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    "In the 16th century C.E., the planet of Armathia was always a world unknown to anyone else such as the humans from the solar systems. However from there, it's a diverse world of animals in their own parallel, both anthropomorphic and feral, and has a long history from it and its causes upon its way of existence. Thousands of years ago, magical wars have been conducted infrequently over the centuries, but were on major impacts to the world they live in, and with the planet comprised of several supporting moons, the most prominent one is the Moon of Time, Eaiva, serving as the now-habitable planetoid that new sets of life forms exist within and also hold the mother source essence to the element of time, as a real form of matter able to be affected through special means of manipulation and knowledge. Cyclopean crystals have been a naturally abundant physical material of essence and energy on the ingredients to make "magic," under various elemental types, and even run from artificial objects. A new war of a new kind, arises, and an unknown seeker entrusts his friend, the father of the protagonist, to set out the odds after his ongoing departure. Later on, he and the seeker went missing for a very long time. Eavia has been controlled by a force master in incognito, and the protagonist himself sets out on an investigation from the very first sign case near his living area that may be linked to such causes, the first being time-corrupted objects in the environment having been aged unnaturally and warped. From there, help is called to his friends to search together and venture out in the world that is Armathia. While they explore, gather, gain more knowledge, and battle when need be, everyone else goes about their way in living, business, and their personal lives, potentially unaware of the the dangerous yet hidden plots that the suspect and their criminal comrades have, in modified magic. It's up to the new, youthful team to get to the bottom of this worldwide catastrophe, but also not to forget to enjoy life every now and then in their newborn adventure."
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    Design Changes

    As I'm sure the admins have already been actively aware and debating design reformations, but I was encouraged to say this so it stays (and can be re-read, memorized, collected, etc.): The "Story" module will need revamps. I was told originally it was designed as a Blog, hence being unable to post a whole new Story (title), as opposed to posting a Story Entry. (which serve as "subfolders" but they're not the same). This needs to be fixed especially for regular members, it'd be super appreciated.
  5. Hi! The "Story" module will need revamps. I was told originally it was designed as a Blog, hence being unable to post a whole new Story (title), as opposed to posting a Story Entry. (which serve as "subfolders" but they're not the same). This needs to be fixed especially for regular members, it'd be super appreciated. :P

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      Azure, Alex told me how to create new story folders. Instead of hitting " Add new entry" hit the link that says " Create new Story" This will let you make a new folder for writings.

