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Oldest known poem In Gai'talar origninaly in Thethen ( English translation )

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All recorded in my scroll
Your first faltering steps
Your first stammering words
A question you asked the universe
and your tears when no one answered

Your tiny steps lingered in the sand
As the first markings came from your hand
you wrote your questions out on the beach
You looked up to us to say a word back
You sang to each other when no one could talk

Oh you lost children who built piles of rock
Sculptures on the beach for any out to sea to see
You watched many long years to for another eye to catch yours
And when you gave up again you sang instead of weeping into the silence.

You walked the world, searching and questioning
With tools and power in your tiny hands
With unwavering will you shaped the lands and brought nature to heel
But with each thing you saw you asked
that one question that made us weep for you

That terrible that haunted us long ago
Each thing that breathed
each pattern in the sky
each strand of grass that swayed
this heart shattering question
asked again and again.

"Is anyone there?"
And with each deafening silence
Hang your head you did not
But instead sang to each other in the dark.

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