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  1. Alex Wright

    Update 4.4: An Early Look

    Hello all!! I have a few quick announcements for Update 4.4, and I hope you'll enjoy these changes. Performance Improvements In 4.4, we're going to be enabling support for Lazy Loading. This will cause pages to load more smoothly as assets further down the page won't load until they come into view. Should help to improve loading times site-wide. Furthermore, we'll be improving non-image attachments to posts, providing more details about the downloads (such as download count, type of download, etc.). The letter avatars, for those who haven't uploaded an avatar yet, will be swapped to an SVG from the current image. This should be faster to render as well, since avatars are called in a lot of areas of the site. Other notable improvements: Duplicate Clubs query removed from activity streams. Notifications and follower management will see an improvement (Hope to have more on this in a bit, this is provided from the CMS) Member search speed should be a bit better. PHP performance improvements, to help with site speed. Hopefully more to come soon, stay tuned!
  2. Alex Wright

    The Silent Moon Watches

    This is such a great image!
  3. Alex Wright


    Awww, this is cute!
  4. Alex Wright

    Will be less on here due to finals

    Good luck! Hope things go well for you!
  5. Alex Wright

    Behold, Fire

    From the album: Alex Wright's Album


    © Alex Wright

  6. Alex Wright

    Alex Wright's Album

  7. Alex Wright

    Shoot The Frog

    The only question now is...who won?
  8. Alex Wright

    Gay it Away

    I'll say! But this is precious!
  9. Alex Wright

    Fear the Badge!!

    Damn I love this!
  10. Alex Wright

    Bring Me Another Headshot!

    From the album: Alex Wright's Album

    Another piece of art from @Tohfu! Gotten from the Lineless stream.

    © Alex Wright

  11. Alex Wright

    Wildly Manhandled

    From the album: Alex Wright's Album

    Well, we all knew it would happen again at some point. Tianti just loves getting manhandled sometimes (and do the manhandling at others, comes with the territory I suppose). Featuring Wild from Shinkei-Shinto Shinkei-Shinto and yours truly. Art also by the ever amazing Shinkei-Shinto Shinkei-Shinto

    © Alex Wright, with Wild by Shinkei-Shinto

  12. Alex Wright

    Update 4.3.5

    Hello all, update 4.3.5 is around the corner. With it are coming some bug fixes, minor edits, and some other various and sundry items. Currently in beta, but expected release in about a week or two. Core - Search & Activity Streams: Improved searching for phrases (when the search term is wrapped in quotes) when using Elasticsearch. Fixed creating activity streams on front-end. Fixed duplicate topics showing in some streams if using Elasticsearch and posts/comments have been split. Fixed error being logged when accessing an invalid page number of paginated results when using Elasticsearch. Fixed a typo in the Elasticsearch "Analyzer" setting description. Core - Social Promotion / Our Picks: Fixed reputation information sometimes missing from replies to status updates and from topics on the "Our Picks" page. Fixed missing CSS if "Our Picks" is the community's home page causing missing images. Fixed promotion occurring at wrong time if scheduled to occur at midnight † Core - Posting: Fixed edit being lost if the edit triggers the URL or word filter. Fixed issue where attachments may be rejected if URL filter is set to reject all URLs. Core - UI: Fixed height of blocks in some grids. Fixed missing Tumblr icon in email footer. Fixed W3C validation error. Core - Clubs: Fixed possible error when editing a club. Fixed price not showing correctly for paid clubs which do not have a renewal term. Core - Misc: Updated CKEditor to 4.10. Fixed URL input fields not handling the value correctly if a "?" is immediately after the domain without any path. Fixed disabled reaction types showing in the reputation summary on user's profiles. Fixed it being possible to add a member back into a personal conversation after they've left by accessing the URL directly. Changed the "next" link which shows on mobile on the last page of a paginated table which, although disabled, points to a page that doesn't exist which was reported to trigger an error on some SEO diagnostics tools. Changed the online user list cutoff when using Redis to be consistent with when not using Redis (30 minutes). Forums: Changed the permission check when viewing all topics created by a member to if the viewing user can see the forum they are in, rather than if they can view the topic† Commerce - Subscriptions Fixed reactivating a previously expired subscription not moving the member back into the correct group. Fixed transferring a subscription from one member to another. Fixed duplicate subscriptions being created if member generates multiple orders for Subscriptions before paying and then pays more than once. Fixed broken record showing in the list of subscriptions if a member with a subscription is deleted. Fixed handling of subscriptions when merging two members. Commerce - Support Fixed incoming emails not being received if the email was CC'd to the support system rather than sent directly. Fixed merging two accounts not reassigning ratings/feedback on support request replies. Commerce - Misc Fixed entering a coupon a code may redirect user back to the first step of the checkout process. Fixed error caused by history logs for an alternate contact which has been deleted. Pages Fixed error on "create item" page if the database is on the community's home page. Fixed attachments to editor fields in databases not being saved correctly. Gallery Fixed error when editing a video in Gallery which does not have a thumbnail uploaded. Fixed URLs for video thumbnails in the XML sitemap. Increased maximum size of image descriptions to prevent value being cut off. Marketplace Fixed possible duplicate notifications for Marketplace files. Literature Fixed error viewing the literature comments a member has made from their profile. Fixed possible duplicate notifications for Story entries. Removed name of story from the header of each entry when viewing a specific story. Calendar Fixed issue where recurring events may show in wrong timezone. Fixed error when editing an event to remove the end time.
  13. Alex Wright

