longer cared if the God had any, this was all about him now. At some point he'd closed his eyes, simply happy to let the sensations flow over him, both his pleasure, and the God's discomfort. Then he felt a soft hand on his cheek. He opened his eyes, to look into golden ones. He stopped moving, but his father smiled at him and with a thrust of the hips encouraged him to keep going. When he did, Denton was gentler. He looked at his father's body. He had been a little more muscular, but he also had a beer gut. his cock was a little smaller than Denton's maybe six inch. Denton took it in his hands, and strokes it. He couldn't believe how hot his father's cock was. They looked into each other's eyes and his father tensed. Denton panicked for a moment, considering stopping, he didn't want him to cum and then disappear. He wanted to have him for longer. But by the time he had his debate, his father arced his back and cum jetted from his cock. He relaxed and panted, smiling at Denton. He didn't show any signs of vanishing. Denton's hand was covered with cum. he smelled it and then licked it. It was salty, and musky. He thought it tasted a little like his own, but with its own distinct characteristic. When his hand was cleaned his father smiled and indicated they needed to continue. Denton shook his head. His father smiled and tightened his ass on his cock. Crying Denton made love to his father. He didn't know if that was the God's way to get him to be gentler with him, or a reward. All he knew was that he again got to share something special with his father, and that this would be the last time. After this, he would never see him again. It was his one chance to say goodbye. He poured all his emotions in the act. He tried to hold on to his father as his orgasm neared. He didn't try to postpone it, this was out of his hands now, all he could do what make sure that he father would know, without a doubt that he loved him. Denton screamed his orgasm, and then he wasn't holding anyone. He looked down, then up, to see a cougar, a lion, an armadillo and otter in the doorway, staring at him, stunned expression on their face. Everyone was silent for a long time, Then Colby said. "Gonna have to watch my ass now."
  4. Kindar

    Chapter 15

    Denton had no idea how often, or how long he'd been fucked. He wasn't even sure when it had ended. He knew he was still lying on the altar, his stomach and chest was gummy from the cum, and his ass was leaking. Other than that, his mind couldn't process anything. He was buzzing, and had a goofy grin on his face.was gummy from the cum, and his ass was leaking. Other than that, his mind couldn't process anything. He was buzzing, and had a goofy grin on his face. There was motion around him, then hands grabbing him. He was pulled up. Someone talked, but the words were meaningless. Somewhere at the back of his mind, he noted the room was dark again. When had that happened? They pulled him to the hallway, where there was light, and the people holding him up resolved into blotches of tan colors. Denton tried to help them, but his legs were putty, so he was just along for the ride. They passed the room with the opened cabinets, and he thought he should tell them something about it, but he didn't know what. They went up the stairs, then up some more. On the second they had to shift him and his face fell against the chest. He moaned as the smell of men and sex filled his nostrils. They turned into a room, and he saw a bed. He couldn't quite recall what a bed was, but he knew what it was used for. He forced his legs under himself, and pushed one of the men on the bed. Then he climbed over him until he was straddling his crotch. He was already hard and all Denton had to do was sit down, and moan as the cock entered him. The man didn't need more prompting, and started doing all the work. * * * * * Denton yawned, feeling a lot more awake he had any right to feel considering the night he had just spent. Part of it bothered him, but the fact he wasn't anymore bothered by it worried him. He extricated himself from between Martin and Maximilian. He'd deal with the fact he'd slept with father and son later. Right now he needed a shower. He set the water to hotter than normal. He needed a sense of what was real, and the almost burning water provided him with that. If he remembered correctly, he'd had been fucked multiple times by a God, and through Him had had the opportunity to have sex with his father. He should be freaking out right now. Instead, while he wasn't sure how he felt about having had sex with his own dead father, the fact that it was impossible for that to have happened didn't bother him. He washed himself thoroughly while he tried to grasp how reality could have shifted from under him like that. He was a cop, a detective. He saw the world based on facts, with a bit of intuition