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  1. A decent week (Patreon post for 05-20-18)

    If you have questions, you can ask them in the comments below or by emailing them to s.stpierre@thetigerwrites.com

    This week went mostly well. The made it to the delivery on time, and as expected, the delivery was actually later in the day, but only 2 hours, not 2 days like the previous time I went there. As soon as they start unloading, I ask for my next assignment, get it and immediately see there’s a problem...

    If you want to read the rest of the post, which includes more about my week, as well as my writings and my thought on The Hitman's Bodyguard, you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/18928730

  2. If you have questions, you can ask them in the comments below or by emailing them to s.stpierre@thetigerwrites.com

    This is one of those weeks where nothing worth mentioning happened. The road was calm, the delivery went well, I spent the weekend in Calgary, hanging out with a friend, and that’s about it.

    if you want to support me, or read the first draft of novels in progress come support me: https://www.patreon.com/kindar

  3. An easy week (Patreon post for 05-06-18)

    If you have questions, you can ask them in the comments below or by emailing them to s.stpierre@thetigerwrites.com

    This week was surprisingly simple. I was supposed to take the trailer to Laredo, but I got redirected to Houston where I switched it for an empty trailer and did a pickup a few hours north of there, heading to Edmonton. when the change in plan happened I wasn’t given a why, as usual and for a time I worried I’d be sitting and wasting time, but no ...

    If you want to read the rest of the post, which includes more about my week, as well as my writings and my thought on Thor: Ragnarok, you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/18669781

  4. On the east coast (Patreon post for 04-29-18)

    If you have questions, you can ask them in the comments below or by emailing them to s.stpierre@thetigerwrites.com

    This week was, well, annoying. I was sent east from Brampton, and I was stuck there the entire time. the east coast is bad because every load there is a rush load that’s been sitting in the yard for at least a week. You’re given barely enough time to make it to the customer then they always turn you around ...

    If you want to read the rest of the post, which includes more about my week, as well as my writings, you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/18515406


  5. Kindar

    Chapter 10

    Unfortunately their reacton didn't last long. Isaac made another speech on Denis being an unholy monster and then ushered the crowd outside. Only the blonde remained, not having moved from her seat. He lowered his head and tried to get some sleep, this was the first time he hadn't been beaten until he passed out. Denis opened his eyes when he heard the door open. He didn't move his head, just lifted his eyes and watched Clyde walk across the room. "Why don't you go join the celebration?" Clyde said to the blonde. "I can't," she answered, "the Reverend said it's to be watched at all time." "That's why I'm here," he replied with a charming smile, "he wants me to replace you so you can go enjoy yourself." "Are you sure? You know that only a woman can tame his instincts." "Yeah, but he's drugged and chained, how much trouble is he going to be? Go enjoy yourself Isabelle." She thought about it for a moment and then wrote something down on the clipboard on the table. Clyde accompanied her to the door, closing it behind her. He waited a minute and then locked it. "How long does it take for her pheromones to stop affecting you? Denis lifted his head and studied him for a moment, "the reverend didn't send you, did he?" Clyde walked to him, "what do you care?" he said and ran his hands through Denis' chest fur, "man your fur's soft." Denis moaned; he couldn't help reacting it had been a long time since he'd felt any kind of sensual touch. His cock didn't react, but it felt so nice. "Does he know you're gay?" "The old man can go fuck himself," was Clyde's bitter reply, "He's an idiot. He can't see the power you embody." He traced Denis' arm muscles. "I've heard stories of how strong a werewolf can be. With that kind of strength I could do what ever I wanted. I want you do give me that strength." Denis was panting from the feeling of Clyde's hands roaming on his arms and chest. "I can't do that," he said after enjoying the man's touch a little more. "Why not?" Clyde asked, biting on Denis' nipple through the brown fur, making the werewolf shiver and moan in pleasure. "I'd be one of you, I'd have to help you escape or I'd end up chained up too." "It doesn't work that way," Denis said once he'd caught his breath, "I can't make other werewolves." Clyde took a step back and looked at Denis, "I guess I can't be surprised you'd lie about this after the way we treated you, but I've read all of the old man's research. I know everything about how you can make a werewolf; saliva works." He moved in and kissing him hard. Denis didn't even fight it; he kissed back using plenty of tongue. Clyde's mouth tasted wonderful. The man pulled out, "Wow, you're a good kisser." "It's the muzzle and tongue," Denis answered between breaths. "Yeah? Then I can't wait 'till I can do that too." Denis sighed and shook his head, "You're not going to become one." "You really don't have to lie, I know that being bitten is enough to be changed." He snapped his finger, "but that goes directly into the blood stream. I guess I'm going to have to ingest more of your bodily fluids." He said eyeing Denis's flaccid cock. Denis looked at him, shivering in excitement, "You're serious?" "Yeah, I'm going to get a lot more from you sucking your cock than kissing you." Denis' whole body was vibrating in anticipation at the thought of a warm mouth on his cock; except for that cock, it didn't react at all. Her smell was still strong in the room. "Fine, it won't do you any good, but if you want to do it I'm really game. But you're not going to get anything until I can get the woman's smell out of my nose." "The ventilation system should take care of that." Clyde replied. "Well, it sucks; the smell's barely gone down. Are you wearing underwear?" The man frowned, "of course I am." "Good, take them off and wrap them over my nose." "What? You can't be serious." Denis growled in annoyance, "do you really want to wait until her scent's out? what if she runs into the old man and is sent back here? You really want to sacrifice your chance?" He didn't care what he had to say at this point, Clyde had excited him and he was going to get off. Clyde took a look at the door and then pulled down his pants, and then took off his underwear. Denis smiled and his cock twitched a little at the sight of the man's hard penis. Clyde placed the underwear on Denis' nose as instructed and he breathed deeply the smell of precum and male musk. His cock responded immediately. It grew hard and leaked. "Wrap it over my upper muzzle so I can hold it in place with my mouth, I don't want this falling of in the middle of things." Clyde did as told and then went down on his knees. Denis gasped and almost lost hold of the underwear when Clyde licked the precum off his cock because the pleasure was so strong. God he'd missed this. He looked down as the man placed the tip of his shaft in his mouth and sucked on it. He thrust in, forcing him to take more. He didn't want to take his time, he needed release, and he needed it now! Clyde got the message and didn't argue. He took more of the cock in and bobbed up and down. Denis didn't last long, after weeks of not even being able to get excited he let go under five minute with a loud growl. Clyde held on to the werewolf's hips and swallowed as much as he could, but some still dribbled out the side of his mouth. With the orgasm over Clyde let go of Denis' cock, who slumped down in exhaustion, letting the chains support his weight. He opened his muzzle to pant and the underwear fell to the ground on the small puddle of precum. Isabelle's smell, now faint, enveloped him again and his cock slowly went down. Clyde put his pants on, leaving his underwear on the ground, while Denis caught his breath. They looked up at the same time and studied each other coldly. "Are you going to get me out of these now?" Denis asked. "No," Clyde replied as he picked up the underwear, "not until I see some sort of change. Until then you stay right where you are." Denis snorted, not surprised.
  6. Kindar

