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Found 1 result

  1. Kindar

    Chapter 03

    Chapter 07 The poodle looked at himself in the mirror, running his hand down the suit. "This is very good," he said with an appreciative smile. "Yes, very good." "I'm glad you like it, Mister Myagi. Will you be changing back, or wearing it out." "I may never take it off, young man." He turned until he could see his back. Sebastian smiled as he took the man's suit off the hooks. "I recommend you do. If only to wash it." He placed it on hangers and them in bags, which he brought to the counter. "This young man does amazing work," the poodle told the badger. "I know." Sebastien went to his bag and checked his phone. "He needs a raise," the poodle said. A handful of messages from his friends. Plans for coffee meets, a video game night. Someone wanting to discuss a business suit with him. Nothing that needed to be dealt with right now. He put it away. He was disappointed there hadn't been a message from Mister Orr. It had been almost a week since the incident at the mall, and the fantasy of the tiger being there, taking him in the stall hadn't left him. He hadn't called the tiger. He hadn't wanted to come across as obsessive, and really, he had called him the last time, shouldn't it be the tiger's turn? The messages getting him to do questionable things couldn't count, could they? "Been discussing your pay with the customers, I see." Sebastien startled at the badger's presence next to him. "What? No, of course not, Mister Entil." He took a moment to slow his heart rate and fight the instinct to bolt. "Then why did he say you needed a raise?" "Because I'm that good?" Sebastien tried to smile, but it faltered at the severe look the badger gave him. "I swear, sir. I don't talk about myself with the customers, at all." Except for one. The badger eyed him for a moment. "Don't you have a suit you need to work on?" "No, Sir, all the orders are complete." His boss looked around the empty shop. "Fine. I guess that until a customer comes, you can take a break." As he was about to thank the man, the bell over the door rang, and they both turned. The badger's face lit up with a smile as he saw the tiger enter, while Sebastien's heart tripled in speed and the need to run slammed into him at full force, but he couldn't tell if he wanted to run to the tiger, or away from him. "Mister Orr, what a pleasure to see you again." The badger was next to him in moments. "Are you here to make another suit made?" "No, Dummond, I need some adjustments made to this one." "Really?" The badger asked. Really? Sebastien echoed. He wasn't so full of himself to think his suits were perfect, but he'd been extra careful with the tiger's suit. He'd wanted to impress him. "Yes, it's been feeling uncomfortable when I move about, I hope Sebastien isn't busy at the moment." How could he have been uncomfortable? There might have been minor errors, but not enough to be uncomfortable. Had he fucked up? "Sebastien!" He startled again. "Yes?" "Well? You have a customer, maybe you should see to him instead of standing there lost in whatever dream you were having?" "Yes, of course. If you'll come with me, Mister Orr." He waited until the tiger was next to him before moving. He was torn between wanted to determine the defect in his suit and running his hands through his fur. He opened the door, motioned for him to enter, and then closed the door after him. The tiger unbuttoned the jacket and was taking it off as Sebastien hurried to the work table. He closed his eyes and worked up the courage to ask the question. He was terrified to find out how he'd messed this up. He took a breath and turned. He opened his eyes and his breath caught as the tiger stood in the center of the room, naked. A part of him wondered why he was so surprised, he'd done the same the previous times. Fuck, he still looked amazing. Broad shoulders, defined muscles on his arms, chest, stomach... everywhere. Heavy balls, thick cock. Fuck, his couldn't go there. This was real life, not a fantasy. He was at work for God's sakes. The tiger watched him without saying a word. His face relaxed, the perfect description of patience. It took him a moment to find his voice, but it still sounded weak to him. "What's the problem with the suit?" "Nothing," the tiger answered. Sebastien opened his mouth, but no words formed. "I needed an excuse to come back, that was the most credible." "I don't understand, why come back?" The ends of the tiger's lips quirked up in the start of a smile, but he didn't say anything. He turned his palms toward the rabbit and moved his hands away from his body a little, like he was offering himself. Sebastian had to grab on to the table to avoid falling. The message was clear, but he didn't understand why. A man like that didn't offer himself, he took what he wanted. He should be taking Sebastien, telling him what to do not- "What do you want, Sebastien?" the tiger asked. Images of his fantasies came to him, being taken by the tiger in the mall's bathroom. Being on his bed, the tiger's hands roaming his body, sucking his cock. Pleasing Sebastien in every way he wanted. The two of them in this very room, being loud as they fucked, not caring who heard them. Sebastien swallowed. "I can't," he whispered. "Then tell me to leave." There was no anger, no annoyance in the tiger's voice. Only patience. Sebastien bit his lower lip to keep from saying just that. "What if I get caught? It could cost me my job. I need the money." "There are no cameras here, and I won't tell anyone. Will you?" This was so fucking wrong and dangerous on so many levels, but fuck he wanted this. "I want you." Even he barely heard the words, but the tiger was moving forward. When he stopped, there was barely a hand's width between them. "What's stopping you?" Sebastien couldn't get himself to move. The tiger gently took the rabbit's hand and placed it on his chest. "You don't have to be afraid of taking what you want Sebastien. I'm no different than you, then the people in this city." Sebastien couldn't stop the snort, but his other hand moved as he spoke. "You're not like anyone I know. You're powerful. You're strong. You're not afraid of anything." His fur was as silky as he remembered. "Those are illusions, Sebastien." The tiger leaned in and whispered. "Money doesn't give anyone power. Muscles doesn't give strength. They're not what make someone able to take what he wants. Desire does that. What do you desire, Sebastien?" The rabbit's hands moved lower. He hesitated for a moment on the tiger's stomach, then continued. He took the cock in one hand and the balls in his other. The tiger moaned softly and his cock thickened, stiffened, until Sebastien was holding a hard shaft a little longer than his hand. It was hot and pulsed as he stoked it. As he'd imagined, the tiger's balls were heavy, the sac a good handful. He massaged them and the tiger shuddered. "This feels wonderful, but is this what you want, Sebastien?" What did he want? Had he ever asked himself that question, past wanting something? He'd wanted this tiger, and now he had him. Now what? What did he want, now that he had what he'd wanted? He wanted to be fucked by him. That's what he wanted. But he didn't say that. It wasn't appropriate. The tiger should be the one to make that decision. So what else did he want? "Can you touch me?" The tiger didn't move. "What do you want, Sebastien?" "I want you to touch me." The tiger ran a hand over the rabbit's sides, then to the front, moving under the jacket. Sebastien shivered at being touched this way. When had the last time been? In his late teen? Experimenting with the school's quarterback? He let go of the balls and reached up to undo the buttons of his waistcoat, but a hand caught his. He looked up at the tiger, whose free hand was now rubbing his back. "What do you want, Sebastien?" He was confused by the question. "I want to undo the waistcoat." It wasn't like they could proceed with him dressed. The tiger didn't let go of him. "I'm going to need my hand for that." He could always use his other hand, but he didn't want to let go of the hot cock it was holding. "No, you don't." Sebastien started to object, then understood. "Unbutton my vest." The tiger released his hand and undid the two buttons. "Are you going to do anything I tell you to?" The tiger's hand moved under the waistcoat and rubbed his other side. "While we are here, in this moment, I will." "And later? Tomorrow?" "Maybe, maybe not." Both hands were on the rabbit's back now, but he didn't pull him forward. They simply roamed up and down it, only hard enough to be felt. "Why are you doing this?" He didn't say anything, the hands moved back to the front, rubbing his chest, then up to his neck and face. "Tell me why you're doing this." "Because there are things you need to learn about yourself, about