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Chapter 04

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      Denton didn't go to the Pink Rose often. Actually, about the only times he found him self there was when Zee talked him in to going. He had nothing against fems, and twinks, but they weren't his crowd. The moment he entered, he was a thorn in a bush of pretty roses.
      He was by no stretch of the imagination a 'pretty boy'. He wasn't all that good looking, and he wasn't overly muscular, the cheetah body wasn't meant to pack on large muscle. But still, he wasn't a twink, and his features were most certainly masculine. He was also definitely blue collar, while most of the people here were white collar.
      As he walked through the bar he attracted a lot of attention. Seemed that twinks and fems could enjoy a looking at guy outside their preferred body types.
      He found Zee at a booth in the back, the buck's rack visible over the heads of the other seated people. He stopped a server and asked for a bud, which got him a strange look.
      Zee stood as Denton got close, buttoning his jacket. He was wearing a powder blue suit that was professionally tailored. He stepped from behind the table and hugged him, then kissed his cheek.
      "You're looking wonderful, Dent."
      "And you're looking as amazing as usual. Government work agrees with you."
      Zee pulled the chair for Denton, who sat. Zee undid his jacket and sat back down. "How have you been dear, it's been far too long since the last time we hung out."
      His beer was delivered, in the bottle, and with a scowl. He paid for it. "Well, each time we hang out, you insist on bringing me here."
      The buck smiled as he sipped his martini. "But I do make it worth your while, don't I?"
      Denton's ears heated up. He certainly couldn't deny that.
      "Now, as much as I love watching you squirm sitting here, surrounded by hungry little minxes, you did say you needed my help."
      Denton handed him the picture. "The FBI took the Lewiston case from us. Can you help me find those agents, or put me in touch with their supervisor, I really think it should be a joint investigation."
      Zee pulled out a small, pink, flashlight from an inside pocket, and shone it on the picture, to compensate for the booth's low light. "Shouldn't this go through your captain?"
      "He doesn't want to push it."
      Zee tilted and ear in his direction.
      Denton shrugged. "Rumors are he's being groomed to be the next commissioner. I think he doesn't want to make waves and damage his chances."
      "That makes sense. Sherman has advanced in ranks as much by playing politic as by his achievements on the streets. I don't know them, I'm sorry Dent. They aren't from the local office."
      "Why wouldn't they go through your office? This is a local case."
      "I don't know. The Lewistons are old money. It's quite possible they have ties to the government, in which case there might be sensitive areas to protect. That, they would want handled by a specific team. I can inquire, but you shouldn't get your hopes up. If that's the case, there's nothing you'll be able to do to stay involved in this." He finished his martini and ordered another one.
      Denton slouched back in his chair. "Fuck," he whispered.
      "Tell me, Dent, why do you want to stay involved? You're not normally the type to be attached to cases."
      "I'm not sure." He took a long swallow from his beer and winced, it was warm. He'd forgotten about that. This place didn't officially serve beer. It was all fancy drinks. This bottle was probably from a case somewhere in the back, left over from a party where someone had had the bad taste of requiring there be beer.
      At least it was a Bud, and not something undrinkable.
      "There's just something about it that's nagging at me. One of the rooms felt familiar, and I can't shake the feeling there's more to it than just a murder." He shrugged and took another swallow.
      "You think you might have been there before? I mean, before the fire?"
      "I hope not, because the room that feels familiar? No kid should ever be in such a room."
      Zee's ears leaned forward attentive.
      "You ever have an orgy at your place?"
      Zee gave him a coy smile, which he covered up by sipping his drink.
      "Well, imagine that you don't clean up afterward. You leave all the rags on the floor, all the stains to dry where they are."
      The buck wrinkled his nose.
      "Now, add a dozen other orgies on top of that one. That's what the room smelled like."
      Zee went to take another sip, but put his glass down, his stomach visibly upset by the imagery.
      "Then why do you think it felt familiar? Could you have been there before? Visiting?"
      "I doubt it. None of my parents ever traveled in the Lewistons' circles. I would have heard about it."
      Zee nodded. "I expect you would have."
      Denton drained his beer. "Tomorrow, I'm going to go see dad and ask him, just in case. He knew how they were, so I guess it's possible I might have gone there. A special event, something one of them may have worked at. I don't know. I doubt it, but I want to be sure."
      "Well, I have no doubt you will get to the bottom of it, with or without the bureau's help." Zee stood, buttoning his jacket. "Now, shall we get going?"
      "I shouldn't," Denton said. "I should go home get some rest."
      "Nonsense. Marcus made me promise I would drag you home so we could enjoy your company." He pulled out Denton's chair, forcing him to stand.
      "Zee, you shouldn't have agreed to that. I should catch up on my sleep."
      The buck canted his head. "Denton, you are so lovely when you think you can say no to me. You know very well, that what Zikabar wants, Zikabar gets. Now, I'm going to start walking, and you are going to follow, unable to take your eyes off my wonderful ass." He started walking.
      Denton looked at that ass, and he followed. Sure he could have taken his eyes off it, but why? It was indeed a wonderful ass.

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