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Pick up at the Gym

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     Everywhere you looked in here were toned sleek bodies working and striving for perfection. Young good looking men and women in expensive and trendy workout wear exposing killer abs and toned muscles. Stanly Milton was no exception. He was reasonably wealthy, fairly young at 24 and his toned arms were visible in a clingy tank top cost far more than it was worth because it had the right logo, his curly tail bounced as he ran in plain black shorts with a designer's name printed on it. He was on the tread and his heart rate was up and he was jogging away, but he paid no attention to the monitors showing his vitals, he was staring.

   A few machines away was an exception to the usual order of this establishment. There, on the stair machine was a man in his mid 30's wearing a off the rack white shirt, ratty jean cut offs. That white shirt was stretched taught over a hefty belly that jiggled as its owner worked his legs. He was panting heavily as he worked but didn't slow. His fur was a bright orange that stood out like a beacon against his white shirt, showing stridently in the places his tight shirt was riding up with each shake and jiggle. Stanly couldn't take it anymore.

   Stanly turned off hos machine dismounted and headed over to the chubby panting man on the stair climber. He heard a few whispered comments from people on the machines  most negative. As he pulled up closer the stair climbers a slender wolf lady caught his eye and winked seductively then gave a nod toward the fat man next to her with a " Can you believe this guy" expression. Stanly drew next to the flirtatious wolf, then passed her and he came to a stop on the other side of the fat vulpine. He leaned against the machine drawing the man's attention.

" Wanna grab something to eat afterward?" Stanly intoned in the most obvious pick up line voice in existence. The Flirtatious wolf on the other stair machine nearly stumbled off the machine. She had read the arousal in his expression but had thought it was for her. The Chubby slowed his pace a little.

" What did you have in mind" the chubby fox said panting but with a pleasantly deep masculine voice.

" There is a place that has great burgers around the corner." Stanly puts for

" Something tells me you are hungry for a different kind of meat." The chubby fox responds. This caught Stanly off gourde and he grinned a little abashed but still game.

" Uh you caught me. How much longer you got in your workout?"

" Well i figure you are going to give me much more entertaining cardio then this stair stepper." The chubby fox retorted then climbed off the machine panting.

Stanly snorted out a laugh. He thought he was going to have to work some mojo to coax a gym stranger into bed but this guy was cutting right to the chase with some nice lines of his own.

" So where do you want to do this?" the fox says leaning in.

" uh my apartment is just around the corner, uhhh yeah..."

" Lead the way" the chubby fox says. Stanly grabs his hand and excitedly leads him toward the gym door.

    In minutes they arrive and Stanly Locks the door after they enter then turns his attention to the other man.

" So shall we..." the fat Fox is cut off when Stanly grabs his shirt and pulls him so he is sandwiched between the door and the soft body of the fox. The fox slips his meaty hands around stanly and cups his butt, pulling him close for a kiss. Stanly felt the fox's tongue plunge down his throat and just about melted into Ecstasy.  The fox's meaty arms easily lifted Stanly off the ground.

" Bed is that way" Stanly indicates The chubby fox carries him in the direction indicated and then set him down on it, then pins Stanly to the bed with his weight. The fat fox reared up and pulled his shirt off then settled his belly gently back down against Stanly. Stanly reached his arms around and began rubbing his hands across his back and kneaded his fingers into the fox's fat.

" So which one of us needs the condom on?" the fox asks whispering into Stanley's ear.

" You are" Stanly pants and reaches for his bed side drawer and pulls it open exposing lube, condoms and a cockring.

The fox reaches in a grabs some thing then stands up taking his weight of Stanly. Stanly has a minor sinking feeling when he is no longer pressed into the bed but feels a rush of excitement when the chubby fox undoes his pants and discards them. He was well endowed and already had some pink showing from his sheath. The fox expertly opens a condom and then places it over his sheath and tenses some internal muscles causing his cock to shoot for and fill the light blue latex. As Stanly sees this he hurriedly pulls down and discards his shorts. The fox squirts some lube on the fat tip of his cock.

" You want it slow or hard?" the fat man asks.

" I can take whatever you give me, just give to me now!!!"

Laughing the fat fox pulls Stanly's legs apart then firmly presses his member into Stanly's anus. Stanly moans as the fat man gives little pulls to push himself deeper, these motions set his gut jiggling slightly and Stanly can feel the soft belly bouncing against his own dick. Stanly lays back and happily takes it as the meaty thighs begin gently pumping. Stanly gasps a little as a pump turns into a move to lever his hips up into the fox's meaty hands, Stanly finds his hips held up off the bed and the fox begins faster and harder thrusts. Stanly closes his eyes and basks in the sensations. His eyes are still closed when he feels sudden pressure pushing him into the bed. He opens his eyes and the fox has changed positions leaning down over his body and pressing his stomach against him, his face was close to stanly's now.

" Totally better then the stair machine" The fox whispers then takes Stanly's mouth with his in a deep kiss. Stanly Closes his eyes again and lets the warm pressure and rhythmic thrusting melt all thoughts away. Stanly lost track of time for a bit but came back to attention when the pumping grew harder and the panting grew faster and louder.

The Bed was creaking and banging with the frantic movements of the fat fox atop the slender husky. Stanly knowing what was coming wrapped his legs firmly around the fox's bucking waist and held on with all his might.

" Give it to me, give it alll to me, i want your knot in me now!" Stanly demanded forcefully.

" Oooooooooohhhh YeEAHhAHhahah aaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh" came the fat fox's deep voice and his knot began filling and tying him to Stanly's butt. He was propped up and his arms and was pressing his hips firmly into Stanly's as his member pulsed and throbbed inside of the other man. This position meant his large stomach was pressing Stanly heavily into the bed. The Fat fox's panting caused his belly to rub against Stanly's member. Soon Stanly blew, covering the underside of the fox's belly with his ejaculate. The fox maintained his position as they both happily came together.

" I hope you go to that gym often cause i could get used to this" Stanly says as he basks in the sensation of a large cock pulsing away inside him."

" I will now....oh damn this is good." the fat fox says from atop the panting husky.

In minutes they had both finished, the top dispossed of the filled condom in a wast basket, expertly tying it so it wouldn't leak. Then he climded back on the bed and cuddled up to the panting nearly passed out bottom.

" Give me 15 minutes before round 2 Would ya" the fox says.

" Round 2? fuck me..." Stanly pants out

" that was the plan" the fox retorts.

Stanly laughs then lightly punches the fox on his shoulder.

" You were right, this is more interesting cardio then the gym."

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