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  1. Ratmen that certainly do not exist with Frankenstein-like creatures and highly dangerous but high unstable weapons and war machines powered by solidified magic stomping  spiky elves and the anthropomorphic dinosaur-riding lizards.......What a wondrous sight to behold :D

  2. A few hours ago, I saw a video which had an anthropomorphic Mayincatec lizard pwn a posh elf....It was awsum. Next I want to see the posh elves spikier cousins and the underground ratmen that people claim do not exist ^__^

    1. davidwindlow


      I think you might like this then.


  3. DUUUUUUDDEE Welcome to Anthrodynamics! Have fun, have at it, and thank you!!

    1. TheBlinkingOne


      You are welcome ^^ I hope to be active here as I am on FA. Though I do have some trouble with Multi-Organizing in terms of websites. 


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