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Chapter 16

      Because of the constant interruptions, it took Denton four days to put the files back in the cabinets. When he was done, Frank when through them, looking for anything missing.

      "The Lewiston files are missing," He announced as they ate lunch. It was him, Colby, Maximilian, and an otter named Victor. He'd arrived this morning, and introduced himself by fucking Denton. The others were off to their jobs.

      "All the files?" Maximilian asked.

      Frank shook his head. "Only the last sixty years."

      "So everyone still alive." He looked at his soup. "You know who they are, so you'll have to call them to warn them of the danger."

      "Shouldn't we get them all together?" the otter asked, nibbling on his fish. "it'll be a lot easier to protect them."

      "No. The person targeting them is powerful enough to lock down an entire house, and start a fire without being anywhere near. If they were all in one location, he might be able to wipe them all out in one shot."

      "And some of them are in Europe," Frank said. "William and Thomas are studying there, and staying with their mother. It might be safer for them to stay there. As far as we know he can't reach that far."

      "That's a dangerous assumption to make," Maximilian admonished. "There's no telling where he is, just because at this point he's only attacked in Denver. He might be anywhere else. Or worse, he might have agents elsewhere."

      "So what? we only wait for him to strike again and hope for the best?" The otter wasn't impressed by that.

      "No," Denton finally contributed, "We'll catch him by going over the evidence we have of his crimes. He's left clues. both of his method and his goal. All we need to do is find them."

      The otter looked at him. "This isn't a TV show, You're not a detective walking around with his magnifying glass, and saying ha ah! the game's afoot."

      "This isn't TV, this is real life," Denton countered. "Crimes get solved by proper investigation, not by sitting around praying to a God and signing cumbaya."

      "Victor," Maximilian interrupted, "you should have taken the time to learn a little about him before fucking him. This is detective Denton Stenton." He looked at Denton as he said the last name.

      Denton shrugged. At this point he wasn't going to make a big deal of it.

      "Wait. You're actually a cop?"

      "Denver PD. If you want to see my badge, you're going to have to wait for me to go get it. you might have noticed I'm not wearing anything either."

      Victor ruminated over that.

      "I didn't know you had someone inside the police, Max. How did you manage to do that under the church's nose?"

      "It wasn't planned. Which reminds me. Everyone should be here before the end of the day tomorrow, so we should be ready to do the ceremony that night. I'll go over what you need to do with you later, Dent."

      "Do we have to?" Colby asked.

      Denton stared at him.

      "I'm with Colby here," Frank said. "I kind of like having Denton nice and pliable."

      "No, absolutely not." He stood and put his hand on the table. "I'm not your plaything."

      Frank was up and next to him. "Come on Dent, you know you like it." He had a hand on his ass, a finger in the crack and rubbing his hole.

      Denton swallowed and tried to move away, but he couldn't.

      "Frank, not now," Maximilian ordered.

      Frank shrugged and sat back down.

      The moment his hand was gone Denton was able to move again. He saw Victor give Maximilian a questioning gaze as he turned and left.

      He'd figured out they didn't mean any harm in it. They'd all gone through this after their own ceremony, where they became everyone's bottom. That they had been fourteen when it started and the youngest man to fuck them was eighteen bothered Denton a little, but this wasn't like that. Everyone involved here was adult.

      It still bothered him that he couldn't help it. Yes being fucked was great, he freely admitted that, but he wanted to have a say in when it happened.

      He took a shower. something that was becoming a common occurrence. He was having more sex than ever. he'd thought he'd been over sexed before, but now, it just wouldn't quit. Except that wasn't quite true. He was able to not want to have sex when he was working on something, but if he had nothing to do, he started to look for someone to fuck him.

      This shower was just to wash the annoyance he felt out of his fur. A nervous habit he'd thought he'd gotten rid of at the academy. He kept it quick, and shook himself before stepping out.

      He felt the presence before seeing it. he spun ready to defend himself and stopped. The form advancing from the bedroom was large, muscular, and translucent. In the light he could see the fur was auburn with darker striped.

      "No," Denton growled. "Absolutely not. You had your fun with me, not again." It was one thing to have the other guys to use him when they felt like it, but the God had had his time. he wasn't coming back for seconds.

      Denton crossed the distance separating them in a couple of steppes, and he jumped on the God, tackling him to the ground. The being fought back, but Denton managed to flip him on his stomach.

      "how about you get a taste of your own medicine and tell me what it feel like." Denton repositioned himself and shoved his cock in the being's ass. Indignation radiated from Him, and that just drove Denton harder. The ass was tight, and he pounded it with abandon. It felt good to dominate this being, to show Him who was boss.

      It might possess him, but it wouldn't come free anymore, it was going to be on Denton's terms. When the orgasm hit, He was still fighting. Denton only took a moment to catch his breath, before going back to fucking this God, his God. A few minutes later the being shuddered under him.

      "Oh, you like that, don't you? You want us to think you're all big and strong, but in reality you're just a slut looking for a cock to fill your ass, aren't you?"

      The being tried to get out from under Denton, but he wouldn't let that happen.

      "Fight all you want, but you're mine. I'm going to fuck you until I decide I've had enough, and there isn't a thing you can do about it, you hear me? you're at my mercy."

      Throughout all that, He fought, and Denton fucked him. Their second orgasm hit at the same time. Denton had a third and a fourth before the God had another.

      After that Denton managed to flip Him on His back, and with those large legs over his shoulder, and that thick cock flapping on His stomach, Denton went back to fucking Him, looking into the empty socket, and feeling the submission. This God knew his place now. He was Denton's. Denton's grin became feral as he fucked him, orgasm after orgasm. He no longer cared if the God had any, this was all about him now.

      At some point he'd closed his eyes, simply happy to let the sensations flow over him, both his pleasure, and the God's discomfort.

      Then he felt a soft hand on his cheek. He opened his eyes, to look into golden ones. He stopped moving, but his father smiled at him and with a thrust of the hips encouraged him to keep going.

      When he did, Denton was gentler. He looked at his father's body. He had been a little more muscular, but he also had a beer gut. his cock was a little smaller than Denton's maybe six inch.

      Denton took it in his hands, and strokes it. He couldn't believe how hot his father's cock was. They looked into each other's eyes and his father tensed. Denton panicked for a moment, considering stopping, he didn't want him to cum and then disappear. He wanted to have him for longer. But by the time he had his debate, his father arced his back and cum jetted from his cock.

      He relaxed and panted, smiling at Denton. He didn't show any signs of vanishing. Denton's hand was covered with cum. he smelled it and then licked it. It was salty, and musky. He thought it tasted a little like his own, but with its own distinct characteristic.

      When his hand was cleaned his father smiled and indicated they needed to continue. Denton shook his head. His father smiled and tightened his ass on his cock.

      Crying Denton made love to his father. He didn't know if that was the God's way to get him to be gentler with him, or a reward. All he knew was that he again got to share something special with his father, and that this would be the last time. After this, he would never see him again. It was his one chance to say goodbye.

      He poured all his emotions in the act. He tried to hold on to his father as his orgasm neared. He didn't try to postpone it, this was out of his hands now, all he could do what make sure that he father would know, without a doubt that he loved him.

      Denton screamed his orgasm, and then he wasn't holding anyone.

      He looked down, then up, to see a cougar, a lion, an armadillo and otter in the doorway, staring at him, stunned expression on their face. Everyone was silent for a long time, Then Colby said.

      "Gonna have to watch my ass now."

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