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  1. Tohfu

    Tohfu Pup

    Doodles featuring yours truly!~ hope you guys like
  2. Tohfu

    Chime!! Art

    Random doodles based on my Chime!! characters (which I hope to use for a comic eventually)
  3. TOOOHHFUUUUUUUUUU Holy CRAP I love your art. I am SO pleased to see you here.

    1. Tohfu


      eeeeeey thank you :D


      may be slow to start but I hope to be around quite a bit~

  4. 'ello peepz! with Tumblr going down I'm hoping to find new places to increase my presence :D so here I aaaaam!~

  5. Tohfu

    Patreon Early Access Doodles

    Album of doodles posted on Patreon first :3 Check out my Patreon @ https://www.patreon.com/tohfu if you wanna support!~ Thank you

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