based on years of experience. It was a fact he'd been fucked, a lot, through the night. The way his ass felt left no doubt of that, but had he really had sex with a God? with his dead father? Every part of his body screamed, yes! He could come up with reasons for that to be wrong, he could have been drugged. Maximilian had said he needed to go through that, it could have been him under that headdress, with the drugs causing the hallucination of his father. His mind rebelled at that thought. He desperately wanted it to have been true. He fought back tears, and rinsed off. Once dried he looked through the dresser, and found a pair of running shorts. He looked at the father and son, who had closed the gap between them. Maximilian was thrusting in his sleep, and while part of his mind felt that was wrong, another had a pang at the thought he'd never get experience to that again himself. The clock on the kitchen said it was almost seven. The house was still silent. Denton found the coffee, and coffee machine and got a carafe going. While he stood before it, he heard someone pad in the room. A moment later golden arms were wrapped around his chest. Denton sighed. He liked being hugged, and hugging back. Physical contact was alway pleasurable. "Seems someone got lucky during the night," someone whispered in his ear. He was then slowly thrusting against him. Denton tried to tell him to stop, but nothing came out. A hand pushed his shorts down. He tried to tell him he was a top, he didn't bottom. The cock entered him slowly, stretching him slightly, and the moan that escaped Denton's muzzle put the lie to him being only a top. His body wanted this, it craved this. He melted against the lion who took his time thrusting. "I knew you'd get to like this." Hands roamed his chest. "I don't think I'm being given much choice in the matter, Fred," Denton replied, but there was no anger in the words. The lion nipped his ear, which sent a shiver down Denton's back. He'd done the same to many guys, but this was his first time on the receiving end. "Wrong brother." Denton looked behind him. he couldn't tell them apart, but he could see he had a full back of fur. "Frank?" He nodded languidly. Denton just enjoyed the motion for a long moment. "I thought you didn't like having sex with anyone but your brother." He gasped as a hand grasped his cock and stroked it. "The boss man reminded me there's more important things going on than what I prefer." He thrust to Denton's moaning for a time. "And I'm so filled with energy I thought I should share it with you." Denton's reply was a grunt, then was cumming. Frank didn't last much longer, and Denton was filled again. They remained like that, Frank in him and holding him. "How did you know what happened?" Denton asked. A hand was presented to him, he smelled the cum on it, and he licked it clean. "I don't know *what* happened, but whatever it was filled the house with lust. Me and Fred didn't stop fucking until maybe thirty minutes ago. So, what did happen?" "I'm not sure," Denton said, not wanting to talk about it right now. "Well, I'm happy it did, I've wanted to fuck you since Stefan brought you here." Frank slowly pulled out. Denton turned and looked the lion over. "You're fully healed?" "Yeah, they others helped speed things up a lot." "So, having sex with them made you heal faster?" Frank nodded. "Helped refill the batteries, if you will. Although they over did it, I'm over charged. I could probably heal anything right now." Frank pulled him close and kissed him. "You taste pretty good. I'm going to have to blow you at some point." "Not now?" "No, right now I'm craving coffee." He reached over Denton for two cups and filled them. He then took out he sugar, and opened the fridge. he bent down to take the milk out. Denton watched that naked ass with a smile, then frowned as he looked down at his soft cock. "What wrong?" Frank asked, standing. "You have a great ass." "Thanks." "So why didn't I get hard watching it?" "Because what you went through this morning was the Ceremony of Possession," Maximilian said entering the kitchen. he too was naked. "Wait, he went through the ceremony? which whom?" Frank asked. "There wasn't enough of us here to do it." "He did it." Frank stared at Maximilian for a moment, then his eyes went wide. "The God did the ceremony?" He looked at Denton, amazed. "I thought you said there was supposed to be thirteen guys there," Denton said, not looking at Frank. "Yes, that's how the ceremony is setup, but it's His ceremony, he can do it anyway he wants. How often did he fuck you?" Denton shrugged. "I lost track after the sixth." "I'm willing to bet he fucked you thirteen times." "Okay, so what does that have to do with me not getting hard seeing Frank's ass?" "The ceremony of Possession takes place on the fourteenth birthday. After that all you do is