the world." "And this is going to what? Open my mind?" The tiger's hands were at the back of his head now, running through his fur, massaging his scalp. Sebastien closed his eyes and lost himself in the feel of the cock in his hand, and the hands through his head fur. "Kiss me." The words were out his mouth before he even realized he'd said them, and before he could take them back, lips pressed against his. Warm, wet, gentle, strong. The tiger didn't kiss him hard. It was almost chaste. As he began to pull away, Sebastien wrapped his free arm around the tiger's neck and pulled him closer. He kissed him hard. He mashed their lips together, pushed his tongue against the tiger's lips, pried them open, slipped his tongue in the other's muzzle. Then the tiger responded. His hands tightened on his head and their tongues played together, then the tiger's was in the rabbit's muzzle, exploring. Then he was sucking on the rabbit's tongue, so hard Sebastien though it much be ripped out, and he wondered how such suction would feel on his cock. Sebastien pulled away. "Take off my clothes." And he was kissing him again. The hand moved away from his head and moved between them. A moment later his jacket, waistcoat and shirt were taken off. The hands went back between them, down to grab one leg and pull it up. His shoe was removed, and the same was done with the other leg. The hands then moved at his groin. Sounds of the belt being undone, a zipper coming down. A hand slipped between his pants and his ass, pulled him away from the table and his pants and underwear moved down. He stepped out of them and kicked them away. The hands went back to roaming, but this time they moved as far down as they could along his legs without having to break the kiss. Those hands caressed every part except his groin. Sebastien felt the fur brush against his erection as they moved along the inside of his legs, but they never touched him there. He wanted to feel them talking hold of his cock, but when he pulled away from the kiss, what he said was; "Suck me off." The tiger went down to one knee, rubbed his muzzle against the base of the shaft, then licked his way up. Sebastien let out a low moan and then cursed softly when the mouth closed around the head and pushed down. The tiger's mouth felt even better than he'd imagine, hot, wet, and the tongue always moving. Sebastien brought up his freed hand and sniffed it. It smell like the tiger's cock and was covered with precum. He licked it clean. And gasped as he felt his cock hit the back to the tiger's throat. He looked down and was amazed to watch him still pushing, trying to get even more of his cock in his muzzle. When he stopped moving, Sebastien felt him swallow around his cock and a shudder went through his body. He'd never been deep-throated before, and the tiger swallowed again, and again. Sebastien was panting, and wondering just how long this would go on. Didn't the tiger need to breathe? The tiger pulled up and went back to bobbing open and down on the rabbit's cock. Sebastien closed his eyes and leaned his head back. "Oh, Fuck me," he sighed. The tiger released the rabbit's cock. When Sebastien looked down he was looking up at him. "Was that an expression of delight? Or is this what you want?" Sebastien thought about it. "Fuck. Me." The tiger nodded, then pushed the rabbit up so he was sitting on the edge of the table instead of resting against it. Sebastien was happy he always put the tools back in their places on the shelves instead of leaving them lying around like Frederik kept doing. He yelped as the tiger raised his legs and planted his muzzle between his ass cheeks. He moaned as he felt the tongue brush over his sphincter, licking and pressing. He had to bite his lip to keep from letting out a too loud moan as it pressed its way in. Then he spent a good minute panting too heavily for other sounds to form. The tiger stood, putting the rabbit's legs over his shoulders, and Sebastien had to be careful not to hit the shelves as he was forced on his back by the motion. He had a moment of worry as he wondered if he was slick enough and then the tiger pushed. Sebastien moaned and let out a slight whimper of pain as the head popped in. The tiger stopped. When Sebastien opened his eyes, he was looking into vibrant blue eyes. He took a moment to catch his breath, then nodded. The tiger pushed again, a slow steady motion. Sebastien let his head fall back, and felt it scrape a shelf. He sighed as he felt the cock fill and stretch him. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as tiger pushed past what he thought was his limit. Then he stopped and Sebastien floated in a sea of bliss. None of his dildos had ever filled him like this. The tiger pulled out slowly, but completely, leaving a void inside the rabbit he didn't know he'd ever be able to fill again. And the tiger was in again, not stopping at the slight wince of pain the rabbit felt as the head popped in. Sebastien opened his mouth in a silent 'oh' as the tiger bottomed in again and then he pulled out. Sebastien didn't get time to ponder the void that was left. The tiger pushed in again, bottomed in and pulled out. An instant of void and he was back in. Pistoning in and out slowly. Fully sheathed, then completely out. Sebastien had always thought he wanted it fast and hard, but this was making him moan louder than what he did to himself. When he looked at the tiger, those blue eyes always looked back at him, focused, attentive. And he kept moving, making the rabbit moan constantly. Sebastien reached for his cock, but a hand stopped him. "What do you want, Sebastien?" the tiger asked, his voice sounding slightly colder. "Make me cum." A slick hand wrapped around the rabbit's cock and began moving up and down. Sebastien gasped as the sensations of the cock pumping in his ass and the hand stoking him overwhelmed him. "Harder, Fuck me faster." The tiger picked up speed and began pounding the rabbit's ass, his hand matching the rhythm. Sebastien moaned, and groaned. Writhing on the table, but the sensations no longer built like they had. It felt like they had plateaued just short of his orgasm. "Slow down, go back to before." The tiger obeyed, slowing his thrusting and stroking, and immediately Sebastien felt the sensation build again, gaining strength. He panted hard, letting out an exclamation with each breath. They became louder as he got closer to his orgasm. He knew he was going to scream, let the entire shop know what he was doing, but he couldn't stop it, this felt too damn fucking amazing to be contained. He opened his mouth and knew that it would be worth the loss of his job to feel this. A mouth closed on his a moment before he arched his back and he screamed into it. The hand stroked him through the entirety of the orgasm, and a few beats past it, making his body shudder. He was still panting when the mouth moved off. The tiger looked down at him. "Fuck," Sebastien panted. "How the fuck did you do that? I've never had anything this powerful. How the fuck did you know?" "I'm an astute observer of people." "You learned this from watching people?" The tiger smiled. "I've also practiced." "A lot, I bet." Sebastien carefully rested his head back on the table. "It's a good thing you kissed me, I would have screamed." "I know." Sebastien eyed the tiger. "Did you cum?" He shook his head. "Why not?" The tiger canted his head. "Right. So if I say this is over. You're going to walk out of here with a hardon capable of knocking down buildings?" "Essentially." "And you're not going to bitch? Just get out of here?" "I laid down the rules, Sebastien, I am not going to go against them. If you end this now, I will leave and seek my relief elsewhere." "Well, fuck that. I'm not leaving you hanging. I want you to cum, do whatever you want to get it to happen." The tiger grabbed the rabbit's arms and pulled until he was sitting. "Hold on to me." He placed both hand under the rabbit's ass and lifted him off the table. Sebastien was amazed that he had the strength to do it and that he managed it without taking his cock out. They only moved a few steps, and then Sebastien's back was against the wall. The tiger looked him in the eyes and began thrusting. Those blue eyes never looked away, and the rabbit found he couldn't either. He began panting again as he felt the cock pump in and out of him. Was he getting turn on again? Just by being fucked? The tiger moved in and out, a steady rhythm, and the rabbit let out a moan. Not just being fucked. Being fucked in the perfect way. He could feel his cock responding already. The tiger panted, his motion didn't change, but his face acquired a look of concentration, as if this finally too effort from him. With gritted teeth and a grunt he thrust in hard. He kept grunting in time with his cock's twitching and Sebastien held him hard. The tiger was cumming inside