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  1. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Technical matters

    I have a playable level, to test mechanics with platforming aspect of the game. I also change every texture on the scene, and it looks really too dark right now.
  2. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Who is who. What he is looking for.

    Hello @nyptor. Tell us something about yourself and what you want to do.
  3. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Technical matters

    Ok. Stream speed up to 30min.
  4. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Technical matters

    And it worked. 2h speedwork.
  5. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Technical matters

    Ok. I make this stream today for few hours. I prefer some material, I think I will go smooth. Come if you have questions or want to see how it all works.
  6. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Technical matters

    I think of making a stream when I show how to make a process. From sculpting character to character game ready with all animations and fully controllable. I think all process (without sculpting) take me like 15 min. But I can explain every matter if someone asks. I try to make a recording of this stream. Hm. I need to find some time to make these things.
  7. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Turn Based RPG battle system

    Working on some quick animations. And I put some models.
  8. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Turn Based RPG battle system

    Steel need some models, animation, and mechanic. But it is a progress here... It looks like I need some coding to set a right target for actions. And invent system to the administration in turn order.
  9. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Turn Based RPG battle system

    Well. Still working on basics mechanics... But is slowly start working...
  10. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Turn Based RPG battle system

    I do several projects at the same time. But most of them will connect, or have a chance to connect. One of such elements is the turn-based battle. Which can be a good addition equally well to Visual Novel and full RPG. And I have great ideas for good mechanics for such a system. So, on site of my Cyberpunk Noir Visual Novel and my RPG adventure game... I will make a simple Turn Based combat system. A few years ago ... I've discovered the browser game "Avengers Alliance" on Facebook. An extremely simple game, about heroes in turn fighting against villains. Nothing special, but the game was so addictive that I stayed with her for years. Simple mechanics enabled very tactical thinking and fights were more like a chess game. They forced them to plan a few moves forward and react to changing situations. You had to know the capabilities of your characters and maximize the effectiveness of their attacks and actions. And the game every few months enriched itself with some new, innovative mechanics, or a character that could be acquired and mastered its abilities. So the older the game was, the more balancing and rich it was. You could sit to the game for a few battles, play with mechanics and leave without a problem. And then suddenly Facebook came up with Gamesroom, and people from the Avengers Alliance committed a completely unsuccessful Sequel ... And finally, they removed the Avengers Alliance completely. Despite the opposition of many fans. I could not find a turn-based battle game that could even match the Alliance in part. So it turns out that I will have to do it myself. So I have a full mechanic head, what I would like to do different or better. I have years of experience, chewing and analyzing mechanics. I have ideas and enough skills to create characters, surroundings, and animations. Therefore, I need only the most flexible system to fasten it all together. Start with something quite simple and minimalist, and then expand. But, I do not a coder, I can't make scripts. Soo... I need to improve my programmatic skills first. Lucky for me there is a lot of new tools in new Unity. Let's start this adventure. And see where I will end with all this ideas, and dreams. : D
  11. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Who is who. What he is looking for.

    @Abraxis Tell us something about yourself. @BigPuppyStuart Tell us something about yourself. @Bullwhip Tell us something about yourself. @ChandlerTriColors Tell us something about yourself.
  12. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Technical matters

    I do not like GameMaker. But it is a nice sandbox for beginners. So. Ther is an 83% off price for some tutorials. https://www.udemy.com/make-an-action-rpg-in-gamemaker-studio-2/?utm_content=_._pd_1237194_._&utm_source=facebook-learn&utm_medium=udemyads&utm_campaign=INTL-FB-PROS-INTLProsDPAv2-T9-EN-ALL_._ci_._sl_ALL_._vi_._sd_All_._la_EN_.&utm_term=_._ag_Tier 1 - Prospecting DPA_._pi_2042788682427852_._gi_all_._ai_24--55_._an_tcZmwh&k_clickid=_kenshoo_clickid__136018820 Then If someone has some time to invest, can learn about basic functions and mechancs.
  13. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Who is who. What he is looking for.

    Hey @ChandlerTriColors, Welcome on board. What bring you here?
  14. Some about the members.
  15. Wirbus / NathanGammel


    Hmm. Obligatory knowledge, for anyone who wants to create an adventure novel. But recently I saw the movie "Three billboards for Ebbing, Missouri" where the script consists of two heroes journey. And it works very well, even though it is a drama about dealing with anger and powerlessness. Anyway, anyone who thinks about writing history and scenarios should have knowledge of Campbell's works. So I recommend refreshing the subject from time to time. Especially since on the internet more and more interesting analyzes of his works are coming.

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