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  1. Tiranis is a world of humans and furries, of super science and super powers, of ordinary people and extraordinary ones. Stories of the Past is a series of stories exploring the history of the city of Tiranis, as well as the world it exists in or sometimes people of importance in it. This is excerpt is about 1000 word of a 4,700 word chapter. You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level https://www.patreon.com/posts/22815934 A story of the past "My designation is VDK, of the First Speci-" "I don't care." "I am a representative of the US military," Vee said. "We're on our way to-" "I said I don't give a damn who you are. Maybe you missed the message, but there isn't a United States anymore. It's every city for itself now, and as far as I'm concerned, your kind is the reason for it. You're not natural, if they hadn't made the lot of you, we wouldn't be in this mess." Vee ground his teeth. "My kind has been fighting wars for your kind for over five hundred years. We've served our human officers without questions. We've died for your kind." "Yeah," the man sounded bored, "Unless you're looking to join all the others who've died for us, you're going to put your weapons and packs down. You're going to leave your carts and walk around the wall and continue on your way." El looked at where the ground gave way and the sound of water hitting it came. He could sense further that the water extended under the road, making the pylons supporting it, also the only thing supporting the wall there. The man followed the lynx's gaze. "You can swim if you want. I don't care. I just want you out of here." "We're not leaving you our supplies, but we're willing to trade you some of our weapons and tanned hides for food, then we'll leave." The man raised his bow and let an arrow loose. El had expected something like this and had been focusing on the surrounding air. With a muttered "No" under his breath he had the wind divert the arrow so it hit the ground a few meters before them. He kept focusing and closed his hands into fists to keep them from shaking. "We don't want to fight you," Vee said as if he hadn't been shot at. "But if you attack us again, I will designate you an enemy combatant and respond in kind." He took the bow off his back and strung it. Those behind them did the same. "El, how long can you keep their arrows off us?" "I can agitate the air between them and us for a while, but I don't have the precision I used to. I can't promise I won't knock your arrows off too." Vee notched an arrow, but kept it pointed at the ground. "I repeat, we are only looking to trade and pass through. Do not force my hand." "You think we're scared of you?" the man had another arrow in his bow, and the others on the wall were ready to shoot. "That was a warning shot. The next one goes through your heart." "Soldiers!" Vee called. "If they attack, respond with wounding shots only! You are to avoid enemy casualties whenever possible, as misguided as they are they are still American citizens, is that understood!" "Yes, Sir!" They responded as one. Arrows came at them before the air was done reverberating. With a mental push the air exploded, sending them tumbling. "Fire!" Vee ordered while the men reached for another arrow. And the arrows the soldiers let loose found their targets. For a moment there was no one standing on the wall, then more came to replace the fallen men. El wasn't able to keep all enemy arrows from reaching them, and a few times he disrupted his side's arrows, but with Vee there to heal their injuries almost as soon as they occurred they remained standing, while the men on the wall kept falling, until fewer and fewer of them came, and eventually a white flag was waved. Vee motioned, and the soldiers lowered their bows, keeping the arrows notched. "Please stop," a woman called. "Show yourself." She stood, holding the flag. She was older, her hair gray, her face wrinkled. "Do you surrender?" Vee asked. "Promise me you won't hurt anyone else." She kept her fear under control, her voice barely trembling. "You have my word that we won't fire on anyone who doesn't attack us first." After a slight hesitation she nodded. "We surrender." "Open your gate and let us in. Anyone holding a weapon when we enter will be considered hostile and treated accordingly. I tried being friendly, your people opened the hostility. I will not take any chances, is that understood?" "We have-" "No." Vee tone was hard. "Anyone holding any kind of weapons will be considered an enemy. If you need time to ensure everyone is disarmed, I'll give you until sunset. But take heed, if you use the time to try to mount a surprise attack, I will raze this city to the ground with everyone in it. Am I making myself clear?" She nodded, then said, "yes sir. The gates will open before the sun sets." She disappeared behind the wall. Vee turned. "Mary get as many people as you need and collect the arrows. Don't worry about them being broken, we'll go through them later. Stay on your guard, I don't trust them. El, how-?" "I have about three hundred meters in range. No fine control, but I can keep anything off us." Vee smiled. "I was going to ask how are you holding up?" "It's way more tiring than it used to. Moving this little air feels like I'm trying to shift the entire state's air pattern." The statement got him surprised looks from the others as they passed to get the arrows. "I can't keep focused on you, so if they attack again and you need me to take away the exhaustion call out." "I will, don't worry." "Sidney! When the gate opens, I want four guards on it. It doesn't close until everyone and the carts are inside. Anyone trying to close them before that is to be considered hostile." "Yes Sir." They'd collected all the arrows, and the sun wasn't quite touching the horizon when the gate opened. The woman, holding the white flag, stepped out.
  2. Kindar

    Chapter 49

    The Missing Son 49 Patrick opened his eyes. I was awake, maybe. His eyes were open, so he had to be awake. He didn't feel awake. Or rather his body didn't feel normal, it was vibrating. The light was low, or maybe not. The intensity seemed to shift. He was looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. It was either white, gray or yellow, or maybe it was some sort of high-tech color changing paint. He started giggling. That would be something cool. Someone moved against him, and he realized he was feeling multiple someones. He chuckled to himself. Right, the orgy. Someone wrapped a hand on his cock, no, it was too warm, that was a mouth. That felt nice. He closed his eyes and enjoyed being sucked on. He scratched his stomach; the fur was matted together. He raised his head. It wasn't just there; his fur was mated all over his front. Right, all the licking cum off him has left its mark. Now that he'd moved his head, he was more confident he was awake. And his bladder was informing him he should take a trip to the bathroom. He rested his head back and waited until Adam was done blowing him. Once he was done Adam just turned on his side and snuggled up to their father. Had his brother given him a sleep blowjob? Patrick wouldn't be surprised. He was pretty sure nothing could surprise him anymore when it came to his family and sex. He carefully untangled himself from Arthur who was hugging him on his left, and Aaron on his right. He pulled his legs out from whoever was sleeping on top of them. he could only see his back, ass and tail, but he thought that was Alex. He stood, to his body's protestations. Joints creaked, cracked and popped as he stretched. He stepped off the cushions and his ass hurt, as did his jaw, had it gotten dislocated at some point? His cock buzzed and his balls were sore. How the fuck had he survived the night? Oh, right. He was an Orr. Sex super-powers. That was the only explanation. No normal guy could have survived this orgy. He counted how many guys were there, eleven. Eleven guys had fucked him, more than once, and he'd fucked all of them at least once. He'd also been sucked off more times than he remembered. Yeah, it had to be that. He has sex super powers now. He was about to head for the bathroom, but smelled coffee and decided his bladder could wait until he got caffeine in him. "Can I get one of those?" he asked his father. The tiger at the counter looked over his shoulder. "Sure. just milk, right?" "Yeah." He took out another cup, filled it and added the milk before handing it to him. "How are you feeling?" Patrick took a long swallow and sighed. "I'll let you know when reality settles back in. I think I'm high." His father tilted an ear in his direction, sipping his own coffee. "Every inch of my body is vibrating, and I've pretty much worked out that I've developed super powers. sexual powers." "That would be some fun powers to have." "What are you talking about? I'm pretty sure you have them too. each and every member of this family. One big super sex team." He looked at his father for some sort of confirmation, but only received an enigmatic smile. They sipped their coffee in silence for a moment, then Patrick asked. "Dad, what's the deal with Damian?" okay, that settled it, he was high. It was the only way he'd dared asked about him. "What do you mean?" "Well, Aaron hates his guts, Adam is terrified of him. One moment Damian is all charming, and the next he's like something out of a horror movie." His father looked at him for long enough that Patrick considered sitting down, but he didn't think his ass could take the hard surface. His father shook his head. "I don't think this is the right time for it." Patrick sighed. "Dad, Arthur wouldn't tell me because he said I had to be comfortable with the family having sex together. Well, unless you've missed the banners, I'm pretty damn comfortable with that idea now. I mean Adam went camping with him even when the idea scared him." "He had to agree to go to see under the hood of my brother's car." "Dad, you do realize that makes no sense, right? It's just a car. I know Adam loves them, but still." His father sighed. "Alright. First off, you need to know my brother's a genius." "Okay, so he's smart." His father shook his head. "No, Einstein was smart, but compared to my brother he was a simpleton." "Who's Einstein?" Patrick asked. His father stared at him, "Relativity? E=Mc square?" Patrick shrugged. "How about Hawkins?" Patrick thought about it. "That's the black hole guy, right?" "Good enough. that guy is also a simpleton next to Damian. When he was eight, they threw all the IQ tests at him, and he aced them all. After that they started giving him math problems to solve. He solved them all, and I'm talking Math even I don't get, and I was really good at it. The bottom line is that no one knows how smart Damian is." "Then why isn't he a scientist? If he's so smart why is he just running a company?" "Science doesn't hold his interest. It isn't interesting to him. And you should remember his company is a multinational corporation, not exactly a simple thing to run." "Okay, but still..." His father nodded. "The other thing you need to know is that he's a psychopath." "What do you mean?" "A psychopath, he doesn't have any empathy for other people. He doesn't actually care for any of us." "No, you're wrong. I've seen him around you guys. Sure he can be cold, but he loves the lot of you." "It's an act, all of it." Patrick frowned as he remembered something. He'd read an article about criminals a while back. "wait, psychopaths, those are the guys who..." The words slipped away as another memory came back to him. he felt the cup slip from his hand... * * * * * He was sitting in a car, trying to get out. "You're not getting out of the car unless I let you." The voice had been cold, dispassionate. The cold, calculating, blue eyes were looking at him, through him. "What are you going to do to me?" Patrick had asked, certain he was about to die. * * * * * He was shaking. Someone was holding him. "Oh fuck, of fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." Someone was repeating over and over. "everything's okay Patrick," his father said. "You're safe." It was him. He'd been the one saying it. "I was in his car. I was alone with him. Oh God, He could have killed me. I would have disappeared and no one would have known." The arms tighten around him. "You're safe Patrick. None of that would have happened." He pushed his father away. "How the fuck can you say that? He's a psychopath. He could have cut me in little pieces and not given a damn." He stopped talking as he realized his foot was wet. His father said something, but Patrick didn't hear him, his foot was partially in a pool of liquid. It was coffee, medium brown, but there was another liquid slowly mixing in with it. Then he noticed the inside of his leg was wet. Then he caught the scent. "I pissed myself." "What?" Patrick looked at his father. He was numb. "He said that would happen once I'd learn about him." The anger came back. "How can you let a man like that in your house? Around your kids? How can you put them in danger like that?" He paused. "What the fuck did he do to Adam?" His father grabbed him by the shoulders. "Patrick, you have to understand. Damian isn't a threat to you, or anyone in this family." "How can you know that?" "Because he promised our father he would look after us." Patrick remembered Damian telling him that. "But you said he doesn't actually care about anyone." "He doesn't, but promises are sacred to him. He never breaks them. As you interact with him, you'll notice he almost never makes any, but if he does, he keeps them. That's how he's able to function. "But aren't psychopath liars and killers?" "They don't have to be. Damian doesn't like violence. He considers it a failure on his part if he has to resort to it." His father guided him out of the kitchen. "Let's get you in the shower." "What about the mess?" "I'll clean it up afterward. Don't worry about it." "If he looks out for you, why are you all afraid of him?" Patrick asked once they were next to the shower. "Because, while he will never hurt one of us physically, he can be emotionally brutal." His father turned the water on. "He doesn't like it when we limit ourselves, so he tends to take it upon himself to resolve what he perceives as being a problem." "Did he do that to you?" His father started shaking his head, but then his eyes became distant. "Yes, he did." "What did he do?" "He forced me to break out of my shell when I was a kid." "Are you okay?" His father shook himself. "I'm fine, I hadn't thought about that time in a long while." "He's never going to get to do that to me." Patrick got under the water. He sighed. "That's a lie, isn't it? If he decides to do something to me, I won't be able to stop him, will I?" His father held him. He didn't say anything. There was nothing he could say.
  3. ask me a question in the comments below or by emailing them to s.stpierre@thetigerwrites.com I don’t know how long this is going to be and since I write the title first, it’s staying. This week has been so uneventful that I don’t recall much of it. There was plenty of waiting for deliveries, which help with the writing. For a time it looked like I was .... If you want to read the rest of the post, which includes more about my week, as well as my thoughts on the movie "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/23083669 If you prefer, you can support me by Buying me a Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/Y8Y6BC87
  4. Kindar

