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  1. Stripes Waterkat


    This tiger's little corner of AD for my little bits of furry and Nightcrawler art stuffs. Enjoy.
  2. Stripes Waterkat

    Animus Defense Force (PC & Android)

    Version 1.0.0

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    The planet Animus is under attack by an alien invasion army determined to destroy the world. They have sent ships all across the planet and it is up to you as Commander Marx Silverclaw to defend the people. You will be in command of the Tigermax Force, manning the Talon Canons positioned in all the major cities and charged with blasting the aliens out of the sky before they can annihilate your world. A fast paced game where you tap the screen (or click) to fire the canons at the ships and their plasma bombs to keep them from destroying your buildings and canons. Twenty-one levels of non-stop, ground to air action. Gain power up from special ships to increase the abilities of your canons. Bonus points awarded for accuracy of fire as well as buildings and canons remaining. There are options at the start of the game to increase the difficulty and speed of the game to suit you particular gaming style. As well as checkpoints at levels 5, 10 and 15. Now go blast those alien SOBs. (Note: if the game asks anything about using the camera, ect, ignore it. The game does not utilize any android functions.) These files are free for everyone to enjoy. You'll be getting both the APK for android and the EXE for PC. If you wish to throw a few pennies my way for it, you can send it to the Paypal acct of ruovte@claws-and-paws.com with my thank you.


