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  1. BigPuppyStuart

    Mistlands D&D homebrew notes

    Mistlands: These are a set of World that are satellite realms off the prime material plane but not quiet in the Feywild or Shadowfell. As a resault, both powerful lifegiving fey magic and the energies of the shadowfell are present in abundance. The Mistlands also seem to shift and change at times, large landmasses and continents will remain stable but suddenly a continent that was years distant by see will suddenly be visible off the coast for a few days. This even leads to strange occurrences like a small empty feild suddenly has a path to miiles and miles of forests that lead to mountains when veiwed from one end but look normal when view from the other. The Nature of these changes are not well understood but they seem to never happen in permanently inhabited areas. This means that permenent borders and maps are a little use less in some parts of the world. Also celestial bodies are different in different lands, one land may have 3 moons, some have one and some have none. Differences from other settings: Since magic is so high in this land Material components are not needed to cast spells that normally need them. Instead Spell components can be used to make Pre-prepared spells that can be used or set by anyone. Example: The Alarm spell usually needs a small bell and fine silver wire to cast. Instead in this setting a wizard can cast it with verbal or ritual means not needing the components. But the wizard can obtain the Silver wire and Bell, cast the spell on it, then sell the per-prepared spell as an item or give it to a non-magic user to use. This means they act like scrolls but can not be transcribed into someone else's spell book. Dead Characters: Since the mistlands is in the astral sea, people can use old character sheets from the current system being used (5thE right now). Older edition characters must be updated to the current system. Dead Characters get a second chance here. New items: Staff of the Light Bearers: This staff has the innate ability to create light. On itself the object uses no charges. When cast on something else it uses on of 5 charges. The object sheds bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light for an additional 20 feet. This can be used as an arcane focus. The Styles of these vary greatly from lovely Elven to the infernal influences of Tiefling make. Lesser Dragon Cloak/ Lesser Bat cloak: A magical cloak that spreads like wings when the wearer jumps or falls from heights that would otherwise be harmful. The wearer can also spread them at will and the wearer can glide or slowly descend. This effect is similar to Feather fall. Greater Dragon cloak/ Greater Bat cloak: A magical cloak that spreads like wings when the wearer jumps or falls from heights that would otherwise be harmful. The Greater Dragon cloak can give the wearer flight. The Cloak does not flap or make noises so a greater dragon cloak is utterly silent. Bird cloak: A cloak with a feather pattern or made of feathers that can give the power of flight. The Cloak makes a flapping noise so it is not silent. Tablets: Tablets are minor magical artifacts that are similar to a scroll but are reusable. When they are made they hold the instructions to a single spell that can be read or cast from it. The Tablet does not disappear when used but is depleted for 8 hours. After Using one, a wizard can still transcribe the spell on it into their spell book. These are practically indestructible that makes These are immensely valuable to libraries and schools so can be sold to them for immense sums of money should the spell on it be rare enough. Trinket of good cheer: A simple clay tile on a cord that protects people from magically inflicted despair. Places like the Shadowfell that inflict mental effects on on people are immune when they are wearing one of these. Wearing one of these when not in places that inflict despair players have to make Charisma checks and failure will lead them to be euphoric and silly. Prayer-book: These are books with Prayers and meditations written in them that don't mention any specific god. These are used Idealist clerics and Paladins to reinforce their focus on their ideals but the text within can be applied to any faith so they are of benefit to any divine class. Mechanically someone can spend their short rest reading from it and once every 8 hours gain a +2 to any roll concerning divine powers. You can only have one of these one use +2s at a time from a prayer book. Extra Dimensional holy texts: These are holy books from other places about gods no present in the mistlands. They can fetch high price from sholars and temples who collect knowledge. Cantrip rings: Cantrip rings are as the name suggests, a ring that allows the wearer to cast a cantrip. The ring will bear the name of the cantrip they cast. Rings vary in quality and will have charges that reflect the number of charges per 24 hours that can be used. minor 10, intermediate 20, Greater 50, and Exceptional have no limit. Any quality of ring will add 1D4 if you cast the same cantrip as the ring holds yourself, it will be added to damage if it is an attack and to all other rolls if it is a non attack spell. Book of endless pages: This book seems to have far more pages than could ever be contained in the book. These books will seem to shift contents depending on what the reader is looking for. There is a spell book version of these as well. Serpent fang dagger: A magical item that always has the effect of poison. They are single edged and slightly curved and their handles are shaped like snakes. There is a scale pattern on the blades. At will the wielder can switch from lethal to paralyzing or sleeping poison. Blood Ritual blade: This is knife or dagger that has been infused with blood magic. As an Action the user can cut themselves and transfer the hit points they loose doing so to another player within 20 feet. A charge can be expended to make an attack with this vampiric and transfer Half the damage done to the holder of the dagger. " The strange Blood Cultist stood over the dying child's bed and raised the knife, I gripped my mace fearing for the child but instead the cultist brought the blade down on his out stretched palm and the blade drank in the spilled blood, the child awoke from the brink of death, weak but alive. ' Of my own blood i give, so the innocent may live' the cultist said through a grimace. Just then the priest arrived. The cultist muttered about impunctual priests as he remove the knife blade from his hand. Pretty sure he was annoyed." Ring of the Hells: A ring that was made to be pure evil and channel all the powers of the hells, but a flaw in its construction led the powerful mind that formed in the ring to be good instead of evil. Now the forces of evil want to hide or destroy it. Gods of the Mist-lands: The Wounded king of Heaven. The self Sacrificed, the Stalwart Gaurd: Power Level : Dead or Missing Formerly Greater or Overgod. Alignment: Nuetral good Follower Alignment: Any good Domains: Unknown, good, protection. These are all names of a powerful Deity that sacrificed himself to destroy or lock away a great evil. As such he is seen as the Patron of protectors. Even though he is seen as dead or locked away, his power remains and those that uphold the ideals of defending the weak have a chance of accessing his power. This has led to " The Church of the remnant" a church that does good deeds and fights evil but has no god to ask for guidance. Clerics of this church still have their prayers answered by... something and are granted powers by...something. Despite being considered dead, esteem for this Deity has never dwindled because the ideas he espoused and taught remain valuable. His Clergy declared they would spread his philosophy and his teachings even after they lost their connection to him. They carried on doing good deeds and kind acts even without divine help for 100 years. Then even though they never regained their connection to their god, they began to get divine powers again. They are just not sure from where. Mechanic notes: This means that healing and defensive powers are boosted +2 but any prayers for guidance or divination don't work. Phagogore: Follower Alignment: Any Power Level : Intermediate or Greater Alignment: True Neutral or neutral good Domains: Food, lust, Gluttony, farming, cooking, Curiosity The 5 throated lord of desires. Fat male, has 4 fleshy throat tentacles on his back full of teeth. Appears to be a fat humanoid who never wears a shirt and looks mostly normal aside from the flexible throat tentacles. His skin color varies in his depictions because he rumored to disguise himself to look like a native of the land he is traveling. He is more philosophical than gods of food in other lands, his book message basically is " you have desires no matter what, how you deal with them is up to you, here is some advice" It is unclear what class of Deity he is, he may be intermediate or greater. This stems from the fact that any creature that needs to eat or desires to do so can be considered his subject. Phagogore seems to be interested in almost every desire mortals have leading to there being some question of his Alignment. His Worshipers can be any alignment but his churches seem to be neutral or good. Since Lust is one of his Domains he has many children. He is Considered to be a general god of plenty and abundence and his holy book praises those who share their abundance with the poor and deprived, but it also extols the virtue of personal gluttony and self indulgence. These passages have led to 2 denominations of his church, the generous " Priests of plenty" who share food with anyone who needs it and " The Cult of eternal indulgence" which hold feasts and orgies and claims to be about selfish pleasure. Some Members of the "Cult of Eternal indulgence" will secretly share food with the poor in defiance of their sect's dogma. Many but not all of his Clerics are fat or plump but all of them have spells to create food. Many of them go on minor feeding the homeless and poor rampages. As well as physical appetites Phagogore supports mental appetites as well and is hungry for knowledge and eager to share it so often will be seen to support libraries and schools along side gods of knowledge. Phagogore's holy symbol is a smile in a square of 4 dots, a full wineglass ( Cult of eternal indulgence ) or that of a goblet or tankered spilling or pouring ( Priests of Plenty). His holy weapon is a large meat Cleaver. He has also been been rumored to eat foes in combat and that freaks out some people but no one sure if this is just a rumor or something he actually does. There have been hedge sects that take the pursuit of appetites to very dark places and the main church of Phagogore stomps them out if they are truly horrendous. Phagogore is known to have a couple half mortal children, all of whom are powerful but many of them do not seek to acquire followers and are not counted as gods. The ones that have obtained godship are Grossomar Venia, Bernard Soulsinger and "The Traveler". The spirit of mindless famine: Power Level :Lesser Alignment: Choatic evil Follower Alignment: Choatic evil Domains: Famine, starvation, suffering, want, cannibalism. While still being concerned with food, this is the polar opposite of Phagogore, this deity is master of want and starvation. While this Deity has little of a mind, it hates Phagogore, a feeling that Phagore reciprocates. Wendigos, ghouls and famine zombies are their work. Their unholy symbol is that of broken teeth wailing. Solarania: The mistress of the sun. Power Level :Greater Alignment: Lawful Good Follower Alignment: LG, CG, NG, LN Domains: Sunlight, radiance , life, order, Justice. Solarania is depicted as a dark skinned woman in golden armor. Her iconography is very similar that that of sun Gods from elsewhere that she may be just an avatar of one of them. She has no celestial mate or consort but is in a sisterly relationship with Dusk, the night goddess. Her symbol is that of the sun. Her Holy weapon is a battle axe. Celestina: Messenger of light. Power Level : Demi-god Alignment: Neutral good Follower Alignment: LG, CG, NG, LN Domains: Good. Celestina will randomly lend her power to good causes and good people doing good things. She has very few actual followers. Dusk, Mistress of the night. Power Level :Greater Alignment: Nuetral good Follower Alignment: Any Domains: Rest, Darkness, Solace, Refuge, Stealth. Depicted as a pale skinned woman in black clothing and average beauty, she is concerned with giving the creatures that toil in the day time to rest and sheltering those creatures who can not stand the sun. Despite being the opposite of Solarainia in the day night cycle and in appearance they are often called " The Sisters of the Cycle" and often depicted dancing together playfully. While not a battle centered goddess, she does carry a crescent shaped knife that is considered her holy weapon but plenty of Alchemists and herbalists carry the same kind of knife to cut herbs. Her Celestial realm is a land of endless clear starry nights with glowing flowers and trees. Here souls will lounge restfully and heal from the troubles of the world. Very few stay permanently and will move on to other lives or heavenly realms. Truely damaged, broken souls or shattered souls or the soul dregs of things that have been eaten by soul devouring creatures will receive healing ministrations and be rebuilt or repaired. Blectmira: The creeping dark Power Level :Greater Alignment: Evil Follower Alignment: Choatic Evil Domains: Darkness,terror, Entropy, lifelessness, corruption, Poison, disease. Blectmira takes everything negative about night and darkness and magnifies them. She is the goddess of Vampires and monsters that hate the sun. Blectmira is one of the closest things there is to being a prime evil. Blectmira does not have a form that can be depicted and there is some debate on whether or not it is a deity or something else. Phyrmass'ereth Lehreloth Power Level :Intermediate Alignment: choatic good. Follower Alignment: Any Domains: Knowledge, study, science, poison, Alchemy, chemistry and Medicine. Phyrmass'ereth is depicted as a female Drow. She is usually depicted as a young woman holding a flask. She is the patron of scholars and alchemists who look to turn the properties of the natural world to the benefit of its people. Her dogma though is not only concerned with making medicine, experimentation and knowledge in themseleves are something she preaches because any knowledge can be used fort good or evil but you can only use it for good if it is known. She is shown to have a fondness for spiders and snakes but is not obsessed with them and killing such creatures are not an affront to her. She has taken her godship from an ancient hesslithith deity that left the realm for an unknown reason. Grossomar Venia Power Level : Lesser or maybe Greater. Alignment: Neutral good or Chatic good. ( There is some dispute ) Follower Alignment: Any ( but overtime they shift toward good ) Domains: Redemption, forgiveness, righting wrongs, atonement, Justice driven Conflict. Grossomar Venia is the god of forgiveness and atonement. His Appearance is that of a Portly man with dark hair and pale skin. In physical appearance he Greatly resembles many depictions of Phagogore. This make sense because he is one of Phaogore's sons. Any monster that wants to become good or evil doer that wishes to change their ways might devote themselves to Grossomar Venia. Also anyone turned into a vampire against their will can call out Venia and have their curse modified or mitigated. All Daywalking vampires with free will are granted Venia's mercy, as are many Lycanthropes. One of the odd things about Grossomar Venia is that he seems to attract lots of Warlocks as followers. He Is also able to become the patron for Warlocks and grant them eldritch powers in exchange for Service in his army after the creature's death. Grossomar Venia is forming an army to defend the Celestial realms for a coming war with the hells and the Abyss and service in this army is seen by some as a get out of jail free card for past bad deeds while many more see it as a good duty in its own right and pledge themselves to him. Grossomar Venia is also popular among Tieflings and is sometimes depicted with Horns and red skin because their is a semi common belief that he is half devil but this is considered just speculation. Most of his followers would not care if he was as his entire domain is surrounding forgiveness and turning good that which was once evil. His Holy symbol depicts broken manacles. and his Holy weapons are a Rod and a Gladious ( Short sword ) Cryoleial Borialin: Lady of winter, Queen of the frosts. Power Level : Greater Alignment: Neutral good ( Formerly true neutral ) Follower Alignment: LG to LE Domains: Winter, Frost, seasonal change. Cryoleial Borialin is an Eladrin or Elvin woman of great icy beauty. She used to be coldly aloof and lonely and very reclusive because all who touched her froze to death and she shut herself away so as to not harm mortals. She built a following with this nature and people preached she was a reflection of the uncaring winter. She then met a man who could touch her and not suffer any effect and they married. She was never actually uncaring and aloof she was just depressed and lonely so her marriage brightened up her demeanor. She how holds winter celebrations and holidays that are full of cheer. She is not completely without morose spells but having a permanent mate means she can get