him. He'd wanted this. He'd told the tiger to do this. When the tiger stopped grunting, there was none of the embarrassment Sebastien had expected to see on his face. He didn't seem to regret any of it, and it made Sebastien's own discomfort at-what? Losing control? Giving in? Well whatever it as, he didn't feel as bad for having done it now that he could see the tiger was okay with it. "Do you want me to let you down?" Sebastien shook his head. "Stay in me as long as you can. Fuck, I can't believe we did this." "We?" "You took part. But I meant ordering you. I've never done that before." The tiger nodded. "How did it feel?" Sebastien had to think about it for a moment. "It felt good. Strange, I mean I never thought of myself as someone giving the orders. I've always worked for someone else. I'm not exactly assertive." "How about in sex?" "What sex?" "You have friends, some of them must be interested in you." "Maybe. Most of my friends are straight, as far as I know." "Then clubs? You must go out." "What kind of guys to you like?" "Me?" "Yes. Who gets you excited?" "Appearances don't matter to me. I guess you can say that sexual attraction of more situational for me." Sebastien nodded, not that he knew what that meant. "Well, I like guys who look like you. I mean you probably picked up on it, since the first thing you did was get naked before me." The tiger smiled. "Well, I have a look. You're it. Big, buff, confident. I want guys who can lift cars and wouldn't worry about people talking about it. Those guys, they don't want someone like me." "And you'd only have sex with someone who meets those criteria? Wouldn't you be willing to fuck someone just to get your rocks off?" Sebastien shrugged. "I guess I'm too picky for my own good." "Possibly. But you are wrong about men like me. The men you want, some of them could want you back, if you gave them a chance." "How am I supposed to tell? I'm not going to go to one of them and then get laughed at." The tiger watched him for a moment. "I'm going to pull out. I expect Drummond is going to wonder what you've been doing to me." Sebastien felt his ears burned. "Oh God." Then he moaned as the tiger pulled his cock out. He had a moment to wonder how he could still be hard, then he had to worry about his legs holding him up. He reached for his pants, but the tiger stopped him. The rabbit moaned as he felt a hand move between his ass cheek, then down his leg. "You're leaking," the tiger whispered. Sebastien watched him crumple a paper towel and put that in his jacket's pocket before starting to dress. Sebastien did the same. When he had he checked the time. Fuck, more than an hour had passed. How was he going to explain this to his boss? "Don't." Sebastien jerked and spun. Did he read minds too? "Don't feel bad about what you did." "I'm not." "Sebastien, I have told you. I observe people. You are hunching in on yourself. You're preparing for a fight. You have nothing to prepare for. You have done nothing wrong." "Sex isn't exactly approved in it." "I know." There was a trace of exasperation in the tiger's voice. "But we are both consenting adults. We can do whatever we want so long as neither one of us forces it on the other. As for the time we spend here, I will pay Drummond for the time it took you to make the alterations to my suit since I insisted you do them in my presence, instead of leaving them." "How about how we smell?" "What do you mean?" "Mister Orr, we both kind of reek of sex." The tiger smiled. "Do we?" "They're going to know. My boss is-" "Drummond isn't going to say anything. He's too afraid of me taking my money elsewhere." "And what about me? You think he isn't going to come down on me like a town of bricks?"' The tiger was before him, hand on both cheeks. "Breathe, Sebastien. I have no doubt Drummond will question you, but you control the answers. He cannot prove anything of what he thinks might have happened in here. All he can do is try to get you to admit to it. Make up your mind right now as to what you want them to believe happened here." "I-" "Don't hesitate, Sebastien. Know what happened. Believe in it." Sebastien took a breath. "I altered your shirt and pants." "Good. What needed altering?" "The inseam was off, that's why you were uncomfortable. Your shirt's collar was an eighth of an inch too tight. Barely enough to be noticeable, but you'd feel it." "Now, why did it take so long?" Sebastien blushed. "It's the pants. I had to go over all of them to find where the problem was. The shirt was easy when you told me how it felt like your fur was being pulled there." "Good. Believe it. Internalize it. And remember, don't volunteer the information. Everything that happened here was normal, ordinary. You wouldn't walk out and tell them what happened on an ordinary alteration, would you?" Sebastien nodded. "What about the scent? What am I supposed to say when he brings it up?" "Don't say anything. With the same conviction that everything was normal, don't acknowledge it. It's in his mind, not on you." "Frederik will-" The tiger squeezed his shoulders. "Sebastien. You want to know what power is? It's the complete conviction that you are right. That no matter what other people believe, or know, that things are otherwise. Your conviction can override their beliefs. My money, my appearance, they help, but they are not the source of my power. I believe that I am right. I believe that who I am, everything I do, is right. I believe it to the core of who I am. If you can believe that, you will see that the world will begin to alter itself to suit you." "I don't know if I can do that." "You're thirty-four, Sebastien. You can't expect to be able to take on the world this instant. Fortunately, you're only required to take on a handful of people. You can do that. Believe it." Sebastien nodded. "My boss, Frederik and whatever customers are there. I can do that. Mister Orr, will this-" "Don't think about what the future might bring. Focus on right now. Later, when you're home, you can think about what happened here, about what it means to you, and your future." "Alright." Sebastien looked at himself in the mirror, adjusted the waistcoat and tried to put his normal, low key expression, on his face. He had no idea if it was it, but he still opened the door to let the tiger out. Both his boss and Frederik's eyes snapped in their directions, while the horse paid for his purchase and left. "What took so long?" the badger asked, his tone bordering on demanding. Sebastien forced himself to shrug. "The mistake was tough to find." "I'm sorry you had to endure this," the badger told the tiger as they reached the counter. "He should have-" he paused and sniffed the air. The tiger canted and ear. "Is there a problem?" "What? No, I mean, I-" "It's alright. I insisted on staying while he made the alterations. It's a fascinating process." The badger looked from the tiger to the rabbit. "Fascinating, yeah, I have no doubt." "Charge me for how long it took. I don't mind paying, this is much more comfortable now." His boss entered an amount that Sebastien expected would be much higher than it needed to be. The tiger handed a black featureless card, and took it back, along with the receipt, which he didn't bother looking at before putting it in a pocket. "It was a pleasure watching you work, Sebastien. It was very instructional." Sebastien smiled and did his best not to blush. "It was interesting." The tiger wished the others a good day and took out a phone as he headed for the door. As soon as the door closed his boss looked at him. "Well?" "Well, what?" "Care to tell me what you've been up to?" Should he be angry? Insulted? He had no idea how he'd normally react, so he decided to just state it. "I altered his pants and shirt." "Don't give me that. You were there for almost an hour and a half." "It was difficult to find. I had to go through every inch of stitching before-" "Don't give me that. You had sex with him. I can smell it on you." Now he couldn't keep from blushing as the memory surfaced. He opened his mouth, then closed it, hoping he'd look like he was embarrassed at the suggestion instead. He sniffed his shoulder and looked at the badger quizzically. "I-I'm sorry, you're smelling what on me?" "Sex." "I-You really think I'd have sex here? It would cost me my job." "I don't think, I know. You reek of it." Sebastien sniffed his shoulder again, and yeah, as he knew he reeked, but he focused on what he 'knew' had happened. On believing that he was completely right about it. "I don't smell anything. I mean it's getting late so yeah I could use some more deodorant, but that's all." "Don't play games with me boy. If you don't tell me exactly what happened, I'm going to fire you so fast you won't know what happened." Sebastien's heart skipped a beat before speeding up, but before the desire to run could rear its head he reminded himself that