bottom, because the God has to be the first one you'll take on your eighteen birthday." "You have got to be kidding me. You're telling me that I'm not going to be able to top again until I go through that other ceremony? What are my friends going to say?" "Nothing. you're not going to be seeing them, remember?" That dampened Denton's anger. "Well, the God's in for a surprise. He isn't going to be my first. I fucked my first guy when I was sixteen." "Yes, well, while we do adhere to the protocol, it's mostly symbolic. Now that you've gone through this ceremony, you're not going to top until the next one. The fact that you can't even get hard at the thought of it, probably means He doesn't want to take a chance that you'll do in the meantime." "Great," Denton whispered, "that's just great." "Hey," Frank said, passing a cup to Maximilian, "Don't worry, you seem to be enjoying being fucked." "Yeah, I do," Denton said with annoyance. "It's just that it feels like I don't have a say in the matter. It's like I have this hunger to be fucked." Maximilian hugged him. "Don't let it worry you Dent. I'm going to start making calls, it shouldn't be more than a few days until we're ready for the next ceremony." For the rest of the day everyone seemed to delight in finding Denton in the most compromising position and fucking him there. He tried to take it in the spirits it was meant. the guys loved to fuck as much as he did, and he was fresh meat, but it got annoying once he decided to clean up the records room, and he couldn't bend down to pick up a folder without ending up with a cock up his ass.
  5. Kindar

    Chapter 14

    Denton shifted to his back, again. He picked up his watch, two thirty AM. He'd been tossing and turning since lying down after Stefan left. He'd expected to fall asleep immediately after the stress of the day. And he was tired, his body was sore, his mind molasses. So why wasn't he able to sleep. He put the watch back on the bed side table and closed his eyes, and tried to sleep again. His horniness didn't help. His hardon demanded attention he wouldn't give it. Jerking off in this house felt too much like accepting what he'd been told. He wasn't use to not obeying his cock, but he could manage it, he was certain. he'd never had to deal with insomnia before, but he told himself that unless the house caught on fire, he wasn't opening his eyes or getting out of the bed until the sun was up. At least he'd get a couple hours of sleep. That didn't work. Three AM, according to his watch, and he was sitting on the edge of the bed, maybe if he walked around he could tire himself and then sleep. If not, he'd have to give in and jerk off. He certainly wasn't going to go to one of them for release. He didn't bother putting anything on before leaving the room. He couldn't see anyone in this household complaining about him being naked. The house was eerily quiet, none of the creaking and groaning of a house he'd come to expect after years of living at his apartment. No electrical buzz. He felt like he was in a dream. Could he be asleep? Was this 'walk' a dream? It certainly wasn't like his usual dreams. No naked guys, no moaning, groaning, or the occasional gun shot. no, he was awake, it was just his brain that was muddled by not sleeping. He went down the stairs, the kitchen, maybe? Warm milk helped him sleep when he was a kid. It could do it again. Instead of heading to the kitchen, he turned in the opposite direction. He opened the door going to the basement. He wasn't sure why he was going there, but in his state, his subconscious was probably guiding him to something it had noticed. Down the stairs, and stopped in front of the first door, he looked into the records room, where Leroy and Oscar had been attacked. It was still a mess, folders strewed over the floor. Someone should clean that up, and figure out which files were missing. There was no reasons for Shirley to have done that unless he was trying to hide what he'd taken. He could do that now, it would occupy his body and his mind. Instead he moved further down the hallway, pass closed door. He wondered what was behind them, but didn't stop. he kept walking until he was at the last one on his left. He opened it, and wasn't surprised at the scent of dried cum that came from it. He must have caught a whiff of it the last time he was down here, faint enough it hadn't registered. The room wasn't lit, and it didn't seem to have light switch. In the faint light of the hallway he could make out the stone block in the center, the altar, and a pillar candle against the wall to his left. He caught a darker shape in the opposing corner, and entered the room. He was at the altar when he realized the room was pitch black. Looking back, the door was closed. He turned to open it again, he'd find something to prop it open. One after the other the candles lit, thirteen