through them more easily. In some of the Older temples or in the more conservative ones, her husband is never mentioned. People have tried to touch her when they see her and this has lead to several deaths. Any character that is attracted to women needs to roll a wisdom saving throw. Anything under 5 will lead the character to attempt to touch her. If she sees this she will bat the character's hand away with her gloved hands but will not be angry about this as she knows that there is a strange compulsion around her. If character successfully touch her skin they will be brought to 1 hit point and slowed or if passing a constitution check be reduced by half of their current hitpoints. The Traveler Power Level : Lesser Alignment: Chaotic or Lawful Neutral ( Depending on his mood ) Follower Alignment: Any Domains: Travel, adventure, wanderlust, seeking out secrets, exploration The Traveler is a hefty Vistani man of good cheer and mysterious ways. His exact features seem to change so it is hard to recognize him if you encounter him. He may even disguise himself as a woman or a child. He is often wandering the multiverse and he has no true church or clergy. Everyone who sets out to see new things is said to be his follower. Whenever he meets someone he may through hints and rumors send them on the path of adventure. His ultimate goals are hard to comprehend if he has any because sometimes he will set people on a path that leads to glory and sometimes to destruction. It is said by most scholars that he doesn't have an end goal and just points out possibilities. He seems to have no moral aims beyond encouraging travel and adventure. He is one of the Children of Phagogore. The Traveler has a twin brother who is also powerful and immortal but not a god. His holy symbol is that of a road stretching off into the horizon. Bernard Soulsinger / Veryamorton Laermeluion Malathalonin / The Bold bear of song. Power Level : Lesser Alignment: Neutral good Domains: Music, joy, art, literature, good natured jokes or trickery and inter-species romances. Bernard is a jolly chubby half elf or Half Eladrin with a ruddy complexion and golden hair. He is one of the sons Phagogore sired in one of his many affairs. In Bernard's case his mother was the Eladrin high queen Fainauriel Malathalonin the immortal who engaged in the affair 500 years after her husband died in battle. This means that Bernard is technically part of the Royal family of the most powerful Elvish kingdom but not in a position to inherit the throne unless his 5 half siblings and their heirs die. This has led to a weird divide among Eladrin in the mistland kingdoms as he is Shunned by some of his half siblings and embraced by others. Whorship or representation of him is banned or frowned upon in some of the royal houses and completely fine iin others. Despite not being a god of war it has been noted that he seems to engage directly in many important large scale conflicts against the forces of evil. Since he is also fond of trickery he will sometimes play jokes on people or do odd things to make people laugh. He once convinced a Human king that his wife had been turned into a cat for a week despite her being present the whole time. This Averted a war with a neighboring Dwarven kingdom because " My husband is convinced i turned into a cat, imagine what other wrong things he has been convinced of." It was later reveal one of his advisers was manipulating the king into a war for evil purposes and this practicle joke gave them time to uncover this. When represented by elves as Veryamorton Laermeluion Malathalonin his symbol is A Raiper and a pair of castanets, When represented by humans Bernard's Holy Symbol is a tipped goblet with a harp on it but he is sometimes represented with a bear playing a lute. This because sometimes he turns into a bear that plays the lute. The Collector Power Level :Greater Alignment: Nuetral Follower Alignment: any Domains: Death, moving on, collecting souls, transit to the afterlife. The Collector is Depicted as a Dragon that is black ( But not a black dragon as seen in the monsters manual ) that has glowing green eyes. This dragon is neither male or female, they are just a dragon. They are called the collector not only because they collect and shepherd the souls of the dead but because all that die in their realm have a small effigy of the person sculpted and added to their collection. These Effigies carry copies of all that person's memories and experiences. It is said that this dragon hoards memories. The souls of the dead are then shepherded through the astral sea to their final resting places. The Collector keeps all creatures that would detain or take souls away as they travel to their final destination. The Collector yearns to collect the memories of all that live but is not greedy enough to try and accelerate people's demise, the collector also does not begrudge those that are resurrected. More to be added. New Spells: These are spells and abilities that are native to the mistlands and are in addition to the spells available in 5thE materials. Suspend hunger: A 3rd level spell that stops all hunger and thirst for 3 days. At the end of 3 days hunger and thirst return and you can not have the spell cast on your for 3 more days. When cast as a ritual the components are some chalk to draw a circle, a seed of any type and 3 drops of water. Spectral dagger: Cantrip Casting time: Bonus action Range:( 60ft ) if Thrown, touch if held. Components: mental Concentration. Duration: Instantaneous or concentration This spell allows you to create a dagger of magical energy in your hand and throw it like a throwing dagger or use it as a Melee weapon. It has the same damage as a mundane dagger 1D4 damage but counts as a magic weapon. At 1st level it does piercing/ force damage at 3rd 5th 7th and 9th level a new damage type can added. This is Retroactive but only happens after a level up. If someone got it at 5th level then leveled up to 6th level then they could pick 2 additional damage types. only one damage type is active at a time. until 10th level when 2 damage types can be applied at a time. Starting at level 5 you can create 2 of these and throw them at the same target or hold them both in your hand each dagger can be a different damage type. at leveled 10 you can create 3 but can only hold as many as you have hands. " The Figure stepped from the shadows, knife gleaming and snarled 'your money or your life.' The young woman stared back in an almost bored fashion as she led an old man to his home. Almost lazily she raised her left hand and a shimmering ghostly knife appeared in her raised hand. 'Right or left eye?' she asked. The would be thief raised his hands and backed into the shadows. The thief had heard about muggers dying by knife wounds to the eyes and he didn't want to become one of them." Shade Evocation Cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:5 foot radius Components: V S Duration 1hour unless dismissed This spell creates an area 5 feet in radius in which bright harsh light is dimmed and glare is reduced. If you are trying to hide a shiny paladin or reflective object in a sunlit area this spell lets you do that. It also gives you slight respite from harsh sunlight and heat. It is not dim enough to hinder vision so it can not be used in offensive fashion. It will also not shield creatures harmed by sunlight from taking damage. Should the caster be subjected to light bright enough to blind or daze them, the shade will reduce it to manageable levels. Rafenlos's Ray of Rot Necromancy Cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:60ft Components: V S Duration: Instantaneous. Caster fires a ragged beam of black and purple energy at a creature within range. Make a ranged attack against the target. on hit Target takes 1D8 necrotic damage and has a 1 in 4 chance to gain a -4 penalty on attack rolls. Roll a 1D4 and on a 4 the target gets a -4 penalty on the next attack. the damage of this increases at 5th level to 2D8 and at 11th to 4D8 and 17th to 4D8. This can be cast non lethally but must be declared before hand. The Non-lethal spell effect is deep blue and Black and is visually different enough that observes can tell whether or not it is being cast lethally. Pyrathos's Flaming Ray Evocation Cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:60ft Components: V S Duration: Instantaneous. Concentration Caster fires a precise beam of fire at at a creature within range. Make a ranged attack against the target. on hit Target takes 1D8 fire damage and has a 1 in 4 chance to gain a 1D4 damage at the start of each turn. Roll a 1D4 and on a 4 the target begins to smolder and take 1D4 fire damage until they pass a constitution saving throw or they suffer 2 rounds of damage. This Spell can be cast continuously but it consumes the caster's attack but they can still move while casting it. Moving force the caster to make a new attack roll with a -2 penalty. The damage of this increases at 5th level to 2D8 and at 11th to 4D8 and 17th to 4D8 and it lasts on additional round of the 1d4 fire damage each time the damage increases from a level up. This can't really be cast non-lethally because it is fire. This spell also has the utility that it can start fires on flammable objects or bring water to a boiled when maintained. Grasping force Conjuration Cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:30ft Components: V S Duration: 3rounds or Instantaneous. This creates a shapeless force that can hold up or move 50 pounds or instantly shove up to a medium creature. When used as an attack it deals 1D4 force damage and moves a creature one space on a failed strength check. This can also be used to push or pull a creature without damaging them. It lasts far shorter than mage hand but it can be used to pull someone back from falling or move them out of the way of danger. It can also be used to catch or halt a falling object up to 50 pounds. A falling vase can be brought to a halt before it hits the floor and a thrown oil flask can be batted away. It can also be used to send an object sliding away from you back toward your grasp. Spark Strike Evocation Cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:60ft Components: S Duration: Instantaneous. A narrow bolt of lighting shoots from the Caster's fingers and strikes one target. Make a ranged attack against the target. on hit Target takes 1D8 lightning damage and has a 1 in 8 chance drop what ever is in their hand and a 1 in 8 chance to spasm and hit themselves. Roll a 1D8 and if you roll a 7 the target has to make a Dex saving throw or drop their weapon if an 8 is rolled then the target spasms and hits themselves for their weapon damage reduced by half. If the target rolls full damage with their weapon, they take all of it. This Spell can also be cast without speaking so it will still function if the caster is gagged. It is by no means a stealthy spell as it shoots lightning. This can be cast non lethally and just stun or numb the target. Grossomar Venia's Javelin of light/darkness Invocation Cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:60ft Components: S Duration: Instantaneous. This spell causes a vaguely javelin shaped projectile launched from the hand. Caster chooses Dark or light when casting it. If light is chosen a radiant javelin flies out and does 1d8 +1 radiant damage. If dark is chosen then a black javelin is hurled that does 1D8 necrotic Damage but on a critical hit ( Natural 20 roll ) causes Disadvantage on perception checks for 3 rounds and disadvantage on the next attack roll for any attacks that require sight. Abilities like misty step that require sight will have the effected roll a Dex Saving throw or they will fall prone. " The evil wizard, his vision blurred tried to escape us, but he misty steeped 2 feet off his mark and fled straight into the wall next to the door and knocked himself cold. The Abbot we had been sent to rescue laughed so hard we had to carry him out." This Spell was created by the god Grossomar Venia for his armies to guard against hellish invasions but proved so useful that knowledge of it was freely distributed to Divine and Arcane casters the world over. Lashing shards Conjuration Cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:60ft Components: S Duration: Instantaneous. This cantrip conjures a burst of cutting force that lashes and shreds flesh and cloth alike. A target must succeed on a Dexterity save or take 1D6 piercing damage. Caster does not have to be able to see the spot they are targeting they just have to have seen it in the past. They can not set it off in a room they haven't seen but know is there. A caster can shoot it off in complete darkness if they can picture the room in their mind from memory. Lullaby Level 1 bard spell or Ritual Range 30 feet as ritual or level one spell slot. Cast as a 5th level it can be heard by an entire village. Components:Verbal Duration: up to 4 hours. Roll 1D4. If nat 20 is rolled on performance check it lasts 24 hours. Any creature suffering has their symptoms lessened or reduced but not cured. Anyone who hears it gains the benefit of a short rest without loosing any effects that would be lost after a rest. It also as mentioned reduces suffering, on going damage from disease or poison is halved for duration of the effect. This also gives listeners advantage on saving throws and calms panicked or feared neutral or friendly people. It will also comfort the dying. If any creature, friend or foe is dying what would be a slow painful death, the pain is forgotten and the death becomes a peaceful one. "I was working as a doctor when the plague hit Swamp landing, a moderate trading village that was the only access to the swamps. There were more people than we could treat, the dying filled the streets crying out as the fever wracked their bodies with pain. Then, the whole town was blanketed by a clear sweet voice, the cries of pain fell silent and the nurses and doctors felt a call clarity as they tried to save lives. For once the town was silent except for the song. Passings were gentle and some we thought would never make it took a turn for the better. After 2 hours the music stopped but the calm remained. The mayor sent some guards to where they thought it had come from. it was a hill just outside of town. There they found a boy, a street orphan they thought. He was slumped against a rock overlooking the village square holding a home made guitar. He was skin and bones and covered in the rashes of the plague. He spent his last hours of life singing the suffering to rest, if the gods are not caring for his soul now i will have words for them when my time comes." Force orb Psychic/Telekinetic Cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:60ft Components: Mental A hazy transparent orb of distortion flies at a target. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit, the target takes 1d10 force damage. The ability creates more than one orb when you reach higher levels: two orbs at 5th level, three beams at 11th level, and four orbs at 17th level. You can direct the orbs at the same target or at different ones. Make a separate attack roll for each orb. On Crit target must make a Dex saving throw or be knocked prone. Stellar Flame bolt Evocation cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:70ft Components: S A bolt of Blue-white flames fly from the caster's hand. Make a ranged spell attack against your target. on hit take 1D4 fire damage and 1D4 lightning damage. This Cantrip is more common among Highly scholarly individuals and stargazers. This spell can ignite flammable objects but also conduct the electricity through water. If this is cast under water or when wet the player there is a chance that the caster shocks themselves. ( A 3 or under on attack with shock a wet caster for 1d4 damage ) Underworld lightning spark Evocation cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:70ft Components: S An unnaturally colored arc of lightning fires from the casters fingers. Make a ranged attack against the target. On hit Target takes 1D4 lightning damage and 1D4 necrotic damage. This spell is usually more common among Warlocks or people with infernal blood or live in mistland areas with a more infernal influences. It can be learned by any magic user but it has a bit of a bad reputation. " I had escaped my captors and ran down the road. I didn't get far on my broken ankle but i began to crawl. I thought only of escape so I stayed quiet. I remained silent even when a robed figure came to meet me. The old Tiefling man knelt and mended my ankle with a prayer and raised his other hand to calm me, his face was kindly. Before he could speak the slavers came around the bend. The old Tiefling knew what they were from their whips and chains. His Kindly face twisted with rage, he raised his finger and wordlessly and a ragged bolt of green lightning struck their leader in the heart. The rest hesitated and looked liked they wanted to leave me and run." Chemical Splash ( Modified Acid splash ) Conjuration cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:60ft Components: V S Choose one Target, or choose two creatures that are within 5 feet of each other, within range ( this includes the environment, locks and doors can be eaten through by acid damage.) A target must succeed on a Dexterity save or take 1d6 acid ( or poison depending on caster choice ) damage. Unlike acid splash from Toril, Chemical splash can be modified on the fly when cast. Caster can choose Acid, Poison, or Soporific ( Tranquilizer ) Choosing Soporific will damage the target but damage caused by this effect is non lethal and