nothing had happened. He believed it. It was true. He was right. "I don't know what you want me to say. That I saw him in his underwear? Of course, I did, he sat in a chair while I worked on his pants. Then I saw him shirtless. He's pretty buff, but that's all that happened." The badger huffed. "Frederik, what do you smell?" The cheetah looked at Sebastien, and the rabbit didn't look away. He was right. Nothing else mattered, no one else mattered. His version of reality was the correct one. Frederik moved closer, sniffed Sebastian and wrinkled his nose. "You need more then deodorant." Sebastien felt like running, but he stayed in place, regarding the cheetah. "Well?" The badger asked. "I don't think he took a shower this morning, that's the only thing that explains why he smell at this hour of the day." "What about the sex?" The cheetah sniffed the rabbit again. "I'm not smelling anything like that." "What? It's strong enough that you should-you're in on it, aren't you?" "On what?" Frederik's eyes went wide. "Having sex with that tiger? My wife would kill me if I put my pecker in anyone other than her, even another guy, so no way." The badger ground his teeth and glared at the rabbit. "I ought to fire you right now." "For what?" Frederik asked before Sebastien could. "You know fucking well what for." "Maybe you need to get laid, sir?" The cheetah smiled. "I mean if you're smelling sex where there isn't any, you should proba-" he shut up under the badger's glare. "I better never find out you've done this at other times. If I do, you're out of here." He turned and stormed to his office, where he slammed the door. The shop was silent for a moment. "Man, I can't believe this." Frederik slapped Sebastien on the shoulder. "Good on you, man. Fucking good on you." Sebastien almost thanked him, but reminded that nothing had happened. That was the reality. "I don't know what you're implying." The cheetah raised his hands as he backed away. "That's cool. I'm not going to ask for details, trust me. But man, it's about time you got laid. A guy like you deserves it. And him? That guy's rich. Play your cards right and you'll be set for life." Sebastien looked at the door. He didn't think there were any cards to be played. This was something the tiger was doing to him, not something they were doing together. Still, he had to wonder what it might be like to be with a man like that. With a man who had clear power, but would still let himself be ordered, even if it was only for a short period of time. Which reminded Sebastien that he did reek of sex. He headed to the bathroom to get as cleaned up as he could. Chapter 08 The air was cool that evening, there was a light breeze bringing a hint of the ocean's scents, and the moon was high and bright. If the lights of the city were to go out, there would be a field of stars looking down on him. Damian thought those matched all the prerequisite for a romantic time as he raised the phone to his ear. Across the street, he watched as in his third-floor apartment, Sebastien finished cutting the piece of fabric and picked up his phone. He answered it with a smile. "Mister Orr, I thought you'd have called sooner." "Hello Sebastien. I thought I'd give you some space, to process what happened." "You mean how you fucked me?" the tone was light, but Damian detected a slight tremor in it. The rabbit hadn't resolved all his conflicting emotions yet. "How you told me to fuck you. It was your decision." "I know. What can I do for you tonight?" "I'm wondering if you can do me a favor." Sebastien laughed. "Sure, why not? What will it be? Record myself jerking off and post it for the world to watch?" "Nothing quite that far reaching. Can you come to the window?" The rabbit stood and stepped to it, looking down at the street. He was wearing black slacks, and a white shirt, which had the top three buttons undone. "Okay, what am I looking for?" "Look up." Damian ran a hand through his chest fur and made himself get an erection. When Sebastien's gaze reached him, he reached down and stroked himself, moaning in the phone. "Holy shit! Are you? Fuck, you're naked?" The rabbit looked down along the street, but other than the occasional car, there was no one out. "Do you like it?" Damian purrs. The rabbit looked at him again, his hand going into his pants. "Would you like to join me?" "Are-are you serious? Wouldn't it be better if you came here? In my apartment?" "Where's the fun in that, Sebastien? This rooftop has fresh air, the moonlight, the breeze. I even have a blanket waiting for us to lie on top of." "I-" Sebastien looked down at the street. "Fuck yeah, I'm going to be right ov-" "There is a rule." The rabbit stopped moving. "Of course, there is," he said, sounding like he was talking to himself. "Okay, what is it?" "The only thing you are allowed to wear are a pair of socks and shoes." "You-you want me to get out of my apartment buck ass naked? You want me to get out and cross the street without anything on?" "Yes." Sebastien looked outside, down at the street and then up. Damian was still stroking himself and let out a small moan as their eyes met. "What's in it for me this time?" "The joy of having sex with me?" The rabbit cursed softly, and disconnected. He paced in his small living room, glancing up when he came close to the window. Damian continued stroking himself, and rubbed his chest, giving the rabbit a show to help with his decision. He watched as Sebastien undid a button on his shirt, then went back to pacing. He reached for his belt, stopped himself. Sat, stood, then threw his arms in the air and began pulling his clothes off. Naked, except for his socks and shoes he paused at his door, pressing an ear to it. He cracked it open and glanced in the hall. Then stepped out, closed it and disappeared down the hall. Damian stepped down from the edge of the roof and onto the thick blanket he had arranged on the hard surface. It was large enough his entire family and more could have sex on it. He had pillows arranged them behind him as he sat to wait. He was facing the fire escape and the door to the stairs going into the building. He couldn't know how Sebastien would leave his own building and make it across the street and to this one, but those were the only two ways to reach the roof, short of climbing the walls themselves, and the rabbit hadn't shown an interest in the kinds of activities that made that possible. He leaned back in the pillows and considered the rest of the week. He had a conference call in the morning with Sheikh Luwai el-Hashemi over providing water for his province. Then he had a call with General Navarro, he was hopeful he could talk the man into de-escalating the developing situation in Kenya. He made it to the middle of the following week, a meeting with his team of lobbyist to strategize over defeating the proposed lowering of the mandated insurance coverage companies have to provide to their employees, when he heard clattering coming from the fire escape. The rabbit clambered over the side and landed not too gracefully, barely managing to keep his footing. He was panting hard, but Damian was pleased to note he was at half-mast. As he'd guessed, Sebastien had a slight exhibitionist streak. The incident in the bathroom had supported the assumption, but now he knew for certain. "You're crazy." The rabbit was hands on knee catching his breath, but he was smiling. "I get that fairly often." Damian put his hands behind his head and made his cock grow erect. "We could get arrested." Sebastien straightened and his eyes to the tiger's hard cock. "No one can see us here." "And what about while I was getting here? I had to cross the street, someone probably saw me and called the police." "Were you hard?" "What?" "When you ran across the road, were you excited?" The rabbit's cock twitched and the inside of his ears turned red. "I was terrified." "But also excited?" "I don't know, I guess?" "Why did you come?" "You told me to." "Sebastien, please, I offered. You always had the option to refuse. So why did you come?" The rabbit sighed. "Because I wanted to be with you again." "And the risk of getting caught running across the road naked?" He thought for a few seconds. "It was worth it, I guess? That's crazy, isn't it?" "No, Sebastien, that is what life is about. Figuring out what risk you are willing to take to get something you want. Now, what do you want?" Sebastien looked him from head to toe, this time his eyes didn't linger on his cock, but once he was done, they did return to them. "Is it okay if I just want to snuggle?" Damian patted the space next to him. "You are starved for physical contact, it is understandable that you wish for some." "How do you know that?" "It's a problem with the whole of our society, has been one for over a century now, so it's to be expected of a young professional like you, but I also noticed it the last time