    Chapter 48

    The Missing Son 48 Patrick had been fucked by... he couldn't remember how many of them had fucked him. At least each of his brothers had had a go once, and he was now in the process of fucking them, but he needed a break. The bathroom was calling. He felt like he imagined he would if he'd used those weight training machines downstairs. He was sore in more places than he could count. He was tired, but not exhausted. And he was still horny. After using the toilet, he decided to take a quick shower. He was going to be sweating again, but right now he felt grimier than he liked. Standing in the large shower stall he thought again about how it was large enough they could have an orgy in it. Instead of being embarrassed this time he got hard. He toweled himself while the dryer ran, stroking himself a few times to maintain his erection. He might as well be ready for action when he got back to the living room. He pulled the door open to leave and found himself looking into gray/blue eyes. He hesitated, then got out of the way. Damian looked him up and down, his smile widening at his hard cock. He entered and closed the door behind him. "I was going back," Patrick pointed out. He checked his uncle out, he hadn't done it this close yet. He wasn't erect, but his cock looked to be average. "I'm sure they can manage without you for a while." Damian took Patrick's head in his hands. "Damian, I don..." He didn't get to finish, Damian kissed him. The surprise froze Patrick for a moment, and his uncle used that opportunity to push his tongue in his muzzle. Patrick has a 'fuck this' moment, then he kissed him back, wrapping his arms around his uncle. They turned and Patrick had his back against the wall. their tongue played together, their lips pressed so tightly their mouth were sealed. Damian broke away and smiled at him. Patrick had to catch his breath. "What do you think you're doing?" His uncle didn't say anything. He leaned forward and nibbled below Patrick's ear. Patrick's breath caught as the teeth scrapped the flesh, lightning coursing from there down to his cock. He held on to Damian as his legs turned to jelly and he spoke God's name in vain, a lot. Then claws moved down his sides making him shudder. they traced his hips, moving inside his legs and teased his balls. His cock jumped and Patrick thought he was going to cum right there. He wanted to tell his uncle to stop, but he couldn't get his mouth to work. The pleasure still vibrating through him the hand clasped his ass and pulled him up. By pure reflex he wrapped his legs around Damian's waist. He felt the slick cock move between his cheeks. Patrick opened his muzzle to asked his uncle what he thought he was doing, but he bit his neck and the lightning short circuited Patrick's brain. The cock head was at his ring and Damian lowered him slowly. Patrick gasped and held on tighter to his uncle. When he was fully in, he pulled out and thrust back in. He moved slowly, each time changing his angle, and Patrick could only moan, grown and gasp when his uncle cock stroked against a particularly pleasurable part. He'd read up on the male anatomy, and if he were able to think he'd know what it was called, but his uncle's cock was making it impossible for him to do so. That stroking and his cock being trapped between them, their fur teasing it, their stomach pressing against it as his uncle fucked him, made the lightning become brighter until it overwhelmed him. Patrick roared. Once his orgasm died down Damian wasn't moving, just holding him. Patrick realized his uncle wasn't in him. He untangled his legs and placed them on the floor. Damian let him go carefully. Patrick wobbled a little but he was able to stay up. Damian smiled and opened the door, only to have it slam back shut. "Not so fast," Patrick panted, his hand on it. "What the fuck was this?" Damian smiled at him. "When you said you'd never be alone in a room with me, I was able to let it go." He caressed Patrick's cheek with a finger. "But when you said I'd be waiting a long time to have sex with you, I found I couldn't resist." "You had plenty of opportunity in the living room." "I doubt you'd have really paid attention to what I was doing to you among a crowd." "So what? this was just you proving a point?" "A point? no. This was me fucking you." He ran a finger in the cum stained fur. "I believe you enjoyed it." "Fucking right I did, but I don't believe you. This wasn't just about us having sex. Just what the fuck do you want with me?" Damian regarded him for a moment. "I haven't decided yet." He nodded to Patrick's hand still on the door. "Can I leave?" Patrick took his hand away and Damian left him alone in the room. He leaned back against the wall. Fuck that had been an experience. He put a hand to his neck, where Damian had bit him, there was no blood. He hadn't thought there would be, but he wanted to make sure. A few of his brothers had nibbled on his neck, and he'd enjoyed it, but none of them had bitten that hard. If someone had asked him before this Patrick wouldn't have known it could feel that good. His hand went up and caressed the base of his ear. He shivered. How had Damian known he'd enjoy it? Patrick hadn't known until now. He sighed. Whatever else his uncle might be, he was a fucking good top. Patrick took a moment longer to make sure he was steady on his legs and headed back to the living room. He'd thought about continuing going through his brothers, but he saw his father seated on the couch, head leaning back and looking like he might be sleeping. His other father was currently fucking Alex in the middle of the cushions. Grinning Patrick headed for the couch. He ran a hand up each leg before hooking under them and lifting them. He father looked at him and chuckled. Patrick lubed himself from the almost empty bottle next to his father and then entered him. Both of them moaned. When he was hilted in, he licked his father's muzzle. "You're a lot tighter than I remember," He whispered. His father smiled. "That's because I'm not the one you think I am." Patrick frowned for a moment, then gasped. He would have pulled out, but his father had hooked his legs around him, keeping him in place. "Donald?" His father nodded. "I'm sorry. I thought you were Daniel." Donald nodded. "It's okay." "But you're a top." That made him chuckle. "I'm mostly a top. Not exclusively one." "So you're okay with me fucking you?" "He is," Daniel whispered in his ear before placing both hands on his shoulders. "Just like I'm going to be okay with fucking you." Donald moved his legs out of the way and Daniel pressed himself against Patrick's back. He ground his crotch a time or two and his cock found Patrick's hole. Patrick sighed as his father entered him. He was thicker than Damian. Patrick couldn't believe he was having sex with both his fathers at the same time. They moved slowly working out the best rhythm to make sure neither of them accidentally pulled out. This was so hot, and it felt so good to have his cock move in his father while his fathers moved in him. This felt more like making love then fucking so Patrick took his time. He let the pleasure build, and listened to his fathers' body, he wanted to cum with them, or at least one of them. Donald was the first one whose breathing became ragged, his hand moving up and down on his cock, so Patrick sped up his thrusting, to help him and to push himself over the edge. His father came a moment before Patrick, his spasming ass triggering his orgasm. Buried deep in his father, Daniel's thrusting kept Patrick's orgasm going much longer than before, and then that cock was deep in him, his father shuddering on top of Patrick. They remained like that while they caught their collective breath. Patrick felt so comfortable between the two of them, so safe, so loved. He kissed Donald, then pulled out. Daniel pulled out and let himself fall on the couch next to his brother. Patrick stretched and turned. So, who was going to be next. He grinned when he saw Damian roll off Dominic and settle on his stomach. If that wasn't a perfect invitation, Patrick didn't know what was. He knelt between Damian's legs. He didn't know if he was versatile or not, he hadn't paid attention to who he'd fucked or in what position, but at this point he was confident everyone in his family was. Damian looked over his shoulder, and while Patrick had intended to just start fucking him, he paused and asked. "Do you mind if I return the favor?" Damian smiled and shook his head. Patrick lay on top of him and began fucking his uncle. In no time at all Patrick was moaning. his uncle's ass kept tightening on his cock, and pulling on it. Patrick couldn't tell if he was using his uncle or if he was being used by him. Much faster then he'd anticipated Patrick came. He rolled on his back, and Damian smirked at him. Patrick gave him the finger and then had Arthur sitting on his cock and Aiden offering his to suck. Patrick took it in his muzzle, and then lost himself back in the orgy.
  5. From the album: Published Novels

    Finding the Line, book 1 in the "Inheriting the Line" series is available at a discounted price while it is up for pre-order at Goal Publishing https://www.goalpublications.com/store/p32/finding-the-line.html
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    Published Novels

    I'll put cover art for novels that are published or about to be published in this album.
  7. ask me a question in the comments below or by emailing them to s.stpierre@thetigerwrites.com the week went well. Really, I have nothing to say about work. My doctor’s appointment has been rescheduled. Dispatch and my manager have been informed, but .... If you want to read the rest of the post, which includes more about my week you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/22940126 If you prefer, you can support me by Buying me a Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/Y8Y6BC87
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    The Next Stroy

    As Missing Son is approaching its conclusion (there are only 3 chapters left,) I figure I'd give you a chance to picking the next story I'll be posting. The options are Crimsons, Book 2 in the Tristan Series A Familiar Death, book 2 in the Death by Predation Series Toeing the Line, book 2 in the Finding the Line Series (This is an adult story with Gay sex in it) In the Dark of the Night, Book 2 in the Demons series 2626, a story set in the future Orr Chronicle worlds (This is an adult story with Gay sex in it)
  9. Kindar

    Chapter 47

    The Missing Son 47 The car came to a stop in the garage, the door closed, the engine turned off. Patrick didn't move. This was it. He hadn't expected to be this apprehensive. He saw a car he hadn't before, a black sedan. Damian's car was there. "You okay?" his father asked. "Just a little worried. This is going to be an orgy. having sex with you two was one thing, I love you, but...." He really wasn't sure why he was hesitant now that he was here. "You don't love you brothers?" "I don't know. I like them well enough from the time we've hung out over the year, but I don't know if I can say I love them." Can't you? a voice at the back of his head whispered. What you feel for Arthur, is that just 'like'? How about what you felt when he and Aaron snuggled on the grass? was that just 'like' too? Shut up, he told the voice. It's my insecurities, let me deal with them. "I know they love you." "but do they just love me because they know they're going to have sex with me?" "no. I can promise that to you. They love you for who you are. The sex is just one of the ways we demonstrate it." He got out of the car and a moment later so did Patrick. "Just give them a chance. They've been really looking forward to today." Patrick nodded. "Should I get naked now?" "No, let them take care of that." He followed his father up the stairs and to the living room. He stopped at the archway. The seats and sofas had been repositioned to the back of the room, forming a semi-circle facing him. Every seat was taken by a naked tiger stroking himself or his neighbor. This was rather intimidating. Daniel stood and walked to him. "Hello son." His cupped his head and kissed him tenderly. "Welcome home." He guided Patrick closer to the seats. "There's only one person you haven't met yet." A tiger stood, and of all of them, Patrick included, he was the only one whose muscles weren't defined. He had them, but they were covered by a layer of fat, softening his overall shape. "Hi Patrick. I'm Dominic." He had soft hazel eyes, in a round face. Dominic kissed him. It was a gentle kiss, but there was an underlying hunger to it. "It's a pleasure to finally kiss you." He took his seat and put a hand to Damian's cock. "So, this is the whole family?" Patrick asked, looking everyone over. It was the first time he'd seen them naked. He realized Donald wasn't there anymore. "No, you have two great uncles. They live on the east coast and they're too old to travel. And they wouldn't have been able to participate anyway." "Of course, they could," Damian said. "Bobby's kids