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Chapter 12

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      Denton, Martin, Stefan, Colby and Fred were sitting around the bar in the living room, beers in hand.

      Fred got in not long after Doctor Emerson, helping his brother in. The fire had burned the fur clean off his back and sides, they'd gone to a bedroom together, and Fred left it an hour later. In the meantime, The doctor informed them Leroy would be okay, no sighs of concussions. And Colby relayed what Oscar told him, in his usual succinct way.sighs of concussions. And Colby relayed what Oscar told him, in his usual succinct way.

      Shirley had ripped a leg off a desk and attacked Leroy, then turned on Oscar, who'd tried to fight him off, but had failed.

      They had no idea how reliable the story was, but with Shirley gone, it did point to him. Martin had sent people to check his house.

      The door opened and closed. A moment later a six foot tall cougar entered the living room. Denton's heart stopped for a moment. The guy was amazing looking. Wide shoulder, muscular arms and legs. His shirt and jacket were open showing tanny fur with defines pecs and abs.

      Martin turned to look at him. "Hey Dad. Sorry for interrupting your business trip."

      "I'm the family elder, it's my responsibility to deal with emergencies."

      Martin looked away. "I should have been able to handle it myself, dad. I'm sorry."

      The older cougar gently took martin's muzzle and turned his head until they were looking in each other's eyes.

      "You did the best you could, Martin, and then you called me. You have nothing to be sorry about." He leaned in, and kissed him, on the lips.

      Martin responded, wrapping his arms around his father's neck and holding on to him.

      Denton's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe they were kissing like that, they were related, this certainly wasn't a chaste kiss. He also couldn't believe how much of a turn on watching them was.

      He looked away, and the other weren't paying them any attention. They weren't actively looking away, they were acting like it was such a common occurrence it wasn't worth noticing it.

      Denton found himself looking at them again, and then down to the older cougar's crotch, which was very well filled. Denton found himself shocked to realize he was wondering what it would be like to bottom for him.

      "That's easy to find out," The older cougar said.

      Denton looked up, to find that both cougar were looking at him. "What?"

      "I'll be happy to top you."

      "What?" Denton exclaimed.

      "Dad, stop freaking out my friends." Martin looked at Denton. "He can see what you're thinking."

      Denton stared at him. "You can read minds?"

      "No, just surface thought. Like how you're wondering how much I'm packing. I can show you if you want." He started reaching for the zipper on his pleated pants.

      Denton looked around, and received shrugs

      "We've all seen it," Fred told him.

      Denton hear the zipper go down, and couldn't help himself, he looked, then stared. It was thick, and long. It wasn't even hard, just how fucking big did it get?

      "Pretty big. You want to taste it?"

      Oh fucking yes.

      "Go ahead then."

      Denton looked up. "What? No of course not? I don't know you. Fuck, and I thought I was forward."

      "You going to put that away dad?"

      "Depends, you want to suck it?"

      Martin rolled his eyes. "This isn't the time dad. Later, okay?"

      The cougar put his cock away and zipped up, before offering that hand to Denton. "Maximilian Cormorant. I hear you're the last of the Stenton."

      Denton looked at that hand, and got the sense the man was trying to unnerve him again. He shook it without hesitation. It wasn't the first time he'd held a hand that had handled a cock. "So I'm told."

      "Dad, I need you to put Oscar in suspension."


      "They got his cum."

      Maximilian nodded. "Have they used it yet?"

      "I don't think so," Stefan replied, "but I last talked to him two hours ago."

      "How's Frank?"

      "He's doing okay. I helped give him a boost earlier, so he should be back to normal by tomorrow evening."

      "Are the rest of you helping?"

      "You know how he is. He'll only let Fred do it."

      "I don't care, this is an emergency. I can't wait that long for him to be about. Stefan, you're up. tell him it's an order, if you have to."

      The collie looked at the lion.

      "I'll go with you," Fred said. "I'll keep him calm." He looked at the cougar. "He's going to be pissed when he's mobile."

      "He's welcome to take it up with me, and I'll remind him what you all agreed to when you moved to this city, and accepted my protection."

      Fred, Stefan and Maximilian left.

      "What did he mean?" Denton asked.

      "There's rarely more than one actual full family line in a city. We're one of the exceptions. There's us and the Lewistons, but the Lewistons aren't all that involved in the Society anymore... well, even before the murders. But guys from other families sometime want to move here. Then it's expected they'll accept the family elder as their own. That means they follow his orders."

      "So he's what? the city's king? and you guys have to pledge allegiance to him?"

      "No," Colby said, "We don't have to."

      "But if someone lives here without accepting my father's authority, they're own their own if they get in trouble."

      "So you guys will just let him die?"

      "Of course not," Colby said.

      "He's right. We will help, but it's expected he'll agree to the protection, and the authority of my father afterward."

      "And if he doesn't?"

      "Then he gets kicked out." Maximilian said, coming down the stairs.

      "So only people who agree to follow your rule get to stay?"

      "Not at all, but if I have to come to your rescue, I believe I've shown I can protect you. As such, you have no reason to refuse me."

      Denton snorted. "Unless I'm the kind who doesn't care to be ordered about."

      "There are plenty of cities out there without families in them. go there and you'll be certain not to be ordered about... unless you ignore your boss, your city government, your country's government, your boyfriend, your friends."

      "Dent," Martin drew his attention. "The entire world is based around following someone else's rules. We're no different. We offer protection, in exchange for following our rules."

      "And no," Maximilian said, before he could comment. "We're not some secret society running the world from the shadows. You're thinking of the church. We run our business, and do our best to keep out of everyone else's. When we can't we clean up the mess as best as we can."

      Martin's phone rang. He listened for a while. "Are you sure? Okay, thanks. Go home, we'll handle the rest."

      He put his phone away. "That was Albert. They found Shirley, in his house. He's dead."

      Denton took out his phone, but Maximilian grabbed his hand. "Let go of my hand Max."

      "It's Maximilian, Denton, and my son isn't finished."

      "They can't tell exactly when he died," Martin continued, "but it was a couple of weeks at the least. The body is decomposing."

      Denton frowned. "Shirley was the sheep, right?"

      Colby nodded.

      "He was here earlier today, I saw him."

      "We have a body thief," Martin stated.

      "We haven't had one of those since 1988," Maximilian said.

      "I still have to call it in." Denton pulled on his hand, but couldn't get the cougar to release it.

      "They called 911, Shirley's going to be seen too. Once the coroner has examined him, we'll know more."

      "Fine, then I have to go to work."

      "No," Maximilian stated.

      "Listen here. I'm not one of your subject. I'm a cop. my job is catching murderers, like the one who killed Shirley. I'm not staying here just because you think I'm part of your little group."

      "Everyone thinks you're dead," Martin said.

      "What? Why the hell are you doing that?"

      "You saw what the person after you is willing to do. He was willing to kill your parents along with you. We can't have you running around among other people and putting them in danger. And we can't have anyone looking for you. Your parents agreed to it. They're telling everyone that they were able to escape due to your sacrifice."

      Denton looked from one cougar to the other. He was dead, again. At least this time he remembered his past, but to never see his parents again. It might better if he didn't remember them.

      "You'll see your parents again." Maximilian said. "This is only until we stop whoever is after you. Once that's done, we'll come up with something to explain how you survived."

      Denton sighed in relief. "Alright, then how do we go about catching him?"

      "First thing to do," Maximilian said, "Is finish your initiations."

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