    Chapter 09

    Sounds had been coming to him for a while now, Denis realized, but he couldn't make out what they were. He could also smell things, but his mind didn't seem to be able to process them. He didn't see anything, but he didn't know if that was because his eyes were closed or he was in darkness, somehow he couldn't seen to feel all of his body, he could feel his arms and legs, but not his face. He also couldn't determine what position he was in. "Honey? Can you hear me?" he heard someone say, he could make out the words but they didn't' exactly register. He didn't know how long it had been since the last time he'd had a thought. "What's wrong with him?" it was a woman speaking he realized. "The sedatives aren't completely out of his system yet." That was a man. "Denis, can you hear me?" the woman's voice again, something about it was familiar. He found himself wondering who Denis was for a moment, and then remembered that was him. He forced his eyes to open. They resisted at first but then he could see, something. What ever it was, was fuzzy. Something pale surrounded by something dark red. He slowly closed and opened his eyes a few times, each time gaining a little more focus. Eventually he was able to make out a woman's face; she had brown eyes, highlighted by a bit of make up. He could tell she'd been crying recently. "E-O Sa-a," he said when he finally recognized her. His mouth didn't work properly. He tried to frown, but couldn't. He did realize he was starting to think more clearly. She hugged him, making him sway back and forth. He looked down and saw that his ankles were manacled to the floor with chains, and that he was wearing his sweat pants. Somehow he was relieve that she didn't see him naked. "You're awake," she beamed in happiness, "I'm so glad you're finally awake, I was so worried. I finally found someone." He tried to smile, "'ood fo you." He managed to get out. She laughed, "not for me silly, for you. I found someone who can cure you." Denis did frown this time, he couldn't move his head, but sensation was coming back to his face. "Can't be 'on" "Oh honey, is that what that man told you? He lied to you, that Kyle's evil." Denis tried to shake his head, but it wouldn't move, "he's helping me." "No," she said forcefully, "he's using you. He's a monster and he's trying to make you one too. You'll see when you're cured." She lifted his head, "This is Isaac, he's going to be the one who cures you." "Hello Denis, you have a very dedicated wife," Isaac said. He was an older man, probably in his sixties, but he kept in shape. What hair he had was a silver crown. He had a sweet smile, but Denis disliked him immediately. "How long will it take before I have my husband back?" "You know I can't tell you that, Sarah, There's no way to know how long this will take, but I promise you that I will remove the monster from your husband." She hugged the older man tightly, "thank you so very much, I don't know how I'll be able to repay you." Isaac smiled, "there's no need, making sure there isn't more monsters like Kyle is my calling, knowing that your husband will be free from him will be reward enough." He placed an arm over her shoulders, "now, I hope you'll understand if I ask that you go home, we're going to start our work, and you really don't want to be here for that." "Don't worry honey," Sarah said over her shoulder, "I'll be back to visit you real soon." The door opened and closed. Isaac walked back to him and lifted his head by the chin so they could look at each other. "How are you feeling?" "Better," Denis replied, "soon I'll be fine and I'll kick your ass from here to Timbuktu." Isaac chuckled, "doubtful," he turned Denis' head so he could see his arm chained to the ceiling and the IV running into his arm. "It's concoction of my own devising, based on research I did. I have to say I'm happy to find out it actually works. Although I still have to work on adjusting the dose. I need you to be responsive if this is going to work." He turned Denis' head to show him a woman sitting on the other side of the room. "Oh, I hope you don't mind if Amanda here watches, I wouldn't want those base desires of yours to surface. It's bad enough that you're an abomination in the eyes of god, but I'd rather not see any evidence you're a Fag too." He let Denis' head fall. "How did Sarah find you?" "Online," Isaac answered, "although, technically, I found her. She was flooding the message board looking for someone who could help her save her husband who had been turned into a gay werewolf. No one paid attention to her, but I keep an eye on some places dealing with the subject since I never know when I'll find someone willing to help me, or in need of my services." Through sheer force of will Denis managed to lift his head so he could look Isaac in the eyes, "You can't cure me." The old man smiled, "I know. this isn't about curing you. It's about exterminating your kind. To be able to do that I need to find out what makes you tick, what you're limits are. For example," he said, walking toward the door. "just how much trauma can your body take if it doesn't involve silver?" Isaac pulled a revolver he had tucked in his back, under his shirt and turned around. Without pause he shot Denis in the chest. Denis shook, more in surprise at the flash of light and sound of the shot than the impact. For a moment he thought it had been a blank, that for some sick reason Isaac was just trying to scare him, but then the pain hit him. He closed his eyes and ground his teeth trying to keep himself from screaming, but the pain was just too much. Fortunately, he quickly lost consciousness. * * * * * When he came to he was looking down at a pool of dried blood around his feet. He lifted his head and looked around. He saw a woman sitting where Amanda had been; it wasn't her, she had been s brunette, this one was a blonde. She noticed he was awake and jotted something down. He looked down at his chest, it was covered in blood, as well as his pants, but there was no sign of a wound. He looked at the woman, "how long did it take to heal?" he was actually curious, he'd tried some shallow cuts and seen them heal in a few second, but this was much more severe, he was pretty sure his lungs and been ripped apart. She looked at the pad she'd written on, "thirty three hours twenty six minutes. You were unconscious for another four hours or so." He nodded and looked up at the chains. He tried to extend an arm to grab it a little higher. His intent was to test the solidity of the chain, even when he was human he was now stronger than he looked, but his arms barely cooperated. It felt like he's been lifting his maximum weight with it from an hour past his limit. Now that he paid attention to it his entire body felt that way. The door opened and Denis growled as soon as he saw Isaac. The man was pulling a long tank on a dolly; with him was a younger man carrying a plastic case. Isaac set the tank next to Denis and he saw the red sticker with the flame on it. "Good, you're awake." Isaac's tone was jovial; from it you might think this was a family get together "I was hoping we wouldn't have to wait on you for too much longer. I have to say I'm impressed with your recuperative power, but your tolerance to pain leaves a little to desire. I hope you'll be able to stay with us a little longer today." "Go screw yourself," Denis said through clenched teeth. "I don't think so," Isaac replied, "putting aside that it's not anatomically feasible, I only 'screw' women, after all that is the way God intended things to be. I have to say I'm surprise; your wife described you as a God fearing Christian." "I am Christian." "Are you really?" Isaac looked at the young man who'd enter with him, "Clyde, remove his pants, I'd rather not risk them catching on fire." He turned back to Denis, "if you were still Christian, you'd be begging me to bring you salvation from this monster you've become." "Yeah? Well, I've always believed that Christianity was about loving each other, that God made us the way we were for a reason, even if we don't know what that reason is." Isaac snorted, "you're not God's work, you're the devil's." Denis shrugged, he knew enough that what ever he said Isaac would twist. Anyway, he was more interested in Clyde; while he wasn't showing any signs of it, Denis could smell his excitement increase as he uses a knife to cut the blood soaked sweat pants, letting them fall off to the floor. Denis caught the look Clyde gave his cock as he turned and walked away. Isaac looked at Denis, "good, you're ready," and opened the plastic case, taking out a hose and connecting it to the tank. He opened the valve and ignited the torch. "Tell me Denis, are you afraid of fire?" he said as he moved it close to his face. Denis pulled away as much as he could. "Of course I am." "Yes, of course you are," Isaac repeated flatly. "Good people don't have to fear it's cleansing power," and he applied the flame to Denis' face. * * * * * Denis couldn't keep track of the time of day, or even the day of the week; they didn't so much let him sleep as fall unconscious. His body was in a constant state of muscle soreness due to the drug cocktail and he was always slightly hungry, that surprised him since they never brought him food. He decided that nutrients must have been mixed with the drugs. The only thing his internal clock kept track of was the moon, and it would be full soon. He didn't dread his change even if he was captive, part of him hoped that he might be able to fight the drug and escape once transformed, but he didn't look forward to it, he still remembered when he'd changed in Sarah's presence. He looked at the blonde woman sitting in the corner of the room. He really wished he could have the sex to take his mind off it. An hour before the moon became full Isaac entered the room with what had to be his entire following, close to twenty people, more men than women, Denis noted, He only recognized a few of them. "Very soon I will show you the demons we are fighting against," Isaac said in a solemn voice, "The demons that hide among us, who prey upon our children and rejoice in Satan's name." Denis tuned him out at that point, he didn't feel like listening to his hate filled rhetoric against gays and werewolves, and focused instead on the moon. He could feel it coming closer, second by second; feeling its pull on him slowly increase. Since he was paying attention to it he could tell it would start with his left foot as the sensation in it was the first one to change. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his change, it would be uncomfortable, but at least he wouldn't have to deal with the people around him. He knew the exact moment this foot started to change. He didn't need the gasp of surprise from the attending crowd, he felt the bones shift. His toes shrunk a little while the bone leading to his heel extended itself. The fur growing he felt only as a slight tingle across his skin. The next limb to change was his right hand, the tips shifted about a little as claws grew, but other than that it was it was mostly just gaining fur. The right foot started almost as soon, and the left hand was not far behind. Paying attention to the change as he was he was surprise not to feel the discomfort he expected, instead there was rightness to it as he felt the muscle in his legs and arms become denser. The fur progressed up his groin and what he felt explained why he would normally get so turned on as the fur grew on his balls and things rearranged themselves inside. He lifted his head as the fur grew up his neck and then opened his mouth as his muzzle, but stopped himself from emitting a howl at the ecstasy he felt as his change finished; once passed he lowered his head and opened his eyes narrowing them to look at the crowd, letting them know in no uncertain terms that there was now a predator in their midst. He slowly pulled his lips back in a smile that revealed vicious looking teeth, and was please to see two at the back run out of the room. He didn't care if he was living up to their expectation of being a monster at the moment; for the way he had been treated he was at least going to smell their discomfort and fear at seeing him.
  7. Kindar