are making sure he doesn't get out of practice, and Roger is a nymphomaniac, so Byron is also getting a lot of exercise." "Kids? I have more family members?" "No," Daniel said, "Bobby's kids are the children he educated over the years. Now that they're grown up, they look after him." "Dietrich also couldn't make it," Dominic said. "He's another of your brothers?" "The fourth one, there's only five of us." "Why can't he make it?" "He's in rehab," Damian answered. "And I'm not letting him out until he's well and dry." "Dietrich had a rough life," Donald said, reappearing, naked. "Which led to him having problems with drugs and alcohol." Patrick could see Damian wanted to add something, but he didn't. Patrick was also starting to feel overdressed. "What happens now?" he asked. He looked at Arthur who was smiling at him. his heart skipped and caught in his throat. And you're calling that 'like'? the voice said. He looked at all of them. No, he didn't like them. he loved them. He could feel his eyes getting wet. Great, he was going to cry. "Now," his father said. Patrick as lost track of which was which. "Your brothers show you how much they love you." Arthur was the first one to stand. His small size made his cock look much larger. Arthur looked up at him, and his eyes were wet too. He grabbed Patrick's collar and pulled him down so they could kiss. It was a passionate kiss, not one of two brothers, but of two lovers. Patrick found himself taking hold of his brother's head while their tongue played together. When they broke the kiss, they were both panting. Arthur pulled the jacket off Patrick. Someone else pulled his t-shirt over his head. "I thought I was too old for you," he told Arthur, smiling. "oh, I do like young teens, but you have to know by now none of us are restricted by our eccentricities. I said that at the party because I knew you really wanted dad." "Thank you. How about you go first now?" "He means second," Anakin said. He was kneeling next to Patrick undoing his jeans. "He's had sex with dad." "Shot on his T-shirt," the one behind him said. It sounded like Alex. Patrick chuckled and the words that left his mouth surprised even him. "If anyone here is surprised by that, you haven't seen dad naked recently." Laughter responded. By the time the laughter died out, Patrick had stepped out of his clothes. "I'll be honored to be the first of your brothers to show you how much we love you." Arthur led him to the cushions, arranged on the floor to make a large bed. Patrick laid down and Arthur knelt between his legs. Someone handed his brother a bottle of lube, and this time Patrick knew where it came from. multiple bottles were spread around the floor and on the side tables. "Are you ready?" Arthur asked, lubing his cock. Patrick nodded and his brother lifted Patrick's legs over his shoulders before pressing in. He realized at that moment that Arthur's cock didn't just seem larger, it was larger. It felt larger than their father's. "Oh fuck," Patrick sighed as Arthur's ball rested against his ass. He didn't know how it was he hadn't felt any pain. He didn't care. His brother started fucking him. No, that wasn't right. he wasn't just thrusting his cock in and out of him. His hands were caressing his body, he was looking at him. He was making love to him. His father had fucked him in a way that made him feel possessed and safe. He'd fucked his father as something new and exciting. This was making him feel loved. He looked around, wanting for a moment to see what the rest of his family was doing. They were having sex too, but they were looking at him while doing it. He gasped when Arthur closed his hand around his cock and jerked him off. He didn't hurry it. He wasn't trying to make him cum quicker. Patrick could see it in his eyes, he was stroking him because he knew it felt good. He knew Patrick would enjoy it. Arthur was right. Patrick closed his eyes and let the pleasure build, his moans signing the crescendo until the lightning rushed over him and he roared. He stayed present this time and felt his ass tightened around Arthur cock. he felt him speed up and his brother roared just as his ended. Panting, they smiled at each other as he received another load of cum. Before Arthur pulled out someone tapped his forehead and he looked up. Albert was there, waving his hard cock in his face, then against his lips. The message was clear. Patrick didn't hesitate. that he'd never sucked on a cock before didn't matter to him. This was about sharing his family's love. He opened his muzzle and, as Arthur pulled out of him, Albert pushed his cock in. It took them a moment to find a comfortable position, Albert kneeling over him, and, to Patrick's surprise, taking his cock in his mouth, before they sucked each other. Patrick was tentative, not because he wasn't sure he wanted this, he wanted it, but because he was uncertain what to do, but paying attention to what Albert was doing to him he gained confidence and in no time, he was deep throating his brother, which he seemed to love. He held onto his brother and he bobbed down and up on his cock, using his tongue to stimulate the crown. and almost breaking down in laughers when his balls smacked his face. He didn't know how long they sucked each other, he didn't care. His jaw was a little sore, but it was worth it. When the lightning struck this time he couldn't roar, all he could do was bury his cock as deep as it would go down Albert's muzzle. His brother responded in kind a moment later. When Albert's cock stopped twitching, he pulled it out and Patrick got to taste his brother's cum. It tasted similar to what he remembered of his, but he was saltier. His brother moaned next to him. Gentle hands rolled Patrick on his stomach. "Can I?" Aaron whispered in his ear. Patrick couldn't speak, so he nodded. His brother lay on top of him, licking his neck as he slowly entered him. he was thinner than Arthur, and not as long, but when he moved in Patrick, it felt amazing. Patrick loved what his brother made him feel, but he wanted more. He saw a foot in his peripheral vision and grabbed it. The person it was attacked to knelt before him and Patrick could now see enough of him to recognize his uncle, Dominic. He had a fat short cock. Patrick grabbed it and guided it to his muzzle. His uncle obliged and lovingly face fucked him. Patrick orgasmed while being fucked from both end, and without touching himself. And this time, when the lighting arrived, it didn't leave him.
  10. Tiranis is a world of humans and furries, of super science and super powers, of ordinary people and extraordinary ones. Stories of the Past is a series of stories exploring the history of the city of Tiranis, as well as the world it exists in or sometimes people of importance in it. This is excerpt is about 1000 word of a 7,000 word chapter. You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level https://www.patreon.com/posts/22815371 A story of the past "Who are you?" Vee asked. "I'm Commander Susan Rodriguez." RSM whispered. "Commander?" El echoed her puzzlement, there was no 'commander' rank in the army. "Which army division are you from?" "What does that matter? I'm the person in charge here." "Which military college did you graduate from, Ma'am?" this time there was a lot less respect in the 'Ma'am.' "The Texas one. Are you questioning my authority? Leon, take this soldier and throw him in the brig." One of the bear took a step forward, but stopped when DHC growled. "Fuck this, I didn't survive hell just to be kept from going home by a woman with delusions of grandeur leading a bunch of green playing at being soldiers. I say we take them." "At ease, soldier," Vee said, his tone calm. "You're a civilian, are you, Susan?" "I am the commander of this base." "Susan, I am a US soldier. I only take orders from US command or one of their appointed representative." "I am-" "No, you're not. Command hasn't appointed a civilian since that debacle in the Congo United Territories seventy-two years ago." "Well, maybe you've missed the memo, but there hasn't been a US command for a while now, so I'm in charge. If you don't obey me, I'm going to have you executed." Vee looked at the bear. "Leon, correct?" "Yes, Sir." "You know the regulations?" "Yes, Sir." "Good, then I'm assuming command." Relief flooded the room. "You can't do that!" Susan yelled. "I'm the commander!" "No, Susan, you're not. Believe it or not, US command actually planned from something like this. Regulations 43-8 paragraph 12. 'In case of a complete loss of communication between a unit, or a base, the role of US command will fall open the highest ranked officer on site, this will apply that the officer be human or Anthro.' I'm the highest ranking officer here." "No, you're just an animal. You aren't fit to lead. Leon, kill him." El felt the tension behind him. But they didn't have to worry. The bear was looking at Vee, not Susan. She looked at the bear in dismay. "I gave you an order, Soldier!" "Sir?" the bear asked Vee. "I'm in charge! One of you, kill them!" she ordered the other six. No one moved. She headed for the door. "Keep her from leaving." The tiger grabbed her by the arm. She glared at him. "Samuel, let go of me this instant." "I'm sorry, Susan. I can't." He sounded genuinely apologetic. "How many soldiers are here?" "Forty-six, Sir," The chipmunk said. "We were doing exercises at Fort Hickton when everything stopped working." Vee nodded. "Leon, go assemble them, I'm going to want to talk to all of them." "Sir, there might be some problem. A few of them are unreasonably loyal to her. Until you explain things to them, they will resist." "Take these five." Vee indicated the others who had entered with Susan. "But I don't want any bloodshed." "Samuel, can I trust not to let her go?" "Yes, Sir. I ca-it's complicated, but yes I will follow your orders, Sir, not hers." "Good." He motioned for the bear to get moving. "I'll assemble everyone in the courtyard." "I'll show you where it is," the chipmunk said. "First, tell me where are all the commanding officers. I can understand that they were some loss of life when it happened, but they can't all have died." "No Sir, none of them died, or if they did, it wasn't at the base. They just left." Anthros were entering the room. Eight of them. "What do you mean, just left?" "Just that, Sir. They ordered us to hold the base and left us there. There was seventy of us then and we did our best to follow our orders, but within a week civilians were forcing their way in. We're not supposed to attack US citizens, but they had no problems attacking us. Then she showed up, stopped the fighting and took controls of things. But..." Vee waited, and when the chipmunk didn't continue, he growled to prompt him. "She had us hoard all the weapons and food." Vee glared at her, and El felt his anger rising if she'd been keeping the food to herself... "How much?" Vee asked. "All of it, Sir." El's hands clenched. How could she? "Has she been feeding them?" "Barely. There's been at least two attempts to break in already. She had us kill those we captured." If El's powers had been working, she would have burst into flames right there. As it was, if his anger was stoking the fires, there was no evidence of it. "Throw her in a cell," Vee growled. "Don't you dare," she told the tiger. "I'm in charge. Not that bull." "Susan," the tiger replied, his voice tight, pleading. "He's my commanding officer. I have to do what he says." She placed a hand on his cheek. "But I'm so much more to you, aren't I?" "Samuel?" Vee's voice wasn't loud, but the tiger reacted as if he'd been yelled at. He jerked and pushed the human into the arms of a ram. "Take her to a cell," he said. "Samuel!" she yelled, surprise and outrage mixed together. "Samuel! I'm going to make you pay, do you hear me?" He wrenched herself out of the ram's grip and took a step toward the tiger. She staggered with a gasp. Samuel caught her before she fell, concern on his face. "I stopped your heart for one beat," Vee said, pulling her attention to him. "If you cause me anymore problem, I'll stop it permanently." The horror El expected to see in her face was in Samuel's. She was just angry. "What are you?" "I'm a Specialist. I said that initially. If you don't know what that is, then you have even less business leading these soldiers." He motioned to the ram. "Take her away." When she was gone, Vee looked at the tiger who was still looking at the open door. "Is this going to be a problem for you?" Tiranis
  11. ask me a question in the comments below or by emailing them to s.stpierre@thetigerwrites.com over all, the week went well, did the pickup in BC, headed to Texas, did the delivery, no snow. Actually, the weather was rather warm. Only had one night that was cold enough.... If you want to read the rest of the post, which includes more about my week as well as the mivie I watched; 'Mamma Mia2: here We Go Again,' you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/22794450 If you prefer, you can support me by Buying me a Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/Y8Y6BC87
  12. Kindar