of them, around the room, against the stone wall. In the shimmering light, he could make out symbols on the wall, and that dark shape in the corner, some sort of headdress on a coat stand. Probably the thing Maximilian claimed his father had worn during the ceremony. It occurred to Denton the candles were real, as were the flames. He was dreaming after all. Motion in his peripheral vision made him turn. The headdress was looking at him. A large skull like things, with horns, antlers, he noticed as it moved closer. Denton tried to take a step back, but the altar blocked him. he looked at it, not remembering moving to this side of it. Looking around he couldn't tell where the door was. The headdress was more now, still halfway to him, he could see a body under it. something large, muscular, with short fur. it had fangs now, something long, from the top part of its jaw going down at least four inches below the bottom jaw. A hunger came from it, no, him, Denton noticed at a hard cock came into view, at least a foot long, a thick as a beer can. Heaving balls swung between his legs. Denton looked up at him, realizing what he wanted to do, and their eyes met. his golden ones to the things empty sockets. there was an intelligence in that void, a will, the hunger he'd felt. Denton tried to move, jump over the altar, but his body wouldn't respond. that empty daze held him in place, as he got closer and closer. The being was at least eight feel tall. he radiated masculinity, power, lust. When the being stopped, their cocks were touching. Denton couldn't look down, he couldn't break the gaze, but he knew his seven inch would look insignificant next to this being's majesty. Denton swallowed. "No," he rasped, the sound barely audible against his beating heart. MINE was the response. "No." He tried to make his refusal more forceful, but it was barely a whisper. MINE! he repeated, but this time Denton realized it wasn't a word. It was sense. A sense of ownership. of being his, of being his blood, his seed, his child. A meaty hand pressed against his chest, and Denton found himself on his back on the altar. His legs were grabbed and lifted. He was able to look down, and the enormous cock jutted between his raised legs. For a moment he could swear it was his, and he felt its power as his. Then the illusion was broken as it moved out of view, and then he felt it pressing between his cheeks. The being before him couldn't be real. This had to be a dream, conjured by what they others had told him and his own horniness. This couldn't be what he seemed to be. REAL, it projected, and pushed. Denton gritted his teeth, he wasn't going to cry out. He wasn't going to give him that satisfaction. The sensation of his ass being stretched felt wrong to Denton, and yet, a sense of rightness wrapped itself around him. a sense of something that had been denied too long, of his owner finally claiming him. A groan escaped his clenched teeth as he felt that cock reached further inside him he thought could be physically possible. Heavy balls pressed against his, and a wave of satisfaction flowed through him. He opened his eyes and those empty sockets looked back at him with... tenderness? slowly their emptiness was replaced by golden eyes, and yellow fur became visible, with black spots. A cheetah's face formed in place of the skull, one that looked at him with love. "Dad?" Denton asked, eyes wet. The cheetah looking down at him smiled. A hand reached for his cheek. It was no longer meaty, but slender, covered with yellow spotted fur and dull claws. The touch was gentle, and evoked a sense of familiarity. The cheetah said something, but no words came out. instead a sense of love flowed through Denton. and he wrapped his arms around his father. The man whose face he hadn't been able to recall until now. The man who had given his life so Denton could have a chance at one. When the cheetah started moving over him Denton welcomed it. He welcomed the demonstration of his father's love. Denton moaned for both of them as his father made love to him. He held him close. He wrapped his legs around him to encourage him to thrust deeper. And Denton Screamed his pleasure. His father went faster, thrust deeper, until he tensed, opened his mouth in a silent scream. Denton felt his father fill him, and he scream too as the orgasm hit. He buried his face in his father's fur, and for a moment he could smell him, the soap he used to wash after coming home from work, and the earthy sent it never could quite wash away. Then the fur was gone. The scent was good. he looked up, and his father was gone. He looked into those empty sockets, and he understood. This being, this god had granted him a gift. A chance to experience his father in a way so few people got to do. Denton cried more, but he nodded. He held on to the God as He claimed him, over and over.