    Chapter 08

    After George left Denis looked at the stack of money he'd left on the table. He thought there might be a dozen of them, probably twenties. Two hundred dollars or so, that wasn't too bad for a night's work, he found himself thinking with a smile. And it would help rebuild his saving since he'd only taken the minimum out of the account he shared with Sarah, all their saving had been joint. He stayed in bed for another hour, before deciding to get up and get ready for work. He grabbed the bills to put them away, only then noticing they weren't twenties; they were hundreds. He sat back down, stunned. It was one thing to get a few hundred dollars and a different one to get, he counted how many bills there were, fifteen hundred dollars. One was like getting a gift to show appreciation, the other one felt like a bribe. The first thing in did was leave a message on his manager's machine telling her he wasn't coming in because he was sick, and he did feel sick. Then he placed the money in his wallet, put that away and went for breakfast. Kyle was already there, warming himself a steak. Denis couldn't stand meat this early in the morning so he prepared himself a bowl of cereal. He could tell that Kyle wanted to make a joke about the night, but his attitude changed when he took one look at him. "Are you ok?" he asked with concern, "George didn't do anything to bad did he?" Denis looked at him, his cereal still untouched. "oh, he did a number on me," his tone was somewhere between bitterness and awe, "he paid me fifteen grand." Surprise registered on Kyle's face, then doubt, worry and finally anger, "The son of a bitch, I told him you weren't working." He got up and headed for the phone. "Leave it." Denis told him, making Kyle stop and look back, "just leave it. it's not like that, It's . . . He told me why he had to do it, I just wasn't expecting that much money. Is that your normal fare?" Kyle sat back down after looking once at the phone. "No, I charge five hundred for an hour and a half of sex." "He spent the whole night here." Kyle gave him a crooked smile, "I never spend the night with a client, it's too easy to get attached that way. If they want me for a day it's a thousand since I don't expect we'll have sex more than twice in that time, they usually want me for appearances sake." "No one ever insisted?" "Sure, some will. I had one who wanted me to accompany him on his vacation. Two weeks in the Caribbean. I gave him the number of a guy I knew would be willing to do that." "So it's just business for you? Do you ever have sex just for the fun or it?" Kyle gave him a look and Denis blushed, "other than with me I mean." "'Course I do. I have friends I'll fuck when I feel like it. Sex isn't just work for me; it's just that work happens to only be sex." Denis nodded, "I think I get it. How do you think I should be feeling about the money?" "If it was me I'd take it as a mark of how good a job I did and leave it at that, you didn't ask for he money so think of it as a gift. If it helps, that amount is pocket change for him." Denis finished his breakfast in silence and then went out for a jog, he ran hard all the way to the park, still trying to figure out how he felt about being paid for having sex, What Kyle said made some sort of sense, he hadn't asked for the money and while it hadn't been entirely out of the goodness of his heart George hadn't felt like he was trying to buy his silence or something like that, it was just his way to keep himself from getting too close, just like Kyle not spending the night with his clients. He stopped and leaned against a tree to catch his breath. He decided that he would accept it this time, but that the next time he and George had sex he would set a maximum on how much he could give him. He then wondered is he would be able to handle treating sex as a business. After all, he didn't have to care for the guy he was having sex with. He'd buried his cock into enough nameless strangers to prove that point, so maybe it was something he could do. He'd have to ask Kyle about it. A man jog by him and Denis smiled as he caught his scent; the man was horny. Denis took off after him and matched his pace, staying a few feet behind. At this speed he could go on indefinitely. Half an hour later the man stopped on the side of the path, jogging in place and checking his pulse. Denis smiled as he stopped next to him and the man returned the smile. "Nice day for a jog isn't it?" the man asked. "Yeah, it is. How do you feel about jogging off the beaten path?" Denis replied, indicating the woods. The man's smile grew wider, "I'm always up for an adventure." Denis led him deep enough so they wouldn't be seen or heard from the path and then got out of his pants. The man did the same and then turned, presenting his ass to him. Denis didn't wait; he went down on his knees and spread his cheeks about, to lick his hole avidly while stroking himself, lubing his cock with precum. Denis had to chuckle as he tasted lube, this man had come prepared. With the man's hole nice and wet Denis stood behind him and pushed him against a tree. He wrapped his arms around the man's stomach to hold him in place and slowly pushed in, making him gasp. "You've got a nice tight ass," Denis said as he bottom out. The man only nodded as he moaned. Denis didn't have to ask how the man wanted to be fucked, meetings in the woods like this weren't about romance but about quick release, so he went at it fast and hard, grabbing the man's cock, which was also lubed, and stroking it as he pounded his ass. The man lasted fifteen minutes, and Denis only a little longer than that. He stayed inside him while he caught his breath and then carefully pulled out. He put his pants back on and headed back to the path, while the man was still resting against the tree. He pushed himself as he jogged out of the park, only slowing when he left the tree line at the park's parking lot. There weren't many cars in the lot, it was a week day; the evenings were when this place became very active. The lone person was a man looking at a map on the hood of his car. Seeing Denis he waved to get his attention. "Need any help?" Denis asked as he jogged closer. The man smiled, "not anymore," he took out a gun and fired it at Denis. Denis stopped and looked at the large dart stuck in his chest. "What the hell?" he asked looking at the man, who had a surprised look on his face and shot him again. Denis grew furious and charged him. The man shot him a third time and as Denis' foot hit the ground his leg became wobbly, making him fall face first in the gravel. He tried to get up but while his arms would obey him they didn't seem to have any strength. "I thought you said one shot would be enough to take him down?" he heard the man say. "Yeah, well, it took three, and he's still struggling. No I don't think he'll be able to get up, but I'll shoot him again just to make sure. I should be back within the hour." Denis continued trying to stand as he was shot again, but now his body completely refused to obey him. Soon after that sounds became indistinct and he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore.
  8. Kindar

    Chapter 07

    Denis lifted his foot and placed it against the wall so he could stretch his leg. It had now been almost four month since he'd moved into Kyle's guest bedroom and he had started to think of the place as home. Sarah's lawyer still hadn't contacted him, but he wasn't worried, he figured she was still dealing with the situation, she could be stubborn at times, but eventually she'd realize she had to move on. He finished his stretching exercises and put on a track suit. Since becoming a werewolf his body had become much more limber, but Kyle had warned him against taking it for granted, daily stretching were always good, especially before going for a jog, another habit he'd picked up from Kyle, muscle cramps hurt, he couldn't get permanent damage, but they still hurt, he'd learned on that first day jogging. Now he jogged almost every day, through the park, usually after work, so he could pickup a guy if he felt like it. He was putting his shoes on when there was a knock at the door. He ignored it while he finishing and it came again, more insistent this time. With a sigh of annoyance Denis stood and opened it, to look at a man about his height, with perfectly combed short blonde hair, wearing a very expensive looking gray suit with gold and diamond cufflinks. He was holding a cane made of polish wood with an ivory handle inlayed with gold. The man pushed Denis aside and entered. "I'm here to see Kyle," he said with authority. "He isn't here. I don't think he'll be back till late tonight, you might want to try back tomorrow." Denis said as he contemplated closing the door or throwing the man out. "That isn't acceptable; do you have any idea who I am?" Denis closed the door; he had a feeling this was going to take a while. "Can 't say that I do." The man let out an exaggerated sigh, "I am George Hickory the third, and I have need of Kyle's services," he turned and looked Denis over, "or maybe you can help me." Denis snorted, "yeah, right. Stay here I'm going to see if I can reach him." "You do that," the man said dismissively as Denis headed for his room. He flipped his cell open and dialed Kyle's. On the third ring it picked up. "Hey Kyle, sorry to bother you, but this guy just showed up here asking for you." "It's ok," Kyle replied, "we haven't gotten to the important part yet. Who is it?" "He says his name's George the third." Kyle sighed, "why does he keep showing up without an appointment? Ok let me talk to him." Denis went back to the entrance and handed his cell to George. "Hello Kyle," the man started and was cut off before he could add anything else, "yes, I know I don't have an appointment, but I was in the area so I thought I'd drop by to see you," he listened to what Kyle said, blushing slightly. "Is there any way I could convince you to come back here instead?" The man wince as Kyle told him exactly what he though of that idea. "I see, what about the gentleman already here then?" He was silent for a moment and then handed the phone back to Denis. "Yeah?" he said as he walked back to his room. "He wants to have sex with you. I've told him that you don't sell your services, so he'll have to talk things over with you." "You saying I should?" "No, but I'm saying you might want to avoid throwing him out outright. Once you get pass the pompous attitude he isn't a bad guy." Denis leaned against the dresser and though it over, "well, I am horny, Work was too busy for anything other than a quick fuck during lunch and he caught me before I went out jogging. What is he like in bed?" "His thing is ordering his partner; he likes to be in control, but I made sure he realized you weren't me, so if he's smart he won't be expecting anything. Oh, and make you there's a safe word." "Ok, I will. What does he know about what we are?" "Nothing, I'm just a gigolo with a lot of endurance. Now, unless there something else that's urgent, I need to get back to my client." "Ok, enjoy your night." He put his cell away, having trouble imagining Kyle taking orders from anyone, let alone the man in the entryway. He didn't think long about it; all he had to do was look at the tent in his sweat pants. "I know, I know," he told his cock as he took off his top, "you don't care who the guy is, as long as you can be buried somewhere inside him." He kicked off his shoes and walked back to the entrance. "Finally," George said as he noticed him, "I was beginning to think . . ." he trailed off when he realized that Denis was bare chest. Denis folded his arms over his chest. "First off, I don't take well to being ordered around at the best of time and I'm not particularly impressed by you at this point so I wouldn't even try it." George look offended, "you want something you ask for it. "Second, I like to take my time when I have sex. If we do this you'd better not have any pressing engagements. Third, Kyle said to make sure we have a safe word, so I'm going to tell you outright that I'm not into pain and that if there's any bondage happening, you're the one getting tied up. Is that clear enough?" George stood rigidly, "Very clear." Denis could tell from the glare he was receiving that he wasn't particularly happy with the situation. "Maybe I should go somewhere else then." "Go ahead then, that means I can go jogging." He now had enough self control that the only time his cock was over riding his brain was during the change so he didn't care that it looked like the man was seriously considering leaving. It would mean that he'd have to hit the park before he could jog, hard-ons and running didn't make for a good mix. "I notice you're still here. While you're making up your mind I'm going to get dressed cause I'm not going to stand here all night just cause you can't deal with someone standing up to you," having said that he turned and went to his room. He hadn't even picked up his sweat shirt that George entered the room. "Do you realize that I can count on one hand the number of people who would dare use that tone with me?" Denis sat on his bed and stretched his legs, pulling the fabric tight over his hard cock. "And does that include me?" he said, smiling when his display had the desired effect. George gulped and blushed. After a moment he took off his jacket, folded it and placed it on the dresser next to the door. When he started carefully unbuttoning his shirt Denis rolled his eyes and went to him; he was tired of waiting. He pushed him against the wall and ripped the shirt open, sending buttons bouncing across the floor. George looked at him with outrage, "do you have any idea how much this shirt cost? It's real Chinese silk directly from . . ." Denis silenced him with a hungry kiss. George fought against him, but Denis had the superior strength and held his arms pinned over his head until he stopped struggling and returned the kiss. After a few minutes they pulled apart, George breathless with surprise and Denis smiling in satisfaction, "There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" he whispered to the rich man, "Now get the fuck out of those pants before I rip them off your body myself." He then took a few steps back to watch the man. George tried to undo his belt so fast that he ended up fumbling with it on the first try, only succeeding when Denis took a step forward, his pants fell to the floor a moment after that. Denis looked George over, for a rich man he looked remarkably good. His body had a light tan and was slight toned. He liked what he was looking at and moved to him again to kiss him and let his hands roam over his well defined body. When he reached down to the man's briefs he grabbed them on each side by the waistband and looked him in the eyes as he ripped them off effortlessly. The jolt of excitement was visible on George's face. Denis reached down for a handful of balls to massage, making the man moan in their kiss. He then reached up and grabbed the man's cock, which turned out to be already slick. Surprised Denis pulled away from the kiss to look down at a cock that was around seven inches long and with enough of a girth that his middle finger could only just touch his thumb; and it was leaking copiously. "You have a nice cock," Denis said stroking it, "I guess it feels real nice going in someone's ass." George nodded, panting. "I need to take you now," he said with urgency. Denis shook his head and turned, holding the man by the shoulders and moved to the bed, forcing him to sit on it. "That's going to happen, but not until I've taken you. You've made me wait much to long in this state." Denis pulled down his sweat pants and stood, his cock pointing straight up. "I'll make you a deal; if you can keep up with me, orgasm for orgasm, I'll let you order me around if there's ever a next time. Now, you want to use lube, or spit?" George's eyes went wide, "Lube," he said quickly and Denis reached between the mattress and box spring to pull out a bottle of lube. "You bottom often?" He asked. "No," George answered, "but I can take it." "Ok, but we're going to take it easy anyway." He lubed George's hole and then a finger, which he slowly inserted, making the man moan loudly. Denis watched the man's cock as he added a second finger inside his ass. As George moaned the flow of precum increased for a moment. He couldn't take any more of this and lapped the pool that had formed on George's stomach dry and then wrapped his mouth around the man's cock and sucked avidly. George didn't last long under the assault of Denis' suction and the fingers in his ass. He cursed loudly and trashed about as he came hard. Denis swallowed everything he was fed; only removing his mouth when it was obvious the cock had become over sensitive. "That's one for you," Denis said as he stood. He slowly took out the fingers and moved between George's legs. "You ready?" When the man nodded weakly Denis pushed the head of his cock in slowly, and was amused to notice that even though George's was soft it twitched and leaked some precum. He gave George time to get used to him before continuing, almost purring in delight once he was fully hilted. Again he gave him a moment's rest before pulling back and slowly fucking him. Denis fought every instinct telling him to take it hard and fast so he could cum; he wanted to see how long he could force himself to last. The answer was just over an hour of slow thrusting, during which George started getting hard again. When Denis came with a loud groan the pool on George's stomach had overflowed on the bed. "That makes us even," he said between breaths. He pulled out and had George move up, he then straddled him, made sure his cock was slick with precum and then sat down on it, making them both moan. Denis did all the work, moving up and down on George's thick cock, and pumping his own, which had grown hard again within moments of being impaled. His lust partially sated from one orgasm he had a little more control now, and he was able to time his orgasm close to George, so that he sprayed cum all over the man's face as his inside were likewise covered. They both laughed as George said "we're still even" "I guess that means we have to keep going," Denis commented as he let himself crumple next to him, "or we can call this a draw." George looked at him, "I am not a man who accepts 'draws'" "Good, cause the evening isn't even started." By the time they fell asleep Denis had fucked George six time, cumming each times. George had fucked him twice more, also cumming. They had sucked each other to three orgasms each; although the last two George had were dry they still counted. Still in the end Denis was the definitive winner. * * * * * Denis woke with the bed shifting. He turned to watch George put his pants on. "Sorry," the man said, "I didn't mean to wake you." "It's ok, you got to leave now?" George looked him over, stopping at the tent Denis' cock was making in the sheets. "Believe me, the temptation to ride that cock of yours is strong, but I have a meeting at ten to prepare for, and I can't really show up wearing this." He held the ruined shirt. "Sorry about that." Denis was amazed at the transformation, there was none of the attitude he'd had to deal with the previous evening, there was simply a man getting dressed for work; maybe he had fucked the pompousness out of him he though with a chuckles. "What's funny?" George asked. "Just thinking about how you had a change of attitude at some point during the night." George looked at the floor for a moment, visibly uncomfortable. "Not many people get to see this side of me." "Does Kyle?" George shook his head, "no, with him it's only ever been business; which reminds me." He took his wallet out of his jacket and a stack of bill from it, placing them delicately on the side table. "What's that for?" Denis asked "It's payment for the ride you gave me last night, trust me, you deserve it." The phrase stung. "You don't have to do that you know." Denis said. George looked at him with some sadness and sat on the bed. "I like you Denis, I love what we did, and I'm hoping that we'll get to do it again, it was nice to be able to just be myself for a while." He sighed, "but I have to treat this as a transaction, I can't afford to have emotional attachments." Denis sat up and placed a hand on the man's thigh, "you never had anyone?" "I tried, once, years ago. It didn't end well. So now I keep everyone at arms length." Denis wrote his cell number on a paper and handed it to him, "whenever you need a break from the pompous ass you have to be, give me a call, even if it's just to talk." George hesitated a moment before taking the paper, "thanks."
  9. Kindar