    Chapter 46

    The Missing Son 46 Patrick looked at the clock after checking the id on the last of this group. Twenty minutes before the next bus. He asked Marleen to check the door for a few minutes and headed to Don's office. "Hey Don," he said, leaning in the door way. "I need to take next Saturday and Sunday off." The panda looked up from his phone. "Again?" "I know, but I checked with Malcolm, he'll be happy to cover for me." "Again." Don eyed him. "This is starting to become a habit." "Come on Don, I've only taken a handful of days off in the five years since I've bounced for you." "True, but they have all been in this last year." "I'll grant you that, but that doesn't even cover the vacation that technically you'd owe me for five years, if I were officially working here." Don chuckled. "Alright, alright. Just tell me you aren't planning on quitting." "No, I have no plans of doing that. This is something special, I doubt there'll be another one until next year." "Alright. So you'll just be in on Friday?" "Yeah, and I need you to do me a favor. If my mom happens to call, tell her I'm working, but I'm not around." "Why would she call me? You have a phone." "It's going to be silenced." Don frowned. "Okay, what's going on?" "Just do that for me, please? And if she asks, confirm you need me to work late." Don leaned back, his eyes on Patrick. "Wait, a special night? Are you getting laid?" "Err, why would you think that?" "Oh my God, you are." The panda grinned. "Why don't you want your mom to know? She doesn't approve of her?" "Him," Patrick said, just stopping himself from saying 'them'. The look of surprise Don gave him made Patrick pause. "Didn't you know?" "That you're gay? No, why would I know?" "Jen and the others do." "Really? none of them said anything to me." "And you're okay with it?" The panda rolled his eyes. "Of course, I'm okay with it. What business of mine is it who you sleep with. I take it your mother isn't though." "She doesn't know. So, will you cover for me with her?" "Of course." "Thanks Don, you're the best." "Don't you forget it." Patrick went back to his stool for before another group entered. The bus was early. * * * * * "Joey's Junk, Joey speaking." "Joey, Patrick." He was on his way to Mister Hilary's house, to pour his concrete sidewalk. "Hey Patrick. If you're calling to see if I need you, I'm afraid I don't. Things have been really quiet recently." "It's okay, that's not why I'm calling. I need a favor. It's possible my mom will call you next Saturday or Sunday. If she does, I need you to tell her I'm somewhere in the yard and can't take her call." "Have the two of you fought again?" "No." "Okay, are you in some sort of trouble?" "No, no, nothing like that. I just don't want her worrying." "You have me worrying now." "I told you. I'm not in trouble. I'm also not doing anything that's going to get me in trouble. I'm going to be seeing someone." Joey deserved to know at least that. "Well you lucky cat. Why didn't you lead with that? Of course, I'll cover for you." "Thanks Joey. I owe you one." "Don't worry about it." This took care of his absence for the weekend. He didn't expect to need it, since his mother had mentioned she would work at the diner, but if for some reason she didn't, he didn't have to worry. Now all he had to do was keep his excitement in check until then. * * * * * It was one in the afternoon and Patrick was pacing in front of the bar. Sure, his father could pick him up at home, but all it would take was Misses Polyan from two house down seeing him and she'd call his mother to report it. Since she thought he was going to work, she would question why his father was picking him up. He checked the time, ten more minutes. He changed the pack to his other shoulder. It had some toiletries and a change of clothing. The car stopped at the curb and his father smiled at him through the passenger window. "You ready son?" "You bet dad." He got in and his father reached over to cup his face. Patrick almost stopped him, worried about the neighbors seeing and calling his mother, then remembered he was nowhere near his house and leaned in so they could kiss. When they separated Patrick was sporting an erection. He leaned back in the seat, grinning. "It's a really good thing we're not in my neighborhood. If my mom ever got wind of this kiss, she'd skin me alive." His father looked at him, the smile disappearing. "You do realize you're going to have to tell her, right? Not about us, obviously, but that your gay." "I know. It just isn't the right time yet." His father shook his head and started the car. "It's never going to be. If that's what you're waiting for, you'll always come up with a reason why now isn't it." Patrick sighed. "I know. It's just that things are finally going well for her. I don't want to ruin things." "If she ends up feeling like you being gay ruined her life, I won't think much of her." "What do you think of her now?" "I think she's a decent person. She did the best she could in a not so good situation. She raised you to be a good guy, which can't be easy in this part of town." "She also raised me to think being gay was a sin." "Like I kept telling Damian, no one's perfect. She's making an effort to see me and Danny was normal guys. I don't know if we'll ever be friends, but I don't dislike her." Patrick nodded. "I do wish she could be friends with all of you, but then she'd almost certainly figure out your lifestyle, our lifestyle. that wouldn't go over very well." They drove in silence for a time, going through multiple neighborhood of varying economic class. They were in what Patrick thought was an old commercial district when the car turned into an empty lot between two buildings. "You ever had sex on the hood of a car?" Donald asked as he brought it to a stop. Patrick chuckled. "Of course not. I only had sex for the first time a week ago." "A lot can happen in a week." He got out of the car. Patrick got out too and looked around. On one side was a four-story building with boarded up windows. The brown brick was falling apart. On the other the building was two-story, and the gray cement wall was featureless. The other end of the lot showed a quiet street, but by the pieces of broken masonry on the walls on each side Patrick thought there might have been a building there at one time. Now it was paved and served as parking, although right now their car was the only here. "What are we doing here dad?" His father grabbed his hand and pulled him close. "I'm going to fuck you on the hood of the car." "what, here? what if someone comes by?" Donald grinned. "No one ever comes here." "How do you know?" "You're not the first guy I've fucked here." his father paused. "You're not the first of my sons." Patrick chuckled. That didn't surprise him. While he hadn't seen his family have sex together, the thought of it felt more normal, now that he had had sex with both his fathers. "I thought Alex was the one with a thing for public sex." "It isn't because it's his eccentricity, that I don't enjoy it too with the right guy." "Oh? and I'm the right guy?" "Most certainly." His father kissed him and pushed him back until Patrick was sitting on the hood of the car. It was barely warm, which surprised him for some reason. He'd have to ask Adam about.... His chain of thought derailed when he felt his father undo his pants. "Dad, are you sure? we're in public. what if...? Oh Fuck." His father's hand was in his pants, stroking him. "Who cares? If someone stumbles on us, they can enjoy the show." He pulled down Patrick's pants and underwear and the light breeze of his hard cock made him shiver for a moment. "We could be arrested," Patrick panted. "I'll just pay off the cops." Is this what being rich did to people? he wondered. They felt they could do anything? anywhere? This was so fucking wrong. So why wasn't he saying no already? His father bit his neck and Patrick moaned. He kicked off his shoes and wriggled a leg out of his pants. "Fuck me dad." His father pushed him on his back before taking out his cock. All of a sudden, he had a small bottle of lube in his hand and he was pouring it on his cock. Where did they keep coming from? Who cares, was the only response he could come up at the moment. He couldn't believe they were about to do this. His father entered him slowly, and Patrick groaned. God, he thought, I can't believe you'd ever say something which feel so good could be wrong. His father paused halfway in, and Patrick wouldn't have any of that. he wrapped his legs around him and pulled him completely in. They both gasps. Patrick looked up at the blue sky, already seeing some of the lightning. "Fuck dad. If we get caught, I am so killing you." He caught his breath. "Now fuck me." His father smiled and proceeded to pound his ass. Patrick tried to be quiet, but his father's cock was moving in and out of him so fucking hard and fast. He couldn't stop himself from moaning and grunting. The fucking he'd received at the house were nothing compared to this. Their moans and gaps reverberated on the walls. His father wrapped a hand around his cock and Patrick spoke God's name in vain. He'd ask forgiveness later. He wrapped his arms around his father's neck and pulled him close, but instead of kissing him he brought his muzzle to his ear. "You son of a bitch," Patrick moaned. This felt so fucking wonderful. "You fucking son of a bitch. this isn't fair." He shuddered and the lighting fought him for control. "Oh God. Oh fuck. harder dad, harder!" This felt so fucking good. He didn't care about getting caught anymore. Right now, all he wanted was to feel like this forever. The lightning clashed with his will. Oh God, why had he told him to go faster, this was getting to much. Pleasure shook his body. Oh, right, that was why. To avoid screaming he clamped down on his father's shoulder. The lightning exploded, but this time he didn't completely blackout. He could see lightning bolts dancing around them. His body felt like it was electrified, and it felt good. He didn't know how long that lasted, but somewhere during the lightning show he felt his father shudder over him, his cock pulsating inside him, then all he cared about was the pleasure he felt. And then the lightning was gone. He and his father were panting. His shirt had strings of cum on it. He felt amazing and his father was looking down at him, a silly grin on his face. "What?" Patrick asked. "If anyone catches us, it's your fault. That roar is still ringing in my ears." He'd roared? He had no recollection of letting go of his father's shoulder. He blushed. "I'm sorry, I tried not to." the rawness of his voice confirmed he'd roared. "It's okay. This place is deserted for blocks around, except for the squatters, and I figure that with the life they live, they deserve a good show. I don't quite have Alex's tolerance level when it comes to risk of discovery." He gazed in his eyes. "Fuck you're beautiful, you know that?" Patrick blushed some more. he knew he was decent enough looking, but to hear his father say it, while his cock was still buried deep inside you, gave it a lot more meaning. They kissed, slowly, tenderly, lovingly. Fuck, he loved his father. They kept looking at each other for a moment after the kiss ended. "Aren't the others going to wonder what's keeping us?" Patrick asked. His father chuckled. "I wouldn't worry about that. They'll figure we stopped somewhere to fuck." He gently pulled out. "Don't move." He licked Patrick's stomach and chest clean. He then threaded his leg back in his underwear and pants, and pulled them up. "We're going to have to talk you out of wearing underwear. They're a waste of time." Patrick's ears moved forward. "You expect me to freeball?" Donald nodded. "I think you should." He buttoned up Patrick's jeans, then pulled him up to reach behind him and button the tail strap. "Don't hold your breath dad. I'm not putting my junk in danger of catching in a zipper." He stretched and watched his dad tuck himself away and zip his jeans close. He couldn't believe he felt better than before he'd had his brains fucked out. His father shrugged. "It's never happened to anyone in the family." He headed for the driver's side. Patrick put a hand on the handle and looked at his father over the car. "That's because your whole family's got super powers, you know that, right? No one normal can do what you guys can." His father smiled at him. "You're forgetting a small detail." "Yeah? What?" "You're part of that same family." He got in the car. Right, he had forgotten that. "I don't care, I'm not freeballing it." he got in the car.
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  14. Kindar