we were together. How you reacted to being touched. How you craved it." Sebastien stretched next to Damian and, after a hesitation, placed a hand on the tiger's chest. Damian put his arm around the rabbit's shoulder and down his back, pulled him even closer, until their fur mingled. As if it had been a signal of permission, Sebastien relaxed and put his head on Damian's shoulder. "Do you do this often?" "Do what?" He rubbed Sebastien's back, letting his claws out only enough to glide over the flesh, thought the fur. "Find yourself a guy younger than you, get him to have sex with you in inappropriate places?" "Everywhere is appropriate for sex." "Does that mean you do it often?" "No, for one thing men your age don't often find me desirable unless they know I'm rich." Sebastien sat up. "You're shitting me, right?" Damian tilted his head. "You have got to be the most handsome man I've ever met. You're ripped, well dressed, hung, well spoken. You have to have guys lining up to get in your bed." "I do not." "Why not?" Damian smiled. "Because, of the items you listed, only two matter to most men your age, that I'm ripped and hung, both things which I keep mostly covered. The next thing they see is my lengthening ruffs, I'm actually coming into them early." "You could trim them, you could do some pretty nice things with them." "I could, but I'm not ashamed of my age. I am living a good life and if a young man judges me by them, well, it is his loss, wouldn't you say?" Sebastien smiled at looked at the tiger's cock. His own was hard and leaking into his fur. "Another reason men are not clamoring to get in my bed is that this is not a side I show to many men. I am not interested in men who take one look at me and decide they'll get something." "I definitely wanted something from you." Damian smiled. "Yes, and that was in spite of the business leader expression I wore, but more importantly, you didn't act on it. Yes, part of it was that you were afraid, but even that you didn't let show much. It was your self-restraint that attracted me, that made me want to see what exactly was under this shy exterior." "So, you're interested in me because you want to see what makes me tick." There was no disappointment in the rabbit's voice. "Only partially, and only at first. The goal of what we are doing is different now." "What is it?" "What do you want, Sebastien?" The rabbit let out a sigh that contained disappointment and annoyance. He felt Damian that changed the subject, and he wasn't sure how to answer it. "Is this all you want? For us to snuggle?" "No." There was no hesitation. "I want us to have sex, just." The pause was long. "Is this us dating? I mean...I don't know what I mean." "No, Sebastien, we are not dating. I do not date, so you can find yourself a more appropriate partner, someone more suited for your life, for your needs. Someone who will be there when you want him to be, not just when it suits him. At the very least, you should find friends you want to touch and who will want to touch you in return without putting undo pressure on you." "There's the one guy...." "At the fabric store." Sebastien didn't react with any surprise that Damian knew about him. "Yeah, he's offered to touch me." "He wants to have sex with you. That isn't the same thing since you don't like him." "If that's all I can get, should I just suck it up and say yes?" "Why do you think he is all you can get?" "Have you seen the lineup of guys at my door? Because if you have I certainly haven't." The bitterness ran deep. "Sebastien, may I make an observation you won't like?" The rabbit sighed and made circles in Damian's belly fur with a finger. "Well?" he finally asked. "You haven't given me permission." "Like you actually care." "Sebastien, respecting your wishes should show that I care. Possibly not the way you wish I did, but I do care." "Fine, go ahead, give me the bad news." "You push men you are attracted to away." Sebastien snorted. "Oh, that is so typical, just because I don't run after every guy at that makes my cock twitch, it's got to mean I shove them away." He turned and began standing. "You know what? This was a mistake, I shouldn't have-" Damian caught his hand to keep him for leaving. "I thought this was my decision?" Sebastien said, looking at the hand. "It is, but look me in the eyes, look past the hurt you feel and tell me you truly want to leave." "Of course, I don't want to leave, but what am I supposed to do when someone like you tells me I'm a looser." The rabbit's eyes were getting wet. "I didn't say that." Damian let go of him. "Will you sit back down?" Sebastien let himself fall back to a sitting position almost like agreeing with Damian was the act of defiance. "You didn't say it, but that's what you meant." Damian placed a hand on the rabbit's shoulder and gently tugged him closer. When Sebastien resisted Damian didn't insist. "No, Sebastien, if I had meant that, I would have said that. I understand why you feel this way, most men you've interacted veil what they mean behind words that have nothing to do with it. You are left having to navigate a sea of meaning without any lighthouse to guide you. I am not like them, the words I say are the words I mean." Sebastien turned so he could look at Damian. "You said I push the guys I want away. Even without hidden meaning, that pretty much means I'm a looser. Who else would do that?" "Someone who had been made to think the men he wants can't be obtained? I don't know your past-" "Really?" the tone made it clear Sebastien had trouble believing it. "I didn't look into it. I didn't want this to be too easy." "This what?" Damian smiled. "I don't know your past, but I will guess that when you were younger, before you knew better than to let other boys know you were interested in them, you approached some. They were the biggest and tallest at your school, your neighborhood. You probably didn't outright say you were attracted to them but-" Sebastien had looked away. "You were a brave child." "I was stupid." "No, you were brave. And they beat you down for it, either physically or verbally." "Both." "I am sorry Sebastien. No child should have to go through something like that." He tugged on the rabbit's shoulder, and this time Sebastien didn't resist. Damian held him against his body. "You learned that you couldn't have them. You learned that if you told them how you felt, they would hurt you. So, you do what you can not to show your interest, and it comes across as cold." "It didn't stop you." "I saw through it. I spent years training myself to read body language, to see what wasn't being said. But as I said, I was also curious as to what was underneath. Most men won't see more than you being distant and they will not push. And if one does see through it, he might not be interested." "I'm professional with everyone." "Sebastien, you were talking and laughing with that older gentleman. You were relaxed. Not quiet and withdrawn as you were with me. You are only that way with men who fit my description." Sebastien sighed. "What should I do then?" "Talking with them would be a good place to start. They are not so different than you and I. They have dreams and aspirations. Likes and dislikes. I don't mean that each and every one will reveal himself to be interested in you, but how can you know if they are when you are not even giving them the opportunity to know how wonderful of a young man you are?" "If I said what I wanted was to date you, would you?" "No. As I said, I don't date." "Why not?" "I will answer that question the next time we meet. But in other ways I will abide by what you want, even if all you want to do now is snuggle." Sebastien looked up at him. "Hey, I ran across a street naked. I didn't do that just to I could get analyzed. We're going to have sex." Damian began telling him he shouldn't force himself, but his mouth was covered by the rabbits, who kissed him forcefully. The tiger quickly got over the surprise and responded in kind. After a few second Sebastien climbed over him, lying on top and grinding. When he pulled away Sebastien was panting. "See, I told you we'd get back to it." Damian nodded, he was panting too, but in his case, it was to match the rabbit. "What do you want?" "Lube." Damian reached behind the pillow and handed him the bottle. Sebastien poured a generous amount on his hand then reached behind. He bit his lower lip as he prepared himself, then slicked Damian's cock. The tiger placed a hand on each of Sebastien's thighs but other than rub them, he didn't try to control anything. Like the previous times, he wanted him to make all the decisions. Sebastien positioned himself over the cock and lowered himself. He took his time, and his mouth opened ever wider the lower he went. Damian kept still, his own lips parted in a silent sigh of pleasure. When Sebastien finally sat on his lap, the rabbit leaned his head