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TCN Interview, Orr Family

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       Welcome back to TCN's Important Persons Across the Dimensions.
       Today's segment is a continuation of the Interviews we have been posting about the Orr Family of the timeline HDK-154 over the recent weeks. As with all IPADs we invite viewers to send in questions that our reporters then ask the relevant person or persons.
       Before we proceed, we, at TCN, realize that talking about the Orr Family can be problematic as they have come to prominence in a variety of timelines. Just a few months ago we did a segment about the family in the timeline KYD-954, because of how different they are from most of the other Orr Families across the timelines.
       Please keep that in mind when asking your questions. We, at TCN, understand that many of you study slightly different timelines from the one we are spotlighting in this segment, and if you ask questions, do remember that the answers may not be indicative of the related person in the timeline you are studying. HDK-154 was picked because it, along with KYD-954, is the most studied of the Orr related timelines.
       Also, this segment will focus on what researchers call the 'Modern Era' of the family, that is between the years 1916 and 2050. We will have segments at a later time on other Eras of the family, those who are authorized to use time travel can feel free to go check them out right now.
       Because of the amount of time covered, we have sent three reporters to ask the questions. Ramizes Florencia will cover from 1916 to 1950, Isabel Dumoulin, from 1951 to 2000 and William Spoke from 2001 to 2050.
       Regular viewers will be familiar with Isabel Dumoulin for her work on the Transdimensional War between GTD-143 and MDK-845 where she will bravely give her life to bring TCN the latest on the atrocities the Geniunes will commit in their attempt to seize control of their sister dimension.
       As a last note, due to the mind set of the eras some of the Orr Family lives in, mind liberating technologies will be used to ensure questions are answered if needed. Be assured that the technologies have been tested by the Mind bureau and have been deemed safe to use, and that they will not affect the quality of the answers given. Anyone asking question for their thesis will be able to use the answers without fear of later being deemed to be wrong. As a reminder, this only applies for the timeline HDK-154, if your research is on a variant timeline, we, at TCN, cannot guaranty the accuracy of the answers obtained here.
       Also, as a reminder, we will continue to take questions, simply go one of the provided location to ask them: https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=284348 https://www.sofurry.com/view/1217450 https://beta.furrynetwork.com/kindar/journals/?viewId=5800&viewType=journal https://anthrodynamics.com/forums/topic/26-ask-anything-orr-family http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8339019/ https://www.weasyl.com/journal/119183/ask-anything-orr-family If you cannot reach one of the portals, it means you aren't approved for Trans Dimensional communication. Please contact the portal and submit a request. They are always happy to allow researcher, students and even the general public access to their system.
       And now, please enjoy Important Persons Across the Dimensions, The Orr Family of Timeline HDK-154.
       TCN:The first question comes for Kalenidus, for Donald and Daniel Orr.
       Unfortunately, Kalenidus did not indicate which timeline he is from. Please remember that your name and transmission information is not sufficient for us to inform you of which segment your question will appear in, please provide us with the timeline number.
       William will take that one

