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Chapter 15

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      Denton had no idea how often, or how long he'd been fucked. He wasn't even sure when it had ended. He knew he was still lying on the altar, his stomach and chest was gummy from the cum, and his ass was leaking. Other than that, his mind couldn't process anything. He was buzzing, and had a goofy grin on his face.was gummy from the cum, and his ass was leaking. Other than that, his mind couldn't process anything. He was buzzing, and had a goofy grin on his face.

      There was motion around him, then hands grabbing him. He was pulled up. Someone talked, but the words were meaningless. Somewhere at the back of his mind, he noted the room was dark again. When had that happened?

      They pulled him to the hallway, where there was light, and the people holding him up resolved into blotches of tan colors. Denton tried to help them, but his legs were putty, so he was just along for the ride.

      They passed the room with the opened cabinets, and he thought he should tell them something about it, but he didn't know what. They went up the stairs, then up some more. On the second they had to shift him and his face fell against the chest. He moaned as the smell of men and sex filled his nostrils.

      They turned into a room, and he saw a bed. He couldn't quite recall what a bed was, but he knew what it was used for. He forced his legs under himself, and pushed one of the men on the bed. Then he climbed over him until he was straddling his crotch. He was already hard and all Denton had to do was sit down, and moan as the cock entered him. The man didn't need more prompting, and started doing all the work.

      * * * * *

      Denton yawned, feeling a lot more awake he had any right to feel considering the night he had just spent. Part of it bothered him, but the fact he wasn't anymore bothered by it worried him. He extricated himself from between Martin and Maximilian. He'd deal with the fact he'd slept with father and son later. Right now he needed a shower.

      He set the water to hotter than normal. He needed a sense of what was real, and the almost burning water provided him with that. If he remembered correctly, he'd had been fucked multiple times by a God, and through Him had had the opportunity to have sex with his father.

      He should be freaking out right now.

      Instead, while he wasn't sure how he felt about having had sex with his own dead father, the fact that it was impossible for that to have happened didn't bother him.

      He washed himself thoroughly while he tried to grasp how reality could have shifted from under him like that. He was a cop, a detective. He saw the world based on facts, with a bit of intuition based on years of experience.

      It was a fact he'd been fucked, a lot, through the night. The way his ass felt left no doubt of that, but had he really had sex with a God? with his dead father? Every part of his body screamed, yes!

      He could come up with reasons for that to be wrong, he could have been drugged. Maximilian had said he needed to go through that, it could have been him under that headdress, with the drugs causing the hallucination of his father. His mind rebelled at that thought.

      He desperately wanted it to have been true.

      He fought back tears, and rinsed off.

      Once dried he looked through the dresser, and found a pair of running shorts. He looked at the father and son, who had closed the gap between them. Maximilian was thrusting in his sleep, and while part of his mind felt that was wrong, another had a pang at the thought he'd never get experience to that again himself.

      The clock on the kitchen said it was almost seven. The house was still silent. Denton found the coffee, and coffee machine and got a carafe going.

      While he stood before it, he heard someone pad in the room. A moment later golden arms were wrapped around his chest. Denton sighed. He liked being hugged, and hugging back. Physical contact was alway pleasurable.

      "Seems someone got lucky during the night," someone whispered in his ear. He was then slowly thrusting against him.

      Denton tried to tell him to stop, but nothing came out.

      A hand pushed his shorts down.

      He tried to tell him he was a top, he didn't bottom.

      The cock entered him slowly, stretching him slightly, and the moan that escaped Denton's muzzle put the lie to him being only a top. His body wanted this, it craved this.

      He melted against the lion who took his time thrusting.

      "I knew you'd get to like this." Hands roamed his chest.

      "I don't think I'm being given much choice in the matter, Fred," Denton replied, but there was no anger in the words.

      The lion nipped his ear, which sent a shiver down Denton's back. He'd done the same to many guys, but this was his first time on the receiving end.

      "Wrong brother."

      Denton looked behind him. he couldn't tell them apart, but he could see he had a full back of fur. "Frank?"

