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  1. Done! This will help me out so much in the long run. I have an ongoing project I work on and this is a major step forward. :} Isn't he a cute kitty boi? :P


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    2. ChandlerTriColors


      Glad you think so! He was fun to work on.

    3. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      You should start an album for all your work in the Gallery area! I'd love to see more.

    4. ChandlerTriColors


      Ah so they are separate. I thought things like that would only be created on my profile. Thanks! Yeah I'll do that.

  2. The initial sketch I made today for a personal project of mine. I like how it's coming along. :}




  3. ChandlerTriColors

    Who is who. What he is looking for.

    Alrighty! I think I got this site figured out. I am a University student currently taking a break from school. I have many interests including art in its various forms, music, Spanish & Russian, etc. I'm a gamer at my core, my oldest and favorite hobby. :}

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