  3. Stripes Waterkat

    Things That Go BAMF - one shot

    Fan script of Nightcrawler showing up on "The Gifted" by Stripes Waterkat **This is a fan work. ALL IPs belong to their respective owners. ** Scene opens with the Struckers in their room at the mutant hideout. While Caitlin is working on 'dinner', of what she can with their limited supplies, and Reed is looking threw more papers, Lauren stands and heads out of the room, "I'm going for a walk." she says, taking out her phone. "Don't be long, dinner will be up soon." Caitlin injects. "Can't wait." Lauren replies in a deadpan tone. Lauren heads out of the room and down the hallway, tapping away on her smartphone. Once she reaches the common area, she stops and starts looking around, waving a hand in front of her face and grimaces a bit, "Uhg, what smells like sulfur and rotten eggs?". She then starts feeling very uncomfortable, like a dark shadow just passed over her, watching her. She begins to shiver a bit, litely shaking from the anxiety, looking up quickly, thinking she actually saw something pass over head. She slowly turns, looking to one corner of the room, darkened by the shadow of the setting sun. She begins to steps closer to the corner, feeling a presence and seeing a pair of small, slim lights coming from the darkened corner. Curious about what might be in the corner and the little glowing lights, she moves even closer. Once she is about five feet from the corner, the slim lights shoot open to golden glowing eyes. Lauren screams instinctively and jumps back, throwing her arms in front of her, ready to use her force fields to protect her from whatever is there. Everyone else come running when they hear her scream. Her parents, Reed and Caitlin, are the first to arrive. Her mother places a hand on Lauren's shoulder, looking highly concerned and says to Lauren, "What's wrong?" "There's something in the corner!" Lauren says with a panic, pointing towards the darkened corner. Both Reed and Caitlin look and see the glowing eyes watching them, "What is that?" Reed says, trying to figure out what's there. After another few moments, Proudstar, Marcos, and Blink show up to see what's going on. Reed looks to them and then points to the corner of the room where the glowing eyes are, "There's something over there watching us." he says. Blink goes over to see what it is. Everyone watches as she lets out a yelp of glee and giggles, "Oh my god! Kurt!" she says. "Kurt!? Kurt who!?" Reed demands, not liking his family scared by whoever it is. Blink looks to Reed with a smile and then back to the corner, "Come out of there. You're scaring them." she says and giggles again. The eyes close up and they hear a pattering of feet and hands crawling up the wall. Then, leaping over Blink's head and after doing a couple twists and tumbles in the air, Nightcrawler lands in front of the Struckers with the classic superhero landing. (Nightcrawler is dressed in either a tv version of his classic black with red 'vest' or the modern, pre Battleworld, one piece, grey and red with gold trim which I really like. And no damn body scaring. He's not a religious zealot who feels the need to carve symbols into his flesh.) Reed pulls Caitlin and Lauren back, and a few of the random mutants, unfamiliar with Nightcrawler, jump back as well, as this blue 'thing' with a blue tail comes lunging out of the shadows. He stands before them, tall and confident, with tail swaying and a mischievous grin on his face, looking like a great prank just went off. The Struckers look both stunned and intrigued by this 'creature' while Blink, Proudstar and Marcos are a custom to Nightcrawler's antics. Nightcrawler looks to Lauren and then bows to her, leaning over at the waist with one arm over his stomach and the other out to the side like a performer finishing an act, "Mein apologies liebling. I did naut mean to frighten you." he says. From the sidelines, watching Nightcrawler's intro, Proudstar pipes up, "Yes, you did". Nightcrawler looks to him with a mock glare, "Zush you." he says. "Its one of his personality traits, "Proudstar says, "He's a practical joker". Nightcrawler looks back to the Struckers, extending a hand to Reed, "Kurt Vagner or Nightcrawler of ze X-men." he says. Reed is a little off put by Kurt's three fingers, as most people are at first, but shakes it firmly after a moment. He was about to berate Kurt for scaring Lauren, but being he apologized and appears to be friends with the others, he let it go, "Reed Strucker, and this is my wife Caitlin and daughter Lauren". Blink gestures with an open hand towards Lauren, "She is one of our newest residents, being able to project force fields" she says. Lauren nods to Blink and then looks to Kurt, "Yes and so is my brother Andy, but he's not here cause he decided to abandon us" she explains, sounding both angry and hurt by her brother's actions. Kurt nods to her with a bit of a frown, hearing about Andy, "It ist zometimes hard for young mutants to understand vat ist going, boz viz zemzelf und ze vorld around zem. I am zure you vill be able to bring him home. " Kurt says, trying to cheer her up. "It ist goot to zee ze next generation of mutants popping up, hopefully, zey vill naut haf to grow up in fear one day." he continues, turning to Caitlin and takes her hand in his, lifting it up to his face, "Und herr Strucker ist a lucky man to haf zuch a beautiful fraulin by hiz zide," he says and gives her hand a soft kiss, "Und ve can use all ze human allies ve can get". Caitlin smiles and gently pulls her hand from Kurt's and looks to Reed, "Quite the charmer." she says. Kurt looks over to Blink when he hears her coming his way. When she passes by him, she smirks and then smacks him on the butt, "Hay!" he yelps. Blink turns to him and smirks, "You liked it." she chuckles, then looks to the Struckers, "That's another of his personality traits, charming the ladies." she says, heading into the open space of the common area with Kurt following behind, his arms outstretched towards her like he's begging for something, "Can I help it ze ladies find me dashing und exziting?" Once Blink and Kurt are several feet away, Caitlin looks back to Reed again, looking quizzical, "Are you familiar with him?". Reed looks to Nightcrawler, as he does a handstand on the