causes the target to fall asleep or pass out. Target can awaken from this if damaged. This spell's damage increases by 1d6 when you reach 5th, 11th, and 17th level. Phantom dart Conjuration cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:60ft Components: V S This cantrip creates a small spectral dart that fires at target in range for 1D4 Damage. You can conjure it and hold it ready. Any poisons or tinctures that the cast wishes to apply to it can be put on it afterward or during casting. You must have a vial of that poison open at cast to apply it on casting. The target must make saving throws for the poison chosen. This spell is slightly more comlicated for pllayers to use as it is more of a toxin delivery system than a real attack though it can be used this way in an emergency. Push/pull Psychic Cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:30ft Components: Mental Up to 1 medium creature target can be pushed 5 ft in any direction. This does no damage. Target does not have to be a creature it can be an object. Target can resist with a strength check. Wind Bolt Evocation cantrip Casting time: 1 action Range:30ft Components: S A gesture throws a mass of air at a target. Make a Ranged attack against a single target. on hit target take 1d4 force damage and makes a dexterity saving throw or are knocked prone and moved 5 feet. Gunthor's Frost bomb ( Modified fire balls ) 3rd level evocation Casting time: 1 action Range:150ft Components: V S ( VSM when made as a pre-prepared spell item, components are 3 drops of ice cold water and freshly fallen snow ) A bright white streak flashes from your pointing finger to a point you choose within range then blossoms with a low roar into an explosion of Frost. Each creature in a 20-foot radius Sphere centered on that point must make a Dexterity saving throw. A target takes 8d6 frost damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. each targets has its speed is reduced by 10 feet until the start of your next turn. The ice spreads around corners. It freezes any freezable liquids or Objects in the area that aren't being worn or carried. At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, the damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 3rd. Rothandra's Disintegrate Flesh / Disintegrate plant ( Modified Disintegrate ) 6th level Transmutation Casting time: 1 action Range:60ft Components: V S ( VSM when made as a pre-prepared spell item, components are A vial of acidic vapor, a small cube of magnatized iron and a piece of flesh or plant matter ) Upon Casting the caster must declare which they are Targeting, Flesh or plant matter. A Disintegration plant matter will have no effect on a flesh creature just as Disintegrate flesh will do nothing to a plant creature or tree. A thin Ragged green ray springs from your pointing finger to a target that you can see within range. The target can be a single creature. If the target creature is grappling or touching another creature, only the one targeted is effected. A creature targeted by this spell must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, the target takes 10d6+40 force damage. If this damage reduces the target to 0 Hit Points, it is disintegrated. A creature disintegrated with this spell will have all flesh reduced to dust. everything the target is wearing and carrying are left intact as all bones teeth and hair. This spell has no effect on non organic matter The creature can be restored to life only by means of a True Resurrection or a wish spell. " The Black tentacles had me wrapped so tight i could not breath, but the town's people had their chance to flee so i had done my job. The old wizard raised his hands to destroy the monster but i was in the way. I saw my daughter behind him eyes wide with fear. I decided to put her safety ahead of mine. 'DO IT' i shouted and a green flash filled my vision. I hit the ground covered in dust and blinked in amazement that i still lived. I heard the old wizard yell and i looked over to see my Daughter punching his leg vigorously. ' He was never in any danger child, the spell only harms one AHHH' he tried to explain before my little girl charlie horsed him. And that is the story of why Lisa is Charlie or ' mage puncher' sometimes." At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 7th level or higher, the damage increases by 3d6 for each slot level above 6th. Force Bomb ( Modified fire ball ) 3rd level evocation Casting time: 1 action Range:150ft Components: V S ( VSM when made as a pre-prepared spell item, components are a glass ball ) A barley visible distorted streak flashes from your pointing finger to a point you choose within range then blossoms with a low roar into an explosion of Force. Each creature in a 20-foot radius Sphere centered on that point must make a Dexterity saving throw. A target takes 6d6 force damage on a failed save and is blasted 10 feet from the epicenter, or half as much damage on a successful one and is not pushed. The force can spread around objects and knocks targets out of cover but targets gain advantage from cover. At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, the damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 3rd. Repel insects 1st Level ritual Casting time: 10 minutes Range:30ft radius Duration 8 hours This Ritual repels insects from a 30 foot radius hemisphere. Lasts 8 hours. Does not effect giant insects or insectile sapient races. Insect ward ritual Casting time: 3 hours Range:60Ft radius Duration Until dispeled This is a Ritual that will create a permanent magical zone that repels insects. The components are expensive. This requires chalk, Rare herbs, fragment tree resins and 3 hours time to cast. Gunthor's mass of helping hands Conjuration 1st level Casting time: 1 action Range:60ft Components: V S A spectral number of floating hands appears. The hands lasts for the duration or until you dismiss it as an action. It vanishes if it's ever more than 30 feet away from you or if you cast this spell again. You can use your action to control the hand. You can use it to manipulate an object, open an unlocked door or container, stow or retrieve an item from an open container, or pour the contents out of a vial. You can move the hand up to 30 feet at a time. each hand can't attack, activate magic items, or carry more than 10 pounds. A first level spell slot creates four hands and the number of hands increase by 2 for each spell slot level used or Higher spell slots can be used to increase the amount of weight the hands carry. each slot above one multiples the weight it can carry by its level. 2nd level increases hands to 20 pounds 3rd level to 30. Classes: New Classes or modifications to existing classes Idealist Cleric or Paladin: This is similar to a normal 5thE cleric but they are not driven by the worship of a god, but of an idea. These people came into being During the days when "The Church of the remnant" was still a group of idealists with no divine power. When Divine power began to Manifest in them it stated with the " The Church of the remnant" but anyone who held certain ideals strongly enough began to be granted powers. Mechanic notes: powers that pertain to the ideal are boosted +2 but any prayers for guidance or divination don't work. Example a cleriic devoted to the ideal of healing will get plus 2 on all healing related powers and a Cleric devoted to the ideal of combat will gain +2 on all attack powers. Meta Magician: After gaining enough Arcane knowledge arcane power users with the Meta Magician feat can spend time to study then create a modified version of a spell. This is how Pyranthos and "Rafenlos the Redeemed" Created the spells that bear their names. Psionic/Psychics: People who use the sheer power of their mind. The power on which they draw is like magic in a sense but many things that inhibit magic effect Psychics to a lesser degree. A pyshic will still have their powers in an anti magic field. Spells that do Psychic damage can be learned as powers by this class. Magical mutations: Since magic and psychic energies are so plentiful, mutations occur that can add extra layers to characters. Discuss with the GM what mutations you want to add and they may be allowed. This can be anything from strange eye colors to talking animal characters that cast spells to even people who switch sexes when the moon hits a certain phase. These magical mutations also explain why some monsters have human level intelligence and can be PCs. Religious schooling: You went to classes run by the clergy in your youth. With this background trait, a non religious class with can use a Divine Cantrip or have a plus 2 for on religion checks once every day. To maintain this, the character should act in line with the values espoused but the god they were taught about. You can have this as part of you background but not take this feature for the sake of an interesting back story. Wizard Run schooling: When you were younger, you got lessons or heard stories from an arcane magic user. With this Background trait you get a plus 2 on an Arcana check once a day or can take an arcane cantrip if you are a non magical class. As a result there are many common folk in the wizard kingdoms who can do small tricks, Prestidigitation being very common, cleaning with it means that fresh water is not needed for more mundane tasks. Races: Mini dragons: These seem to be as powerful as normal dragons but are small. These are not normally playable. They sometimes take a shine to wizards and will hang around them almost like familiars though it is more like they are keeping the wizard as a pet than the other way around. The only creatures that can truly make Dragons and mini dragons pets and Familiars are Theolonrials. hesslithith: A serpent race that appears Similar to Yuan-ti but are very different in behavior. They are all incapable of speech so must communicate telepathically. This means they are skilled in stealth but their inns sound depressingly quiet to non-psychics. A hesslithith can transmit thoughts to non telepaths but only to people they intend, you need to be a psychic to eavesdrop on their conversations. They are Amphibious and can live on land and in water so they don't come into conflict with others when it comes to living space as often. They Need warm climates so are at home in sweltering swamps and jungles as well as warm coastal seas. They are also dwindling in numbers. ( Stats will come later ) Vistani: There is a sizable Vistani population in the mistlands. There are infact several Clans of Vistani so players can choose to play as the Vastani variant of human. Djinn-kin: Theonleth/ Theolonrial: This can be considered the Celestial mirror of the arcanaloth. Many are identical to Arcanloths and may even be good Arcanaloths. They are Animal people who are well versed in knowledge of all things divine and arcane. They are more a mixture of Fiend and Celestial and can be any alignment but lean toward good. Since Theonleths are such powerful spiritual beings they can't really die like other beings but their physical bodies can be destroyed. They will reform after a time in their Astral home and can make their way back to the physical world. Players who play Theonleths can offer a challenge to the GM. They come in lesser and greater/ Elder and younger Varieties usually determined by age and power. Players can only play as Lesser/younger to preserve balance. A greater Theonleth/ Theolonrial will have total control over any Lycanthropes they meet while Younger Theonleth/ Theolonrial will be able to repel them once a day. Theolonrial are very playful and may play tricks on mortals but nothing very dire. They also might tease mildly but are rarely malicious or really mean spirited. Since they are truly immortal and come back even when they are killed they can be patroniziing to even the longest of lived species. They don't all act this way but some of them can be obnoxious. Their cultures are massively varried and often influenced by mortal cultures. A Theolonrial will just take something they like and integrate it into their life for giggles but sometimes it sticks permanently. They run the gammet from silly flippant goofballs to experienced serious scholars and warriors. They don't reproduce very frequently so the birth of a new Theolonrial is treated almost as a holiday. Arcanaloth: There is a population of Arcanaloths in the Mistlands. Many people can't tell the Difference between a Theonleth ( a mixture of celestial and fiend ) and an Arcanloth ( a pure fiend .) Since the mistlands are not in the hells Some Arcanaloths can grow up with good alignment. Calavites/ The children of Calavacla: Underground dwelling human-kin that have extreme life spans, dark-vision and pale skin. They have been compared to the Shardar-kai and they indeed are similar in many ways. Calavites have sharp teeth and are often mistaken for vampires. Their culture and architecture is considered a little unsettling but they are not evil. The main problem surface dwellers in their cities experience is lack of light, since the Calavites have darkvison their cities are very sparsely lit. Locations of and cultures note: The training room: An old wizard constructed a marvel of magic and mechanisms, it is a series of rooms that can rotate to present a challenge ( Usually an illusion that can damage but not kill ) as the operator works the console they can throw challenge rooms at the players, this can be a room full of hidden traps called the thief's room, a room full of foes that need to be fought called the Fighter's room, and a room with an illusory king modeled on the wizard himself called the Negotiator's room. There is also a room with a magical puzzle called the wizard's room. These series of rooms are meant to prepare new adventurers for what they will run into in the field. The wizard died and left the room to his son, who is an Inn keeper and former adventurer, the innkeeper has a son who also runs the Rooms, this son is married to a Tiefling Sorceress who is the only one who knows how to operate the wizard Room challenge. Davnia The Fallen Empire: This is an ancient empire that succumbed to an undead plague. In style their culture was Greco-roman and their architexture and equipment reflect that style. During their fall, the Warrior Empress led survivors into other realms when it was clear their world would fall. There are stories and knowledge from this empire in the mistlands because of this exidious. Adventurers are sometimes sent through the mists into Davnia to retrieve books and relics. Their they often find Ghosts of long dead soldiers fighting skeletal Legionnaires sometimes ghosts fight their own corpses. This is a land full of ghosts and undeath, very little grows or lives there so forays in this land are short and often bloody. All who die there raise as undead unless ritually gaurded against it or their bodies are destroyed. The shifting wilds: A dense fecund land full of growth and forests. The land shifts and changes constantly so sometimes a journey between towns or outposts can take 3 days one way and 3 months the other. The shifting nature of the mist-lands is magnified in this area. Even Woodland elves can find themselves lost or confounded in these areas. The Permanent cities are; Tabthu, A vast Theolonrial run city that runs up the massive cliff-side and down into the depths of the ground, Port Far-wander, a mortal controlled port kingdom that spans an entire coast of a peninsula, and Lathial mal'lonyin, an Eladrin kingdom that people seem to come across every so often by accident but always seem to be able to find if they want to go there. The Red Tower is in the Shifting Wilds and you would think something this big and deep redd would be visitble from everywhere but it often isn't. The Mage's Towers: There are 3 Spire cities that are filled with mages and priests and these act as gates to what are refered to as "Astral beaches". These are lands that are touched by the astral sea, there is an "infernal beach" where the hell's influence is felt and the Shadow beach where the Shaddowfell has influence, a "Celestial beach" which is a calm place and often where souls go when they want to leave the mistllands and find rest in the arms of deities and a "Fey beach" where the powers of the fey-wild are most present. Each Land that contains a tower has been changed by the influences that assail the lands. Each tower is tasked with gaurding from intrusion. The Black tower, a monstrous fortress made from black stone in the Kingdom of Azthensoth guards the mist-lands from the constant push of the hells and the Abyss. The Red Tower in Lathial mal'lonyin is the gateway into the feywild and the White Tower is the port to the entirety of the astral sea. Azthensoth: A single kingdom that spans a whole continent. This is a place that infernal influences are abundant so Tieflings and fiendish creatures are common. Cities are considered bastions of good in a harsh hellish land and people from here are often rugged but very open minded and are less likely to judge you by your species but by your deeds. The official languages are Infernal and Common so most signs will be in both languages. Because there are many good aligned people here, this is a place that where objects like Books and psalms about good gods are written in Infernal. The Giant's fingers: A vast wintery mountain range that curve and meet in what looks like a colossal stone hand. Between each set on mountains a more temperate valley lies.
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    In game model.
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    DragonTest 2