    Chapter 45

    The Missing Son 45 Because food was being served throughout the afternoon Patrick was taken by surprise when one of his fathers called out. "Okay, birthday guys! Stop what you're doing and come to the table!" The others seemed to know what was coming and in short order the eight of them were seated at the table. A moment after that the patio door opened and his other dad with five of other guys carried out a cake. Patrick's jaw dropped at the size. It barely fit in the door and had to be eight feet long. They slid it on the table and by their expressions, his brothers hadn't been expecting that either. There was only one feet of clear space at each end of the table and not even enough elbow room. Before each of them, on the cake, was a cluster of nineteen candles above a picture. In front of Patrick was a car. He looked over to Alex, he had beakers, and past him, Anakin had a can of orange soda. Laughing the brothers changed places until everyone was in front of his picture "Isn't this a little excessive?" Patrick asked and he sat back down. Arthur, now seated next to him chuckled. "You might have forgotten how many people there are at this party." Patrick looked around. He was right. He'd been interacting with people in small groups and lost track of the overall party. "Alright," our father said. "blow out your candles." "Maybe Patrick should tell us what his wish is first." "No!" He replied, probably too loud. He couldn't keep his ears from heating up. "Come on, uncle Damian," Alex said. "You know very well we can't say what it is. It won't come true if we do." Patrick tried not to smile. He didn't have to make a wish. It had already come true. Not only had he had sex with his father, but he was okay with it. He didn't feel weirded out, he didn't regret it, Hell (sorry) he wanted to do it again, not just with him, but with his whole family. He couldn't quite contain his smile, he was truly an Orr. He blew out his candles. His brothers did the same and everyone cheered. Each brother was handed a knife and spatula and they cut in the cake, handing pieces to those around them. Patrick laughed when his part turned out to be orange, and after a taste, was orange flavored. Once everyone had a piece there was only half the cake left, or so Patrick estimated, Chunks were missing all over the place. He'd eaten his piece, and cut himself one from Aaron's section, which was maple flavored. He sat down and Damian sat next to him. Patrick thought about moving away, but he wasn't going to let his uncle intimidate him. "Not having cake?" Patrick asked, instead of letting his uncle take control of the conversation. "I'm not hungry." The silence returned. Patrick was chewing when Damian said. "How was the sex?" Patrick chocked on the cake and glared at the adult. It hadn't been loud, but still. "What kind of fucking question is that?" He kept his voice low and looked around. No one was paying them any attention. "A rather simple one." "Yeah? Well, if I'd done anything, I wouldn't be telling you." Damian smiled. "No 'if' about it. I may not be able to tell them apart, but I did notice that for over an hour there was only one of them around at a time, and that you were not. They are my brothers, I know how they think." "I went with Adam to pick up sodas." "I'm not your mother, Patrick. Please don't act as if I was as... bright as her." Patrick glared at him again. "Don't insult my mom." "I didn't." "Bullshit. I heard that hesitation." "I apologize. The point remains that you didn't go with him. For one thing, he left half an hour after you disappeared. Arthur came back less than ten and as soon as he was done talking to my brothers, one of them disappeared." Patrick stared at his uncle. "Why the fuck do you care?" How had he caught all of that? Had he known what would happen? "I care because you are family." Patrick sighed. And what the fuck did that mean? He checked to make sure no one was within earshot and leaned in. "Fine, you want to know? it was great." "And do you wish for it to happen again?" "Yes, I do. Are you happy?" Damian smiled. "Very much so." Patrick eyed his uncle. "Yeah? don't get any idea. It's going to take a long time before I let you have sex with me." Damian stood. "Oh, I don't know about that. It may very well happen sooner than you think. Much sooner." Then he left to talk with a group of women. Great, what did that mean? Patrick wondered. He put him out of his mind by finishing his piece of cake and then having another one, banana this time. Then he was pulled into a conversation with Albert and some of his friends about paintings. Patrick didn't think he had anything to contribute, until he realized they were discussing painting him. * * * * * The cake had been decimated. there weren't even crumbs left on the board it had been on. Patrick looked at it in amazement. He wouldn't have believed even this large group would have finished it. And the grill was still going, although now it was a zebra and a deer manning it. His fathers were talking with their friends, as was his mother. He'd kept an eye out for her throughout the day, in case she found herself alone. She'd been worried she wouldn't fit in, but each time he'd seen her she was talking with a group of adults and looking like she was enjoying herself. He didn't know what they were talking about, but by their laughter and pointing at the younger people he expected they were sharing stories about their children. "Hey Alex," Patrick called to his brother. He was the only one not currently in deep conversation, piling condiments on his sausage roll. "If anyone needs me, I'll be back in a bit. I'm going to go rinse the chlorine out of my fur and get dressed." "Are you leaving?" "Probably, it's past six and we have to bus to the rail and then home. My mom's working in the morning." "I'm sure someone will be happy to give you a ride." "Okay, but I'm done swimming, so I want to get out of those trunks." Alex looked him over, then licked his lips. "Yeah, I'd like to get you out of those trunks too." Patrick was only shocked for a moment, then he laughed. "I think this might be too public, even for you." "Yeah, it is." "Don't worry, you'll get your chance." Alex nodded knowingly and smiled. Patrick was left wondering what that was about as he headed for Adam's room. He locked the door and headed for the shower, peeling off his trunks on the way there. He had his hand on the shower knob when the door to the bedroom opened. He turned in time to see his father rush in the bathroom. "I know I locked the door," Patrick stated. Instead of saying anything his father took Patrick's head in his hands and kissed him. Patrick didn't resist as the lips pressed against his, then the tongue pushed its way in his mouth. His father was hungry for it and their hands roamed on their backs, holding each other tightly. When they finally separated his father looked him in the eyes, caressing his face. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have unlocked the door and barged in. We have rules about privacy, but I really needed to do this." Patrick smiled. "Well, was it worth it, Daniel?" Daniel took a step back. "How did you know it was me?" Patrick's smile broke into chuckling. "Donald already did this with me. I doubt he'd be as desperate as you were." His father blushed then kissed him again. When he was done he dropped to his knees and swallowed Patrick's cock. "Holy fuck," Patrick gasped and panted as he became hard. He looked down at his father bobbing up and down his cock. Donald's blowjob had been good. This one was masterful. "Oh fuck, Dad." The lips tight against his shaft as they moved up and down, the tongue forcing his cock up to rub against the palate. It was so fucking much. He grabbed his father's head and fucked it. His father looked up at him with love. fingers dug in his ass. Patrick couldn't believe how hot this was, his father loved being face fucked by him. Patrick groaned. Fuck, he wanted to slow down, this had to last longer, but he also wanted it to be more intense and go faster. Before he made his decision, he felt the lightning surge. He tried to hold it back, He wanted this feeling to go on forever. He started to roar, buried his cock in his father's muzzle, and the world exploded inside him. When he came back his throat was raw and he moaned as his father was still sucking on him. Patrick panted. He looked down and realized his hands on his father's head were the only thing holding him up. He leaned back against the shower door and his father stood. Daniel smiled then pressed his lips against Patrick's. He was gentle, tentative. It was almost as if Daniel wasn't certain Patrick wanted to kiss. Not sure why his father hesitated Patrick parted his lips and ran his tongue against his father's. The lips opened slightly and an odd taste trickled through. It was acrid, bitter and a little salt. Cum, he realized, and understand why his father wasn't shoving his tongue down his throat. Patrick thought about it for a moment, He'd tasted his cum a time or two, out of curiosity, like most guys did, he expected, but this was different. He wanted it, not because he wanted to drink his cum, but because his father was the one offering to share it with him. He realized there was little he wouldn't do if his father asked. He pried the lips apart with his tongue and they kissed deeply. The cum flavored the kiss, made it more primal, something that came from deep within them. When they broke apart Patrick felt like he'd run a marathon, and it not just from the orgasm. Was kissing his father always going to be this good? Or was this special, because it was their first time. Patrick tried to articulate how he felt, but all he managed to say was. "Wow." His father chuckled, licking his lips. Patrick happened to look down and noticed the frond of Daniel's speedo was soaked. "Did you cum?" "Twice. When you blew your load in my mouth, and then when we kissed." "When we kissed?" Patrick couldn't believe it, well, okay, it had been a mind-blowing kiss. "Yeah, that's a first for me." Patrick grinned. "Want to see if it'll happen again?" For a reply his father took hold of his face and kissed him. It was a passionate kiss and Patrick responded with vigor. with hunger, but when they broke apart, although they were panting, it hadn't been the same. "Maybe we need more practice?" His father offered. Patrick laughed. "Maybe on the next visit." Daniel nodded. "Speaking of your next visit. Did anyone tell you about the party?" Patrick turned the shower on. "Isn't this the party?" "This is the social party, the family friendly one." Patrick looked over his shoulder. "So this wasn't for me and my mom's benefit?" Daniel looked down Patrick's back. "No, they've always been like this, well, the language might have been cleaner this time. The kids like to party with their friends, and it give me and Donald a chance to hang out with people our age that we aren't currently fucking, well mostly." "I thought all the adult here were married." "They are, but not all of them have monogamous marriage." "Or are happy in it," Patrick added, remembering Adam. "Yeah. Well, the tradition is that we also have a private party, just family members. Normally it would be tonight, once all the guests leave, but since you're going home with your mother, we were thinking of doing it next Saturday." "You don't have to." Patrick ran the hand under the jet and happy with the temperature stepped under it. "We want to." Daniel joined Patrick under the water. "You're part of this family. We'd like you to be part of that party, unless you don't think you'd be comfortable with a family orgy." He lathered his son's back. Patrick closed his eyes, enjoying the hands massaging the soap in his fur. "I... don't know. I...." Didn't he? hadn't he wondered what it would be like to have sex with Adam while they were talking? Didn't he want to have sex with both his fathers? at the same time? His father moved him under the water and rinsed the lather out of Patrick's fur. After that his father pressed himself against his back and held him. "You don't have to. I don't want you to feel pressured." "I want to dad. Fuck I want to. I'm an Orr. I want to know what that means. I want to experience what it means." He gasped as he felt a hand stroke his cock, making him hard again. "You have such a beautiful cock, son. I want you to fuck me with it." His father moved away and Patrick turned around. His father had his hands against the wall. His tail was in this air, making the offer of his ass clear. Patrick swallowed. "Dad, I've never...." Daniel looked at him over his shoulder. "It's fine son. Your cock's already slick. All you have to do is push it in and then enjoy yourself." Patrick settled behind him and places his hands on his father's ass. It was firm, solid, the ass of someone who worked it out a lot. Patrick smiled, did his father use a machine for that? Or did it come from having a lot of guys fuck him? He rubbed his cock in the crack, moving it until the head was against his father's hole. He slowly pushed it in. "Oh. Fuck." Patrick couldn't believe how hot it was in there. His father moaned. "More." Patrick pushed in slowly. He panted. Fuck that felt good. He tried to remember what his father had done when he'd been fucking him, had he thrust all in in one go? some back and forth? but nothing came to him. but his father's moaning seemed to indicate he was doing well. Once all in, he leaned over Daniel for a moment, wrapping his arms around him. It felt good to hold his father this way, to be in him. This man had given him life, and now Patrick got to return the favor, symbolically. He pulled out slowly, then pushed in with a sigh. His father echoed him. Patrick kissed the back of his neck. he wanted to stretch this out for hours, but he had no idea how to keep the lightning from building until it exploded. He also couldn't be absent too long; his mother would start asking questions. he picked up speed and then reached lower to stroke his father's cock. It was already slick and getting wetter as he stroked it. "Fuck Patrick, you feel so good inside me. Fuck me son. Fuck me hard." Patrick's mind tingled at his father acknowledging that his son was fucking him. He sped up, and realized that he couldn't both stroke his father and fuck him hard from this position. He let go of the cock, promising himself he'd finish him afterward and readjusted his footing. He gripped his father's sides firmly and fucked him just as he'd been told. Hard and fast. Daniel's moans turned into curses so vulgar Patrick didn't think he could ever utter them. Fast and hard he fucked. In and out of his father's ass. The lightning built and he tried to hold it back. Just a little longer he asked, just a little more, but the lightning didn't listen. It exploded, the world became white. He felt his father shudder under him, then nothing but pure bliss. When he came back, he was slouched over his father's back, who was holding one of his arms to prevent Patrick from falling off. "You okay back there?" Patrick got the impression it wasn't the first time his father asked him that. He got his feet back under him. "Did you pass out?" Daniel asked. "I don't think so, but the orgasm was so intense I did blackout for a bit. How long was I out?" Straightening up his cock pulled out. Patrick was sorry about that, it had felt so good in there. "Ten seconds I'd say." Daniel straightened too, his back popping in the process. "Thanks for catching me dad." He looked at his father's back, that tail swaying languidly. He was going to be in him again, he had no doubt of that. His father turned. "I'll never let you fall, you know that, right?" Patrick nodded and smiled. "But I guess we might have overdone it for your first times, if you're blacking out." Patrick shrugged. "I don't know. I think it happened with every orgasm. I know it happened when you sucked me off, I was just lucky my arms locked on your head, it kept me up. Is something like that normal?" "I don't know. It doesn't happen to me, Donald, or any of the kids, as far as I know. Could be it's because you're starting late. We all started having sex pretty young, so we've gotten used to it? We'll have to see if it still happens the next time. "And try to avoid being in a precarious position," Patrick chuckled. "Speaking of next time. Does anyone else know about your plan for next Saturday?" "Sure, the whole family. why?" Patrick nodded. "It explains some of the looks I've been getting when talking about sex." "You talked about sex?" His father seemed impressed. "The subject came up a time or two." Patrick put a hand under the water. "Fuck, I can't believe there's any hot water left." His father pushed him under. "We have a perpetual heat system. can't run out." "Shit. If me and mom take consecutive showers, they have to be short or one of us gets cold water." Daniel lathered Patrick up again. "We spend enough time in the shower it was worth investing the extra money to make sure we wouldn't run out. It's really annoying when we have one of our family orgies in the shower to have to deal with the temperature changing." Patrick let his father's hands knead his back in silence for a moment, going over what his father said. "I can't believe you just said the whole family has sex together, and I don't feel like running away." His father wrapped his arms around him, lathering his front. "Welcome to the family son." Patrick smiled and leaned back against him. "Just washing this time, okay? I can't afford to spend too much time in here. mom's going to wonder where I am." "I promise." Daniel said, a moment before he reached down to lather Patrick's balls. Because he didn't linger there Patrick just smiled, then grew thoughtful. "Dad, I hope I'm not going to sound condescending, but don't you think you could be more careful with how you waste money? I know you're rich, but Arthur has a box of phone that's kept charged by the house. You probably spend hours having sex under the shower while hot water is running. I mean that stuff adds up." Daniel held him. "Because I know where you come from you don't, but we're not using as much power from the grid as you think. The roof is full solar, we have a top of the line water reclamation system. Our initial plan was to tap an underground spring, but this is California, there aren't any of those left. And before you point out air conditioning costs, you may have noticed how thick the walls are, both the outside and inside walls. It provides a lot of sound and temperature insulation." Patrick closed his eyes as he was pulled under the water and let it run over him. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize." "It's okay. You're right, we are rich, but we are aware of the impact a house like this one can have and we do what we can to minimize that." Daniel chuckled. "If we hadn't done it of our own volition, Damian would have forced us to do it." "Really? He cares about the environment?" "Very much." "But he owns a bunch of companies." "He does, and a good number of them are linked to all sort of renewable energy companies and research. He also spends a lot of money pushing for better environmental protection laws." Patrick was amazed to learn about that side to his uncle. Then he remembered the summer's heat wave and January's cold snap. "It isn't working all that well." "You have to remember the damage has been done over a long time. It'll take a while to get everything back to the way things were before. Who knows, once he runs the world it might go faster. Patrick looked over his shoulder at his dad, then had to blink when soapy water got in his eyes. "He's trying to take over the world?" Daniel laughed. "I'm kidding. If I remember, his exact words were: 'I don't want to waste my time running this damned place. I want to be in a position where I can kick those fucking politicians in the balls and have them say thank you, instead of sending the cops after me.'" "Wow, that's harsh." "You might not have noticed yet, but my brother is very big on efficiency. So, the government system isn't something he likes all that much. "Why is he so keen on saving the environment?" His father made sure the soap was all out of Patrick's fur, in silence. When he was done, he said. "Do you mind if we tackle that another time? Answering your question is going to lead to a lot of other things we don't have time to cover if you don't want your mother to realize you're gone." "Alright." Patrick quickly and chastely washed his father. Once dressed, Patrick in his clothes, and his father in his speedo. He grabbed his bag and went outside, his father staying behind to avoid attracting attention. The day was making Patrick realize that he had to make a decision about his mother. No, not a decision, he'd already made that. Now he had to tell her. He couldn't keep that he was gay from her. But tonight wasn't the right time. He found her among the parents, they had all gathered in a corner of the backyard, and she was telling them about the time he beat up the neighborhood bully because he was pushing around one of the young girls. Patrick had been ten, the bully fifteen. By the time it was over the bully had to go to the hospital, Patrick only had a few bruises. The police had been called, but after an explanation, and multiple witnesses, Patrick was let go with a warning not to pick fights." "Hey mom," he said, kneeling next to her. "Hi hun, why are you dressed?" "It's eight. We should go, you're working in the morning." "Already?" She pulled out her phone. "So, it is. Where did the time go?" She stood and said her goodbyes to the people around her. "If you want to stay longer," Damian said. "I can give both of you a ride." Patrick glared at his uncle from behind his mother and shook his head vehemently. He didn't know what his uncle was planning, but he didn't want them to be part of it. "That's very kind of you, Mister Orr, but This is only going to be my second time taking the rail, I want to enjoy it." She took her bag and sniffed Patrick. "You showered?" "Yes, to get the chlorine out of my fur." "That's good thinking." "It was good meeting you," Damian said, taking her hand and kissing it. He offered his hand to Patrick. "It was good finally meeting you too. The kids have told me a lot about you." Patrick hesitated a moment, trying to figure out why Damian was being so damn civil. He finally shook it. "It was good meeting you too." Then everyone was over to wish both a good night. Patrick shook hands, was hugged, and discreetly groped, and not just by his brothers. He was happy his mother was busy with her own goodbyes, otherwise she would have noticed his ears steaming.
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    Chapter 44

