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    I'm mostly going to be posting Star Trek things, here! This one's of my character Commander Mei'konda, played on the play-by-email game Starbase 118. In 2394, Mei'konda's the first officer of the USS Veritas, a long-range medium cruiser. And he's got his eye on you.
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    The Games we Play

    I enjoyed Andromeda, even if not as much as the prior games in the series. I'm hoping it'll be a good start to a new trilogy and they'll fix the problems with it over time. I dip into Star Trek Online once in a while, but as Alex mentioned, it can be really grindy. Plus, it just does not feel much like Star Trek. I'm involved in a Star Trek play-by-email game that satisfies that urge for me a lot better. Other than that, I'm primarily an RPG player. Bethesda and Bioware games, mostly. I dip into other genres now and then. I'm a backer of Star Citizen, and though that game has a lot of development left, I'm hopeful for it.
  3. My profile pic is by BoilerRoo on FA!


  4. Mikori my friend THANK YOU for checking out AD! If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate!! 


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