back and let out a moan. "Fuck I've been dreaming about this." He looked down at Damian, whose eyes were half closed. "Your ass is amazing." Sebastian chuckled. "I bet you say that to all the pretty things you fuck on roof tops." "Only those who warrant it, and technically, you are fucking yourself on my cock." "Oh hell yeah I am." Sebastien leaned forward and then back. "Fuck yeah." He did it again and Damian moaned. It wasn't an act. Damian could fake pleasure better an anyone, but he did feel it, and only faked it if the situation called for it. Sebastien didn't require any falsification. The ass moved up and down on Damian's cock, and he enjoyed it, moaning and groaning, even thrusting partially against his will. "Grab my hips," Sebastien said, and Damian obeyed. "Fuck me hard." Damian took control and thrust slow and deep. Using strength but not speed. The rabbit looked ready to protest, but the tiger changed the angle and when he pushed in, he scored a direct hit on the young man's prostate. Sebastien's protest vanished in a moan. Damian did it again and again. He held him in place while his cock moved in and out, hitting the prostate each time. Sebastien had a hand on his cock and was stoking it. His eyes were closed, and he was cursing softly. Words were inter-spaced among them. "Together," was one, "Hope," another, and "Please." Damian watched the Rabbit stroking his cock as he fucked him. He sped up his breathing, prepared himself to throw the mental switches. The rabbit's balls contracted. His ass tightened. Sebastien raised his head, mouth falling open. Damian felt the tremble start and he flicked them. As Sebastien let out a shuddering moan, Damian groaned through clenched teeth. He plunged in as he pushed the rabbit down on his cock and cum sprayed his stomach, as he filled the ass with is. Sebastien slumped, using his clean hand on Damian's chest to keep himself from toppling forward. He was panting and smiling, eyes closed. Damian's were partially open so he could watch the rabbit while giving the impression they were closed. He kept his breathing hard and fast a little longer before slowing it. "Fuck, did we come together? I didn't think that really happened. It's so hot." Damian kept panting as he spoke. "Sometimes it just happens." There had been many versions he could have used, but tying the young man to him emotionally wasn't the goal here. Sebastien looked at his cum covered hand. "Do you have anything to clean it?" Damian reached behind his head. "Wait." Sebastien had a mischievous glint in his eyes. "I want you to lick my hand clean." Damian smiled and took the hand in his and moved it to his mouth. Never taking his eyes off Sebastien's he ran his tongue from the distal wrist crease along the left side of the hand, up the little finger to the tip and then sucked the digit in his mouth. He moaned as he pulled it out slowly and Sebastien shivered. Damian went back to the crease and licked up, to the ring finger and sucked that one in his muzzle. He did it again with the middle finger and the index and finally the thumb. Sebastien was panting. Damian rubbed his cheek against the palm. "That-that had to be the hottest thing ever." "Hotter than us coming at the same time?" The rabbit shook his head hard enough his ears flapped left and right. "Close second thought." Sebastien leaned forward to kiss Damian, pulling off his cock. Damian let his cock get soft as they kissed. After a minute Sebastien pulled off with sound of disgust. "I'm leaking." He looked around, then at Damian. He opened his mouth, closed it. Opened it again, only to shake his head. "DO you have a cloth I can use to clean up?" Damian reached behind his head and handed him a small towel. "You're a literal boy scout, aren't you? Always prepared." "I didn't last as a boy scout." Sebastien raised an eyebrow. "You failed?" "Not quite. Let's just say that my social philosophy at that age didn't match that of the organizers and it was decided I shouldn't take part." "What did you do? Come onto one of the scoutmasters?" "I got naked in the middle of the first meeting." "You? Why?" "The dalmatian next to me had asked why there weren't any girls, and asked what was so different about them that they couldn't attend. I took off my clothed and explained it to them." "And you were how old?" "Seven." "And you knew about girls?" Damian smiled. "It may have escaped your attention, but I am quite smart. It isn't a recent development. At seven I knew a great many thing children that age normally don't know. Most of them probably not appropriate for them to know about. The internet was quite instructive." "And you came out this well-adjusted?" Damian considered his response. It didn't require seriousness, or even honesty, but he felt Sebastien needed to know this about him, so he would be prepared. "Sebastien, don't mistake the fact I can act in a manner that is considered appropriate to me being well adjusted." The rabbit eyed him, then burst out laughing. "Good one. You almost had me there." He threw the towel to the side and stretched against Damian. "Now what?" "What do you want?" Sebastien was silent. "What I want is to spend the night here, with you, but..." "If that is want you want, you shouldn't deny it." "I'm not like you. I can't just always do what I want. I need to balance what I want to do with what I need to do. There are things I need to take care of. As fun as it would be to spend the night here, probably have sex again, I need to go home, get some sleep." "Good." "What do you mean? good? Don't you want me to spend the night with you?" "This isn't about what I want. And it is good that you can balance the two. Many men can't do that." "I guess that's true." He ran a hand in the tiger's chest fur. "I want to see you again." "You will." "When?" "I don't know." "I don't get a say in that one, do I?" "I afraid not." "Why not?" "Because I too have a life, and it has requirements of me I can't escaped." "I thought you were the guy in charge." "I am, but that just means I have more to do, more commitments to more people." "Other guys to have sex with?" Damian canted his head to the side, giving the impression he was thinking it over. "Only one other man." "So I'm not your steady?" "I told you, Sebastien, I don't date." "You could give it a try, you never know." "I already did." "How did it end?" "Not well." "Oh." "This is not the entirety of the reasons, Sebastien, but I am a man dedicated to my work. It is not something that makes building a relationship with another man easy. No man wants to come second, especially not to his partner's work. I don't intend on putting anyone in that position." "What if I didn't mind it?" Damian sat and crossed his legs. "Then you would be doing yourself a disservice. You, like everyone out there, deserves to be happy. You deserve to be with a man who will want to be with you for the entirety of who you are." "I don't think that happens. As far as I can tell most people settle for what they can get." "And look at the world that created. Two of my brothers have a family, and they are with someone that suits them perfectly. They didn't settle, they found the person who wanted them for everything they are. You can too." "Thanks." "For what?" "For being honest, I guess. Everywhere I look I get people who settle or messages that the perfect life is out there. You told me more or less the same thing, but you don't make it sound like it's a fairytale, where my prince charming will kiss me and it's all going to be fine. You're saying a good part of it is on myself." "It is." Sebastien nodded and stood, wobbling a little. "I'll wait for our next meeting then, and I'll try to talk to some hot guys in the meantime." Damian watched him climb over the ledge and disappear down the fire escape and got dressed. Now he knew where things were going, he knew what Sebastien was capable of. Only a few more things to resolve and he'd reach the end game. Chapter 09 The coffee shop wasn't one of the popular chains. It was why Ethan loved coming here. Sebastien liked it too, but he didn't think he would have ever noticed it on his own. It was squeezed between an electronic store and a real estate office on a quiet street just outside downtown, a few blocks from Ethan's office. Sebastien smiled at something Cynthia said, she was a mother of three who wrote romance novels for extra income. At the table with him her, him and Ethan were Martin and Sophie, the last unoccupied chair was for Julie, who hadn't arrived yet. "I might make it out of the mail room, finally," Martin said. He'd forgo the university learning for being a starving artist, and when, after six years of it he was still starving, he'd decided to take what he'd learned and get a job at an advertising firm. Art hadn't translated into an instant position, and he'd been in the mailroom of one of the smaller firms for three