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  1. Welp, I'm going to the dentist's tomorrow to have my teeth worked on and get a mold done of my gums so I can get partials for the teeth that I don't have anymore.

    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Youch. Be well!

  2. Sorry for the huge influx of pictures.

  3. Something that I'm currently working on https://docs.google.com/document/d/1svNjiG-rXH-CYXJT3Dja5F30J58JYKwvzeXaZ9iB4gw/edit?usp=sharing Might be some break in between, for when I'm playing Neverwinter, eating, sleeping, or when I'm in a creative block.

  4. We need more otters.

  5. Fuck me, I've felt completely drained emotionally for 2 days straight now.

  6. Would anyone be willing to play D&D on Roll20 with me?

  7. Tornadoes fascinate me, but I don't want to be in or near a tornado, at all.

  8. Currently lurking in Anthro Dymanics' Discord server. Would love to have someone to talk to.

    1. Corvus Pointer

      Corvus Pointer

      Oh darn I hope I didn't miss you! I am in there now!~

  9. Hey guys, how's everyone doing? Also Corvus, what did you use to make this website? Wix?

    1. davidwindlow


      Oh, nevermind, I see it all the way down at the bottom.

    2. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Not Wix, nope :P  This would probably be a good topic for the Forums!


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