    From the album: GameDev

    The main character in my new game project. Need some retexturing and more work, but mechanics works nice.
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    Anthroventures pg1 - Prologue

    From the album: ANTHROVENTURES

    ANTHROVENTURES - Page 1 (Prologue) Finally wanted to get this out of the way, and as officially as I can too. I've wrote it as a text novel, but I wanted to also establish a comic adaption of such said story. So without further ado, enjoy this beginning, and welcome to Armathia! I had to improvise with this one to some extent but more will flesh out, and this Prologue may last multiple pages. After that, it's off to Chapter 1. Comic Page Artwork©RC 2018 / OP 2k18 Anthroventures © 2010 - 2018

    © 2018 (Comic)

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    Ship types

    Player Ship types Human: Modular industrial Ship System (MISS) Class 1-5 class 6 is in development. Manufacturer: New Hope Drive yards Type: Multi role configurable/modular Affiliation: Civilian, widely Available. Plug and play is the design philosophy behind these craft. Instead of being a single vessel this i set of modules that all fit together so you can customize a vessel for to fit its needs. This also means that in a matter of minutes a ship's command section can be fitted onto a new set of modules and the ship can change roles or be reequipped without the crew waiting around. Each one of the ships comes with a command module which houses the bridge and crew quarters and a Drive section which houses engineering and the engines. The command module does have engines so it can act as a life boat to get to civilization if they loose their engines. The Classes of these ships indicate their size with Class 1 being smallest and class 5 the largest. The Nature of these means that companies can quickly disconnect a cargo section from the command section then immediately replace those cargo sections and set the crew off on a new assignment in minutes, making it a bit of a nightmare for pilots as they don't get a chance to rest or stretch their legs before being set out again. Luckily there are entertainment files in the computer at all times so crews don't go stir crazy. Crews make the command modules home since they will be in them for the long-haul. This aspect makes it a boon for people who use it as explorer craft as they have a relatively comfortable space to inhabit on long surveys while remaining a nuisance to cargo haulers as they are often given no chance to get a change of scenery. The Command module has moderate weaponry, a chin mounted hard point for main gun and mounts for turrets on the dorsal and ventral sides. Larger classes of this will be more well armed but each are considered moderate for their size. In emergencies these can be fitted with weapon modules that turn them into reasonably effective gunships. Available modules are: Cargo module: Pretty much just just series of four Cargo bays that all connect in the central hallway. Drop cargo modules: These are much the same as above but are designed to be ejected over a planet and the cargo containers will enter atmosphere on their own and land. This is a quick way to deliver supplies to needy people on the ground. They can fit less cargo than the dedicated cargo modules but it is more efficient to drop these, go get more then drop another set than it is to land, unload then take off again. Dorm modules: Extended living space modules suitable for passengers or giving long haul crew more living space. Weapon modules: These are self contained weapons platforms that generate their own power/ammo and have their own targeting suites. You essentially plug one these onto a command module and you turn an unassuming cargo hauler into a gunship. Full Science modules: these are made up of a lab, a stellar cartography room, a computer room to speed up processing and a long-range scanner room. Each of these rooms can be put on as a submodule individually but are issued together. Manufacturing modules: These modules are filled with automated manufacturing stations and 3D printers that can turn Refined materials into goods. Refining module: This module turns raw materials like ore mined from asteroids into refined or and building materials. Blank modules: These are unfinished modules that have all that is needed to build a customized module. Almost anything can be made from these as long as you have the skill. Empty connector: This is a blank connecting hallway with 4 empty sub module slots. Basically this lets you take sub modules off other modules and made a customized set. Launch bay module: These are Modules with doors to launch smaller craft. Mini Shuttle Manufacturer: many Affilliation: any This is a small 1 to 2 person craft that can be used to get around and explore or conduct repairs. Larger classes of MISS vessels such as class 3-5 come with these while class 1and 2 need launch bay modules. This is like the Smart-car of space. Full shuttle Manufacturer: many Affilliation: any This is a more useful small craft in that it can fit up to 8 people and a pilot, its seats fold down for small cargo runs. Most have a single weapon slot. StarOrca medium-light Freighter Manufacturer: Red Abyss heavy industries Affilliation: Civilian Mildly modular but not to the extend of the MISS system vessels these are non the less versatile in their own right. What makes them so versatile is that they remain effective in space, atmosphere and underwater. The have 4 variable vector engines that leave them exceptionally maneuverable in space, moderately maneuverable in atmosphere and passable underwater. These were Manufactured to work in the Oceans of Hecuba and act as a way to bring cargo from space to the ocean bottom settlements humanity had established off the coasts. This design worked well enough to make it the go to vessel for those who want to be ready to work in any environment. It is well armed making it a match for pirate vessels and hostile Alien vessels alike. It is sturdy and powerful while still being useful for non combat assignments. This versatility and durability means it is perfect for operating away from established civilization and maintenance yards making it perfect for colonial activity. Non-player ships/ NPC ships. Human Colony cruiser: A massive ship with a modular interior that is mostly cargo space and living space. It is mostly a huge Cargo ship that ferries equipment to colony worlds. For long term Terraforming they can expand to become small space station with habitation blocks and a small ship yard to repair smaller vessels. Hecubite FTL barge AKA "Shroom ship"
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    Explorers Equipment

    Information of non-weapon equipment. Stat effects and mechanics will be applied later. A noted about money. the Generic term Credits is the universal currency used among the systems. Many of the Human states have their own currencies of different values. Most explorer equipment is listed in credits instead of the local currency because it is simpler to let people convert for themselves then keep up with ever changing currency values. Nanites/ Nano-Biology. Manufacturer: Cost: Varies with level. Nano-Biology: Each person is filled with a certain set of Nanites in order to deal will pathogens and injuries. Every person is Given Nanites when they are young or when they are awakened from Stasis as a refugee from earth. This explains why injured people can heal quickly and formerly debilitating injuries to the nerves and spine are less of a big deal. There are Different sets of Nanites that give different resistances. When Explorers prove their value they can get upgrades for free. Otherwise it costs money. Combat Information Display ( CID ) AKA Tacticle Eye Display. Manufacturer: Frontier Munitions Cost: 50 credits for mark 1 and 125 credits for mark 2. This is a lens that fits onto a helmet mount or worn on a head mount that covers one eye. Has as part of the unit a small scanner that can pick out targets and terrain. This acts as a heads up display. They also sync with scanners and electronic visual amplifiers. Since they are made for combat they don't sync as easily with scientific equipment and display less information. When jammed it won't blind a person completely as it is over only one eye. Universal Information Display. Manufacturer: BioSystems-tech Cost: 70 Credits for normal model 90 credits for Harsh environment model. This looks like a pair of safety goggles or glasses that covers both eyes. It displays information gathered from electronic devices such as scanners, range finders, satellite feeds or visual amplifiers. They are programed to display the full set of data and unlike CID units will display scientific data accurately. They also can link with weapons to increase targeting information but does not do this as well as a CID unit. Pocket communication and Computer device. Manufacturer: Multiple cost: Average 20 credits but many are free if they are manufactured nearby. Though these are made by various different companies they all run operating systems that are compatible with each other. These are basically smart phones and can be interfaced both wirelessly and through cables to almost any Device. Because of this feature they are considered useful for explores as you can get remote readings from sensors as well as call your colleges. There are various slang terms for these such as "talkies" "tattlers" "P2CDs" "Handys" and among humans awakened from stasis "Cell phones". Personal Data Display AKA arm units Manufacturer: Multiple Cost: Average 50 credits Some people choose these over Pocket communicators. They are flexible display arm mounted devices that act as a personal computer. Because of a winder display surface more information can be displayed. They are favored by engineers who are monitoring systems. Despite being a flexible display the screen is very durable and people can get through rough situations like being thrown against walls or falling on them without worrying about damage. They have slightly less processing power than a pocket Device so sometimes people will have one of each and link them. Drone Scout kit Manufacturer: Farsky Manufacturing firm this is a crate of small drones that can be modified and fitted for various jobs. They can be controlled from any pocket device or arm unit. They have certain presets like Scout ahead, patrol, perimeter and search grid. They have a decent battery life and when they are low on power and can't return they will set down where they can be recovered. High Visibility Vest Manufacturer: Multiple Cost:3 credits This is a vest of brightly colored reflective material. It make you highly visible in both visible light and infrared. it is hard to become lost in one of these but it is also hard to hard if you need to. Popular among miners and engineers.
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    Nebu: Origins - Page 7

