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Chapter 04

      I moaned in pain slightly. Over the last hour my balls had become so tender that the smallest movement felt like they were being crushed. Jess was right, having blue balls sucked.

      "How are you doing?" Harry asked.

      "Not good," I replied weakly.

      "You should jerk off. You said that would take the edge off."

      "They probably have cameras watching us."

      "Who gives a fuck if they are watching or not. You're in pain, and jerking off will help so just do it."

      He was right, if I didn't do anything it would only get worst. I turned on my back, closed my eyes and did it. It didn't take as long as I thought it would, as soon as I started my imagination kicked in. I guess I was really horny. When I was done I lied back and let out a sigh of relief. The worst of the pain had definitely gone away.

      I wiped my belly fur as best as I could with a hand and licked my hand clean since I wasn't going to wipe it on my pants. I'd still need a shower to clean off the stuff that I couldn't remove by hand.

      "Feeling better I take it?" Harry asked.

      "Yeah, but this is only a stop gap. In not too long I'll probably be in as bad a state."

      "That's ok. I have an idea to help with that." He didn't give me a chance to ask. "I know you guys are watching and listening," he yelled as loud as he could, "so why don't one of you come down here. We have someone who's in pain and he needs help."

      "Are you nuts?" Mike screamed at him, but Harry didn't listen to him he just kept on yelling at our unseen watchers.

      Harry was loud, loud enough that I had to cover my ears. He kept on going for over twenty minutes, only stopping once someone walked in.

      "Listen here." The man said when he was in front of Harry's cell. What I saw of him when he walk by was pretty attractive. He was a few years older than me, blond hair cut short, clean shaven and looking trim under his dark blue suit. He was definitely doable. I closed my eye as I realized where my mind had gone. In the state I was in I'd probably do who ever offered.

      "I'm not here to see to the needs of some sex depraved deviant, or to listen to you scream your head off. So I'm just here to tell you that I'm turning off the sound. You can scream as loud as you want now."

      "What he's going through isn't something he can control. It's a side effect of the wishes he made. You know tigers can have sex hundred of times in a day, right? well, he didn't word it as well as he should have and now he's stuck with their libido. If he doesn't get off he's going to be in pain."

      "So what you expect me to find him a girl or something?"

      "No. just put me in his cell and I'll help him with it."

      My ears perked. Had Harry just said he was going to have sex with me? I had hit on him a few times after he and Pat broke up, but he'd never been interested.

      "You're kidding right? You'd fuck another guy just because he's a friend and he's in pain?"

      "No, I'm going to have sex with my friend because I happen to like having sex with guys, and it's going to help him out."

      The man was silent for a moment. "I'm not supposed to put two to a cell."

      "Come on man, what are we going to do? If we could get out of here we'd have done it already. We're just going to have sex. You can hang around and put me back in my cell after. Considering the state he's in we shouldn't be too long."

      I sat on the edge of the bench, panting in the silence. I was really hoping the guard would agree to it because now that I'd experienced blue balls I didn't want to ever feel that again.

      "Fine, I'll put you two together, but don't try anything."

      "I swear, I won't. All I want to do is help out Jim."

      There was the sound of foot steps, a pause and more steps, those were Harry leaving his cell. Then there was a gasp of surprise, something hitting the wall and crumbling to the ground.

      Mike was up and standing at the edge of the cell looking at what was happening excitingly. I got up and went to the force field of mine.

      "What the fuck?" Harry said. I could now see him studying the wall. The guard was sprawled at his feet, unmoving. "Where's the control panel?"

      "He put his hand on the wall between the fields," Mike said, "about where you're looking."

      A moment later there was a light glow against Harry's face. What ever else happened didn't please him. He grabbed he guard's hand and lifted it to the wall. There was that glow again, but this time Harry was please with what ever had happened.

      He dragged the guard to the other side of my cell and did the same thing on that wall. There was a slight flicker in front of me, like the channel had jumped for a moment and when I tested the space where the force field had been, there was nothing.

      "I take it we're not having sex." I said as I followed Harry dragging the guard to Mike's cell.

