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Lucky Truckee

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   " Well isn't this a pisser?" Bernerd Den'Urso thought to himself. His rig was broken and it wouldn't be fixed for 2 days. Luckily he had just delivered a load and didn't need to pick one up. He called it into dispatch and so he wasn't expected anywhere and luckily he wouldn't be docked pay.  But the problem was, he had no place to stay. There was pretty much nothing around for miles and this combination Truck-stop, motel and Distribution center was busy as hell so there likely weren't any rooms. He had been on the road for weeks hauling food stuffs to the newly completed space port and was tired hungry and really in need of 'release.' He was going to sleep in the back of his rig but that was a no go now. The motel was a slim chance. He Decide to check anyway, hoping that all the limited space hadn't been booked in advance.

He walked into the little reception are for the motel and got to the counter. It was manned by a board looking slender cheetah guy. He was reading a magazine and looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here. As Bernerd drew closer to the desk the board cheetah looked up hearing the heavy footsteps of an approaching bear. Bernerd was not small in any sense. He was broad and heavy bellied and in a bad mood so he may have had a bit of a stomp in his stride. He mentally chastised himself and tried to remind himself not to be too grumpy. After all it wasn't this desk clerk's fault. Bernerd was a little surprised when the cheetah gave a genuine smile as he caught sight of a lumbering bedraggled bear.

" Good Evening, how may i help you sir?" The chipper cheetah intoned.

" Uhh.." Bernerd was caught a little off guard but he recomposed himself. He was more tired than he realized. " My rig broke down and will take the motorpool here a few days to fix it, ya got any rooms available?"

The cheetah checks the computer next to him.

" I'm sorry sir it looks like all the rooms were booked in advanced. we are full up." The cheetah looks sympathetic " There is a public shower, and a diner if you need to clean up and eat."

" I needs me a bed, mate." he says gruffly then catches that he is falling into his old vernacular. " I mean, i need to sleep. I am very tired."

" I'm sorry, there is... actually let me try something sir." The chipper cheetah picks up the phone and dials a number. " Yes, hello sorry to disturb you but there is a man here who is stranded and needs a room, and you have an extra bed so.... oh you will? Thank you sir."  He pulls the receiver away from his mouth and addresses Bernerd, " One of our guest has agreed to split the room with you. It is a smoking room, if that is alright."

" Sure that is fine" Bernerd agrees readily. This is a lucky break.

" May i just swipe youe credit card and charge you half the room rate."

" Sure " Bernerd hands over his card. The Clerk swips it and gets an error message. He tries again, error. This time he put it in the machine and hits some buttons.

" Sir, your card had been completely Degaussed, it will need to be replaced" Again the cheetah is genuinly sympathetic. He puts the phone up to his ear and is about to report to the person on the other side of the line when a muffled voice comes through. " Oh you heard. You don't care. what don't you... oh you are letting him stay with you anyway. That is very kinda of you sir."

The Clerk hands back the useless credit card and then hands Bernerd a room key with the room written on the sleeve.

" There you go, have a nice evening and rest well." The Cheetah says.

Bernerd restrains the urge to hug the the slender saint of customer service and instead says thank you and shakes his hand. He then Walks down the hall toward the limited number of rooms the premises has. He comes to the room Marked on the key card sleeve. He Knocks lightly and the door is opened by a portly Husky who lets him in.

This may be a slight problem bernerd thinks in the back of his mind. He doesn't have any problem with this gentlemen, the opposite in fact. That 'Release' he had needed earlier grew slightly more insistent.

" Hello, My Name is Stuart, i should just warn you the neighbors are..." The husky is inturpted by a load maon and the sound of a creaking bed. ".... Going at it again it seems." The Chubby dog finishes wryly. Bernerd takes a quick moment to look him over. Red shirt covering a large stomach, blue jeans held up by black suspenders, he has a pleasant face with grey eyes and a black ponytail. His arms show a hint of muscle under all the fat. He looks rather nondescript and pleasant.

" Pleased to meet you, my Name's Bernerd" Bernerd shakes his hosts hand, and he twinges slightly at the contact. Man he had been pent up.

" Well we don''t really need to do a tour, bed, bathroom, lamp, busted TV. Some left over pizza and some beer if you are hungry." He motioned over to 2 pizza boxes and a pair of 40oz beer bottles.

" Thanks but it isn't pizza i'm hungry for." Bernerd said before he caught himself. Fuck he must have been more tired than then he thought or more horny than he realized. Or both. it could be both. Bernerd was going to try and play it off, now he had to come up with something like ' oh i am in a burger mood' or ' i only crave sleep.' But a look on the husky's face told him he had sounded exactly as horny as he thought.