  6. Robert Alexander doesn't have time to find himself a wife and make a kid. For one thing, he has no interest in women of any species. For a second he's far too busy running his company and testing the product his secret lab comes up with on unsuspected men to waste time raising a child. His solution? get one made. Doctor Absalon is the best Tiranis has to offer, if not totally sane, so Robert has him make a clone to be his son. And now, Robert needs to participate in a sensitive part of his training. WARNING: WHILE THIS EXCERPT ONLY CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE, THE STORY CONTAINS EXPLICIT GAY SEX This excerpt is about 1000 words of a 7000 words story, about half of which is sex. If you wish to read the rest you can become a supporter at the 1$ level here: https://www.patreon.com/kindar ------ "How is he progressing?" Robert asked as the doctor led him deeper within the complex. "He is coming along nicely. The body has been matured to eighteen years of age, as you requested. Mentally we've installed all the under pining for the body to function, as well as the skills and knowledge you want him to have, but his personality is still mostly a blank. We are still building it, as well as his life history based on what you provided us." "Then why did you request I come?" Robert asked, keeping the wariness out of his voice. Absalon seemed sane at the moment, but there was no way to know what he might be planning. "You indicated that in his past you and him have already had sex together. I need you here so we can map out his physical responses to sex." "I thought you had a bunch of those already pre-recorded." "I do." The doctor smiled. "Some excellent ones, if I do say so myself. And if all you wanted was some sex toy to keep you company, to play with. I would have given him those and you wouldn't have had any reasons to complain, but you have tasked me with creating a complete being, not just a doll. If it had been anyone but you, Mister Alexander, I might have done it anyway. Most men simply don't care enough about the quality of their partner, but you have exacting standards. For you to be satisfied with my work, I need to get real reactions from him." They entered a changing room. "He's through that door. He's currently in sleep mode and will awaken when you touch him." "What do you need me to do?" The doctor shrugged, his tone casual. "Everything; sucking, fucking, caressing, kissing. If it is something that is part of the history, it's best if you do it to him, it will ensure it feels more real when he remembers it, and it will allow us to provide him with a wider variety in his sexual history since you also indicated he has had sex with other men than you. All that will serve as the ground work so that the next time you have sex with him for the first time, it will be a more genuine experience." Robert took off his jacket, then rolled the gold and burgundy tie, placing it on the shelf before unbuttoning the shirt, considering what the doctor had said. "Is he going to resist on anything?" The doctor had turned his back to him. "No, he's currently programmed with a general acquiescence, as well as affection for you. You could tell him to throw himself off the roof of your company's building, and he wouldn't hesitate to do it." Robert silently bared his teeth at the doctor's back at the implication he might ever consider doing something to hurt the person on the other side of that door. "If you can manage to be emotionally involved during the acts, that would also be helpful," Absalon added. The lion stared at the back in shock. How did he even have to ask that? It was his legacy behind the door, there was no way he could *not* be emotionally involved while making love to him. He put the annoyance at the doctor out of his mind, taking off the shirt and folding it before placing it on the locker's shelf next to the tie. "How fast is he going to recuperate?" "What do you mean?" "Once he cums, how long until he's able to get hard again?" The human shrugged. "He's your clone, you tell me. You didn't request any changes to that aspect of his physiology, so he will be like you. Actually, please keep that information to yourself. I don't care to know it." The doctor left Robert to finish undressing. He thought it over as he took off his shoes and socks. At eighteen he'd been a horndog, fucking every guy that was willing, and convincing those who weren't certain to give him a try. His pants came off. He folded