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Chapter 30

      "Are you sure you want to do this?" Gral asked.

      "Yeah, I am," Jeremy replied. "It's time for this. Like I told my mom, I'm never coming back to earth, so it doesn't matter if I'm never going to be able to speak English correctly. I can't continue to ask every new crew member we get to learn English just so they can understand me. I understand Kelsirian perfectly, it's about time I was able to speak it."

      "Modifying your voice box, that's a pretty big thing."

      "I know, but Gariel assured me that it's a simple procedure."

      "It's perfectly safe," she said entering the medical room. "I've had to perform this kind of reconstruction often when I worked groundside. They worst you can expect, is having to be silent while it heals, and then have to learn your pronunciation. It's going to be like being back to a Learning Center, all over again."

      "I have no idea what that is," Jeremy said, with a chuckle.

      "Where do humans go to learn the basics of language?"

      "We learn that at home, with our family, growing up. Don't you?"

      "Yes," she said obviously realizing she'd gone for the wrong analogy. "Well, it's going to feel like you are learning to hunt, when you thought you already knew how."

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