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  1. CALLING ALL WRITERS! AnthroDynamics is not JUST a place to share visual stories; I wish to STRENUOUSLY feature WRITERS! I know I have a few of you here, and absolutely want to encourage you to post your work! 

    In order to do so, I would recommend using the "Blog" feature under "Create" in the upper right. And as always, just let me know if you need any assistance! :BullEmoticon2:

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    2. Corvus Pointer

      Corvus Pointer

      On it! Just one sec

      OHHH you create it HERE Https://AnthroDynamics.com/blogs and then "Create New Blog." I'm gonna try to make that more obvious somehow for future posters!

    3. BrotherFlounder


      Thanks.  I shall see about setting this up later.

    4. BrotherFlounder


      I thiiiiink I made it work!


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