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  1. Heyo~

    Figured I'd try out this site and see how it is! I'm still a bit confused regarding quite a few things but Im sure I'll figure it out soon enough.

    1. Wirbus / NathanGammel

      Wirbus / NathanGammel

      Welcome on AD Damien Guarinot!

      Nice works you make.

    2. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Hi there! If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a message, or browse the FAQs or Q&As!

    3. Damien Guarinot

      Damien Guarinot

      Thank you guys! I'll definitely do that!

      I just uploaded all my works with the incorrect details, so Im trying to adjust that now xD

  2. Damien Guarinot

    Terms Of Service!

    Terms Of Service: Please read these Terms of Service carefully. By requesting my services (Commissions, Trades, and/or Requests) you automatically agree to be bound by them. It is your responsibility to review them periodically. If at any time you find them unacceptable or do not agree with them, you may NOT request my services. I retain full rights to revise these Terms of Service at any time without notice to you. If you have any questions, please contact me at via Private Message. My work schedule is as follows; Mon - Fri: OPEN Sat - Sun: CLOSED Holidays: CLOSED {。^◕‿◕^。} RIGHTS & LICENSING ☆From the moment an art piece is fixed in my digital file, it is copyrighted to the person who created it. That would be your artist, Damien&TheArts. Even if you’ve given me the idea for the painting, the execution of the final product is copyrighted to me. Copyright gives the artist the right to decide who can use their work and how, whether or not it can be duplicated or reproduced, and where and how it can be displayed. ☆As the customer, the rights you have to the artwork I produce are; ...To repost with artists credit. ...To reproduce for personal use only. ...Copyrights to the character you created/own. ☆You are NOT permitted to Edit my work (this means coloring as well) without my permission OR sell my work unless you are selling the entire character, therefore you charge for the character and not the work. ☆☆☆When you set out to commission me, and you would rather your artwork NOT be re-sold by me, you are to inform me IMMEDIATELY before the image is created. ☆☆☆If you are looking to use the artwork I've created for you, for Commercial use/Monetary Gain, you must inform me IMMEDIATELY before the image is created. Copyrights would have to be transferred to you. ☆☆☆If you would like the copyrights passed over to YOU (the customer) please inform me IMMEDIATELY before the image is created. Depending on the image, it may result in a Copyright Transfer Fee, along with a contract, sealing the deal. ☆☆☆Any further rights you'd like to obtain, should be discussed with the artist. Damien&TheArts before the image is started! ☆☆☆Any and all permissions, from me, to you, will be stated in the description section, of the image I post up. If it is NOT stated, and you attempt to infringe on my copyrights, you will be set up on a ‘beware’, or potentially sued, depending on the size and importance of the image. ☆☆☆(I do NOT sell commissioned; Reference Sheets, or most smaller images. Images most likely to be sold are Artistic Nudity, and Full Illustrations containing 1 or more characters and a background.) ☆I retain right to deny any commission inquiry without explanation. ☆As a NSFW Artist, I am required to verify your age before accepting your commission. ---If you provide false verification, you will be permanently banned from my work, a beware will be created, and your parents/guardians will be notified. ☆Commissions will be worked on, based on time accepted or priority. ☆You are NOT permitted to .PSD or .SAI files of my artwork, only PNG final works and high resolution links. {。^◕‿◕^。} PAYMENT & COMMISSION EDITS & UPDATES ☆If your Total is HIGHER $100, only HALF is required to be received, up front, and the rest at the completion of your commission. If your total is LOWER than $100, you are required to pay up front, IN FULL. ---If your total is over $100, the first half of the payment is non-refundable, in the case you decide to cancel your commission, before completion. ---If your total is lower than $100, please view the Refund Policy. ☆Unless you specifically suggest otherwise, I will always send an invoice to request payment. Your email will be required. Any payment received via friends & family will not be refunded, ever. ☆I allow 1 full re-draw or 3 free edits before I charge an additional $5 fee per edit. ☆If you would like visual updates on a commission you’ve purchased, while it’s being worked on, you are required to ask for them via note/PM. Otherwise I will only send you an update once I have one for you. {。^◕‿◕^。} REFUNDS ☆Refunds are only available within 10 days of purchase, however I retain the rights to cancel a commission and provide the appropriate refunds at my own discretion. ☆If the 10 day limit has passed and you are no longer wanting what you commissioned, you may ask for something else in it's place, up to, but not over the total amount of your original commission. ---HOWEVER, if I have already started your image, your total will be reduced, you will be given the work I’ve completed, and you will be informed of your new total. ☆If the 10 day limit has not passed, please request a refund within Private Messages or Emails. One will be administered to you when the funds are available in my own Paypal. You will only be refunded for the amount of work I have not completed. ---I will keep you updated as to what is going on, to assure you that you will be receiving your refund, if it isn't able to be submitted right away. ***IF YOU DO NOT SET A DEADLINE, YOUR COMMISSION WILL BE FINISHED AS SOON AS I'M ABLE TO COMPLETE IT! ***IF YOU GO OVER THE 10 DAY LIMIT AND INFORM ME YOUR COMMISSION IS TAKING TOO LONG, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO A REFUND. ***YOU MAY ADD A REASONABLE DEADLINE AT ANY TIME DURING YOUR COMMISSION. Thank you for your interest/business!

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