    From the album: Nebu : Origins

    This hut is a canoodling-free zone.
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    Nebu: Origins - Page 6

    From the album: Nebu : Origins

  9. If you have questions, you can ask them in the comments below or by emailing them to s.stpierre@thetigerwrites.com Let’s see did anything worth talking about happened this week. Right, I informed Dispatch I’d be at the customer on Wednesday at 11am. So of course, they set the appointment for 9am. There are days when I really wonder why I even bother ..... If you want to read the rest of the post, which includes more about my week, as well as my thought on the movie "Upgrade," you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/21005743 If you prefer, you can support me by Buying me a Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/Y8Y6BC87
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    I know what you're thinking... amazing battle sequence right?! To be frank I didn't know how far I would be putting my thesis project on the line in the most dire of circumstances. Things got way out of hand now that I have had time to think about it, though it really probably deserves an explanation how things started... You see, I was just a graduate student in the entomology program, working on experimental research in adapting insect bio-mechanical designs and functionality. In short, try and see how we can use insects and apply them in our every day lives. I was selected to join the on going thesis project, looking for potential insects to try and adapt for new research leads. Of course, none of the work I did alone would kick off without collaborative effort of fellow colleagues; everyone was willing to lend their expertise in a collaborative effort. My graduate studies were filled with hard toil and labor,between my studies and helping the professors gather crucial findings from the wonderful chitin critters. Still, I was able to work on a little side project of my own, dubbed the Exoskeletal Work Suit, code name V-Drone. It was supposed to adapt various tools and gadgets taken from various insects to employ in manual labor, though I never really thought beyond its intended application. A marvelous concept I thought at first. I had hopes of unveiling it as the croup de grace of my thesis project! Unfortunately, things didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would. While I never actually got to test the entire suit in action before, an incident occurred on the campus grounds that provided an opportunity to showcase V-Drone in action. Apparently a bio-terrorist tried to break into the science department, and boy were they not kidding around! It didn't take long before the thugs subdued the campus security and bypass the security measures, especially with the leader in charge intending to steal an experimental chemical compound designated for... strangely enough corn production. Everyone called the strange criminal "The Locust," but whatever his intentions I had a feeling he was going to weaponize it for some nefarious purpose. It might have been a rather impulsive decision, but I wasn't going to stand idly by and let this creep tarnish the university's hard work they put in, just to become a means to an evil end (and maybe use this as a test drive for the suit). I was confident my preliminary tests on the suit's gadgets and armor would be enough to validate my decision... I just hope it doesn't end up becoming a bigger disaster than intended. .... it was time to take V-Drone on a test drive. "Metamorph Engage! CODE : TWO! EIGHT! FOUR!" The details were kind of fuzzy after that momumental decision, but little did I know that it would be the first day that I would be taking on the identity as DynaWasp. I got to hand it to Bad Coyote for making such a great hero themed picture! Not only was I able to get a nifty super hero illustration, but I also got to gift this to BGN in order to show case his villain "The Locust." I have to say I find myself coming up with a potential story idea for Vaughn now that I have such a wonderful illustration to go off on, perhaps we will see more of DynaWasp in the future! Wind Tide © Wind Tide The Locust © BGN Art © Bad Coyote Find Bad Coyote's other works in these following websites!  Bad Coyote's Twitter

    © Bad Coyote

  11. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Turnable 3

    From the album: NathanGammel

    Turnable 3
  12. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    QuickSculpt Turnable