       WS: Donald and Daniel, what is your most favorite place to have ever gone on vacation with your sons?
       Donald: Oh wow, the favorite one?
       Daniel: I don't know about Donny, but for me, and I think the kids too, it had to be that time we went to Switzerland.
       Donald: Oh yeah, that was really great. The kids were thirteen I think. We'd just sold Castle Crash and we figured we'd treat the whole family to a vacation. So during the kids' winter break we rented an entire resort in the Alpes and flew everyone there.
       Daniel: Except Damian.
       Donald: <Chuckles> yeah, well, you know Dam, always busy with his work.
       WS: Excuse me, but did you say you rented the entire resort? I don't believe your family is large enough to need all the chalet any one resorts would have.
       Donald: yes I did. And you're right, I think we only used four of the twenty or so cabins they had, but we didn't want to risk anyone walking in on us.
       Daniel: Hey, you think we should go back? Patrick has never been there. I don't think he even knows what snow is, let along has experienced having sex in it.
       Donald: Can you say that?
       Daniel: didn't you check the list of questions? They get a lot more intimate, this is going on a Specialty channel. Which network did you say you were with?
       WS: TCN. Why don't you elaborate on what made the trip special?
       Daniel: Well, it was the first time for the kids to experience snow. Watching them running around naked in it was amusing. It didn't take them long to band together for warmth.
       Donald: the rest of us grew up around snow for part of the year so we knew what to expect. Dominic couldn't stop complaining at how cold it was. It didn't matter how many of us were fucking him, he hates the cold.
       Daniel: makes you wonder why he sticks with living in DC.
       Donald: He wants to be close to his master, what else would get him to endure winter on the east coast?
       Daniel: but yes, having the entire family there, and having sex with the kids in the snow made it really special
       Donald: we need to go again.
       WS: What would you say is your most memorable or enjoyable sexual experience?
       Daniel: well, discovering sex was pretty damn memorable and enjoyable.
       Donald: that's for everyone, I think he's looking for something more than that.
       Daniel: I don't know, do you remember how Dietrich kept humping his pillow mimicking us?
       Donald: Yeah, we had to stop fucking to focus on not laughing. Oh man, what a time. Still I think we need to give him something more. How about that conference in what, 35? We got half a dozen guys to strip naked in the pool and then we proceeded to have sex with each of them
       Daniel <silent, looking into the distance>
       Donald: Danny?
       Daniel: Sorry, just got lost in thought. I was thinking about the kids' ninetieth birthday party, the family party.
       Donald: Oh. Patrick's first time with us.
       Daniel: Yeah. It was...something.
       Donald: one of the history book that's for sure.
       WS: Can you elaborate?
       Donald: Well, Patrick is another one of our sons, but he was raised without... I'm not going to go into detail about that, let's just say it was a rough year for him. But by the time the family party came around he was definitely one of us. I picked him up, fucked him on the hood of my car on the way back. Then it was us, his seven brothers, and two of our brothers. The orgy lasted over 24 hours. And other than a nap here and there I don't think anyone actually slept.
       Daniel: Watching him fuck you was pretty hot.
       Donald: that must be why you were fucking him within moments then. It isn't often we flip the roles like that.
       Daniel: Hey what can I say, I was in one of my rare topping moods. As far as I remember, Patrick fucked everyone at least once, even Damian, and I've got to say I didn't think those two would be that comfortable with each other. Sucked everyone too, Other than Damian we all fucked him, and blew him. If there was any doubt he was an Orr, that orgy put them to rest.
       Donald: Patrick put the lot of us to shame. I think the kids are still trying to prove they can keep up with him.
       TCN: Trzkt, of Timeline HSE-635, has a question for Donald and Daniel's children.
       Before going to William, who has assembled Patrick and his brothers, Trzkt also indicated an interest in knowing the relation between the Orr Family and the Society. This exemplifies the issue caused by the Orr Family propagating throughout so many Timelines. The Family answering questions is from the Timeline HDK-154, while the Orr Family which has dealings with the Society is from Timeline KYD-954. Trzkt shouldn't feel embarrassed about mixing them up, many scholars have made that mistake. In fact, TCN was informed that the segment we recorded next year on the Society erroneously referred to Patrick Orr in it, when Patrick does not exist in that timeline. As always, we, at TCN, apologize for such mistake and do our best to make sure they haven't happened.

