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Training Him (an excerpt)

Robert Alexander doesn't have time to find himself a wife and make a kid. For one thing, he has no interest in women of any species. For a second he's far too busy running his company and testing the product his secret lab comes up with on unsuspected men to waste time raising a child.

His solution? get one made.

Doctor Absalon is the best Tiranis has to offer, if not totally sane, so Robert has him make a clone to be his son. And now, Robert needs to participate in a sensitive part of his training.


This excerpt is about 1000 words of a 7000 words story, about half of which is sex. If you wish to read the rest you can become a supporter at the 1$ level here: https://www.patreon.com/kindar


     "How is he progressing?" Robert asked as the doctor led him deeper within the complex.

     "He is coming along nicely. The body has been matured to eighteen years of age, as you requested. Mentally we've installed all the under pining for the body to function, as well as the skills and knowledge you want him to have, but his personality is still mostly a blank. We are still building it, as well as his life history based on what you provided us."

     "Then why did you request I come?" Robert asked, keeping the wariness out of his voice. Absalon seemed sane at the moment, but there was no way to know what he might be planning.

     "You indicated that in his past you and him have already had sex together. I need you here so we can map out his physical responses to sex."

     "I thought you had a bunch of those already pre-recorded."

     "I do." The doctor smiled. "Some excellent ones, if I do say so myself. And if all you wanted was some sex toy to keep you company, to play with. I would have given him those and you wouldn't have had any reasons to complain, but you have tasked me with creating a complete being, not just a doll. If it had been anyone but you, Mister Alexander, I might have done it anyway. Most men simply don't care enough about the quality of their partner, but you have exacting standards. For you to be satisfied with my work, I need to get real reactions from him."

     They entered a changing room.

     "He's through that door. He's currently in sleep mode and will awaken when you touch him."

     "What do you need me to do?"

     The doctor shrugged, his tone casual. "Everything; sucking, fucking, caressing, kissing. If it is something that is part of the history, it's best if you do it to him, it will ensure it feels more real when he remembers it, and it will allow us to provide him with a wider variety in his sexual history since you also indicated he has had sex with other men than you. All that will serve as the ground work so that the next time you have sex with him for the first time, it will be a more genuine experience."

     Robert took off his jacket, then rolled the gold and burgundy tie, placing it on the shelf before unbuttoning the shirt, considering what the doctor had said. "Is he going to resist on anything?"

     The doctor had turned his back to him. "No, he's currently programmed with a general acquiescence, as well as affection for you. You could tell him to throw himself off the roof of your company's building, and he wouldn't hesitate to do it."

     Robert silently bared his teeth at the doctor's back at the implication he might ever consider doing something to hurt the person on the other side of that door.

     "If you can manage to be emotionally involved during the acts, that would also be helpful," Absalon added.

     The lion stared at the back in shock. How did he even have to ask that? It was his legacy behind the door, there was no way he could *not* be emotionally involved while making love to him.

     He put the annoyance at the doctor out of his mind, taking off the shirt and folding it before placing it on the locker's shelf next to the tie. "How fast is he going to recuperate?"

     "What do you mean?"

     "Once he cums, how long until he's able to get hard again?"

     The human shrugged. "He's your clone, you tell me. You didn't request any changes to that aspect of his physiology, so he will be like you. Actually, please keep that information to yourself. I don't care to know it." The doctor left Robert to finish undressing.

     He thought it over as he took off his shoes and socks. At eighteen he'd been a horndog, fucking every guy that was willing, and convincing those who weren't certain to give him a try. His pants came off. He folded them and put them on top of his shirt. Back then he had a decent stamina and recuperative ability. Nothing like what he had now, but still very respectable compared to the kids his age. He stood, feeling his cock stiffening and smiled. He was going to be here for a good long while.

     The door opened as he stepped to it and cool sterile air flowed out. The room matched the air, spartan, lifeless. Considering what he was going to do there the doctor could have spruced it up a little. Added some colors, thrown in sort music, but no, the only thing in the room was the bed, with his younger clone lying on it. At least the lighting was soft.

     Robert looked at the body on the bed; his son. He looked much like he had at that age, but not as muscular. His son didn't have the harsh youth Robert had had to endure, so he didn't need to bulk up as a defense.

     Robert sat on the bed, next to his son and studied his face. It was strong and calm in sleep, surrounded by the beginning of a mane. Robert wondered if this state was actual sleep. Would his son's memories include dreams he's had? He'd have to check with Absalon after this.

     He placed a hand on his son's arm and the boy opened his eyes. He looked around for a moment, eyes unfocused before settling on Robert and smiling.

     "Hey kiddo, how are you feeling?"

     "I'm good, now that you're here." His son's voice was higher than Robert remembered his being. "I missed you." He placed a hand on Robert's thigh.

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