    Chapter 06

    Denis groaned when the light hit his face and put a pillow over his face. "Morning sunshine," Kyle said, "How are you doing?" "You're an asshole," was Denis' response through the pillow. "You'll see, in the long run it's for the best." Denis threw the pillow at him "You had no business ruining my marriage." "I think you managed that all by yourself, didn't you listen to what Sarah said? She knew something was different. She just thought you were seeing another woman." "I could have worked it out with her." Kyle chuckled, "I would have liked to see that happen without her knowing the truth, at least now when you explain things she won't have a choice but to believe you." Denis lifted his head to look at him while he was talking, "Fuck, you're healed already," he lamanted. Kyle looked at his chest and arms where Denis has cut him up pretty badly during their all night session of angry sex. "Werewolf remember? I heal really fast." Denis sighed and let his head fall back, "I was hoping that since I was a werewolf too they'd stay longer." "That's a Hollywood thing," Kyle replied as he took out a jogging suit from his dresser. "What am I suppose to do now?" Denis asked softly looking at the ceiling. He hadn't expected an answer so he was a little surprised when Kyle replied. "You can do anything you want, but I'd suggest you go see your wife and have that talk with her. The sooner the better before her imagination over rides reality." Kyle put on the suit, "what ever you decide, you're welcome to stay here, I'm going to be back in a few hours, I have to go see a client." Denis listened to Kyle walk down the hallway and tried to go back to sleep. Ten minutes later he gave up; the smell of sex in the room was making him too horny to sleep anymore. He though about just jerking off to take the edge off, but decided on something a little more fun; something he'd never been able to do before becoming a werewolf. He sat up and hooked his arms under his knees and pulled; his back bend without offering any protest. He took his cock in his mouth and proceeded to deep throat himself. He almost let go if it as he moaned; he loves both sucking cocks and being sucked so when he did this his body would sometime jerk out of his control. This time he was able to stay in position and continued to bob up and down on his cock; it didn't take long for him to cum. Once the orgasm passed and he'd swallowed all his cum he let go of his legs and unrolled on the bed. He laid there for a minute savoring the taste still on his tongue and for a moment he thought he might actually be able to go back to sleep. But the orgasm hadn't tired him; it had energized him so he got up and took a shower. As he toweled himself dry his cock became hard again. It was a side effect of his transformation, for a few hours after it he was constantly horny. He turned to look at himself in the full length mirror, his body wasn't showing any signs of what he was, it looked as normal as before, except for his cock growing hard at the faintest smell of a horny guy. He grabbed the bottle of lube Kyle kept in the medicine cabinet; Kyle kept lube in discreet places all over his condo, and jerked off. When he came he sprayed all over the mirror. He cleaned it with a chuckled at the mess he made and went to the kitchen for some food. He put a cast iron skillet on the stove put some butter in it and once it was bubbling threw a couple of steaks in. Unlike Kyle he liked his meet well cooked. Raw meat wasn't bad, but he liked the taste cooking it in butter added. At he thought of Kyle his cock stiffened again. He did his best to ignore it as he made sure his meal didn't burn. Normally Kyle would be here to help deal with his excess horniness; he'd fuck or suck him off every time he'd get hard. Denis' eyes fell on the bananas hanging from a hook under the cabinets and contemplated taking one, but not to eat. When he realized that he took the skillet off the heat, the meat was almost done anyway and he went back to the bed room to get a dildo. He chose one with a suction cup, lubed it and came back to the kitchen. He stuck the dildo on the chair, put his meal on a plate, placed it on the table and sat down, moaning as the dildo stretched him. He ate with one hand, not bothering to cut the steaks, while jerking himself off with the other and moving on the dildo. He tried to control himself so he would cum only once he was done eating, and was almost successful; the last bite was on its way to his mouth when he lost control. After the meal he cleaned up and dressed quickly, if he stayed inside he would spend the day jerking off, and while the thought was appealing, he didn't want to be here when Kyle came back. He spent the rest of the morning walking around. Kyle lived within a few miles of what Denis had learned was the gay part of town, so it was no surprised that that's where he was when noon hit. Without the constant smell of sex around him his sex drive had slowed a little and while he was mostly hard for the walk he didn't have a burning need to cum anymore. After his lunch he started walking again. He didn't have a destination in mind, all he wanted was to stay away from Kyle's place so he was a little surprised, three hours later, to realize his wandering hasn't been as aimless as he thought. He stood in front of the office building where he worked. It was closed, and he his pass key was home, not that he was interested in going in. Thinking of where the key was brought Sarah to his mind, and what Kyle had said. Should he really talk with her so soon? He didn't know, but started walking in the direction of his house anyway. He would have plenty of time to make up his mind on the way there, since it wasn't exactly close by. When he stood in front of his house he still didn't know if he should be here. Sarah was probably going to be terrified of him, how could he even think of looking at her after what he had done to her. He turned to walk away, but immediately turned back and headed for the door. It was the thought that she might be afraid of him that moved him. He could deal with her hating him, but not fearing him. He knocked instead of using his key. He heard movement inside and recognized Sarah's steps as she came to the door. The curtain on the side was pulled and she looked at him with a surprised expression. The curtain closed and he heard her unlock the door, but it was a few moments later that she opened it a little, tentatively. "Hi," he said to break the uneasy silence. He could tell that she'd been crying. The word seemed to surprise her and then she opened the door fully to pull him inside. With the door closed she leaned back against it, studying him. "Are you alright?" she finally asked. The question took Denis by surprise, "yes, I fine." "Thank God," she said as she hugged him fiercely, "I was so scared for you." Denis hugged her back after spending a few moments trying to understand why she'd been scared for him. "What did that man do to you?" He pushed her away gently, holding her by the shoulders "Kyle didn't do anything to me." She shrugged out of his hold, "don't lie to me Denis, I was there last night remember? I saw what happened to you." "He didn't do this; he's helping me deal with it." "How," she said with incredulity, "by fucking you? I know you Denis; you wouldn't do those kinds of things unless someone had done something to you." Denis sighed and looked toward the kitchen. "Lets go sit down," he didn't wait for her to answer. He took two beers out of the fridge and sat at the table, placing the second bottle across from him. Sarah cautiously sat down but didn't touch the bottle. "Kyle didn't do this. I don't know who did. For all I know it was just destined to happen." "I don't believe that; that man's done horrible things to you I just know it." "Stop it Sarah," Denis' voice wasn't loud but it had an edge to it that he'd never used with her before. "Kyle isn't the bad guy. You want to blame me, fine. You can blame God while you're at it. But don't blame Kyle; if it wasn't for him things would have gotten really bad." Sarah snorted, "how much worse than this could they have gotten?" "When I change I have to fuck guys," he watched her wince at the word, he didn't care, he didn't feel like mincing words right now, "I don't just love it; I need it. If he hadn't been here that first night I would have gone out and raped someone. And how do you think I would have felt when I couldn't have sex with you anymore and didn't know why?" Denis sighed and drank a long swallow, "Look, I didn't come here to explain things." "Why did you come here then?" He looked at her for a moment, "I wanted to make sure you were ok, and to reassure you that you were safe, that I wasn't going to hurt you." Sarah laughed out loud for a few second and then looked at him seriously. "Don't you think it's a little late for that?" Denis looked down at the table, "I'm sorry for cheating on you," he took as breath and looked up, "Kyle was right, I should have left you right then and there, it would have been easier in the end." She reached across the table and took hold of his hands, "don't say that. we can find a way to make this work." Denis shook his head sadly. "We can't make it work, what do you think I've been trying to do these last three months?" She held his hands tighter; if he'd still been human Denis might have been worried that she would hurt him. "But now I know the truth, I can help." She said with conviction. "It won't work, something about the way you smell turns my sex drive off." "Then I'll wear perfume, I'll do what ever I have to to keep you." "You can't cover it up, not with my nose, but it's not the only thing, I've thought about wearing scuba gear so I wouldn't smell you, but as much as I love you I don't desire you anymore." He finished his beer and stood, "Look, I'll just go get some clothes and leave." She stood quickly, making the chair fall back, "please don't go, we can fight this together." Denis stopped as he was turning, and turned back to look at her. That was the crux of it, wasn't it? That was the reason he wanted to leave. "I don't want to fight it," he said softly. "What?" she exclaimed. "How can you say that?" Denis shrugged, "I don't know if it's part of becoming a werewolf, or I've just gotten used to it, but I like who I've become. I don't hate who I used to be, but that isn't me anymore. I'm sorry Sarah, but I'm leaving." He turned and headed for the bedroom. He would let her keep everything, this wasn't her fault and he wouldn't ask her to sacrifice anything more than she already had. When he walked by the kitchen on his way out she was still standing in shock. She didn't even look at him and he didn't say anything, simply leaving the house and softly closing the door. His feelings about the situation were mixed, he was sad that he was leaving Sarah in such a way, but he was happy to have closed that part of his life. He would wait for her lawyers to contact him and then he would move on to what ever else his life was going to be. As he walked away from the house he considered where he was going to spend the night. He wasn't going back to Kyle's; he was still pretty pissed at him, even if he had been right. He considered Thomas, but then remembered that his wife was home this weekend. He settled on Brian and Luke, those two were always happy to have him sleep at their place, as long as the night included hot and heavy sex, and that he could provide. He took one last look at the house, before turning and walking away from his old life forever.
  10. Back in the truck (Patreon post for 04-22-18)