    From the album: NathanGammel

    Turnable gif.
  13. Wirbus / NathanGammel


    From the album: NathanGammel

  14. BigPuppyStuart

    Codex: Magic

    CONCEPTS OF MAGIC Magic energies: Kasha/ Mana/ framdt: A caster's internal reserves of magical energy that refills over time. The rate at which it refills vary from person to person as does how much energy they hold. Through practice and training both of these can be improved as well as learning to be more efficient in its use. Some casters compare it to a muscle, it improves as you use it. A wizard that has exhausted their Kasha while not feel physically tired and can go on to fight physically. Kasha fills faster while someone sleeps but since there is no physical tiredness associated with being out of Kasha Napping to refill it is not always viable. Varkash: The magical energy of the cosmos, this is thought to be unlimited and the source from which thinking beings fill Kasha from. Powerful or skilled practitioners can tap into this directly and for a time channel as much power as their mind and body can handle. If not done carefully chnages or strange side effects can occur, the general term for these side effects are Mana-Burns, Framdt scars or Varkash bites. These side effects can range from temporary inconveniences to life long and debilitating. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is a natural anomaly and what is a mana-burn and sometimes it is rather obvious. A person with 2 different eye colors could be natural but some with blue glowing teeth is definitely mana-burned. Mana-burns can also be fatal and in some cases, usually deliberately done, catastrophically fatal. When times are truly dire powerful wizards will deliberately channel more power than their bodies can handle and blow themselves up. It is thought that Glass lake Island is the result of this, a mile wide circular crater in which the sand had been melted to pristine glass sits in the middle of the island and has filled with fresh rain water. Converting: This is a practice in which life energies or physical well being is converted to magical energies. It is not fully known how this is as it seems people learn how to do it differently. The most notible example of this was a Skitritch who learned to convert body fat into magical energy so he would gain weight then loose it rapidly after doing grand powerful things. Most others that try to convert pass out or become delirious or become very sick so it is not a popular technique. Devotion/ The Sacred Flame: This is the divine source of power that some casters can draw upon. It is not common or well understood. Methods of Magic: Intent magic: This is a type of magic performed entirely through thought and will power and the manipulation of energies through thought and focus. Someone with an affinity will perform that magic type easily through intent even if they have difficulty with other types of magic. This requires no speaking or movements though many casters will move as it help focus their intent. The moments are simple gestures and not complicated affairs such as ritual magic calls for. This type of magic is performed by focusing magical energies with the mind and shaping them to an effect. The caster has 2 ways of accessing magical energies, one is an internal pool of energies in themselves that refills after they use it and the other is to tap into the cosmic magical energy that permeates the universe. This latter option is harder to do and takes concentration. Ritual magic: Magic that is performed by a ritual such recitation of words, writing of runes or hand gestures. This is akin to a magical computer program that is activated to make a certain effect. They take less mental manipulation of magical energy and are used for to cast things more difficult than the cast is usually able to do. These were made by many ancient cultures and so one language or writing system is employed to use them but they can only be performed in the language they are set in. Ex: A Lontracant ritual can not be performed in any other language than Lontracant. The Art of creating and crafting Rituals is closely guarded and is not an easy feat. Sometime Invokes outer beings for a purpose. Some types of Ritual magic have hand signs on movements associated with them, these are called Casting signs. Types of magic: Elemental/ Energetic: These are the typical Fire, frost, lightning as well as kinetic. This is about manipulating or adding energies in a system. Firing thermal blast from your hands or creating kinetic barriers falls into this category. There is some confusion by no practitioners about this. Blasts of cold are part of this field but actually firing a bolt made of ice is not. Water and ice are not made by energetic manipulation. Bio-thaumaturgy: The type of magic that specializes in altering the physical body. Healing magic as well as magically inflicting maladies fall under this type. Like all others this type of magic is neither good or evil it depends on how it is used but is often seen as holy. Eventhough magical means for healing and treating illness exists, the demand for medical care is so great that Practitioners of Bio-thaumaturgy also learn non magic based medicine so they can still treat people when their magical reserves are depleted. Matter Manipulation: This type of magic concerns altering physical matter into other things or changing it to function better. an example of this is someone taking a handful of sand and turning it into glass or crystal without using heat. Expert Matter manipulators are highly sought after in the Artificer's guild though it is not a prerequisite. Wizards that fire projectiles made of ice are actually doing matter manipulation in addition to Energetic manipulation. A caster that seems to produce water or ice in their hands are actually condensing it out of the air or if scientifically knowledable enough makiing it from hydrogen and oxygen. Eldritch energies: these energies act strangely with the rest of the world and are considered mysterious and not as well studied as other energies in the magical domain. Often Confused for Shadow magic bu are distinct. Energy bolts that seem to corrode what they strike are the best know example of this. These energies make people except those adept in them sick and confused. For this reason most people who experiment in this field won't do it anywhere near people because of the ill effects of it. Shadow magic: Use of a mysterious magic that acts like an energy and a substance. Has many strange effects on people and can vary depending on the caster's needs. Looked on with distrust by the general public and even some wizards. Shadow magic practitioners can sometimes alter their bodies to become a semi coherent mas of darkness. Object can pass through them without harming them but they remain vulnerable to certain magical energies. Magitech: A blend of magic and technology or technology powered by magic. A Boiler the derives its heat from magic instead of coal is still considered magitech by most people. To the general public the lines between pure technology and Magitech can be a little blurred. A completely technology driven electron thrower would still sometimes be called magitech even though magic had nothing to do with it. Alchemy: Using magically altered or infused ingredients to make potions. Many consider non magical chemistry to be alchemy but wizards don't. Chemistry: the study of non magical interactions and the properties of the physical world when not manipulated by magic. Sometimes considered magic despite being absolutely not magic. Holy magic/ Sacred flame: Magic sourced from the creator of the universe and Deity of all Gai'talar's religions. Has grown more an more rare. Devotion/Attunement: Usual users of this add divine effect to their existing magical or physical effects. This isn't learned or but manifests when a religiously devout person calls out to God, Also Refered to as the sacred flame. This can happen Subtlety so no one notices or be Rather obvious. Only a few individuals can do this at will and they are usually Religiously devout. One odd thing that has been noted is that Standing in the organization of the church has no bearing on this ability. 3 notable example that demonstrate this are High Priest Bell'wed Krontyr a Hesken priest of high stature but being considered to hold odd views, Barnough the Eldritch a reclusive Valperet mage who's field of study was considered unwholesome but always took time to attend services, and SeanHan of the coasts, a Sionact fisherman who despite being religious railed against the church and many of their actions. Seanhan had no magical training whatsoever but seemed to be able to ask the assistance of God when ever the situation called for it. The Act that gained Seanhan notoriety was when he challenged a pirate captain to a one on one fight for the safety of a crew of captured fishermen and he won by splitting the pirate's sword blade with a fillet knife. Somehow despite being 7 feet from the mast, it also split and fell over disabling the ship. Despite people of all walks of life successfully invoking the Sacred Flame in times of need no one has been able to establish a pattern or refine a method for doing it consistently. Speaker Of the Sacred Flame: Sense 1: This is an extremely rare manifestation in which the creator of the universe can speak directly through someone or tell them to do things. The Speaker can even be completely taken over to perform a task. They usually don't remember this task and awaken after feeling no ill effects from whatever they were doing even if they were up all night doing intense physical labor they do not feel tired or sore the next day and think they just fell asleep. This state can last a long time. One of the most well known Speakers of the flame created an orphanage and ran it for 4 years before waking up in an unfamiliar city in a strange country and not remembering what had happened. Skills he picked up such as cooking and medicine mysteriously remained. Often called True speakers to differentiate from the title. Speaker of the Sacred flame Sense 2: A title give to priests who show holy affinity or have attained very high rank. Some churches such as the Alo and the Hesken will never bestow this as a title. Other titles are used in its stead and the term is reserved for sense 1 individuals. Spirit singers/ Soul song: A mysterious type of magic that is not as well understood as other practices. Sometimes the song doesn't come from a person, it can come from a place or object. Can manifest in actual sound ( Vibration of air molecules ) and sometimes it manifests purely inside someone's head and can not be reordered or perceived through methods of sound recording. ( Gai'talar has simple sound recording and playback technology like Phonographs ) A milder manifestation of the later form can come in vague feelings. The are Called "memories of the Melody" and it has become a common turn of phrase to express a vague emotion that is not explainable. These can be positive and negative. Spirit Singers can also influence people with song though this is not full control. Examples range from whipping soldiers up to fight to calming them down and reminding them not to get too carried away. Some Spirit singers disguise themselves as regular Bards and play at pubs to make random people feel better. They Most openly perform at funerals and can help give closure to the grieving. People who specialize in this are called 'grief singers' or 'chanters of Lament' and are the most accepted form of spirit singers. Some villages also have dedicated Spirit singers who's job it is to keep certain types of supernatural entities at bay or to move on. General concepts: Affinity ( Magic ) : A talent or predisposition toward a specific type of magic domain or specific effect. That type of magic will come more naturally to the caster. People with strong affinities might have their carers dictated by them. An example was grand Magister Definnus Huin who had a talent with fire and could cause mass devastation thus became an expert at magical warfare despite his real interest being in medicine. Affinities also can be considered burdensome or inconvenient such as a Luntrondae being born with a lightning affinity. The water dwelling specie's normal environment makes this talent extra dangerous. In situations like this the person must either never live up to their full potential or go train in an environment less dangerous to that type of power. Casting signs: Finger or hand movements used in ritual magic, these are akin to keystrokes at a computer to enter commands. People who learn these casting signs can tell what a caster is trying to do even if they have no magical talents. It Takes some magical train or practice to cast using casting signs but not as much as casting from pure intent and mental discipline. Someone can stand there and make casting signs all day and nothing will happen unless they put energy into it. Casting signs all originated from one culture but which one is up for debate. In some cultures Casting signs have made it into common use as rude hand gestures. In Southern hesken populations Repeatedly extending and curling the pinky and ring finger means "Hurry up you are wasting my time/ get to the point" which come from the casting sign "Activate" or "begin." Valperet find this extremely rude because Hesken are often considered to be extremely patient (or at least it is thought they ought to be) so being told to hurry up by one is considered shocking. When a Hesken does this to another Hesken or a skitritch it is not taken rudely it is just taken as " Hurry/ double time it, or Wrap it up." In cultures less at ease with magic using casting signs at all is considered rude and in cultures that highly revere magic it is considered rude to cheapen them into slang hand signs. Lutrondae are an example of the former and Alo an example of the latter. Alo will go so far as to smack people's hands if they think they are being too Flippant in using casting signs. Alo hold casting signs in such esteem that some hardcore elements even look at hand based nonverbal communication as a knock off or mockery. Magic writings: When writing about magic there are certain conventions that can come of as confusing. In aceint writings the symbol for "fire" would mean more than one thing such as, literal fire, energy, or destruction. An unitiated person who just knows the symbols might read a magical instruction as "set it on fire" when the real meaning is "give it energy." The Symbols and runes often have no power in themselves but just describe a concept. You can write the Runes for "shield" all over anything but this won't give it any power. The Commen practice is to write these runes on things to show what has been done to them but this common practice has lead some people to think the symbols themselves have power. Things like spell books are really just instructions on how to perform an action or effect and what the requirements are. The Writings in spell books are mostly formulas and paragraphs describing what the effect is and how to concentrate on it. Outer Beings: Creatures from extra or outer planes of reality. Range from the utterly vicious to the slightly quirky. Are recognized as a source of power by many cults. Realms: The catch all term for the different but connected worlds or planes that are accessible through magic. Shadow Realm/ the place echoes: This is a mirror of what happens in the physical world, a shadow of it, this is where most but not all ghost would reside. Is neither good nor evil in nature though many vile things reside there. Also considered the dream world but this is contested. Astral realm/ ethereaum: The realm that houses a vast array of places manifest. Can also be mirrors of the physical realm but are connected to greater vastness of things. It is theorized that this is where souls go after death unless something causes them to go elsewhere. Le Verld/ physical world/ Mundus, Miorgar : The physical world were laws of physics are consistent and life arises. Also just called Gai'talar Heritage memory: A rare magical manifestation of remembering all the history, stories or language of a culture. This culture is usually but not always that of the person who it manifests in. These are memories of how events actually occurred and not always how history records them so sometimes these individuals are seen as being very inconvenient. Artificer: Someone who specializes in imbuing magic into devices and technology. Also talented in crafting. What distinguishes them from inventors and mechanics is magical training and ability to imbue and tune magical energies. Totem animal: An ik'sophant ( Not human or above level of thought ) species that is held sacred to an individual. It is not required that the totem animal be the progenitor species of the individual. A Skit'ritch may have a wolf as a totem animal. Totem animals act as magical scouts or guides for Spirit magic practitioners. Soul trap: A magical device that holds the soul or ghost of a being. Used in trapping dangerous spirits by ghost hunters. Soul Traps can also be made of living beings. Some magic users have soul traps worked into their own flesh and use it to hold someone's soul for greater power or because they are not ready for that person to die. Most magically inclined people can see the state of the soul trapped and so determining if they are holding a person that is not ready to move on or if they are holding a soul against its will is a simple matter. The Make of a soul trap can also tip off people as to its intent. When made one way it allows a soul to stay there for as long as it wants but nothing stops the soul from leaving. When made another way it traps the soul of the person but is delicate and can be broken by and outside force. Reborn: A soul that has been born into a new body. They can usually remember their past lives or learn to remember them. Memories are no guarantee that you are a reborn and not everyone who thinks they are actually are. Sometimes people with mental illnesses think they are reborn. There are methods of checking but not everyone is comfortable with them. The most well know and Documented Reborn was an ancient Hesken wizard king who was born again 5 thousand years later into a poor Sionact household and retained his memories and powers but never tried to amass power and regain his position because he was happier with the new family. He died of old age with a large family and it is thought that his soul passed on, though some claim he is hanging around as a ghost watching over the surviving members of the family. Magical Focus: There are many tools used to focus and amplify magical energies. Allows for more efficient use of energy but not all magic users need them. Almost any object can become one if properly modified. Here are a few along with their cultural significance. Focuses are used because it make channeling magical energies easier and can focus their power more efficiently. They are not strictly needed but make things much easier. Rod: A wood or metal rod that has been augmented to serve as a magical focus. Is favored by people who expect to have to fight using magic. It is Sturdy enough to be used as a striking or blocking implement. Orb: A magical ball or Orb ( though it can be other shapes like a pyramid ) that levitates and moves with the users will. It can emit magical attacks and effects from it leaving the user to do something else with their hands. These are not as popular because of the mental effort and constant focus needed to control it. The benefits of it are the user can see through it and distance is pretty meaningless to orbs. They are usually strong enough that they are are near impossible to break. A full martial art focused around using an orb as a offensive and defensive tool in place of fists. The draw back is that some mages can send haptic feed back through the link connecting the user. Book: With special preparation a book can be made a magical focus as well as be a repository of knowledge. They have the added effect of sometimes having soul containers worked into their covers so the soul of a wizard resides inside it and acts as a keeper of knowledge. Depending on the soul these are the only implement in wizard history to be good or evil. It is not so dependent on the knowledge contained in the book and more about the alignment of the keeper. One Book that exemplifies this is a book on how to cause or cure magical plagues that can wipe out civilizations. This book considered the most dangerous and vile of tomes is inhabited by the soul of Saint Chiinick who devoted his life to curing diseases. If anyone opens the book with intent to do evil, Chiinick will make the pages appear blank or blight you with a nasty but short lasting malady. If you are granted access but start looking into parts of the book he doesn't think you need to see His ghost will start pestering you to stay on task and start screeching in your ear if you try to ignore him. He is said to be very annoying. Wand: The classical magic wand. Is light and maneuverable but is the most fragile option so it is not as popular outside strictly academic institutions. Imbued Knife: A knife that has been modified to channel and amplify magic. Is useful because it is both a tool for physical work and magical work. Hammer: Artificers often like to turn their hammers into their focuses, they will not usually do it for every hammer they use but they will pick a favorite that they always carry. These are not always obvious as not all Artificers will mark them with runes or other decorations. One common thing is that they often make the hammer cause discomfort or tingling if anyone but the owner try to use it. Many people thinkg that this is because their hammers are so full of potent magic but it is an effect put there so people will stop Borrowing them. When the Artificers guild started " Where's my fucking hammer?" was one of the most common things shouted in the grand workshop. Sword: Some mage knights imbue their swords to act as focuses so they can switch seamlessly between casting and swordplay. They are falling in popularity but are still around. Staff: The traditional and oldest form of magical focus. Is versatile in that it can be used as a weapon, a tool and as a magic focus. Cane: similar to a rod but made to act as a walking implement when not used in magic. Cane and rod fighting techniques are a little different. Ring: A ring used as a magical focus. Is not usual particularly powerful but is portable and concealable. Knuckles: Bras knuckles modified to be magical focus. these are favored for fighters who mix magic into fist based martial arts. Gauntlet/glove : A glove or armored gauntlet modified to be a magical focus. These are not as popular as they are harder to make them light. It take an expert artificer to make a simple pair of leather gloves act as a focus.
  15. WindTide

    Expression Sheet - Seumas

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    Jubilations excelled in bringing a great sheep headshot profile for my Scottish Pub Landlord! All the various facial expressions are quite charming to look at in my opinion, all the more to enjoy an insight for my character's emotional states. Everything about the faces bring a bit more character than what I normally would not see, so it was great to see it come to light in any case. For everyone else, I hope you all get to enjoy this as much as I do! Seumas Mackintosh © Wind Tide Art © Jubilations Find Kihu's other works in these following websites!  Jubilations' Twitter ↔   Jubilations' Tumblr ↔  Jubilations' Patreon ↔  Jubilations' Kofi

    © Jubilations

  16. WindTide

    Wary Temptation (Tybalt)

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    The shadow of an imposing figure came to light, as a scorpion came forth under the light. Terrifying as the arachnid appeared, it lived up to be awe inspiring. Looking at the massive pincers, the indomitable frame, six arms, and even a stringer for a tail... the monster as a force to be reckoned with. who could imagine going up against someone like Tybalt and live to tell the tale? Only a simpleton with no regard to their life would consider such a challenge. Then again, the scorpion seemed to exhibit body language that was more... inviting to begin with. Arms crossed casually, four arm placed near his waist, and his head turned to the side while keeping his eye carefully towards his victim. Was the scorpion intentionally trying to bring an unsuspecting partner towards him, or luring an innocent bystander towards greater peril? Whatever the case, Tybalt didn't have all day to wait... Requiem Beatz believe it or not was looking for a bit of a challenge this time. He liked the idea of a scorpion character to try and illustrate, and I have to say this is probably a "softer" look to Tybalt compared to his other renditions. It certainly is easier to imagine in an alluring light, and I like the interpretation that Requiem Beatz implemented. Thank you so much Beatz for another amazing watercolor piece Current Owner of Tybalt Matchlock © Wind Tide Previous owner of Tybalt Matchlock Brachiaraidos Art © Requiem Beatz Find Beatz's other works in these following websites!  Beatz Twitter ↔  World o' Beatz Tumblr ↔  Beatz's Picarto Channel ↔  Beatz's Telegram Channel

