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  1. Welcome to AD my friend!

  2. WOW your compositions and arrangements are AMAZING; I am going to need to get your help with my own beginner-songs!

    1. Double Cleff

      Double Cleff

      Thank you so much! Feel free to send me a message , I would love to talk!

  3. Hi there guys, I've been working on an essay where I try to explain "What a furry is," so that people in the fandom have words to explain these things better to our non-furry friends and families. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Please give it read in my journals!

  4. Leobo, WELCOME to AnthroDynamics my friend. I cannot begin to articulate how excited I am to have you with us here. Your work is STELLAR.

    1. Leobo


      Thanks a lot! the pleasure is all mine!

  5. Welcome to AnthroDynamics my new friends! Please, sit back and enjoy yourself here! And remember to never EVER hesitate to let us know what you think and how we can improve! ~ Corvy :BullEmoticon2:

  6. I hope you enjoy the first four pages of Lyons of Kosma: UNCUT, comic 1, "Reunion"!

  7. Welcome to AD my friend!

    1. WolfBearHybrid


      oh, hey! thanks! (It's been a loooong time since I been here last time)

  8. Welcome to AD Micho!!

  9. yaaaayyyy Hi Astrelan!! Welcome to Anthrodynamics! 

  10. I'm heading to bed my friends, but thank you so, SO much for your support and for being here on AD. As always, have AT IT, enjoy the site, and I shall catch you on the flippity! 

  11. WOOOOW, Guys, THANK YOU for joining AD. Allow me some time to run to the store and rest, but I will thank and watch each and everyone of you VERY soon. WELCOME TO ANTHRODYNAMICS!! 

  12. Igggiiiii!!! Welcome!! Please make yourself comfy here and feel free to have at it with any art you wanna upload!! I would be unbelievably, so excited to see your work on here.

  13. CALLING ALL WRITERS! AnthroDynamics is not JUST a place to share visual stories; I wish to STRENUOUSLY feature WRITERS! I know I have a few of you here, and absolutely want to encourage you to post your work! 

    In order to do so, I would recommend using the "Blog" feature under "Create" in the upper right. And as always, just let me know if you need any assistance! :BullEmoticon2:

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    2. Corvus Pointer

      Corvus Pointer

      On it! Just one sec

      OHHH you create it HERE Https://AnthroDynamics.com/blogs and then "Create New Blog." I'm gonna try to make that more obvious somehow for future posters!

    3. BrotherFlounder


      Thanks.  I shall see about setting this up later.

    4. BrotherFlounder


      I thiiiiink I made it work!

  14. Yaaaaayyyy!! Hi Gabe! You Should totally post you Stories and writing on here!!

    1. Gabrielclyde


      Thanks Corv and thanks for this awesome site. I will look to put some cross posts here but in future also post unique content here for the community, see how folks cope with a horse :)

  15. "Why in the world isn't offering translations of the people speaking Kosman?" You might be asking! Well, I thought it would be important to explain! Once Andrew wakes up 3 pages from now, I want the reader to feel JUST as lost and confused as Andrew will feel, as though you've awoken in a totally foreign country. I also want the reader to similarly DISCOVER things as well, as Andrew discovers them himself. I WILL be going back and offering a translation, but worry not! Just because you can't read the dialogue doesn't mean your missing anything! :BullEmoticon2:

  16. Hey guys, Corvy here again! If I could, I wanted to ask a huge favor. If you haven't, please check out the Terms of Service for AD and keep them in mind when posting content. There are some themes and content that other sites freely allow, but that I personally have reservations with. It would mean a very, very great deal to you bull-buddy here if you would keep them in mind. And of course if you have any questions at ALL, don't hesitate to toss me a message. Thanks my friends <3 :BullEmoticon2:Corvy

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    2. BrotherFlounder


      What about posting commissioned art as part of a story?  Is that kosher?  (I don't NEED the art but they sort of developed in parallel.)

    3. Corvus Pointer

      Corvus Pointer

      Oh course!!! You may post anything you want, art, stories, whether yours or commissioned! I think you can also set your blogs to have a custom Banner; could be your Story art!

    4. BrotherFlounder


      I didn't see anything in the TOS against commissions, so good, glad I had that right.  And the banner art actually is a very very cropped version of the art that inspired the story in question.

      I must get a better banner image soon.

  17. Just as a reminder to you artists here, don't hesitate to post away in your albums! And if you have any questions, just poke me!

  18. Welcome to AnthroDynamics!!!

  19. Custom Emoticons are coming soon! :BullEmoticon2:

  20. Hi David!! Welcome to Anthrodynamics!~

  21. Yaaayyy!! Welcome to AnthroDynamics, Silver!

    1. Silvermane


      Thank you Corvus nice to be here :)

  22. Hahaha you cover photo is adorable

  23. Hi Dari! Welcome to Anthrodynamics!!


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