" Well theres the bathroom you can stroke one out in..."  " oh wait, i'm being stupid, you want to bang me. " the husky said with realization.

" ummm maybe." Bernerd said nervously. This was not at all a smooth pick up.

" It's not a 'thanks for letting me stay now i feel obliged to blow you' thing is it?" The husky asked.

" oh no, i would want to bone you anyway." Bernerd decided the truth was best course. " I have been on the road for weeks, and alone and.... you know... and your kinda hot." Bernerd babbled in an awkward combination of grumpy candor and awkward lust. He hoped he wasn't about to be thrown out.

The Husky looked him up and down a moment then shrugged " Okay."

" Okay wha..?" Bernerd asked confused. but the husky was already taking his shirt off. " Oh ok that."

The now shirtless Husky grabbed Bernerd's hand and pulled him toward one of the beds and sat him down. The husky began unbuttoning bernerd's Plaid shirt.

" You sound pretty exhausted so i will lead. If you want to be dommy then we can go at it in the morning, but right now, i will do all the work." The Chubby dog says.

" Sure. but can i...." instead of finishing he moves his face forward and lightly kisses the chubby husky.

" Yes you can" The dog says and grabs the back of the bears head and puts his tongue into Bernerd's muzzle.

After a few moments of making out the husky pulls back and pulls off the bears shirt. Bernerd then starts removing his pants. Decinding to do the same the husky unzips and  deftly steps out of his jeans. He stands fully nude in front of Bernerd and Bernerd's head spins. He liked what he was seeing. The husky's paunch hung a little but it was nicely round and it did not obscure his engorged sheath which was nicely sized. The husky turns to het something from the night stand showing a nicely shaped plump ass. Bernerd's cock nearly jumped at the sight of it. The husky turned back with a condom and one of the 40s.

" Lay down. Stuart wants to ride." The fat husky ordered. Bernerd laid down on the bed length wise and soon the husky easily moved his fat body up onto the bed and settled his weight onto the bear's legs. Bernerd felt his shaft gripped by meaty paws and a condom unrolled onto it. After it was good and secured the husky stood up on his knees scooted forward slightly, then with left hand still on Bernerd's cock slowly. Bernerd gasped as tight warmth enveloped his hard throbbing member. For a moment the husky just sat there, seeming to enjoy the stretch. The Husky cracked open the 40 and began to chug from it. Bernerd put his paws on the dog's round stomach and tried to feel the chugs but couldn't over his own racing heart.

" Oh man, Been awhile since i did this." The husky comments then begins to slowly but building up speed bounce on Bernerd's crotch. He lean back and begins ungulating his hips. The husky's cock is still in it's sheath until he flexs some muscles and it comes fully out to bounce along with its owners hips. It was pretty damn decent. 8 or 9 inches, thick and pink. Bernerd moved his hands from the Husky's stomach to his hips and grabbed on. He had decided he want to be more active in this and so began pulling down while he pushed up with his hips.

" Oh yeah, yesss, give it to me, fill me up." The husky began that lust filled but slightly cheesy sex talk of someone who is really into it.

" Oh damn, i am not gonna last much longer...." Bernerd pants out.

" I could do this all night..... But blow if you must." The husky says practically laughing through his panting and grunting.

Finally not being able to take it any longer Bernerd Pulls on the meaty thighs and pushes up, driving his dick as deeply as possible. He Panted and moaned as he throbbed and pumped into the fat ass smashed onto him. Soon Bernerd was spent and flopped back onto the bed. The Panting husky slid off holding the base of bernerd's dick with is left hand keeping the condom in place and he pulled off. They disposed of the condom into a wast paper basket. Stuart was still hard after all that.

" Let me take care of that for you dude," Bernerd says pointing to the erect dog then to his own mouth. Stuart came over as Bernerd got on his knees on the floor. Bernerd opened his mouth and greedily took in the thick cock, swallowing up to the hilt in one go. Stuart put his hand on the back of the bear's head and pushed gently as the bear's head bobbed. Soon Stuart began little pumps into the other man's throat.

" Gonna cum soon, do you want to spit or swallow?"

Bernerd didn't answer, he just kept sucking even after with a loud grunt the husky blew. The Bear greedily swallowed mouthful after mouth full. After a few minutes it stoped and Stuart pulled his softening member from the bear's mouth.

" Damn, fine cock ya got there bud...." bernerd panted. He got to his feet then collapsed onto the bed. He closed his eyes but oppened them briefly when he felt a weight on the bed. The husky had joined him and was cuddled up against him in the barley big enough bed.

" Not sure this will fit us both." the husky whispered.

" Dosen;t matter got laid." Bernerd says with a chuckle then falls dead asleep.

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