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chapter 41

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Chapter 41

      "How is everyone?" Martin asked.

      Most were okay, in the process of healing themselves.

      "What about them?" Colby asked, pointing to the three unconscious lackeys.

      "Tie them up, we'll bring them with us." Martin leaned against a wall. "We can't leave them here."

      Denton joined him. "What are we doing about this place?"

      "Nothing." Maximilian's shirt had a dozen small cuts.

      "Is that safe? The Orrs know about it. they're going to come back."

      "Even if I thought a place like this could be destroyed, I wouldn't try it. I don't want to risk the God's anger."

      "Okay, so we don't blow it up. I wasn't suggesting that. But we can't let the Orrs just have access to it. They can't have anything good planned for this place."

      Fred stood and lumbered to them. "They're going to drain it. They don't care about the God. They want the power that's here. Damian was only pissed about being here because he was trapped. He loved the power and what it let him do." With a sigh he sat back down.

      "What do you remember?" Denton asked.

      "Everything I did." Fred looked up to Martin. "Sorry about choking you."

      "Wasn't you. Don't worry about it."

      "Did you know what he knew while he was in you?"

      Fred shook his head.

      Denton sighed. "So you don't know if he had a partner or not."

      Fred looked up. "I don't think he did. At least if you're referring to the symbols. At some point he was trying to think of ways to immobilize me so he could use one of the others to carve symbols on me."

      "You know what they would do?"

      The lion shook his head.

      "At least it's good to know he worked alone." Denton leaned his head back against the stone. "I think I could sleep for a week."

      "Lets not." Maximilian shook him. "We can sleep on the jet. Right now we need to leave. I have an idea on how we're going to keep the Orrs out, as well and anyone else."


      Maximilian shook his head and lead them in the tunnel. He turned to his son a hundred yards out of the cave. "Fred, I want you to work with the others to come up with a Phrase to bring down the tunnel from the entrance to here."

      Fred peered into the distance. "That's going to take some work. The tunnel's about a mile long if I remember."

      "That's why i want you to work with the others. Dent can help with what he knows."

      "Max, it can't be done."

      "I don't want anyone ever getting in here again!"

      Fred backed up and raised his hands. "Max, you're talking about one mile of cum. There's only eight of us. I don't care how much the God likes us. We can't produce that much cum. we'd be here for a few days to do what you want."

      Maximilian glared at the lion, then deflated. "Your right, sorry."

      "The best I can offer is to put a destructive Phrase every few hundred yards. There's no guaranty it would bring down the entire tunnel, but it would at least create multiple cave-ins."

      Maximilian rubbed his face. "Alright, lets do that."

      The only help Denton was able to provide was some of the cum. he didn't know the sigils well enough, and as Martin had explained, they needed to be perfect for Phrases. Each Phrase was activated when they were far enough, and they had to run the last few hundred yards when that phrase caused the rest of the tunnel to start crumbling.

      They were coughing and covered with dusts when they reached the jeeps. It was dark outside so they dumped their five captives in the back of them and laid down on the ground. Colby was the only one with enough presence of mind to arrange a watch.

      Much too quickly for Denton's taste the sun was up, and they were driving back to the airfield. The captive were locked in the bathroom. Then everyone was sleeping.

      * * * * *

      Denton's worries over the church proved unfounded. Leroy and Yanik had setup everything in their absence so that the Adoption was legal. The church couldn't find anything tying Denton to the Society until they met up a few weeks ago.

      It didn't give Denton his job back, but at least he no longer had to worry about whatever the church did to people who broke their so precious edicts. He'd have to find something new to do, but Maximilian was going to help with that.

      The first thing Denton did to get his life back on track was buy a new phone. He got his contacts and programs back on it and called William, arranging to meet him. He figured the wolf was due to top him this time.

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