    Tianti Fursuit Reference

    From the album: Alex Wright's Album

    An amazing reference for the fullsuit of Tianti that is being made! Art by the ever-wonderful

    © Alex Wright

  14. Alex Wright

    Adopt-a-Bull #2!

    This looks awesome Corv! I hope the winner really enjoys him!
  15. Alex Wright

    In Motion

    From the album: Alex Wright's Album

    Only one real way to keep up a physique I suppose...exercise and motion. Art by the fabulous Rookie_Bear

    © Alex Wright

  16. Alex Wright


    From the album: Alex Wright's Album

    Its true, rest is required for everyone. Vlrgo just happened to catch Tianti at just the right moment.

    © Alex Wright

  17. Alex Wright

    LoK Vol I Chapter 2 52

    I love the insult to injury of the blanket.
  18. Alex Wright

    new stripes profile 2018

    That's hot....
  19. Alex Wright

    Unfinished Translations

    Hi all! We have begun installing language packs to translate AnthroDynamics into other languages. Currently, this list includes: Polish Russian Romanian German Spanish French We know some of these are incomplete. Particularly the Spanish and French language packs. This forum is for the community to help contribute to those translations and languages. Creating a topic here will provide you with a form to use. If you'd like to contribute to the translations, we will make the changes as quickly as possible. Our translation system is fairly quick. It's a search and replace type deal, but there's literally hundreds of pages per language pack, covering all aspects of the site. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! -Alex
  20. Alex Wright

    AnthroCon 2018

    From AnthroCon's website: Anthrocon's 22nd annual convention will celebrate anthropomorphics, which are humanlike animal characters, such as have fascinated mankind since the dawn of human imagination. We are a collection of artists, animators, writers, costumers, puppeteers... and just everyday fans who enjoy cartoon animals and their kin. Membership is open to any and all who like to imagine what it would be like if animals could walk and talk as we do — and no, you do not have to wear a costume to attend! The festivities will begin on Thursday, July 5th, 2018, and will run through Sunday, July 8th, 2018 in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Registration for the convention is now open, hotel reservations at our special discounted rates will be available for the general public in early February, 2018. Watch this space for announcements regarding our special guests! If you are looking for the old forums, they are over here.
  21. Alex Wright

    Birthday Dropdown Select

    Changed Status to Closed
  22. Alex Wright

    AnthroCon 2018


    Just a reminder that I'll be attending!
  23. Alex Wright

    I love this piece!
  24. Alex Wright

    Do You Believe In Magic?

    From the album: Alex Wright's Album

    Doesn't matter what time of day or night an "incident" happens, someone's got to take care of it. Just so happens that Tianti not only believes in magic, he practices on a daily basis. Art by the wonderful PurpleDragonRei!

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