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  1. Yoo hoss! Welcome to the party! ^^

  2. Kalenidus


    Now that's a hot slab of kitty cat right there. |3
  3. *Haunts U in Spanish*

  4. Kalenidus


    Forge your anatomy and colors make me melt like cheap chocolate on a car dashboard on a hot day south of the border. |3
  5. Kalenidus

    Kalenidus' Artwork

    I'll be using this album to upload some of my personal art as well as art commissioned by others. Hope you all enjoy what you find here! ^^
  6. My friend THANK YOU!! I hope you enjoy the HELL out of it dude. We're still very much in Beta, so don't you hesitate one second in sharing any thoughts or ideas!!!

    1. Kalenidus


      I'll have to upload some of my stuff here real soon once I get a bit more organized, but really liking a lot of the features I'm discovering ^^

      I am enjoying this.png

    2. Corvus Pointer

      Corvus Pointer

      My friend, have at it!

  7. Man, this website is SLICK! :D


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