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  1. Suggested tags

    These are good. I'll get started adding some of them.
  2. MAJOR WIP General Information Name: Tianti Shizhe Nicknames: Tian Age: 6,372 Species: Eastern Dragon Gender: Male Orientation: Gay Physical Characteristics Height: Standing on his legs, he's about 6'4". From snout to tail around 11'. Weight: 196 lbs. Mostly in muscle mass. Handedness: Ambidexterous Eye Color: Black scalera, purple iris. Hair Color: Light blue (some might call this a steel gray) Skin Color: Black or dark-gray. Markings: Blue and lighter-blue banding around his upper arms, back, and legs. Jewelry: Nose-ring, cast in white gold. History Parents: (Who were they? You can give more info.) Siblings: (Brothers or sisters?) Backstory: (This is your character's backstory, where did they come from. How did they grow up? Be as descriptive as you like.) Personality Temperament: (Define how your character generally interacts with others.) Skills: (Does your character have any special skills or traits?) Phobias: (What is your character afraid of?) Bad Habits: (Does your character possess any bad habits?) Quirks: (Anything of note?) Best Qualities: (You know.) Worst Qualities: (Yes, these too. Nobody's perfect.) Morality: (This can be something like "Neutral Good, Lawful neutral" etc [DnD style], or you can get specific.) Miscellaneous Style of Speech: (Does your character have an accent?) Goals and Motivations: (What motivates this character?) Other: (Anything Else we should know about this character?)
  3. Thanks for joining! :x

    1. Makeo


      Oh, but of course! ^^

  4. Roleplaying Forum Guidelines

    Roleplaying Forums Guidelines Welcome to AnthroDynamics' Roleplaying Forums. If you would like to RP, please follow the following guidelines. Please tag your content. Use "General, Mature, or Adult" tags, and make these tags your prefixes. Please also use Open or Closed. Open means that your RP is open to other characters. Closed means that only the defined characters may play. Please respect the choices of the author(s). Please use the provided character template in the Repository of Knowledge. If you plan on hosting or running a large RP Group, please contact @Alex Wright. We can get you set up fairly easily. If you're running your own large Group RP here, we can set up character forums specifically for your RP. All rules and guidelines of AnthroDynamics applies to these forums. We aim to stick with just these few common sense rules. Please enjoy!
  5. Community Updates and Enhancements

    With the recent downtime, I took the opportunity to perform some back-end server updates. You should notice somewhat improved performance for uploads. Things should be more stable from now on, as the PHP version was also updated. Some more things coming in the future: Tags Picker Finally a solution to not having to manually enter every tag. Please look forward to it! That's all for now. -Alex
  6. What do I do if my files are too large? For images: There's a great deal of things that could help. Try to optimize your images using your imaging software's built in compression module. Failing that, try File Optimizer for Windows or ImageOptim for Mac. For files: Definitely compress using 7zip. Usually .tar or .gz give the best compression ratios, but feel free to play around with them.
  7. Hiya, any problems with the site lately?

    1. Gureii



      Nope, everything still works like a treat, I suppose?

    2. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Aaalrighty! Thanks :D

    3. Gureii


      No problem!

  8. Chapter 15

    @WolfBearHybridThe other option is to buy the PDF, and email it to your kindle to have it load as a book. You'll have to find your kindle "email address" on the amazon site, but I did that with Kindar's works before, and it works great!
  9. LoK Vol I Chapter 2 41

    Oh wow, this came out great!
  10. Testing the new Journals System

    Because someone (*cough* @WindTide *cough*) wanted them :P.
  11. Your 'sona is gorgeous! I love the banner.

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    2. Derecho


      So far this place doesn't seem like the sort where one should post a lot of work they've commissioned from someone else?  I could be incorrect about that.

    3. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      No, you're fine posting work so long as it's yours! The only content we don't really allow is this. If it's artwork you've commissioned or had mad for you, please absolutely feel free to post it!

    4. Derecho


      I did go through that list earlier.  Fair enough! None of that in my collection.  I'll go ahead post a couple of things.

  12. New Version of "Andrews Theme" Rough Draft

    What a fantastic piece. It's got sadness, and yet hope. Love this!
  13. LoK Vol I Chapter 2 39

    Gods damn, I wish I could "like" this page more.
  14. Managing your Content Filters Managing the images you see on AnthroDynamics has never been easier. Browse to your profile page, either by using your user-menu dropdown, or clicking your name anywhere you see it on the site. On your user page, simply click "edit profile": This will bring up the Profile editor. For now, Ignored Tags are located in the "Member Store" tab of the profile editor. You can add as many, or as few tags as you like. Most new member accounts are generated with a list of pre-defined tags, but please feel free to edit these. Regards, Alex

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