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Alex Wright

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Status Updates posted by Alex Wright

  1. PHP template logic can go die in a fire.

  2. Man, logic based programming is difficult when that logic involves several objects, three arrays, and an include.

  3. So glad you're loving the site!

  4. Hiya! Thanks for checking us out ❤️

  5. Hi there! Glad you decided to give us a try. Hope you like it!

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    2. Nanakisan


      No issues with pink at all. Except that it clashes against the dark and bright background of Behemoth and Magnum.

    3. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Behemoth (Dark) should be better.

      And Magnum should be better now as well.

    4. Nanakisan


      Much better, so much better. Nice work!

  6. Beta 3 of update 4.3 is live....I can't wait to have it all finished and pushed out.

  7. Hi there, welcome to AD!

    1. Libra-11


      Thank you so much! :3 

  8. Welcome to AD! Definitely good to see you. :D

  9. Thanks for joining! :x

    1. Makeo


      Oh, but of course! ^^

  10. Hiya, any problems with the site lately?

    1. Gureii



      Nope, everything still works like a treat, I suppose?

    2. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Aaalrighty! Thanks :D

    3. Gureii


      No problem!

  11. Your 'sona is gorgeous! I love the banner.

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    2. Derecho


      So far this place doesn't seem like the sort where one should post a lot of work they've commissioned from someone else?  I could be incorrect about that.

    3. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      No, you're fine posting work so long as it's yours! The only content we don't really allow is this. If it's artwork you've commissioned or had mad for you, please absolutely feel free to post it!

    4. Derecho


      I did go through that list earlier.  Fair enough! None of that in my collection.  I'll go ahead post a couple of things.

  12. Hi there! I love your Avatar!

  13. Hiya! Welcome to AD!

  14. Hah, fantastic profile picture. Welcome to AD!

  15. Hi there, welcome to AD!

  16. Hi and welcome to AD!

  17. Sorry for the delay in getting all of the systems up and working. The commissions app does have a few issues I'm still working on.

  18. Hiya Bravo! Welcome!

  19. Nice avatar, I hope to see more of him!

  20. Woo! New themes coming soon!

  21. I'm excited to get this place up and running. It's looking great so far!


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