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  1. kilwave

    Seasonal Chibis

    Seasonal Chibis! Indulge in some holiday festivities. Not limited to just Xmas, all December holidays are welcome! $20 for a festive chibi $25 for a simple animated chibi ONLY AVAILABLE DURING DECEMBER 2018
  2. kilwave

    November 2018

    All artwork done during November of 2018
  3. Holy WOW, I am back. 

    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Welcome back!

  4. Been a bit scatterebrained lately, but finally getting around to uploading art here

  5. kilwave

    Personal Art

    A collection of my personal artwork
  6. Heyo! Setting up on this lovely place here. Why can't all furry art sites be this nice? ;v;

    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      D'aww! Thank you for that. It took 6 months of development to get to where we're at currently.

    2. kilwave


      Oh wow! Excellent job for 6 months! 


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