years now. No one commented on how he should have stuck with school, but they'd all thought it. Even Cynthia, who'd had to drop her English degree when she'd given birth to her first son. Fortunately for her, she was married to a successful car salesman, who brought in enough to cover the essentials and a few extras. Unlike what the movies portrayed, selling cars wasn't a way to get rich. Ethan looked over Sebastian's shoulder and put his cup down. He let out a low whistle and the rabbit looked over his shoulder. Julie was walking toward them in a seafoam green dress, with darker blue shoulder straps and trim. She spun in place and beamed. "I love it. You really outdid yourself, Sebby." Sebastien smiled. "I'm glad you do." She smoothed the fabric as she sat down and a server came to take her order. The main reason Ethan love this place was that they didn't bother with having the customer stand at the counter. Servers came to you. "Any chance I can get you to make one for my wife?" Ethan asked. "You know the deal, you pay for the material and I'll do the work. Although I'd have to meet your wife to take her measurements." "If she exists," Martin commented. "I still have my doubt Ethan ever got married. He liked playing the field too much." "I was seventeen, Martin. I settled down in the ten years since." "Then how come we haven't met the ever-elusive Misses Platton?" "Because she's busy, and she can't stand you." "Right, because she knows me." Ethan hid his smile behind his cup and Martin straightened. "Wait, are you saying I know her too? Did she go to school with us?" Ethan looked to Sebastien. "So how much fabric would I need?" The rabbit chuckled at Martin's hurt expression. The beagle had been needling the fox for three years now about his wife and this was the first time a clue had been dropped. After Ethan gave him her height and approximate weight, he didn't know exactly how she weights and no he wasn't going to ask, he liked sleeping in the same bed as her, Sebastien gave him a rough estimate on how much fabric he'd need. "You need to start charging us for the work," Julie said. "You're my friends, it wouldn't feel right." "Sebby, you are too good to just give your talent away like this. We can afford it." "Well, most of us can," Ethan grinned, looking at the beagle. "Har har, very funny. I'll have you know I tried to pay for the suit. Sebastien outright refused." "You refused money?" Cynthia eyed him. "What is wrong with you?" "I don't need it so bad-" "It isn't about needing it, Seb, you did the work, if someone offers to pay you take it." "It's just something I do on the side, I have a job for money." "Sometimes, Sebastien," Sophie began. "You really annoy me." She was an investment banker, and while money wasn't what drove her into that career, it had been a factor. "You never, ever, give away something for free, especially not when you're so talented at it." "I'm not-" "You are," Ethan added. "You've made clothing for each of us, and I happen to know you made some for a few people you barely know. I expect you didn't charge them either. Why aren't you taking our money? Wouldn't that help with your mom's medical bills?" "Those are covered," Sebastien said. "Then you could put the money aside, invest it in case something happens. I doubt the shop you work at has such great medical coverage." Sophie eyed him over her cup. Sebastien felt his ears burn. He wished they understood he didn't want their money. He was just happy to see them enjoy the suits and dresses he made. "Look, can we talk about something else?" And with that, the conversation shifted to other topics. At least his friends were good about that. They didn't push when he said he had enough. Twenty minutes later, they'd gone over Cynthia's latest novel ideas, how certain Martin's promotion was, Sophie's unbearable coworkers and Even Ethan hadn't escaped their questions, Martin still trying to ascertain who his wife was, when Sebastien's phone buzzed. He glanced at it and put it away. Five minutes later he excused himself and headed for the bathroom. The message had been from Mister Orr. 'Bathroom, second stall from the back,' was all it had said. It had been a full week since he'd heard from him, and while he did have the tiger's number, Sebastien felt uncomfortable initiating contact with him. The bathroom was large and clean. There were five stalls, five urinals and five sinks, one of which was occupied by a tiger washing his hands. The rabbit hesitated and went to the sinks. The tiger was good looking in his jeans and leather jacket. The jeans fit him perfectly, but the jacket hung a little loose at the shoulder, making it at an off the rack purchase. In the mirror Sebastian saw he wore a white button-up shirt, and that he was muscular. The rabbit thoroughly soaped his hands, trying to decide what to do. He should go to the stall. He could find out what he needed to do this time and then wait for the tiger to leave, but... he discretely eyes the tiger's reflection. "This is a nice place, isn't it?" he said. The tiger paused in combing his muzzle fur. "Excuse me?" Sebastien's ears burned. Just how lame could he be? This wasn't a bar, or a club, people didn't come here to be chatted up by strangers, especially not in the bathroom. He shook his head and rinsed his hands. In his peripheral vision he could see the tiger, still looking at him. He dried his hands and went to the stall. The envelope was tucked against the wall of the stall and the brick wall of the building. He took the card out of it. 'Do what he says.' Do what who said? And where was the money? Every time before this, Mister Orr had included three hundred dollars with his instructions. Was he expected to do this for free? And who would say what? He was alone here. He turned and clamped his hand over his muzzle to avoid screaming out. The tiger was standing in the stall's doorway, holding three hundred-dollar bills between two fingers. He was smiling crookedly. Sebastien backed up a step and he felt the toilet press against his leg. This wasn't what he'd expected. The cards had always involved solitary acts before. The tiger didn't say anything, he just looked at him, holding the money. Right, until he took the money, he hadn't agreed to this. Did he want to? Did he want to do whatever this buff, good-looking, and-Sebastien checked the tiger's basket-clearly well-hung man wanted? He might ask for some really crazy stuff. He snatched the money out of the tiger's fingers and stuffed it in a pocket. It had been a week since he'd gotten laid. The tiger wasn't Mister Orr, but Sebastian could pretend. The tiger stepped in and closed the door, latched it. "I'm-"Sebastien began, but the tiger placed a finger on his lips to silence him. He nodded to the card the rabbit still held. "You do what I say, right?" Sebastien nodded. "Good, no talking. Take off your clothes." The tiger leaned against the door while the rabbit took off his jacket, vest and shirt. The tiger nodded in appreciation. There was no leer in his eyes. He was enjoying watching Sebastien undress, but the rabbit had the sense he didn't think any less of him for being in the position of taking direction. Sebastien paused after folding his shirt and placing it over the jacket and vest on the toilet's tank. The bathroom door opened. The tiger motioned for him to keep going, and Sebastien was extremely conscious of the man taking a leak while he undid his laces and took off his shoes. The man was washing his hands as the rabbit undid his belt and took off his pants. The door closed as he pulled down his underwear and stood fully exposed before the tiger. "You're very good looking." The tiger spoke in a normal tone and Sebastien winced, the words echoed in the stall. The tiger stepped closer and the motion made his jacket open wider. Something flashed at his belt and Sebastien's eyes went wide as he realized it was a badge. This guy was a police officer. The tiger followed his gaze. "Don't worry, you're not going to get in trouble over this." He ran a hand through Sebastien's chest fur. "Why don't you undo my pants? Take out my cock." Sebastien hesitated. He felt his ear burning. Could he do this? Should he? He'd taken the money, tactilely agreed to this, but-the door opened and closed, making him wince and somehow prodding him to action. Up close the tiger smells of cloves and something else, something oily, but nice. His hands were shaking as he grasped the belt's clasp. He worried that he was doing this wrong. He looked up to ask, but closed his mouth before words came out. Right, no talking. Still the tiger was looking at him without any sign of impatience. The person in the restroom washed his hands, used the air dryer and left. "You know," the tiger said once the door closed. "If you're not comfortable with this, just give me back the money and we'll act like you weren't interested