    The Missing Son 44 Patrick swam around a little, one of the guys, a lithe ermine by the name of Terry, he was one of Aaron's friend, showed him how to do the breast stroke, and Patrick practiced that. When he grew tired, he joined the game of, he had no idea what they were playing, in the shallower end of the pool. They simply hit the beach ball in the air, and scrambled to make sure it didn't get in the water. More than once someone sitting around the pool had to kick it back to them. At one point, Patrick felt eyes on him and he turned. One of the girls sitting with Adam in the hot tub was looking at him, and whispering something to his brother. Adam chuckled, shook his head and they leaned close to talk some more. He decided she was just curious about him and Patrick went back to the game, in time to have the ball hit him in the face. When the game 'ended', which seemed to mean most were done with the pool, only three were still hitting the ball to each other, Patrick did a few laps and then hooked his arms on the edge and let himself float. He'd never realized before how much he enjoyed being in the water. The sense of speed he got when doing the breast stroke was exhilarating, like he imagined flying might feel like. Adam jumped in the water in front of him. He shook his head as he surfaced. "one more minute in there and I was going to be cooked enough to be on the menu." Patrick chuckled. "You and your friends seemed to be having a good talk, although I think I was the subject of it." "That was Samantha, that's the lioness, and yeah, she was asking if she could watch us fuck." Patrick sputtered. "What?" He looked around and lowered his voice, even though there was no one near them. "She knows?" Those still in the pool were sitting in the shallow end, except for someone doing laps under water. Patrick had seen the form move, but hadn't paid attention enough to know who that was. "Yeah, she does." "Does everyone know? I mean that you guys sleep together?" "Nah. She and Julie are the only ones of my friends who know. Julie was the bear on my other side. They're cool with it. Well Sam keeps wanting watch us having sex, but none of us are that exhibitionist." "How did she find out then?" Adam sank and resurfaced. "I was at her place last year, she'd gone to get us some sodas. Alex called me and we were making plans. I had him on speaker because I didn't feel like digging for my clip, and we were kind of blatant about what we were going to do once I got home. I didn't hear her come and she caught me saying I was going to plow Anakin's ass until he begged for mercy. After that it was kind of hard to deny it." "And she what? just accepted it?" Adam chuckled. "It helps that most parents know our dads are lovers as well as brothers. I think some of them suspect about us too, but no one's asked." Patrick shook his head. This level of tolerance was a lot more than he'd expected. "And how did Julie find out?" Adam sighed. "Sam told her. When I found out I made it clear to both of them that if they told anyone else, they were going to lose me as their technical advisor. I don't mind being suspected of incest, but having it advertised for me isn't cool." "What do you advise them on?" "They have a comic online, Ultimate Speed. It's a mix between a racing and spy story. The main character is a race car driver, so they always have him in these cool cars, but before I started helping them, they weren't very accurate." "And she's not holding your secret over your head?" Patrick noted that the lap swimmer was coming their way, from the deep end to the shallow one. "No. They're both nice girls. Sam's didn't tell Julie for malicious reasons, they are just close friend and talk a lot. She was sorry about it when she realized how pissed I was. Julie promised she wouldn't tell anyone and both have kept their word." The swimmer was getting close enough Patrick could tell he'd pass between him and Adam. "I guess that's good." He was closer now, Patrick could see orange and stripes, so it was someone from his family, he hadn't seen any other tigers at the party. "I'd be terrified she would rev...." With a choked scream Patrick clamored up and out of the pool. "He groped me." The form was still for a moment then swimming again. Adam grin lasted, until a few moment after the swimmer stood. they could only see his back, but he was one of the adults. "Are you okay?" Patrick asked. only three of the adults were tigers, and their fathers were still at the grill. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just didn't realize it was him." Patrick wanted to press him, to find out what Damian had done to him, but Adam had made it clear he didn't want to talk about it, so all he could do was be there for him, for when he was ready. Patrick sat down on the edge, watching Damian shake himself then walk out of the pool. The asshole didn't even have the decency to look at him and acknowledge what he'd done. "So how does your advising for the story work?" He asked, to distract Adam. "You draw the cars? you give them technical sheets?" Adam looked away from Damian. "No. Julie writes the scripts, usually they'll use the same cars for one arc, she'll tell me what she wants them to do, like how fast they'll need to go, what kind of turns they'll take on what conditions and I'll give Sam a list of cars that fit. Every so often I go to Sam's place and help her with the more technical details. I can't 'draw' but technical drawing is completely different." "So, you go to her place?" "Yeah, she lives ten miles away, I mean I really don't need to go. I could just send her the drawings, but if gives me an excuse to be at her place." Patrick eyed his brother. "Why would you need an excuse to be there?" Adam smiled. "I sleep with her dad." "You what?" Patrick barely thought to keep his voice down. He glanced around, the lioness was seated with a lot of the women, and he located the lion at a table with other guys. "why?" Adam shrugged. "He needs it. Trust me, Charles' marriage has been falling apart for years. The first time I went there I wandered around the house and found him in the basement in the process of getting drunk. Fiona, Sam's mother, she's been cheating on him for years. I have no idea why, because he's fucking great in bed." "Does Samantha know?" Adam shook his head. "No. That, I don't think she'd be okay with. wouldn't matter that since we've started fucking Charles pretty much stopped drinking. He said he'd stick it out until Samantha moved out." "So you're saving their marriage?" "No, but it's making it so that Sam will have a dad around. I mean, that's not why I'm doing it. He needs the sex and I'm giving it to him, but I'm happy that a side effect of it means Sam has a dad. I'd hate for her to lose him." Adam looked at Patrick. "Shit. I'm sorry." Patrick shook his head. "It's okay. I'm okay with my memories of my 'father' not being real. I mean they were just stories to start with, the fact they weren't even true stories doesn't bother me anymore. I got the better deal, I have two fathers now." Patrick stood. "I'm done with swimming." "Okay. I'm going to do a few more laps before getting out" Patrick snagged a burger as his father put it on a plate. he added ketchup, mustard and onions to it. "Patrick," his father said. "once you're done eating it, can you go get more chairs out of the storage room?" "Sure, where's the storage room?" "In the basement. it's the door in front of the one leading to the garage." "okay." He took the next burger, put mustard in it and relish and took it to his mother, who was deep in conversation with the one guy sitting with the woman, a bear, probably Julie's father. He gave his mother the plate. "Here mom." "Oh, thank you Patrick." "You need something to drink?" "No, I'm good." She indicated the glass that was still half full of wine, by the smell of it. "Oh my, Margarette," a zebra said. "Your son of such a sweet boy. You don't see mine checking if I need anything. He's just like his father, only thinking about himself." "I'm sure he isn't that bad," his mother replied, as Patrick left them. He really wasn't interested in listening to parents talk about their children. He finished his burger and went down the stairs, then down the hall. He had his hand on the knob when he caught motion in the partially open door leading to the garage. "Come on Anakin. Just this once." It was Damian's voice, it had this cold quality to it that made it very distinctive. Patrick thought about not paying attention to them, getting the chairs and leaving, but he didn't like the idea of Damian being alone with one of his brothers. "No uncle. Absolutely not!" Patrick crept closer, the gap was just large enough to let him confirm the two of them were alone. Damian had his back to the door and Anakin was partially obscured by the adult "Come on Anakin, you know you're going to love it." He was running a finger along Anakin's cheek. Anakin shoved the hand away. "I said no! damn it. This is the friend and family party. you know the rule." Damian snorted. "Rules smrules. Patrick got to fuck." "It's different for him." "Why should he be the only one? Come on, you know how great I am, but the only time I've gotten to fuck you is when we have an orgy. I want some one on one quality time with you." He moved closer, but Anakin pushed him away. "no, do you hear me? It isn't going to happen. The only way you'll ever get to have sex with me one on one is if you're dead and on a slab." Anakin gasped, his hand covering his mouth. "Oh my God, I'm sorry uncle. I'm so sorry." He started crying and Damian pulled him in a hug. "It's okay Anakin." "No it's not. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." "Yes, Anakin, you did." "no, I can't mean it. I can't want to have sex with dead guys, that's wrong." Damian pulled him at arm's length and placed his hands on each side of his face and looked him in the eyes. "Never think that Anakin, do you hear me? Sex is never wrong, so long as you're not forcing it on your partner." "But they're dead." "Have they told you to stop?" "Well, no, but..." "no buts Anakin. In this family we don't feel shame over sex, ever." Anakin nodded and dried his eyes. "How did you find out?" "That isn't important." "Does anyone else know?" "I haven't told you fathers." "Thanks." "You should be the one to tell them." "I will." "Good. now, I need you to promise something. I want you to promise me you'll never resort to killing someone to satisfy yourself." Anakin chuckled. "like I'd ever do that." "I'm serious Anakin, Promise me." "I... I promise, uncle Damian." Damian hugged him. "Good boy." They stayed like that for a time, then Anakin untangled himself and disappeared in the back of the garage, a moment later a door closed. In the silence Patrick tried to figure out exactly what had happened. At least Damian, his uncle, hadn't done anything to his brother. He turned to the storage door. "So? you learn anything?" Patrick froze and turned back to the garage door. Damian still had his back to him. he looked over his shoulder at Patrick. "Well?" Patrick took a step back. how the fuck had he known he was there? He regained control of himself and entered the garage. "I've learned you like pushing people's buttons." On his right was a door. that must have been the door Anakin went through. "And that you're never going to get me alone in a room." Damian took the few steps separating them with a smile that worried Patrick. His uncle put a hand on the door. "Oh Patrick, I'd be careful how you say that. I might just think it's a challenge." Patrick wanted to tell him to just try it, but something stopped him. he remembered those cold blue eyes looking into him. A shudder shook him and he realized that all his uncle had to do was close the door and he'd be at his mercy. His uncle nodded at him and walked by to exit. Patrick grabbed his arm. "What the fuck is your deal?" Patrick was terrified of him but he wouldn't let that rule him. Gray/blue eyes looked at him. "Have you pissed yourself yet?" "What? of course not." What the fuck was that about? Damian shrugged. "Another time then." he pulled his arm out of Patrick's grip and left. Patrick watched his back until he disappeared up the stairs, then he went to the door Anakin had to have taken. he almost opened it but considered that if Anakin had just wanted to leave the basement, he'd have exited by the door Patrick had been in. He didn't know what was behind this door, but it might be a place Anakin felt safe in. He couldn't barge in and risk disturbing that. He knocked. "Go away. I don't want to talk to you." "It's Patrick." The reply wasn't immediate. "Come in." The door opened to a dark room. There was some light, but the walls were black, as was the carpet, the desk, the dresser and the bed, sheets and all. Anakin was seated on the bed. This wasn't just a safe place, this was Anakin's bedroom. On the wall were posters, horror movies, and some that might be music bands, but they looked like they belonged in a horror movie of their own. He caught the poster for 'Back from the Dead' and shuddered. He'd seen that movie when he was twelve. It had scared the shit out of him. "I didn't mean to eaves drop on you a Damian. Are you okay?" After a moment Anakin nodded. "I'm just shaken. trust uncle Damian to get me to admit something I've been denying even to myself. I just wish he hadn't been so harsh about it." Patrick sat next to him. "He does sound like a dick sometime." Anakin sighed. "Believe it or not, he does mean well. Not that it helps stop the shakes. He's just not the most socially adept at times." That was putting it mildly Patrick thought. "So you haven't had sex with him?" "I have, during the family gatherings. Just not one on one." "Why not?" "He gives me the creeps. I know he's family, and he's a great top, or bottom, he's great pretty much no matter what. I just don't want to be with him without anyone else around. If I'd know he was in the garage waiting for me I'd have stayed in my room. At least he respects closed doors in our house." "I get the feeling that wouldn't have helped. He seemed to get his way no matter what." "Yeah, I guess he does." Anakin rested his head on Patrick's shoulder. "Fuck," he whispered. Patrick put an arm around him. "So, dead guys, huh?" Anakin looked up at him. "You don't really sound as freaked out by that as you should." "I know, right?" Patrick chuckled. "I mean, finding out Adam sleeps with married guy unnerved me more than this. Everyone in this family has eccentricities, right? I wonder what mine is. Although in your case." Patrick waved a hand around the room. "I can't say I'm all that surprised." Anakin looked at the posters, black skulls on the dresser and desk and chuckled. "I guess I have been telegraphing it." Patrick tighten his arm around his brother. "You going to be okay?" "Yeah. I'm just going to have to figure out a way to work around dead guys. I could become a mortician." "Or a coroner." Anakin laughed. "Somehow I think they'd see me having sex with a corpse as tampering with evidence." "I guess that's true." Patrick stood. "If you want to go to the hall, you can take that door." Anakin pointed to the wall in front of them and Patrick squinted. he barely made out the outline. He looked around wondering where the door to the bathroom was, He had to have one, every one of his other brother had his own bathroom. "Just how often have you missed the door trying to leave?" "never," Anakin answered proudly, then chuckled. "I need to go back to the storage room. Dad needs more chairs." "Let me help you." Anakin stood and then hugged Patrick. "Thanks for checking up on me." "You're welcome." he kissed the top of his brother's head.
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    Chapter 44

