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  1. october writing update

    i haven't done one of these in a while, no real reason, just forgot I guess.

    so let's go.

    for october, the word count is 92,246 words.

    one of the reason the count is this high is that I have been home for two weeks and writing nine hours a day for the last week of the month.

    so, what does this month include?

    i completed the second draft of crimson, the second draft of a familiar death and the 15 first chapter of 'toeing the line'

    i have also worked on part 3 of LRK's origin story for my patreon, but that isn't finished.

    another thing i started on while at home, is learning to touch type. if you notice the lack of caps, that is why. i havent reached the lesson that deals with the cap key yet. Trying to type while having to think about 'how' to type is proving to be far more of a challenge than i expected, because i have been typing 'wrong' for over thiraty years.

    just so you know, t took me over twenty minotes to type the short journat. and i'm leaving whatever mistale I didn't catch.


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