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  11. Kindar

    Chapter 05

    Denis lay on the bed, his face in a pillow and moaning as Kyle fucked him hard. He was a bit surprised, Kyle had never been this rough with him before, but he found he was enjoying it. When it came to sex he'd discovered there was little he couldn't find a way to enjoy. This was his third monthly visit to Kyle's condo, he had told Sarah he was going on a camping trip for the weekend with Kyle, to have a 'guy' weekend. She had smiled and said that was nice and wished him a good time. Denis groaned and started panting as a second orgasm over took him, the sheets under him were wet with sweat and cum. Not long after that Kyle buried himself in his ass and came too. He stayed there for a minute, catching his breath and then pulled out, pulling on a bathrobe as he walked out of the bedroom. Denis was still too lost in the afterglow to comment or even care. As it faded he thought about those last three months since his first change. He was proud of himself for still being with Sarah, regardless of what Kyle had said, he was making it work with her. It did mean pulling a lot of over time at the firm so he wouldn't have sex with her, but he didn't mind that. After hours the office was peaceful, the bosses were away and now that they knew about him, his gay coworkers regularly paid him visits. His big worry had been his monthly change; could he disappear from work for up to sixteen hours? Or without Sarah realizing it? It had proven easier than he could imagine; with the amount of over time he was working his boss had no problem if he banked some of them for personal days, when he did that he told Sarah that he was having a guys' night out with his friends. She hadn't questioned it. Working out the timing had also been easy. He could feel the moon rise coming hours ahead. So he always knew when it was time to head to Kyle's. Which reminded him, where was he? His change was going to start soon, which was attested to by his cock still being hard. He loved the change, as sexual as he was during the month it was nothing compared with the raw horniness that overcame him during the change, not to say how much of a turn on it was to see the fur grow on his body. He always came as he changed now. Denis sat up, wondering again why Kyle hadn't come back. He didn't bother trying to listen for him, due to his acute hearing Kyle had had his condo completely sound proofed. You could have a rock concert on the other side of the door and he'd barely hear anything. He stood and smiled, he'd have to track him down. He stepped out of the bedroom and sniffed the air. Kyle's scent permeated everything, but he'd learn to identify the subtle differences between old and new smells. He sniffed again and found he had gone to the living room. "Hey Kyle," he called as he walked there, "what are you up to, it's about to stra . . ." He stopped as he turned the corner and saw Sarah by the entrance. "S . . . Sarah? What are you doing here?" he asked and then turned to Kyle, "what is she doing here?" "Hey, I told you to deal with this," Kyle replied forcefully, "so don't blame me." Denis was furious, "I was dealing with it, I didn't need you to fuck things up!" "I'm not fucking up anything, *she* came to see me because she thought you were cheating on her." "You son of a BITCH!" both man turned to look at Sarah, who had been stunned in silence up to this point. "You *fucking* lied to me." She tried to slap him but he caught her hand and held it tight. "No I didn't," Kyle replied with an amused look on his face. Sarah was trying to free her hand. "You told me he wasn't cheating on me!" "I said he wasn't seeing a woman behind your back." He let her go and she stumbled back a step or two. "Why do you think I told you to come here tonight when we were suppose to leave for our 'camping trip'? I figured the only way Denis was going to deal with this was if you were here when it happened and he didn't have a choice." "You planed this? Are you insane?" Denis exclaimed, "I was making it work!" Sarah spun in his direction, anger smoldering in her eyes. "Making *what* work? The 'discreet' calls when you think I'm not around? The 'late nights' at work? Did you think I was too dumb to notice that you've hardly touched me recently?" She almost growled as she walked toward him. Denis' eyes went wide in fear, her presence had put a damper on his horniness, but the change was still coming. He looked at Kyle "She can't be here," he pleaded. "Deal with it," Sarah replied, "cause I'm here and I'm not leaving until I get one hell of a good explanation." "Damnit Kyle, she can't see this." He put his hands behind his back, the transformation never happened exactly the same way, but it always started with his extremity, this time it was his hands. He knew he should run to the bedroom and lock the door, but he couldn't get himself to move. Not with Sarah looking at him like that. Kyle simply shrugged. "You're insisting you're going to stay with her so she'd better see it now, cause you won't be able to keep something like that hidden for long." Denis closed his eyes. "Please honey, just go home. I'll explain everything when I get back." He told her trying to keep his tone soft. "Like hell I'm going home," she spat pushing him hard enough that he had to hold on to the corner to avoid falling. "oh my God, what's happening to you." Denis looked in horror at his arm, the fur was now up to his elbow. "Leave now, Sarah," he ordered her. She took a few steps and backed into Kyle, who held her. "No Sarah, stay. You wanted to know what was going on with your husband, well, now you're going to know." Sarah was too stunned by what was happening to fight him. Denis' body still wouldn't obey him and run to the bedroom he stood there feeling the bones in his legs change just as the fur started to grow on his feet, He didn't look at the changes as they happen, like he normally would, all he could do was stare at his wife as her face became horrified. Without the sexual urges, the change wasn't a good feeling. When Denis' face started to change she screamed and fought out of Kyle's hold. Without looking behind her she ran for the door. Without her in the room he started becoming horny again. He looked at Kyle with a mix of desire and anger. The smirk on the man's face was what tilted the balance and Denis rushed him. "You ruined my marriage," he growled, the words barely intelligible. Kyle didn't have time to respond, he was on his back, Denis straddling his hip and punching him in the face. After only a few punch Denis became distracted by the sensation between his legs. Straddling Kyle like he was their cocks were rubbing together and now that he could no longer smell Sarah he was really horny. Now that he was fully transformed he had the strength advantage over Kyle so he was able to hold him down with a hand while he moved and lifted the man's legs over his shoulders. Once he was in position he forced himself inside Kyle's ass. Kyle groaned in pain and Denis smiled in satisfaction as he continued fucking him. After a while Kyle's face no longer showed pain, so Denis started digging his claws in the man's legs to hurt him. He didn't stop hurting him until he came.
  12. Kindar

