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  1. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 05

    Oh my... Well I actually was expecting something like that to happen...
  2. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 01

    Oh my God, that is going to be interesting....
  3. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 05

    This ended surprisingly well... That was very good... But epilogue? Is it the end? So soon?
  4. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 04

    Well, he was trying to kill you (and probably rape you too)... So... To be honest, I am not capable of understand why you are feeling this way about killing him... I understand how he feel, but still, I'm incapable of understand it...
  5. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 01

    oh, first chapter and someone already pay a mercenary to kill him? well, that's interesting.... Hey, here am I again, obviously I will follow this book too... expect to see me a lot! bye!
  6. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 57

    That was beautiful... Read this book was like, be sitting in a chair that has a button in a table, that when pressed advance randomly in time...
  7. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 56

    I'm feeling that the end is closing...
  8. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 50

    This is going in a interesting direction...
  9. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 47

    This is much like that video that a lizard have to run from a nest of snakes... But this time they blow a Grenade after it's left... What I mean is that the chapters was awesome...
  10. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 46

    Death is always painful for those who stay here... The emptiness someone make when their leave...
  11. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 44

    I knew that was coming but It still painful as hell...
  12. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 42

    Exodus, I knew what the plan way the moment I read the word, if it work... It will be awesome....
  13. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 41

    8 years without any contact with anyone? Than can break anyone's mind...
  14. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 40

    The thing about fear is that it force us to be as much far of the source of it as possible... It's make us irrational... And without the capability of thinking, we do things we can regret... Ps: the real reason I hate spoilers is because if I know how it ends, it's hard to actually feel anything... It just ruin the surprise
  15. WolfBearHybrid

    Chapter 39

    Ok, for some odd reason, I didn't get the notification that this had a update until yesterday... So I read the last chapter thinking that was my next chapter, a lot of spoilers... And broken hearts beforehand...

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