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  1. Muddy

    Lyons of Kosma Vol. 1 Chapter 2 "Impossible Sky"

    Babel language mind meld programming complete: and Andrew promptly passes out! Well it looks like it anyway. Poor lion needs a little TLC after all this.
  2. Muddy

    Lyons of Kosma Vol. 1 Chapter 2 "Impossible Sky"

    Well we now know that the panther dude is named Drex. You’re giving us snippets aren’t you? Teaser
  3. Muddy

    LoK Vol I Chapter 2 64

    Andrew has probably started putting 2&2 together on his own miraculous recovery.
  4. Muddy

    LoK Vol I Chapter 2 63

    Love the last panel..., looks like the canid is gonna get some healing..., or absorbed. My guess is the former.
  5. Muddy

    LoK Vol I Chapter 2 25

    One of my favorite pages in the comic.
  6. Muddy

    Lyons of Kosma Vol. 1 Chapter 2 "Impossible Sky"

    Wow.., okay some things now coming through.. like “Dog” and “suffocation.”
  7. Muddy

    Lyons of Kosma Vol. 1 Chapter 2 "Impossible Sky"

    Bull/Lion mind meld. So much for those language programs!
  8. Muddy

    LoK Vol I Chapter 2 51

    I take it that Andrew may have potential started a clan war?
  9. Muddy

    LoK Vol I Chapter 2 48

    The Six Million Dollar Panther.
  10. Muddy

    LoK Vol I Chapter 2 49

    Hopefully Andrew also gets to learn this new language
  11. Muddy

    LoK Vol I Chapter 2 47

    Okay.. I was assuming, based on muzzle, that the one catching Andrew was also a Lion. Based on the tail I see now that’s not his species.
  12. Muddy

    LoK Vol I Chapter 2 46

    Andrew has surely entered a new phase of his life, where nothing will ever be the same again. All the trappings of modern Earth civilization stripped away - literally (he’s a Lion.., he doesn’t need clothes). I’ve been wondering .., is this older Lion his fathers counterpart in this dimension/reality?
  13. A few years back I began my own comic strip, as a method of working through the stress of cancer treatment (the "guy" cancer... not fun).  Anyway, I'm beginning to work up a file system to begin displaying the comic.

    The other aspect of this effort is a serious look at putting this into gear again, expanding it further than I have to date.  With that said, when I do begin posting it's likely to be one panel a month to start.  After all, it's best to have some buffer (3 to 4 months worth is common from those I've spoken with).  The other reason for a once per month is ... well I'm out of practice drawing my own characters.

    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Would love to see it.

    2. Muddy


      Soon as I can. The interest is appreciated.

  14. Muddy

    LoK Vol I Chapter 2 38

    So, though anthropoid, they can run on all 4’s to escape danger. Cool!!

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