from the start." Sebastien shook his head, then rested it against the tiger's chest. He felt strong muscles under the shirt. He had a sense that this wasn't part of what the tiger had been hired for. That the offer was something he was offering for himself, not as part of instructions Mister Orr had given him. Sebastien felt comforted by that, by the idea the tiger knew he wasn't entirely comfortable with this and willing to end it. But he'd agreed and he would carry through. He wanted to. He wanted to have sex with this muscular, handsome, considerate tiger, and he did feel some excitement, under all the fear, as doing here in and almost public setting. He took a breath and undid the belt. Before he could question what he was doing he popped the jean's button and lowered the zipper. He reached in and immediately felt a hot, hard shaft. The tiger wasn't wearing any underwear. Sebastien had trouble breathing. When was the last time he'd held a cock? Mister Orr, and before him, it had been years. The tiger rumbled in pleasure and Sebastien worked the cock out. It proved more difficult than he expected. One of the reasons he, himself, didn't like jeans were because they were so tight, and it made the erection difficult to take out. By the moans and sighs the tiger didn't seem to mind the work. When it was finally out Sebastien's hand was covered with precum. He looked at his glistening palm, then the cock, shiny and slick looking. "You like what you see?" Sebastien nodded. He stroked it with a hand, and reached into the jeans with the other to pull the tiger's balls out. He felt they matched the cock, both were a little larger than Mister Orr's. "You have friends here, right?" Sebastien looked up, worried. "Don't worry, it's not that. I'm checking to figure out how much time we have. If they're expecting you back, I can't stretch this out." Sebastien realized the idea of rushing through this disappointed him, but he was right. The others would wonder, and if they came looking for him.... "Turn around." Sebastien did as he was told, waiting until the last moment to let go of the cock. The tiger pressed against his back and wrapped an arm around the rabbit's chest, his hand rubbing through the fur. Sebastien yelped as he felt something slick between his ass cheeks and then pressing against his hole. It wasn't the tiger's cock, he could still feel that grinding against one of his cheeks. He gasped as he felt the finger enter him and bit his lower lip to keep from making any other sounds. "You like that?" the tiger whispered. Sebastien nodded. "Then let me hear it. No words, just sounds." Sebastien looked over his shoulder in worry, but all he saw was the tiger's leather jacket. Leather oil, that was what the other smell was. The finger thrust in and one and Sebastien bit his lip harder. "Come on," the tiger said, "you do want me to know I'm doing this right, don't you?" But what if someone came in? Sebastien wanted to ask, but he kept his mouth shut. The finger pulled out and he through the cock might go in, but no it came back, slicker. The tiger finger fucked him for a few seconds and, on the last thrust in, hit something that had Sebastien moan out loud against his will. "There," the tiger breathed. "Now that's a beautiful sound." He thrust his finger in again and Sebastien moaned. "I think you're ready now." He pulled the finger out, moved behind the rabbit. Sebastien was trembling in anticipation. He moaned as he felt the cock slide between his cheeks, then whined as the tip rested against his hole. "You want this?" Sebastien nodded. The pressure increased then lowered. The cock thrust between his cheeks a few times before pressing against his whole again. Sebastien pushed his ass back and he gasped as he felt himself being stretched. "Eager, aren't you?" Sebastien nodded vigorously. "Then I guess I shouldn't keep you waiting." The tiger pushed, and Sebastien let out a low and loud moan as the cock entered him, stretched him. He hadn't meant to, it just came and he couldn't stop it. The arm holding him lowered to his waist and kept him in place as the tiger began thrusting. His other hand, the slick one wrapped around Sebastien's cock and stroked him. He let out a cry of pleasure then clamped his mouth shut as he heard the door open. The tiger's hand was off his waist and over his muzzle. "Keep going." He said. "Did you hear that?" a man said. The tiger couldn't be serious, he wanted to keep going while-he gasped as the tiger thrust more forcefully into him. "What?" Sebastien couldn't keep from moaning as the cock moved inside him, and all that kept the sound from leaving his mouth was the hand clamped over it. "As we entered, it sounded like a girl's pleasure scream." Sebastien did not sound like a girl. His screams were very manly. The tiger slowed his thrusting and Sebastien was able to catch his breath. "Really?" the two men were taking a leak. "A girl, in the man's bathroom. You must need to get laid if you're heard that. It was probably just the door's hinges that need oiling." Sebastien placed his hands against the wall to hold himself. The tiger was nibbling on the back of his neck as he slowly fucked him. And two men just outside the stall had a conversation about the kind of girls was the loudest. Sebastien should be turned off by having an audience, but his cock was rock hard in the tiger's hand. Any loud sounds could have them exposed, but that only made this experience more exciting. Like when he'd realized the stall door in the mall had come open while he was jerking off, but more so. Sebastien's moaning grew louder against the tiger's hand as the men washed their hands. And the tiger shushed him quietly, but he didn't stop fucking him or stroking his cock. Sebastien was certain that at any moment the men would hear him and come investigate. Sebastien's breathing became shallow, he felt his balls contract. He whined against the hand, this couldn't be happening now. Not with those men outside. He had to hold it back, but the tiger wouldn't stop moving, thrusting, stroking. Sebastien was seeing stars, He thought he heard the door close and the tiger's hand came off his mouth just as the rabbit's orgasm burst through. He tensed and let out a high pitch scream as he shot cum. The tiger growled in his ear and fucked him harder. He smelled the cum covered hand before his muzzle and licked it. The tiger growled again, and bit the back of his neck as he buried his cock deep enough to make Sebastien yelp. The tiger stayed like that, his cock pulsing inside him. The door opened and closed, but Sebastien didn't care. Right now, his own father could walk in on them and he wouldn't care. He felt too tired, amazing, but tired. The man took a leak and left. He hadn't washed his hands, Sebastien noted. The tiger was panting in his ear. "Fuck, this was great. I wish we could stay here longer, but your friends...." Sebastien didn't care about his friends. They could go on enjoying their coffees all night, so long as he could continue having this tiger. Or rather that this tiger kept doing him. He whined loudly when the tiger pulled out. His cock still felt hard. It was still hard Sebastien saw once he turned. The tiger had a pack of descenting wipes in his hand and was rubbing around his cock with one. He threw it in the toilet and took another one out. Sebastien opened his mouth, but the tiger had the back against it. "Sorry, but this isn't over until I've left, so no talking still." Sebastian had only wanted to thank him for the experience and ask if they could do it again, but he remained silent. The tiger knelt and cleaned Sebastien's cock and ass. When he was done his cock was soft and he put it away, zipping himself up. He looked at Sebastien and looked about to turn, but instead leaned in. "You're one hot bunny," he whispered in his ear. "And to be clear, I wasn't instructed to say that." The tiger smiled at him and left the stall. Sebastien quickly dressed, then washed his hands. The tiger was at the counter, placing an order. Sebastien wanted to go to him, talk to him at least get his name, but he had to respect the rules, even the unsaid ones. This hadn't been a hookup, it had been one of Mister Orr's games. "There you are," Ethan said. "We were about to call search and rescue to go look for you." Nothing happened, Sebastien told himself, but that felt wrong. Something had happened, it just wasn't any of their business. "Are you okay?" Julie asked. "You were there for quite a while." He gave them what he hoped was an enigmatic smile. "I'm fine, and it wasn't anything bad, just something that had to be taken care of." As he left the tiger walked by their table and happened to look in his direction. Sebastien smiled at him broadly enough Cynthia turned around, but by then all she could see was the tiger's back.

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