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Chapter 09

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      "So," Denton started, "Was that first meeting the accident it looked like?"

      Stefan didn't reply immediately. "No, it wasn't. I'm sorry."

      "The sex, that was just you continuing to keep an eye on me?"

      "No. I had a different motive for that."

      Denton's ears tiled to the side. "Really? You'd admitting to that?"

      "I don't know if that'd mean anything, but I did it to protect you."

      "From what?"

      "I can't tell you. Martin will have to do that, or maybe his dad."

      "Fine why did we have sex?"

      "Because you claimed I wouldn't regret it?" the collie answered hopefully.

      Denton glared at him.

      Stefan sighed. "I wanted to get my cum in you."

      "What? Why?"

      "That's ... complicated."

      "We're forty-five minutes from my folks. You have plenty of time to uncomplicate it for me."

      "I don't know what I can and can't tell you."

      "Stefan, you better stop fucking around, cause I'm this close from decking you and throwing you in the back seat."

      "I'm not fucking around Dent..."

      "It's detective Brislow."

      "Dent ...." He stopped at the anger in Denton's eyes. "There's an order in which we learned things. I don't know if you'll understand what I tell you, since you aren't initiated." He paused. "Are you sure you weren't initiated? There's no way you could have resisted Martin if you weren't."

      "How should I know? I have no idea what's that initiation you're talking about."

      The collie nodded. "It happens on your eight birthday. You're taken to the sacred room with your fathers and twelve initiated."



      "The fire that killed my father and mother happened when I was eight and a half. I don't remember anything before that time."

      Stefan glanced at him, then got his eyes back on the road. "So you did the first initiation."

      "Fine, so I was. What does that have to do with why we had sex?"

      "Nothing, not really, but if I explain what it's about, you might get why I did it."

      "I doubt it, but go ahead."

      "The first initiation is about getting the power of our God inside us."

      "God? You mean like Christ and all that crap?"

      Stefan rolled his eyes. "No, not that god. Our God is much older than that. Anyway, you're brought to the chamber by your father, and there you swallow the God's seed. It awakens your power."




      "I'm serious, Den...detective."

      "Alright. What kind of power?"

      "At the first initiation, we all get the same thing, increased vitality, stamina, sex drive. Didn't you wonder why you could have sex so much? Why you can function on so little sleep? Why you rarely get sick?"

      Denton lifted a finger. "I have hyperphilia." Another finger. "Over the years my body got trained to do that." A last one. "I have a strong immune system"

      Stefan shook his head. "If you have hyperphilia, you don't get to turn it on or off, you get horny faster and you stay horny until you do something about it. That's not how it is for you, is it?"

      Denton didn't say anything. He'd always ignored that part of the condition, and the fact that of everyone he'd talked to, he'd been the only one who wasn't always horny. Still that didn't mean anything. He didn't have hyperphilia, just a different condition.

      "Our God is one of sexual power. His first gift is control over our cock, the endurance to use it whenever we want, which that's how we worship him, and a resistance to sickness so we can worship him without having to be afraid of catching anything."

      "Alright, let's say I believe that. You're telling me that god of yours shows up in that room and makes me drink his seed? What's that, a euphemism for wine or something?"

      Another shake of the head. "No, the power is granted through your father and the initiates. And seed means seed."

      Denton nodded, and then his eyes went wide. "What?" he yelled. "You're telling me that my father and twelve other guys forced me to eat their cum?"

      "They didn't force you to do anything. You were prepared. It's an honor to get our God's seed."

      "Bullshit! There's no fucking way. I might not remember anything about him, but there's no way my father was a fucking pedophile."

      Stefan sighed, but remained silent. "It isn't pedophilia. Your father didn't want to have sex with you. He wanted to start you on the path to become part of the Society."

      "So you're telling me you did that?"

      "Yes, I did."

      Denton felt like he was going to throw up. The idea his father could have done that to him .... "What happened then?" he found himself asking.

      "After I drank our God's seed?"

      Denton nodded.

      "I had my first orgasm."

      "You jerked off in front of them?"

      "No. As his power filled me, my cock got hard, and withing a few moments I had an orgasm. My dad caught the few drops in the chalice, and drank them, completing my link to our God."

      "That's impossible. A full orgasm at eight? No way."

      The collie shrugged. "Once we're connected to our God, the rules change."

      "Alright, fine. So what does this have to do with us having sex?"

      "On the third, and last initiation, We're granted our ability. Something only we can do. I was granted the ability to know what's going to happen to someone I'm connected with."

      "And by connected, you mean?"

      "Has my cum in him."

      "Of course, I should have guess." He snorted. "That's total bullshit. I don't know what you're trying to do here, but if you think I'm going to swallow that crap, you can eat it yourself."

      "How do you think I knew where you'd stop to get your coffee?"

      "You had me watched."

      "Well, we did, but he could only see where you were, not where you were going. You said it yourself, you were driving aimlessly. How was he going to know where you'd end up?"

      "Just how were they watching me?"


      Denton groaned, then stopped. "Wait a minute. Where they doing in on Friday?"

      "Yes, that's when we started, once we found out you were asking questions about Martin."

      "Is that why I felt like someone was watching me?"

      Stefan glanced at him. "You shouldn't have been able to sense that."

      "Didn't you say I shouldn't have been able to resist whatever Martin was doing too?"

      Stefan nodded thoughtfully.

      "And I can feel them doing it now."


      Denton nodded.

      Stefan took out his phone. "Martin, you can tell Oscar he's wasting his time. I'm with him, we're having calm discussion. He's not going to run off. Really? Denton can feel him doing it. I see. Okay. I'll deal with that."

      Stefan stopped the car on the side of the road. He undid his pants and put a hand in.

      "What are you doing?"

      Stefan didn't say anything. He grabbed Denton's hand and pulled it palm up. He traced something in the palm with the wet tip of his finger.

      "Is that...?"

      The collie didn't let him finish. He pulled his head close and kissed him. He felt a chock go through him, then the feeling of being watched vanished, and his hand started tingling.

      When Stefan moved back Denton stared at him. "What did you just do?" He brought his hand close to his face and sniffed it. Yeah, that was precum

      "Magic." He pulled Denton's hand away. "Don't rub it."

      Denton looked at him confused. "Why?"

      "It's a minor shielding spell. It should be enough to keep whoever's watching you from connecting."


      "I put a sigil on your hand to protect you."

      "With precum?"

      Stefan shrugged. "That's all I have handy. When we're back to Martin's we can explain all that better."

      Denton nodded and looked at his palm, and fought the urge to rub it on his pants. He spent the rest of the drive in silence, trying to wrap his head around what had just happened. Magic wasn't real, it was the stuff of fantasy books, and movies. And yet, he no longer felt watched. It could be a trick to make them think magic was real, but even then, how could they make him feel watch on demand?

      When Stefan stopped in front of his parent's house, Denton didn't have an answer.

      "I'm going to wait for you here," Stefan said. "Are you going to come back?"

      Denton looked at the house. "Yeah, I will. I probably won't be all that long. I won't stay or dinner." He got out of the car.

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