      He placed the man's hand against the wall. I couldn't see any kind of marks indicating there was something there, but when the hand made contact a square of light appeared around it and Mike's force field flickered off too."No, sorry. I'd rather we take care of that after we've gotten out of here." He moved on to Pat's cell. "Are you going to be ok until then?"

      "I know how long that's going to take, but hopefully I'll manage."

      "Good. Can you carry him?" Harry asked after he'd removed the IV needled from Pat's arm.

      I picked him up, and the lightness of his body reminded me that the muscles I had weren't just for show. I was much stronger than I had been before.

      "How are we doing this?" Mike asked, "are we sneaking out?"

      "No, they've probably already seen that we're out of our cells so we need to make a straight line for the outside."

      Mike rubbed his hands together. "Good, that means I get to smash anything in our way."

      "Try not to hurt anyone too badly."

      "No promises." Mike headed directly for the metal door and ripped it off its hinges.

      We made it down the corridor before encountering a pair of guards. Mike was on them before they had time to take out they guns. He just grabbed them by the collars and slammed them against the wall. They fell to the floor and didn't move.

      "Elevators are that way," he said, indicating the junction on the left with a nod.

      "Good," Harry replied, "the stairs should be nearby."

      "Why bother with the stairs?" Mike asked as we headed in that direction.

      "You really want to lock yourself in a box that someone else can control?" Harry replied curtly.

      "What do we care what floor they have us get off? Me and Jim can take care of anyone they throw at us."

      "Only if you're conscious. I'm willing to bet Jim wouldn't be affected, but I doubt he would be able to handle carrying the three of us and deal with any opposition. You take the elevator if you want. The three of us are sticking with the stairs." Harry speed up.

      I just shrugged as I walked by Mike, accelerating to avoid being left behind. I heard him grunt and then run to get in front of Harry.

      "Fine, but stay behind me, you're not bullet proof."

      As Harry had guessed there was a stairwell not a hundred feet from the elevators. I was surprised that no alarm sounded when Mike pushed it open. The stairs were large, me and Harry could easily fit side by side in them. Painted in the wall by the door in red was 'S3'.

      "We're going up," Harry said. He didn't get any argument.

      The ground floor was announced by a large red 'L'.

      Mike opened the door a little and peeked. "ok, I can't see the main entrance, but all the light's coming from the right, so that's were I'm guessing they are."

      "Did you see anyone?" Harry asked.


      "The only people I heard," I added, "were in the distance. I don't think there's anyone near this corridor."

      "Good, then as soon as we're out the door we go left."

      Mike gave Harry an incredulous look. "You're kidding right? the door's right there."

      "Yeah, with a lot of witness to watch us leave. I'd rather go out the back way and avoid making a scene."

      It looked for a moment like Mike was going to argue, but instead he looked out the door and quickly went left. I followed him with Harry right behind me. I knew Harry was right, but I didn't feel good heading deeper into the building.

      We made a couple of turns until we ended up in a larger corridor that seemed to cross the entire building.

      "Which direction?" Mike asked Harry.

      Harry took a moment to reply so I offered. "I think the back of the building is that way," I pointed to the left. "I can hear something that sounds like cars coming from there," I nodded to the right, "so that's probably the front."

      "Sounds good to me," Harry said and headed to the left.

      "Is this place being empty making you guys as nervous as I am?" I asked softly. Except for the two guards we hadn't encountered anyone at all.

      "It's the middle of the morning so everyone's probably in their offices." Harry offered.

      "Or they've emptied the place because they know we're out of our cells." Mike countered.

      "Not exactly helping," Harry said.

      Mike looked over his shoulder, "maybe not, but which one sounds more plausible to you?" Just as he finished saying that three guards rapidly turned the corner, gun drawn.

      "Shit," I muttered and turned. Harry was a dozen steps behind me so I lobed Pat at him. "Catch. Stay behind us." I added when he was holding him.

      I ran next to Mike as the men fired at us. At first I wasn't sure they were actually shooting at us since their guns were completely silent. Even with my enhanced hearing I didn't hear a thing, but I felt them sting.

