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  1. Halphyos


    A place to dump sketches :V
  2. Halphyos

    Up for Another?

    Most definitely yes, I've seen it being compared to Bojack Horseman, I do see the similarities but it's is own thing. But it does criticize modern society a lot and the characters are so relatable and lovable!
  3. Halphyos

    3D Artings

    oh noes it is I, I doing de ting Never mind the quality of these XD All I got is a 5 year old laptop and Im'mere trying to make really complicated and heavy projets woooo OH WELL
  4. Right now Im dead, been streaming everyday 8 hours a week, grrinddiinngg dem drawings XD Im beat, REALLY WANTED to keep working on stuff and work on that special project I have...oops! 😧 I said it! guess I gotta post it now uwu

    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Aww! Take some time for yourself! Do what you want to do and all that.

  5. Halphyos


    Oh then just you wait until Im done with it XD Which will take a while, tryna get back to doing art like I used to, with a lot of detail!
  6. Halphyos

    Blue Rose

    Stuck together with no other options left, Ikki and Nocturne work through the stigmas of society and slowly rise up to what they can call freedom. (Subjected to change)
  7. God it felt like an eternity without internet ;w; finally got computer back up! TIME TO DRAAAWWW

    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Draw all the things!

    2. Halphyos


      Oh youll see all the things Im drawing >:3c

  8. SO! I saw that over on twitter its Minotaur March so I decided to make a moomoo for this month!

  9. I've noticed a pattern with my recent submissions >w>; they're all sketches <w<; maybe I should sit down and do a painting again >w>; hmmm... <w<;

  10. That bubbled bear! I believe I had WAY too much fun painting his bubble xD

    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Looks like it would have taken hours!

    2. Halphyos


      Well, in a way yes and no! All I did was add gradients here and there, fiddle with the colors, do some VERY simplified shading. In a way I was recapping all my tools xD but that was it fun :3

  11. Finishing up on a selkie painting! woooo ugh xD it took sooo loooong!!!!

    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      :o A selkie huh? Is it the one from Ancient Magus Bride? (Prays!)

    2. Halphyos


      Oh no it's Selkie from Boku no Hero Academia!

    3. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Ooooh! That's good too!

  12. I'm really enjoying the layout of Anthro Dynamics, feels like I dont have to look for anything cluelessly like on other websites, everything is so organized and easy to access that it makes posting and watching people's art, reading comics or stories much more enjoyable and fast!

    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Thank you!

  13. Halphyos

    Bare Bear

    Have a look a this cutie! Simply adorable :3

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