side of the couch and then flops down on it's cushions, then back to Caitlin, "We didn't have to much information on the X-men and less on this one, but I can tell you he's one of the "A" listers, top rank. I really never thought I would see him in person, unless it was in a cell with a control collar on." "DAD! That's horrible!" Lauren calls out, her face red and her eyes tearing up a bit. "Yes, I know." he says looking to Lauren, "I am not proud of what I used to do, that's why I'm here with you now." he returns, looking back to Caitlin, "I do know of his primary ability thou, which is why its so hard to keep track of him." he continues. Caitlin looks to Kurt again and then back to Reed, "What is it?" "I hope you'll get to see it. From what I've read, " he starts and can't help to chuckle a bit himself, "and seeing it from this side of things now, its actually quite amazing as mutant abilities go." The Struckers head over to where Blink, Marcos, Proudstar and Kurt are talking. All they hear at the moment is Kurt rambling about something in German before Blink cuts him off, "Kurt! Enough! Where are the X-men?" she says quickly, frantic to know, "Are they alive?". Kurt smiles and sits up and then back flipping onto the back of the couch, landing in a crouched position. Lauren giggles at Kurt's acrobatics, he smiles and nods back to her, he likes to entertain. He quickly looks back to Blink and throws his arms out to his sides and announces, "Zey are!". Hearing this everyone cheers and whoops, hugging each other and giving sighs of relief. John Proudstar steps up, "Where are they?" he asks firmly. "Zey are... dizlocated at ze moment." he says, trying to figure out how to explain. "Dislocated?" Marcos asks, "What does that mean?". Kurt looks to Marcos and smirks, "Being zat your English ist better zen mein, I vould zink you vould know. Dizlocated means to be displaced from your home.." he starts and Blink cuts him off again, "Kurt!" "Vat?" he says and laughs. Marcos grumbles and crosses his arms. "Ok, ok. You may know zat ze X-jet vas shot down ofer Scotland a few monz ago.." he starts again, (a scene of the X-jet on fire and going down into the ocean) Caitlin covers her mouth with a gasp, hearing this. "Ve all zought ze X-men vere dead. Kitty und I vashed up on Muir Island und nurzed back to healz by Moira McTaggert." (a scene of Kurt and Kitty on med beds with Moira looking them over and then back to Kurt at the mutant hideout) "Ve put togezer anozer X-men group ve called Excalibur to try to keep ze profezzor's dream alive. Ve just learned zat ze X-men did zurfive und ve came back to reconnect viz zem. Once ve got back togezer und zettled at a temporary place, Scott zent me to check on you guys zince zey heard of eferyzing zat haz been going on around here. I am zorry about ze ozer base, I vent zere first to try to find you und found it destroyed. It took uz quite avile to track you here". John looks to Lauren, and Kurt follows his gaze, then looks back to Kurt, "That's a long story." he says. (see season 1) "Kurt. Can you show me... "Blink starts and then stops to look around for something, "Damn, I left my tablet up on the table when Lauren screamed." she says, pointing to a table on the upper landing. "I vill get it." he says and with a flash of purple light and a burst of purple smoke, Kurt disappears and reappears on the railing up top. A couple of the other mutant teens near the table stumble back and land on the floor when he appears, "Apologizes for mein zudden appearance, just need to borrow zis." he says and picks up the tablet and disappears in another burst of light and smoke. The teens look at each other in disbelief, "Tha... that was Nightcrawler." they say to each other and race up to the railing and look over, seeing him on the back of the couch again, handing the tablet to Blink, as they take off for the stairs. Reed looks to Caitlin again and smiles, "That's his primary ability, teleportation. He can jump from place to place at will." "I agree, quite an amazing ability. It would be a great help to have someone else that can get everyone out of harms way in a ... blink." Caitlin says. Kurt looks over to Caitlin and gives a half bow from his crouched position on the couch. Lauren waves her hand in front of her and grunts softly, "That's where the rotten eggs came from." she says. Kurt nods to her with a bit of a sulk, "Ja. An unfortunate zide effect of ze dimenzion I teleport zrew. You vould naut vant to live zere nor vould it make a goot place to fizit." Blink brings up a map on her tablet and then hands it back to Kurt for him to point out where the X-men are. He seems to slide the map for quite awhile before tapping on a spot and then handing it back to Blink. John and Marcos look on as well, "Bermuda?" Marcos ask in disbelief, "Are they on vacation?" Kurt shakes his head, "Nein, zey are still recofering und vorking on a new jet. Scott does naut know how zey vound up zere und Kitty und I on Muir Island. Zeir injuries vere just az zefere az ourz, but it ist a goot place to recofer till zey can find out vho shot zem down." "I am just glad they are still alive. We could use their help." John says, "Did they send any messages?" Kurt nods, "I am going to hang here viz you guyz for a veek or two, make zure you guyz are stable und zen I haf to get back to Muir Island. Scott vants you to stay in charge here. It vill still be quite avile till ze X-men are at a hundred percent und ve need you to continue vat you are doing here". John nods with a smile, "We will be grateful for your help, Nightcrawler, while you are here." Nightcrawler leaps over to the table where Blink is sitting and rolls into a hand stand, one hand out to the side, holding his position with just his one arm, looking at Blink upside down, "Anyzing you need me to do." he says with a bright smile and she smiles back to him. End scene.
  4. As my first post here, just wanted to say, I know this is mostly for the furry community, however, there isn't many place to upload my Nightcrawler art thus, I will have both Nightcrawler and furry art within. I hope you all enjoy both.


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      You're fine! But we require more... erm....samples. :P


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