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    Chapter 41

    OMG, that was so [singing] AWKWARD!... I honestly I actually never thought about buying a Dildo, certainly because The money I have is all from my parents, and I definitely don't wanting to say "Hy mum, can you buy a Dildo for me?" ... So... No... But the other reason is like I just never feel the urge to... Thanks for the update! I feel that the Great moment I was expecting for is in the corner, and I fell really excited for that! See ya.
  2. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 40

    Well, I do like Bears (a lot) so I can Relate... Thanks for the update! See ya...
  3. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 36

    One of my biggest fears before coming out to my family was to not have my mom's bless, back then I was afraid to get kicked of my home, but it wouldn't matter if she was fine with me being... Well... Me. I did know that I would find a way with her to support me. In the end it all worked well... But that thought still hunts my mind sometimes. I am glad to see Patrick Mom's at least trying... But I just have that itch telling me to hold back the expectations...
  4. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 35

    My mother and I are very close... And we became closer after I come out.... If her keep secret of a thing big as that... That would hurt me bad... Deeply bad. But just thinking of breaking this bound is way more hurtful... I can barely even grasp it. And When I put myself in Patrick position... I can't even start to define what he is going trough...
  5. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 34

    I did expected a scene like that to happen, but now I am really curious to know what hell he is doing with them. I am pretty sure that I will not like the answer, but knowledge is better that live in ignorance. And I do know some pretty messed up stuff... Till the next time
  6. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 28

    I really don't like to lie, so I usually use the method to not tell it unless I was asked exactly that. Works very fine.
  7. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 27

    First things first: don't ever underestimate Lycra. This did go way smooth than I expected. I was expecting thing to be go south any second, glad it didn't happened. Wow, wet dreams with your family? Interesting...
  8. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 24

    "The fags were the sleazy ones, and the gays were like that jaguar, normal guys, other than being attracted to guys. okay, he could make that work. He was gay, but he wasn't a fag. He'd never be a fag." For some reason, I used to think like that a long time ago... well, the LGBT+ community is like any other, mostly people just wanting to live their life's. I personally don't like the term "fag" Is just too pejorative. Here in Brazil we also have a term like that, "viado", is a pejorative version of our word "veado" (Deer in English). Is really offensive, unless it's used among friend... Then the word loss it's offensiveness, and turn in a kinda compliment.
  9. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 21

    That was so wonderful...
  10. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 18

    Ok, the more you denie it, the more it hurts... Believe me, I've been there. And the more it hurts, the angrier you will get (and you are now getting paranoid). Searching is aways a good way to end your doubts, but this will ends only when you walk off the closet and shut that damn door forever. Coming out is a relative long and sometimes really difficult process...
  11. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 16

    Thiago Guy is really methodic, cold and brilliant... A dangerous combination... I like it. He stills scare the hell of me, but I like it.
  12. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 15

    The company slogan makes pretty sense to me... And that man give me chills, and I am just reading this...
  13. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 10

    To be completely honest, I don't think they have any sense of reality... Like, not at all... Maybe is just me? And yes I know it's a hypothetical world.... but still... I like it, but these brother definitely need to work in their social knowledge... And I did live in a house like that. And since I live in Brazil I kinda know how it is to live in a neighborhood like that.
  14. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 07

    i definitely didn't like the word "forcing" in the last sentence... And I knew that he was trouble...
  15. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 06

    I don't know why, But I have a bad feeling about this Damian Orr, It's Probably nothing, but my intuition is never wrong...
  16. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 05

    Oh my... Well I actually was expecting something like that to happen...
  17. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 01

    Oh my God, that is going to be interesting....
  18. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 05

    This ended surprisingly well... That was very good... But epilogue? Is it the end? So soon?
  19. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 04

    Well, he was trying to kill you (and probably rape you too)... So... To be honest, I am not capable of understand why you are feeling this way about killing him... I understand how he feel, but still, I'm incapable of understand it...
  20. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 01

    oh, first chapter and someone already pay a mercenary to kill him? well, that's interesting.... Hey, here am I again, obviously I will follow this book too... expect to see me a lot! bye!
  21. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 57

    That was beautiful... Read this book was like, be sitting in a chair that has a button in a table, that when pressed advance randomly in time...
  22. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 56

    I'm feeling that the end is closing...
  23. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 50

    This is going in a interesting direction...
  24. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 47

    This is much like that video that a lizard have to run from a nest of snakes... But this time they blow a Grenade after it's left... What I mean is that the chapters was awesome...
  25. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 46

    Death is always painful for those who stay here... The emptiness someone make when their leave...

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