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    Games are avesome. BoardGame, Card game, Computer game. Gamefication of evrything. And Furry ar Avesome. And furry are creative. Let's make our own content and make a games. This is a club for eveyone interested, or dream about making own game, but they were always afraid to ask. Or have no one to ask. Or ask, but have not received an answer. Or they were afraid to dream. Or have a dream, but they did not do anything. Or they were stuck in the false impression, thinking it was complicated and it is difficult. Or for other "whatever" reasons. As if, I can help by advice/help/suggestion, anyone who is quite determined and has enough free time to study. I would also like to know other creative people who also do something in this direction and have different experiences.

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    Star Trek, Beta Fleet Progress, and More!

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    Concept art, FINISHED Art, Music, Announcements, and More!

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