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Chapter 38

      "So, what is it exactly you want to do?" Gral asked Jeremy. They were in the conference room, and Huarfirselgalterin was with them.

      "I want to run an experiment on the sensor array, if my theory works, it should be able to boost the range."

      "Sensor's somewhat out of your field, isn't it?" He looked at the other male present. "Huar, what's your thoughts on this?"

      Huarfirselgalterin tapped a claw on the table. "It's . . . different. I don't know that it's going to work, but if it does, the potential increase in range would give us quite an advantage over other ships."

      "So you think it's worth trying it?"

      "Yes, it is."

      "Alright, when do you want to run the test?"

      Jeremy and Huar looked at each other. "Setting things out, will take some time," Jeremy said. "We need to rewire the sensors for this to work."

      Gral looked at them. "Okay, what exactly are you trying to do?"

      "In layman's term - I want to feed in the generator's antimatter frequency in the sensor. I think that we can harness some of the properties to extend the range."

      "I'm going to need more details, because that doesn't make much sense."

      Jeremy nodded, he'd hope that would have been enough, but he hadn't really believe it be. "Okay, when we collide matter and anti-matter, we get energy, but we also get resonant frequencies. There's been a lot of studies done on them, but no real use for them. I've been looking through the research, and one of the frequencies seems to bypass some of the laws of physics, it can propagate faster and further and the calculation indicates it should be able to. I'm confident that with the changes I want to make to the sensor we can harness those properties."

      "Okay, any idea what kind of extension we'll get? If I'm going to be without sensor while you upgrade them, I want to make sure it's worth it."

      "We'll probably get close to double the range," Jeremy said.

      "But you don't have to be without the sensors while we get ready," Huar added. "We can make the upgrade one sensor bank at a time. That's going to limit the loss."

      "If you do it that way, how long will it take to upgrade them all?"

      "Probably around six month."

      "Are you okay with that?" Gral asked Jeremy.

      "That's fine. This isn't time sensitive." At least not in the 'it needs to be done now' sensitivity. If Huar could do everything within six month, he'd only have to find a way to delay him by two months at the most. Then it would be up to Thuruk to make sure they were in the sector they had to be for the test.

      "Alright. Get to it. Keep me up to date on the upgrade."

      * * * * *

      Almost nine month later Jeremy was ready for the test. He hadn't had to engineer any delays, Huar had taken the opportunity to do maintenance on the array as he did the upgrades.

      Thuruk had given Gral information about a pirate group making Sarnir station their base of operation a day before, they were on their way there now.

      "Bridge, I'm ready to initiate the frequency, let me know when the sensors are offline and I have control of them."

      "You have them," the bridge replied a moment later.

      Jeremy entered the commands and the new cables that had been added to the generator started pulsating. The pulse sped until it wasn't noticeable anymore. The readout told him the whole array was responding. He let the program he'd written run its course, and on cue the pulse went out.

      "What was that?" the tech at sensor on the bridge asked.

      "I'm not sure," Jeremy lied, watching his screen. It had to be here.

      "Shouldn't we be getting something by now?"

      "Yes we should. I'm looking into that." Jeremy kept on looking at his screen, and then, there was a pulse at the edge of it. Another screen gave him a string of number. He smiled and filed the number in a private, and sealed, file.

      "Did you see that?" the tech said over the com.

      "I did."

      "What was it?"

      "I don't know," Jeremy lied again.

      "Wow, what ever that was, it's one and a half light year away. I thought we were only going to double the range?"

      "I'm as surprised as you are. I'm shutting things down on my end and giving you back standard sensor. I'm going to have to go over the results to see what happened."

      "Got it."

      Jeremy did as he'd said. All the while planing his next steps.

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