    Chapter 04

    "How's your mother?" Denis yelled from the kitchen, taking the casserole out from the oven. "She's fine," Sarah replied in as loud a voice from their bedroom, across the house, "Brian dropped by and told her that he was going to quit the law firm. He's tired of representing criminals and helping them get away with their crimes." She walked in the kitchen wearing only panties and one of Denis' shirt. "So mom *had* to get me to help her talk him out of it." Denis put the food on plates and brought it to the table while Sarah took two bottle of beer from the fridge. "So what did you do?" Only after saying that did he realize he hadn't given his wife and her apparel a second look. "Well, first I had to stop Brian from strangling her." She sat down and smiled at him. "You'd think that after raising him for eighteen years she'd have learned that he can't stand having someone trying to run his life. Anyway, once I was able to send them to their respective corners I had a talk with him, and I agreed with him that if his job was giving him ulcers he should get a different one. So I spent the rest of the weekend trying to convince mom to let him live his own life. She relented just before I left." Denis smiled back at her, feeling his love for her, but his body didn't react to the way the shirt she wore would sometime open and give him glimpses of her breasts. He had to work to prevent his smile from faltering. "You think she finally understood his position?" He then dug into his food to avoid having to maintain it. She snorted. "You know my mother, eventually she says 'yes' just to get us out of her hair. I suggested to Brian that he wait 'till Christmas to visit again." The rest of the dinner was spent with small talk. Denis was relieved that she didn't prod when he just said he'd cleaned the house and relaxed over the weekend. When they were done eating Denis took the plate to the kitchen and put them in the sink. Sarah placed the beer bottles on the counter and then hugged him from behind. He froze from a moment, the sensation feeling strange, there was a hint of what he used to feel, the familiar comfort provided by the woman he'd been with for the last five years, but at the same time it was like a stranger was invading his personal space. Once he'd regained control of himself he placed his hands on her arms and tightened her embrace. Then she kissed the back of his neck and let him go to head to her office. Denis put his hand on the counter and rested his weight on them as what Kyle had told him fully sank in. He could feel the love he had for her, but her touch didn't feel natural anymore. He sighed, wondering what he was supposed to do now; he'd already cheated on her, and couldn't manage to feel guilty about it. He decided to deal with this later; he went to the living room and watched TV. When he grew tired of the shows he headed to the bedroom, where she was already stretched out on the bed, not wearing anything. She smiled at him and gave him a wink. He forced a smile in return and crossed the room to the attached bathroom, quietly closing the door. He rested his head against it and wondered what he was supposed to do now. He knew what he would have done only a few days ago, he could even remember how excited he'd been the last time they had made love, but that now paled compared to what he'd experienced with Kyle, and right now he couldn't get excited at the prospect of sleeping with his wife. It wasn't fair he thought hollowly. He should want to hit something, but he only felt defeated. He thought things over while he took care of business and he was brushing his teeth when he decided that even if he couldn't get hard he was at least going to pleasure her. He left his shirt in the bathroom and then sat next to her. When she reached up to caress his chest he took her hand in his and kissed it. "Just lie there, you had a stressful weekend, let me do all the work." He smiled at her and kissed her palm. She smiled back and then closed her eyes and he slowly kissed his way up her arm, to the nook of her neck and then to her ear. He took her earlobe in his mouth and nibbled on it, making her squirm as he climbed on top of her. He nuzzled her neck as he moved to her other ear. When he let go of it she was panting lightly. He kissed her lips lightly and then moved down kissing her throat again and then moving between her breasts. He stopped moving when he reached the valley where they met and proceeded to slowly lick, knowing she particularly enjoyed that; her moans confirmed it. After a minute of this he grew tired of it and licked sideways along her breast to the areola, his tongue caressing it. Sarah's moan turned to a gasp and her breath caught in her throat, the motion pushing the breast against Denis' mouth, he didn't protest, instead gently sucking on it, knowing that she was particularly sensitive there, enough so that he had brought her to orgasm simply by playing with her breast before, and he was hoping to do it again. He used a hand to gently caress her other breast, lightly running his finger over her skin and teasing her areola. After some time he alternated breast, keeping her moaning and writhing under him. At some point he felt like simply giving up, moving down to her vagina, but he forced himself to remember that this wasn't about him or how little he was enjoying doing this. This was for the woman he loved, and she was worth this sacrifice. Eventually Sarah's moaning turned into short gasps and then her body convulsed. He lifted himself on his knees and now used both hands to lightly caress her breasts, knowing she enjoyed the sensations continuing through her orgasm. At the same time he looked at her; he could see the beauty in the curvature of her breast and the smooth skin of her face, but it no longer affected him; where her panting and shuddering under him would normally have revved him up for hours of love making, now it was just a body moving and making noises. When she calmed down and opened her eyes to look at him he forced a smile. He put a finger to his lips, asking for her silence when she went to speak. She chuckled and complied. He went down on all four again and kissed her, putting passion he didn't feel in it. She was panting again when he lifted his head and moved down. He kissed the top of her belly, just under her breast. He didn't go straight down, instead he kissed his way to her side and kissed down from there, along her hip and down her leg. He kissed her right foot, from heel to toe, he then moved to her left one and kissed it from toe to heel, and then started up her leg, continuing until he was back to his starting point. Sarah was a simple woman when it came to sex, like he was, or at least had been, but what increased her pleasure was the anticipation, that was why he took the circuitous route. Then he kissed his way down, pausing a moment to pay special attention to her navel, she was an outie, and then continued to her vagina. For a moment he worried that the smell would force him to stop, but even with his more sensitive nose she didn't smell any different, the smell simply didn't turn him on like it used to do. He parted her lips and slowly licked her clitoris; his best friend was the one who had instructed him on how to 'eat out' a woman, he had described it as writing the alphabet with his tongue. He had then proceeded to give a demonstration on his own sister. Denis had never gotten over how stranger that family was, but that had not stopped him from trying it with her. That technique had served him well through out his life, and even with Sarah he usually came back to it, like he did now, and she was quick to respond to the stimulation. Unlike when he stimulated her breast, now she was very loud. He brought up the memory of sucking Kyle off, hoping to force himself to get into this even a little, but he'd been right, his sex drive was completely turned off. The memory of the emotions was there, but they didn't connect with his body. He closed his eyes and slowly continued with the alphabet. Even her cries didn't evoke any kind of reaction, not even pride at being able to bring her to orgasm so quickly. This was work, and not even work he enjoyed a little. It took all of his will power to force himself through a second string of the alphabet. When he was done Sarah was panting, her eyes slightly glazed over. He crawled in the bed next to her and lied on his side, propping himself up with his elbow. When she looked at him he forced a smile. "That was wonderful," she said, raising her hand languidly and caressing his lips. He was strangely proud of himself for not flinching at the touch. "I really needed it after this weekend," her finger moved down his chin to his chest, "I should replay you in kind." He gently took her hand off his chest and brought it to his mouth to kiss. "Don't worry about it, this was for you, and it's not like I didn't have any occasion to relax while you were gone." Sarah smiled knowingly at him. She knew about his stash of porn, it was the same as he'd had before they met, and while it didn't get quite as much use now, when she had to be away he went back to it. "There'll be other days when you can replay me," he nodded to the clock on the side table, "and we both have to be up early for work tomorrow." She turned to look at the time, and backed, spooning against him. "All right, but tomorrow night it's your turn," she said sleepily. He wrapped an arm around her and thought about how unfair life was. Here he was, holding the woman he loved, but he instead of desiring her he was disappointed he wasn't holding Kyle instead
  13. Kindar