      He nodded languidly.

      Denton just enjoyed the motion for a long moment.

      "I thought you didn't like having sex with anyone but your brother." He gasped as a hand grasped his cock and stroked it.

      "The boss man reminded me there's more important things going on than what I prefer." He thrust to Denton's moaning for a time. "And I'm so filled with energy I thought I should share it with you."

      Denton's reply was a grunt, then was cumming.

      Frank didn't last much longer, and Denton was filled again. They remained like that, Frank in him and holding him.

      "How did you know what happened?" Denton asked. A hand was presented to him, he smelled the cum on it, and he licked it clean.

      "I don't know *what* happened, but whatever it was filled the house with lust. Me and Fred didn't stop fucking until maybe thirty minutes ago. So, what did happen?"

      "I'm not sure," Denton said, not wanting to talk about it right now.

      "Well, I'm happy it did, I've wanted to fuck you since Stefan brought you here." Frank slowly pulled out.

      Denton turned and looked the lion over. "You're fully healed?"

      "Yeah, they others helped speed things up a lot."

      "So, having sex with them made you heal faster?"

      Frank nodded. "Helped refill the batteries, if you will. Although they over did it, I'm over charged. I could probably heal anything right now."

      Frank pulled him close and kissed him. "You taste pretty good. I'm going to have to blow you at some point."

      "Not now?"

      "No, right now I'm craving coffee." He reached over Denton for two cups and filled them. He then took out he sugar, and opened the fridge. he bent down to take the milk out.

      Denton watched that naked ass with a smile, then frowned as he looked down at his soft cock.

      "What wrong?" Frank asked, standing.

      "You have a great ass."


      "So why didn't I get hard watching it?"

      "Because what you went through this morning was the Ceremony of Possession," Maximilian said entering the kitchen. he too was naked.

      "Wait, he went through the ceremony? which whom?" Frank asked. "There wasn't enough of us here to do it."

      "He did it."

      Frank stared at Maximilian for a moment, then his eyes went wide. "The God did the ceremony?" He looked at Denton, amazed.

      "I thought you said there was supposed to be thirteen guys there," Denton said, not looking at Frank.

      "Yes, that's how the ceremony is setup, but it's His ceremony, he can do it anyway he wants. How often did he fuck you?"

      Denton shrugged. "I lost track after the sixth."

      "I'm willing to bet he fucked you thirteen times."

      "Okay, so what does that have to do with me not getting hard seeing Frank's ass?"

      "The ceremony of Possession takes place on the fourteenth birthday. After that all you do is bottom, because the God has to be the first one you'll take on your eighteen birthday."

      "You have got to be kidding me. You're telling me that I'm not going to be able to top again until I go through that other ceremony? What are my friends going to say?"

      "Nothing. you're not going to be seeing them, remember?"

      That dampened Denton's anger. "Well, the God's in for a surprise. He isn't going to be my first. I fucked my first guy when I was sixteen."

      "Yes, well, while we do adhere to the protocol, it's mostly symbolic. Now that you've gone through this ceremony, you're not going to top until the next one. The fact that you can't even get hard at the thought of it, probably means He doesn't want to take a chance that you'll do in the meantime."

      "Great," Denton whispered, "that's just great."

      "Hey," Frank said, passing a cup to Maximilian, "Don't worry, you seem to be enjoying being fucked."

      "Yeah, I do," Denton said with annoyance. "It's just that it feels like I don't have a say in the matter. It's like I have this hunger to be fucked."

      Maximilian hugged him. "Don't let it worry you Dent. I'm going to start making calls, it shouldn't be more than a few days until we're ready for the next ceremony."

      For the rest of the day everyone seemed to delight in finding Denton in the most compromising position and fucking him there. He tried to take it in the spirits it was meant. the guys loved to fuck as much as he did, and he was fresh meat, but it got annoying once he decided to clean up the records room, and he couldn't bend down to pick up a folder without ending up with a cock up his ass.

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