    @WolfBearHybridyou could at that as a reason to reread the story
  17. ask me a question in the comments below or by emailing them to s.stpierre@thetigerwrites.com this week went well. As I more or less expected, my manager’s so well laid plan came to a crashing halt when I reached Laredo, because they didn’t have anything heading .... If you want to read the rest of the post, which includes more about my week you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/22516874 If you prefer, you can support me by Buying me a Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/Y8Y6BC87
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    Chapter 44

    @WolfBearHybrid Patrick's eccentricity has been hinted at a time or two in this book, but it won't be named until the next book. I don't expect people that have much problems with it considering the little problems I've been given over those mentioned in this book.
  19. ask me a question in the comments below or by emailing them to s.stpierre@thetigerwrites.com This week was interesting. Fist off, I can finally say that I have traveled the entirety of Hwy 3, also known as “Crowsnest Highway,” from Medicine Hat, AB to Hope, BC. Now .... If you want to read the rest of the post, which includes more about my week, and my thoughts on the movie "The Incredibles 2," you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/22359793 If you prefer, you can support me by Buying me a Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/Y8Y6BC87
  20. Kindar

    Chapter 43

    The Missing Son 43 Patrick had his head in his hands. Was this a mistake? Sure, he wanted to have sex with his father. He wanted it badly, but that didn't mean it was right. Surely there were reasons why it was considered wrong to have sex with a family member. "Arthur said you needed to see me?" Patrick's head snapped up, and all his doubts vanished. His father was standing there, looking worried. How could he not want to be with this guy who had conceived him. He hadn't been there to raise him, but the love in his eyes was undeniable. Patrick knew his father would be there for him now. He could ask him anything and if it was within his power, his father would make it happen. Patrick ran to him and wrapped his arms around him. "Are you okay?" Donald asked, placing his arms around Patrick. Patrick buried his face in his father's chest and breathed in his scent. "I'm scared, dad." He smelled of meat, charcoal, and sweat. "I want you so badly it scares me." "It's okay Patrick," Donald soothed. "We don't have to do anything." "I want to, Dad." Patrick could feel the tears falling and he didn't bother trying to stop them. "I've been dreaming about it for months." he looked up. "I've never had a dad. For years I thought I had the memories of one, but that wasn't even true. You're here. You're my dad. I want to feel how much you love me." "Patrick, are you sure? It's..." Patrick didn't let him finish. He pressed his lips against his, He was hungry for this. He kissed him, hard. His hands were in Donald's neck fur, holding him in case he tried to move back. His father wasn't pulling away. His lips parted and their tongue met. Patrick moaned as he tasted his father and his tongue moved against Donald's. The hands on his back moved, first up, then down. They came to rest on his ass, then they squeezed. Patrick gasped. "Oh shit." He trembled, his cock was straining in his pants, his balls hurt. His father lifted him, and by reflex Patrick wrapped his legs around Donald's waist, only then realizing how strong his father had to be able to do that. Patrick wasn't all that light. Donald took a few steps, and his groin rubbed against his ass. Patrick felt his father's hard cock move and he held him tighter. For a moment he thought he was falling, but it was his father depositing him on the bed. Donald let go of him and stepped back. Patrick could now see what he'd felt, straining against the speedo, barely being held in place and a large wet spot at the tip. His father straddled him and pulled Patrick's t-shirt off. They kissed again, this time gentler, lighter pecks, more loving than hungry. When they broke apart, Donald looked at him. His father caressed his face. "First rule of sex in this family. No means no. If at any time you aren't comfortable with anything that's happening, you tell me and we stop. You weren't educated by us, so I don't want you to feel like you have to do this." Patrick put a finger to the other tiger's lips. "I get it dad. No means no. Now you can shut up and just love me." His father looked him in the eyes, and then leaned in. He didn't kiss him this time, he bit his neck and Patrick gasped. He felt the teeth against his skin and ancestral parts of his brain lit up, sending information that conflicted with the modern part, preventing him from doing anything. He was safe in his father's arms/The male on top of him was larger, dangerous, a threat. The bite felt good/Biting was a threat to his life. He wanted to submit to whatever his father would do to him/He couldn't submit to a bigger male, he had to fight, he had to establish his dominance over him. By the time his father released his neck, Patrick was panting has hard as his cock was. Donald slid down, lightly biting Patrick through his fur until he reached the nipples. Patrick knew what was coming, He'd played with his nipples as part of discovering his body. He knew they were sensitive, but he wasn't prepared for the sensation that coursed through him when his father bit on one then suckled. Patrick panted when Donald released the nipple, then arced his back when he nibbled on the other. Patrick couldn't speak, he could barely think. He didn't feel his father release his nipple, or move. He knew something happened when he felt cool air on his balls. He forced his head up. His father had undone his belt and pulled Patrick's jeans down, along with his underwear. Patrick raised his legs and they were off. Donald stood and Patrick realized the speedo had disappeared. His father's cock stood tall, hard and leaking. The only things Patrick could think of where how beautiful his father was and how much he wanted what was coming. The jeans went flying and Patrick closed his eyes in anticipation. He gasped as he felt a hot mouth on his cock and opened his eyes. His father was deep-throating him. He moaned, fuck this felt good. No wonder the guys were always going on about blowjobs. "Oh fuck, dad." The words escaped him unbidden. His father's mouth moving on his cock, his tongue... He didn't want to be sacrilegious, but this had to be what heaven felt like. He was so distracted by the pleasure flooding him he barely felt the finger pressing against his asshole. He gasped as it popped in, then he was moaning again, the finger's motions adding more sensations to the mix. Patrick put his hand on his father's head and began thrusting in his mouth. Fuck this felt good. The movement made the finger go deeper and every so often it made his cock jump, even if it was nowhere near it. Patrick panted, how long had he been doing this? How long could he last? Could anyone survive feeling this much pleasure? And then the pleasure increased. Why did I wait so long to do this? He thought, and then the world exploded. As far as Patrick wad concerned, for a long moment he no longer existed. All he was, was the lightning of pleasure coursing through the world. Then he started breathing again. He moaned as he breathed out. His father was still nursing on his cock and it felt good. At least for a while. "dad, stop," Patrick panted. "If you don't I think I'm going to piss." Donald released the cock and it flopped down. "How was that?" Patrick needed a moment to reply. "That was amazing." He looked at his father. "Although it wasn't what I was expected." "Really?" "Yeah, Arthur said you were the one to have if I wanted to be fucked." "Yeah, I'm mostly a top, but you wanted me to show you how much I love you. I don't just express my love by shoving my cock up your ass." Patrick chuckled at the vulgar language. "You are my son, you are worth so much more. I want to make you happy, I want to bring you pleasure." Patrick reached down and caressed his father's muzzle. "I hope you also want to fuck me." He made his expression serious. "I mean it dad. I want to feel you in me. I bought a dildo a while back, and anytime I use it, you're the only one I could think of. having you in me, that's what I want as my birthday present." Donald nodded. He stood, lifting Patrick's legs as he did so. Standing he was at the right height. he took the lube bottle that was on the bed. Where had that come from? Patrick thought. He knew it hadn't been there before, had it? There certainly was no way his father could have hidden it on his person. Donald coated his cock with the gel. "Are you ready?" Patrick nodded and his father moved closer. his cock pressed against Patrick's hole, then moved back. It pressed again, then the pressure was gone. It was back a little harder, then gone again. Little by little, so gradual that Patrick barely felt any discomfort his father stretched him. Patrick was panting, sometime moaning. He didn't know how it could be, but this felt so much better than the dildo. All of a sudden, his father stopped moving. "Is everything okay?" Patrick asked. His father canted his head. "What do you mean?" "You stopped moving." His father smiled. "I'm all in." Patrick looked down in disbelief. His father was pressed against him. Where had the discomfort been? it was always present when he used the dildo, and he was pretty sure his father was thicker. Then he stared at his own cock, his hard cock. He looked up at his father, who smiled down at him. Patrick could only think of one thing to do. he wrapped his arms around his father's neck and kissed him passionately. In that position his father began thrusting in him. Patrick moaned in the kiss. Too soon his arms got tired and he had to let go of his father. Patrick closed his eyes and lost himself in the sensation of his father moving in and out of him. After a moment he opened his eyes and his father locked eyes with him. "You are precious Patrick. You are my son. Do not ever feel ashamed of who you are, of what you feel. Love with all your heart, with all your being. You don't have to tell the world who you are, but 'know' who you are. Never deny that you are an Orr, even if you don't bear the name." Patrick moaned as his father's cock hit a sensitive spot. "I promise dad," He said when he was able to form words again. "I won't deny who I am and I won't be ashamed of it." "Thank you, son." Donald picked up the pace and Patrick groaned in reply. He gasped when he felt the hand on his cock and he looked down just long enough to see his father jacking him off as he fucked him. He was going to cum a second time, he realized, a moment before the lightning exploded throughout him again. When he came back to the world it was to the sound of grunting and the feeling of his father's cock moving fast and deep in him, but erratic. Patrick didn't have time to wonder at the intensity of his orgasm, the dildo had never made him cum that hard. He opened his eyes and saw wildness in his fathers. He smiled at his father. Donald pushed himself in as deep as he could, raised his head and roared. Patrick felt the cock in him pulse as it filled him with his father's cum. He was receiving the ointment he gave to all his sons. The seed that made him. Panting heavily his father looked down at him. Patrick was crying. "I love you so much," he said before his father could worry. He had a father. The world might never be perfect, but he had a father. His world was perfect now. He held onto his father as he slowly pulled put, then he was held in return. Patrick didn't know how long they held each other, but it couldn't have been very long. It hadn't been long enough. "We should get back to the party," his father said. "I know. I just don't want this to end." He felt the kiss on his forehead. "It isn't going to end. You'll always be one of us. We're just a phone call away." "What if my mom freaks." "She might be your mother, but you have to be your own person. At some point, you're going to have to let her go." Patrick pulled away, but Donald kept a hand on his arm "It has nothing to do with us, it's just part of growing up. Our kids are going to let us go too, eventually. we have to accept that, they have to accept it, and so do you." Patrick was silent while he processed it. It was too heavy for him. "You know," he finally said. "I think there's a rule that says you can't be this profound after sex." Donald laughed, then shoved him off the bed. "My house, my rule. Come on, let's go wash up. If you want to keep your mother ignorant of what happened here, you can't go back outside smelling of sex." The bathroom attached to the bedroom was in greens and blues, with a white stripe separating the colors, but there was something different about the colors. Then he realized it was car paint. Of course, it would be, it was Adam's bathroom. It only had a shower, now that he thought about it... "Don't you guys have any tubs?" "Of course, we do." his father turned the water on and adjusted the temperature." "Where are they? I haven't seen any." "Then you haven't been in Albert's bathroom, he loves to soak. There's a Jacuzzi in ours. Alex and Anakin also have tubs." They stepped under the large jet and the water fell on them like rain. The water was cool and refreshing. Patrick reached for the shampoo dispenser on the wall, but his father stopped him. "Not that one, that's lube." "Adam has lube in his shower?" "Of course," his father whispered, "the shower is a perfect place to have sex. You get cleaned as quickly as you get dirty." He reached for the pump he'd told Patrick not to use. "Dad, shouldn't we?" Patrick felt the cock under his tail and he knew he had to decide. "Oh, fuck yeah." He put both hands against the wall for support. His father entered him in a smooth thrust. "Oh fuck, dad." "Yes son, that is what we're doing." He reached around and stroked Patrick's cock. Patrick had a moment of wonder. He couldn't be hard again, could he? And then all thoughts fled as his father fucked, and jerked, him. How long it lasted he had no idea. Pleasure made his body vibrate and all he felt for an undetermined amount of time was the hand on his cock and the cock in his ass. Then his father tensed, bit his shoulder, and the lightning exploded. When he came aware again his father was panting in his ear. "Fu..." Patrick chuckled. No he wasn't going to say that, for all he knew it would set him off again. "This was intense." If sex was always this intense, he was going to become addicted. "huh uh," was as articulated as his father got." "You okay, old man?" The arms holding him tightened a little. "just enjoying having my cock up my son's ass and holding him tenderly." Patrick chuckled. "You're going to have to make do with that you've already had. I can't support both our weights; my arms are about to give." He got a kiss on the side of the head, and his father pulled out. Patrick stretched, he felt good, shouldn't he feel exhausted after... He turned. "Fuck, I can't believe I came three times. I didn't thing that was even possible." His father smiled. "You're an Orr. You'll realize that when it comes to sex, we're outside the norm. Way outside." "Are you saying I'm going to be horny all the time?" "Of course, but that's because you're a guy." Patrick swatted at his father, who moved out of reach. Donald leveled his gaze on his son. "Being an Orr means that if you want to have sex, you'll be able to." Patrick thought about it as he washed himself. "So... I can get hard and cum on command, or something?" "Getting hard? Pretty much. If you get turned on, you'll get hard. As for cumming on command? I don't know. As far as I know, Damian is the only one who's ever had that kind of control over his body." Once they rinsed off his father handed him a towel and they dried each other. Donald dumped the towels in the hamper by the door. In the bedroom he picked up a phone from the bedside table and checked it. he cursed. "What?" Patrick asked, wondering how the phone had ended up there. He couldn't recall his father having one when he entered the bedroom, not that he was looking at his hands. "We were here a little longer than I was expecting." "How long?" "An hour and a half." "What?" Patrick rushed to his bag and put the trunks on. "My mom's going to go ballistic." "No, she thinks you went with Adam to buy more sodas. Just head to the garage once you're presentable." He slipped his speedo on. "Won't she find it strange that you've also been missing for all this time?" Donald smiled. "She doesn't know I've been gone." "How?" His smiled widened. "No one can tell me and Daniel apart, remember?" * * * * * Adam was leaning against a sport car when Patrick got there a few minutes later. He was wearing black Speedos and an unbuttoned shirt. He was looking at his phone. Patrick didn't say anything, taking a long moment to look at his brother. He was close to their father in height, but not as wide shouldered. His stomach fur was longer, and he had a nice cock, even soft it stretched the speedo. Adam looked up. "Hey, had fun?" He took the ear clip off his ear. Patrick's ears burned. He couldn't help it, the memory of his father fucking him in the shower came back to him. Adam put an arm around his shoulder. "Yeah, I can see you did, but buddy, you're going to want to put the brakes on and hit reverse." Patrick blinked. "What?" Adam pointed down. Patrick's trunks were well tented. With a curse he adjusted himself. Adam ran a hand through Patrick's chest. Before Patrick could wonder if he was coming on to him, his brother took his hand away and rubbed his finger together. "Your fur's still humid." He breathed in. "And you smell of my shampoo." He laughed. "Did dad fuck you in my room?" Patrick felt his whole body heat up. "Yeah, sorry. it was the closest room." Adam tightened his arm around him. "Hey, it's okay. I was just surprised, but we need to do something about your fur." "Why? it's sunny, it'll dry pretty quick once I'm outside." "I don't think it'll be fast enough for your mom not to question it, as well as the smell. Is there a reason you'd need to shower when you got here?" Patrick shook his head. Adam hummed to himself as he walked to the back of the car. "I know." he opened the trunk. "Once we're outside, put the cases on the table and throw yourself in the pool." "What if she calls to me?" He took the two cases Adam handed him. "Act like you haven't heard her. You can apologize once you're wet." He stacked a third case on top. "I can take a fourth." "yeah, but you'll be blind. We have stairs, and a kitchen to navigate. you need to see where you're going." He stacked three cases on the sedan next to the car and closed the trunk. "How about the other cases?" Patrick had seen at least two other cases. Adam picked up his three. "Someone else can come for them." "You came up with the pool idea pretty quick. Do you guys have a book with a list of excuses in it?" Adam chuckled. "Hell no, although that's a good idea. it would be a best seller." Adam pushed the door open with his butt and lead the way down the hall to the stairs. "I'm quick on my feet, that's how I thought about it. I've had a lot of practice over the last four years. You wouldn't believe how many times I've almost had a woman walk in on me and her husband fucking." Patrick almost stumbled. "You sleep with married guys?" "Sure." Adam reached the top of the stairs and turned. "It's my thing, my eccentricity." "Why? Why would you go after them?" "have you seen them? they're miserable, they look like they're serving a life sentence. Whatever they had before, it's gone. I offer them some of the fun they used to have." "But they're not all unhappy. There's plenty of guys out there who are perfectly happy being married." "Sure, and those guys won't be interested in what I'm offering, and if they look happy, I won't even bother with them." Patrick frowned. "Look," Adam continued, "I don't go around tricking them into having sex with me. I might sweet talk them a bit, but if the guy isn't looking for something outside his marriage, he won't be interested in me, and I'll move on." Patrick nodded, more stunned by his own lack of revulsion at what Adam did than the knowledge he did it. he was becoming part of the family, there was no doubt about that. Would he too do things like that? "So, you don't force yourself on them?" "Hell no. No means no." "First rule," Patrick said. "Exactly." They crossed the kitchen and Adam kicked the door and screamed through the screen. "Someone open the damn door; our hands are full." A lioness in her early twenties opened it for them. Patrick saw his mother in conversation with two other women, a collie and a bear. She looked in his direction as he put down the cases on the table and he ran for the pool as she opened her mouth. He heard his name just as he hit the water. He came up and quad paddled in place. A beach ball bounced off his head. "Patrick Sanders!" His mother was standing by the side of the pool, glaring at him. "Hey mom." "Why didn't answer me when I called you? I was worried. You should have called me and told me you were going to run errands." "I...." Shit, how was he going to explain that?" "Sorry, Ma'am," Adam said. "It's my fault. I grabbed Patrick just as he was done changing." His mother studied his brother. "You're Adam, right?" "Yes ma'am." She leveled her gaze back on her son. "And why didn't you call me?" "Sorry mom. My phone was in my jacket," now that Adam had given him a setup, Patrick had an idea how to go with it. "all I had on were my trunks." "I didn't realize you'd be upset," Adam continued. "I would have lent him mine if I'd known." "And why didn't you ask for his phone?" The people close by were paying attention and Patrick was happy at the effort it took to paddle, he kept him from being too embarrassed. "I didn't think of it, mom. I was enjoying the ride. I've been in so few cars." "And it's the F-Type," Adam added without missing a beat. "It's such a rad car that I kind of went out of the way so he could really get to enjoy it." "Adam!" a girl in the in-ground hot tub next to the pool at the back called. "Come on!" She was a collie and waved him over. "Again, I'm really sorry for distressing you, Ma'am." Adam went to the hot tub and sat in, putting an arm around the shoulders of the girls on each side of him. His mother kept her gaze on Adam as he whispered something to the lioness, making her giggle. She nodded and looked at Patrick, who was now holding to the edge of the pool, his arms tired from paddling. "You really should know better than to disappear like that." "I know mom. I'm sorry, it won't happen again." She smiled at him. "No, I'm the one who's sorry. I shouldn't be scolding you. You're a grown man, you can make your own decisions." "It's okay mom. I might be nineteen, but I'm still your baby." Patrick thought his mother's eyes were getting wet as she turned away. "You go have fun. Enjoy your birthday party."
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  22. Kindar