them and put them on top of his shirt. Back then he had a decent stamina and recuperative ability. Nothing like what he had now, but still very respectable compared to the kids his age. He stood, feeling his cock stiffening and smiled. He was going to be here for a good long while. The door opened as he stepped to it and cool sterile air flowed out. The room matched the air, spartan, lifeless. Considering what he was going to do there the doctor could have spruced it up a little. Added some colors, thrown in sort music, but no, the only thing in the room was the bed, with his younger clone lying on it. At least the lighting was soft. Robert looked at the body on the bed; his son. He looked much like he had at that age, but not as muscular. His son didn't have the harsh youth Robert had had to endure, so he didn't need to bulk up as a defense. Robert sat on the bed, next to his son and studied his face. It was strong and calm in sleep, surrounded by the beginning of a mane. Robert wondered if this state was actual sleep. Would his son's memories include dreams he's had? He'd have to check with Absalon after this. He placed a hand on his son's arm and the boy opened his eyes. He looked around for a moment, eyes unfocused before settling on Robert and smiling. "Hey kiddo, how are you feeling?" "I'm good, now that you're here." His son's voice was higher than Robert remembered his being. "I missed you." He placed a hand on Robert's thigh.
  7. Kindar

    Chapter 02

    The three bodies were rats, one in his fifties, one in his thirties, and one teens. Their throats had been slit, and the blood formed a pool around them, so that they couldn't get close without stepping in it. "Shit," Flint said. "That's Alistair Lewiston. He gave a speech at my daughter's school three weeks ago." "So that's got to be his son," Reilly commented, "and that his grandson?" "Carpenter," Alice said, "I need to know what other family they have. If they were killed like this, it's possible anyone else related to them is in danger." "Anything suspicious on any of the floors?" Denton asked. "Anything obviously missing?" He got negatives all around. "You think this is a hit?" Narn asked. Denton shook his head, and looked at the other cheetah. "This doesn't look like any mob hit I've seen. And as far as I know, they don't have any ties to organize crime." "You never know," Flint, interjected. "Old money is often dirty money." "Sure," Denton agreed, "but you know any of the families' clean up men who does that? They're all about keeping things clean, even if they leave us a body." "No, it can't be a hit," Reilly said. He was lying on the floor, looking at Alistair's neck. "This wasn't done by a professional. I can see hesitation marks at the start of the cut." George Reilly had come to them by accident. He'd been aiming to be a forensic specialist, but after he'd been almost shot in a drive by, he'd decided he wanted to apprehend the criminals, rather then prove their guilt. "The coroner's going to be here shortly. Narn, Carpenter, you're staying. Matilda, Jefferson, you have door duty, support the CSI crew when they get here." "Ma'am?" Carpenter asked, "What about the search you wanted for other family members?" Alice sighed, then let out a curse that had even Reilly's ears turning red. "Okay, Carpenter, you two go back to the station." She paused, and looked at Denton. "Cooper, me and Flint can stay," Reilly offered. "We can?" Flint said, and was immediately elbowed in the side. "Sure, we can." "You certain?" "Yep," the German Shepherd confirmed. "Means you get to deal with the files on this." His grin was wide. Flint smiled too as he realized what his partner had arranged. "Hey, I'd rather deal with paperwork than the mess this place is going to turn into when CSI gets here." Denton said. "so I'm okay with this." "Alright then." Alice's fur settled back down. "Everyone knows their assignment. Get to it." * * * * * "Evening, Fred," Denton waved to the desk sergeant as he left the precinct. He took out his phone and turned on Prowlr, now that he wasn't on duty anymore. While it was true that as a detective he was never really off duty, when he was allowed to go home for the evening, that meant Prowlr could be turned on. Before he reached his car it pinged. Two miles from where he was there was a Wolf, quite attractive from the picture. Versatile, with a preference for bottoming. Can entertain or visit. Denton liked that the picture was of him dressed in