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  1. Corvus!  I need information from you for the convention.  Please get back to me asap either by text or twitter or however you can.  I need to get your panel ideas into the schedule. 

    1. TyrKangaroo


      Nevermind that junk.  I didn't realize the flood hit your area so bad.  Just be safe.  The con is the last thing you need to worry about. 

  2. Corvus!!!  You forgot to call Ark D:  We gotta get you set up. 

  3. Woo!  Fresh new furness!  The layout is amazing! 

  4. YAAAAAYYYY Hi Tyr!!!

    1. TyrKangaroo


      Hai Corvus <3  This site is great!  I'm already uploading smut :3c 

    2. Corvus Pointer

      Corvus Pointer



      Ooooohhhhh HAVE AT IT dude!!


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