    © Requiem Beatz

  17. BigPuppyStuart

    Colonial Arms Manual

    This is a list of Weapons used in the Farsky Colonial Alliance setting. Stats and mechanics will come later, right now this is just type and descriptions. Images will be added later. Damage Types: Ballistic: Fires physical projectiles. Advantageous against energy absorbent or reflective armor. Explosive: Boom. Grenade, rockets and explosive tipped rounds. Energy/thermal: Advantageous against non-thermal reflective armor. Also useful for cutting through rock and metal. Some Energy weapons can double as tools. Examples include particle and Plasma weapons. Customization: Most weapons have some degree of customization Options. Most have rails to attach equipment such as lights, scanners, range finders and other devices to improve the weapon or fit a role. Most people in hazardous area exploration roles will affix a scanner or a light and a camera so they can take readings in dangerous conditions without having to stow their weapon or carry more bulky dedicated survey equipment. Weapon mounted units are not as powerful or precise but they are better than nothing. Some weapons have larger mounts that allow you to fit on a sub weapon like a underslung grenade/ Flare launcher or a grappling hook launcher. Ammo types: Caseless rounds: These are protectiles enclosed in a propellant block. There is no Brass or shell cassing left after firing these. They come in different calibers so it is possible a shop or supplier will run out of a caliber. Some Calibers are more common and will be cheaper. Rounds are usually held together in stacks by a burnable glue, magazines can be loaded quickly with these stacks but individual rounds can be broken off to fill partially depleted mags. Fuel rods/slugs: These are pellets/rods or slugs of Metallic hydrogen dust stabilized with other compunds into a predetermined shape. These shapes are made from a metallic hydrogen brick so if a main supply depot has plasma rounds at all they will any configuration desired. Smaller suppliers may only have rounds made for one weapon or another. Power packs: These are basically super batteries that can hold lots of power. These are Needed for the particle weapons that the Farsky project issue. Power packs are rechargeable so they are initially pricey but cheap in the long run as you just plug it into a high enough output power source. These come in different capacities but right now most are standardized enough to fit most weapons that use them. Chemical bottles: More like pressurized tanks of various substances, these are used in chem sprayers. They can be filled with almost anything so it is imperative they are properly labeled. Arms suppliers don't usually carry these so they have to be bought from science, agriculture or mining suppliers. Human Weapons: BZR .22 hypermag Caseless Carbine: Manufacturer: Frontier Munitions Damage type: Ballistic Affiliation: Civilian, widely Available. The .22 hypermag Caseless Carbine is a small caliber carbine that is Popular as Personal Defense Weapons for explorers and civilian spacefarers. Its compact size combined with its decent damage make it popular among planetary explorers and spacefarers. It is light and compact but can dish out damage to almost anything that poses a threat. While the round is small the weapon has a high rate of fire that makes the BZR ( Nicknamed 'the Buzzer' ) a formidable weapon. The BZR has select fire settings of single fire, 5 round burst, and full auto. This weapon is made with explorers and survival in mind as it has a built in flashlight. Another Special feature is the highly thermal resistant alloy lining the barrel, meaning that continuous fire or use of incendiary and tracer rounds do little to no damage to the barrel, making the weapon low maintenance for the volume of fire they can produce. Magazine types are 60 round box mags, 100 round box mags and 300 and 500 drum magazines. Can be modified to be belt fed. CR-3 .223 caseless assault rifle/ Carbine. ( Comes in both Carbine and full rifle ) Manufacturer: Colstead Defense systems. Damage type: Ballistic Affiliation: Military, Militia, security, and some civilian. The CR-3 is the preferred weapon of the Military, militias and civilians alike. It is a decent all around combat fire arm. This is one of the weapons used by the human confederate militias. When states engage in skirmishes both sides will be using this weapon. Has Select fire single shot, 3 round burst and full auto. Has Standard 50 round box magazines and 100 round box magazines. Drum magazines are available but they are usually after market or home made. Has lower rate of fire than the BZR but makes up for it in slightly higher damage per round. Has a rail for an optic and Additional aftermarket rails and Accessory points can be added but are not Standard. CR-5 .308 caliber caseless Battle rifle/ Carbine. ( Comes in both Carbine and full rifle ) Manufacturer: Colstead Defense systems. Damage type: Ballistic Affiliation: Military, Militia, security, and some civilian. The CR-5 is the more powerful military rifle option. It is more of a battle Rifle than an assault rifle. This is what you use if you need more punch than a CR-3. Usually more careful aim is used with this weapon, user tend to favor marksmanship when engaging human sized targets. The additional power of this rifle means that it is often issued to troops dealing with tougher enemies like hostile aliens with tough exoskeletons. This Rifle has also been adopted by colonial explorers and thus is the most common Battle Rifle used in human Colonization efforts. Has a rail for an optic and Additional aftermarket rails and Accessory points can be added but are not Standard. Longhammer singleshot caseless long-gun. Manufacturer: Frontier Munitions Damage type: Ballistic, explosive. Affiliation: Civilian, widely Available. The Longhammer is a single shot caseless firearm. It is simple of design and very durable. Needs little to no maintenance and is sturdy enough to bludgeon someone with it and have it function perfectly. Sometimes called a " Space Musket" for it resemblance to the muzzle loaders used in earth's past it is an invaluable tool for explorers and anyone who wants to make something very tough very dead from a long way off. Usually mounted with a long range optic this is a what you would get if you mixed a sniper rifle and a grenade launcher as it is capable of firing explosive shells. This weapon has gained a near religious reverence among the insectile race know chiffin. A small scout ship crash landed on the chiffin home-world. The only survivor of that crash used a Longhammer to defend Chiffin hives from a predatory species akin to a 18 foot long walking wasp after the scout realized the Chiffin were an intelligent species. She was stranded on the chiffin homeworld for 8 months and had 1 round out of a box of 100 left when she was rescued. She was dubbed " the Gaurdian from afar" by the Chiffin and opened the way to friendly relations with the Chiffin. Has only an optic mount and a Bayonet lug. Particle Emmitting Explorers Pistol/ Modular Exploration particle Thrower. Manufacturer: Frontier Munitions Damage type: energy Affiliation: Farsky Project colonization efforts. Often just called " the Colonial Explorer pistol" because no one finds calling it the PEEP or MEPT very cool. This is a multi role modular weapon system that is supposed to be able to fill any role needed. It fires a stream of Particles at near light speed. It is humanity's first attempt at particle weaponry and it is a worthy effort. While not being the most powerful know particle weapon it is versatile. It come with attachment points for a vast array of add-ons. Under the Barrel a stunner unit can be attached for non lethal combat as the weapon itself has no stun setting. Also under the Barrel can be fitted a light or a scanner. It has a mount for various optics and with a steady hand and an attachable butt stock it can be used for sniping just as well as it can be used for close and mid range combat. It has multiple power settings 1-5 and this determines how long the power cell will last as the higher the setting the more charge it consumes. Aside from power settings it has a setting for either pulse or continuous beams. Pulses are more powerful, expelling the charges immediately while beam does so over a longer period of time but is useful for when you are cutting through something or heating an object. This weapon was made possible through multi-specie cooperation. While not huge this is not a very concealable weapon as it is meant to be openly carried in the field, also it is not a loud weapon but it is in no way stealthy as it fires a particle beam that emits visible light. Personal Energy Weapon/ PEW-2 Manufacturer: Frontier Munitions Damage type: Energy Affiliation: Farsky Project colonization efforts. The same joker that Named the PEEP had his hand in the PEW-2. The PEW-2 is often called a "Laser Luger" because it resembles the fire arm that debuted on earth in 1898. This is a far less versatile weapon than the Explorer pistol, it is smaller and more concealable but has fewer attachment options, has only 3 power settings and can't be made to emit a continuous beam. This is a simple weapon for making things dead while not breaching the hull of your ship with a bullet. It is still a bad idea to fire one of these inside a ship though. Manufacturer: Frontier Munitions, Designed by Hecubites Damage type: Energy/ Thermal Affiliation: Farsky Project colonization efforts. The unimaginatively named Plasma shotgun is a powerful but Dangerous weapon that is being supplied to the farsky Project. Special training is needed to use this weapon safely and effectively. The Plasma shotgun turn shotgun shell like fuel rods into burst of super heated gas. Can be set to fire in an adjustable cone or into cohesive bolts or balls that dissipate over distance and are still effected by gravity. This weapon is only meant for close to medium range and becomes useless passed certain distances. One Glaring disadvantage of this powerful weapon is over heating when fired too rapidly. The weapon will stop firing when over heat is reached and begin cool down procedures instead of exploding like older plasma weapons made by humans. Rapid cooling units can be installed that have 3 one time use canisters of coolant gas to prevent shutdown from heavy use but it takes an equipment mount slot. Putting 2 off the cooling units on is common for those that use these as a Squad assault weapon, relying on other people to have scanners or range finders. HotShot PPW Personal plasma weapon Manufacturer: Frontier Munitions, Designed by Humans but needs Hecubite manufactured parts. Damage type: Energy/ Thermal Affiliation: Farsky Project colonization efforts. The " Plasma 6 gun" is a personal plasma weapon that resembles a magnum revolver and even has a 3 position switch that resembles a hammer. The 3 positions are "safe" "fire" and "special fire". Special Fire is a secondary fire mode that is determined by a chip that fits into a slot in the weapon's Handle. Currently there is only one module slot. the Avalible modules are "powershot" Which fires a more powerful single shot but consume 3 slugs, "Burst shot" which fires 3 slugs in quick succession and "Splash shot" Which also uses 3 slugs to fire a larger ball of looser plasma that splashes out on impact creating an area of effect cloud of heated gas. The weapon has a cylinder with 6 chambers, and each cartridge hold 3 slugs. On normal fire 1 slug is fired giving you 18 shots. The secondary fire modules use ammo more quickly so to prevent running dry in the heat of the moment each time Special fire is used the switch returns to the second position which is single fire. Given the more controlled nature of this weapon, there are fewer restrictions on who can obtain these. Any Colonist who can afford one or convince someone that they should be issued one can get them after taking a training course. No Aftermarket modifications exist for these at the present so any extra features will have to be designed and made by an engineer. There is always a risk that modifying one of these can cause it to blow up so many people leave them as is until customization skills improve. BT-3 "Heater" Personal Pocket Plasma Pistol Manufacturer: Frontier Munitions Damage type: Energy/ Thermal Affiliation: Civilian, military, Widely available This is the most Ubiquitous if least powerful plasma weapon and is the result of Human efforts to make their own Plasma weapon without Hecubite help. While not very powerful it is concealable and reliable. Most Lifeforms on Hecuba are weakest to thermal damage so these are popular among humans living on Hecuba. They are also slightly less lethal when it comes to fighting human as hits cauterize wounds meaning that death by blood loss is not a factor. Not powerful enough on their own to be an explorer's main weapon these make suitable back weapons. Have 40 round magazines so what they lack in power they make up in capacity. Still can be lethal to unarmored targets and can start fires so caution should be used when deploying them. Or not, cause who doesn't love seeing their enemy's clothing burst into flames. Farstriker Caseless Sniper rifle. Manufacturer: Colstead Defense systems. Damage type: Ballistic Affiliation: Military, Militia, security, and some civilian. This is a long range precision Rifle. It uses the same .308 caseless rounds as the CR-5. It is a good weapon but lacks the sheer power and reputation of the Frontier Arms Longhammer. It is the go to weapon when you want to end someone from far away but don't need them blown to pieces. Has Better follow up shot rate as it is magazine fed and has less kick then the Longhammer. DP-1 Caseless Sidearm Manufacturer: Colstead Defense systems. Damage type: Ballistic Affiliation: Military, Militia, security, and some civilian and Farsky project. This is the Standard Sidearm for most Security and military personal. It also has wide popularity on the civilian market. It has an integral laser sight and flashlight. It is an all around reliable pistol so it has made it into the Farsky Program as the standard issue ballistic pistol. They are lightweight and very durable while remaining easy to manufacture so they can be produced on site on distant worlds after small Factories are activated. Standard 25 Round magazine. MC-8 "Mule" and "Defender" Magnum Pistol Manufacturer: Frontier Munitions Damage type: Ballistic, explosive. Affiliation: Civilian, widely Available. Farsky Program This is the harder hitting option for side arms. It got is name when one of the designers said it "Kicks like a mule." Most consumers don't know what a mule is but the Name was immortalized when the phrase was used in the marketing campaign for it. It comes with only a 10 round capacity but the power in the round makes up for the lack of capacity. Because of the recoil of this weapon it is near useless when fired rapidly due to muzzle climb so precision is more this weapon's domain. Since the slugs of the rounds are larger more specialized rounds exist for these such as Cryo, incendiary, Shredder and low explosive rounds are available. This weapon has a sub type called the "Defender" and is most popular on Hecuba. The Differences between a "Mule" and a "Defender" are minor and one can easily be made into the other. The Defender has a longer more sturdy heat resistant barrel and is often loaded with Incendiary rounds. Since life forms on Hecuba are more vulnerable to fire than to ballistic damage, these are used to protect cities from the Nastier lifeforms that live on Hecuba's surface. Most People who have lived on Hecuba's surface will be familiar with the Defender. Chem sprayer pistol. Manufacturer: BioSystems-tech or Alien manufacture Damage type: Chemical Affiliation: Civilian, Sciences and miners. Farsky Program This really isn't a weapon but people use it as one. This is a pistol shaped chemical sprayer that uses pressurized gas to spray mixtures of chemicals onto large surfaces. It was Developed for Agricultural use but quickly found its way into the hands of Miners and wild life researchers. Each profession used it for different things. Miners filled it with solvents to melt through rock and quickly sort through ore for the more corrosive resistant elements they were after, biologists filled it with irritants and used it to repel predators without killing them or with DSMO and a tranquiler to incapacitate subjects. It was also not longer before some yahoo filled it with fuel and taped an igniter to it and made a flamethrower. While technically tools these are easily turned into weapons so a colonial farmer can, with the switch of a tank, go from spraying liquid fertilizer to spraying acid. All chemical vials are clearly marked with their contents so no one accidentally sprays the table they are trying to disinfect with tertiary-butyllithium. Chem Sprayer "Rilfe" Manufacturer: Alien manufacture or Home made. Damage type: Chemical Affiliation: Civilian, Sciences and miners. Farsky Program A larger version of the Chem sprayer. Has greater range and capacity. Colonial Stunner Manufacturer: CMC Colonial Manufacturing Corperation. Damage type: Electric non-lethal Affiliation: Civilian, Security. Farsky Program This is an Electron throwing stun pistol. Automatically gauges the sized of the target and discharges an appropriate bolt to incapacitate. The Colonial Stunner is more boxy than Planet side police issue stunners but it has the benefit of being effective on a greater variety of intelligent species without killing them. Since Intelegent species range in sized from as small as a Parrot to bigger than a grizzly bear this range is needed. Semi-auto 20mm grenade launcher Manufacturer: Colstead Defense systems. Damage type: Ballistic, explosive Affiliation: Military, Militia, security, and some civilian and Farsky project. A high powered heavy weapon that is only used by trained Assault Troops against armored targets. Some have been given to the Colony fleet just in case. Heubite weapons: The Hecubites are an ancient and power civilization and as such they have weapon that primitive cultures consider god like. They are also so dangerous that most races choose not to mess with them despite their obvious power. Even the Hecubites realize they are overly destructive and make poor weapons of close defense. When Hecubites assume human form and use their own weapons the general consensus is "These things are obnoxious as hell." Electron thrower pistol AKA "Thunder pistol" Manufacturer: Alien manufacture Damage type: Energy electric Affiliation: Hecubite This is a hand held Electron weapon like a stunner but far more powerful. They shoot bolts of lightning and thus are the least stealthy weapon in existence. The bright flash and loud noise mean that most humans don't use these Without protection. Hecubites use them without fear any damage to their hearing and eye sight will heal in seconds. Electron thrower Rifle Manufacturer: Alien manufacture Damage type: Energy electric Affiliation: Hecubite This is a hand held Electron weapon like a stunner but far more powerful. They shoot bolts of lightning and thus are the least stealthy weapon in existence. The bright flash and loud noise mean that most humans don't use these Without protection. Hecubites use them without fear any damage to their hearing and eye sight will heal in seconds. These are even louder than the Pistol versions. These can blow out the eardrums of most races so they not a welcome sight. Positron thrower Manufacturer: Alien manufacture Damage type: Anti-matter Affiliation: Hecubite Nothing says god like healing abilities and " Fuck the consequences" quiet like a gun that shoots anti-electrons. They cause massive explosions and hard radiation on impact. They are so Devastating that most races consider these weapons of mass destruction and environmental hazards. They are consider absolutely illegal anywhere but on Hecuba. With the rise of a resident human population on Hecuba most of hand held units of these have been shelved. Ship mounted versions are another matter as Positron weapons are one of the most popular ship mounted weapons in the Hecubite fleet. Such destructive power has allowed them to maintain utter space supremacy even after their long hibernation and lack of technological progression. Most beings thank what ever deities they worship that Hecubites aren't of the conquering mindset. Fusion plasma streamer Manufacturer: Alien manufacture Damage type: Thermal plasma Affiliation: Hecubite This is the pinnacle of plasma technology. With Variable stream width and continuous fire, this is the manic lovechild of a laser and a flamethrower. Capable of melting through and burning almost anything this was the go to weapon for when Hecubites wanted to kill each other or other regenerative creatures on their home world. Also can be set to fire like a machine-gun that fires plasma bombs as bullets. One or 2 of these are available to most colonial expeditions in case they run into something that is too tough for Human made plasma weapons to handle. Gravity Grenade: Manufacturer: Alien manufacture Damage type: None Non-lethal or Kinetic ( Variable output) Affiliation: Hecubite These are reusable units that create gravitic disruptions in a small area. Depending on the setting this can be nullifying gravity and just causing people to float around the area of effect or a repulsive force that can fling people up into the air. One of the most common but bizarre uses for this is on planet miners strapping these to their backs and setting a proximity sensor and accelerameter so it triggers when they fall. This effectively turns a weapon into a life saving device that lets them shed momentum before hitting the ground. Rofid weapons The kangaroo like Rofid are only slightly more technologically advanced but their weapons are on par with Human weapons. Their Manufacturing philosophy is also different so they have a smaller variation in arms mafucature as there is only on company that makes their weapons. Any variation in the arms themselves come from owner modification. Modifications also play the part of determining the Role of the weapon, a Rofid rifle would be modified into an Assault rifle or Sniper rifle depending on the need of the user but they don't make dedicated rifles for either function. Magnetic propelled Flechette pistol Manufacturer: Rofid Defense manufacture Damage type: Kinetic, Bleeding DOT Affiliation: Rofid, Farsky project. This is both considered a rather weak weapon in power and a potential war crime. This weapon fires a small Flechette that pierces most ballistic mesh type armor and deforms and bends in the body of the target making complicated injuries that bleed profusely. This bending can resault in the projectile deviating and perpetrating organs far away from the entry site. These injuries are painful and hard to treat and debilitating. The are utterly useless against hard armor like ballistic plates. Has select fire modes, Single fire and 3 round burst. Magnetic Accelerated Nail Gun AKA ( MANG ) Manufacturer: Rofid Defense manufacture Damage type: Kinetic, Affiliation: Rofid, Farsky project. This is the most popular Rofid weapon by far. It is a large Magnetic Accelerator pistol that fires a projectile closer to a hardened nail than a Flechette. It doesn't bend in the body and usually makes clean small wounds. This fact makes it popular among Civilians who often just want to stop an attacker but not leave them crippled or bleeding to death in agony. Its speed and ability to occasionally punch through hard armor make it popular in the military. With the addition of a stock and larger magazine this side arm can easily be turned into a Carbine. Bug Bite Manufacturer: Rofid Defense manufacture Damage type: None Affiliation: Rofid, Farsky project. This is a long range precision rifle that fires micro pellets and is good for delivering poisons, tranquilizers, or micro trackers into animals. It is weak enough as to be considered non lethal and merely annoying. Scientists and conservationists from almost all species love this weapon as they can tag and track animals from far off and do no harm to the animal. MAR Magnetic Accelerated Rifle Manufacturer: Rofid Defense manufacture Damage type: Kinetic, Affiliation: Rofid Millitary, Farsky project. This Rifle is the Hard hitter of magnetic accelerator weapons. It fires a Tungsten hardened metal spike at high speeds. Usually considered overkill for most needs this is a military exclusive weapon. It can be modified to fit various needs but is usually turned into a powerful Long range sniper rifle. Particle Spread gun Manufacturer: Rofid Defense manufacture Damage type: Energy. Affiliation: Rofid Farsky project. This is basically a wide range Particle shotgun. The burst difueses so it has little in the way of range but will flash fry anything in close range. These are mostly used by explorers cause normally Rofid don't think burning anything in front of you to a grease stain is necessary but some of the hostile life forms encountered by explorers warrant it. It is also used in burning holes in rock faces or through walls so using it as a means to quickly GTFO are viable. MASER rifle Manufacturer: Rofid Defense manufacture Damage type: Energy. Affiliation: Rofid Farsky project. This weapon has variable settings and can go from an irritating area of Denial weapon to boiling all the water in a target cooking them from the inside. Despite its power it is useless against any energy dampening or reflective armor.
  18. From the album: Raw 3D Renders

