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  1. Alacardkane

    D&D, Starfinder, Cyberpunk, other OC.

    Collection of my OCs from various RPGs, and since there is some cross over, my cyberpunk work.
  2. Alacardkane

    Character Development Block: Seeking help

    character development is either a flowing thing, a building thing, or a complicated thing. but try starting with this, and as far as military things, there is a lot of resources. though if you want to share what you have, the character, and what you want to try, then maybe we can help "flesh" him out more :3
  3. Alacardkane


    Collection of my Shibari/kinkbaku themed work.
  4. Alacardkane


    thanks :3
  5. Alacardkane

    Inks and Sketches

    Just various stuff, some personal, some commissioned work.

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