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  1. Man, logic based programming is difficult when that logic involves several objects, three arrays, and an include.

  2. Alex Wright

    AnthroDynamics, GDPR, and You

    What is GDPR? How does it affect AD? GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. It is an EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It also addresses the export of that personal data outside of the EU. However, there are certain points that should be noted, and we'll discuss those. You have individual rights when it comes to your account and data, the two primary of these being the Right to be Informed and the Right to Erasure. The Right to be Informed Encompasses our obligation to provide "fair processing information", which you can find in our Privacy Policy. Emphases the need for transparency over how we use your personal data. The Right to Erasure The broad principle here is the right to enable an individual to request the deletion or removal of personal data where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing. We will always inform you of any changes to our Privacy Policy, either by email, social media, forum post, or private message. Any changes to that policy will have a waiting period before they go into effect, which will be announced along with the changes. The key phrase in the right to erasure is "Where there is no compelling reason for it's continued processing". In other words, yes, we can delete and remove your account, unless there is a need for us to retain your details. For example, to comply with tax codes (from financial transactions). AnthroDynamics will use a system of account deletion that will leave most Text-based content, but remove the Gallery Images associated with that account if no transactions exist. Lawful Bases for Processing Consent We feature a setting to not automatically opt-in to administrator emails, such as newsletters. You can always edit your Notifiication settings to be able to opt in or out of these administrator emails, as well as any and all other types of notifications. When we change our Privacy Policy or our Terms of Service, our system will automatically ask you to accept them again. Cookies We store a small amount of data in cookies. These are used to authorize user accounts when you re-visit the community. Other cookies are used to provide a service at the user's request, such as changing the Theme. Why go through all of this? GDPR is all about being a good steward of the stored data of our users. Note that there is no requirement under the GDPR to delete or remove any information sent to the server by our users. While we do offer you the option to delete your account to comply with the Right to Erasure, it will be at our discretion if we remove all user-submitted content from that account, with the remainder being anonymized. The analogy with this is that it's similar to email: once someone sends you an email, you aren't obligated to delete that email. The same is true of user posted content. Ultimately though, we want our users to feel comfortable in using our services, knowing that their data is ultimately theirs.
  3. Alex Wright

    Automatically Set Ignores Tags

    @Lyn I know it's an older topic, but you could add suggestions for tag categories and tags here: As far as the other suggestion goes, this one: There should be, at the top of the gallery upload dialogue box, an option to "set tags on all". We will work on adding the tagging system to that dialogue box.
  4. Alex Wright

    Dimensions for Banner image

    Hi there! It will shrink it to fit the section. Images can be up to 6000x6000. You will be able to reposition it. This is because all of our themes are responsive. On desktop and most laptops/tablets, its width is 75%. On mobile its 100%.
  5. Alex Wright

    Automatically Set Ignores Tags

    And the bug rears its ugly head. Its sending an individual PM for each piece. Blah. Will attempt to limit/gate the number of PMs sent on the auto-mod which adds the tag to once per day.
  6. Alex Wright

    Automatically Set Ignores Tags

    Alright, here's another addendum to this.: We now have an auto-moderation rule in place checking the submitted tags of Gallery content. Anything not tagged with an appropriate content rating tag will now have the [adult] tag added to it, and a PM will be sent by the AD Bot. We won't be adding warnings or infractions or anything like that for this, as it's a common error.
  7. Alex Wright

    Birthday Dropdown Select

    It's all controlled by one file. I've submitted a suggestion to IPS for this. If I change that file, it breaks on Mobile (and looks ugly to boot).
  8. Alex Wright

    Alluring Enigma

    This is my favorite so far! Serene, and beautiful!
  9. Alex Wright

    Ability to edit and delete artist pages.

    Changed Status to Resolved
  10. Alex Wright

    Ability to edit and delete artist pages.

    Perfect! We will leave this as is for now, until we see an update on the 3rd party app.
  11. Alex Wright

    Automatically Set Ignores Tags

    This is now confirmed as working as intended. It properly redirects and provides a popup message.
  12. Alex Wright

    Ability to edit and delete artist pages.

    That's correct. We will likely have to wait for a third party edit. Let me know if you can still upload content, I've made artist profile pages an admin-only field now. New artist and update requests have a forum dedicated to them now as well. When content is uploaded, it does still link to the poster's account. I'm not entirely sure as to why the Artist Profiles weren't the same way.
  13. Alex Wright

    Ability to edit and delete artist pages.

    Ok, so we have disabled the ability for members to add or modify an artists profile. However this will not stop them from adding content under an artist's name. This is something that will have to be monitored by our team until a fix becomes available. We will be opening a new forum section for Music artists to request that their artist profiles be added or updated.
  14. Alex Wright

    Ability to edit and delete artist pages.

    Changed Status to In Progress
  15. Alex Wright

    Ability to edit and delete artist pages.

    You shouldn't be able to delete or edit other's songs. We are aware of the issue with the Artist pages and are looking at a few options. This is a big in the software, and as we are using a 3rd party application for the Music system, we are awaiting a fix. I'll look at the songs problem now.

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