    This will be the "Ten Forward" of Star Trek: Beta Fleet, a bar and restaurant located upside down just under the saucer.
  19. From the album: Raw 3D Renders

    This will be the "Ten Forward" of Star Trek: Beta Fleet, a bar and restaurant located upside down just under the saucer.
  20. From the album: Raw 3D Renders

    This will be the "Ten Forward" of Star Trek: Beta Fleet, a bar and restaurant located upside down just under the saucer.
  21. WindTide

    Blue Bird (Guisarme and Vaughn)

    From the album: Wind Tide's Collection

    Vowing never to return once I have taken flight, I will aim for those white spotless clouds. I know very well that once I shake free from the clouds and break through them... I'll be able to find that deep blue sky. Oh... that deep blue sky, Oh that blue cerulean sky. Kokuhane opened up the other day and I knew I wanted to get another commission from him! Only this time, I wanted to get something special involving the artist's own character. Guisarme had caught my eye for a long time and wanted to get a piece with the beetle, which was definitely my request this time around. As for the song, I felt that the piece reflected the imagery of the piece so much, that I just had to include it as part of the piece's flavor text. I just hope that everyone can enjoy this piece as much as I did! Vaughn Woods © Wind Tide Guisarme and Art © Kokuhane Blue Bird © Ikimono-Gakari Find Kokuhane's other works in these following websites!  Kokuhane's Twitter ↔  Kokuhane's Tumblr ↔  Kokuhane's Kofi  Kokuhane's Picarto Channel ↔  Kokuhane's Deviant Art ↔  Kokuhane's Instagram

    © Kokuhane

  22. Alex Wright

    Behold, Fire

    From the album: Alex Wright's Album


    © Alex Wright

  23. BigPuppyStuart

    Race List

    This will be expanded when mechanics are implemented Playable species: Humans Homeworld: Earth or Confederate Human States Humans were rescued from earth and brought to this part of Space by the Hecubites. Those that didn't go into stasis while a new homeworld was sought went on to form colonies and outposts in the Hecuba system that later came to be known as "The Human Confederate states." There are numerous states many of which have very different cultures and political structures. They are Ethnically diverse and this can cause tension in some parts of the Human Confederacy but racism is highly frown upon in the Colonial Initiative. Lethenyol collective AKA "Cyberjacks" Homeworld: None The Collective is the outgrowth of an ancient Nano robotic culture mixing in with biological lifeforms. The Collective members range from a being that has minor nanite augmentation to fully cyberized digital beings. Since they are derived from Alien technology the programing language of the Collective is not compatible with other races technology so they can't interface directly with most races systems unless those systems are adapted for it. Fully Synthetic bodies are produced when a digital being wants to interact with the physical world. The collective is useful in that they can collect information passively and transmit it out in radio waves to let other collective members or anyone with a radio receiver can access it. A member of another species can become a Cyberjack but the process is usually slow to allow a person to become used to the change. Non-playable Races Hecubites Homeworld: Hecuba The Hecubites are an ancient race who are masters of biological manipulation. There are legends that they are the progenitor of all life. The Hecubites contest this, admitting that they have seeded life on many planets and that some of the intelligent races came from their efforts they maintain that not all life is their doing. They can mimic almost any life form from samples of DNA or just through mimicking of features. They are a rather disturbing species to be around for most other species as they will grow new limbs tentacles ore eyes for tasks and this nasty to witness as the sound of cracking and growing bone and flesh is can get rather loud when they do it. There was an old movie from earth called "The Thing" in which an alien life comes to earth and assimlates people, that many humans liken the hecubites to. All hecubites are able to link their minds buy physically connecting their nervous systems creating and internet of thoughts. The general consensus from ever species is "They are kinda nice but really gross" Hecubites can reproduce with other species creating hybrids.
  24. Shinkei-Shinto

    Shoot The Frog

    From the album: Personal Art

    This is technically a commission but fight me.
  25. Shinkei-Shinto

    Gay it Away

    From the album: Personal Art

    It was a doodle. I got carried away.

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