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    Pilot Tetra Infinity

    Pilot Tetra Infinity ~by Ryan Cook (2016 revamped from 2011 version) It was the year 2880, on July 23rd. The Synthesis Stone had activated itself again, in an attempt to reset and refresh the reality of this world for mankind to try again and survive. Two genetically modified pilots, Pamela and Telegorio, were rescued by their home ship, the Alpha, and are assigned to find the whereabouts of the ongoing and repeating catastrophe that has struck their Earth in an infinite loop. Two more pilots, who serve as the supporting back-up aid for Pamela and Telegorio, are the former investigator-combatants involving the crisis. Their names are Rosto, the human pilot, and Negoya, the specialized artificially intellectual Android pilot that contains a special component built from the same material as the Synthesis Stone. Rosto is to support weaponry, ability, and aid to help on their battles whenever need be, in real-time. Negoya serves as the analyzer, both in and outside of dogfights, and is the original prototype model to the Alpha Astral-Ace Androids, while being the only one with the synthesis stone's special component embedded to the back of his head, which has been known to have a connection to the crystal that has been causing the global eruption of the Chronomatosis Apocalypse. In order to throttle with this resolve, the Headmaster of the ship of their crew, Valame, ordered Pamela and Telegorio to set out on the raid and search for where the Synthesis Stone is currently located before it sets itself off again and ends up elsewhere within the planet after a certain amount of time. While doing so, they are to combat against many of the forces that are against them, registering them as foreign foes, and are out to destroy the pilots and their ways of destroying the crystal in a desperate space race-war to stop the stone from destroying the current contents' state of the Earth again, only to leave more remnants ready to further flood it with its own, “cloned 'corpses'” that can be apparently controlled by the crystal itself. However, this pseudo-physical destruction and restoration cycle of Earth with no progressive advance on the calendar, can only be resolved properly, and while Negoya keeps in touch with Pamela and Telegorio about the information and data of the situation, they also search for a solution that can truly put an end to this loophole that Pamema and Telegorio sought out to execute. Fairly late in the middles of the battles long before facing the stone, the two pilots along with their aids, Rosto and Negoya, come across their corpse-”cloned” counterparts, who were pilots (though physically as dead beings) with the same abilities and attack patterns as them, including the burnt-looking giant spaceship, the Alpha. However, as they were in shock, the two simply thought of them as mere copycat enemies, but which were in fact, their “failed experiments,” as in former beings of their exact selves that died in the catastrophic armageddon blast by the crustal, and are living mistakes that attempt to “teach” Pamela and Telegorio by killing them to the best of their abilities while the two tactically try and fight to survive, both strategically and swiftly. They were learning to overcome their skills, by counteracting their “dead clones'” attacks even just surviving barely through several of their blasts. After barely and miraculously defeating them to their conquer, they continue to travel according to what Negoya says through their transcommunicaions in their battleships. In lieu of helping them navigate closer to where the signal is coming from, this meant that they are heading closer to where the notorious crystal, The Synthesis Stone, actually is. By the time they had survived many more various battles of the enemies controlled by the crystal and the living forces that blindly oppose the Tetra pilot team, Telegorio and Pemela discovered an animate being that is the originator of the Synthesis Stone when they had found it and saw it transform. It was called Xiuhtecuhtli (“Xiu” for short), as a mechanical, materialistically-manifested technological deity that destroyed their Earth and reconstructed it over and over again without retaining anyone's memories from before, but rather, resuming everything that was last done for the past 260 Hours locked in that loop. (4 days and 20 hours, constrained within that time frame between July 19 to July 23, 2880 A.D.). This was the cybernetic, crystalline creature's way to abuse time itself in that particular method due to his main motive to “refine and idealize the learning of the living beings that inhabit the planet in order to make them “make less mistakes” and come closer to manifesting its vision for a “Perfect World.” However, when Pamela and Telegorio know that such ideals including perfection doesn't exist, they decide to confront and combat it head-on to the best of their efforts while Rosto and Negoya prepare to stay as attentive as they can like never before. They were doing everything they can do survive from the colossal being's massive attacks, but as the pilots manage to succeed with their teamwork, it ironically leads to the destruction of Xiu as to realizing its proof of making “no mistakes,” by having the pilots not be destroyed by Xiu itself, but ultimately emits one final blow to destroy & reset Earth. The core of the crystal begins to glow brighter and brighter, rapidly until it blows up, just as Negoya warns them to fly out of the way as far as they can. The cyber-spiritually connected Android to Xui, who is Negoya, reacts and resonates, absorbing the auras of the explosion in an attempt to fly faster and save Pamela and Telegorio with its extra energy from the destruction and symbiotically transfers its event memory data to both of the pilots as their genetically modified components allow their minds to connect and embed the storage on their chip data. After that has been finished to save the events of the current battle-run and in order to know what to do next, the world gets destroyed right below them and in the moments notice of wiping them all out as the pilots fly away from the bright explosive sphere from the core as swiftly and evasively as they possibly could. After having the Psyche-Persevation program from itself already encapsulated sturdily into Pamela and Telegorio's subconscious data, they did every means to escape rapidly, but the explosion caught up to them as they got closer with each other by the ships near by and “hold on together” above the ethereal atmosphere that hovers the planet near space, wiping them out and the Earth once more. This time, the Synthesis Stone had finally been eradicated, and the planet can resume its existence in a newborn pursuit and to preserve all progress of all life forms. When Negoya and their aid-pilot, Rosto, awaken, the two other pilots were laying crashed on lush ground, and are still unconscious, apparently asleep but not dead. With Rosto worried, he checks their heartbeat after going inside of their small ships' entrance to where they are sitting still, and thankfully they were still beating, a sign of relief for Rosto. While they were bodily reset but rescued in essence by Negoya's program action, Rosto wonders what happened as he cannot remember the events prior to the conflict that went about from the most recent cycle that was under the crystal's control at the time. Rosto was dumbfounded by some of the debris around their environment, surrounded by green and rocky, bright brown dirt. Negoya, who is worn out and exhausted, begins to explain everything to Rosto in a concise manner, and he accepts the contents of the events said to him. Negoya urgently yet calmly tells him to take the motherboard memory chip from the Android, in order to prevent any possibility of a materialized super-entity from wrecking their world again, now at the hands of Rosto to either preserve Negoya's chip that allows synchronization of its powerful remnants, or destroy it at the other risk of erasing its log and preventing knowledge of detailed future research about it from the original model. He had a choice between the two crucial options. Rosto crushes it, and Negoya, with its last powered moments, emits a serene, gentle smile on its screen with its eyes happily closed, shutting down and speaking his sentence of gratitude, bidding its farewell and falls back, crashing into pieces, dead but fulfilled as an Android that has resolved its role for the pilots. Rosto picks each of the still-asleep pilots to their crash-landed station ship, Alpha. He picked Pamela up first, and just as he came towards the entrance door, the already-awoken yet shaken headmaster, Valome, asked him what happened, and Rosto replied: “Everything's alright now. The two are unconscious from the miracle-landing after a big battle, but they'll be alright after they get enough rest inside our home ship.” Just as Valerie picks Pamela up handed by Rosto, Valome stops for a moment after having spotted the broken and laid Android from afar, and asked, “That's...Negoya! It has died, hasn't it?” Rosto gently and poignantly responded “Yes...but it told me every event that had happened, and yet it has died a happy robot, knowing what it did right for the two fighter pilots right here, and even the world we live in along with its final wish that I had did for Negoya, telling me to kill its chip.” Valome said “Hmmm, yes...and I thought Androids didn't have feelings, even pre-programmed to enact as such...there is life everywhere...” Rosto nodded and finally stated “Well it was an artificial intelligence!,” and chuckled mildly, then proceeded to finish the job by picking up the other fighter pilot, Telegorio, and as they pursue and clean up, reality now continues and the world accepts its status.

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