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Found 4 results

  1. Corvus Pointer

    Ricardo Welkin

    From the album: Corvy's Furry Pr0nz

    Once upon a time, there was a gay furry boy named Corvy, and it just so happened, on this particular auspicious day, Corvy found a character from an anime he has never seen or will ever see that he was gaily and furrily attracted to. Thus, Corvy drew him. Ricardo Welkin. I have not had a weird* boner for an anime character in YEARS. (PS I'm totally kidding about the gay thing, I have no idea whether he is canonicly or not, but I decided to pretend this is the universe where he IS, lol) *AWESOME

    © Corvus Pointer

  2. Corvus Pointer


    From the album: Corvy's Furry Pr0nz

    So one fine old day, it occurred to me that every time working on something personal, I would never deviate from bulls. I've always loved lions, and decided that my branching out should start with one. I love this character so much too that I'll probably start giving him a story and more art. But until then, hope you enjoy.

    © Corvus Pointer

  3. Corvus Pointer

    Oh dear oh dear Oh Deer

    From the album: Corvy's Furry Pr0nz

    It's been a long time since I've done some proper porn, and needed to fix this. I missed porn. Why? Does a chef become a chef in order to make food, and then say "Eww, you mean eat my own food? Gross. No." If you've been in my stream, you know quite well why I draw porn. To jerk off. For pities sake, this has been a long time.........coming?...... In my thinking, a good furry porn artist begins his or her career in the same way a chef begins theirs as well. Also, a side note about these characters: I have always found the hottest porn to have a story behind it, so here is the story behind this piece. A wolf and a reindeer; two men from opposite sides, in love, protecting each other, fighting side by side, never leaving their lover alone. These guys are husbands, and a part of love is sex, and a part of sex is love. That's why I did this piece. Also, you haven't seen the last of them, believe me.

    © Corvus Pointer

  4. Corvus Pointer

    What a Jerk

    From the album: Corvy's Furry Pr0nz

    That worgen, right? Poor Corvy. His sexual misadventures continue, once again this time with a worgen. Thankfully it's only one. Sure....Corvy will never....be accosted by..MORE than one....

    © Corvus Pointer


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