    Chapter 42

    The Missing Son 42 Patrick sat on the bench in front of the changing rooms by the women's clothing department. He wasn't comfortable waiting for his mother to come out and show him one of the dressed she was considering. The dressed here cost in the hundreds of dollars. Even the swimming trunks, in the bag on his knees had been thirty dollars. He hadn't planned on buying it, this shopping trip was supposed to be for his mother, but she'd pointed out there would be a pool, so he might want to get a swimsuit. He'd almost objected, he'd borrowed one from his brothers the last time, but then he remembered what kind it had been, and he'd started blushing. Then he realized his mother would see him in it and his ears burned. He hurried to the department, not even considering he could go to the goodwill store for one. He'd paid the thirty dollars for a swimsuit. Well, swimming trunks. if he had too he could walk around in them and they would look just like another pair of shorts. Still, thirty dollars. He'd never spent that much money on a piece of clothing. He could get four full set of clothing for that amount at a second-hand store. He could return it, and then go to Goodwill. He looked at the bag. Except he'd liked how they felt, how they looked on him, and he'd never owned brand new clothes before. He really shouldn't be spending that kind of money on swimming trunks. His mother came out of the room. "What do you think?" she twirled and Patrick couldn't help smiling. The dress didn't billow out too far, but for a moment the surface was smooth and he could make out all sort of flowers. He cocked his head to the side. "well, it's a dress." "I know it's a dress, but what do you think? Will it be good enough for the party?" "I'm a guy, mom," Patrick chuckled. "How would I know?" She shook her head. "Well, do you think I should buy it?" "How much does it cost?" "Patrick, you don't ask something like that." She looked at herself in the mirror, making the dress flow back and forth. "Anyway, I like it." "Then you should get it." He was afraid of knowing how much it would cost, but it was her money. And it had been a long time since he'd seen his mother smile like that. It wasn't that his mother was unhappy, but with working at the factory and at the diner she'd been usually too wiped out to really smile. Now, with the raise at the start of the year, she'd finally cut down on her hours at the diner and she could enjoy living a little. If that meant she'd splurge on her dress he couldn't fault her for it. * * * * * They took the fast rail. Patrick had been willing to pay for both of them, but his mother insisted she pay her own way. It took under forty minutes to make it to Old San Jose, and then it was fifteen minutes by bus to the stop at the bottom of their hill. His mother gaped at some of the large house they walked by and snickered at the purple wave. He guided her off the sidewalk and onto the path that wound up next to the driveway and she stopped. "Oh my," she exclaimed. "I didn't realize they had such a large house." Patrick looked at the house and realize he'd gotten use to its size over his few visits. How had that happened? "Didn't you notice that all the houses here are kind of big?" "Well, yes, but I didn't expect that from your father, he and his brother are so down to earth people." She considered it for a moment before starting up the path again. "I suppose it makes sense, they do have a large family." Patrick didn't comment as he followed her. He was starting to become nervous. This was going to be his first actual birthday party. He hadn't realized just how much he was looking forward to it until now. The closest he'd come to a party was having Natalia show up at the bar with a few others for his seventeenth birthday. They had brought a cake and candles. When things were quiet even the waitresses joined in singing him happy birthday. Otherwise, it was just him, his mom, a cake, and a movie. He always enjoyed those. She took him to see the adaptation of the Iluminar books, back when only the first three were out, which he'd read. and the movie had done a much better job of telling the story then the books had. He'd missed those trips to the theater, but he understood how busy his mother had been. Maybe now that she didn't work quite as much they could do it again. When his mother headed for the door he caught her arm and lead her around the house, and up the steps leading to a gate in the fence. His father had told him to use that instead of the front door. As they got closer they could hear shouts and splashing. He almost ripped the plastic bag, with his towel and swim trunks, when it caught on the latch. He knew the yard was large, probably close to his entire block, but there was so many people running around, seated and playing in the pool that it felt a little smaller. Patrick hadn't expected there to be quite so many people, and there were girls. A group of them were in the pool with guys, at least two of which were his brothers. four of them were playing volley ball in the back of the yard. Some were talking with adults. There were adults too? Now he thought he remembered his father mentioning something about parents being here. Friends of his brothers, with their parents. How had he forgotten about that? Thinking of his father made him search for them as he moved deeper in, heading for the large table near the patio door. They were at the grill, one of them cooking meat patties and the other preparing and handing out burgers. He walked into the table, distracted by them. He'd forgotten how good looking they were, broad shoulders, defined muscles making the fur ripple as they moved. They laughed at something, but Patrick couldn't hear over the sound of his heart pounding in his chest. They were wearing red Speedos that hugged their ass. one of them turned and Patrick was happy the table was hiding his lower half, because he'd forgotten just how much the Speedos showed. "Patrick's here!" His father smiled at him. A moment later Patrick was tackled by his brothers, hugging him tightly, patting him on the back, getting him wet. Damian got out of the pool and shook himself before joining them. His brothers made space, and Patrick noted there were only six of them. He couldn't tell who was missing. Patrick eyed the adult, wondering what he was going to do this time, but instead of looking at Patrick, Damian turned to his mother. "Misses Sanders," Damian said, taking her hand. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you." He kissed the hand and smiled at her. "I have to say you have done an amazing job raising your son." Patrick was taken aback by Damian's behavior, and even more so when he saw his mother was blushing. "Thank you, Mister?" "I'm Damian," he replied with a wry smile. He thumbed in Patrick's fathers direction. "I'm those two's brother." "Damian!" a woman in the pool called. "Come on!" Damian kissed her hand again. "Please excuse me, duty calls." Damian ran alongside the pool then jumped and bombed in the water. Everyone in the pool laughed. Patrick looked around at everyone, the parents, the friends, the girls and his heart sank. He felt a hand close around his. Arthur smiled up and pulled him toward the house. "Where do you think you're going?" Patrick's mother called. "I'm going to show Patrick where he can change." Arthur answered. "We'll be right back." His mother was about to say something, but a rabbit tapped her on the shoulder. "You're Margarette Sanders, right?" She asked. Patrick saw she wore a one-piece bathing suit before Arthur pulled him away. "I'm Judith's mother." He didn't catch the rest as they entered the house. Arthur lead him to the closest bedroom. Looking at the posters of cars on the wall it was Adam's. Patrick sat on the bed and let his bag fall to the floor. He couldn't believe this. After all this waiting he still wouldn't get to sleep with his father. He let himself fall back. "This is stupid," he mumbled. "My mom's here, what was I thinking." Arthur sat next to him and put a hand on his leg. "Are you okay?" Patrick's leg tingled from the touch. "I'm okay," he sighed. "It's just that I was really hoping today would be the day. You know 'the' day, with it being my birthday and all." He sat up and looked at Arthur. A thought occurred to him. Yes, he really wanted it to be with his father, but that wasn't going to happen. Arthur cared for him, he'd said so before. And they were alone. Odds were good his mother wouldn't come looking for him for a while. He leaned in and looked his brother in the eyes. "Arthur, would you have sex with me?" Arthur smiled and placed a hand on his cheek. "You're a little old for me." Patrick leaned back in surprise. "I am? I'm the same age as you." He couldn't keep the hurt out of his voice." Arthur's smile didn't falter. "I prefer my guys around fourteen. But it isn't really me you want for your first time, is it?" Patrick tried to protest, but he couldn't. "How did you know?" Arthur chuckled. "You were drinking them in. I know they are really good looking, but you looked like you'd just walked out of the desert." "Ah fuck. And I guess everyone could see that too." Arthur squeezed his leg. "trust me, the only ones who noticed don't care." "I really hope so. If my mom realizes I have the hots for my father, she's going to kill me. She doesn't even know I'm gay." "You haven't told her? "I don't know how? I mean she's accepting dad, but I think she's conveniently forgot that both of them sleep together, they're just brothers, and one of them is my father. I don't know how she'd react to finding out I'm gay, and with things finally going her way at work I don't want to stress her out and risk ruining that." Arthur wrapped an arm around him. "Hey, calm down. Don't worry about it. Whatever happens here, she won't find out." Patrick forced a smile. "Thanks." "Now the only thing to decide is which one you want for your first time." Patrick stared at him. "What do you mean?" "You want dad to be your first, right?" Patrick nodded. "We can't get both of them in here, your mom would realize something's going on. So you need to pick one." Pick one? wait, his ears perked up, he was going to have sex with his father? In is mind he could feel their hands on him, their bodies pressed against him. "Does it really matter?" he whispered. He couldn't believe it was going to happen, and that Arthur was going to help make it happen. "Yeah. If you want to fuck dad, you want Daniel. If you want dad to fuck you, you want Donald." Patrick felt his ears heat up, as well as his face and his cock stiffen as he remembered playing with the dildo. He realized that all his fantasies centered on being topped by his father. "Donald," Patrick breathed out. he felt the peck on his cheek, and then he was alone.
  23. Tiranis is a world of humans and furries, of super science and super powers, of ordinary people and extraordinary ones. Stories of the Past is a series of stories exploring the history of the city of Tiranis, as well as the world it exists in or sometimes people of importance in it. This is excerpt is about 1000 word of a 9,000 word chapter. You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level: https://www.patreon.com/posts/22126231 A story of the past El and Vee were lying naked on the jungle floor, away from the camp. They were sweating and panting from the heat as much as what they'd just finished doing. Their celebration for having finished the mission. El looked at the sky. It was clear without any clouds. "I can hear the choppers approaching." He didn't move. "We should get dressed." The bull nuzzled the lynx's neck and nipped lightly. "Or we can stay here, just the two of us. Leave the wars behind." He ran a hand through El's chest fur and down to his groin. "Enjoy ourselves." El's chuckle caught, and he pulled the hand away. "Be serious, Vee. We can't go AWOL, hide here and have sex all the time. We're soldiers." "I know." The bull sighed. "I just didn't expect to be doing this for so damned long. Our live expectancy was what? fifteen years? If we didn't die in combat? We've been at it for centuries." El nodded at Vee's tired tone. The average lifespan of an Anthro soldier was actually eight years, he'd read. He'd encounter an old soldier once, a Grizzled black bear of twelve who'd had a missing eye, hand and half his fur. She'd been grim as she fought, throwing herself into battle like she wanted to die. She'd survived it, losing only a foot. Her expression had been as grim leaving the battlefront as it had been entering it. El's long lifespan, as well as that of all the Specialists had surprised the Scientists at the Freak Lab. How many were there now? one, two hundred of them? He was sure that much more had come to be in total, but even with their powers, war was deadly. When Eek had reached sixteen, he was the oldest, older than CM by a month, the scientists had run a barrage of tests on him trying to determine how he hadn't just died on reaching fifteen. Each of them went through the same tests on their sixteen birthdays. The scientist hadn't said anything, but El had become good at eavesdropping by then. He learned that Anthros were designed to shut down at fifteen. He didn't know why, that was one question he hadn't been able to answer in all these years. None of his brothers and sisters had died at fifteen. Those who didn't make it to that age had been taken by the war, and each one of them had taken a lot of enemies with them before they finally went down. Of those El considered his family, the twenty-six who had been housed in the same barrack as him, only eighteen remained. Which, then El thought about it, was impressive considering how long they had all been fighting in one war or another. The Freak Lab now had two dozen barracks for Specialists, but he didn't know how many of those were actually used. El had tried to get to know them, at first, but he just couldn't connect with any of them like he had with his family. They might be Specialists like him, were just other soldiers to him. He didn't know why. "Have you heard from Zack?" He asked as they rejoined the others in the clearing. "He should have made contact by now. It's been three days." The helicopters were getting close. Tango and Bravo were all there, packs on their back. "No, but I'm not worried. They are experienced." El froze. Something had happened. Vee looked at him. "What's wrong?" There was a flash of light in the distance, just as the helicopters' motors sputtered and died. El looked behind them. Light was blooming over the trees, far he could feel that, but coming. "Scatter!" he yelled pointing in the opposite direction, and he saw one of the helicopters drop out of the sky. "Run as fast as you can! Leave everything behind. Now!" He followed his own orders and ran. His soldiers obeyed. Those created for speed outdistanced the others. One of the helicopters crashed and a ball of fire went up. The second crashed moments later, then the third and fourth. El barely sensed those fires. Whatever was coming overshadowed them, even at a distance. "What's going on?" El Felt the heat in the distance, a wall of it coming at them so very fast. It was different than any fire he'd ever felt, but he knew it was just as deadly, if not more so. And he realized something. "We're not going to make it." The words were a whisper, fear stealing most of his voice away. He had to run faster. "El, talk to me!" "That flash of light. There's a wall of heat coming. It's father than we are." Vee caught his arm and stopped. "Fire?" "Vee we have to run!" El tried to pull him, but the bull was stronger. Soldiers were running past them, the downed helicopters, that light and his words had been enough to show them the wisdom of not being here. "You said it's faster than we are." He looked behind them. "Vee, we have to try!" The bull looked at him. "How hot?" El didn't immediately answer. Didn't Vee understand the danger they were in? "I don't know," he finally said. "Hot. It's different. I can't tell." Vee's face was set, hard. "El, I'm going to keep you safe. No matter what, I'll keep you safe. I love you too much to let anything happen to you." El pulled. "Then we have to run!" there was air being displaced. He hadn't noticed it because he'd been focused on the strange heat, but he could tell a shock wave would hit them first. And he realized it was already too late. It had been too late the moment the explosion happened. They weren't going to survive. Maybe the runners would, but no one else could get far enough in time. He wrapped his arms around his lover and held on. Wasn't it ironic that only minutes before they'd been talking about deserting?
  24. Kindar

    Chapter 41

    The Missing Son 41 "Hey dad." Patrick had waited until ten AM to call, he remembered one of them mentioning they usually took a break from programing around that time. "Hey son," his father huffed. The background sounds were loud, but Patrick couldn't make them out. "I was wondering if I could drop by tomorrow, I'd like to hang out." "Danny, wait up." the voice was muffled, then clear. "Sorry, I wish we could, but we're running to catch a plane. Aguiron arranged for everyone working with their new system to meet so we could exchange ideas and methods." "Oh, that's cool." Patrick managed to keep his disappointment out of his voice. "When are you coming back?" "In two weeks." "Oh." This time the disappointment sounded through. "I'm really sorry." "No, no, that's okay." "We'll arrange something when we get back." "Yeah, I'll see you then." * * * * * Patrick put the paint brush in the bucket and answered his phone. "Hey dad." "Hi son. Just wanted to let you know we're back, so you can come by whenever you want." "Cool, I'll..." Patrick looked at the can of paint at his feet, the room he was in. "Shit." "What's wrong?" "I promised Misses Arlington I'd help her paint the rooms in her houses this week." "There's always this weekend?" "I can't. Joey's gotten a notice from the city. Someone informed them he has a lot of stuff that doesn't qualify as appliances or larger, so he needs to clear that. we're doing it over the weekend. It'll have to be next week at some point. I doubt I'll take all of next week to finish her houses." "We're not going to be here next week. We're going to a game designer convention in Seattle." "Fuck," Patrick sighed. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I was just looking forward to hanging out with the two of you." I'm ready damn it! I want to be naked in bed with both of you. I want to feel your hands roaming over me, I want you to hold me. I want to feel you inside me! "I'm sure we'll manage it at some point." "I know. I better get back to work. She isn't paying me to talk on the phone. I love you dad." "I love you to son." * * * * * "Hi Patrick, It's Donald. Just wanted to let you know that something came up, we met with a game company out of Germany at the convention and they are flying us to their headquarter for a week to discuss a game they want us to make for them. I know I said we'd hangout after the convention. I'm really sorry, we'll make it up to you. We love you." Patrick sighed. He'd been in the shower when his father called, getting paint out of his fur. If he thought God got involved in their lives Patrick might think He was trying to tell him something. Patrick had considered asking one of his brothers to be his first, but as much as he loved them, and he knew they loved him, it wasn't one of them he wanted for his first time, it was his father. Donald had been right, there would be time later. He couldn't find much enthusiasm for painting after that. * * * * * Patrick couldn't believe he was here. Not only in the village, but in a sex toy shop. He tried to act nonchalant, like he belonged, but he was sure everyone would notice how red his ears were as he walked between the aisles. It had taken him a few days to decide to come here after his father's message, long enough to finish painting Misses Arlington's last house. She had six rental properties, and yet still lived in the same area he did. He'd think she made enough from them to afford a better neighborhood. He was here to buy a dildo. He was standing before a large display of them. He had no idea there were so many different kinds. Small ones, large ones, way too large ones. There was an entire section with dildoes based on animal penises. Who in Hell (sorry) could want to put a quad's cock up his ass? At this point he felt like he could melt ice just by standing near it. it wasn't just his ears that were burning anymore. He reached for a small one, after all, he'd never taken one, he should start with that, right? Except that what he wanted was to get used to it for when he had sex with his father. He remembered how well his father filled that speedo. A small one certainly wouldn't be enough. A large one? He thought the bulge had looked rather large, but the dildo he was looking at was sort of intimidating. He settled on the medium sized one and headed for the register. There were two guys in front of him, one was a beaver wearing a mesh shirt that was far too small for him, his brown fur poking out of the mesh in tuffs, the jeans were at least one size too small, making his gut flow over it. He was holding a box under an arm, and Patrick glanced at the picture. It was a dildo, that was clear, but the box had to be two feet long. Patrick looked straight ahead. He found he didn't want to know what someone might do with that. The other one was a thin otter, in a pink shirt, and tight shorts that clearly defined his ass. When he walked away he moved like a woman. If Patrick hadn't heard his deep voice, he's have thought that was a woman. The beaver paid and it was Patrick's turn. He put the dildo on the counter and tried to come up for a reason to explain why he was buying it. "You want to get some lube with that?" "What?" The cashier gave him a bored expression. "We have a special on lube this week. sixteen-ounce bottle for twenty-five dollars." What would he do with it? Was that a good price? was that too much? should he buy more? Shit he was taking too long and holding up the line. "okay, sure. I'll take one." The cashier took a bottle from under the counter put that in a bag with the dildo and gave Patrick his total. He paid and left in a hurry, certain the others in the story were watching him, and commenting. During the bus trip back home, he kept trying to figure out a way to hold the bag so no one could tell what was in it, but he was still sure he heard snickering as he got out. He was panting by the time he entered the house. "There you are." Patrick jumped. "Mom!" he cleared his throat, moving the bag behind him. "Mom, what are you doing home?" "There was a departmental meeting, and we were allowed to go home. I was expecting you to be here, you said you didn't have any work today?" "I, err, didn't feel like being cooped up in the house. I went out for a walk." His mother nodded, and he noticed her leaning aside. Was she trying to see the bag? He turned slightly. "Do you need my help with something? was that why you expected me here?" She hid a smile. Had she figured out what was in the bag? She couldn't have, she'd be furious. "No, no. But now that you're here, how about we go do the groceries?" "Okay, let me... go change. I'll be right back." "Right." Another smile. "Change. I'll be waiting here. don't take too long." Patrick hurried past her, using his body to hide the bag. In his room he took the dildo out of its packaging and shoved it in his underwear drawer with the bottle of lube. He looked around his room trying to figure out what to do with the packaging, then shoved that in the drawer too. he'd throw it out on his way to the bar on Friday. With a quick prayer to God so his mother wouldn't come in his room and rummage around his things he joined her, and they headed out. * * * * * Patrick moved his food around the plate. he'd made the meatloaf, so he should be eating it, but he didn't have any appetite. "What's wrong honey?" Patrick looked up at his mother. "Sorry. Nothing, not really." he sighed. "It's just that I've been wanting to hang out with dad for a few weeks, and we can't make it happen. With the jobs I've been taking in the area, and the stuff relating to theirs we can't seem to be available at the same time." She reached across the table and put a hand on his. "I'm sorry to hear that, but your birthday's in less than three weeks. If nothing else, you'll be seeing him at the party." Patrick's mouth dropped. The party. he'd completely forgotten about it. It... It would be perfect. He could sleep with them on his birthday, it would be the perfect birthday present he could have. He smiled. "I'm glad the thought is making you feel better." He squeezed her hand. "Thanks mom." He looked at his food and found his appetite had returned.
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