       WS: Patrick, out of you and your brothers, who will father children?
       Adam: Okay, who posted about that.
       Arthur: Not me. I thought we'd agreed to keep quiet about it until it was a done deal.
       Aiden: Hey Will, any chance you can tell us how you found out about this?
       WS: I'm afraid I can't reveal my source.
       Aiden: Then you better not be posting this until after we give the go ahead. I'm not a fan of lawyers, but I also don't want to have to deal with the media speculation this will cause.
       WS: You have my word the TCN will not make this interview available before your sons are born.
       Albert: Aaron? Pat? You two have been the most involved in this, want to take it?
       Aaron: No me. My involvement has been to try to knock some sense into everyone. I still don't think this is a good idea.
       Patrick: I guess it falls to me then. We decided to take a scene out of our dads' life and all pitch in. We're in the process of vetting tigresses. Arthur insisted that we do a full genetic workout on them, and us, so that-
       Anakin: aren't we perfect? Why are we wasting money running our DNA through that?
       Alexander: pipe down dead boy. If there's one guy among all of us who's DNA is suspect it's got to be yours.
       Arthur: I think I-
       Everyone: can-it Arthur, you're perfect too. <laughter>
       Patrick: sorry, sort of a running joke [TCN NOTE: Arthur Orr suffers from Dwarfisms ] among us. But yes, unless someone comes up with a genetic defect that can't be corrected, we will each pick two women, then the eight of us will have sex will the sixteen of them
       <generalized groaning>
       Aaron: since this is being recorded, I want to repeat it, this is a bad idea. You know how it goes, one family per generation.
       Alexander: Come on, our dads proved that wrong.
       Aaron: no they didn't, and even if they did, they'd be the exception that creeps up once in a while. We do this and we're asking for trouble.
       Arthur: Uncle Damian doesn't agr-
       Aaron: Don't bring him into this! Sorry, you know how I feel about him and letting him have anything to do with us.
       Albert: We know. What he did to you was pretty horrible, but he isn't directing this, Arthur asked him for advice and he gave it. He's not manipulating any of us into doing this.
       Patrick: Let's bring this back to the question. The answer is that we're all going to father sons, and we will all raise them together.
       WS: Out of curiosity, I know it's traditional for the generation's name to start with the same letter. Have you decided which letter that will be?
       Aiden: Pat decided to make it really tough on himself, because he's the one who's going to have to come up with the names. Sixteen boys with names that start with the letter 'W.' I can't wait to see what you're going to come up with, Pat.
       Patrick: Hey, so long as I'm allowed to use the internet, I'm not worried.
       Aaron: Damned right you're using the internet. And I get veto rights on what you pick for my sons. I am NOT letting you name one of them Wilbury.
       Patrick: Nice one, I hadn't thought about it. Anyone wants it?
       <generalized Denial>

       TCN: Dan The Bear, of Timeline NUD-001 sent us questions for Bobby Orr, via one of our traveling [redacted]. Isabel will field these questions.

       TCN: Infortunately, due to this Timeline's established moral codes, we, at TCN, can not post this section of the interview. If you wish to see it, please go to [Redacted] or [Redacted]
       TCN: Kzorith, also from Timeline NUD-001, and also through one of our traveling [redacted] as a question for Damian. William will field this one.

       WS: Damian, What are your middle names?
       Damian: I do not have any. My father did not see a point in adding a list of names that would serve no purpose. I am aware this custom was widespread in the dark ages, a show of status, and the family tree Richard compiled shows our family followed that tradition during that time, but once the Orrs arrived on the American continent, they stopped burdening their sons with them.

       TCN: And to close this session, Kalenidus asked a question of all the Orrs. Ramirez will field this question with Howard, and we will ask it of other family members during other sessions.
       TCN: Before proceeding, let me remind you that we will continue to accept questions for future segments on the Orr Family. You can leave them either in the comments here, or at one of the above-mentioned Portals.
       TCN: May the Time Stream be gentle.

       RF: Howard, Have there ever been any outside partners, either spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, that became privy to your family's orgies and incest and joined in on the fun with no hangups?
       Howard: Melina, my wife, knows and she's fine with it. It isn't like me sticking it in the boys means I'm not sticking it into her anytime she wants. Actually having the boys around makes her feel better. She never stopped me from doing it with the guys on the crew.  She never held it against me that I want to have sex so often, but being able to keep it inside the family means she doesn't have to worry about one of the Pigs walking in on the construction site and catching me and the guys playing.
       Howard: She never did it with the boys, they weren't into her like that, but me and her always started the Orgy and closed it. That was tradition.

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