biker leather, chest and up, face included. It wasn't a real gauge of his personality, but over the years he'd found that those who put pictures of their cocks as a profile pic, or had a suggestive picture, tended to be sleazier than he liked. "I'm just leaving work. If you send me the address I can pick you up and we can go to my place." The guy would be able to look his picture and profile over and make a decision. His profile picture was of him in jeans, wearing a t-shirt and leaning against a tree, it had been taken last summer, when he and his family went on vacation at the national park up north. Denton gave him ten minutes so he leaned against his car and checked email. "Want to meet up over the weekend?" From Reggie. "Possibly, too early to tell," he replied. "The BF is out of town this week. Meet up?" This one from Frank. "No. I told you before. You're in a relationship. We either have sex the three of us together, or not at all." It wouldn't happen. Sergei was strictly monogamous. Before he moved to the next one Prowlr pinged. "I'm at the Starbucks at the corner of Arlington and Finnley." "Be there under five minutes." * * * * * Denton woke up with a start. The dream was already fading, but it had unnerved him. "You okay?" The wolf next to him asked, then had a jaw breaking yawn. "Yeah, sorry if I woke you. Just a nightmare," Denton said. "No worries buddy. What was it about?" William asked. Denton shook his head. "Don't really remember anymore, just some chanting." "Like a song? If it was from the Bieber song bird, I can understand why you woke up." Denton chuckled. "No, chanting, like back in the dark ages." "That's weird." Denton sighed. "What's wrong?" "Nothing. It's just that I'm not going to be able to fall back asleep." "It was that bad?" "No. It's a side effect of my job. I get woken up at odd hours so often that my body's adapted to it. Once I'm awake I'm good for at least twenty hours. I just don't know what I'm going to do for the next." He looked over the wolf at the clock, "three hours." The wolf turned on his side. "Well, if it's just that." He ran a blunt claw through Denton's off white chest fur. "If you want to have another go at it, I'm more than willing." They had a go at it, then another one, and another one. After that they showered, and almost went at it again. "You know, I've never come across a guy who can cum like you do. What's it, like magic or something?" William asked. Denton shook his head. "I have hyperphilia." William gave him a blank stare. "It's a medical condition. My refractory period is a lot shorter than normal, as you saw, and my sex drive is higher. I actually have a fairly mild case of it. I've talked with a guy in South Africa who gets hard within a minute of having an orgasm, and if he doesn't cum at least once an hour he feels like his balls are going to explode. He told me that once, when he was younger, he had a party and he had over fifty orgasm within a day." "You serious?" "Well, I haven't met the guy, or put his claim to the test. I haven't even actually seen a picture of him. He's had bad experiences with online stalkers because of his condition, so he's a bit paranoid about meeting guys. But I don't see that he'd be lying. I've talked to other guys like him and me, and at least one other told me a similar story. So I consider myself fortunate, I'm just able to have a lot of sex." They dressed, then Denton made them a quick breakfast, steak and eggs. After that he wrote his number on a paper and handed it to the wolf. "What's this for?" "Well, you were willing to spend the night, and you're good company, so I'd like to get to know you better, see if we can be friends, now that we've fucked." "Sure, buddy, I'd love that," William said. "Okay, but there's going to have to be one rule." "What is it?" the wolf's head canted to the side. "My name is Denton. I'll accept Dent, but none of my friends, absolutely none of them gets to call me 'buddy'." "Oh, sure b ... Dent. I'm good with that." "Perfect. Now, am I dropping you off at the Starbucks or do you need to be someplace else." Denton dropped him off at a commercial design place a few blocks from the precinct, with a promise to call and try to have dinner at some point. Denton hoped William would be cool with being friends. So few guys were interested in more than having sex, that he cherished finding someone looking for a deeper connection, without wanting a boyfriend

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