    Chapter 03

    The sound of the phone ringing was almost covered up by Denis' moaning, and he was leaning against the wall, right next to it. He moaned again, in unison with the second ring. "St . . .stop. I need to take this." He said between pant as he took the phone off the hook. Kyle mumbled something around Denis' cock and stopped moving. "hello? Hi Hon, how was your mother? That good huh? oh," Kyle swallowed and Dennis baely had the time to move the phone away so his moan wouldn't be too loud in it. "Sorry, yeah I'm ok, just a bit tired and I think I pulled a muscle," he added throwing Kyle a dirty look. "yeah, that's not a problem, I'll have dinner ready by the time you get here. See you then. Love you." He hung up. "Sarah just left her mom. She's going to be here in a couple of hours. Kyle didn't bother answering and just sucked harder. It didn't take long for Dennis to cum making his leg to go weak and slide down the wall. Kyle's mouth never let go of his cock during the descent. "How the fuck can you be so good at this?" Kyle finally released his cock "years and years of experience." He leaned against the wall next to him. "I guess it's time for me to go then." "Lets grab a shower first." He said standing. "Then you can help me get the place back together. That is what we were suppose to do before you started sucking me off, again." "Stop complaining, you were enjoying it." Dennis didn't bother replying and let him to the shower. It was nothing special, the original bathtub/shower combo that came with the house when he bought it. With the water warm he went in, Kyle right behind him. Dennis let the water run down his back, relaxing under it. "Why aren't my legs killing me?" "You didn't do anything that strenuous with them." "You're kidding, right?" Dennis looked over his shoulder making sure to keep his face out of the jet. "No, I'm not," replied Kyle as he soaped his face, "Your body can already heal small stuff before you even notice it. Once you're fully used to the changes you'll probably be able to heal anything under a day." "This is so unreal," said Dennis as he shook his head, and then noticed Kyle was still hard, "and so is this. Doesn't it ever go down?" He reached back with a hand to stroke it. Kyle moaned lightly. "Not while I have a guy to play with." "Hand me the soap." Kyle blindly extended his hand, soap resting in it. Dennis took it and lathered his own hand and applied the lather to Kyle's cock. "What are you doing?" asked Kyle with a gasp. "There's only one thing I haven't tried yet," Dennis said as he pulled him close, lodging Kyle's cock between his ass cheeks. Kyle started grinding "Are you sure about this?" He moaned as Dennis took his cock and positioned it better. "It's your first time. We can't rush this." "You have an hour, one and a half if we don't spend too much time on the cleanup." And he pushed back groaning when he felt the tip of Kyle cock stretch his anus. Kyle took hold of his hips and stopped him and pulled out "Whoa, slow down. Do you want to give yourself a chance to enjoy this, or are you just trying to get it out of the way?" Dennis didn't answer immediately. "How is it for you?" he finally asked. "I love it, but it's not for everyone. I can fuck you quickly, but it's going to hurt like hell, and you'll probably never want to do it again." Dennis nodded, and then remembered that Kyle couldn't see him. "Ok, I understand. Take it slow." Kyle nodded and pressed himself back against Dennis. He positioned his cock and then wrapped his arms around Dennis "You need to relax and tell me when it's too painful. Don't try to tough it out, you don't have anything to prove to me, or to yourself." "Ok," and he gasped again as Kyle pressed his cock in and then stopped. Dennis took a deep breath and did the best he could to relax. Kyle pumped slightly so the head of his cock barely moved in and out of Dennis' ass. Over the following minutes he slowly worked more of his cock head in, making Dennis moan and gasp every so often. When the Head slipped fully in Dennis let escape a yelp of pain and Kyle stopped moving. "take a deep breath," he whispered to him, "relax, the pain'll pass. It'll hurt if I pull out." Dennis nodded and took deep breathes "You've done this before," he was eventually able to say. "I've br . . . . I've initiated a few guys before, yeah." Kyle replied as he started thrusting lightly again. Dennis gasped lightly. "It's going hurt a bit more as you get stretched, but if we take our time it won't for too long." Dennis nodded again and tried to relax some more. Every time the pain got to much he told Kyle, who stopped and let him catch his breath. "How was that?" Kyle eventually whispered to him. "wha?" was Dennis' response, his head swimming. He couldn't tell how much time had passed. "I'm all in." Dennis tried to focus on what he felt, and what it had felt like. "That was different." Kyle let out a soft chuckle "I'd hope so." "What happens now?" "Now I can stay like this until it's time for us to leave the shower, or I can fuck you." "Fuck me," was Dennis' immediate answer. "There'll probably be some discomfort, but you shouldn't feel too much pain, your body will have adjusted." "Do guys always get use to it this fast?" "No. but you're not a normal guy anymore." And Kyle slowly pulled out making Dennis groan. He was right, there was hardly any pain, just a strange sensation of emptiness as the cock left him. Before he could really quantify it Kyle slowly pushed back in. This time, his cock pressed against something as it moved and his own cock jumped "Fuck, what was that?" he asked when his breath came back to him. "That could be a sign you're going to really enjoy this." Without waiting for a responce Kyle was thrusting in and out of his ass slowly. Every thrust was accompanied by Dennis moaning and grunting, as well as his cock jumping, sending strings of precum to mix with the water. Dennis' mind couldn't quite wrap itself around what was happening, and when he started swearing even he was surprised "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fu . . ." and his entire body tensed as an orgasm assaulted him from nowhere. When he finally calmed down he realized the Kyle was holding him up, and that his cock was twitching inside him. "Are you ok?" he eventually asked "Yeah, that was something. You?" "I don't know. My head is still spinning." Kyle held him until Dennis could support his own weight. "How long did we go at it?" he reluctantly asked. He didn't want Kyle to pull out just yet, but he had to keep Sarah in his mind. If he was going to keep his marriage she couldn't catch him like that. "An hour, maybe a little more than that, but less then an hour and a half." Kyle slowly pulled out of Dennis, leaving him with an empty feeling that went deeper than the physical. He hung his head and let the water run down his body. Kyle had been right. He could tell he was going to enjoy being fucked from now on. He felt a hunger for it. Now he had to figure out how he felt about it. He turned to tell Kyle they needed to get the place ordered, but was already out of the shower, drying himself. He turned off the water and started drying himself too, trying to resolve what kind of man he was. While he didn't consider his sex life with Sarah to be vanilla, it definitively couldn't be called kinky either. The games they played occurred because the mood struck them, not because they needed them to enjoy sex. Kyle had said that not all guys . . . werewolves, Dennis had trouble even thinking the word, enjoyed being fucked, did the hunger he felt mean he was destined to become one? Dennis caught sight of the clock in the hallway "Shit, we have to hurry," and his chain of thought was broken as he ran through the house putting furniture back where is should be, and throwing his clothes in the hamper. Kyle told him to work on the food while he dealt with the cleanup. Quickly throwing clothes on he took food out of the fridge and quickly prepared a casserole dish so he wouldn't have to be bent over the stove. With the casserole in the oven he opened one of the plastic containers he'd taken out of the fridge. The meat in it was sickly grey, with a bit of fuzz on one edge. By reflex he took a sniff of it as he was about to throw the content in the trash, and stopped. He sniffed it again and his mouth started salivating. "Ok, I know it's gone bad," he said turning to Kyle, :so why does it smell so good?" "Different body, different needs, different warning signals. meat only smells bad because you've been conditioned for it. It's a signal that something isn't good for you, but now you can eat meat that you'd consider to have gone slightly bad. Actually, you can eat meat that's gone very bad; you just wouldn't get much out of it. And it does taste bad." "Is there a lot of stuff I'm going to have to get use to?" Dennis asked with a sigh. Kyle chuckled "Definitely. You still look human, but you aren't anymore. Most of the adaptations you'll have to deal with are going to be because your body is adjusting itself to them. That's why you can't transform on your own right now." "How long till I can?" "Probably no more than a year, could be as quick as six month, varies on the person." "How long did it take you?" "My first few transformations are a blur, so I can't be sure. But I'd say closer to one year than six month." "So am I going to change is I get angry? Or excited?" "You didn't change when you were sucking me off so that answers the excitement one. And no, you don't have to worry about getting angry, except in the last month or so. As your brain finishes rewiring everything you might get a few misfire." Dennis was thoughtful for a moment. "So the only thing I need to worry about until then is making sure I have sex with a guy regularly, without Sarah finding out." "I'd suggest at least once a day," Kyle replied, eyeing the container, "Until you find yourself enough guys to accommodate you I'll make sure you don't get too pent-up." "How are you going to do that?" Denis asked as he heard the keys turn in the lock. "If you're going to throw that away mind if I take it?" Distracted Dennis handed him the container. He met his wife at the door as she put her purse down. Before she could say anything he had her in his arms and was kissing her passionately. "Missed me that much?" she asked once he let her come up for air. "You have no idea." He answered with a smile. Kyle cleared his throat, making them look in his direction. "Oh, Hello," Sarah said. "Hi, you must be Sarah, I'm Kyle." He presented her his hand. She shook it, looking at Dennis questioningly. Before he could say anything Kyle added smoothing "Your husband ran into me during my walk and invited me in for coffee." "Oh, do you live in the area?" Kyle smiled, "no, but I pick a different neighborhood to walk in every weekend, it's my way of exploring the city, but I'd better leave the two of you to catch up." Kyle put his coat on. "oh, I hope you don't mind if I take this," his showed her the container, "Dennis was throwing the meat away, but I have a dog that just loves slightly spoiled meat." Sarah looked at it. "Go ahead, better that than it going to waste." "Thanks," said Kyle as he opened the door, "Dennis, I left my number on the table in case you want to have coffee one evening." With a wave he left.
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  15. Kindar

