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  1. This is from a writers board I am on, and I thought people heere woudl enjoy it

    What is your name: Damian Orr, what is yours? That's a lovely name.

    Where were you born: I was born in the borough of Whitehall, Pensylvania. It's just south of Pittsburgh.

    Do you have any family: I do, I have four brothers, two uncles and eight nephews. No, no nieces.

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years: In ten years I will still be at the head of the largest privately owned multi-national corporation, in spite of everything my enemies will have done to remove me. No, I am not bragging, Forbes did the ranking two years ago, you can check their November issue, they did a small fluff piece on my companies and me. No, you won't really learn anything there that I won't answer here, so we might as well continue.

    What is your goal: My goal? You mean for my company? To be the best, of course. Oh, you mean for me, personally? Oh, my needs are rather simple, spend time with my extended family, make sure to have a few vacations every year and someone to spend them with. No, my dear, I'm afraid you couldn't come. I only take men with me on my vacations.

    What obstacles have you had in your life: I... My father's death. His death changed everything for me. It did lead to the creation of Diamond Enterprises, so don't believe the changes were for the worse, but it still caused me challenges that I sometimes wish I could have done without.

    How have you overcome them: I made a plan, It... It wasn't always easy, but my father would have wanted me to see it through so I stuck with it was much as possible.

    What are you most passionate about: Helping people. I know, it's something of a cliche for a successful businessman like me to say, but I do my best to actually do it. Years ago I established a free internet network for under privileged families to use. My companies give money to schools to ensure everyone has a chance at a successful future. No, I promise, I don't have an agenda in my philanthropy, I truly believe that the whole world can be a better place if everyone gets an even chance.

    Do you have a pet peeve: Inefficiency, hands down. I can not believe how many waste corporations are willing to tolerate. No, I don't mean they should fire anyone who makes mistakes. Mistakes don't have t be wasteful if the lesson they teach is learned, but it's quickly evident when someone doesn't fit the position they are in, and they should be moved t the correct position. No, I don't care if they are a team leader, not my vice president. If they don't work in their position, I will move them. Yes, I have had some quit and try to sue me, but it is clearly stipulated in their contract that I can reposition them as the company requires. No, it isn't minuscule fine print or legalese. It's a page and a half long, not that long to read.

    What relationship—romantic or otherwise—has been the most significant in your life: That would be my father, again. If you have done your research on me, you know that I am smart, much smarter than my brothers and the people I had to interact with during my youth. My father spent a lot of time explaining things about interacting with other children. That was one area where my intellect did not help.

    What has been your greatest accomplishment: My company, and the good it has done. I have subsidiary across the world, and some are dedicated to helping people in need, refugees, victims of political crimes. Yes, they also help relieve hunger. No, I don’t help only the poor. I have contributed to rebuilding the infrastructure in Nairobi, once the war in Kenya finally ended. No, I do not support any war efforts. Not those of the United States, nor any other countries. As far as I am concerned, war does not resolve anything, it simply makes things worse. Yes, I have made many enemies because I believe this.

    Your greatest failure: It may not seem significant to you, but letting down one of my nephews might very well be one of the things I regret the most. It worked out, in the long run, but our relationship is still strained because of it, even after all these years.

    What do you consider your greatest strength: My intellect, without a doubt.

    Your greatest weakness: That might also be my intellect. It doesn’t affect me quite as much, but there are still social situations where I find myself at a loss, I’ve simply become better at covering my mistakes. It also tends to alienate people.

    How do you compensate for your weakness(es): I down play it. I won’t act stupid, I don’t think I could, but I tailor my speech to match those around me. I won’t elaborate on a point if I’m with people whose eyes glaze over after more than five words.

    Are you well-liked? Why or why not? If not, would you want to change that? What changes would you be willing to make: I like to think I am well liked, not just among my family and acquaintances, but among my employees. Actually, that’s one area where I don’t have to guess. My company has ranked among the top five best companies to work for over the last ten years.

    What one thing is essential to having a good day? Or Describe your hypothetical best day ever: Ahh, my best day. That would have to be one that starts well, with everyone coming into work, all the reports are sent to me on time, but something would go wrong. Nothing earth shattering, but not insignificant. Maybe a dispute between departments, or an attempt at a hostile take over. I’d have to step in and resolve it. I love getting my hands dirty, so to speak, every so often. I think I take that from my father, who was a mechanic.

    What is your decision-making process: I think things through, thoroughly.

    Who do you admire most: Gandhi, I am amazed at how much he accomplished without ever resorting to violence.

    Which Deadly Sin would you be: Would I be? Or do I have? Glutonny would be the one I have. I know, I don’t look it, I exercise regularly, and I have strict control over how much I eat, but I do enjoy eating. Now, which sin would I be? I’m going to say Lust, and let you puzzle over why.

    Who is your role model: My role model? I have to go back to my father again. As I said, he was a strong influence on my life. I can honestly say that I would not be the man I am today if not for him, so I continue to do things in a way I believe he would approve of.

    What is your favorite book: I need to pick only one? You did say you would ask hard questions. Can I simply say the San Francisco Psychological Institute’s library and leave it at that? Yes, I keep one of their books on my bedside table to help me go to sleep,

    What is your weapon of choice: Words. I can do far more damage with a few words then armies with all their weapons.

    Do you have any spiritual belief/s: I can’t say I have. I thought about it a fair deal with I was younger, I was even an altar boy for a few months when I was twelve. It was instructive, but not in a way that made me reach the conclusion there was anything above, or below us.

    If you could be in a Disney movie, what would your role be: Oh, Shere Khan, most definitely, I’m already a tiger after all, and it isn’t much of a reach to see me as a predator in the jungle. Yes, I would definitely be Shere Khan. Oh? He was also a businessman? I don’t believe I—oh, that was one of the children’s animated shows. I’m afraid I never watched those. They didn’t hold my interest back then.

    Which emoji describes you the best: I don’t know. I’m afraid I don’t spend much time with them, so I don’t know how one would describe me. You think the cheeky face would fit me? I think it is rather simplistic, but thank you. The next time I am asked this question, I shall give that as an answer.


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