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Chapter 49

      Jeremy groans as Toom nibbled on the back of his neck. They had just gotten into bed, and were settling in for some tender times.

      "Can I ask what you intend to do about Korfas?" Toom asked, between licks along Jeremy's ear.

      Jeremy shivered, and had trouble getting his mouth to work. "Do you really have to bring him up now?"

      Toom stopped moving, pressed against Jeremy's back. He rested his head on Jeremy's shoulder. "I think I should."

      "It must be really important, because your body is telling me you'd rather do something else." He sighed. "What do you mean?"

      "Are you planing on leaving him the ship?" Toom said, after a moment of silence.

      "What? No, of course not. Once I'm done training him, I'm dropping him off on Kelser, and he can get a ship on his own. Are you worried you won't be getting the ship?"

      "Gods no. I'm a pilot, not a captain. Don't even think of giving it to me, but . . ."


      "Tamirik was worried."

      Jeremy turned to he face his mate. "She was? Why? She never gave any indications she was interested in getting it."

      Toom rubbed his cheek. "She'd been thinking of taking command courses."

      "What? She never told me about that, I can teach her what she needs to know. She doesn't have to go to the academy."

      Toom smiled, and nuzzled Jeremy. "She'll be happy to know Korfas isn't getting it." He pressed himself against his mate, but Jeremy turned and got out of bed. "Where are you going?"

      "I'm going to go talk with her." Jeremy put on his pants.

      "Now? But we were just getting started."

      Jeremy leaned over the bed, and groped him, making Toom grunt. "You shouldn't have brought up my daughter, if you wanted to have sex."

      "But I'm your mate," Toom made eyes at him.

      "I'm a father first." He nuzzled Toom. "If you haven't gone to find someone else to have sex with by the time I'm back, we can pickup from here."

      "I make no promises," Toom smiled at him.

      "Good," he smiled back, and nuzzled him again, before heading out of the room.

      Jeremy considered grabbing a shower, first, but figured it wouldn't be the first time he's walked the halls smelling of sex, and the humans wouldn't notice the scent. He grabbed his com from the table. "Connect to Tamirik," he said as he left his quarters. The com gave him the chirp that indicated it had connected to her com. "Tamirik?"

      "Yes, Pa?" she answered after a moment.

      "Are you busy? I'd like to talk with you."

      "I'm not. Me, Xernial, and Rostol are just watching a vid."

      "I'll be there in a moment."

      "The door's unlocked."

      A few minutes later he entered her quarters, it was a family unit, since her and Rostol were mated. The three of them were on the couch, watching a vid, as she'd said. Rostol and Tamirik were seated next to one another, leaning against each other. They were rubbing each other's legs. With the three of them being naked he could tell Rostol was quite enjoying it. As was Xernial, who was stretched on the other half of the couch, his head on Tamirik's lap, and she was running her claws in his chest fur.

      "Do you mind if I steal my daughter?" Jeremy asked.

      "No at all, Jeremy," Rostol said.

      "Sure thing, captain," echoed Xernial, who lifted his head, and then scooted back, so his head was on the other male's lap. Rostol proceeded to rub his chest and stomach.

      Jeremy indicated the bedroom, and Tamirik preceded him there.

      "Why didn't you tell me you were interested in becoming a captain?" He asked softly, once the door was closed.

      His daughter's ears turned red, and folded back. "I've been thinking about it for a while, but I wasn't really sure until recently."

      "Toom told me you were worried I was grooming Korfas to take over. I'm not. I'm just training him as a favor for a friend."

      Her face lit up.

      "Why didn't you ask me directly?"

      "It wasn't my place. I'm just a communication officer."

      "Silly cub." Jeremy messed up her head fur. "You're my daughter, you can always ask me anything. When ever you're ready, I can start training you too."

      She shook her head. "I want to go through the academy?"

      "Why? I'm perfectly able to train you."

      "You're my Pa." She smiled. "I don't want you to worry about being to harsh with me."

      "Okay. If you had approached me with this while we were on Kelser, we could have made the arrangements for you to start immediately."

      "No, I couldn't have started then. It would have felt like I was abandoning you right after dad died."

      He hugged her. "Thanks." And then held her by the shoulders. "Don't you think Xernial is a little old for the two of you?"

      She snorted. "He isn't old, he's experienced. You've had sex with him. You know how good he is. He's going to show us some things."

      He couldn't argue with her.

      They went back to join the other two. Rostol's hand had moved further down in their absence. Jeremy leaned against the back of the couch while Tamirik took back her position between the two males. He looked down at Xernial, once they had settled back in.

      "Don't think you'll be getting special treatment, just because you're getting close to my daughter."

      "Wouldn't think of it, captain."

      "Good," He leaned down to nuzzle him. "Go easy on them, okay, they're not as experienced as the rest of us."

      "I promise, your daughter has nothing to fear from me."

      "What about me?" Rostol asked.

      "I make no promises about you," Xernial replied.

      With a chuckle Jeremy left them to their evening of fun, and went to find out if his mate had gone out to find his own relief.

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