    Chapter 02

    Denis moaned before even opening an eye. His body was sore everywhere. He tried to remember what he'd done the day before to be this sore. Surely cleaning the house couldn't cause that. He opened an eye and the brightness hurt. "Fuck," he mumbled, "sun's already up." He heard the water running in the bathroom. He turned on his back and saw that the door was open. "Sarah, call my boss. I don't think I'll be able to make it into work today." Even his throat felt sore. A man walked out of the bathroom wearing jeans and drying his face. "You say something?" Denis stared at him "Who, who the fuck are you?" The man moved to the foot of the bed and leaned on the Footboard of the bed, worry on his face. "Don't block it Denis. You'll just make it tougher for yourself." "What are you talking about?" "It's not that big of a deal that you blocked out Friday night, but you need to deal with last night." "Wha . . .what happened last night?" Denis stammered. The man just kept looking at him so he tried to remember. He'd cleaned the house, and then went out . . . no, he was planning on going out, but there was someone at the door, a man. . . . him. "You're Kyle." And the memory of the evening hit him hard enough that he had to hold his head. "My God, I . . . . you. . . we . . .." Kyle looked at him with relief on his face. "What did you do to me?" Denis screamed at him. "I didn't do anything to you." "You're lying. We had sex. I'd never have sex with you. I'm not gay." Kyle looked at him with disbelief on his face; and then started chuckling. "What the fuck's wrong with you?" Kyle calmed his chuckling "You're a werewolf, and you're hung up on the fact that we had sex." "What are you talking about?" Kyle lost his smile and slammed his hand on the footboard, making Denis press back against the head board. "Don't block ANYTHING out; you're only going to make things tougher for you." "You're insane," Denis finally said once the surprise passed. He turned to get out of bed, making his body complain. "There's no such thing as werewolf." "You sure about that?" Denis turned to tell Kyle to get out, but where Kyle had stood was Black furred man with the head of a wolf. Denis took a step back as the rest of the evening hit him, as hard, and knocked the side table, sending the lamp to the floor, where it shattered. He looked at the pieces, somehow feeling they represented reality. When he was finally able to look up again Kyle was leaning against the wall next to the bathroom door, arms crossed over his chest, his face neutral. Denis sat on the bed and looked at his hands. They looked normal, but he could see them like they had been, covered in fur and clawed. He realized the fur had been the colour of his hair; Just like Kyle's had been the colour of his. Kyle was still looking at him patiently. "Did you," he swallowed, "did you do this to me?" "No, I didn't." "Are you saying that our meeting on Friday was a coincidence?" "Only partially. I was out trolling and I caught your scent. I immediately knew what you were going through so I tracked you down and figured I'd keep you company and keep things from getting out of control. We drank, we talked, you hit on me, and once you were drunk enough I took you to a motel close by. I wasn't worried that you'd changed since it wasn't the full moon yet." "What would have happened if you hadn't should up last night? Would I have gone out and ate someone?" Kyle chuckled. "No, you'd just have hunted down a guy, probably one of your neighbors and fucked him till you were satisfied." "How did this happen to me?" "I don't know. Did anything out of the ordinary happen in the last 30 days or so?" "What," said Denis with bitterness, "like being bitten by a gay wolf?" "Would that qualify as being out of the ordinary?" replied Kyle with a smile. Denis glared at him for a minute and then sighed. "No, don't remember anything strange happening. What am I suppose to do?" "Now you learn to deal with being gay and a werewolf." Denis sighed and looked at the ceiling. "I can probably deal with being like that once a month. Am I going to be able to go to your place for the full moons? I'd rather Sarah not have to deal with this." "You're not gay when you're transformed. You're gay all the time." "What? Are you saying I'm going to have to deal with being attracted to guys too?" "No. you're not bi. You're gay. Women aren't going to do anything for you anymore." Denis stared at Kyle, in shock. Then, within a few steps he was nose to nose with him. "What about my wife?" Kyle maintained the gaze until Denis turned away. "Fuck! How the hell is that possible?" "I don't know. You're the eleventh werewolf I know. Those who were straight or even bi before lost all attraction to women." "And no one ever found a cure?" "Only one was able to make it so he'd never transform again." "How?" "A silver bullet to the head." Denis walked across the room and leaned on the dresser, looking at the wall. "Fine, I'm going to manage to deal with this. It's just a question of not acting on what I feel for guys then. That's no different than what I had to deal with women before." "You think it's going to be that easy?" Denis heard Kyle's fly being pulled down and turned around. His eyes immediately went to the cock Kyle pulled out. It was about the length of his hand, and it was still soft. Denis started drooling. He was on his knees in front of it before he realized he'd moved. He scrambled back to sit against the dresser before he could reach up to grasp it. "And the sex drive hasn't fully kicked in yet," said Kyle when Denis looked at him, fear on his face. "You can fight as hard as you want, but you're just going to make things harder on you. You've been changed, and there's nothing you can do about it." "Do you expect me to just give in?" Kyle simply shrugged and went to tuck his cock away. "Leave it out." Kyle raised an eyebrow. "Look, you say that I have to get use to being like this. That's what scares me. I don't feel any guilt about wanting your cock, but I'm married. I made a promise to my wife on our wedding night. Is that supposed to change because I'm . . . because I'm not human anymore?" "I can't help you there. It's not something I ever had to deal with. Will your wife be able to deal with you not able to have sex with her again?" "No without a full explanation. Even then I think she'll have an easier time accepting that I'm a werewolf instead. How about if you have sex with us? From what I'm feeling I'll get hard just at the thought of sex with a guy. If you're fucking me I should be able to have sex with her." Kyle shook his head. "It won't work. There's something about the scent of a woman that kills any sexual desire we might have towards her. You haven't just lost your attraction to women, it's like there's this command in our brain that makes it impossible to have sex with them." "You've tried it?" "The one who killed himself did. He tried everything to keep the life he had. When he realized he wouldn't be able to. He ended it." Denis nodded, taking it all in. "so, what ever did this to me turned me gay without my consent, and made it impossible to reverse it, as far as you know." Kyle nodded. "Are you religious Kyle?" "Not anymore. I'm sure there's a God out there, somewhere, but I don't like what religions have to say about anything that's different from them." "So, do you think cheating on your wife is a sin?" "You won't have a choice Denis. If you think that looking at my cock right now is making your horny, wait in a few months, once your body and brain will have gotten used to the change. You're going to want to have sex every few hours. I don't care how much self control you have. After a day without cumming you're going to be trolling the bars and fucking the first guy who says yes." "I can't divorce her, I still love her." "Then that's exactly why you should leave her." Denis held the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes." Can we drop this subject? I'll deal with this . . . . at an another time." "s'your decision. What do you want to talk about instead?" Denis opened his eyes. "I don't want to talk." He took a deep breath. "Since I have to get use to this, why don't you come here and show me what I have to look forward to?" Kyle grinned and seductively crossed the room. Denis watched his cock sway as it moved closer. He swallowed hard. Kyle didn't stop until it was pressing against Denis' nose, and he could smell his musk. Denis' heart pounded in his chest. A part of him turned on the guilt, reminding him he had a wife to whom he had promised to be faithful, that homosexuality was wrong and that for all he knew Kyle was lying to him. He pushed that part away with surprising ease. He got to his knees and buried his nose against his balls, pulling Kyle's pants down. Kyle smelled of sweat and sex. He licked his balls and then took one of them in his mouth, enjoying the salty taste it had. The sound of Kyle moaning sent a shiver of delight down his spine. He sucked on them until he had washed off the taste, watching as Kyle's cock grew hard. The sight gave him a raging hardon. Looking higher he saw Kyle looking down at him with hunger in his eyes. The sight frightened him a little, but also added to his excitement. He looked back down and saw a liquid dripping along the shaft. His heart beating hard he took a tentative lick, and then another, gasping at the intensity of the taste. He had tasted his own precum once, out of curiosity, and he couldn't remember it being so delicious. He licked the shaft clean and then took the head in his mouth, looking forward to tasting Kyle's cum. He pushed the cock down his throat, stopping when he felt some resistance, about three quarters of the way in. He fought with himself to go slow so he could enjoy the six inched of Kyle's cock he was able to take in, but his hunger for the taste of cum kept making him go faster. After a few minutes the fight was taken out of his hands when Kyle took hold of his head and pushed his cock until it was completely in. Denis panicked a little as he felt it stretch his throat as it was down it, but Kyle wouldn't let him push away. He calmed down when the expected gag reflex didn't kick in. Kyle pulled out and he caught his breath. He looked up at him; the hunger had spread from his eyes to his entire face. Denis closed his eyes in fear and tried to push that image out of his mind as he felt the shaft moved back in. He focused on the sensation, and found himself moaning in pleasure as the cock stretched his throat again. Kyle seemed to take that as a signal and started to fuck his face. Denis could only enjoy what was happening to him, and enjoy he did, His nose was filled with the scent of Kyle's hunger, and unlike how he saw it on his face, the scent ignited his own hunger and he found himself grabbing Kyle's ass with his hands, digging his nails in and trying to get him to fuck him harder. Kyle let out a low growl and Denis' body shivered in response. Denis lost track of time, swimming among the smells tastes and sounds, finding that he instinctively knew how close Kyle was getting to his orgasm, so he was ready for him when he groaned harshly and then violently exploded. Denis pulled of just enough so the cum wouldn't go directly down his throat, after all this he wanted to taste it. And he wasn't disappointed, as good as the precum had tasted, the cum tasted better. It was like champagne next to cheap wine. The realization made his body shudder and he pulled off with a moan of his own as his cock throbbed, jerked and then shot strings of cum in the air. When the orgasm passed he was panting and his head was spinning. He looked up at Kyle to see him leaning against the dresser and smiling at him. It was a few minutes before his mind was able to string words together. "That . . . that was. . . ." "Something else?" Kyle finished for him. Denis just nodded, still unsure he could speak. Kyle sat next to him. "Does that mean I'm going to be your cock sucker now?" Kyle chuckled, "only if you want to. Last night I was the one being face fucked, among other things." Denis looked at him sideways. "I don't remember doing that. The last thing I remember was fucking you." "I know. I could tell when your rational mind shut down and your instinct took control. It's what will happen if you try to repress your sex drive." Denis sighed. "It's safe to say I won't want to repress it. I've never had an orgasm without touching myself. I've never felt so INTO having sex." "Even human our senses are stronger than normal humans, that makes sex something much more interesting. When you're a werewolf, it can't even be described." "I know what you mean. I don't know if I can wrap my head around the thought I'll be feeling like that again." Kyle chuckles and patted his leg. "You can trust me on that, you're going to wrap your head around it. And everything else you'll be able to do," he said as he stood. "You mean there's more?" Kyle gave him a mysterious smile before turning to head out the bedroom.

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