      Fortunately they didn't hit anything that slowed me down so that I reach one of the men before he could think of running off. I back handed him and he flew against the wall. I heard a loud crunch when he hit and rushed to him fearful I had killed him.

      He still had a pulse so I sighed in relief. I hear Mike take care of the other two behind me. When I looked at him he was holding two limp forms by the collar. At his feet were their guns and a pool of crushed metal pellets.

      Curious I picked up a handful and found one that was almost intact. It was a small bearing not even an eighth of an inch diameter. I wondered what kind of gun fired bearings for a moment before Harry elbows me.

      "Come on, we need to get out of here before they send more people after us."

      We made it to the loading docks with only one other confrontation, this time we surprised the guards and they were unconscious before they could draw their guns.

      Outside we were in a narrow alley, hardly wide enough for two cars.

      "Were to now?" I asked.

      "We need to find someplace to hide until we can figure things out." Harry said looking around.

      "You guys go hide," Mike said, "I need to go find Jess."

      "We can't split up. We need to stick together through this."

      "Yeah? According to what rulebook? This isn't a comic book Harry. We aren't four friends who were given powers to fight the good fight. All I want is to make sure my boyfriend's ok."

      Harry grabs Mike's arms as the man was turning away "Fine, but don't run off right now." Mike looked at him, they both knew that if he decided to there was nothing Harry could do to stop him. "Give me five minutes to at least come up with a way for us to stay in contact. We can't afford to completely lose track of each other."

      "Fine," Mike said, "but make it quick because they are bound to check here."

      While Harry thought things over Mike just leaned against the wall while I looked around. All I could see at the end of the alley was another highrise As I looked up I saw part of the logo.

      "Guys," I said, "I think we're downtown."

      "You're kidding."

      I pointed at the building. "Unless you know where IBM owns another highrise I know where we are."

      "Ok, I know how we can do it." Harry said, "We're going to use Craig's list."

      Mike looked at him, "how the hell is that going to allow that?"

      Harry took a moment to calm himself. Even I was starting to get fed up with Mike's attitude. "when ever we need to reach the others just put an add there with the header "looking to sell five calico kitten" then in the body make sure that every sixth word forms the place and time were you want to meet up. Give it a few days in case we might not be able to online every day."

      "You expect us to manage to make an add using . . ."

      Harry cut him off. "Stop acting like such an idiot Mike. It doesn't take a genius to arrange words around to make something that will look like an ad even just a little."

      Mike looked at him for a moment. "Yeah, sure, what ever." He turned and walked away. "You guys have fun," he said with a waving at us.

      "What the hell is wrong with him?" Harry asked when Mike was a small shape in the distance.

      "Stress I'm guessing, and he's worried about Jess."

      "Yeah, I guess so. But I've never seen that turn him in a jerk before."

      "Different level and kind of stress." I said.

      "Could be. Anyway, he has the right idea. We should get out of here." He started walking.

      I stayed where I was. "I think it's best if I head out on my own."

      Harry turned. "What are you talking about? I meant it when I told Mike we had to stick together."

      "Look at me Harry. A much as we'd like to, I can't exactly walk out on the street and blend in. You take Pat and you find a safe place. I'll keep an eye out on the net for your message."

      "Where are you going to go?"

      "I know a few people who'll take me in even looking like this. I'll use back alleys to make my way to them."

      "We can go with you. I mean it's not like we have any urgent appointment to keep here."

      "No, somehow I don't think it'll be easy to sneak three people around the alleys. You find a place to wait out Pat. Once he's awake you two hide and figure out a way to get us all out of this mess."

      Harry hesitated a moment but then nodded. "Ok, I don't know how long it'll take but we'll find a solution."

      I nodded and waited. Since he didn't start moving I turned and headed toward the other end of the alley.

      It took me most of the day to travel maybe one mile. Not to say I had to deal with my blue balls.  I had to jerk off every hour or so just so I could keep walking. I had to borrow, well steal, some clothes to cover myself up. Every so often I had to cross an open road and by the time I reached the other side I was shaking like a leaf from the stress.

      But finally, a bit after supper time, I found myself in front of a small two story house with red brown bricks, a recently rebuilt porch painted light blue and a perfectly manicured lawn.


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